American Idol Top 3 Results Recap: Better Dig (These) Two (Singers) [Updated]

American-Idol-Top-3-ResultsLife is not a fairytale. Yes, yes, that was the title of American Idol Season 3 champ Fantasia Barrino’s 2006 autobiographical Lifetime movie — don’t try to act like you didn’t watch it, too! — but it was also a subtitle that could be applied to any possible outcome on Season 12 Top 3 results night.

Indeed, whether you entered the night rooting for a Candice/Kree, Angie/Candice or Kree/Angie finale, there simply couldn’t be a 100 percent feel-good happy ending after the credits rolled, the “19” logo sparkled and twinkled and Fox switched over to the season finale of Glee.

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And that’s because, almost five months in to this current, often beleaguered Idol season, all three finalists had established themselves as genuinely worthy heirs to Phillip Phillips’ throne (and the platinum-selling status that comes with it).

I mean, honestly, try to imagine a finale without Candice Glover, the soft-spoken Southern gal with the awe-inspiring combo of vocal horsepower and almost other-worldly musicality that’s allowed her to effortlessly tackle everything from The Cure to Shirley Bassey to Drake. And would you really want to envision next Wednesday night sans Kree Harrison, the Nashville-based demo singer with a tone like 1,000 thread-count sheets and a personality that’s like a bowl of hot chili on the coldest winter day? Then again, how could a confetti shower not pour down on the head of Angie Miller, the New England teenager with a fire in her eyes, an undisputed range and the artistry to drive 3.7 million views to a YouTube video of her Hollywood Week rendition of the self-penned “You Set Me Free“?

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None of those options seemed particularly fun — not even to a Candice aficionado like myself. Yet after an incredibly poorly sound-mixed performance by Lauren Alaina and a good rendition of a sleepy song by Alicia Keys, it was time for Ryan to reveal the week’s voting tallies:

Sent First to Safety
Candice Glover

Sent Second to Safety
Kree Harrison

Angie Miller

As the tears began flowing — for all three contestants, for the fans in the Idoldome, even here at Casa Slezak — Angie gamely attempted to sing a farewell rendition of Colton Dixon’s “Never Gone,” but she just couldn’t get through it. Embraced by her family and her competitors, she giggled and sobbed until the screen cut to black. Whether or not Jimmy Iovine has the good sense to get her to a studio this weekend and cut a rendition of “You Set Me Free” for Christian and AC radio, well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Next week: A Kree-vs.-Candice finale, the one I started dreaming about back in Hollywood Week, allowed myself to verbalize around Top 10, and had pretty much given up on sometime in mid-April. What are the chances? And what do you think of the Season 12 finale faceoff?

Before I pass the mic to all of you, a few other thoughts on the telecast:

* We’re not going to discuss that thing with that animated slug crawling across the screen/Ryan Seacrest’s face, okay? I know Uncle Nigel has a big lighting bill to pay, but at this rate, next season’s contestants are going to have to have advertiser logos tattooed to their foreheads. (Oh Lord, I’ve just put a Very Bad Idea out into the universe.)

* I can’t comment on that group rendition of Selena Gomez’s awful “Who Says,” seeing how Angie, Candice and Kree’s mics didn’t appear to actually be working. Or maybe the three divas pulled a fake-out in protest of having to sing a tune so far beneath their collective skill sets? (I’m choosing to believe that unconfirmed second theory until proven otherwise.)

* Is anyone actually going to the American Idol web site to vote on whether the S12 winner gets a Ford Focus, Fusion, Fiesta or Escape? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Then again, if only like 11 people weigh in, you and your coworkers could log on and totally skew the outcome. (Fun!)

* When Ryan kicked off the show by noting “We have the news that we’ve all been waiting months to hear,” I thought he was talking about Randy Jackson quitting the show. And then I was all, “Dude, we’ve been waiting for that announcement for 12 freakin’ years!”

* Was there anything more grim than Jimmy Iovine declaring that whoever gets signed to Interscope (presumably Angie, Kree and Candice, at a minimum) are in for a lifetime of his meddling with their song choices? Mariah had a point on Wednesday: When you write your own tunes, you take back a lot of power from The Man (Who Dresses Like Justin Bieber’s Stunt Double). Actually, wait, there was something more grim: Jimmy excitedly talking about Kree’s heartbreaking story of her parents’ death like it was just another marketing strategy. Hashtag: NO!

* It’s easy to make fun of Mariah’s ridiculous video for “Beautiful,” but if I had as little body fat as her, I’d probably film Idology half-naked on the back of a motorcycle, too. (Except then Melinda Doolittle would hit me with her pocketbook.)

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of Angie’s exit? Were you saddened to see her mixture of shock and grief as the news set in? Are you surprised it’s come down to Candice and Kree? Who’s got your vote next week — or will it come down to their final performances? Sound off in the comments, and for all my Idol-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. TJ says:

    I am so psyched for this finale because Kree is in it! =D I’m in love with her voice, and can’t wait to get her album!

  2. Jean O says:

    I thought all 3 had great voices; I split my votes among them over the past few weeks; any one of them could have won. I have to say though that it was painful to watch how poorly Kree was treated by the judges and I think this impacted her performances. How could it not. She got all of my votes Wednesday night.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      C’mon, admit it: you only voted for her cuz she’s an orphan. (It sure would make the Angiebots happy for someone to say that…)

  3. sherab says:

    this is the right and perfect finale, IMO. i like angie and she is super talented but could NOT understand why she was not voted off much earlier in the season, and felt the same about amber… beautiful, talented girls but WAAAAAY young; they had a “still wet behind the ears” quality. i wish they would have waited a year or two. both kree and candice are more formed and coming into their own as real singers. i think kree is sweet and carries the weight of such big sadness that folks read as her “not caring” or being boring… i think on some level it takes her a lot of effort to move through the world sometimes because of this… it will shift for her at some point. she will be a success not matter what! candice is also a beauty in every way. it will be an interesting finale… hoping they get to choose some songs, that they do not have to learn 86 new tunes and that TPTB will let them freakin rest this weekend! aaaannnnnddd : let’s hear it for all of us that the two not-so-skinny girls made it to the finale!! :-D

  4. lisak says:

    best final two since Adam Lambert and Kris Allen

  5. Kim R says:

    I’m glad Candice is in the final 2. I am a Kree fan but either one of the girls would have been justified as the second pick. :)
    Now onto the music video of Mariah’s. It was the stupidest thing I ever saw. Yup. A video about wind, sex faces at the camera and hugging one’s self. I miss “my” music. :(

  6. Claudia says:

    It was hard to watch Angie try to struggle thru her last song – for that matter it was hard watching Amber too. But does anyone think we wouldn’t have seen a young girl have her dream crushed if it had been Kree or Candice going home? They ALL wanted to win. But the conspiracy theories as to why Angie didn’t make the finale are getting downright ridiculous. She went home for the same reason all the other mega-talented 3rd & 4th place contestants went home – her fan base didn’t give her enough votes.

