Scandal Recap: 'Now We Can Start Having Fun'

Scandal Season 2 Billy Chambers Is AlbatrossWarning: The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains mighty spoilers from this Thursday’s Scandal.

This week on ABC’s Scandal, both Fitz and Mellie pondered their next moves, while OPA got a most unwelcome arrival at their doorstep. By episode’s end, President Grant addressed his country and Albatross — and his/her accomplice — was unmasked.

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GET UP! STAND DOWN! | After subjecting himself to the first of many press corps briefings, Cyrus storms Olivia’s castle and boudoir, commanding his president, “Get up!” Upon doing so, Olivia starts to transform into Superfixer, but Fitz wont have it: “I made a decision, I am going to deal with it. You have to stand down.”

Mellie meanwhile interviews Captain Fixer Merlyn, who is about to get shown the door when he shows off his skills and admiration for FLOTUS’ measured doses of Southern gentility, then notes how critical the next step is — naming the “whore” who bedded her husband. (“Put a face to the infidelity, and everything’s coming up Mellie,” he argues.) Mel though wants to see what Fitz plans to say to the press that evening before playing her ace. Yet even when presented with his pilfered notes, “I know Fitz,” she asserts, doubting he’ll throw in the towel.

MMM, DONUTS…. | Over at OPA, David Rosen enjoys much merriment at the irony of a man who stole the White House getting hoisted on his easily unzipped petard, while the others focus on unmasking the mole, who apparently has a jones for the Defiance secret. At first they target Sally Langston, but a bit of cybersnooping (thanks, catty Second Daughter!) shows that the veep wasn’t the one who accessed the CIA files. Charlie meanwhile is nearly hunted down by Jake and a radioactive bag of donuts, but escapes and seeks sanctuary at OPA.

After dismissing a think tank crafting ways to excuse his trespass, Fitz assures Cyrus that he will make a statement, yet dismisses all the Clinton comparisons: “He wasn’t in love with Monica Lewinsky; I am in love with a woman who is not my wife.” And if that means he needs to bail on reelection, so be it.

Actor Joe Morton (hereby known as Rowan!) meets with Jake, reminding him that his mission was to “get between the president and Olivia Pope.” Rowan asks for evidence of his own affair with Pope, while he himself will “take care of Cyrus Beane,” nosy Charlie’s employer. Later, Rowan assures Cyrus that his group knows all about Olivia — and, in fact, “everything that affects the republic” — scolding: “You should have shut this down a long time ago.” Rowan charges Cy with outing Liv/Jake to POTUS, even at risk of losing his “buddy” instead of the White House. “Don’t make yourself an obstacle,” he warns. “Don’t test your luck.”

CARD GAME | As Fitz pens his statement, he checks in with Liv: “Any second thoughts?” “No. You?” “Never.” But when Cyrus asks an aide to fetch the Statement of Candidacy papers Fitz signed, a realization comes to light: He never locked into running for office in the first place! Liv worries to her love, “You don’t think you can win on your own,” that he believes everything his father ever said about him — and all because of Defiance. “I will blame myself every day” if he doesn’t give it a shot, she says. “Run. Run and win.”

Somewhere in a dark place, Huck coaxes from Charlie the identity of the mole, yet sets his former colleague free (instead of popping him “quick, easy and neat” as requested), following a pep talk from Quinn. But then the Cytron card (aka Defiance’s Smoking Gun) goes missing Scandal_BillyChambersfrom Liv’s safe. Who pinched it…?

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HE’S BAAAACK! | And as President Grant scraps his prepared speech, reminds the press, “My marriage is none of your business” and announces his intention to seek a second term, Harrison rings Olivia with Albatross’ identity.

“Billy Chambers,” he utters — and we see Sally Langston’s assumed dead chief of staff grin at his receipt of the Cytron card, as delivered by…. David Rosen. “Now we can start having some fun,” Billy gloats.

What did you think of “Any Questions”? Who had Billy in your office poll? And did his cohort’s identity, as Shonda Rhimes teased, surprise you as much as Albatross himself?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. the girl says:

    I KNEW David was in on that! As soon as Liv went to that safe and SHOWED EVERYONE THE COMBO… WHAT is the point of having things locked up if you’re just going to expose everyone to the unlock code? Excuse me for all the caps. While I was surprised to see David, I wasn’t surprised at the same time. I don’t care about the Billy Chambers thing, who even knows who that dude is. But David has been playing them for weeks now, pretending to be a gladiator, to be one of the team, and siphoning off information to use against them all along. I am blown away. Slow clap to Shonda Rhimes.

    • Rrrrrr says:

      What do you mean “who even knows who that guy is”? EVERYONE who watched the show from the beginning knows who “that guy” is.

      • Chris says:

        Honestly, i watched every minute of this show and for some reason he doesnt ring a loud bell…

      • Brendan says:

        This season was MUCH longer than the first season, so it’s easy to forget about someone that is supposed to be dead and nobody have mentioned in over 20 episodes. This show moves so quickly and has so many twists and turns all the time, I can totally understand how some people might forget about Billy. The people that instantly remembered him might have power watched the show later because I’ve watched every single episode as their aired and even I needed a refresher on Billy. I remembered he was bad news but the details were fuzzy.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Billy Chambers was Sally Langston’s Chief of Staff. He got Amanda Tanner to have an affair with the president. Meanwhile he was sleeping with Tanner himself and got her pregnant. He killed the reporter who found out about his affair with Tanner. He and Sally Langston tried to get Fitz to resign by threatening to go public with the Amanda Tanner mess. Fitz blackmailed Sally with her daughter’s abortion. Sally knew the same was up so she threw Billy under a bus. Charlie was supposed to kill Billy but evidently he had other ideas.

      • the girl says:

        I know who Billy is, don’t be obtuse. I have no emotional response to him being the mole. I actually don’t care that we see him again. Meaningless… except for the question you asked about who he’s working for. That means something.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Your statement: “who even knows who that dude is.” Why would you say that if you know who he is?

