Burn Notice to End After Upcoming Season 7

Burn Notice CancelledBurn Notice is flaming out.

USA Network has announced that the drama’s upcoming 13-episode seventh season will be its last.

“From day one, Burn Notice‘s characters, storylines and mythology have consistently captivated a massive audience,” said USA co-presidents Jeff Wachtel and Chris McCumber in a statement, “and this final season will raise the stakes even higher, leading up to a spectacular series finale.”

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The show’s farewell season kicks off Thursday, June 6 at 9/8c.

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  1. Cliff says:

    Great show. Very sorry to see it cancelled.
    Bruce campbell did his part very well, just as he did in his own series on another network, Brisco County Jr. & they found out they made a mistake by cancelling a big hit.
    All these stupid reality shows are getting to a point of nothing.
    The replacement for Burn Notice goes back to the old medical/hospital junk. Just whatwe need, another ER.

  2. Kathie osborne says:

    Love Burn Notice! Watching it right now on Xfinity on demand. Makes me sick those idiots are canceling it.

  3. sharon bolton says:

    Please bring back Burn Notice with Michael and Fiona together!

  4. Stewie Griffin says:

    Calling it quits to Burn Notice will create a major loss in confidence with a lot of us viewers! It’s very rare to have a show as great as Burn Notice come along and last as long as it has without it’s main female lead character screwing up the show with a pregnancy like Jennifer Garner did with Alias. I can only hope for a Burn Notice spin off with Jeffery Donovan, Bruce Campbell etc…

  5. Mari says:

    Please reconsider cancelling, this is a GREAT show! No lossing face network powers, just a better decision!

  6. Trevor Jones says:

    I hav watched burn notice forever ive watched every single episode 7 tines and I have lived my life wanting to live the story of burn notice and now my favorite tv show is gone…:( I wish they wouldnt cancel u guya were doing great. Bye bye burn notice:’, (

  7. D. Brad Hurley says:

    In the U.S. television industry, 100 episodes is the traditional threshold for a television series to become viable for syndication. 100 episodes are advantageous for stripped syndication because it allows for 20 weeks of weekday reruns without repeating an episode, and such shows can be sold for higher per episode pricing. Source: Wikipedia.

    It’s too bad Donovan is not a Brit, although he could probably pull it off, he should be Bond, James Bond.

  8. MD says:

    Why cancel the best show on USA? I intend to boycott Graceland, Covert Affairs, and Royal Pains to express my disdain for the decision to cancel. I did the same to FOX when the stopped 24. Express yourselves people.

  9. Gino Macaluso says:

    Well Nothing for nothing there has not been a show like burn notice since the days of the A-team and that was at it’s time as amazing now with 4 seaons of having the full four man team they could easily find reasons to keep it going but alas as all good shows it is going to go away and god only knows if or when another show of its caliber will ever come out we can only hope in 20 years or so like the A-team someone will buy the rights and make as exciting a film to put this epic show to bed properly (oh and lets not mention the short season for the final season i almost feel ripped off ) ….PS and yes A-team and this have a-lot of similarity but i dont want / need to get into examples here

  10. lynette says:

    I’m so sad to see this show go…. I love Michael!!!!!! Why is it where is something good the network has to take it off!!!!

  11. Dee says:

    I hope that NETFLIX picks up this series and revives it. It seems to be a trend now that Netflix started in creating their own shows and in picking up a series that was cancelled by a network. From a viewer standpoint there is no sane reason to cancel Burn Notice. Each and every character is valid, entertaining, and makes me want more. I do not watch much tv. In fact, I don’t have cable. I have had to watch the episodes on Netflix and the internet, an occasionally at someone’s home that has cable. I know plenty of people that have cable that watch it, so it can’t be less subscribing viewers. Thank you to the actors and actresses that have entertained me while playing the characters on Burn Notice. May you rise again with Burn Notice. If you don’t, I will follow your new character wherever you go.