    I really think Michael should make posters here prove some level of maturity before they are allowed to post. For sure no one should be allowed to use the term “hater”. It’s so elementary-school level.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      I agree, enough with the conspiracy theories. Angie was my #1 from the get-go, but there are two simple explanations as to why she went home last night:
      1.) Candice turned in 3 great performances on Wednesday.
      2.) Kree has the ever-powerful country voting block locked up.
      Now may the best woman win, and we’ll sit back and enjoy the show (and those bored and bitter people here in the comment section will leave).

    • Name That Tune says:

      It’s funny how people don’t expect girls to cry when they lose. And get uncomfortable watching it. Crying is what people do when they lose something important to them. And it’s okay for us to feel compassion and shed a tear for them. But there is no point in lashing out in anger at other people. We all know if you’re an Angie fan that you’re disappointed. Candice and Kree fans don’t hate your girl because we know it could just as easily been one of our girls.
      We wish Angie the best. For such a young girl you did well &we know your future is bright. Congratulations for making the top 3!

  7. Shel says:

    Candice, Kree & Angie were my top 3 all along. However, during the weeks when Jimmy Iovine would mention that Angie didn’t seem to connect, I was seeing the same thing. It did feel more like she was “performing” than being truly in the moment. That didn’t take away from her voice, for me, but I saw it and felt it. Several weeks ago, everyone stopped mentioning that. But I still felt it…maybe it was how her eyes would always follow the camera, I don’t know. I loved her and her voice, but also never felt the full connect. I was also tired of the judges harping on the piano. It was too much. I just re-watched “You Set Me Free” and, for me, I honestly never felt that any of her other piano numbers came close to that performance either. Angie truly believed in and loved HER song – she felt it, more than she felt any other song she sang. JMO.

    I totally agree with Keith, however, on Angie’s version of Pink’s “Try.” Most comfortable ever, period, not even with the “not on the piano” caveat. She truly was into it, she seemed at ease and having great fun with it. I *finally* thought Angie is really learning and becoming who she will be.

    I thought Angie came real close with the Elton John song this week, too, one of my faves of his. But, seriously, even Jimmy I. had to give her grief about not playing piano on it? (He said he gave each of them a challenge, but then admitted he served her up a softball & was disappointed that she missed her “moment.” So, contrary to what some people say, I think he and the producers really wanted Angie in the Finals.) I would like to think that a music producer like Jimmy might realize that not everyone is an innate pianist; most of us actually need time to learn to play a song well enough that it becomes second-nature and doesn’t mess up the vocal. Good on Angie for saying that fact with grace and goodwill, when she would have been within her rights to be incredulous with all these music “professionals” thinking she could pull off learning 3 songs and then 2 of them on the piano as well.

    I was surprised that Angie didn’t get into the Finals, given some of the blogs and posts around here, and what I saw as a distinct Angie over Kree push on the show over the last few weeks. But I am happy that I was wrong. My top two are competing and I am really happy for both Candice & Kree. But I do feel for Angie, because she is so talented, and so young, and she seemed so so sad. I knew I would be sad whichever girl went home. So, my condolences to those who were solidly in Angie’s corner – I know you are sad, too.

  8. waterbug says:

    Any combination of singers with Candice as one good for me. I want to add one thing about Lauren and Scotty visit to AI stage—I didn’t care for neither one when they were on AI–and their performances recently galvanized that opinion. Lauren sounded better in her original audition footage–just talking. Second, listening to Mariah’s new song without watching the video–her is voice is as stunning as ever. Her air-brushed soft porn video made her look desperate. No Mariah No. You are closer to 50 than 40…no no no no.

    • marie says:

      Here’s what I got when I Googled “Mariah Carey DOB” just now: March 27, 1970 (age 43 years). Still closer to 40 than 50 – not that it matters; no reason a 40-year-old or 50-year-old or even older woman shouldn’t celebrate and revel in her sensual appeal. Personally, I didn’t mind the actual content of the video; my only objection is that it may not have been appropriate for a supposedly family-oriented show (which is the same objection I had to JLo’s various performances / videos on Idol during her tenure, added to the fact that she, unlike Mariah, has never been able to sing a lick).

  9. bs’d
    I have been hoping for a C & K finale for sometime & am so glad it is happening. I tried posting this before but for some reason it did not post. After watching Michael’s interview with Janelle, I checked out her video Young & Restless. One of the first comments was from Angie “Angela Miller 2 months ago
    So beautiful.” She is a classy girl & I wish her well. :) I hope they get to pick at least one song for themselves. As for the Big Dawg news, like Laz, he stayed just a little too long.
    If this posted a few times, I am sorry. I had a problem b/c I used the youtube link :(

  10. Jessica says:

    I am loving this finale!! :D Voters got it right

  11. Brendan says:

    I called it last week and people said I was being mean and I was wrong. Bye Angie. :)

  12. LoLa says:

    Bottom line….who will get Angie’s votes! That’s who will win!

    • Jasmine says:

      Just because someone gets eliminated doesn’t meant they’re votes are going to someone else. I voted for ANGELA only and I’m not voting next week. Some of Angie’s votes are going nowhere because some people won’t vote anymore.

      • Timmah says:

        It does happen, though. Adam lost in part because all the Gokey fans who were Lambert haters voted for Kris.

  13. Louise Kelleher says:

    Reading these comments it’s evident writers had a favorite for whom they voted regardless of Jimmy and the judges. The PUBLIC are responsible for the results. My favorite was Amber, public disagreed. Last year Phillip supposedly won by teenagers. His audience proved to be through the ages up to 100 years old. I agree that this year no male had a chance of winning.

  14. Very disappointed that Angie did not make it. I think the hometown visits were edited to make Candace and Kree receive sympathy votes. This whole season has been manipulated by Idol starting with wanting a female to win this season.

    • syb says:

      I think Angie is a female, last I checked. What do you suppose might motivate AI to want Angie gone?
      Every time someone is unhappy with a result, it just can’t possibly be because your favorite didn’t appeal to enough voters. It has to be a vast conspiracy to deprive the deserving one of her just reward. Sheesh. Enough. People liked Candice and Kree better. Deal with it. Angie came in third, she’ll record a record and if people like it, they’ll buy it.

