ABC Cancels Body of Proof, 5 Others; Renewals Include Castle, Revenge, Suburgatory, Nashville

ABC Renewed SeriesTaking a better-late-than-never approach, ABC has officially renewed nearly a dozen shows for the 2013-14 TV season, including rookie drama Nashville and established hits Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Revenge, The Middle, Modern Family, Castle (for, contrary to rumors, one and not two more seasons) and Once Upon a Time.

Sophomore bubble comedies Suburgatory and Last Man Standing also have been picked up, as has the freshman series The Neighbors.

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On the cancellation front, Malibu Country, Family Tools, Body of Proof, How to Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life), Red Widow and Happy Endings have been axed (full story on H.E.‘s demise here).

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated.

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  1. Alichat says:

    SWEET JESUS!!! Suburgatory got renewed!!! ***happy dance***

  2. meagan says:

    Sooo happy once upon a time is being renewed!!!!! It is my favorite show..I couldn’t afford cable for awhile so downloaded the whole second season on my phone can’t wait till season end on sunday but when does it start back up again right after summer or what??

    • Stepphie59 says:

      You have to have cable to see Once Upon a Time? I’m not from the US so I don’t know, but I thought that is a network channel (ABC) and that you get that channel free on local TV? Just wondering.

      • Mike says:

        Did you think that someone who downloaded an entire season of TV to their phone would realize that with a $50 antenna they could watch it on TV? Unless they HAVE to have a DVR which I don’t get unless one works at night

  3. Harmony says:

    SO glad that Castle, Nashville, and Modern Family are coming back. I love those shows. :D

  4. KC says:

    Yay for Castle!!!!

  5. D. says:

    All my shows have been renewed this year is particularly good, yay.

    • Stepphie59 says:

      You’re lucky. You picked some really good ones then. Most of mine have been renewed, but then I watch a lot both on TV and the ones I can’t catch live I watch online. Body of Proof and Golden Boy are at the same time, for example, so I watch BoP and catch GB online. Sometimes I switch around, so it’s not like they’re not being watched. Now both are cancelled. :( Also, I watch Red Widow live and catch The Mentalist online, yet they’ve cancelled Red Widow. So disappointed. Well, at least so far I still have The Mentalist, and The Good Wife. Haven’t heard any negatives on those. Hope they’re renewed.

      • Linda says:

        I definitely agree that they should not have cancelled RED WIDOW. Love that show, it keeps me on the edge of my chair. Maybe it is because I am older and like trying to figure out what is going to happen next. I always watch the first preview of new shows to see if they are going to hold my interest and this one surely did. BUMMER

  6. DavidSask says:

    Tim Allen should not have a show!!!

    • Linda says:

      Tim Allen is a really funny guy and I personally like his new show. I guess maybe you do not remember his show HOME IMPROVEMENT It was a great family show and so is this one. We need more of those shows and less of the cartoon type shows. We need real people and less cartoon characters on tv.

  7. Gio86 says:

    Congrats ABC fans for all the shows renewed!!! So happy for Revenge, Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Suburgatory. Also happy for Once but it needs to get better.

  8. K says:

    Yay for Castle. No matter what happens Monday night castle/Beckett y Nathan and Stana will be back in September

  9. LilAngel says:

    sad for Body of Proof. I love that show

    • lyn says:

      Now that Golden Boy is cancelled as well as BOP, I’m hoping Fox rethinks Human Target with Mark Valley, Chi McBride, and Jackie Earle Haley, but without that annoying Pucci woman.

  10. Boiler says:

    I guess we will see how commited ABC may be to quality when we see if Splash, Bachelor, Wife Swap and Taste will be on. The people who watch this junk are the reason we lose good shows

    • Mike says:

      Let’s face it. They have maybe 6 REALLY goof shows. The rest are no better than modern day chariot races at the coliseum. Yeah those shows you mention are TOTAL CRAP. You left out bachellorette and that crap where people get belted on an obstacle course (forgot the name, see?)

