Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Storm Watch 2013

Grey's Anatomy Arizona CheatsThe hurricane that rages outside Grey Sloan Memorial in Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy has nothing on the one that blows through the hospital itself after Alex brings in an unconscious Jason and says — gulp! — “Make sure he doesn’t die.” Is Alex about to trade in his surgical scrubs for prison stripes? Read on and find out!

WHODUNIT | Just as Mer and Cristina are laying into Alex for being dumb enough to open a can of whupass on Jason, Jo admits that she was actually the one who beat the crap out of her abusive boyfriend. Later, determined to protect the object of his affection, Alex blackmails Jason into not pressing charges. At the end of the episode, he’s even poised to (finally!) admit why he’s so protective of her… when the hurricane knocks a tree through the window! (Dammit, Mother Nature!)

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KID STUFF | While Owen leans more and more toward adopting Ethan, Cristina notices a blood clot in his father’s brain that, once removed by Derek and Heather, allows him at last to wake up. “Yay,” Cristina expects Owen to say. But instead, all he does is order Paul transferred to another hospital, stat.

SEASON’S CHEATINGS | After Arizona and Lauren make googly eyes at one another during surgery, Callie’s wife reminds her pursuer that… well, she’s Callie’s wife. But, as soon as a blackout turns off the lights, they’re not only playing tonsil hockey but tearing off each other’s lab coats!

MAMMA MIA | Mer (understandably) freaks when she takes a nasty spill. But luckily, Fetus is still A-okay. In fact, he’s so A-okay that, as the hour is coming to a close, Mer’s water breaks — he’s ready to make his big entrance! (Well, exit, technically… )

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SCRUB IN OR GET OUT | Shane’s thrilled to be chosen to work with Bailey… until he realizes that she’s so scared of operating now that all she wants to do is paperwork. Finally, Richard pulls rank on her, for her own good, and orders her back to the OR.

DANCE BREAK | With the help of a flash mob and The Proclaimers’ “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” Matthew proposes to April. (Watch video below.) Of course, as they embrace following her ecstatic yes, she locks eyes with Jackson. So you just know this is gonna end well…

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did you think Alex had beaten up Jason? Were you surprised that Arizona cheated on Callie? Can Owen and Cristina’s marriage survive his obsession with becoming a father? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Megan says:

    If Mer and Der’s baby doesn’t live, I’m going to be so mad!

  2. Jenna says:

    don’t kill Matthew! ugggggg

    • Jane says:

      Right? As soon as he proposed I thought to myself “he’s next.” And I really like the actor Justin B (last name?)
      That said, I am a huge Japril shipper, so if we get some good drama and Jackson comforting April out of Matthew’s death, I think I’ll be ok.

      • Caro says:

        Yeah, of course Matthew will be the one who dies… Not McBaby. I think Shonda needed to write a scary delivery for Mer & Der but she would never kill their baby, not after what MerDer and the fans have been through, the last years! It took forever for them to get pregnant, then miscarry, then adopt a beautiful daughter, then lose Zola, get her back and finally getting pregnant again, only for Mer to lose this child again?! That would be too much and the fans would be too p*ssed! So I’m not seeing that happening. Matthew on the other hand could die so that the April/Jackson storyline has another shot at success. Which I couldn’t care less about. Same with Arizona/Callie, by the way.

  3. Alichat says:

    I’m not a fan of blackmail, and this whole Peckwell is an abuser story is a little lame…..but Derek’s righteousness with Alex was typical, jerky Derek. Alex didn’t say anything to Peckwell that a lawyer wouldn’t say to him.

    • Eli says:

      Are you kidding me? You do realize that before the law all violence is equal, no matter the gender, right? A lawyer would’ve had Alex and Jo both in jail where they belong.

      • Alichat says:

        No…I’m not kidding. I didn’t say that they both wouldn’t be arrested. I said that everything Alex said to Peckwell would be something his defense lawyer would also say. He would point out that jurors are more sympathetic to a defendant with Jo’s bruises. Her self defense statement would be more believable. He would also point out that Jo is close with Alex, who is in tight with the owners of the hospital. That even if she’s convicted, he may be as well for assault, which will follow him everywhere. Does he think he will have a job to come back to after this? Will the owners of the hospital rally behind him, behind Jo, or remain neutral? (not saying they’d not remain neutral, but the question would be asked) He’d point out that her past could work more in her favor and not his. I’m just saying that all the things Alex said would be questions or points laid out on the table by a defense attorney too in evaluating the situation….that’s all I’m saying…….well….that and that Derek is a douche.

        • Eli says:

          Funny, for me Derek is right and Alex is a douche. This whole storyline disgusts me though…

          • Alichat says:

            Well, I think we can agree on the storyline. Frankly I would have preferred that they broke up because Peckwell couldn’t get over her past. Say he kept throwing it in her face….or began to treat her differently……or would make jokes about it. Something that didn’t involve him beating her because that just came out of left field.

          • Kristen says:

            They had to make a good story for why Jason leaves the hospital (he’ll be in the new series- the originals on fox next yr.) also, they needed to by end of season have a possibility of Jo and Alex together. Shonda said in the beginning of the season that Alex would find a good love this yr. I know she later said not everything she mentioned in the beginning was going to happen, that story lines moved a different way, but everyone’s rooting for Alex to have a happy ‘ending’. He’s been screwed all these yrs.

        • Shelby says:

          Derek is not a douche. He believes in doing the right thing, no matter the circumstances. If you really knew Derek, you would understand that.

          • Benajmin says:


          • Alichat says:

            LOL! If I ‘really knew Derek.’ He’s a tv character. Relax. I’ve watched all 9 seasons of this show, and have seen on numerous occasions Derek being a condescending a$$. I find he has a hard time giving his opinion about something without sounding judgmental and self-righteous. So, I think he’s a douche. Obviously you don’t. We can have differing interpretations of the character.

          • kylie says:

            omg thank you!! I couldn’t agree more. Derek was right in that situation. And he was fair about it when speaking to Alex.

        • sophie says:

          Derek was right here Blackmail was not the way to go for Alex..I’m kinda thinking Jo is bringing out all sorts of worng out of Alex

      • wordsmith says:

        I don’t think Alex did anything that could be considered a jailable offense. He just saved the guy’s life, and then later threatened him a little. Questionable, maybe, but not criminal.

        • Eli says:

          Pretty sure calling an ambulance when you find someone bleeding to death on the ground does not qualify as “saving a life”, that’s more in the realm of “not being a sociopathic murderous jackass”.
          And yes, threatening a fellow employee from a position of power (“hey look, my friends own this place, isn’t that convenient!”) I’m pretty sure that’s at the very least in a dark grey area, if not outright against the law.

          • wordsmith says:

            Just saying that if Alex hadn’t gone over there, Pecwell would be dead now. And yes, making those kinds of workplace threats could likely get someone fired and maybe even sued successfully for harassment, but charged? Doubtful. And jailed? Almost certainly not.

        • Sonia says:

          Obviously I believe Peckwell should go to prison because abuse is not okay. BUT in regards Alex, witness intimidation is a criminal offense. Like someone mentioned earlier, in the eyes of the law, all violence is criminal regardless of gender. Yes, Jo was acting in self defense but Alex wasn’t. Also, you can be charged based off making threats alone. Not saying Alex would end up in jail but it’s still a criminal offense.