          • I believe “the girl” was using a device called sarcasm when she wrote that statement. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always come across well in the written form. When you go back and re-read what she wrote, you should see it as well. Hindsight, though, is always perfect.

        • Olivia Lynn says:

          Totally agree- based on how “shocked” the whole Scandal staff seemed to be about the mole I was expecting someone way more integral to the current plots.

          • Jules says:

            Agreed. While I do remember Billy Chambers from S1 I really could care less because he hasn’t been integral to the show in a year. I was waiting for it to be someone currently on the show and was more shocked about David being involved. I got the feeling he was giddy about being involved with the cool kids.

          • wordy says:

            I think that they were SOOO shocked simply because since that time, nobody EVER thought of him as an elligible threat. I mean, if he is back and he is the mole… well it’s CLEAR that he’s here to do some nasty buisness…

        • Anna says:

          Well tried but you OBVIOUSLY didn’t know who Billy was, otherwise no matter how irrelevant he’s to you, you’d have brought up whom he might be working for. And you might try not to look obtuse but you definitely sound obnoxious.

          • the girl says:

            I definitely remember he is Sally’s version of Cyrus. My point all along is I DON’T CARE about Billy Chambers. There is no emotional weight to him being the mole. That is as inconsequential as Edison being the mole – which I was against all along, because it would have been a meaningless reveal, just like I feel this one is. Again, the only reason this has any meaning at all is the possibility that Billy is working for someone who we MIGHT care about. Perhaps he’s still working for Sally? THAT makes him matter. Otherwise, take him down – I won’t lose one wink of sleep over his demise.

      • nptexas says:

        Thank you, Cheyenne. Well done!

      • Elsa says:

        I did not know who he was as I only started watching this season, so many thanks for your post ! :)

      • kristen says:

        Thank you for the recap! I had forgotten a couple of those major details!

      • Kim says:

        Thank you Cheyenne. I haven’t missed an episode but I was really fuzzy. I found your explanation helpful, not obtuse.

      • Bridgette says:

        Thanks for the recap. I, like some others, had forgotten about Billie Chambers and how pivotal his role was on the show.

      • Chameria says:

        is this all in episode 1 or through out the season 1? I watch on a regular and re watch on saturdays but his name didnt ring a bell.

      • JazL says:

        Well I appreciate the explanation because I totally forgot who he was.

      • Martye says:

        Thank you Cheyenne for the synopsis. I’d forgotten his story line.

    • rachelle says:

      Lol, I totally was like WTF when Liv unlocked the safe in front of everyone without even blocking the combo! I’d show them my ATM pin before I showed them the combo to that safe. I knew it would come back to bite her in the ass.

      • Chameria says:

        I had a feeling it was all apart of the plot to extend into next season.

        • Memi says:

          Well taking about a plot extending to next season, I have a really bad feeling that Olivia is going to end up pregnant and as usually plots go dun dun DUN! Who’s the daddy ……. It comes from something I read that Shondra Rhimes said that made me think that. I pray they don’t go down that slippery daytime slope I mean soap way.

    • Brian says:

      That’s the thing. Olivia showed EVERYONE the combo. I believe she suspected David and set him up to take the Cytron card (or whatever that really was).

      • Tamim says:

        You know, I didn’t think about that, but Liv knows everything about everyone in that room…except David. If the card disappeared, then only David would have taken it. Charlie didn’t see her open the safe, so I do think, if the reveal wasn’t actually calculated because of how rattled Liv was by the current events, she will take a moment later and use that crafty mind of hers to deduce who did it. Sad though because now I want to know 1). Was David always a slimy guy? or 2). Did OPA make him toss off his white hat and join the dark side and 3). Can he ever come back (if he was ever a good guy at all?)

        • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

          The next episode is titled “The White Hat’s Back On”

        • ewensea says:

          yes, the title of next week is WHITE HAT BACK ON. Olivia refers to David as wearing a white hat. He may be trying to redeem his status as US Attorney. Like David, hope he hasnt joined dark side forever, I thought Billy died last year, but I guess not. The shock was seeing David, not Billy whom I dont care about either. I do know he was really bent out of shape about Sally not getting elected.

      • Moe says:

        Charlie can probably break open every safe.

      • DV says:

        My thoughts exactly. I can’t believe Olivia would be stupid enough to potentially expose the combination to the safe to everyone. It has to be a set-up.

        • Querilous says:

          I totally agree! Why did Liv take Harrison into her inner office and told all Him to play/use the sealed black file only as the last resort. As you said they have a file on everyone if need be to call in favours.

      • JoSpinner says:

        I AGREE! She is the smartest girl on the block, she did this to draw out the mole. And so she did! Only Harrison knew about this, he is the one closest to her now, since Huck is losing his marbles. And since they know this and now have Billy’s name as well (who is Albatross NOT the mole, that is David) they will put two and two together (eventually). Also Billy could still be working for Sally. And of course they are shocked, they thought he was dead! (like us)

      • Nikki says:

        Very good observation, I was thinking the same thing. Olivia is too smart to just reveal to EVERYONE the code, really David is new, no one really knows or trust him, he can’t initiate himself as a gladiator, Olivia didi not seek him out and chose him. When Liv showed the code all obvious, I was like “seriously!” is she still giddy from the sex, but no she was setting David up the whole time. THAT is NOT the cytron card, It’s too easy. Ahhh this darn show has me going, I appreciate tv again.

    • Anybody's guess now says:

      Billy is a pawn and so is David – that’s not the real defiance card – it’s a brilliant way of finding out who the real mole is

    • Memi says:

      I don’t think that billy chambers is the Albatross he and David seem to be acting out of revenge for being thwarted by OPA and are working to bring down Fitz and OPA. Both were incompetent and were bested by OPA. Like many believe that Olivia did the set up with the safe and the card. If you look at previews for next week Huck is tracking something down. I suspect the Livy had a tracker on the card to flush out the mole. my theory is that the Albatross is not associated with billy and David and will be someone we don’t see coming David and billy are just a red herring up to no good but not our big story. If you remember Rowan does not want Fitz to give up he wants to keep the Republic safe so after he had that conversation with Cyrus I don’t think they would be working with billy and David to bring Fitz down. I think Charlie only gave half the story he was working for multiple people Cyrus, billy etc so he might not even know who albatross is just gave a name of one of the people he was working for. Also I hate of the idea of David working with billy. I like him working with OPA seeing how the other side works. I pray that he had a side thing going with Liv but I doubt it.