    • Linda says:

      I agree with you. Wife swap, bet on your baby. What is up with our society. Lets get back to Family shows. Not junck

    • Caro says:

      So true, Boiler! The problem is that the IQ in the US has dropped to 100 and the networks are responding by airing garbage that appeals to the masses. Maybe we need a cable network for intelligent people where shows like Body of Proof, SMASH and Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip can find a home!

  11. Amy says:

    Yay! FINALLY!…We know for sure~ Nashville survived!! We fans are happy! This show deserves better than a “rocky showing” this past season…maybe ABC will do better by it next season..So glad it’s coming back!! :)

  12. Stepphie59 says:

    I like Body of Proof even though sometimes Dana Delaney annoys me. I have no problem with her clothes as some do. I like her outfits and her stilleto shoes. lol. Sorry for Mark Valley – out of work again after Hard Target. Also sorry for Chi McBride who was previously on Hard Target with Mark Valley. He’s now out of work again too as they cancelled Golden Boy, which I love. Why cancel Golden Boy? It’s really a very interesting show, and different from the usual crime show. Now we’ll never get to see what happens at the end of 7 years. I also watch Red Widow and that’s gone too. Deception was heading to be a close third to Scandal and Revenge for me, and I’m so disappointed it’s cancelled. Touch is gone too. A lot of my shows have been axed. What a day!

  13. Susan says:

    Sad about Happy Endings! So funny and a great cast! Will miss it!

  14. cherie says:

    I liked Red Widow. It season ender is a cliff hanger and no renewal? Thanks a lot.

  15. Gio86 says:

    Congrats fans!

    Very happy about Revenge, Modern F, Grey’s and Suburgatory.
    Once needs to improve but I am still watching.

    Happy Endings will be picked up by the USA network for sure!

  16. Chloe says:

    Very happy about Revenge & Castle. Really disappointed about Body of Proof. I love Dana Delaney & really thought it had gotten very good as the season went on. I hope we’ll at least find out if her father really did commit suicide.

  17. Kim says:

    Yay for Nashville—Boo for Body of Proof. Love The Middle and Modern Family–no surprises there. I hope they pick up The Neighbors–it was sweet!

  18. rachellee611 says:

    Red Widow never had a fair chance on a Sunday night. Very intriguing and well written show. Would have dobe better on a weeknight. Bummer.

  19. David Santos says:

    Is it me or is Mark Valley becoming one of the signals that a show is about to be canceled? When he joins a show it hardly lasts one [more] season. Which is a shame because I like him as an actor.

    • Mike says:

      Oh are you SO right on the mark, no pun. Thank GOD he didn’t kill Fringe. Maybe that’s why Anna Torv divorced him.

  20. Roses says:

    So glad about Nashville. Connie Britton is great. I just wish she and Deacon would stop just screwing around and stay together. Her ex is just a pain in the neck, or is that the idea? Deacon should know about his daughter, but when he finds out, which he will, the relationship will explode. Glad about Scandal also, but was a certainty. I love both those shows and the women who star in them.

    • Lisa says:

      I think Rayna will discover Watty White is really her father prompting her to come clean with Maddy. I love Rayna/Deacon together, but it is too early in the series for their happily ever after. Teddy and Peggy just need to leave. I don’t care how.

  21. Lucy Sylvia says:

    very happy that castle is coming back that the best show on tv

  22. I love BODY OF PROOF. Sucks that they cancelled it.

  23. Shay says:

    Actualy preferred “Body of Proof” this year over the previous ones. Not a Delaney fan, but love Mark Valley. He added the right spark to the show. For some reason, network honchos have a hate on for the guy… on nearly every program he is cast, there is soon a cancellation to follow….even if the ratings are not that bad! (Keen Eddie and Human Target were both great concepts, and he was excellent as their lead characters. Really cannot understand the viewing public and their suspect tastes!) Oh well, now there will be more reality shows for the braindead, I suppose!!!!