  4. Gmail says:

    I had a bad fall 4 days before my daughter was born, Ellen Pompeo NAILED the reaction, made me cry and hug my very confused baby.

  5. Babygate says:

    Honestly, these are the worst recaps ever. Can’t we get Kimberly to recap Greys? Anywho…Well, I’m glad we all knew ahead of time what Arizona was up to, it made it easier to digest. I’ve officially lost all respect for her. Worst of all, JCap just raised her own standard of acting. In the five seasons she has played Callie’s love interest she has never shown the level of attraction and chemistry that she has shown towards Lauren. All this time I thought it was because JCap is straight and she has a problem playing gay. From now on, she gets no passes. But, honestly, I just hope Callie leaves Arizona. You cannot come back from cheating, regardless of whatever justification you use. The trust is destroyed. If she takes her back, they will lose credibility as a couple. Even if for some miracle Arizona stops herself before going all the way she has already gone far enough. Shonda said she didn’t want to gay couple to be absent of conflict and go through the same dilemmas as the hetero couples except that there has been no cheating in the hetero couples, even when there has been PTSD. Owen being the exception and I believe at the time he and Cristina were separated. Other than this, I loved the episode. I called it with Jo. I knew she was the culprit. McBaby is on his way! Yeay! And finally we are rid of that kid so Owen can stop being all creepy. And I loved, LOVED the flashmob. It was super fun. Loving Matthew, but somehow I don’t think they are end game.

    • CJS says:

      ITA with everything you just said.

    • Author says:

      Cheating among heterosexual couples has been explored in this show a fair amount. You have Addison cheating on Derek before the show started, Dr. Webber and Ellis Grey cheating on their respective partners for years before the show began, George cheating on Callie with Izzy (girl can’t get a break), and Owen on Christina, which I count, to name a few. If you throw in Private Practice, the numbers obviously increase.

      • Babygate says:

        Wow. Yeah. There has been a lot of cheating in the past. But Webber was pre-Greys, Derek had left his wife because she cheated on him, and George cheated but he was completely drunk, to the point where he didn’t even remember what he had done. And Owen had thrown Cristina out of the house and his life for having aborted their baby. So an argument could be made that there were extenuating circumstances. Arizona, however, knew exactly what she was doing. She wasn’t drunk. She wasn’t coerced and she was not going through a rough patch with Callie. And since this is Greys, no, I don’t count Private Practice.

        • Monica4185 says:

          Owen and Cristina were not separated when he cheated.

        • Ninna says:

          Babygate, there wasn’t extenuating circumstances for him at all. What he did to her was horrendous. You might have forgotten but, after him kicking her out of the apartment he went with her to the abortion supporting her. Then they reconciled and they started all over again with plenty of sex all over the hospital. Several months after, he decided that he couldn’t forgive her for the abortion afterall and when he had the oportunity he cheated on her only to hurt her back. That point was enlightened by ep 8.18 and even by ABC site. What he did to her was trully horrible and unforgivable. The motivation behide it says everything. Cristina may have done some mistakes against him but the abortion was not one of them. He punished her because she had the gall of not bend to his will. It was his way or highway. Simply disgusting.

          Besides that, in 21th century, everyone knows that drink doesn’t invent cheaters, reveals them. The drunk-excuse-boy is not an excuse because if he was good to have sex he was good to reason what he was doing . He chose to do it. This is the excuse the cheaters use to convince their inoccent partners they might had an extenuating circumstance. However, he wasn’t drunk when he chose to stay with another woman it was not his wife, drinking all night was he? ;)
          Besides that, after that he kept treating her foully, showing no regret and no shame, he was feeling entitled. After cheating on Cristina he kept coming home as if nothing had happened and only confessed when he felt he couldn’t keep on with the lie.
          They were together under the same roof, yes. Unfortunately. That’s why the writers failed to recover the character till these days.

          • Babygate says:

            This is all about Crowen and they are not my OTP. And I do not excuse Owen’s actions in any way. But when compared to Arizona there was more context to his story. He was angry and mourning because Cristina killed his baby. Again, still not a reason, but it provides context.

          • Ninna says:

            yes, with that I agree. It was a build up for him different from Arizona. With her, we have Shonda only wanting Buzz. She didn’t bother to come up with a solid context, because couples were soaking the all season. The truth is that she’s so shaby and out of ideas for the couples she dragged them out untill she came up with: ‘girls I’ve a brilliant idea for Calzona, she will…Cheat on Callie’.
            I only stated that the facts were not all correct about Owen’s infidelity.

    • Kate'shomesick says:

      Derek cheated on Addison, Addison cheated on Derek…Callie cheated on George…pretty sure there are other examples for cheating in guy-girl relationships on the show.
      Also I think the “You cannot come back from cheating, regardless of whatever justification you use. The trust is destroyed. If she takes her back, they will lose credibility as a couple.” is harsh. I know what you mean but I strongly disagree. I’m pretty sure that almost all of the longer standing relationships in my family (aunts and uncles, parents, grandparents) had one or two face-to-faces with infidelity. Most of these realtionships still exist. I’m not advocating cheating at all!!! I’m just saying it does not have to mean that the relationship is over. A couple of my closest relatives still have VERY healthy, happy, loving, trusting partnerships that I envy. Would I get over my bf oder husband cheating? I don’t know. I don’t feel like I have the right to judge (people around me have proven me wrong). I feel in an ideal world, an ideal partnership maybe might be one without cheating (though historically…monogamy hasn’t really been the ‘ideal’ of a relationship for long) but life sometimes just doesn’t work that way. There may be times when you have to tweak some of your moral compass…

      • Babygate says:

        First, Callie never cheated on George. When she slept with Mark she had broken up with George. Except that he was too spastic to realize it. Second, I’m sure that some couples can work through infidelity. That being said, even JCap in her interview said that ‘there is no coming back from this’. She’s saying this as a married woman. Third, as a counselor, I dealt with this issue for too long and too many times and I know that many times it lays dormant because the couple is just trying to get back to what they were. But when you least expect it, one day he comes back late from the gym, or she buys a new perfume and suddenly it all blows up. Trust is a hard thing to regain once it is lost. But you know, this is TV. I’m sure this will be a springboard for next season. Let’s see what happens.

      • JadedGrey says:

        Nope Addison cheated on derek first… :)

    • Damn says:

      I think what will happen is either Callie wont find out about Arizona cheating in the finale and we have to wait til next season to see her reaction (if shes still alive). OR she will find out near the end of the ep.
      Callie will die and that’s when the ‘breathtaking moment’ will happen between them with Callie on her deathbed.

      I really hope Callie doesn’t die.

      • CJS says:

        Callie walks in on Arizona and Lauren at some point during next week while they’re doing it & what appears to be cheating turns into a good old fashioned lesbian threesome ;)

      • Babygate says:

        During the promo Callie seems to be all about the medicine so my guess is that she finds out late in the episode but by the spoilers that have come out we know that they have a meaningful and shocking conversation so I think it’s safe to assume that by the end of the season Callie will know. Also, JCap said that Arizona will own up to it so I’m pretty certain that they will address the issue, although, of course, it will not be resolved. What happens next will be the big cliff hanger for Calzona, IMO.