      • Trian says:

        OMG, Memi – that was a brilliant assessment. Everything you said makes sense.

      • V says:

        David might be in on it- a plan with Liv to get the card to Billy to take to the real Albatross. Kinda no reason to deceive the rest of the team though. Unless they suspect spy cameras.

      • la says:

        I don’t think David knows what he has gotten into…..the title of the final episode is The white hat is back on….there is a twist here…we obviously haven’t figured out yet. I believe David will come out wearing the white hat

    • Mary says:

      I agree. Billy doesn’t mean much to me so the mole was k

  2. Cheyenne says:

    Billy Chambers was on my short list. I had a gut feeling he wasn’t dead. But unless he has another identity, he is small potatoes. He wouldn’t have security clearance to know about a covert CIA operation and sabotage it. So the question is, who is Billy Chambers working for? That’s what we will probably find out next week.

    • the girl says:

      Wow Cheyenne, good question. I hadn’t even thought of that. THAT makes him interesting.

    • phi says:

      Great point

      • MollyLam says:

        This is total BS. Billy Chambers would NOT have access to the information that Albatross had. This isn’t over yet. Billy Chambers is not the mole. He is working for her though. And I don’t mean Sally Langston.

        • hunter4frau says:

          You think the Mole is Mellie? I think we should watch out for Mellie, as her lawyer says she has that Southern Belle act down to a science. But I still think she waaaaaay overplayed her hand. I think Billy Chambers is the mole, but I think the people trying to keep Olivia and Fitz apart may be friends of Fitz’s father or working with him. The Judge actually admitted she had Fitz shot to preserve Fitz’s legacy for his Father. And it could be that they are more on Olivia’s side than we think. I still think had she not mentioned Fitz’s Dad she would have died a natural death. Are Olivia and Mellie the only persons in that group who hasn’t killed any one?

    • TVPeong says:

      He was using the VP’s login. She would have access to all that information.

      • Cheyenne says:

        So it’s Sally after all? Hmmm….

        • Rrrrrr says:

          No, weren’t you paying attention? He sent Sally an email that was bugged. Her daughter opened the email, infecting the computer. With access to the computer, he was able to get into all those private files.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Billy didn’t send Sally that e-mail, Huck sent it. That’s how they got into her computer.

          • Anna says:

            Were You?

          • Rrrrrr says:

            You two are ridiculous. Huck was testing his theory out by sending another email. Please go back and watch the episode. I accept all formal apologies, as well as flowers and chocolates.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Okay, so Billy Chambers hacked into Sally’s computer and stole all that top-secret info. So now the question is, who did he sell it to? That’s the Albatross.

  3. Lauri says:

    Thirty minutes later and I’m still in shock.

  4. drewjherring says:

    GREAT EPISODE! My head is still spinning from that INCREDIBLE ending! I know I should’ve, but I did not see David Rosen as Billy Chambers’ accomplace… I’m so proud of this show, and I say that every Thursday night. Next week is going to be INSANE!!! God, keep these beautiful twists coming!

  5. Lisa says:

    I figured that it was Billy back from the dead — but never had a clue about David Rosen. Ooh, Abby will kill him.

  6. Chris says:

    Everyone was acting surprised David was involved…I kind of figured he was all along…

  7. Laura says:

    Great episode but not a surprise as there were only so many options. We never saw Charlie kill Billy. Also, why would David want to be with the people who ruined his life ?

  8. Lash says:

    First I have to say WOWZERS!!!!! My heart is still racing, body still humming! Back to the epi….I suspected David all along because it was too convenient for the viewers to believe that one day he is spouting he is gonna get OPA for his demise in his career and then turns around being best buds with them….that was obvious to me that he was apart of it. I didn’t see him as the mole but definately an accomplice. Have to say when I started to go down the list Billy was at the top because we saw Charlie went into the elevator to kill him but there was no follow up story. But when I really new it was Billy was when Huck referenced that Cyrus had Amanda Tanner killed by Charlie to Olivia. somehow it just clicked. I thought why bring up AT now…..(even though Huck excuse was because AT got in the way so Cyrus removed her and he was warning Liv)…it got me thinking about Billy and that we didn’t know if he was dead or alive.

    • nptexas says:

      I didn’t put all that together. You are the sharpest knife in the drawer! And thanks for reminder about Charlie & Billy I the elevator. Dang, it’s so clear now. Charlie is a stone killer but knows when to make a ghost.

  9. cmr646 says:

    I’m not at all surprised by Billy Chambers’ reappearance or involvement. But David? W O W!!!!

  10. Alichat says:

    Ok…I had read everyone’s theories in the comments about it being David…and the more I thought about it….and after reading the guide summation for tonight’s ep this morning, I conceded that it was a big possibility David was involved. But I knew he was involved when he went on that loud ramble about the president’s mistress. It was too grandiose, too showboaty. It just stood out. And then when he said Fitz had stolen the White House…..someone with as much access as he’s had to the situation would know by now that Fitz didn’t have anything to do with Defiance… David’s comment screamed revenge to me. Once they ruled out Langston, I figured it must be Billy.

    On other notes…..loved the conversation with Liv and Fitz about him running for a second term. It was spot-on, and such a fantastic contrast to Mellie saying that she knows Fitz. She doesn’t…not really…..and Liv does. And Cy….that heart attack I thought he was going to have tonight….looks like it hits him next week. I’d feel sorry for him if he hadn’t ripped into James with such cruelty.