    • deedee says:

      American Idol rigged it so the attractive white girl would lose? Because American Idol is interested in promoting contestants who are less marketable than thin, pretty, piano-playing, younger girls? That makes so much sense. How about: the voters chose Candice and Kree because they appealed to them more? How does that sound? Because that’s what happened! Angie might have sailed through if the Idol voting demographic were different, but this is what we have, and this is the outcome. It’s fine if you don’t like the outcome, but to say that the show manipulated this result is nothing short of delusional, considering how much crap they force-fed us about Amber’s legs and Angie’s “total package-ness” .
      What we have now is the result they were trying to avoid with their manipulations … but they failed. And now they’re firing all the judges and apparently getting rid of the old production team because of it.
      And WTF kind of “sympathy votes” did Candice’s hometown visit generate? Sympathy for the love of her family? Sympathy for the support of her loving community? Sympathy for the warmth of her church? What exactly in Candice’s life should make us feel pity for her??!?
      Angie came in third because she was the third best singer in the group.If you don’t agree with that, then, oh well … join the club of those of us who lament the early demise of Joshua Ledet, Haley Reinhart, Allison Iraheta, and Melinda Doolittle.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      Or maybe just people preferred their voices? How insulting are your comments?

  15. Angie_Overrated says:

    I don’t think anyone has yet commented on the apparent shock and glee on the faces of the judges when Kree sent Angie home. Mariah was visibly cheering and Keith was beside himself with joy while Nicki could catch an airplane in her mouth. It looks like the judges agreed with America’s vote. Other than the few Angie fans on here (which from what I can tell there weren’t many, thus the reason she’s now gone), it seems like the consensus is that these are the 2 most deserving finalists. In the same vein as Slezak, I can’t remember a season where people were more excited about the finale matchup. It’s about time we had a battle of the “sangers.”

    And can we just give a shout out to Mariah? She was the only one who included Candice in her top 3 and did not include Angie. Thank you, Mariah, for being the voice of sanity.

    • Jessica says:

      I didn’t know what the judges were doing. I thought Keith looked happy, Mariah was hiding and Nicki/Randy looked to be furious/in shock. They wanted Angie for some reason. Their comments to Kree I feel was the reason it came to bite them if they wanted Angie in top 2. Nicki pretty much told Kree that she was going home on Weds. night. Mariah was the voice of sanity for Candice :)

      • deedee says:

        Yeah, I couldn’t tell how the judges were feeling from their reactions. Keith looked happy because I think he loves Kree as an artist. The rest of them … I dunno, happy? Stunned? Outraged? Hard to say.
        One thing I noticed (and I watched on Dailymotion vids because I fell asleep and missed the show last night [!!]) is that the audience went nuts when Candice’s name was announced, but was a little less enthusiastic when Kree was called. I guess it’s because many were disappointed about Angie, but I thought the response was kind of muted.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Mariah was doing a little fist waving victory dance, she wasn’t hiding. Keith was obviously thrilled, and Nicki/Randy I couldn’t guess if they were happy but they were certainly shocked. I think deep down they all knew that Kree vs. Candice was the right matchup, but it seemed so clear it would be Angie in the finals. Oh happy happy day.

        • CJSchu says:

          What I actually enjoyed was the first thing Nikki did was point over at Nigel. She even disappears for a second off stage in that direction. I keep harking back to Wednesday when she said whoever picked Better Dig Two should be stoned. I think she was laughing at Nigel.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            You know, I was thinking that that was what was happening. Good catch, CJSchu. They all turned around and looked at someone, which I assumed had to be a producer. But I don’t know enough about how the behind the scenes works to know exactly what was happening. It probably was to laugh at him for trying to bus Kree, a plan that didn’t work out too well.

  16. Allie C says:

    I’m so very excited for Kree and Candace. Angie is a great singer. It was the best top 3, possibly in the history of the show, competition wise. I think it’s really sad that people try to take away what Kree and Candace accomplished just because they love Angie. They are both amazing singers, class acts and they deserve to be there. So calm down on not watching the show.

    To me, the producers did everything they could to sway the outcome in Angie’s favor (aka their song choices for Kree) and she triumphed anyway. If I hear one person complain about them using her sob story to get her into the finals, I’m gonna explode. She did not exploit that like some other have done with their personal tragedies in the past. She’s a talented class act and I wish some ppl would stop talking about her like she’s not a real person.

    For those of you that say Kree looked boring the last few weeks, I think that’s bc she knew the producers tried everything they could to usher her out the competition. I would feel defeated… wouldn’t you. America got it right this year. Can’t wait for the showdown.

  17. marie says:

    To briefly address Michael’s question of who gets [my] votes next week: I honestly don’t know. I really like them both, and wish them both great success in their careers; I would be happy with either lady winning. He asks whether it will come down to who gives the better performances next week, but for me, I’ve never felt it fair to vote based on a single week; I’ve always voted on body of work to date and, yes, to some degree, potential, so that would feel wrong to me to suddenly vote on that basis. Of course, giving them equal numbers of votes means those votes cancel each other out and so I may as well not even bother – and I’m not interested in contributing to Idol’s total vote tally so the producers can crow about it. (Or maybe I should be, if I’m interested in keeping Idol on the air, which I am…)
    I may get flak for this, but right now, at least, it’s entirely conceivable to me that I might just watch and enjoy the show and not vote at all.

    ( In case anyone’s curious – not that I think you necessarily should be – this is why I think it makes sense only to vote based on body of work / potential / innate talent vs. the given night’s performances: say there are only 2 contestands, A and B. It’s ten weeks into the season and we’re at the finale; in this competition, there have been no eliminations, btw, only a weekly tally of votes and a weekly announcement of who’s first and who’s second that week. Say that up to now, A has been fantastic and has always been first every week, while B has been mostly mediocre and even downright bad sometimes, but at the finale, A really messes up and B gives the performance of a lifetime. Going by the “vote only on that night’s performances” idea, then B, who’s been mediocre up to now, should win the prize? Does that make any sense at all? No, only makes sense to vote on overall talent and body of work.)

    • deedee says:

      But in the real world, it’s often a case of “you’re only as good as your last performance/album/movie/etc.”. Life is more like the Olympics, where you can be the absolute best in the world, but lose the Gold with one bad day. Having said that, in a competition like Idol, people can vote based on whatever criteria they like, so it’s anyone’s game regardless of how Candice and Kree do next week.
      I’m glad I can’t vote (Canadian), because I honestly would not know who to give my votes to.They’re both excellent. I may be totally wrong, but I suspect that Candice would benefit more from a win than Kree because Kree might have an easier time finding a record label without a win than Candice.

      • marie says:

        Points taken. Of course people will vote on whatever criteria they feel appropriate, whether I think their criteria make sense or not, LOL! And I see what you mean re Kree potentially having an easier time getting signed – the country music field seems more welcoming, at least – which in the context of Idol means Kree should come in second, as the winner automatically gets the recording contract. My problem is, with only these two contestants left, both of whom I genuinely enjoy, I’d feel bad voting “against” either one of them!