    • BigFan says:

      Alex cheated on Izzy
      George cheated on Callie
      Addison cheated on Derek

    • amelia says:

      Addison cheated on Derek, Derek cheated on Addison, Meredith cheated on McVet, Alex cheated on Izzie, George cheated on Callie, Owen cheated Cristina …and im sure im forgetting some. In no way is Arizona right, but it’s definitely not out of character given her past. And lets be real, shonda sure does like a cheating scandal.

      • Babygate says:

        Above I comment on all this previous ‘cheating’ at GSM. But I agree on your following points. Arizona did have a rather ‘scandalous’ past and Shonda loves to have her characters walk that morally grey area and she does seem to believe that cheating can be justified.

    • Anonymous (reply to Babygate) says:

      “You cannot come back from cheating, regardless of whatever justification you use. The trust is destroyed.” This might be your experience but it’s not a fact. Maybe you’ve never experienced otherwise but people can and do change in real life and come back from lots of things, whether it’s cheating, using drugs, lying, you name it. The cheater just has to change his/her behaviour and both spouses can rebuilt their relationship, they just need to do the effort. They both need to be 100% committed and do the work. Then it’s Marriage Part Two. It’s hard work but when you succeed, it says a lot about your relationship, what you have because not many are capable. So the bad part is that it probably leaves a scar for the rest of your life, but the good part is that what you had in the first place was strong enough to weather the storm of infidelity.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about people who just want to forget about what happened and just stay together without working on their marriage, that’s not making it work. I’m talking about people who both do the work, hard work, to get to that point where they enjoy a strong, healthy, valuable and loving marriage with everything in it one might wish. You can imagine that getting there is harder after betrayal but it CAN be done, with hard work, commitment, honesty and lots and lots of love.

  6. I hope Arizona is in that vehicle that blew up! For cheating on Callie, she deserves to die in a very painful way.

  7. Gladys says:

    I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot…well paced episode, strong storylines and actors did amazing job. I think the dance was lame but oh, well…must said I didnt see it coming LOL That’s something! and what I loved most was that last scene between Meredith and Derek when her water broke…Cant wait for Mcbaby to come!

  8. Ashly says:

    I did love the flash mob proposal, but come on, Jackson and April – it’s only a matter of time.

    • Keys says:

      I have never like Arizona character when she went to Africa she should have stayed and I was really hoping she had died last year n the plane crash and darn what has Callie done 1st omalley cheats now Arizona. But Callie character has really changed I like the old Callie better when she was more like mousy and said everything that came to mind. Over all great episode and for the person who says it need to b canceled explain that if u don’t like the show y watch u keep loseing and hr of your life.

  9. Gina says:

    Ok first off I just love Alex..but I also can’t take how I’ve been waiting all season for him and Jo to get together and now next episode is the finale. I wanted so bad for him to just because I love you to Jo instead of that damn tree. Ido think that April’s new fiancé is in that car crash. So sad because that proposal was so cute I loved it. I do hope that her and Jackson get back together though I was routing for them this whole season. I think Der and Mer’s baby will survive like other poster wrote….everyone expects the baby to die. I felt bad for own it would have been a nice change in storyline for him to have an adopted child. Ughh now just waiting for next week! As much as I love greys and ultimately every season..but does anyone think this season was kind if on the blah side? I feel like all season I’ve been waiting for something big, or bigger? What do u guys think?

  10. Mike says:

    I haven’t watched Greys in awhile, but I tuned in tonight to prepare for next week, and what can I say I’m a sucker for Greys finales, so basically I couldn’t help but hate Arizona, they have a child together, poor Callie, I hope Callie breaks up with Arizona, I mean Callie stood by her side as Arizona was a total B****h to her just because Callie cut off her leg to save her life, and she cheats on Callie, ughh.. The rest was fine, I didn’t hate Jo as much as I did when I watched in January, and I enjoyed Meredith like always, and I hope Christina and Owen break up, they disagree on something fundamental to a healthy relationship, end it.

    • Babygate says:

      Just in case you get a lot of flack for that Crowen comment, I will say, I agree. They should break up already. This is not something they can negotiate or compromise on.

      • Belle says:

        Crowen can compromise if they are written that way. Arizona never wanted kids but compromised with Callie. There is no difference other than you are biased against Crowen. I couldn’t care less who you hate but don’t be a hypocrite.

        • Emma says:

          Arizona was scared of having kids. Cristina does not want them. That is something entirely different and honestly, I think I would stop watching the show if they make her have a kid. This is a piece of Cristina that has been there since Season One, and it’s not something you “grow out of.” Some people just do not want children.

    • Anna says:

      I agree with literally everything you said.

  11. Alex says:

    The thing that really ticks me off about the Callie/Arizona storyline right now is the fact that Callie has been cheated on by a spouse before when she was married to George. Why take her down that path again? Don’t understand Shonda and her thinking with this one.

    • Kate'shomesick says:

      Didn’t Callie also cheat on George with Mark?

      • Kate'shomesick says:

        Ah no…that was shortly after the break-up hmm….but she did cheat on Hahn with Mark!!!

        • Alex says:

          True, she did cheat on Hahn with Mark, but she never cheated on Arizona because they had broken up when Arizona left to go do pediatrics in Africa.

        • Babygate says:

          No. She didn’t cheat on Hahn because they were not officially together. They had just had sex the night before and they were not committed or exclusive. And, at the end of the day she told Erica about it (and btw, Erica did not accuse her of cheating) and then she made her decision to make it work with Erica and stop sleeping with Mark.

    • 777 says:

      And also, it doesn’t make any sense. They spent the entire season working on getting the relationship back to what it was, and now that its good again, Arizona cheats?! I don’t buy it. It’s not realistic and it’s a character assassination.

      • shuayb says:

        I agree. I think they needed to mix things up. Put a storm in every life.

      • Oh, don't worry says:

        Oh, don’t worry. Shonda just needs to mess with couples, that’s her job! To get fans all riled up and invested in couples so that they’ll watch the show! Now it just was their turn. At least with this lesbian couple you know for sure that it’s too valuable for Shonda to break them up for good so you’ll know they’ll get back together again in the end. But never without many obstacles on the way, that’s Shondaland! But I wouldn’t be too concerned about them. No more GLAAD awards if Shonda would break them up for good and not continue with this story line.

    • ejdax37 says:

      My first thought was poor Callie! I see a lot of trust issues in Callie’s future she has now had 2 spouses cheat on her that is going to be hard to bounce back from.

  12. Amber says:

    I’m not one of those people who says a show should be cancelled, especially if I love that show. But, Shonda, ma’am….you need to go ahead and let Grey’s go. When you repeat a storyline not once, but twice…wrap it up.

  13. marge says:

    Arizona is despicable and Callie deserves better.

  14. Heidi J. says:

    I’m stunned. I can’t believe they finally got Arizona and Callie on a good path and now this crap !!! How bout, been there, done that? Shonda hey, leave it the way it was. Let them just be happy !!! Cant we just have ONE happy gay couple, without cheating ???