  24. Jay says:

    Surprised about ‘How to Live With You Parents’, although I never watched it. I thought it was rating fairly well..

  25. Terry says:

    I hope they will at least keep The Neighbors!

  26. Brandi says:

    The only reason why Happy Endings suffered was because ABC was stupid and put Neighbors on Wednesdays and moved Happy Endings all over the place. How’s Neighbors working at you for, ABC? I really hope it gets picked up by USA; I’m still peeved at the way they did Cougar Town dirty.

  27. Caro says:

    The problem is that the IQ in the US has dropped to 100 and the networks are responding by airing garbage that appeals to the masses. I think we need a cable network for smart people! This would attract high end advertisers and allow shows like Body of Proof, SMASH and Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip can find an audience!

  28. jennifer says:

    Why did they cancel body of proof I thought it had good numbers I hope enough people complain and they change there mind or some other channel picks it up

  29. JulieP says:

    I’m so happy Castle got renewed!

  30. Leigh says:

    I’m super happy Castle was renewed. It’s the only show that would have upset me if it wasn’t on the schedule.

    But I’m mad ABC cancelled Body of Proof. After all the changes they made this year and asking us to give the show a chance with the changes, people watched and the numbers were ok. Now after people invested in the changes ABC cancels it. Sigh. I’m glad I don’t run things like ABC does.

    But as long as Castle is safe, I’m willing to keep on watching. Sigh.

  31. What’s the fate of Shark Tank?

  32. Catherine washington says:


  33. SL says:

    I thought Body of proof was nice, but it reminded me too much of Crossing Jordan..

  34. staci rasar says:

    i wish yall would not cancel body of proof because that was one of my favorite shows to watch

  35. Ruth Steele says:

    Did anyone watch Red Widow???? It was an awesome show.

    • Dianne says:

      I did. One of my favorite guilty pleasures, and I am bummed to be left with cliff hangers which will never be explored. Goran Visnjic plays a great bad guy that you can’t help but like.

    • Jen says:

      This was an awesome show. I don’t think the producers realize what’s good and what’s not.

  36. thebgt says:

    I guess Body of Proof deserved it. It was a promising show and they turned it to another pile of cliches. The whole ME as a Detective present in every aspect of the investigation was ridiculous.
    Too bad for Dana Delany but maybe it was for the best for Jeri Ryan. Jeri CAN act… and its a shame really to have her there only to exploit her nice body. I mean in Star Trek she was wearing catsuits but they were also giving her material to ACT.

  37. Josie Leeds says:

    OK, ABC…there were only TWO programs on your network I bother to watch anymore–Castle and Body Of Proof. Now that you have shot one down, when will you be cancelling Castle? It really wouldn’t be AS bad when good shows are cancelled but when they are replaced with utter dreck and bilgewater(as in Once Upon A Time, Scandal, Revenge–shall I continue? No? OK then), it really makes you wonder if there are ANY network execs with a 3-digit IQ….and don’t even get me started on their “news” programs…..

    • Stephhie59 says:

      Josie Leeds, you list OUAT, Scandal and Revenge, 3 top shows, as bilge, and you question the IQ of the network people? 3 of their top money making shows yet you more or less call them idiots? Need I say more?

      • Josie Leeds says:

        ….and your opinion is superior to mine….how?

        • SL says:

          I love how people are upset about TV shows esp if theirs were cancelled they shoot down others show as lame and stating the fans of those shows are idiots. Everyone has their taste in shows sorry yours did not cut it. I am surprised you did not mention reality shows because most are not that great, but cheaper to make. So complain all you want but there are more reasonable choices to make..
          Body of Proof was just like Crossing Jordan


    • Linda says:

      Yeah for you Barb. I am sure that most of us have to pay for either cable, or satalite Tv and we should have more say as to what we watch. All of these cartoon shows in prime time makes me sick.

  39. Dianne says:

    Am I the only one upset about the cliff hanger in the last scene of Red Widow when it has been cancelled and we will never get to see a resolution?