        • AlyB says:

          Just watch the show and see if one of them moves you to pick up the phone (or vote online lol). You’ll know it if it happens. It’s the OMG she just has to win moment. Personally, Candice keeps giving me those but I also have really enjoyed Kree all season. I know what people say about her being laid back as a stage performer but her voice is like honey and I don’t even like country music. Me loving her songs is nothing short of a miracle. I know a lot of people who love them both and are torn about having to choose. To them, and you, I just say watch and follow your own heart.

          • marie says:

            That’s good advice. And after all, how do I know what I’ll want to do when I’m actually watching the show? Right now, I can’t imagine wanting to vote FOR one, and thereby AGAINST the other, but who knows what will happen next Wednesday. One thing’s for sure: I know this will be an enjoyable two nights of Idol! Looking forward to seeing Devin, Burnell, Amber, maybe a couple more, at the Finale.

    • syb says:

      I hardly ever have voted in a finale, because it’s very rare that the one I felt was most deserving, or at least most captivated me makes the finale. If I’m on the fence about the two left, I don’t vote. No reason to feel you have to.

      This time I have the opposite problem. I’d have voted for either Kree or Candice against anybody else in the competition. I’ll likely continue to support Candice, but it’s tough when in this instance you are not only voting for someone, but in a sense voting against the other. I think Candice beats Kree on body of work, but Kree’s just a terrific singer, and the more I see of her, the more I get her understated style.

  18. Cheryl says:

    I don’t know why there is even a finale. Candice is going to win. Idol WANTs her to win. Personally, although she has a powerful voice, she isn’t my favorite. This may be the last season I watch AI because of the contestant manipulation that was no apparent this season. For me, the last great season was the Kris Allen-Lambert season, although I do love Casey James. Since season 8, it has been all downhill, at least for me.

    • bingham says:

      Don’t under-estimate the country vote, I don’t think Candice is a lock to win, she really has to bring it next week. At this point I’m happy with either Candice or Kree winning, I would have been disappointed if they weren’t the final 2 but they are so YA!

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      I think it will be a very close finale. Every last vote might count. All this talk about Angie running away with it was nonsense as I had been saying. And I don’t believe either Candice or Kree or running away from each other. I think it’s close close close. Neither set of fans should think it’s in the bag or it for sure won’t be.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      So, who should have won had it not been manipulated? Johnny Keyser???

  19. Steve says:

    Angie will be fine…I dont know if she wants to go the Christian route or wanted to be a pop superstar…But if shes ok with a niche audience, she can be the female Colton and get signed, especially if she writes her own music. Mariahs advice was interesting — maybe its the reason to lose Idol – because you are going to get tied to Jimmy and that looks like it can be an awful experience…but I dont know if any of those 2 actually write. I liked KRee in the beginning but honestly I dont like her now and fear Idols southern country based audience might put her over the top. My vote is for Candice to win – they can do a JHud transformation – get her a trainer, dietician, wigologist, new makeup artist and make her look like a diva. But honestly I dont care that much. Why do Idols group numbers such and The Voice’s seem so much better and current. Why does Mariah in present time do all these breathy songs that really dont take advantage of her range – unless she no longer has it – I miss the Mariah from back in the day when her voice cracked glass – now it sounds like anybody else. I wonder if Randy is going to get a big sendoff on Thursday a la Simon (will he and Paula appear and we’ll get a big clip package – or another thing like last years hilarious choir). They all probably will be gone but they should acknowledge Randy more than the wink wink of last night that only a small percentage got. And lastly, why on the finale do the girls have to sing a repeat. They can learn 3 songs in a week. The finale seems so unfair as well because they cant choose songs. Its ironic that all season long we’re told how important song choice is – and then when it counts, they have no choice…That leads to producer manipulation or sabotage – Remember Syeshas Happy Feet? Jimmy or SimonF or judges dont always pick the right songs…Its interesting how Kree triumphed even though she seemed to be a victim of that. Audience seems to like judges/producer backlash. Also curious if they will get separate singles or the same. I like hearing separate singles because you can compare different interpretations – the one problem is sometimes the song only fits one person (ie Jordin vs Blake season)…And then the winner doesnt matter when they end up releasing both singles. They both get the Ford, maybe the winner gets a little more money but usually the runner up gets signed too…Although this year with such low audiences, the contestants wont have as big a push as in the past..It will be interesting if the winners single tops iTunes…(or The Voice’s does)

  20. KREEdom2013 says:

    Angie and Kree were my favs, but Kree’s home town visit really tug at my heart. Reminded me of a Oprah special of Shania and her younger sister going back to the house where they grew up in. Anyway, if Kree had a choice of songs, she should sing Martina McBrides’ ‘Independence Day’. Losing both parents will make a person more reserve. KREE all the way!

    ***YouTube MUST SEE*** Kree’s multiple visits to O’Donnell’s ‘90s talk show. She first appeared as one of several singers on the program’s “Most Talented Kids” episodes, where Harrison — then 10 years old — won the hearts of the audience with a cover of Martina McBride’s “Broken Wing.” She revealed to O’Donnell that she performed at rodeos around her hometown of Woodville, Texas, and never had a singing lesson.
    “Yes ma’am, it’s a God given talent,” she told the charmed host, who was tickled every time the exceedingly polite 5th grader called her “ma’am.” She also said it would be “such an honor” to perform at the Grand Ole Opry, before she received a huge surprise — O’Donnell arranged a trip for her whole family to travel to Opryland. Sadly, Harrison lost her father in a plane crash one year after the appearance.

    • realtortriciaw says:

      Thanks for confirming that people voted for Kree’s hometown video. Funny that she’s lived more of her life in Nashville, but that the producers chose to show her as the Texas girl in order to produce that compelling footage of she and her sister going to her family home. Her home is Nashville. That’s where her story should have been told – like Melinda Doolittle. (I’m sure they were afraid she would not have drawn large crowds from a city where singers like her are a dime a dozen I’m afraid.)

      • CJSchu says:

        Yes! Release all that anger and hatred! Carrying that much hate for a person you’ve never met is bad for the soul.

        • realtortriciaw says:

          Where did you see hate in my comments? I think Kree is an amazing singer — have said that all along. Just commenting on what I saw in terms of the production of the show. I actually don’t think the producers thought that through because I think they wanted a Candice/Angie finale. But, I firmly believe that video turned the tide (along with the horrible song they gave Kree to sing for her last song). I’ve just watched American Idol enough to know what moves voters.

          • CJSchu says:

            “I’m sure they were afraid she would not have drawn large crowds from a city where singers like her are a dime a dozen I’m afraid”

            I find it disingenuous for you to say the quote the above, then turn around and praise her as an amazing singer. Wanting the contestant you are rooting for to win is fine. But to bag on another singer and say that she’s a dime a dozen, and that she couldn’t draw a crowd IS spiteful (and to me) uncalled for anger.

