American Idol Top 3 Results Recap: Better Dig (These) Two (Singers) [Updated]

American-Idol-Top-3-ResultsLife is not a fairytale. Yes, yes, that was the title of American Idol Season 3 champ Fantasia Barrino’s 2006 autobiographical Lifetime movie — don’t try to act like you didn’t watch it, too! — but it was also a subtitle that could be applied to any possible outcome on Season 12 Top 3 results night.

Indeed, whether you entered the night rooting for a Candice/Kree, Angie/Candice or Kree/Angie finale, there simply couldn’t be a 100 percent feel-good happy ending after the credits rolled, the “19” logo sparkled and twinkled and Fox switched over to the season finale of Glee.

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And that’s because, almost five months in to this current, often beleaguered Idol season, all three finalists had established themselves as genuinely worthy heirs to Phillip Phillips’ throne (and the platinum-selling status that comes with it).

I mean, honestly, try to imagine a finale without Candice Glover, the soft-spoken Southern gal with the awe-inspiring combo of vocal horsepower and almost other-worldly musicality that’s allowed her to effortlessly tackle everything from The Cure to Shirley Bassey to Drake. And would you really want to envision next Wednesday night sans Kree Harrison, the Nashville-based demo singer with a tone like 1,000 thread-count sheets and a personality that’s like a bowl of hot chili on the coldest winter day? Then again, how could a confetti shower not pour down on the head of Angie Miller, the New England teenager with a fire in her eyes, an undisputed range and the artistry to drive 3.7 million views to a YouTube video of her Hollywood Week rendition of the self-penned “You Set Me Free“?

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None of those options seemed particularly fun — not even to a Candice aficionado like myself. Yet after an incredibly poorly sound-mixed performance by Lauren Alaina and a good rendition of a sleepy song by Alicia Keys, it was time for Ryan to reveal the week’s voting tallies:

Sent First to Safety
Candice Glover

Sent Second to Safety
Kree Harrison

Angie Miller

As the tears began flowing — for all three contestants, for the fans in the Idoldome, even here at Casa Slezak — Angie gamely attempted to sing a farewell rendition of Colton Dixon’s “Never Gone,” but she just couldn’t get through it. Embraced by her family and her competitors, she giggled and sobbed until the screen cut to black. Whether or not Jimmy Iovine has the good sense to get her to a studio this weekend and cut a rendition of “You Set Me Free” for Christian and AC radio, well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Next week: A Kree-vs.-Candice finale, the one I started dreaming about back in Hollywood Week, allowed myself to verbalize around Top 10, and had pretty much given up on sometime in mid-April. What are the chances? And what do you think of the Season 12 finale faceoff?

Before I pass the mic to all of you, a few other thoughts on the telecast:

* We’re not going to discuss that thing with that animated slug crawling across the screen/Ryan Seacrest’s face, okay? I know Uncle Nigel has a big lighting bill to pay, but at this rate, next season’s contestants are going to have to have advertiser logos tattooed to their foreheads. (Oh Lord, I’ve just put a Very Bad Idea out into the universe.)

* I can’t comment on that group rendition of Selena Gomez’s awful “Who Says,” seeing how Angie, Candice and Kree’s mics didn’t appear to actually be working. Or maybe the three divas pulled a fake-out in protest of having to sing a tune so far beneath their collective skill sets? (I’m choosing to believe that unconfirmed second theory until proven otherwise.)

* Is anyone actually going to the American Idol web site to vote on whether the S12 winner gets a Ford Focus, Fusion, Fiesta or Escape? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Then again, if only like 11 people weigh in, you and your coworkers could log on and totally skew the outcome. (Fun!)

* When Ryan kicked off the show by noting “We have the news that we’ve all been waiting months to hear,” I thought he was talking about Randy Jackson quitting the show. And then I was all, “Dude, we’ve been waiting for that announcement for 12 freakin’ years!”

* Was there anything more grim than Jimmy Iovine declaring that whoever gets signed to Interscope (presumably Angie, Kree and Candice, at a minimum) are in for a lifetime of his meddling with their song choices? Mariah had a point on Wednesday: When you write your own tunes, you take back a lot of power from The Man (Who Dresses Like Justin Bieber’s Stunt Double). Actually, wait, there was something more grim: Jimmy excitedly talking about Kree’s heartbreaking story of her parents’ death like it was just another marketing strategy. Hashtag: NO!