    • Lash says:

      I felt so bad for James, I literally felt my heart broke for him, tears rolling down my cheeks. Cyrus can be very cruel look how he called Liv his protege a whore last season after he found out abt her and Fitz……

      SN I think the q of the day now is who is Billy working for? He used OPA to get info he couldn’t get because he didnt have white house clearance anymore and his aim is to bring Fiitz down from day 1 so who…..

      • Cheyenne says:

        Spot on. My question exactly. Billy Chambers doesn’t have CIA security clearance, he wouldn’t have info about a covert CIA mission, let alone be able to sabotage it. So unless he has another ID, he’s working for the real Albatross, who we will probably find out about next week.

      • Alichat says:

        I’m not sure Billy used OPA to get the White House clearance info….I think that’s what the dead chick in David’s bed was collecting. But also, they did say tonight that someone using Langston’s password was downloading black ops sites, so I don’t think we can rule her out as someone working with Billy. I am really curious to know if David did this willingly or if he was blackmailed. And if willingly, when was he pulled into this treasonous activity?

        • Sarah says:

          So if David is working with the mole, does that mean he has something to do with that chick’s death? I think that was the first episode where there was a mole discovery.

          • Alichat says:

            That’s why I’m wondering if his complicity is willing or forced. I am wondering if the dead chick in his bed was blackmail……this is what we will do to you unless you help us. I just have a hard time with David being ok with the CIA agents being captured and one killed…..with the chick in his bed being killed….with Osborne being framed and killed. I buy that he’d want to get them back by getting in close with them, then getting the card and revealing Defiance. But I just have a hard time with him being complicit in all this death.

    • mangochic says:

      That was so sad!!! I felt for James! Cyrus is a horrible husband!

    • Tierra says:

      You’re sooo right! When she said she knows Fitz. I’m like HONEY! Liv was the one who convinced him into running for a second term. You obviously do not know him well, if at all.

      • MsGee says:

        I think she said that b/c she knew that he would go running to Olivia and that Olivia wouldn’t let him not run for a second term. So no, she was correct- she knows him very well… That’s why she was looking at the speech fetched out the garbage crazy… b/c that was HIM. And she knows him well enough that he doesn’t make any of his career decisions on his own… and that if he doesn’t listen to anyone else, he’s going to listen to Olivia… Just my opinion lol.

      • Momma luv says:

        Maybe that’s why she didn’t name her …. She knew that Olivia would take him out if it ….. And if she named her …one fitz would hate her and two Olivia would never be able to get close to him again….. She hates her for stealing her husband but tolerates her because she is the only one fitz will listen to ha ha

  11. Robin says:

    Finding out Billy is The mole was actually quite disappointing. Shonda said we would be totally shocked I am but just because I really couldn’t care less about Billy Chambers.

    • nptexas says:

      I’m not shocked so much as blindsided. We do now know that Charlie let Huck go, so I guess it’s not surprising he did it other times. I’m not a fan of the “out of the blue” culprit as a plot device but Shonda did it well. Now please connect the other dots for me: Byron, Jake, B316 (or whatever), Charlie, Billy/Sally, David. Nevermind!

    • Deborah says:

      I agree. I was hoping for something more shocking and a character in whom we are more emotionally vested (like one of the 4 or 5 main characters).

  12. Jared says:

    The fact that David Rosen was involved with the mole in some aspect was basically announced the second they released the name of the finale, “White Hat’s Back On” a few weeks ago. The season started with, “White Hat’s Off” and throughout the entire series Rosen and Olivia have gone back and forth about whose white hat was bigger, and then David’s was basically taken off after he lose Quinn’s case and got fired. Obvi, he was getting some form of revenge if he gets to put his hat back on. Simple, but brilliant.

    • Trian says:

      @Jared – I am sure that title is going to be a twist. I don’t think David is going to win next episode either. May be after he tried and Olivia will catch him again (if the cytron card he had was a fake one) then, she may make a speech to him about him trying to put the white back on. Usually the titles do not have big meaning but a phrase taken from someone’s dialogue.

  13. A says:

    Cyrus is such an ass!
    Also seeing Ellis and Thatcher together is just weird lol

  14. Nabil says:

    Dang! That was one AMAZING episode! I TOTALLY did not David being Billy Chambers accomplice coming! THIS SHOW IS SO FREAKING AMAZING! my heart stopped for two minutes and i still cannot catch my breath! My head is still spinning! AHHHHH! Shonda Rhimes is a GENIUS! I am so speechless! The season Finale is going to be SO INSANE!

  15. rachelle says:

    David Rosen is such a bastard! I thought he was beaten down and just accepted that he’d never come out on top. I was hoping he’d moved past his bitterness and was rooting for him to become a Gladiator. Now I feel like i was betrayed and played by him. LOL. This show affects me so much. I love all the emotions it makes me feel.

  16. Cheyenne says:

    Everybody hold up a sec… we saw Olivia take that Cytron disk out of the safe. Did anyone see her put it back?

    • Carol says:

      Good question, nobody saw her put it back & what about Harrison putting the documents in the safe & why was the safe wide open?

      • Test says:

        Ok new here but exactly. Olivia gives Harrison those files then says the safe is open, because the key is it. That safe being open and punching in the key card was definitely a set up. I’m just waiting to see if Oliva was working with David to feret out the mole or just setting him up. I think I’m the only one that LOVED Billy was involved. I was just commenting on how weird it was that the Amanda Tanner story line just went away so glad that it’s back in.

        My bet is that Billy is still working for Sally Langston on the low, she’s the mole and in her mind justifies trying to get those American troops that were held hostage killed as casualties of putting true order back to the country.

        My clues – her little speech this week about “all the things Fitz has surpised” and hell hath no fury like a woman scored. She’s the other woman Fitz has scorned many times and she hates him.

    • Alichat says:

      Yes, she turned and put it back.

      • Cheyenne says:

        I watched it again tonight. She turned back to the safe but it doesn’t show her putting the card back in the safe.