      • deedee says:

        Not unusual for Idol to make the hometown visits about where the contestant grew up rather than where they live as adults. David Cook lived in Tulsa, but went to Blue Springs for his home visit.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          David Cook grew up in Blue Springs, Missouri and attended Blue Springs South high school.

          • deedee says:

            I know, that’s why they had the homecoming in Blue Springs instead of Tulsa – where David was living at the time. I was saying that Idol took Kree to Texas for her hometown visit instead of Nashville (where she’s currently living) because that’s where she grew up.The poster above insisted that Idol should have taken Kree to Nashville because that’s her current home.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Okay, read this thread late last night and just re-read it. Thanks for clarifying. I was confused.

      • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

        Yes! It’s proven Kree only got in because she’s an orphan!!! (get over yourself)

  21. Rusty says:

    I would not have been upset to see Angie in the final, but I think the 2 best singers made it to eeh final. Props to voters.

  22. marie says:

    (597 comments and darcy’s evil twin hasn’t been around? I miss her input here.)

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Ha, marie, I’ve been out of town and out of touch. I’m impressed you missed me! I just kind of assumed Kree would get voted off the program. Turned on Leno tonight and he always features whoever gets voted off of Idol. I was stunned to see it was Angie! I was also shocked that Randy is leaving the program, and I think I saw a report on the news this morning that the other three judges were fired? Holy cow! This should be some finale!

      • marie says:

        Hi, DET, glad you’re back! (Well why WOULDN’T I miss you? You’re among the most interesting and amusing posters here!) Yes, big goings on here in Idolland… Should be a terrific finale indeed!

      • Name That Tune says:

        But don’t you see 22 year old Kree in that little girl? Man I hope she sings Broken Wing in the finale. She was so good and her voice was so pure even then.

        Just saw the story about the judges. Not surprised to see Nicki & Mariah gone but hoped they would retain Keith. Oh well.

  23. Terrie in PA says:

    I have to agree with you Sean…. I think Angie was portrayed in the homecoming scenes as priviledged and having a perfect life, and that set the scene for Kree to get more sympathy votes. I think all three ladies are very talented but in my opinion Angie and Candace were equally talented. Kree is good but just not on the same level as the other two. I’m not surprised that America voted this way … a sad story tends to tug at our hearts and a lot of folks forgot that this is about talent and not the artists hardships. Oh well… I hope Candace is prepared to be the runner up. She should win hands down, but we shall see. I still have not gotten over Adam Lambert coming in second! :)

    • syb says:

      So why would they want Kree to get sympathy votes? That’s what is so dumb about this theory. If Angie is the better, more commercially viable, talented, young singer, what would motivate anybody with the ability to “manipulate” to see to it that the lesser contestants prevailed?

      And the really dumb thing is, even Angie has had to point out to people who think she ought to be mad about that–this is Kree’s life. She didn’t make it up. They didn’t edit that her parents are dead. It his a huge part of the girl we see on stage, just as Angie’s life, faith, and experiences inform her performances, and Candice too. I think this time, we really saw where these ladies came from and who they are now. And all of them came off great. This whole sympathy vote idea is an excuse to justify to yourself that you’re right and the voters were misguided sheep. It’s really arrogant.

      • deedee says:

        THANK YOU!! It’s hard to understand why people think that Idol would deliberately choose to promote less attractive, less desirable, and less commercial artists at the expense of someone so “obviously superior”. Some people just cannot comprehend that their favourite was legitimately voted out.
        Remember how Jimmy was baffled that America “didn’t get” Amber? That’s because Jimmy (and the Idol Machine) is looking at these kids as commodities. The audience is judging by a different set of criteria. Wanna protest? Stop watching the show.

        • syb says:

          Yeah good point on Amber, and I also think Jimmy forgets–we’re not evaluating them for their potential in a studio or music video. We’re watching them perform cover songs live. We’ve seen first hand how bad some of the superstars sound on the Idol stage, however good they might look doing it. Amber probably does have a lot of potential as a blank slate with a great voice, and magazine cover looks. So Jimmy will get his chance to do something with that, but as a performer on TV singing live, she wasn’t what the fans favor.

  24. realtortriciaw says:

    A Candice and Angie Finale would have promised a really epic “battle.” There was fire in both those girls’ eyes that would have been exciting to watch next week. And, the music could have been pretty exciting. Now, I expect a pretty boring finale contest and won’t rush to my TV to watch. I will watch Thursday though as it is always fun to watch the pageantry of that show.

    While I love Kree’s voice and think she could be the next Trisha Yearwood, she has a flat personality and as many have said, seemed to have “checked” out the past few weeks. She doesn’t have the stage charisma that they other girls have — and that has been acknowledged time and again all season.

    It’s just plain sad to me that a young girl who could be a great role model for others in her generation and who worked so hard to make her dreams come true, got eliminated. Not saying that Kree and Candice can’t be role models — they have a lot to offer — but they don’t reach the same demo that Angie does. And, I believe she needed the win to have her chance of doing something mass marketed. Without the “crown” she may be relegated to the Christian market. And, while there is nothing bad about that, I wanted to see her do more. I hope I’m proved wrong, but #3 winner seems to be the one who gets the shaft the most in their careers.

    It also has bothered me that people criticize her for being “marketable” and because she is pretty and thin that she was favored by the producers. Um, wasn’t the whole point of American Idol to produce more Kelly Clarksons and Carrie Underwoods who sell lots and lots of records and headline sell-out stadium tours? I don’t think Angie was marketable because of her looks as much as her whole persona and the fact that you know she worked really really hard and wanted it. Every time she came on stage, she was a “star.” My husband, a casual watcher, would always say — “She’s unbeatable. She has it all — a great voice, amazing stage presence and looks great.” She definitely has “it.” Does Kree have “it?” Even Candice with her huge, powerful voice — does she really have “it?”

    Another thing that bothers me is that Angie has already demonstrated songwriting skills, you can feel pretty confident she can write hit songs. Who knows what Candice and Kree have to offer. We’ve never heard mention that they are “artists.” Kree has been at it in Nashville for a decade already and all we know she has accomplished is becoming a demo singer. That could be a problem when it comes to producing a successful debut album. Doing “covers” isn’t going to work, unless you are on “Glee!”

    Well, enough already. Will be interesting to see Angie dueting next week with Adam Lambert. Can’t stand him, but should be an exciting performance.

    • deedee says:

      I didn’t realize Kree has been working in Nashville for a decade. That would make her 12 when she started. If you check out Youtube, you’ll find she has written songs, and even plays guitar, so perhaps she’s not just a demo singer who has nothing to offer.

