Vampire Diaries Recap: Ghosts of Seasons Past

Vampire Diaries Season 4 RecapOn Thursday’s Vampire Diaries, Bonnie’s quest to lower the veil to the other side and bring an end to Silas leads to the return of some familiar faces — and an unexpected deadly consequence.

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Some of the ghosts like Alaric and Jeremy come back bearing good feelings and wanting to look out after their loved ones. Fitting, the former first appears to Damon, but the vamp thinks it’s Silas pretending to be his old drinking buddy. To prove to Damon he’s really himself, Alaric pops open a locker and takes out a bottle of alcohol.

“Would Silas know about locker 42?” he asks and the two hug. Aww, now this feels warm and right.

Alaric explains that the veil has only been lowered inside the expression triangle and that not every ghost has a reason to come back to Mystic Falls (aka, they couldn’t get everyone back, OK?). But a few do have one very good motive for a comeback: Vengeance. Kol makes a beeline for Elena, interrupting Matt and Rebekah’s candlelit moment to get her whereabouts. He stabs Matt in his throwing arm, but the football player still refuses Rebekah’s healing help because he’d like to graduate high school as a human. Kol eventually finds Elena and almost snaps her neck, but Jer swoops in with his crossbow.

“How many times do I need to kill you?” he exclaims.

Meanwhile, vampire hunters Alexander, Connor and Vaughn also have less-than-kind intentions, cornering Rebekah and Matt in the town square.

Among the others visiting from the ghostly plane: Stefan’s pal Lexi, who gives him a little ribbing about her “cute” blonde replacement Caroline — seriously, show, are you going to go there with those two or what? — and Grams, who fails to stop Bonnie’s efforts to keep the veil down and thereby keep Jer around. The ensuing spell takes so much power out of the witch that she ends becoming a ghost herself! Yes, Bonnie appears to be dead!

Meanwhile, the Gilbert siblings’ heart-to-heart finally gets Elena’s mind off killing Katherine. She’s finally back to her old self, but thankfully, before that, we got a fantastic scene in which Elena almost takes out her doppelganger, who’s connected to Bonnie. Stefan arrives in time to stop her from killing both Katherine and Bonnie.

“Thanks for the save, handsome,” replies Katherine like a 1950s vixen. Stefan tells her to leave or he’ll off her himself. “Really, I’m your biggest problem right now?”

She has a point. At least one big issue has been solved (sort of): While she can’t put him down for good, Bonnie turns Silas to stone and the gang plans to throw him in the ocean. At least now he can’t get into Bonnie’s head anymore, but damned if Candice Accola playing an all powerful Silas wasn’t fun! Before the body dumping, Alaric swipes the cure off him and gives it to Damon, who wonders what he’s supposed to do with it.

“Get the girl,” replies Alaric.

Vampire Diaries fans, hit the comments with your thoughts on the reunions, demises and more!

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  1. Baz says:

    I have a theory that the season will end with Damon taking the cure (either by accident or somehow to save elena) as he is th only one all season who doesnt want it, and it could open up a whole new dilemna for stefan next year wrestling with his guilt of wether he shud turn his bro again!

  2. Lauren says:

    I would have liked to have seen Isobel and Jenna. I’m sure they would be concerned about Elena and want to check on her, I think that would have been enough reason for them to come back from the other side.

  3. windterr says:

    Teen Wolf does better with their characters and VD should take note.

  4. karp says:

    i think Damon will take cure and Elena will leave with Stefan , because we know Elena definitely makes a choice between the brothers and Stefan has said he wants to leave after graduation so it would make sense for her to go with him but that seems a bit obvious as vd have said it will be one of the biggest twist ever and thats not really a big twist, i dont think Silas is dead maybe he just made them think he was, and it was strange how damon held down the oldest vampire isnt he like 2000 years old?

  5. Chloe says:

    I expected more from this episode in regards to Silas, I mean they were all stressing about him most of the season for Bonnie to turn around and be like okay I’m turning you back into stone – ?!
    Also Elena is beyond annoying. It would be fantastic if Elena died in the finale and Katherine sticks around, that way Nina Dobrev still has a job and no more whiney Elena. But I doubt that’ll happen.

  6. Cas says:

    I like how everyone says they ruined Bonnie’s character. I don’t really remember when her character didn’t suck. She was better after season 1 then awful this season IMO.

  7. onka says:

    Bonnie had Vampire blood in her Body! Stephen or Silas healed her when they found her after Elena had attacked Kathrine – otherwise she would have had any injuries afterwards. So it’s clear that Bonnie gets the cure to get back her witchcraft and bring back all the dead People wherever they came from :-)

  8. Charon says:

    I would like to take this time to write this in hope that anyone from the vampire diaries writing cast sees this. How dare you kill Bonnie! She is the main part in this whole series, a bigger part than Elena! I have been crying this entire time and now I hate your show and I will never watch it again unless Bonnie is back!!! You should have killed off Caroline or if you were going to kill Bonnie off, you should have killed her when Elena was going to kill Katherine! I am very disgusted at you writers of Vampire Diaries! BRING BONNIE BACK! AND SHE BETTER HAVE HER MAGIC! Thank you. That is all.

  9. Cam says:

    I think the reason why so many people are beginning to dislike the series is because of the amount of people dying and the amount of evil there is. Also people are fed up with the love triangle. The only way to break the love triangle is for Elena, Damon or Stefan to take the cure.
    They also need to introduce a really nice person into the show, possibly a guy. They will go to college in Season 5, so I’m hoping they will introduce someone at the beginning and slowly make their screen time for frequent as the season progresses. They should resurrect Jeremy somehow and give Bonnie and Jeremy a go. I think Elena needs a new guy, maybe give Delena a try for half the season and then maybe let them have a huge argument and Damon cheats on Elena and she breaks up with him. OR. If she chooses Stefan, then later on Stefan has a secret love affair with Caroline. I really think for people to love Elena again she needs out of this “She must be protected by the Salvatores” idea. It’s old, we need something fresh, we need more teen drama and less supernatural drama, as it doesn’t really make sense anymore. I think they should strengthen the bond between Bonnie, Elena and Caroline as you only see them together when something bad is about to happen. Also, maybe give the cure to Rebekah so that Mat and Rebekah and live happily ever after, they can show how he develops her into a better person. Elena needs to go to college and grow independent, we need to see the three main characters as individuals rather than “Stefan and Damon have nothing to do unless Elena is on the screen.” Elena is my favourite character and I want to see her grow up and develop as a person.

  10. Cathy O says:

    I pretty much think Elena will be choosing Damon this time around. But to me if she ends up going back to Stefan it’s going to be weird for me after everything she’s done with Damon. It was different when they had the slow burn going. To be sexually switching back and forth between brothers every season is not cool. Whoever she chooses this week should be the endgame and the other brother should just be able to have a life with someone else because everyone is tired of the love triangle anyway. I mean what is she going to say next season, I don’t love you anymore Damon, Iam going back to Stefan?! I am done ranting but just sayin… If that happens I don’t see another season of the show. The love triangle has played out at least for me.

  11. Khalil Dagher says:

    Bonnie is essential in the serie she’s important as elena they can replace her by any other witch because she is thee witch…descended by the most powerfull witch in time……… bring bonnie back…. i love her character she’s strong and fearless…..bring her back