  17. Regal says:

    I don’t know what to think. On one hand, it makes a scary amount of sense for David to be working with Billy. On the other… this IS Scandal. Nothing is as it seems (Remember when they made everyone think Huck shot POTUS?)
    Personally I’m betting on it being a fake out, with David appearing to work with Billy only to have it turn out to have been Olivia’s plan all along.

    • Emily says:

      I agree! Everything is done intentionally on Scandal. Olivia knew what she was doing when she opened the safe in front of everyone. David may have cooked something up with her. At least I hope so! I like David!

      • Cheyenne says:

        OMG I just had a thought… any chance Olivia switched the chip and that’s a fake chip David stole out of the safe?

        • Larna says:

          I am with you…Olivia opens the safe and pulls out the disk in front of everyone, but takes the files to Harrison in private. Everything she does is very purposeful. My curiosity was peaked when she said everyone take and hour off and David decided to stay behind. (Obvious, much?) When they all came back together, I took notice again. If David is trying do double cross the group, then Olivia at least, is on to him.

        • stephanie kidd says:

          you are on to something their, remember that liv gave Harrison two folder and told him only to open them under certain condition . one folder had names of people they could squeeze or blackmail or something to that effect and the other was to be used if things got messy, how do we know that the real card is not in the seal folder. also did you notice that liv did not seem as pressed about the card as she did the name of the mole. by the way what is rowan interest in liv is he her father did you hear what cyrus said about rowan caring about Olivia.

  18. Charles says:

    The biggest issue is that with Billy having killed Quinn’s boyfriend, the reporter, and with Huck training her on spy stuff, it will be very interesting.

    • Grrrrp says:

      No Hollis killed her boyfriend

      • Cheryl says:

        Charles is talking about Quinn’s second boyfriend…the reporter who got scissored in the neck by Billy when the Amanda tanner s/l was going on.

    • LMPrincess says:

      Thanks for bringing that up. If David is such an upstanding white hat wearer why would he be working for a killer. He knows Billy Chambers killed Quinn’s reporter boyfriend. From what I remember from season 1 he was very upset OPA got rid of all the evidence and that he could not get justice for his murder. I think he is now flawed like the rest of Olivia’s bunch. He could be double crossing Billy for his own agenda, and maybe sorta kinda helping Olivia. Just my thoughts.

      Just a side note Billy Chambers never figured out who that voice was on the tape of Olivia and Fitz. He used Amanda for that. He can’t be on to there relationship. Secondly, how did Billy even find out about Defiance, he wanted to bring down Fitz with the Amanda tape. So many questions after this episode hence the title. Questions : Was it Charlie that gave him info on defiance, why would David even go to Billy, or even find him if he was supposed to be “taken care of”. Sorry for the rambling , can’t wait till the season finale.

  19. TVPeong says:

    Do you think that Mellie came out about the affair to force the President to make a decision about running for a second term?

    • kcc says:

      How would Mellie have known that he didn’t submit the candidacy papers?

      • KD says:

        She clearly has her spies in the White House as well. This was the best possible outcome for her. He’s running for a second term, so she’ll get to be FLOTUS longer. They can easily argue that the shooting messed with him and together they are going to work on making their marriage great again. She’ll be the president’s wife who called him on his infidelity but was willing to forgive him once he changed his ways. This is a win-win for her. As Captain Jack said “Well played”

  20. Cheyenne says:

    I’m almost glad this show is going on summer hiatus next week. It’s too much. My head is about to explode.

  21. Caroline says:

    David as the mole wasn’t a surprise. It looks like he wanted to out Defiance in any way possible. I feel really bad for Jake. Did anyone caught that when Actor Joe Morton (Rowan), told Jake “fix this or the next time we’ll meet will be in a hole”, (I am paraphrasing). So, does that mean he was placed in a hole like Huck was and does that mean he has more to his past. I really don’t want him to be a bad guy. What is up with Cyrus. He was so cruel to James. James should just divorce him. Seriously, they are always arguing. Mellie should have taken Cyrus’ original offer. Now she has no husband and no future as president. I feel bad for her, but she doesn’t seem to know when it’s time to move on.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Who is Rowan? What exactly is his position? Could he be the sec of defense or the assistant director of the CIA? The director was Osborne but he’s dead.

      Mellie is her own worst enemy but we knew that already.

      • Tierra says:

        Remember the episode where they expanded on Huck’s past life? Rowan was the one who told Charlie to kill Huck after he came back to the CIA but couldn’t perform his duty. Rowan is the leader of B613. And Jake is basically a new Huck because he works for Rowan, he works for B613!

      • Tierra says:

        I meant Rosen*

        • Tierra says:

          Wait no.. Rosen is David. Yeah I meant Rowan if you’re talking about the black guy that Jake keeps meeting.

    • Moe says:

      My question, is did any catch Joe Morton’s character, Rowan, not revealing to Jake that he knew who Charlie was when Jake showed Rowan the picture?

  22. Terry says:

    Honestly, I am not surprised that David was the apprentice. OPA has ruined David’s life and repeated prohibited him from doing his job. I say hooray for David for finally get a shot back at them.

  23. Ram510 says:

    Excellent episode of Scandal! I’m already ready but dreading the finale cause then I have to wait until September for more. Thank you Shonda!

  24. John Evans says:

    The minute Olivia showed off the “stolen” punch card and Rosen saw it, I knew he would find a way to steal it back … no surprise that he then turned it over to the Mole …. tho I thought Rosen or Cy’s hubbie was the mole.

  25. Monday Girl says:

    Called it. David Rosen from the start!! Billy was a surprise, but I just knew Rosen was in on it.

  26. John Barrowman was fantastic. I miss him on my TV screen…I guess I’ll have to start watching Arrow, I guess.

  27. Diane says:

    I think Liv suspected & deliberately showed everything. Our girl is too smart for this not to be a set up. One that she set up!