* It’s easy to make fun of Mariah’s ridiculous video for “Beautiful,” but if I had as little body fat as her, I’d probably film Idology half-naked on the back of a motorcycle, too. (Except then Melinda Doolittle would hit me with her pocketbook.)

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of Angie’s exit? Were you saddened to see her mixture of shock and grief as the news set in? Are you surprised it’s come down to Candice and Kree? Who’s got your vote next week — or will it come down to their final performances? Sound off in the comments, and for all my Idol-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Bessie says:

    F-CK YES!! I am so happy right now, I can’t even

  2. Michele says:

    A chubby girl finale…wooohooo!

    • Randy says:

      I like big butts and I can not lie

    • Timmah says:

      A reflection of our overweight culture.

    • deedee says:

      I know! Skinny people are clearly much better singers!

      • Timmah says:

        No, but they’re healthier. Would people be cheering if a couple of smokers made the finale?

      • deedee says:

        Timmah, others are expressing disgust. And I don’t see the logic in saying, “Yay, fat girls!” either, but find it totally weird that you say this is what Candice and Kree fans are cheering about. I can’t speak for others, but am betting that the sentiment runs something more like, “Yay, great singers!”, or “Yay, deserving contestants!”.

        • Timmah says:

          I do see people in this thread celebrating that the skinny girl lost to the chubby girls. And moreover I see overweight people being celebrated all over in this culture. Meanwhile, smokers are considered the scum of the earth. A bit of a double standard, don’t ya think? And no, I don’t smoke.

          • Adam Fachry says:

            Not really. Adele is a smoker and I love her anyways. And Tom Waits whose tone has been improved by drinking and smoking–though without those two it would still be outstanding. Is it unhealthy? yes. But, like at the end of the day, it’s not necessarily relevant (emphasis on necessarily). to their T-A-L-E-N-T. Waits for instance, still has one of the most incredible songwriting skills and his idealism is what epitomizes his music. I think the way you referenced smokers as part of your so-called argument to counter the notion of chubby girls winning over skinny girls is nothing but a poor justification. Double standards? lol.

            And frankly, some of the users on this board love Candice and Kree not because of their weight, but because of their remarkable vocals. You’re practically generalizing that people here hate skinny girls. Lol, I for a fact loooove bunch of TALENTED skinny artists (St. Vincent, Sade, Fiona Apple, Janelle Monae, Cat Power, Joni Mitchell, Neneh Cherry, St. Vincent, Lauryn Hill). Angie can’t even come close to those people I mentioned.

    • WiserView says:

      Wooohooo, makes me puke!!

  3. jan says:

    Worst Idol season ever!

    • Jasmine says:

      yeah, now that ANGIE’S gone. It would’ve turned out great had she been in that finale and then took home the whole thing.

    • WiserView says:

      Worst worst season ever…The show should be retitled American Worst Show!

  4. Kylie says:

    I think the two best singers have made it to the finale. I can’t even remember the last time I felt that way, if ever.

  5. kaba says:

    Sidenote: People, if you haven’t seen it yet. Look up Kree on Rosie O’donnell’s show when she was 10…girl was singing like she ate Candice for breakfast with a side of Jessica Sanchez o.o

    I think Kree will finally get over the show now, cause I think she doesn’t like the process of the show, hence why she performs like she doesn’t give a crap.
    I hope she sings “Stars” that would be a good one for her :)

    Ultimately I think all the Angie supporters going gung-ho and saying Angie was the most commercial, Angie was the most this, Angie was robbed..
    Bleh. If you look at Kree and Angie’s repertoire for the show. Angie’s peak was as impressive as pre-top 10 Kree…and Kree wasn’t even peaking then. Kree is scary good and we only got a glimpse of it back before the top 10.

    Commercial shouldn’t be the only aspect as to why she should win. Kree has the credentials for a highly HIGHLY successful country artist…that voice is just…qbnaekjvnjlwnjwkvnjknjekwnjnvknjevn jn and Candice has her options…I kinda hope for a Mary J. Blige type Candice in the future..idk.

    Sounds like people see no success if you’re not plastered on the radio over and over and over.
    Why can’t we just be happy and say that all girls have an equal chance to be highly successful with their music careers? Cause they do :o

    • Joe says:

      kaba – If Kree sings Stars next week, she could easily win the whole thing. That’s the perfect song choice for her and it’s been an obvious one I’ve been waiting for.