  15. the girl says:

    I totally willed that tree to interrupt that scene between Jo and Alex. I cannot stand them as a romantic couple! Storm blown tree for the win!!

  16. Anna says:

    I agree with baby gate. There us more chemistry between Arizona and Lauren then then Calzona could muster in a hundred tears. I never saw Arizona’s attraction to Callie portrayed by JCap. She was just cute and smiling and they were friends. I could see it Sara’s portrayal of Callie’s love of Arizona but nothing by JCap. Arizona had more chemistry with Alex than Callie. But with Lauren and Arizona sparks flew!

    • Babygate says:

      OMG! Thank you for stating this. Arizona lovers will not accept this at all. From the get go I said that if you mute the sound, you would never think that they were a couple (other than the obvious scenes when they were kissing and stuff). I never saw it. To this day, I wish that Melissa George would have been able to work out her issues with Shonda/ABC because she was brought in to be Callie’s love interest and I think she would have completely rocked it. Melissa George is sexy and sensual and would have been 100x more credible as a lesbian, IMO.

      • Olivia says:

        Oh, I am an Arizona lover and I TOTALLY accept this.

        Actually, I would be absolutely fine if Arizona could find someone who’s not confused about everything every other episode, who gets pregnant as soon as they go through a rough patch and favors baby daddy over anyone else including her partner, and who doesn’t look at her like she’s her BFF/roommate/colleague*. I let my Calzona shipping die a long time ago. Actually, I haven’t watched GA since around ep 6 or 7 and as soon as I heard about Lauren I was finally interested enough to tune in.

        (*100% agree with the mute part of your post).

    • Anna says:

      Lolz, agreed. I never understood why people loved them together so much. I just don’t see it. Arizona and Lauren should just get together and Free Callie like other people have been saying, haha.

  17. M says:

    Ugh….more cheating. I really like Calzona so I’m sad about this. Cheating is never justifiable really but i wish they at least tried a bit to justify it rather than just have Arizona completely decide to throw herself into it when she could have easily walked away. That was awful…Way to assassinate the character of Arizona. Plus it seemed like their kissing scene was longer than all the Calzona ones over the years.

    • Anna says:

      I’m sorry, but this is nowhere near an assassination of Arizona’s character. She has always been childish. Cheating is an incredibly childish act, and I didn’t find it surprising at all that she would do this to Callie.

      • Olivia says:

        Because jumping into someone’s bed as soon as you’re single because you can’t reflect on the relationship and can’t stand to be alone for a little while is not childish?

        • Mike says:

          They’re both incredibly childish.

        • Babygate says:

          Callie may have been childish (in your opinion) because she jumped into bed with Mark, but she was single. She was entitled to make whatever misguided choices she wanted to make. Arizona is a married woman. She gave up the right to jump into the sack with anyone other than her wife. So, apples and oranges…

  18. ten says:

    I had a feeling Matthew was going to propose to April; as great of a proposal that was, it’s not over between her and Jackson. I hope they kiss and eill finally be honest with their feelings in Season 10.

    Alex and Jo should stick being friends. But Alex deserves to find his person.
    Arizona cheating on Callie. Im definately going to be in tears how that comes in fruition.
    I wonder which doc will be fighting for their life. Maybe Jackson.

    • Caro says:

      Maybe they’ll get married or stay engaged and make April cheat on Matthew with Jackson… But I think he’ll die. Izzie/Denny Part Two, so to speak.

  19. nerdgirl23 says:

    I know the Calzona fans are disappointed, but I absolutely get why Arizona is attracted to Lauren and acted on it. Lauren is the first woman that’s looked at Arizona with obvious attraction since the accident and amputation that didn’t know her before the plane crash. Lauren has no preconceptions about who Arizona was or expectation on who she should be and how she should act. I know some are calling it character assassination, but I see it as an unexpected step on her journey of recovery and trying to find herself again. I can’t wait to see how it plays out

    • Mike says:

      Still Lauren knows Arizona is married, it’s great that Arizona can still feel attracted, but I can’t see Lauren as a great person when she knowingly starts an affair with a married woman, with that said I’m still interested to see how this plays out.

    • Babygate says:

      So Callie, her wife, constantly ogling her and checking out her a** and telling her she didn’t have to wear anything with her new leg, and flirting with her (even though Arizona was always unresponsive) and wanting to have sex with her was not enough?

      • nerdgirl23 says:

        Babygate – I think in any other circumstance, yes, it should have been enough, but Arizona literally lost a piece of herself and it affected her sense of self and self-esteem. Plus she’s human, it’s nice when someone besides our lover, spouse, partner, etc. finds us attractive. It sucks when people cheat, but I can see why Arizona made the choice to let go and follow her attraction. Is it right? Not for me personally, but I am so interested in seeing how it plays out for all three of these women.

    • Lucy says:

      I agree completely. I don’t excuse what Arizona did, but there is the fact that Lauren is the first woman to show interest in her ONLY having known her as an amputee. I hope they explore that, and Arizona might harbor thoughts regarding Callie, as far as if she still has lust-love for Arizona or if it’s just loyalty-love.
      Again, not saying I think what Arizona did is okay. And I do think Lauren should have had the flirt slapped off her face long before the on-call room.

      • Amanda says:

        Totally agree! I thought the same when I saw that coming, Arizona needs someone from the outside desires her, it’s what she is going after… maybe she felt Callie was sort of obligated to be with her, to even have sex with her for being her wife… for sure, I don’t think Callie feel that way, but in Arizona mind this is what it was…. and for that point of view, I think they will survivor this, especially if Arizona come clean about this telling to Callie herself about the cheat.

  20. Juan says:

    I can’t believe Arizona did that, Shame on her. Also love met and Derek, they are so cute and have been so strong as a couple this season. I hope the baby comes out healthy. Also loved the friendship of mer, Christina, and Alex. They were all there for each other. Finally love that Alex was so protective, and even though a but much I really liked that Jo was a badass and she stood up to the peck well guy. Oh almost forgot that happy Bailey going back to surgery as she should be. I felt bad for her

    • Babygate says:

      When Mer told Jo, I like you, but I love Alex, it was so emotional and so awesome….

      • Mary says:

        My favorite line of the night!

      • Raver says:

        Yes!! it was touching! and also how Cristina, who doesn’t really shows much of any emotion (care or love) for Karev in general – left her case to come with Mer when she said “It’s Alex”

  21. Raver says:

    Callie .. Girl can’t just get a happy married life without a cheater.. can she?
    First George and Now Arizona.. sheesh!

  22. T. says:

    I love Calzona that is why it is going to be hard for me to admit it, but the chemistry between Lauren and Arizona was undeniable. The circumstances in which it happen are however sad :/

  23. Eli says:

    Am I really the only one who is upset with Alex’s little speech/blackmail to Jason and how clearly it shows Shonda’s colours when it comes to domestic violence? (women are poor innocent defenseless creatures who can do nothing wrong, while men are evil aggressive violent brutes who should never defend themselves against a woman)

    Did I miss something and was this show teleported to the 50s?