  28. dasia says:

    Somebody’s gonna go Judas on Olivia and I bet it’ll be Quinn. David was expected but I was definitely blind sided by Billy. I foolishly thought that was all behind us. It makes me think that whoever wants to bring Fitz down is using people around Olivia to do it. Who is Billy working for and who’s gonna betray Olivia next?! I’m blowing my mind trying to figure remember all the unfinished business of both seasons 1 & 2! Shonda and the team have definitely outdone themselves!

  29. TaMara says:

    Well Billy was a let down. Who cares? I knew David was playing them from the start. I have to say the mole plotline has been the least satisfying. Once the whole secret secret spy organization became involved, it went from being a satisfying soap to the days of GH and the weather machine. (sorry that’s probably a very old reference for many).

    Let’s just say, Scandal is best for me when it sticks to ‘regular’ people doing bad things instead of farming the story out to a big bad secret organization. It’s much more shocking to see Fitz, Mellie, Cyrus and Olivia teetering between good and evil than Joe Morton (no matter how much I love him) play some untouchable evil puppet master.

    • Sade says:

      i agree!! Joe Morton’s puppet master role is getting kind of annoying. As we speculate everyone else’s motives on the show, he is playin so many characters against each other….the chessmaster

      • Cheyenne says:

        What I want to know is, what’s his connection to Cyrus?

        • Sade says:

          at the very least, i think he got cyrus his position in politics. “when people like you get power, they get amnesia….i have no boundaries”. tough stuff.

      • PineappleGirl53 says:

        The “chess master”. I firmly believe in the last scene when Billy said we’re going to have fun with this, that he wasn’t talking to Davis Rosen. SOMEONE WAS SITTING ACROSS FROM HIM AND THAT IS ALBATROSS!

  30. Melanie says:

    Great episode!! I don’t understand what the footage of Liv and Jake is going to be used for…Fitz will be furious with Jake but he had cast Liv aside before she hooked up with Jake. Maybe I’m missing something…

    • Navarro says:

      Fitz is a baby, so he’ll break it off with Olivia when he finds out that she slept with Jake. And Cyrus will tell Olivia that Fitz killed Verna to make sure that she doesn’t want to be with him.

      Poor Jake, if he’s not the person dressed in black covering Olivia’ mouth in next week’s episode (that person looks like they’re getting shot…), then Fitz will want to ship him to the far ends of the earth when he finds out about Jake and Olivia.

      • Guest says:

        Navarro – you are a baby and ugly (not Fitz). WTF do you want from him, you looser. Go watch Disney and go to your bed. Fitz will never break it off. he has been consistent with his behaviour all along. If there was one person who was bipolar – it was Olivia. You are a f*** ignorant who was torturned by another guy and want to take it out on TV.

  31. Nolagrl says:

    Yes exactly, who is Rowan?! What is his deal? Why is everyone intimidated by him including Cyrus?

    • Cheyenne says:

      Rowan is scaring the hell out of me. It takes a lot to intimidate Cyrus, but Cyrus is clearly intimidated. And did you see what he said to Cyrus — “There are no boundaries with me.” I wish I knew who he was and what his real function is.

  32. Brandy says:

    What’s Rowen’s connection to Liv? Don’t you all remember him and liv having a conversation during the 1st season? Where does he come from and who does he work for?

    • PineappleGirl53 says:

      Brandy, I just looked up Joe Morton on IMDB. His character has only been in Season 2. :-(. But someone on FB thought he might be Olivia or Harrison’s daddy.

  33. Memi says:

    I don’t think that billy chambers is the Albatross he and David seem to be acting out of revenge for being thwarted by OPA and are working to bring down Fitz and OPA. Both were incompetent and were bested by OPA. Like many believe that Olivia did the set up with the safe and the card. If you look at previews for next week Huck is tracking something down. I suspect the Livy had a tracker on the card to flush out the mole. my theory is that the Albatross is not associated with billy and David and will be someone we don’t see coming David and billy are just a red herring up to no good but not our big story. If you remember Rowan does not want Fitz to give up he wants to keep the Republic safe so after he had that conversation with Cyrus I don’t think they would be working with billy and David to bring Fitz down. I think Charlie only gave half the story he was working for multiple people Cyrus, billy etc so he might not even know who albatross is just gave a name of one of the people he was working for. Also I hate of the idea of David working with billy. I like him working with OPA seeing how the other side works. I pray that he had a side thing going with Liv but I doubt it.

  34. Larna says:

    Everyone is down on Cyrus because he handed it to James. He (James) did need to know that he had been played. I agree, there was nothing he could do once Mellie started spilling her guts, but she did play him. Cyrus is Ruthless and James loves it! Poor sap!

  35. Susan says:

    So, I just need to a little help with understanding the Jake character. Jake was hired by POTUS to follow Olivia. But, the man that Jake meets with in the park….Is he the head of the CIA/FBI? Someone explain this whole connection for me please. I just don’t get it.

  36. shattered says:

    Billy as the mole felt kind of flat to me. I’d love to know who Rowan works for: a group concerned about the future of the republic, who believes Liv’s affair with Fitz will destroy it. Liv is too sharp to let herself be set up for the Defiance card. David kept making comments about Fitz’ mistress- “who’s he banging?” and so on. His questions go unanswered by a tight-lipped OPA team. Give a man enough rope. Omg, my brain is screaming for answers!

  37. Grrrrp says:

    Olivia needs to realize that if Fitz treated Mellie like crap then what’s to stop him from down the line treating her the same way? And him throwing away his presidency for her is not love it’s just stupid. That being said I knew David was helping the mole. There is no way Olivia would screw him over completely and mess up his life and he would just join the firm with no problem. I called it.

    • Kim says:

      Fitz has never treated mellie like crap. She treated him like a crap because all she wanted was what he could give her – that is white house. He has never loved Mellie. Theire marriage was a set-up which he has never been happy with. His wife continually used him for power – he felt it all the time. He has now found his true love and understands what love means and wants to take all risk even if that means leaving his presidency. What made him reluctant about his presidency and not want to run for second term is because of defiance. He felt like he did not deserve it. That was what Olivia’s speech was to him. So Fitz is gold with a golden heart who has always been true to himself and people surrounded him.