      • Amy says:

        deedee, ya know what struck me in those 12 y.o. videos of Kree…well..first…the hat! LOL
        But then I thought…wow, that cheerful, confident little girl’s world is about to flip on it’s head in 2 years…and then AGAIN!…in 7 more. Turning that sunny little girl with the outgoing drawl, into the pensive & sort of melancholy singer she comes off as now. Here’s hoping it’s about to flip again for her…and it’s nothing but up. Seems like she’s paid her dues.

        • Amy says:

          oops…in the video I saw she was “10 y.o. Kree”, hence my saying “in 2 years”, when her dad died.

        • deedee says:

          Yes, I saw the clip from the Rosie show when Kree was 10. Sad looking at her carefree-ness, knowing it wouldn’t last.
          But people have been saying that she’s basically a failure because she’s been working in Nashville for a decade without real success. I’m thinking – has she really been working since she was 10 or 12? It’s somewhat disingenuous to characterize her appearance as a kid on Rosie O’Donnell as” working” or “trying to make it”, you know what I mean? She’s 22! Hardly a ‘has-been’ or ‘never-was’ yet.

          • Amy says:

            Yea yea…people love to talk easy trash about someone and easy to do anonymously …like to see them walk the same mile, and how “up and down” their own path to making it would be. She just seemed like the typical child prodigy being given the spotlight at that point. I did hear somewhere she had a record deal, then something happened; it didn’t go anywhere. You know how many now successful stars probably have similar stories. At 22 I would say it ain’t over yet for Kree…either way…best of luck to her, wherever this fickle business and life takes her…she has a beautiful voice. I wonder what those with such harsh opinions are so successful at?…

  25. realtortriciaw says:

    Here are the reasons Angie Miller is not in the finale:

    1. Candace was given the ultimate moment song with the pimp slot to guarantee her a place in the final. Angie and Kree’s songs paled in comparison and couldn’t have elicited anywhere near the response that Candace got.

    2. Kree’s story about her parents was compelling, but nonetheless you can’t deny it was a huge turning point from Kree fading into third place and her being propelled to the finale by people who were, rightly so, touched by her story and how far she has come. There was mention of her parents once very early on, but never since. Until Wednesday night. Even if it wasn’t the producer’s intention for her to be in finale, that got her there.

    3. The judges did not give her “Set Me Free,” as their song pick. If they wanted to give her a “moment” they would have let her get on the piano and sing that song. All season they harkened back to that song and how much they wanted to hear it and her other originals again. Then, they have the chance to do it and they didn’t. I was shocked they didn’t ask her to sing that.

    4. When stupid Nicki Minaj mentioned that Angie reminded her of Miley Cyrus, I knew that was the kiss of death. That was a comment meant to kill her!

    5. Prom Teen Queen image. That was manufactured by the producers, not her. Sure, she looked the part, but she certainly gave indications that was not her. She hated pink. Did you see the tattoo she sports on her rib cage? Did they talk about her pastor dad? Her hearing loss? She is not a child of privilege; Beverly is not known as an affluent town.

    6. That damn piano. Angie’s biggest calculated risk that back-fired was trying to show that she wasn’t tied to the piano. Even though she didn’t know the Elton John song, she should have played at least at the beginning on the keys. It could have even been for show. Several times in the season when she didn’t play piano, I wondered if it might have seemed she was flipping off the judges. Even if you hate the judges, you don’t like contestants who don’t bow at their feet.

    7. Voters at American Idol love the frontrunner until the very end. Then they revolt. It happens almost every year without fail. Originally I thought Angie would make it to the finale and then the revolt would happen. But, as soon as that Kree video played, I knew she was done for.

    • realtortriciaw says:

      Oops, I forgot maybe the biggest one:

      8. She is not from the South. She’s from the Northeast which was a killer for her!!!!

    • Jasmine says:

      Yeah, agree with you! I knew this was too good to be true. I hate this right now. I hate that this girl is gone! Mmhn, mmhn, mmhn, mmhn, such a shame…i’m just completely flabbergasted. Still love and her and I’ll still support her. Maybe I should watch next week because I know she’s coming back to perform with the top 10 and who knows, maybe she’ll have a duet with Adam Lambert.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      So the producers forced Angie to eye-fornicate with the camera?

  26. bingham says:

    Candice and Kree both have an incredible natural talent for singing. For me, for you, for me, Angie always seemed to be trying too hard, and not always succeeding. No hate, just my opinion. I’m very happy with this top 2, I think it’s the right top 2.

  27. Leela says:

    All I have to say is “Yay!”

  28. Whatever (formerly know as HTGR) says:

    last post (cheers).
    Whether they got what they wanted or not who even knows. But they were sure manipulating the heck out of things start to finish, to what end who knows. One way or another results got affected throughout the season. Maybe in the end back to what they’d have been anyway? Results haven’t been all that surprising. Maybe partially different? They just need to stop because everyone sees conspiracy in everything whenever anything doesn’t go their way or the way that appears to make the most sense. People here went nuts again and again about the guy thing. Then the Amber thing and Candice not being on top three lists (remember you all went nuts about that dozens of pages, blog and video rants). Maybe the clean sweep to the highest levels for next season is wise and they can start fresh and everyone will stop wearing tin foil hats.
    Best success to Angie. Best luck to Candice and Kree hopefully they blow the roof off. They very well might. All three seem like they might be cool, decent people to me. All three can certainly sing.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      So which guys were ROBBED?

      • LeahKittyS says:

        Burnell, Devin, and Paul all had more up their sleeves then they got to show us in their limited time. Any one of them should have been the last man standing instead of you-know-who.

  29. Nat says:

    Literally cannot believe my dream finale became a reality. That’s never happened! Woo hoo!

  30. lunaburning says:

    Meh. Surprised by the outcome, but not a bit upset. Maybe it’s just me, but Angie seemed to be playing the “big star” too quickly, and buying into her own hype and it was getting under my skin. Every time they showed her out in public, or meeting someone, she’d come out all big, smiley, excited, like; “Here I am! It’s Angie! You must be soooooo excited to meet me!” Kind of glad she didn’t make it through.

  31. jane says:

    Just watched last night’s show and was happy/ shocked Angie was eliminated. I felt for her, but her reaction showed she isn’t ready yet. She’s the only contestant I can remember that was eliminated that couldn’t get through her swan song. It’s a last chance to show America what you have to offer. I just kept thinking about Haley’s exit. She turned it around into a victory song! And Allison sounded awesome even though she lost to Gokey!
    What’s up with idol bringing the parents up on stage? They did that last week and Amber held it together till then. Total manipulation. I think Angie cried so much because she was sure she was going to make it into the finals. After Wed. show, I thought she might go. She screamed a lot, especially on that last song. I’m still a Candice fan, but happy for Kree. I’m actually looking forward to next week. I hope they have some decent songs written for those two talented ladies to sing.