    • Sean says:

      In truth, neither side has it right…it’s a matter of taste. You love Kree, some love Angie, there are even some that aren’t that impressed with Candace. Nobody is right as it is all subjective. That said, I think the people that say this one or that one wasn’t that good (including you with your peaked pre-top ten are being ridiculous. These 3 are VERY evenly matched. Any one of them could have taken it all the way.

  6. It's not all about the money! says:

    Congrats to the top two, very worthy to be there. Angie, sad to watch a the shattering of a dream. Take this experience and use it to your advantage. It took Candice failing three times to make it here, and Kree has been struggling in the business for years. A very wise man once told me that he would never follow a leader that does not limp, in other words life’s setbacks and how you deal with them are what will determine your ultimate destiny. As for the “haters” nothing they have done in the last few months can compare to what you have achieved in a very short time. Thank you for many great moments! Looking forward to watching your continued growth as you perfect the gift you have been given.

  7. kaba says:

    I want Kree to play guitar her next performance..but then people will dub her a WGWG I feel….

  8. Kree and Candice and Angela are remarkable and gifted women. I look forward to a number of years of enjoying their careers.
    I believe the viewers voted less on Wednesday night’s stories and critiques, than on a nebulous sense that indeed Angie needed her piano to best –or most effectively–communicate. The security the piano afforded Angie wasn’t there for Candice or Kree.
    Kree and Candice stood onstage each week, took a deep breath and performed. Each and every effort resonated an authenticity both rare and pure these days. Adele has reminded folks that simply standing and singing can offer as powerfully moving and richly textured experience for an audience as all the hoopla and production surrounding most artists now.
    In the end, enough voters recognized and rewarded the bravery and grace of the two women who stood alone and sang their hearts to us.

    • mike says:

      hey ss…great post….hope you post again

    • The Superficial Man says:

      when talking about Angie needing the “security” of the piano every week -it made me wonder- how come people last year rarely criticized Phillip Phillips for using his guitar EVERY single week ? I know Phillip didn’t play guitar when he did duets ( with Joshua for example ) but I bet if I went backed and looked that almost all ( if not all ) his solo performances featured him playing the guitar. You seldom heard people commenting – ” I would like to see Phillip try to sing without using the guitar as a crutch .” Oh , that’s right- Phillip is a male so we won’t bring that up . Angie used the piano about half the time this season, not every single performance.

      • There was no need to criticize Phillip. As you said, he used his guitar EVERY week. He and his guitar created the performances that won the contest. The dynamics worked.
        Fact: Phillip + guitar = Idol winning combination.

        Angie playing the piano and singing created stellar performances.
        Each of the judges and Jimmy were emphatic throughout the season that Angie’s performances while playing the piano reached special heights, created intimate connections with the audience, and set her apart from everyone else. “You shine!” ” You blossom! No one else in this competition can touch the magic that’s created when you’re playing and singing”

        And yet, as you pointed out, “Angie used the piano about half the time this season, not every single performance.”
        Perhaps if Angie had taken the judges’ advice and more fully embraced the piano/partner dynamic she’d be in the finals. Flip-flopping between piano and no piano hilighted the piano’s role in enhancing her performance,– however subtle.

        • Jessica says:

          SS great comments. Phillip was in sync with his music and guitar. He didn’t play the giddy kid-he switched songs up and I for one enjoyed it-a lot! He also had a moment with Volcano. Like how Kris Allen won with a couple of his songs/moments at the end. It’s about picking a good song, and singing it well.

    • timewarpnut says:

      Love this post! Agree 100%… :-)

  9. marie says:

    OK, so what does this mean? Total votes are significantly down this year – tellingly, Ryan didn’t even mention the number of “nationwide votes” this week! – as is total viewership. I guess it’s true that the Idol audience is made up of primarily older people, some of whom may cast their fifty online votes and call it a day.
    The teenager didn’t win. The two best voices did, regardless of who ends up with the title next week.
    Yet Angie did have something like twice the number of Twitter followers as the others…I’d be very curious to know how that figured in to tonight’s results.

    • deedee says:

      They can remedy the nationwide vote totals by increasing the 50 online votes to 100 or 200.

      • marie says:

        Or 500 – that would be enough to satisfy me. But they need to refine the data-entry process: those “plus” and “minus” signs that assign or remove votes one-by-one are slow and annoying enough for 50 votes; for more, they’d be really tedious.