    • Jen says:

      You are not the only one. The show was one of the best. I agree with Barbara Mangieri. These fools don’t know what is good and what is not. They should let the public decide since we are the ones paying for their salaries.

      • BATB Newbie says:

        Red Widow would have been better as a summer show or premiered at least in the fall and not mid-season when everyone had their schedules already done for what they watch. Too bad USA or TNT did not pick it up because it could have suited their networks quite well. I like USA Network as they have the best shows on cable some even better than the ones on regular networks. Plus they split the seasons so it never really interferes with anything else and always gives something fresh to watch during summer.

        • Jen says:

          It really is a pity they put all these junk reality shows on. Maybe TNT will pick it up. Look at Dallas. Really a good show and none of the major networks picked it up. It is just as good now as it was in its first showing years ago. It’s a different culture now.

        • Stephie59 says:

          Batb, so true. I don’t understand why those bigwigs don’t think like us smallwigs. lol. Introducting a new show like that mid-season when everyone is already involved with other shows is a recipe for disaster, and you would think with all their knowledge and experience, they would know this. To bring in Red Widow at that point was so wrong. Right now there are not much shows on TV to watch. I search for shows and can’t find any. Red Widow (and Golden Boy), would have done so well if they had premiered now. Our loss and no one’s gain. :(

  40. ljd213 says:

    The people at Body Of Proof were clueless, they dumped most of the cast for no good reason and lost a ton of viewers including me. They weren’t loyal to a good group of actors who helped tell a great story, no reason for viewers to be loyal to them. Good riddance!

  41. Jodes says:

    Really ABC? The Neighbors gets renewed and Happy Endings is cancelled? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? The Neighbors is terrible and Happy Endings is hilarious.

  42. Kerry says:

    SOOOO EXCITED!!! …. Castle and Scandal are my FAVORITES!!!
    I am also happy about revenge… just hoping next season is better. I hated the initiative story line.
    I actually liked Body Of Proof….. it also had decent ratings. I don’t understand why they don’t use shows like this for the summer season line up… They did it with unforgettable. Rookie Blue is awesome and airs in the summer season…

  43. LINDA says:


  44. Becky says:

    So tired of waching shows – enjoying them and seeing them cancelled. Body of Proof is great. Didn’t give it much of a chance. Everyone I know loves Vegas. 2 of the cancelled shows have only been on a couple of times. This is crazy. Time to stop watching all networks. Just a lot of disappointment and more reality shows which make me sick. Got enough reality to go around.

  45. Cindy Kaiser says:

    happy for Revenge, Suburgatory, & Nashvllle. Modern Family is my favorite comedy. But sad for Body of Proof. Its the only police drama that I watch.

  46. salyn says:

    Yey!!!! I love Castle and Greys anatomy. when will be season 6 of Castle?

  47. renee says:

    I really liked Body of Proof & Malibu Country, I guess all I need to watch on abc is Castle & Last Man Standing, really don’t care about the surviving shows I really hate all the reality shows they have. It’s true they don’t care what some people like I know their are some stupid shows they keep on and take off the good ones. It seems I start watching a show then all of a sudden it’s cancelled, like I starting watching Partners then POOF it’s cancelled. Some times I think they do pick them out of a hat! Know I figured what is the sense of starting to watch a new show when they decide they are going to cancel it on you anyway so they can put on something else you like then take that off, to put on some stupid reality show!

  48. Dale says:

    Totally disgusted with cancellation of Body Of Proof. Good stories and decent. Shame on ABC.

  49. Kelly Keiffer says:

    Body of proof and golden boy etc I’m ready tired of this cancelled of good shows could the network at least finish a a story before they cancelled iv been home realy sick and it would be nice to know the endings try it producers u mite get a better audience

  50. Kelly Keiffer says:

    We’ll have to much reality we like are shows with some. Real drama that has a ending and we make tv apart of are world. Why don’t u let us decide since we watch it it rating sucks cuz u have no clue what’s good or not