    • SM says:

      I wouldn’t really say those are her feelings towards domestic violence. I’d say it’s how society views it. I agree with what you’re saying, some women can be abusive and it isn’t right that men can’t defend themselves. However, everything that Alex said in his speech is true. Whether she attacked him first or not, that black eye would put him in jail faster than it has time to heal.

    • JLC says:

      I think you have it totally wrong. Shonda wrote it that Jo was the instigator of the abuse. She attacked Jason first and he hit her while defending himself. So she is not making Jo a “poor innocent defenseless creature” in this story. However, Alex was totally right in what he said to Jason. It doesn’t matter that she attacked him first. He should have walked away. If this case were to go to court, all the court would see would be that a woman got hit by a man. That is an actual reality. Juries tend to sympathize with the woman in domestic abuse cases and it would totally ruin his reputation if he pursued charges against her because people would only focus on the fact that he hit her, not that she started it. Alex shouldn’t have threatened him about his job though. I don’t think that was necessary because the rest of it was true enough to convince him to let it go. On a personal note, I believe Jo was wrong to attack him like that, but I don’t think it’s ever ok for a man to hit a woman, even in self defense, unless she has a weapon.

  24. kavyn says:

    Aside from the Jo/Alex/Peckwell stuff, I absolutely LOVED this episode. I officially ship Arizona/Lauren, and this is coming from someone that never ships characters.

  25. Angel says:

    Episode was good. They better not kill off the baby next week, I will be ticked if they do. I had to hand to Webber getting on Bailey, someone needed to wake her up. I understand she is devastated that patients died because of something she didn’t know she had, but she is one of the best at her job, and therefore should be in an OR. I am probably one of the few who like Alex and Jo, because they are similar, and I think they could be good for each other. Jo needs to get her crap together though. I am a little disappointed in Arizona, but I am digging Hillarie Burton on the show. I loved her on One Tree Hill, so any time she gets to be on a show I like, I am cool with it, plus she is engaged to the guy who played Denny. I am probably the only one who thought the proposal was ridiculous too, but I can’t help it, I am an April/Jackson shipper, and want them back together.

  26. Jil says:

    Now Owen can finally stop stalking that kid. The whole Ethan/Owen bonding thing was so creepy.

  27. M. says:

    I really liked the interaction between Meredith, Alex and Christina this episode. The relationship between the original interns is one of my favourites on the show and I like when it is shown how much of a strong friendship they have developed since the beginning of the show.

  28. Ggny says:

    So People are mad that Jo defender herself against a abusive relationship? She fought back he fell hit his head and she should go to jail? Lol and Alex did nothing wrong how is it wrong that he was gonna tell people that Peckwell hit a girl. Same people complaining about that probably think Chris Brown and Rihanna where a healthy realantionship

    • Eli says:

      You really need to re-watch the episode, its specifically stated that she hit him first. It’s why Alex (wrongfully) tells him he should’ve just taken it instead of hitting back.
      Chris Brown is an abuse jerk and there’s nothing healthy about their relationship, but it is a completely different case that has absolutely nothing to do with this episode.

      • Babygate says:

        Try again. Jo specifically said that he grabbed her and that’s why she reacted. And obviously the way he grabbed her was violent. And he engaged into a physical confrontation with her. Women have a right to protect themselves when they feel threatened. And he obviously was a serious threat judging by her bruises. Back in the 50’s women didn’t fight back and we were at the mercy of a patriarchal society. But now we know better.

        • Eli says:

          You’re funny. He grabbed her yes, but she specifically refers to it triggering something from her past, this clearly indicates that it wasn’t just grabbing her alone that made her snap, but rather the memory it brought back. Also last I checked grabbing someone is not the same as punching someone.
          See, the thing is, I’m not claiming Peckwell is innocent in all this, my point is that both are wrong, but that somehow Jo gets a pass simply because she’s a woman. Which means that either you and all the female violence apologists like you really do think that women are weaker and that’s why they get a pass, or you apparently think men deserve to be held to a harsher standard, which makes you sexist.
          PS: you say women have the right to protect themselves when they feel threatened. Should I conclude from this that men do not have that right then?

          • Babygate says:

            You think I’m funny? You should re-read your post. Hilarious! In a very tragic sort of way…

        • Japril Shipper says:

          We don’t have a huge amount of context for his first action, so it is incorrect to start saying that he grabbed her violently or whatever, because all we know is that he grabbed her arm and it triggered a memory and she, by her own description, “lost it and went crazy”. (Given the shape he was in, and her own description, I don’t think she “just pushed him”, she attacked him).

          For all we know, she was being physically aggressive towards him and he grabbed her arm to stop her from hitting him or pushing him. Or maybe she tried to storm out and he wanted to deal with the issues they were arguing over, so he grabbed her arm to ask her to stay. Or maybe he grabbed her arm aggressively. The point is that we just don’t know, and WHICHEVER way he grabbed her, it does not justify her attacking him. If he did so aggressively, I’m not supporting that, but that does not excuse unreasonable force. She would have the right to defend herself with reasonable force, but attacking someone like that because they have grabbed your arm, even aggressively, is not reasonable force. Besides, from what Jo herself said, I have to surmise he didn’t, because she took responsibility and said that she lost control because of a past memory – not because of what he did.

          Regardless, she attacked him and he hit her in self-defense. I’m sorry, but self-defense is self-defense, whether you are a man or a woman. You do not have less of a right to defend yourself if you are a man!!! As long as reasonable force is used, which it seemed to be, since she just had a few bruises and he ended up unconscious in hospital. You say he was a “serious threat” because of her bruises – take a look at the state he is in!! She is a woman – this does not mean she is incapable of posing a serious threat to him. She clearly showed otherwise. His defending himself seems to have worked to end the attack, and he obviously didn’t continue to hit her once it had, so it was entirely self-defense and not abuse.

          Jo committed assault – pretty serious given his shape – and an act of domestic abuse. The lack of anger over her behaviour and lack of punishment is worrying to me, because it indicates an ingrained sexism regarding this issue. I actually came to this website because I was looking for some article or comments somewhere that criticised the handling of this issue by the writers and I’m disappointed not only not to find that, but to find people defending Jo for her actions.

      • ggny says:

        Um have you been watching Peckwell all season? He was a abusive jerk all season just not physically till now. You are 100% wrong her just because a women pushes you doesnt mean you punch her in the face. What the hell is wrong with you? She defended herself and he fell and hit his head obviously if he didnt do something bad he would have went to the cops anyways. She pushes him and he punches her in the face? You think that is ok?