  12. BURN NOTICE R.!.P says:


  13. Sheryl says:

    It is sad when show producers think that taking the Lord’s name in vain enhances the entertainment value. Good riddance, and take “Suits” with it.

  14. Tactician says:

    Burn notice is the best show I have ever seen. It’s my favorite show all time. USA If y’all don’t bring it back I really want to stay away from your t.v network and I like a lot of your shows. Without BURN NOTICE you are a sub par network, with it the best on T.v. PLEASE I BEG YOU BRING BACK BURN NOTICE!!!

  15. Nick CIANCI says:

    Just watched final ep.s. Good point to end it. The last couple of seasons … started getting weird, as they were trying to out do themselves.

    An old Cristian brother english teacher once told me that a good story required the “suspension of dis-belief”. The first few seasons had that … the last few … no way. I do like though that the 7th season final rounded things out though, so as an audience we are left with a feeling of completeness.

    It also potentially leave it open for … “The adventures of Sam Axe .. Season 1”. Hopefully using the KISS principal (Keep It Simple Stupid). The lovable vigilante agent angle worked very well; and in Sam and Jessie you have a couple of lovable rogues that are built to order. They just need to remember not to go too overboard with story arc !!!

    • hotchili says:

      In case you don’t know this Burn Notice is based off a real life Operative in the field now who would e-mail storylines to the writer Matt Nix.

  16. Rajiv says:

    wow dude way up in the top of the comment section i know you will never read this but white collar is a great show i thought burn notice was a great show to but it just was running out of storyline i think, i think all great shows are ending because the great shows aren’t the ones with like 10-15 seasons they are the ones with like 3-9 give or take.
    this is my personal opinion i dont really mind it being done cause it was bound to happen with the story it had taken.

  17. Lucianna Thomas says:

    Please please please put Burn Notice and Leverage back on the air. We can’t take it. These shows are so amazing.

  18. Ryan says:

    This was my Favorite Show!!! I will miss it a lot. They ended the show because it was too much on Jeffrey Donovan to handle and the producers knew it. They didn’t want the show to be boring and they were running out of ideas. Its a fair decision and understanding feeling on how much that can take on a 40yr old actor. I’m just glad I got to know the show and characters.

  19. Craig says:

    All the best shows we get here in England are from the States and this is another that’s been cancelled that i happened to of loved.

    Leverage and now Burn Notice. Two of my favorite shows. It makes me mad really, to think of shows like South Park (while entertaining) going into something like seventeen seasons, when a show that’s so brilliantly made is axed once again!

    Covert affairs is another we get here on FX and i heard that too is going to be cancelled.

    I mean lets be fair, without the viewers, these shows wouldn’t be made. So how about listening to what we want in stead of making such stupid decisions to axe GREAT shows!

  20. Alex says:

    I am 46 years old and I have 5 kids and all of them love burn notice so much because they love how Michael is so brave and would take a bullet for anybody my son was crying the othe night how burn notice is gonna end the all agree that there should be 10 sea sons of burn notice because a regular tv show has 13 seasons so please jeffrey do us all a favor and make mor episodes

  21. what ?????? Burn Notice can't be canceled says:

    Please reconsider and put Burn Notice back in the program line up. It is the best.
    Suits and Royal Pains must stay as well.

  22. Luke Zach says:

    It’s such a shame. We’re just about to get the last season of Burn Notice here in the UK. I know, a little late right! But hey, it’s one of my favourite TV show’s here too. Sometimes great shows have to come to an end. But once it’s cancelled it doesn’t mean that it will never air again. Just look at Family Guy.

  23. Nichii says:

    I enjoyed watching Burn Notice via Netflix however the story line was becoming predictable and boring. It was a wise decision to end at season 7. I’m looking forward to see the actors play other roles.