    • bingham says:

      Ah, yes, I loved Haley Reinhart’s sing-out! She totally slayed it and it was all the more impressive because just moments before she had to endure an effing mardis gras surrounding her… Lauren laughing, clapping and jumping up and down; the audience cheering wildly; the “judges” celebrating with big smiles on their faces. I admit that I’m biased because I’m a huge Haley fan but I’ll never forget how different it was from the week before when James was eliminated… Scotty never so much as cracked a smile, he just gave James a big bear hug; the audience was subdued; the “judges” were all sad and some crying. I’m still butthurt about it, I’m not gonna lie. But I am so very impressed with Haley for going out in style with an awesome performance of Bennie and the Jets!!!

      • bingham says:

        And Kree was very kind and considerate of Angie’s feelings which I appreciated. I’m rooting for Candice to win next week but I will be just as happy if Kree wins. Great final 2!!

      • Haley Rocks says:

        “Say J-Lo and Randy have you seen them yet
        Whoa but they’re so spaced out
        B-B-B-B-B-Bennie and… Steven
        Oh but they’re weird and they’re wonderful”


    • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

      What an idiotic statement. This season they had the save till top 4, no one would cry during their exit cuz they were playing for the same. It’s different seeing week after week someone else sing while knowing they are eliminated. The only people that had to face that was Amber and Angie this year, and you’re also a complete moron everyone is different. Haley was faced with sh!t from judges every single damn week, which made her stronger each week of course she held it together and shoved it to the judges. So what if they cry, they lost their dream of being the American Idol. What do you do in life? You probably cry at a small cut, grow up.

  32. Jasmine says:

    “No matter what you say. No matter what you do. No matter what I’m always right there behind you.” I love Our Lady Peace. Those lyrics from the song Right Behind You fit Angie Miller so well. Her real fans will always be right there supporting her, no matter what.

  33. Adam Fachry says:

    Amber Carrington and Sasha Allen schooled Angie with their rendition of Try. Nice try though, Ange (poor pun intended).

  34. Linda says:

    Let’s put it this way, this show is nothing more than a joke and people are suckers. People fell for the poor girl whose parents are deceased and the old crap about the girl being stuck up and mugging too much for the cameras, I mean really give me a break, this show is on its way out, the same old same old every year.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      Linda: “Whaaaah! My favorite didn’t win because everyone SUCKS!”

      No one told me the most dangerous place was between Angie and a camera. I figured it out myself.

  35. KreeFTW says:

    Congrats to Kree! Great singer and a genuinely nice person. Would love to see her win the whole thing now just to further rub it in those mean Angie fans faces!

  36. kaba says:

    The comments of the Ai youtube videos irk me. Everyon keeps say saying “I don’t want country to win AGAIN”…
    Scotty McCreery and Carrie Underwood are the only country winners. Indie/rock has been the attraction these past seasons…. Sans season 10 cause rock certainly was NOT in favor (no I’m not eternally peeved by haleys loss).
    But seriously… The people on YouTube are ignorant as hell.
    Can we stop mistaking the country vote for the first southern vote? The country vote is big but the southern vote is the king. Only two Ai winners haven’t been from the south.
    Candice and Kree are from the south so lord knows they both have a seriously strong chance to win.

  37. kaba says:

    Am I the only one bothered by the timing of Mariah’s video for beautiful? We know Mariah is renowned for her videos having a bit of skin from time to time. But I feel like, and with the negative press she’s been getting, and it will only make her come off as desperate and tasteless as though she’s trying to rekindle her career by doing something like this (which will truly reveal who listens to her music).
    Idk I’m worried

    • syb says:

      I wouldn’t overthink it. I suspect she was trying to be edgy and current. I finally watched it after FFing it the other night since I got home late and just wanted to see the elimination segment.

      It really did look like a parody. Pretty awful.

    • Vivid Industries says:

      Mariah and Nicki on the Idol show, not as judges but to promote themselves. Plus being paid Mariah @ $18 million and Nicki @ $12 million. That’s ridiculous! Look at the way they dress each night. Like whores with their boobs hanging out. The producers think hiring 2 stupid diva witches with a b in front will boost ratings and paying them like they are the last whores on earth. BACKFIRED! American is tired of Mariah’s rambling on and on much about nothing. Nicki’s talking like a retard. I hear there will be a season 13. Idol should definitely bring aboard a former Idol winner or contestant as a judge. Maybe Carrie Underwood? 3 ex Idol contestants as judges? How about Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood, and Kelly Clarkson?

  38. LeahKittyS says:

    With everybody crying shenanigans around here, something just occurred to me. You know how everyone says the deck was stacked with weak men so that a girl would be guaranteed to win? Well, maybe they didn’t actually think the guys were that bad; maybe only the viewers think that. I know the whole production team is all over the press with “Girl’s season, girl’s season, girl’s season,” but maybe they weren’t as desperate to have a girl winner as they were to just break the White Guy With Guitar string. Of the 5 men who made the finals, 2 were black and the other 3 were gay. (There is no denying the gayness of Lazaro, Devin, or Paul; I have confirmed the identities of their respective boyfriends.) There hasn’t been a gay winner yet and a black man hasn’t won since Season 2, so would they have been OK with that? I do agree with the general consensus, though, that this lack of WGWG worsened the ratings decline.
    Speaking of calling shenanigans, something else bothers me. Shenanigans have been going on behind the scenes for as long as the show’s been around. And whenever the chosen favorites of this blog were the victims of it, commenters all over begged for them to call it out. Now, this year, Lazaro decides to call shenanigans and everybody is criminalizing him for it. Why? If all contestants are subject to the shenanigans, why are only the good ones allowed to call it out?

  39. Ann says:

    Tho first thrilled with this result (Angie gone), best 2 singers left standing … now see this could be a landslide win for Kree. Which would be fine … yet Candice, sooooo good, my fav all season, her dream represents so many. But Angie’s fans will more likely shift to Kree and there you go.
    Wish they could be Co-Idols!!

    • Vivid Industries says:

      Angie is gone gone gone. Angie has so much potential in the adult film industry. She would make millions with her Miley Cyrus looks. If she can suck, she will make big bucks. Good luck Angie!! :)

  40. Jasmine says:

    Wow! Can’t believe I didn’t post on here yesterday. It’s been easier dealing with Angie’s elimination. Time heals all wounds. Yes, I know people, Angie’s not dead. I completely understand. But it felt like I lost something important to me the past few months. But, all is well. Angela seems to be fine. So I’m fine. Love her and wish her nothing but the best. I will be checking everyday for new details regarding my American Idol and her music career.