        • Babygate says:


        • Eli says:

          *sigh* You have serious issues with reading I guess? First of all, he was portrayed as a bit of an arrogant jerk to Alex (solely so we would start rooting for a Jolex pairing), but at no point was he abusive. Do you even know what abusive means? In fact let me explain to you, Alex has been far more abusive to both of them than either of them to each other. He was the one who started making Peckwell’s life hell because he was jealous and too scared to tell Jo how he felt, he was the one making Jo feel bad for being involved with Peckwell. To the point where he basically tried to use their friendship to manipulate her into dumping him.
          You need to watch the episode again and pay attention to what people are actually saying, cause you seem to be twisting everything up in your head to make Peckwell look evil. I hope it’s because you’re just a devoted Jo/Alex shipper.
          1. She HIT HIM FIRST. She literally says so. Yes it’s because him grabbing her reminded her of traumatic events from the past and that made her snap. We can understand that, but it DOES NOT EXCUSE HER. We don’t excuse the guy who rapes and murders a small child just because he was raped by his daddy when he was a kid.
          2. She nearly killed him. Yes, she didn’t mean to, but it again disproves this whole idea that just because someone is physically weaker than you, they cannot hurt you. I’m a man, and yes I’m stronger than most (but not all) women I meet, but that doesn’t mean those women are completely incapable of inflicting damage on me.
          3. He didn’t go to the cops BECAUSE ALEX BLACKMAILED/THREATENED HIM! In fact, Alex literally explains to him why it would be pointless to do so. And then you still go and say what you just did. Did you even see the episode?
          4. And lastly, I’m not saying Peckwell is innocent. Where 2 fight almost always, 2 are wrong. My issue with the whole storyline is that only 1 person gets blame, both in the show and on message boards like this one here, while the other is proclaimed innocent on account of being a bloody girl.

          • Japril Shipper says:

            I agree entirely with Eli. It has really disturbed me that there hasn’t been a bigger backlash to the sexism in this plotline and I can only hope that it will be addressed next season with Jo, you know, being arrested for PUTTING SOMEONE IN HOSPITAL!

            It is difficult enough in our society for men to report domestic violence at the hands of women. How much more difficult will it be, when popular tv programmes such as GA perpetuate the ‘shame’ of being beaten by a woman, and of defending oneself against one. I was horrified by this, and by Alex’s threatening him and blackmailing him – Jo is clearly not a good influence on him! Derek was right, Alex should be ashamed.

            I am not supporting violence against women. But domestic violence is awful whichever gender is the victim, and is this case, JO is the abusive one, NOT Peckwell.

            We don’t have a huge amount of context for his first action, so it is incorrect to start saying that he grabbed her violently or whatever, because all we know is that he grabbed her arm and it triggered a memory and she, by her own description, “lost it and went crazy”. (Given the shape he was in, and her own description, I don’t think she “just pushed him”, she attacked him). For all we know, she was being physically aggressive towards him and he grabbed her arm to stop her from hitting him or pushing him. Or maybe she tried to storm out and he wanted to deal with the issues they were arguing over, so he grabbed her arm to ask her to stay. Or maybe he grabbed her arm aggressively. The point is that we just don’t know, and WHICHEVER way he grabbed her, it does not excuse her attacking him. If he did so aggressively, I’m not supporting that, but from what Jo said, I have to surmise he didn’t because she herself took responsibility and said that she lost control because of a past memory – not because of what he did.

            Regardless, she attacked him and he hit her in self-defense. I’m sorry, but self-defense is self-defense, whether you are a man or a woman. You do not have less of a right to defend yourself if you are a man!!! As long as reasonable force is used, which it seemed to be, since she just had a few bruises and he ended up unconscious in hospital. His defending himself seems to have worked to end the attack, and he obviously didn’t continue to hit her once it had, so it was entirely self-defense and not abuse.

            Jo committed assault – pretty serious given his shape – and an act of domestic abuse. The lack of anger over the apparent ‘free pass’, as someone else said, is worrying to me, because it indicates an ingrained sexism regarding this issue. I actually came to this website because I was looking for some article or comments somewhere that criticised the handling of this issue by the writers and I’m disappointed not only not to find that, but to find people defending Jo for her actions.

  29. Danielle Yoon says:

    I LOVE Calzona, but I also LOVE Arizona/Boswell!!!
    Seriously! Can’t Callie please get a break from cheatings!!
    I think Jo and Alex should be together! McBaby! Bailey should go back to OR! Because I love Bailey!!!
    Owen shouldn’t be SO OBSESSIVE about that boy!
    Cristina/Owen FOREVER!!!

  30. yepmetoo says:

    IMO…Lauren is the physical manifestation of everything Arizona lost in the plane crash. Lauren is smart, caring, funny, perky, happy go lucky, eager to teach, confident and whole; everything Arizona used to be. Arizona has been detached and broken and no matter what face she’s tried to put on it, she’s remained in that state. To me, watching Arizona and Lauren interact is like watching Arizona connect to herself all over again in a tangible way. What we can’t find within we often seek from outside ourselves. Is it selfish? Heck yeah but it is how many people deal with being lost. It doesn’t make it hurt any less but it does make sense.

    They better not kill MerDer’s baby!

    I might be in the minority but Jo irritates me for some reason. I feel like Alex can do better.

    • Aly says:

      I completely agree with you on the Arizona/Boswell stuff. I can see why AZ is attracted in that moment and what she sees in her. I really just wish she hadn’t pulled away in their kiss and almost leave. I almost feel like that made it harder. But, I feel like this will be a powerful storyline. I also wish that Callie hadn’t been cheated on by her married spouse again. That’s just got to be the worst. But I must remind the hardcore Calzona fans: at least your ship is alive. It may not be ideal, but Mark and Lexie fans watched her die under a plane. That is all.

      Everyone keeps saying that Matthew might be in that explosion… Does anyone know if he would be the person who might transport people? What if Ethan and his dad are being transported? That was my first thought at least. The Ethan storyline just didn’t feel finished. But maybe that’s just because its the catalyst for more Owen/Cris/baby talk.

      Hats off to Jackson for smiling at April and being very sweet to Matthew. DON’T WORRY BABY SHE IS COMING BACK TO YOU!

      Jolex needs to happen already. I really do like them together. And Mer talking to Jo was super sweet and very sisterly.

      Also, Mousy was great in this episode.

      • Eli says:

        Mousy is always great :)

      • Tania says:

        I kinda disagree with one thing. I was glad she tried to leave. It wasn’t until Boswell triggers her with the comment re: losing control that she snapped. For me, I saw it as Boswell pushing her and manipulating her. She knew Arizona was vulnerable and not very strong and she kept pushing. Doesn’t make Arizona’s choices ok, but it makes it easier for me to understand.

        • Amy says:

          Agreed. To me Boswell is more to blame because she was the one who started flirting in the first place and she wouldn’t let go even if Arizona turned her down three times. Then when Arizona was going to do the right thing and walk away, Boswell pulled out the big guns and used the control issue to her own advantage. It doesn’t excuse Arizona but she was in a very fragile state and in the end she screwed up. Boswell on the other hand was very aware of what she was doing from the beginning. She’s just plain disgusting.

    • Tania says:

      Thank you for your saying that re: Lauren. I saw that too. I was talking back and forth with a friend and we were joking that it was almost like Arizona was having a love scene with herself. LOL.

      MerDer’s baby will be fine.

      I don’t dislike Jo – I just don’t know that I like her with Alex. I really didn’t like this twist with Peckwell. It feels cheap and unnecessary. Arizona cheating was awful but I get why they used Lauren as the catalyst rather than something else.

  31. Para says:

    Callie is being written out of the show. That’s it.