  24. H.Gunn says:

    Jeffrey Donovan made an appearance on the Today show last year and specifically stated that Burn Notice was NOT cancelled. He said that they had decided basically it was just time to wrap it up. They didn’t want to be one of those shows that dragged out too long. If they would have done that, then came the possibility they would get cancelled on before they got to see the show end on their terms, the way they wanted it to end. That interview is still on the Today show website.

  25. mustapha says:

    Is a kind of I fill am d westen I luv burn notice

  26. Christopher says:

    great show and great ending to it. I read an article on a reason why it might be. After that many seasons and episodes, it gets to be a reason of money being paid to the actors. longer a show goes the more money they want to continue in it. then comes if they can’t get a character has to be killed off and then you start loosing what ya liked in the show in first place. Seven Seasons is actually pretty long compared to some shows that only go for like 4 before being cancelled. At least with this show they had a good enough time to build up to where it is.

  27. Of all the stupid idiotic shows you COULD have cancelled, you cancel one of the best, funniest and exciting drama’s ever to come along. You will NOT be on my Christmas card list. !!!!!!
    Now I will be forced to go and find the DVD collection, or was this the plan all along??? Grrrrrrrr…..

  28. Alistair Reid says:

    Atrocious idea. Very best tv series ever.

  29. mylanthias says:

    Just finished the last season: Wow!! I love Burn Notice. Shouldn’t have been canceled. Bruce is always great in anything he does. Jeff and Gab, even Colby….perfect acting. Great times, I can’t believe their are no more episodes.

  30. sharon says:

    USA sucks, Burn notice is the best program they ever had one, I won’t bother with the other programs they have one because they suck.

  31. Rachel Henderson says:

    I don’t want this show Burn Notice to be the last watched it on Netflix and I loved the ending but please tell me there are going to be more on because there is no better shows on TV but Burn Notice is and nothing after this why? I mean literally why not keep going even after they ran off together with his nephew. Just saying get even more creative and get it back on with another world wind adventure like when Michael and Fionna finally get married and so on and so on so please very spectacular show. vowed myself to never watch TV again until new episodes are on. Bravo……….

  32. Artie Sanchez says:

    This is one of the reasons a lot of fans move to another network. Burn notice and leverage are good shows now there is nothing on USA to watch, that keeps you on your toes waiting for the following week to watch the show again. Bring the shows back and you will see how your ratings will go back up. They did it with 24.

  33. Mg says:

    Tregardless few shows that bring the thrilling excitement as BURN NOTICE. The plots are believable, its logic easy to follow, and even the narration and explanation given by Michael in very select scenes of the show
    (regardless, if they are accurate in real life), is not beyond the realm of possibility. I strongly agree with most of the comments, that this should be among the last ones to get axed. In my opionion, it is a fantastic show that would have had blockbuster potential if it was a box office movie in the theaters first. All the actors and actresses gel favorably on so many levels. The addition of Colby Bell was an excellent choice. I only wish i had half of the writers creativity because i could do a James Bond like series of books or movies. I sincerely hope USA reconsider its decision, listen to the majority of the show viewers and bring back BURN NOTICE. I also recognized how the show writers could get burned out (no pun intended) quickly in its effort to keep the show functioning week after week at such a high level of intensity and excitement. I hope this is just the networks way of giving its staff a break with the intent of bringing it back somewhere down the road. By giving the producers, writers, etc., a break, while working unbeknownst to its viewing public, it takes a little pressure off of them. This maybe the best way for them to continue with episodes along, if not better than similar storylines. As for the show “Leverage”, i only started watching via re-runs recently, and thus far i have been impressed.

  34. Deanna fowler says:

    OMG! I can’t believe it has ended. My family is addicted to this show. Why is it cancelled? After the last episode , I was so hoping there would be more with Michael and Fea getting married. Think about having more episodes please.

  35. Christine says:

    I was Wondering why all the stupid shoes are now on ION TV.There was always good show.I can’t believe now theres crap Rookie Blue.Actually watching an Old Nirn Notice now on USA. Who are people the people who canceling great shows like this Leverage.Probley the same thinking up the newest reality show.