  10. Davey says:

    I live in Connecticut and I only voted for Amber, Candice and Kree. I never voted for Angie. She may be from the Northeast but her delivery always sounded the same. I found Brooke White more interesting behind the piano than Angie.

  11. AlyB says:

    This is the best possible outcome, one I’ve absolutely wished for since early on in the season. I think we’re so used to having out hopes dashed on this show that a lot of people, even though they were ardent fans of Candice & Kree and were posting all over the place that this is what they wanted to see, just didn’t dare to hope that it could happen. Yet here they are in the top 2. I’m so proud of them and incredibly happy. This is going to be a fabulous finale. Thanks to everyone who never gave up and drove those votes for this result.

  12. kwilliams says:

    Kree is one dreadful performer. Some combination of Candice/Amber/Angie would have been a better finale. Kree is so in over her head.

    • Tanner says:

      uh oh… your bad taste in music is showing.

    • kaba says:

      In over her head? Cause you know what awaits her? Lol weird. She’s been performing for national tv for 12+ weeks now I think she’s aware of what she faces. I and next point, the Kree wasn’t always a poor performer on the show. Look at her earliest stuff, ideally her pre top 10 performances. Girl can perform.

  13. Dudette says:

    Best thing about next week’s finale is Adam Lambert will rock the house.

  14. dj says:

    This is the first time since Reuben/Clay that the two singers I liked the best ended up in the finale. I can hardly believe it. And I kind of feel cheated about all the bitching I could have done if one of them got cut (just kidding!). I’ve been walking around in a daze tonight.

    Actually, I wouldn’t have done a lot of bitching no matter which singers made it, because all three were good. All three had a great run this season. I hope Angie feels proud and blessed. I’m sure she will get signed. TPTB have been salivating about her all season.

  15. Jmac says:

    LOL. You guys always find something to bitch about. Now it’s North vs. South. Sheesh. I’m just happy about tonight’s outcome.

  16. Connor says:

    I would have to imagine Angie will be performing You Set me Free on Thursday because I don’t want to miss it.

  17. kaba says:

    Another thing I seem to notice..
    Angie “fans” tend to do a lot of giving her videos views rather than her votes. Though I don’t think anyone in the comments here is guilty of that. I think a lot of her demographic was people marveled by watching her to the point where they forgot the vote for her

  18. Guitar Blue says:

    All 3 girls had grown together in the competition and appear to be friends through the experience…………

    If Angie is the real deal in an up-and-coming young artist, whether Christian or Soft Rock, she has had sufficient national exposure to get her 100 giant steps past the average hopeful starting in the business.

    IMO – Candice and Kree are the best 2 singers this year. Now it’s down to whether the voters prefer the R&B style with some sweeping vocal runs, or the smoother, even delivery of a song. Genre popularity is part of it …………

    Not surprised to see Randy turn-in his resignation before Fox starts the house-cleaning this year.

  19. Jasmine says:

    I have been reeling for the past few hours. I just can’t believe Angie Miller is gone…I can’t wrap my mind around what people were thinking? Angie deserved to make it over Kree. Angie was super confident yesterday and was beaming throughout the whole night. I’ve never seen her like that. And tonight, she looked stunning in that outfit. She’s truly a beautiful girl. I am deeply saddened by this turnout. Her Twitter fans should’ve voted more for her. She would definitely have been in the finals then. I’m just so upset that I have nothing to look forward to now. She was truly a highlight. And she broke down tonight, which made me feel so bad for her. She was the one who wanted it the most and it was snatched away just like that. I have no doubts she’ll come back swinging. I love this bunny toothed, pageanty, overdramatic, insincere girl. She has given me all I needed in life, in Nicki’s words. I would literally like think about American Idol everyday and couldn’t wait until Angie was going to sing next. I’m so sad. I just hope she doesn’t look at her elimination as if she failed. She didn’t. She’s here to stay! ANGIE MILLER is here to stay! I love her soooo much…

    • Shawnna says:

      Angie deserved to be eliminated in the top 4.

      She failed and is a failure.

      • Jasmine says:

        Shawnna, who are you to say that she’s a failure? She didn’t fail, it wasn’t anything she did. People just didn’t vote. Her fans FAILED! Why are you so hateful, honestly! Why talk about her in such a horrible way. I’ve seen some of your other comments. Angie doesn’t deserve any of this hate. She is a humble girl who would never hurt a fly, yet people like you comment on here and bash the girl for no pure reason other than she has beaver teeth and she’s too dramatic. Grow up. We love you Angie Miller!

        • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

          Seriously, there’s a lot of vicious hate I’ve been seeing on this board very similar to the Amber hate – it’s all about attacks on their personality’s or something.

          Those kind of comments stem from this sort of rage, it’s so weird – they don’t even know them and all this hate? Like, what? These only come from insecurity and jealousy by middle aged women who didn’t receive the attention they always wanted when they were younger, and just focus blame on the beautiful girls and then get so defensive when someone says Candice isn’t as marketable as Angie/Amber cuz she’s not “skinny” (which i don’t agree with anyway) – bottom like, they’re hypocrites and bullies that are far worse bullies than those who made fun of them.

      • Noah Coleman says:

        Angie is not a failure. Kree may be better than her, but that doesn’t make her a failure.

    • marie says:

      While you’re busy asking people “who [they are]” to presume this and that, and demanding “proof” about this and that, how do you know Angie “wanted it the most”? How do you know the other ladies didn’t want it just as much, or more? Hmmm? Just how do you know that? Did you ask her? Do you have proof?
      Sorry your favorite didn’t make it. It’s overwhelmingly, blatantly obvious how you “love her soooo much.” Why don’t you just go stalk her and get to know her and get to be her BFF (which for all I know you already may be, in your own mind).
      Sorry, everyone, this particular fanatical young lady seems to press all my worst buttons. Think I’ll go do something else now.

      • Jasmine says:

        Why do you keep posting, then? Why do you keep reading my comments? Yes, I’m obsessed with ANGIE MILLER! What are you going to do about it? There’s nothing wrong with that. I showed my support for her. And stop asking for proof, you’re so lame. I’m not the type of person to stalk someone, I would never even think of doing that. You’ve seemed to have a pretty good head on your shoulders before even though you hated Angela, but with this comment, you’ve stooped so low…you’re so lame….such a shame….Yes, I looooove ANGIE MILLER. AND i’m going to keep saying it. Too many people leave too many things unsaid and it gets nowhere.

        • marie says:

          (Sings:) “I’m so lame…”
          Honestly, I think I keep reading your posts for something like the reasons people stare at car accidents even though they know it’s not “right” to do so: there’s just something fascinating about, in this case, a young woman being so over-the-top obsessed with a (very minor, at this point anyway) TV celebrity, and how she goes ON and ON and ON…something about this degree of what seems to me to be excessive fanaticism and obsession just draws me in for very base reasons, kind of like a moth drawn to a flame, or a scab you can’t stop picking at. You’re nuts. Completely out of your mind. And interesting because of it. That answer you?

          • marie says:

            “Morbid fascination”! THAT’S the phrase I couldn’t quite find earlier! I enjoy reading Jasmine’s nutty posts out of MORBID FASCINATION with her complete immersion into excessive obsession with a talent show contestant. THAT’S why I was reminded of people being compelled to stare at car accidents: it’s the same slightly unsavory fascination with the outre, the gruesome, the bizarre. OK, I’ll admit it’s not the most attractive behavior I could exhibit, but hey, I’m only human and it’s SUCH FUN! Keep ’em comin’, Jaz, I’m having A BLAST!

          • Jasmine says:

            Yep, got it. How old are you though. I know you’re older than 19, yet you seem to keep wanting to argue and pick fights with me. I’m flattered at your attention. I really am. But you’re doing the same thing, you keep going ON and ON and ON about what I say on here. I must really get under your skin like Cathy does to the moms and Abby on dance moms. Angie Miller might be a TV celebrity but she is a real person, so at least I’m not obsessed with a cartoon character or something. Such negativity from you towards me. My intentions are to praise Angie and her talent, yet you turn it into something negative. We are both out of our minds, you have a part in this too.

          • deedee says:

            LOL! There’s a great screenplay brewing here. A comedy-horror about an obsessed woman who professes her undying love and devotion all over the internet to a failed game-show contestant, vows to find the object of her obsession to become her publicist, manager, and bff, just so she can right the wrong of her early ouster on the show. She is going to make this girl the star she deserves to be! As plans don’t go her way, her internet posts become more and more disturbing, and the woman who’s been reading these posts out of sheer morbid fascination, becomes concerned for the young ex-game-show contestant’s safety. She must find this contestant and warn her of the danger she’s about to face! Antics ensue. :-)

          • LeahKittyS says:

            @deedee No need to tease other commenters. Leave the screenplay writing to me. (This week’s installment was really long but I hope some of you tool the time to read it.)