  32. Dani says:

    i’ve been reading all these comments and laughing so hard bc FINALLY people see that Arizona is the worst ever!! I’m actually glad this happened, i’m just sad mark is dead and callie is all alone bc he was her only REAL friend (well i guess bailey and cristina too, but she’s not super close with the rest) and if she finds out she’ll have to go through it alone. Unless she’s killed off or something… which would really piss me off bc sofia would have to live her life with a mom who never really wanted her in the first place, that poor child. Plus what would even be the point of Arizona if Callie is dead???

    • Babygate says:

      I agree. In a way I feel validated because Arizona just proved that she was the person I suspected she was. And honestly, I think its a little insulting that she can show this much Passion and attraction for someone she just met but not for her own wife. Up to tonight, I honestly thought Arizona was a frigid woman.

  33. Jessica says:

    I could careless about Calzona, hate Arizona. But I do feel bad for Callie.

    Meredith/Alex/Cristina = Gold!!

    MerDer scene at the end is the highlight of the episode for me. They are magic. Can’t wait for next week.

  34. Mark says:

    Damn, the chemistry between Arizona and Lauren is mindblowing! The whole scene was intense! Also, it wasn’t a surprise, I had a feeling this would happen. As a Calozna fan I feel sorry for Callie. But something has been off about that relationship since early season 8, so I don’t mind Calzona breaking up and staying away from each other for some time. I just wonder what’s the breathtaking scene between them in the last episode. Maybe Sara or Jess leaves the show for real, who knows.

    • Tania says:

      Sara and Jessica are staying. Jessica Capshaw announced it on her Twitter and Shonda Rhimes noted it in an article re: Sara Ramirez. And Sara herself made it pretty clear at the GLAAD Awards. The purpose of what happened tonight and will happen next week is to be a catalyst for Season 10 story. Shonda Rhimes said that point blank on Twitter. They have an ‘intense journey’ planned for Season 10. So I imagine it’ll be about them working through this. At first it may just be so they can co-parent, but eventually I think it will be about finding their way back together.

      • Mark says:

        Sounds about right! I’m in.

      • Belle says:

        I have never read anything about Sara or Jessica staying on GA. Just because they say they want to stay doesn’t mean their contracts will be renewed. I think Sara Ramirez is leaving and Lauren was brought on be paired with Arizona. I think they have good chemistry and a lot of potential. Callie is going to pack up Sofia and her bags and leave in a huff. Betcha!

  35. Pascal Topige says:

    Good one. It really seems like Grey’s Anatomy got its magic back this season after a three years drive down messy and uneven avenue. I really am excited for the season finale and this because it is not just a typical lets throw a massive disaster in out of nowhere and put a couple of relationship cliffhangers and lets call it a go. There really was a road towards next week’s final from Arizona cheating, MerDer baby, Owen and Christina, April’s dillemas, Alex and his possible future with Jo, Bailey, and even the new interns. Now we just need the final throw of the season arcs and it feels like season 10 is going to be very entertaining and clever.
    If I may throw in some guesses about the finale I would say; MerDer baby is just going to be fine, even if the delivery seems complicated by the looks of next weeks promo. I hope it’s the bright side of next week’s finale. I guess it’s going to be a boy and they are going to name it Alexis. Definitely seeing it this way so that Mer may end her silent grief over her sister.

    Arizona is going to tell Callie she cheated and it’s going to bring them back to where they were at the beginning of the season. It might be a way for them to realize that they changed and they no more look at each other the same way. Arizona needs to feel that she can be seduced again after the lost limb episode and even if Callie cares a lot for her, she is her wife and it’s somehow for granted. Lauren is just a reminder of how beautiful she is and that she still attracts people even if she is handicapable and went through a lot. Lauren gets to be some sort of Marc to Arizona’s Callie, like Jackson hinted after the operation. I think Callie is going to take it in and understand but then decide to let go and become the old Callie but the single mother type because she sacrificed so much for her wife and somehow ended up the one to hurt the most. She just needs a break from all the drama and dying and disasters. Even if we know that ultimately they are in this, together, for life.

    I guess Alex and Jo are going to be a cliffhanger for next season. We may be have Alex tell her the truth and she might acknowledge but it feels like a long shot on Jo’s side. April and Jackson are going to talk about the proposal whereas Matthew is going to be severely injured in that ambulance crash, and may be risk dying, jeopardizing April’s happy ending (come on, it’s Shondaland. No one is ever safe from dying on the edge of a happily ever after). Bailey is going to save a patient where others wont during the black out and a face to face with Richard is expected (at least would be nice closure). Owen and Christina are finally going to have the talk about the baby situation as a parallel to Mer giving birth.

    Well, knowing the Grey’s universe and how things comes out of nowhere sometimes, half of my guesses aren’t even close but lets hope no one dies again and Hillarie Burton stick around next season. Missed her.

    • Stormy says:

      Arizona is a twit and needs to be throttled. Personally, I would swoon if, instead of following through, Lauren showed a bit of distaste for Arizona’s stump. It takes a compassionate and caring person to look beyond that kind of thing and there has not been enough time in this “relationship” to make that happen. In my fantasy, Arizona would get her comeuppance by being on the receiving end of the long look down the nose of someone she would throw away her life over.

      Eh. Just sayin’.

  36. Mandy says:

    That was a great episode!!! I love every episode (almost) and think this was the best of the season. I know most people hate the interns but I love them. They have breathed a little new life into the show which needed it after losing so many people last season. I especially like Jo and want Alex to finally have some happiness..

    BTW I loved the scene with Mer telling Jo that Alex shouldn’t take the fall for her.

  37. kl656 says:

    I have a hard time believing in the PTSD theory. Turning Arizona character into a female version of George and calling it PTSD is a slap in the face. To Arizona, Callie and most of all the fans.

    Fans see Arizona as a strong ship in a storm. Really! Because, Arizona said she is? I don’t
    see her character in that light at all. Instead I see a ship that sails away everytime a storm comes her way.

    Then we go into blame Callie game. Callie didn’t give her enough time. Callie put too much pressure on Arizona etc..

    Arizona cheating I don’t believe the writer’s could ever make Calzona like they once were. That being the case they should bring someone new in for Callie.

    The actor who was on Body of Proof a few weeks ago named Ivan Sergei would be perfect
    for Callie .His character name could be Amita which stands for friend and truth. Then they could be called calamity because that word sums up Callie’s life.

    I am a Calzona fan and I hope the season does not end like everyone is thinking. I love Drama. Crazy drama means happy actors. Happy actors stay longer on shows. But I can’t get into drama that is so far out of character for them that I just can’t believe it.

    When the elevator doors closed at the end I felt like I was hit with the DBEDS. The Dallas Bobby Ewing Dream Season. When Pam on Dallas opened the shower door and Bobby was standing in it that whole year that Bobby was dead was a dream Pam was having. That’s what I feel now. Invested a whole year in Calzona only when the elevator doors closed I realized it must have been a dream.

  38. clz says:

    I’m so ready for all the drama between Arizona and Callie, because their storyline has been nothing but a snore lately. They are flawless and hot when fighting and can make you cry at the same time. Pretty sure they will break up, but whatever, I love the tension. The next season is gonna be good.

  39. Mer says:

    Nah, can’t be Doctor Who’s I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).

