NBC Cleans House, Cancels Whitney, 1600 Penn, Up All Night, Guys With Kids and More

NBC Cancelled Shows A major house cleaning is underway at NBC.

The network has axed 1600 Penn, Guys With Kids, Up All Night and Whitney — with more cancellations expected later today.

They join previously cancelled Peacock series Deception, Animal Practice and Do No Harm.

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TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect Thursday’s bloodbath.

Which cancellation are you more bummed about?!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. acumindeft says:

    PS – and I really liked 1600 Penn too. It was best when it revolved around Jenna Elfman. Josh Gad was a little too old for that type of role, even tho it was set around his character’s immaturity. he should have been happy with creator, exec producer, writer…..what else? Retooled, and moved, I would still watch it.

  2. Katherine says:

    You can add “Guys With Kids” and “Up All Night” to cancelled.

    Still holding hope for Go On and a shortened final season of Community

    • ajintexas says:

      It doesn’t get any shorter than what they got this season, which was what, 13 Eps? Bit of a confusing comment. If they renew it they renew it, but they already got the shortened season treatment once.

  3. prish says:

    I am still bummed out about the cancellation of My Own Worst Enemy. I wish they would do a mini-series/summer arc to wind it up. Also, I am still frustrated about ending Life, so a mini-series winding that up, too. Plus, I was a big fan of Journeyman, so a windup of that, too. NBC whacks shows, mid-stream with no resolutions. I liked the first few episodes of Deception, and I am sorry it will not continue. I was going to catch up on it, during the summer. Those are my thoughts for the day. I am waiting to see the Vegas decision, checking into this site, several times a day. At least I am keeping TVLine’s ratings up.

  4. Was there any doubt about Up All Night? Everyone left.

  5. Nicole says:

    Aww, I’ll miss Guys With Kids. It was some harmless, fluff but I loved it.

    • noo says:

      it had so much potential! men, women and babies. a blank canvas to do whatever you want with! it’s sad to see it cancelled :(

  6. DreamRose311 says:

    Sad about Guys w/ Kids, it was quite surprisingly lovable. Oh well, thanks for a fun season.

    Now renew Go On!!!!!

  7. Alex says:

    Please don’t cancel the New Normal… Such a nice cast…

    I have a bad feeling though… But I really hope I’m wrong.

  8. Jared says:

    Save The New Normal and Community and I’m a happy camper today!

  9. Linda says:

    Lol, I might be the only one who’s upset about Guys with Kids being canned. I expected it but I thought it was an okay show.

  10. Tom Charles says:

    1600 Penn I would have fought for, other than that good riddance. I never understood how Whitney got a full season and then a second season.

  11. Britta Unfiltered says:

    So at this point the only comedy NBC has renewed is Parks and Rec, with Community, Go On, and The New Normal still on the table. I would think they would have to keep at least a couple of those shows for next year, if not all three. I can’t see NBC starting over with just one established comedy next season. They’ll need a few tent poles up to get people to watch their new comedies.

  12. Me says:

    Holy crap, they have cancelled 1/2 their line up!

  13. Lilly B says:

    My family records about 14 hrs of TV a week (having to watch through summer to get to it all). Not one minute of it is for a scripted NBC show. Seriously – who gives the green light on pilots there? Maybe they should start there instead of continuing to bring on truly terrible shows.

    • Mike says:

      You’re missing out, Parks and Rec is the best comedy on TV, skip everything else, but Parks and Rec has become the best comedy on TV this past year, it’s funny but it also has a lot of heart.

    • noo says:

      guys with kids was good tv! no fuss comedy that had potential, 1600 penn was an acquired taste, as was whitney. i think that these shows would have made it on other networks. nbc marketing sucks!

  14. Steve F. says:

    Not surprised by 1600 Penn and Whitney – fingers crossed for Community! #sixseasonsandamovie

  15. mawhi says:

    I’m guessing Smash is next.

  16. Joseph says:

    They messed up 1600 Penn out the gate b casting an Animal House Son ,,
    No idea how you could have fixed Whitey or Up All Night

  17. Jen says:

    1600 Penn was funny and really got better as the season went on. I’ll miss it! I thought it fit right in on Thursday nights.

    • Mike says:

      Josh Gad was a turn off, but I stuck through him, and fell in love with the rest of the cast, especially Jenna Elfman, who was the highlight of the show.

  18. Mike says:

    Isn’t Smash being cancelled only a formality at this point, I see Go On and Community getting renewed for 13 eps, and if New Normal doesn’t get cancelled I’ll be shocked.

  19. Dex P says:

    Please not Community!!!

  20. Ann says:

    1600 Penn was hilarious and never given the right time slot. If they had let it run another season it would have built an audience.

  21. ajintexas says:

    They renewed Chicago Fire already right? I enjoy that show, but then again I am a paramedic. If I had to guess The New Normal is still going to go along with Smash. I think Community stays although it has some quality loss this season.

  22. reng says:

    i had grown to like Whitney but can live without it. Couldn’t stomach the older brother on 1600 Penn but would like to know what the pregnancy surprise was. Smash is already dead. Please save Parks & Rec, the funniest show on TV.

