Person of Interest Finale First Look: Can Finch Stop [Spoiler] from Making a Huge Mistake?

Person of Interest serves up another blast from the past as part of tonight’s Season 2 finale (CBS, 9/8c) — and TVLine has a first look at the illuminating flashback.

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In the season finale, titled “God Mode,” as Reese and Finch team with surprising allies to save The Machine from Root and the mysterious/dangerous organization Decima, the nature of Finch’s relationship with onetime partner Nathan Ingram (returning guest star Brett Cullen, Lost) is explored — along with his original motivation for wanting to save The Machine’s irrelevant numbers.

In this sneak peek from a 2010 flashback, Ingram resurfaces after being off the grid for a bit, and reveals his plan to blow the whistle on The Machine, since Finch refuses to join him in doing something with the “irrelevant numbers.” Can Finch save his partner from making a perhaps grave mistake? Or will he come around to Ingram’s line of thinking?

Other recurring players on hand for the finale include Carrie Preston, Amy Acker, Sarah Shahi, Jay O. Sanders and Enrico Colantoni.

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  1. steve says:

    would love to see sarah join the show as a series reg

    • KCC says:

      As long as she doesn’t ruin the bromance

      • lll says:

        I agree. I personally don’t want her to be a regular but if she is I hope the bromance stays. That’s how Lauren German’s character on H50 wasn’t respected. She drove a wedge between Danny and McGarrett and fans hated that. Producers eventually wrote her out.

        • steve says:

          totally agree with that but she doesnt have to drive a wedge between reese and finch

        • John says:

          But the thing is POI and H50 are on the opposite sides. POI is an intelligent thriller with Emmy worthy acting and solid real relationships, while H50 is generic and boring with the lead not being able to act properly.

      • steve says:

        totally agree with that but it doesnt have to ruin the bormance

    • More Carter Please!! says:

      No. Just no. Carter and Fusco need to learn about the machine is what needs to happen… at least Carter.

  2. WiggedyWackYo says:

    I think it would be cool to spin off Sarah’s character..maybe with a more international flair, if you can have NCIS and CSI in 50 cities, why not a second locale for POI?

    • For me a spin off would only really work if it focused on the other list of numbers the machine generates, the ones that are worldwide threats, terrorist cells, etc. up the ante. it can’t happen with this character, not after what her bosses did to her and her partner. if it becomes a clone of the mothership, with her handling irrelevant numbers in another city or another country, it’ll be as repetitive as the Criminal Minds spin off was of the show it spun out of.

  3. Pinky says:

    One of the best shows on TV. Period.

  4. Mike says:

    Amen!! Love Sarah.

  5. Izzy says:

    Oh Nathan! Does that mean there will be no more flash back to him next season? I’m going to miss Brett Cullen and Michael Emerson moving without impediment on the show…

  6. cmaglaughlin says:

    Just finished watching the season finale. It was so disappointingly terrible I’m not sure I’ll EVER watch my all-time favorite show again. The gun violence was a terrible substitute for creativity and intrigue. The plot had to have been only understood by the moron who wrote it. The tone of the new twist on Nathan and Finch’s history was so diametrically opposed to what had been presented the first two years, it was deplorable. If the show had gotten rid of all these background characters, especially Root, and stuck to what the show had excelled in that made it so popular in the first place, I wouldn’t have to be writing this personal death knell, and I’d be praising it again for being the best show on TV. Now, it’s become a cancer, and I’m seriously ready to pull the plug. Jim Caviezel can’t be pleased about the direction Nolan has taken. It was like watching the Titanic sink, only WORSE! So far, three of my favorite shows have bombed on their season finale stages…”The Mentalist,” “Castle,” and “Person of Interest.” I hope “Nashville” and “Vegas” don’t follow in their quicksand! Thanks for letting me rant. And, YES, I DO need a life!

  7. TVPeong says:

    I’m still confused by the finale:
    Did Finch set up the mission to China, just so that they (the bad people/Decima) could get the virus, and infect the machine?

    • cmaglaughlin says:

      All I know is the show has become enamored with seeing how complicated and how far it can stray from what made it successful in the first place. I’m a retired former ad exec and see the creator has violated every basic principle of good communication. Keep it simple, yet profound, with as little dialogue as necessary(like Caviezel, right?)so we all don’t have to run that stupid caption app on our TV’s. They spend too much time “going back” in TIME! What had kept me so enthusiastic about the show is the Joe Shmoe and his family in trouble and Finch and Reese, Inc. coming to the rescue. One can only take so much MACHINE! Jonathan Nolan…please go home from the dance with the one that brought you. And return my Fusco, or I’m definitely outta here! And don’t forget the dog! He was nowhere in the finale!

    • KD says:

      It looks so. He wanted to send the machine into survival mode. Now no one knows where the machine is.

  8. More Carter Please!! says:

    I only wish Shaw (Sarah S.) would get her own show so she can STOP taking all of Carter and Fusco’s screen time. I simply cannot stand her, and I want the real team of Reese, Carter, Fusco, Finch to come back to the forefront. My days watching this show are numbered if they don’t.

  9. KD says:

    Is Root still an administrator? also… I hope that somehow Nathan is still alive and the machine helped to save him.

  10. allo says:

    Shaw is a useful addition both as a character, and as another cast member that can ease up the workload for Reece. He must be about exhausted after two years of this…he’s in nearly every scene. He does a lot of physical stuff…even if they do have stuntmen. Shaw can help with that workload…and it does not have to come at the expense of Fusco or Carter’s airtime.

    Was disappointed that Shaw didn’t do in Root. The evil Root allowed to walk away? THAT was a major letdown. How did that make any sense whatsoever?

  11. silkystrate says:

    I only watch one show each week.(person of interest)nuff said.silkystrate

  12. Violet says:

    Can’t believe this is their final show!!
    Never miss the programs!