  36. John DeLellis says:

    Please don’t cancel this great TV series. I am now just discovering how clever and awesome it is . I LOVE. The actors and the action and most importantly the writing and plot. It just keeps coming ! PLEASE RECONSIDER THANKS JOHN

  37. Tabor Fletcher says:


  38. Tiffany says:

    They need to bring it back

  39. Alyssa says:

    I LOVED every part of the series! I’m not even a huge tv person for series. I watched Grey’s anatomy but after Derek was killed probably will not watch any longer but Burn Notice had it ALL! Great characters, storyline, and people! Please consider bringing it back or possibly if you can’t write a new series make a HIT movie! People really love the show! I think someone should consider continuing and cutting out all these stupid reality shows. Like dance moms or whatever they have now a days. Burn notice and Blacklist are unique and hold people’s interest I believe a lot more then walking Dead. I really am asking for you guys to continue a show another series and movie. I know my opinion means nothing but I really will miss the show! Congratulations to the writers, producers, actors, and all involved! Great job guys!! It’s a shame to think of some silly reality show way overdone or drama based crap replacing this amazingly well organized series! Thank you, for providing a real tv series to watch. To me it was up there w the 3 Jason Bourne movies. It was just as good if not better because there were more! Good luck to all of you:-)

  40. Alici says:

    Please please please … Habe the network reconsider continuing with this series! It is one of the best series I’ve seen! I was in love w Grey’s Anatomy and House and I’m not even a huge action person but the network and acting was so amazing that it seems to not make sense in canceling it. There are too many tv shows now that are drama based garbage! I cried on the last show and I can see a lot of potential for additional seasons. You guys all did an amazing job and it shouldn’t be cancelled because of trends to put more reality shows on or even taking a chance you will produce a new series that may not take off. People really love the show and actors. The main characters were amazing! All of them! She was beautiful and so sexy feminine yet hardcore but did an excellent job at still showing her feminine side in being truly in love and willing to do anything for her man. Michael what can you say, he is so handsome and was amazing! The mother did an awesome job at portraying what too many mothers these days aren’t. Jesse and as he gained the “chin” nickname also were A plus actors to me. It really is sad it’s over. Is it possible the network could reconsider? Is there any chance if enough people wrote in that they could bring it back? I personally would try and get people to write in. I realize it’s just tv but now a days, there is so much junk out there that it’s almost not worth even paying for tv. This show is too amazing to be cancelled! Please reconsider and let all of the millions of fans know if you guys could change your mind and continue with a new season or more:-) thank you for all who did a great job entertaining all of us at home! I’m sure they worked really hard to keep fit and fit the their roles. It is more then looks though. They each had an amazing way to bring out a really normal human side to each character. Despite it being out there and fictional they all showed true aspects of real life and allowed their soft sides and emotional lives shine a little of reality to each of them. I will greatly miss the show and think they should at least have one more show with them to say good bye and let their fans know how they feel about it. :-(

  41. Guy says:

    I know I’m a couple years late. But I still catch old episodes on tv and watch them like it’s the first time I’ve seen them. This is one show that deserves more season. I know ratings were good for the network airing it as well. Please bring back the show

  42. fidi says:

    Really I soo was looking forward to season 8 of burn notice .come on ….pplz bring a season 8 of burn plz

  43. Johnde123 says:

    I love every part of the series. The creative nature that always has many twists and turns keeping you on the edge of your seat. The actors are the best, they’d have to be, to pull off some of those capers. I wish it could go on for many more years. Good luck and God bless to everyone on Burn Notice.

  44. Won jatson says:

    Hey tv guys, get your heads out of your arses and start cancelling the shows that are boring and leave the actual good shows alone. This is why I don’t get into tv shows cause when one gets good Yas just end up screwing it up and I’m left bored. Video games for the win. At least they listen to who buys their products.