  23. ajintexas says:

    1600 Penn was on the wrong network. And yes, I am playing fan excuse Bingo.

  24. Kurvin says:

    Community and Go On better be back!

  25. Taryn says:

    good riddance to the garbage that is the Whitney show.

  26. Helen says:

    Can’t believe it about deception! That was such a great show! Kept me on the edge of my seat every episode….so annoyed right now!

  27. Grace says:

    Fingers crossed for Hannibal!! It’s the first show I’ve actually watched live since the first season of Heroes, definitely the best show on television right now.

  28. Rachel says:

    Guys with kids was awesome! Super sad to see it go!

  29. Ashley says:

    I think it would be cool if Community got renewed and Harmon brought back. Never gonna happen… but a girl can wish, right?

  30. Dave Stone says:

    Come on NBC, continue to clean House, Community, Go On & The New Normal next please.

  31. M3rc Nate says:

    I liked Whitney im sorry it is gone. I really hope the boyfriend/husband character gets in something good, him and the guy that played Oliva Munns husband in that other NBC show (guy who dated Jess on New Girl) are the funniest guys iv ever watched on TV.

    Also sad about 1600 Penn, it was good and funny.

    I think a lot of this is proof that TV needs to change. I could easily tell the execs 9 outta every 10 shows that has gotten cancelled that it was going to get cancelled after watching their first 1-3 episodes.

  32. Dave says:

    Not happy about Guys With Kids, but I knew it wasn’t going to be renewed. However I am ecstatic that the dreadful Whitney got the axe!

    • Jaxguy says:

      you have to tell. How much did you watch Whitney? If you watched every episode then you can say it’s dreadful if not you are wrong. It became a very good show.

  33. Melanie says:

    Damn! I liked Guys with Kids and Deception. I hope Go On makes it.

  34. linda says:

    Whitney was terrible….However they left us in the air with deception The final chaptur did not give closure.

    • Jaxguy says:

      Again for you. Did you watch every episode? If so fine you thought it was dreadful, if not you don’t know what you are talking about. It became a very good show

  35. Nina says:

    “With more cancellations expected later today.”
    I think my hope for a renewal of The New Normal just went down the drain

  36. Loni says:

    Still bummed Up All Night fell apart. It was such a charming show with some truly wonderful and hilarious moments. Sad!

  37. Deception was canceled earlier today.

  38. Helen says:

    Really, Deception? I got into that show, thought it was pretty good and maybe with a Season 2, they could polish it up a bit. Sad.

  39. Tina B. says:

    NOOOOO! Not Guys with Kids, I loved Nick and his constant hilarious jokes about Sheila!

  40. Brad says:

    I hope they renew Community, I think if they’re going to announce it today it might have helped tonight’s finale ratings if they announced the renewal before 8 eastern time. The sooner they announce the renewal or cancellation, the sooner we all can rejoice or begin to heal! I really like Go On, but having more time with the characters of Community I’d be more heartbroken if Community was cancelled.

  41. megs says:

    Oh no! 1600 Penn?! I really liked that show, and thought it did pretty well ratings wise(..?). Was looking forward to seeing how that baby s/l turned out.

  42. mia says:

    I really enjoyed Whitney – I’m sad to see it go. It was refreshing and honest (and more representative of my group of galpals than ‘Girls’ is). I’m going to miss it and Whitney Cummings. But hopefully we’ll have 2 Broke Girls for years to come

  43. Shane says:

    I loved Whitney! It was a fun 30 minutes! How many shows can you watch about solving a homicide, or fake horrible housewives???

  44. Ty says:

    I watched Whitney from the beginning but I was starting to lose interest in it so I’m not too broke up by it. I really only enjoyed Whitney and Chris. Every other character was just too over the top. I am sad by guys with kids bein cancelled but I am not surprised. I almost didnt start watching it at first because so many websites were bashing it and predicting it would be cancelled. I decided to go ahead and try it after about the 3rd episode and it became a staple in my husbands and my dvr schedule. One of the only shows we both laughed at. Sad to see it go.

  45. craigfuntime says:

    Whitney grew on me after hating the pilot. It turned into one of the shows I looked forward to watching every week. Didn’t care for the 2nd Season move to the bar and some of the storylines were in conflict with the wackiness of the show (heart ailment, parents splitting…), and didn’t care for the 2nd year cast addition. Still, when it was Whitney and her man…it was fun, bubbly entertainment. Whoever played her husband was the MVP of the show….really loved his character and the way the actor played him. Hope he gets plenty of work now that he’s looking.

  46. Izzie says:

    I loved Whitney :-(

  47. Singing_gal says:

    Why all the hate for Ms. Cummings? First Love You, Mean It, and now Whitney itself? I love her sense of humor, but actually find 2 Broke Girls to be the worst of the 3 creations she’s come up with. Is that the power of Michael Patrick King? Perhaps…

  48. Zoe says:

    Oh thank god Whitney and that blandfest Guys with Kids are both gone. I agree with this decision. Good moves all around, NBC.

  49. Pavanne says:

    “Which cancellation are you more bummed about?!”

    Absolutely none of them.

  50. mandypanda says:

    dang. the only NBC shows i watch (besides SNL) are Guys with Kids & Deception!!

    so sad to see those go. welps, back to my ABC & CBS shows…