      • stephanie kidd says:

        has anyone thought about that both Olivia and fitz are a pawn in the whole defiance and b 316 because cyrus is some how involved with both problems. from what I can conclude is the b316 has chosen fitz to be the guy they want to represent the republican party at all cost, this b316 see liv as and problem in reaching their goal. they know that fitz would give up everything for her. now that fitz agreed to run is the tape necessary. is it being used to try to keep liv away from fitz and get him back in line with mellie to keep the republic strong. or do they care as long as fitz runs for office and win and verna truth is still out their and cyrus knows and he is apart of b316 will he use it to keep fitz straight and get rid of liv.

    • rachelle says:

      If you honestly think that Fitz’s feelings for and relationship with Liv are at all so similar to his feelings for and relationship with Mellie as to warrant Fitz potentially treating Liv the same way he treats Mellie now, then you’re not watching the same show everyone else is watching. Mellie is cold, calculating, and self-serving. Fitz was never in love with her. Honestly, there are SO many holes in your thought process that I can’t even go into it without writing the longest comment ever. The point is: Liv is Fit’s once-in-a-lifetime love and she has a big and good heart that Fitz is well aware of. He would never treat Liv the way he treats Mellie. I don’t know what to say of anyone “watching” Scandal who doesn’t see or know that there are huge differences between the Fitz/Mellie and Fitz/Liv relationships.

      • KC says:

        While I agree that Fitz and Olivia’s relationship and love is far different from that of Mellie’s, Fitz is not entirely a good man. He killed Verna, had Olivia stalked, and is quite selfish. Last night he acted like his decision only affected him – instead it affects the lives of everyone who works for him, his country, and not to mention Olivia….did he give one thought to what the decision would mean for her publicly? I’m all on board with Olivia and Fitz as a couple, but I would like to see him humbled a bit more. Treating Olivia as an equal rather than doing whatever the heck he wants.

  38. vb says:

    mole is james

    • Moe says:

      I don’t know, but after his argument with Cyrus… James might turn against him (if he wasn’t already involved).

  39. Maalouf says:

    Just some thoughts:
    Mellie will never name Olivia. She’s not talking about that affair. Cy clearly explained all the bad things happining to her (with the blank page) if she did. She will name Amanda Tanner or threaten to name Amanda Tanner. Much more dangerous for Fitz. She was pregnant, she was murdered and Mellie has a “white hat” on in this story. With Olivia, Fitz could easily be reelected. The whole african-american (and even hispanic-) community would vote for him, republican or not. He’ll be there hero, A white President risking the White House for his black mistress.
    But I don’t see them staying together. Olivia is capable of giving orders to kill someone but she would never accept Fitz killing somebody with his own hands. That’s not how she sees him. And it will come out. Cy will tell her. That’s what he came for when Jack didn’t let him in. That’s the “Eureka” moment he had alone in his office.
    Fitz on his side will not get over Jake/Olivia. It’s one thing to sleep with somebody during a break off but Jake!! He’s not getting over what he will see with his own eyes. Because he will see it, the whole making out. Someone will give him the video.

    • jazzyt2u says:

      He could always say he snapped when Verna told him she was the one who was trying to kill him. I agree though seeing is way worse than just hearing about the one you love with someone else. But again, he did sleep with Amanda even if he wasn’t the one to get her pregnant. And Olivia can blame Fritz for bring Jake into her life….

    • badromance says:

      Fitz saw Olivia in bed with Edison in pictures when Cyrus had her watched and still wanted her. Seeing a tape of Jake will be a hiccup at best.
      As for him killing Verna, her best friend is Huck! Who I adore, but IS a mass murderer.
      Olivia is less squeamish than you imagine.
      You do make good points about Fitz being able to be elected with Olivia at his side and I think Sanford has recently proven that American voters don’t care as much about infidelity scandals as the press think.
      Mellie can’t name Amanda Tanner because that implicates her in a lie, brings up the tape and reveal Olivia.
      We’re just going to watch his marriage end ugly.
      As for the mole, that was amusing, but kinda silly. How did Billy Chambers get hold of national security intell?

  40. ellen8 says:

    So much to speculate -my least concern is Billy Chambers. He said “lets have some fun” like they are 2 kids about to hack into someone’s email. What I want to know is what Rowan is referring to when he says “the Republic”. I understood him to say that “the Republic” is bigger than the country so what he is referring to?? Some organization?

    He seems to imply that Fitz is important to their plan. So much discussion here is about Billy, David, a bigger mole, but the identity of the Republic and Rowan’s position is a much bigger issue for me.

  41. Cheryl says:

    i think if last night’s episode was the finale, I’d buy Billy being the mole. But with one episode to go, there’s GOT to be something more shocking coming up next week. Those who have said they think Olivia switched the cards might just be onto something!
    As much as David is PISSED at all OPA has put him through and lied to him about, I can’t see him being involved in treason. I agree that Billy and David may be guilty of plotting revenge but think there’s more to this whole mole issue to come.

  42. Martine Guillaume says:

    In my opinion, when it comes to the cytron card, I think it is a fake one. it is a trap, Olivia on purpose said that the safe code was there becasue she suspected that one of the group is either the mole or conected with the mole.

  43. #TEAMJAKE I don’t see Liv & Fitz as POTUS LIv is not going to have tea parties and plant gardens at The White House she loves her work at OPA and she is attracted to Jake lets not forget she did kiss Jake after she found out about him spying on her

    • k says:

      She kissed him to prove she wasn’t the president’s girl. And she proved she WAS.
      She doesn’t love Jake, she loves Fitz.
      She’s said so REPEATEDLY.