  40. Benajmin says:

    The only thing that annoys me about Arizona cheating is that we are going to have to put up with their angst next season. Nonetheless, I feel for you Calzona shippers ! If the cheating storyline was applied to MerDer, I would be raving.
    How cute was that end scene ? EP&PD have such chemistry..

  41. siskaaw says:

    Arizona!!! Damn why why? I love Callie and Arizona maybe they are not perfect but they good together and yes that chemistry between Arizona and Lauren really good but still I disappointed with this.

    Matthew don’t let him die, this is just getting started between him and Kepner. And please for this season no one die!

  42. JJRose says:

    do we forget that Arizona was a quirky, funny roller girl? she had flings with many women. I don’t think cheating is OOC for her. I miss the old Arizona TBH. I like Callie but she should cut some slack and have fun too. yea yea they are married and have a kid, so what. maybe they should get a divorce because they were more fun and true to themselves before they got married.

  43. N says:

    Grow up, Alex!

  44. Maria says:

    In a show where everybody has slept with everybody, Kallie and Arizona were the exception. Regardless of both their past, they never messed around with others after they were officially together, they came through all this crazy stuff because they had the real thing. This is why I’m so disappointed on Arizona! And that stupid justification of everybody can allow a little loss of control? Um, when you’re in a committed relationship, no you’re not! You run to either get it off of your system with your partner or to take care of it yourself, but you don’t jump in with the first person that whispers pretty things! I know they’ll work it out and be fine in the end, but the point is it shouldn’t have happened. I guess showing a faithful couple on today’s tv is a utopia…

  45. Chris says:

    Well, I was right. All those naive posters last week who were yelping (with zero proof except lying Jo’s sob story) that Pecwell was a nasty abuser were wrong. Jo was the instigator. I still hate her character–there is nothing interesting about her, and I’m sick of seeing Alex in loser stories. He did get the best line this week, though, when that dumb flash mob scene occurred. He said April had finally found someone as dorky as she is! So true.

    • Japril Shipper says:

      I agree with what you said re. Jo/Peckwell. SHE is the abuser, not him, and I’m horrified by how many people still seem to be painting her as the victim and him as the perpetrator of domestic violence – despite the fact that the truth was revealed in the finale.

      I felt pretty indifferent towards Jo up until this storyline; I didn’t find her particularly interesting, but quite liked their friendship and the fact that they had introduced a platonic female friend for Alex who could understand his past a little and be there for him. Ugh except not, of course there had to be a romantic pairing there! *rolls eyes* I wasn’t sure how I felt about that – a bit disappointed that they couldn’t just have them be friends, and not particularly convinced by their “chemistry” – but I wasn’t completely against it.

      Now I am. Aside from my disgust at the assault storyline and the sexism behind it, I am horribly disappointed by Alex defending Jo’s assault of Peckwell and think that she is clearly a terrible influence on him and has brought his character lower. I have lost a great deal of respect for Alex – a character I have loved for 9 seasons – and now really, really dislike Jo.

      Have to disagree with you about April though, I love her! The flash mob proposal was unexpected and silly, but nice, as is Matthew. But I’m still a huge Japril shipper!! Can’t wait for them to get back together – sure this will take a while though, this being Grey’s and all.

  46. Jess says:

    I just thought you guys should know that I was searching info about the new episode of GA using Google and this page showed up in the search engine with the title “Arizona Cheats on Callie”. As you can probably tell, this is a huge spoiler to have just show up on the search page and I hadn’t watched this episode yet.

    • Laura says:

      Why are you searching for info on the new episode if you don’t want spoilers? Common sense.

      • Jess says:

        I was searching for a place to watch it because I missed it. It wasn’t like I was searching for a full synopsis or anything. I understand that there’s always a possibility of spoilers for anything on the Internet but putting a huge spoiler right on the search results for Google is a little careless don’t you think?

  47. Monica4185 says:

    I found the Arizona cheating kind of out left field and that makes it worst,especially after everything Callie has done for Arizona lately.

  48. Azerty says:

    Am I the only one who felt some sparks between Avery and Lauren? If they don’t kill Matthew next week, bring Hilarie Burton next year to do something with that.
    I loved every scene Alex/Mer/Cristina shared. The three of them acting like we have each other back’s is the best part of the show.

  49. Arizonafan says:

    I really hope the breath-taking moment between Callie and Arizona is Callie telling Arizona that she forgives her and understands why it happened. I then BEG that Arizona tells Callie she can’t be with her, that Callie shouldn’t be so willing to take her back. I want Arizona to be the one to recognize she has hurt the most important person in her life who has always been there for her. I think it’s the only way to salvage the character of Arizona… not that what she did is right, but that she knows it was disgusting and wrong. Callie will be hurt, devastated, but it will be right for her.
    In season 10 Arizona can begin to fight for Callie again – work hard to get her back. She needs to give 300% because Callie has always been there for her. Basically I want Arizona to be the one to end the relationship and Callie to be the one wanting to keep it. It’s the only way that Arizona’s character can keep a glimpse of hope and honesty. Season 10 she’ll have to do EVERYTHING to win back the love of her life… will it be enough? Only time will tell…..

    • Courtney E says:

      Agree with absolutely everything you said. Perfection!

      • Arizonafan says:

        Thanks! I really hope this is what happens because otherwise I don’t know how people will be able to forgive Arizona – which is not fair after all she has been through.

  50. maria says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that the exploding ambulance/car has Jackson in it? I’ve read that the finale really takes April on an emotional rollercoaster… what better than for her to lose/potentially lose the guy she loves, who isn’t her fiance?!?

    • Arizonafan says:

      i was thinking this too. it would be a rough way to end the beauty of the relationship with April though. I also don’t think matthew has any end-game quality though: his character has little development, and the proposal was completely out of the blue… it kind of seems like shonda rushed it so that she could bring jackson and april to a climax point – hopefully not to jackson’s death!
      The other thing that bugs me is that on Mark’s deathbed he told Jackson to tell the person that you love your feelings, because you never know when it will be too late… i have a feeling that it wouldn’t be fair for the same thing that happened with mark and lexie to happen to jackson and april.
      I wish shonda would just decide whether april and jackson were going to go down the friend route (like mark and callie) or finally be together. I feel like it’s so flip-floppy. I kind of think the friend route has hit a dead end though… too much lingering emotions have been portrayed – it would be out of character for them to suddenly take that path.

    • Dani says:

      oooh i hadn’t thought of that! i actually like this much better than if it’s matthew, mainly bc if he dies it’ll be another reason for april to spend an entire season crying over how this is god’s way of punishing her for not being a virgin (i love april but geez i can’t stand another season of that). Maybe it’s both matthew and jackson in the ambulance and that’s when she realizes who she really wants to be next to at a time like this. can’t wait to see if you’re right!

      • Arizonafan says:

        they won’t kill matthew – it’s too easy, but also would just lead to April being depressed and repeating her virigin-shenanigans. I really really liked a couple episodes ago when Jackson was so fed up and honest and told April that he would “never be sorry for sleeping with [April]”. It’s that honesty and passion which will make April realize why they belong together. They need each other. April doesn’t need to be with “the male-April”, she needs someone who pushes her to try new things and brings something different out of her.