    • Guitar Blue says:

      ^^ seen some rumors that Angie will sing her original song as a guest on the Finale; then it will be released on ITunes. That way, the show and E19 can make a profit from it as well. I’m sure she had to sign a contract for it, and will have a line -in for other recordings on a contract basis. A contract usually has “options”, which will favor the label – in order to be sure they keep her in-tow, in case she does make good sales…………………………

      I see a lot of blogs remarking about who is, or isn’t marketable — a number of artists that have had a degree of success in the business, were thought to be unmarketable by some labels that they auditioned for, before someone else picked them up…………

      Conversely, and something the general public does not hear about — labels have spent a chunk on some they thought were going to be a good bet, and flopped. “Marketability” is a guessing game – and sometimes bad relationships, physical health, family issues, etc., can deter a career path. It takes a lot of drive, work, promotion, maintaining a positive attitude, cooperating with label plans and tour schedules, etc. – to rise to the level of a Kelly, Carrie, – although the exposure and name recognition from the show is a huge boost..

  41. being a 3rd Placer is not bad… there are so many talented contestant of Idol like Melinda Doolitle ( like Angie I thought Melinda in season 6 has the most momentum of the top 3), Danny Gokey ( He is my favorite in seson 8), Haley Reinhart ( although I didnt like her still I think she was the best out of the season 10 contestant) and Joshua “Flipping” Ledet ( Had most moment than any other contenders).

    I think Angie will be a Huge star because she gained her audience and her voice was stellar. And I will predict that she will sell more records than any other previous Idol ( Simon Cowell Line for Carrie Underwood when she sing “Alone”).

  42. Du says:

    Before I answer Michael Slezak’s questions, I wanted to review an interview Angie Miller had done after she’d been eliminated. When asked how she felt about being eliminated, she said “It was upsetting…I was shocked and had expected to be in the ‘American Idol’ final.”

    I understand that she’s 19 years old. I also understand that during her experiences on Idol, there was every indication that she would’ve made the top 2; but to expect to make it to the final when even Candice and Kree could only hope for such a thing, sounded a bit arrogant to me but I digress. Angie’s a talented girl and American Idol has helped get her foot through the door. I’m confidant she’ll conquer the music and entertainment industry. Now onto Michael’s questions.

    Question: What did you think of Angie’s exit?

    Answer: Frankly, had I not been aware of the contestant’s profile on the internet or spent time watching their videos, I wouldn’t have been surprised. When you’re told by fans and by music critics that a contestant is favored to be in the ‘American Idol’ final, you’re sort of conditioned to expect it. So, in answer to the question, I was surprised to see Angie go.

    Oddly enough, had I stuck to watching the show without interacting with other fans on the internet, I wouldn’t have been surprised at all. Candice and Kree stood out amongst the pack. The differences between these two and the other contestants was like night and day. Candice and Kree looked, sounded and acted like professional singers/performers. By comparison, they made the others look amateurish.

    Question: Were you saddened to see her mixture of shock and grief as the news set in?

    Answer: No more than I was when Amber Holcomb and Janelle Arthur were eliminated. Angie, Amber and Janelle were all grief stricken when they’d received the news of their elimination and although I enjoyed them all, I was also confidant that I’d see them again as they navigate their way through the music and entertainment industry.

    Question: Are you surprised it’s come down to Candice and Kree?

    Answer: I’m THRILLED that it’s come down to Candice Glover and Kree Harrison. I’m excited! I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us. Candice won me over during auditions and with “I Who Have Nothing” and Kree’s rendition of “What the World Needs Now” was inspiring. I had these two pegged for the final 2 when the show was down to nine contestants and I’m very happy to see them both come so far. I’m proud of them!

    Question: Who’s got your vote next week — or will it come down to their final performances?

    Answer: Candice and Kree are my favorites. So for me, it’s going to come down to their final performances. I have a tendency to split my votes between them but for the final…I will only vote for the BEST. I expect these girls to give me a night I will remember for years to come. Good luck, girls! Win or lose, you TWO are going to be multi-millionaires. So good luck and give us the BEST of yourselves on your final night of AI. We expect nothing but the BEST….and remember (yes, I’m aware I’m writing this as if they’re ever going to read it but…) your success as an artists/singers/performers will solely depend on your drive to succeed. You two are already STARS. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

  43. In it to win it, dawg! says:

    This finale is the first time in a while that the best two vocalist are in the top two. Last year the best singers were Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet, but Phillip Phillips had the combination of guitar, stage presence, and being able to excel in his genre. Angie should have rode out on the piano like the judges kept telling her. She was trying to compete straight up vocally on some songs and use piano on others. I was surprised she was eliminated, although I am rooting for Candace, I was expecting Angie to win. Now I have no idea who will win this year, however I believe Candace needs to win for the career boost more than Kree. The country audience will support Kree at this point, Candice needs the AI machine to push her out into the market place , especially for R&B radio whose listeners do not watch AI as much as in the past.

  44. teatime says:

    Last year I didn’t vote for Phillip after the first several weeks. He started off strong with his audition version of Thriller. He was one of the contestants I was voting for very early on before I settled on just 1 or 2 favorites. Then he delivered an impressive version of an Usher song. Later in the season he had several really impressive performances such as Volcano, The Stone, and every duet or trio he ever performed in. But I got turned off by how bored he seemed most weeks. I don’t mind that he stayed himself and didn’t want to dress differently or in bright colors when that is not him. I did like that he was likeable and witty when he talked to Ryan, etc. But I did mind that he seemed like he was not interested in performing many weeks. He did have serious medical issues the whole season but I was not sure if that was the whole issue. So I did not vote for him to win after all my other favorites were gone.
    In hindsight, I was too hard on Phillip. Looking at all his performances there really were just a couple that were sub-par. That is normal for even the best contestants. He also has a definite style which resulted in a lot of similar performances while I prefer contestants who show variety. But he still had variety. I think there were just a couple individual weeks where he had a real tough time finding a song option that would work for him. Or maybe even something medical or personal was going on those weeks. I was proven wrong with Phillips. He did a great job on his debut album. His voice and southern drawl are what makes his successful singles work.
    Kree is this year’s Phillip in that most weeks she seems to be completely uninterested in performing. I haven’t been able to understand how people can be so passionate about voting for contestants who put so little energy into their performances. Candice has been my favorite since the beginning so I will be voting for her. But I hope post-Idol Kree proves to be worth the faith her fans have in her. Maybe she just needs to be singing her own music and not be part of a contest in order to really come alive. If so, I’ll have to consider in future seasons that sometimes artists just can’t adapt to the whole contest atmosphere and I need to focus more on just the few best performances and so much on the entire season of performances.

    • MADgotDRUNK says:

      i so agree. Philip is this year’s Kreedom…i’m not sure though if Kree will take it this year…