  44. Question of the Day What is Billy up to is he mixed up with Jake ?

  45. MissPhilly says:

    Ok, I must say this show has moved over to the ridiculous and unbelieveable at this point. Why in the world would Olivia Pope keep the cytron card, which could send her to prison and expose Fitz’ presidency as fake. That’s like a murderer keeping a video of the crime. I thought when Abby stole the cytron card from David, Olivia then promptly destroyed it. But no… let’s keep it in my office safe. Really? WTF!!! I’m sorry but that just makes NO LOGICAL SENSE whatsoever. I’m so turned off that I don’t even know about returning for a 3rd season, or next week’s finale. I realize the show is already unrealistic but Olivia is supposed to be very smart; and keeping the evidence of her crime in her office safe is something even a mentally challenged person wouldn’t do.

    Also, why would Olivia trust David and make him a gladiator? He was only supposed to be at the office for his own protection, and again THAT didn’t make sense either. Set him up in a hotel somewhere with security. All of a sudden he’s in the office getting access to all sorts of privileged information? Why did Olivia trust him so much, knowing she had destroyed this man and his entire career? And opening the safe in front of everyone??? I can’t, I just can not… Again, for a smart woman Olivia’s actions have been so stupid. I can deal with her being stupid when it comes to Fitz, but when it comes to her business she’s suppossed to be on point. Again, WTF??? The storyline just went from crazy and over the top to wildly stupid and ridiculous.

    • JoSpinner says:

      I hear you, but honestly think last night’s episode wasn’t what we make of it. There is still a finale coming, next week. And a 3rd season (I think). There us more to this!

      • Honey_Girl says:

        I hope so. I agree that Liv not destroyong the cytron card was incredibly stupid and out of character. I’m hoping that what David stole was not the cytron card but something Liv planted to see if there was a leak on her team. Hoping Liv is smarter than this! Otherwise, I’m going to be disappointed in the writers choices and where they’ve taken this character.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Shonda just tweeted that the series has been officially renewed and the third season starts on September 26.

    • k says:

      The story’s been that way for some time. It’s amusing and Fitz and Olivia make such a cute couple it makes it watchable, but the show hasn’t made sense all season.
      Verna’s existence as the first supreme court appointee contradicts the episode in season one where the first appointee was the guy who married the former hooker. Verna’s motive for having Fitz shot made no sense.
      Olivia sleeping with Jake, a man whose number she found on a dead girl’s phone and who she said there was something ‘off’ about made no sense.
      I could go on.
      I didn’t try to figure out who the mole was because I knew it wouldn’t make any sense either.

  46. Bella says:

    I figured something was up when Olivia called a break and they all went to lunch and David stayed behind . How often does Olivia call breaks. Dont they usually bring in food. I know they were all lossing it and needed one but for it to be written in like that. Then when Charile was there when they got back I thought that still does not seem right there was so much more to David staying in during that break I think Olivia knew exactly what David would do. She also made a point to to tell Harrion to put the folders back in the safe, which i am sure he knew to do on his own, I think she wanted him to see the card was missing.

  47. I have to be honest here – having Billy rise from the grave to be the mole – of course everyone is going to be shocked we all thought he was dead. But personally, I think it was kind of cheap. I mean dead + now alive = shock. It would have been more shocking to have some character that is truly involved in the show be the mole not someone who disappeared the prior season.

    That being said – I can’t wait till next Thursday.

  48. LaLa says:

    Thank you for the explanation of Billy Chambers, because I could not for the life of me remember who he was last night. I kept thinking, so who is he and why is he so important? Reading the recaps and responses today, I’m thinking he’s not all that important – and therefore, expendable. I am going to re-watch the episode and look for the possibility that the Cytron card David found was switched. BTW, we knew it was David by the time he was revealed, so kinda anti-climatic – don’tcha think?

    As for Olitz – I think we’ve heard the “fat lady” singing on that relationship. What OP learned last night was that Fitz was only willing to choose her after already deciding not to run for a 2nd term. So, the sword he was willing to fall on (and then didn’t fall on, after all) became all rusty and dirty. And then Cyrus told her he was sorry for the sacrifice she had made (or something along those lines) – she should be able to walk away, now. They love each other, bad timing, not meant to be, yada, yada, yada, yada. Let it go, Olivia.

    My questions now: Harrison’s backstory and relationship to OP and Rowan’s relationship to OP

    • k says:

      Actually what they said was that Fitz hadn’t decided yet.
      He decided when he chose Olivia.
      And the sword he fell on was letting Mellie disgrace him publicly, thus risking impeachment.
      All the talk of not running for re-election came later.
      Neither of those two are going to let each other go, partly because the actors have great chemistry which brings in ratings, and partly because the personal white house connection helps to create new interesting story threads.
      The fat lady’s never going to sing on ‘Olitz’. That’s not the way TV works. Not when you want ratings.
      They’ll keep breaking up and making up until the last season or two, as usual.

  49. Heather says:

    I still think Mellie is involved somehow. She knew about Fitz’s press conference and that fixer is on to her. Maybe Sally too. But I think Mellie is involved with Joe Morton’s character. There are still too many holes from the 10 month time gap. My issue is OPA was doing everything in there power to keep David from exposing Defiance yet suddenly they are openly discussing it right in front of him. That is what doesn’t make sense to me. David was not in the room when OPA figured out election rigging yet now they openly discuss it with him. Of course he would still have connections in the Justice Dept so something doesn’t add up. I also think David knows about Fitz and Olivia. Also, I know I’m in the minority but we never saw Fitz kill Verna. We saw him take off her mask and keep her from putting it back on. But we never actually saw her die. I bet she did it herself and he is carrying a guilt trip. There is a reason for the 10 month time jump and how it plays into all these characters. Hopefully the puzzle will be out together before Season 3.

    • Cheyenne says:

      How long was she supposed to breathe without oxygen?

      He told Cyrus flat-out, “I killed Verna”. The big question is whether he or Cyrus will tell Olivia he killed Verna, and how she will react when she finds out.

  50. Cheyenne says:

    Okay, so we know next season will be all about the re-election campaign. Fitz is going to run for a second term and try to get elected legitimately, he and Mellie will continue to have a tortured marriage, and he will continue to see Olivia on the sly for another 4 years.