          • MB says:

            Yes, I did. As a matter of fact it did not come through on my email feed yet a response to it had. So I had to search through 637 post to find it on the blog site. It was really good and now waiting for the final installment. ;)

          • marie says:

            deedee, I adore you (but don’t worry, you needn’t worry about taking out a restraining order; young Ms. Miller, however…)
            Good morning, Jasmine, my little Buttercup, and how are things at the loony bin today? Are you taking your deep breaths and chanting “Ommmmm… ” like I told you? Was the doctor able to help you with the hyperventilating and excessive salivation? No? I’m sorry to hear that. What? Oh dear, Angie Miller hasn’t even phoned you yet to thank you for being her number-one-bestest-fan-most-devoted-acolyte-and-best-best-best-best-BEST-friend-EVER? The NERVE! Well, don’t worry, you’re doing positively everything you can; I’m SURE she HAS to call you tomorrow….
            No need to thank me for the attention, sweetheart, you’ve earned it outright. And since you ask, yes, I’m older than 19 – roughly 3 times that on fact – but I DO sorta remember what it was like to be young and insane (although I personally wasn’t actually certifiable…).

          • HTGR says:

            @marie/deedee – OK so she is a very dramatic typer, whatever, heck I’ve seen tough ass dudes go into a deep funk for a couple days after their team lost the Super Bowl, hell I toss in over the top drama in many of my posts whatever it’s just a blog about a TV show, listen to Mad Dog go onto endless rants on sports radio all day long, whatever- at least half her posts in this thread aren’t running around mocking another poster (I know, I know, it’s all just been in good fun of course, yeah….)

          • deedee says:

            @Leah & HGTR: Relax. I was laughing about how Jasmine and Marie were cat-and-mousing over what ultimately is just a silly show – not mocking anyone, for crying out loud. Their-back-and-forth banter is pretty hilarious and lighthearted, when you look at it. Please, there are so many mean-spirited comments on this board – go tackle those. Oh, and I won’t leave the screenplays to anybody else. I’m a writer. I will write. You can’t stop me. You’ll NEVER stop me! EVERRR!!!

  20. Dudette says:

    It’s the Country votes! Country strong!! Just like X-factor and Tate Stevens. He was always on top for most of the season. Carly Rose had the most twitter followers. Kree next week will have all the country votes. Not sure where Angie’s voters will go.

  21. JenD says:

    Kree looks exhausted and none too happy about having to tap the loss of her parents for an emotional connection to make the judges, and America, happy. I was hoping for her own sake that she would be eliminated this week. This was the finale I wanted back at top 10, but after the look on her face after singing “Here Comes Goodbye,” I’m not exactly happy about it. We’ll see what happens next week. At this point, I’m pretty sure that Candice will win, and she should. She’s a musical genius. I just hope Kree survives all of this. She seems like a good person.

    • Robin says:

      You make a very interesting point there about the loss of her parents. At least we didn’t hear about it weekly like we did from Danny Gokey. I am thrilled she is there in the finale with Candice…they have been my favorites all season. Maybe part of her has checked out from the producer manipulation…contestant bashing or pushing, lack of song choices and dreadful themes weekly, terrible song choices from Jimmy and the producers. Here’s to hoping for a good finale.

  22. twnkltoze says:

    First. Best finale ever was Taylor Hicks and Kathryn McPhee and it had nothing to do with McPhee. This is the first finale where they teamed up major stars with the finalists and like him or not, Taylor generated all of the excitement. I still look up Tobacco Road on You Tube when he broke out his harmonica. He looked so FINE!! As for this Finale, I couldn’t be happier that Candice one of the finalists. I’m just giddy. Not so much about Kree as she lacks any real entertainment value. A Candice/Angie finale would have made for a much more entertaining show. Kree will need to up her game big time. Very excited that Adam Lambert will be dueting with somebody. I pray it’s Candice. I don’t think I could contain myself. Angie has never been my favorite but it still broke my heart as I think she wanted this so much more than Kree. Looking forward to next week!! GO CANDICE FREAKIN’ GLOVER!!!!

  23. dixiegals says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I think it’s pretty even. Many are saying it’s going to be a lopsided victory for Candice. But if the country voters turn out and Angie’s votes goes Kree’s way. It maybe a Kree victory! All I know is This Voice is more entertaining. The singers really rock the house!!

    • Timmah says:

      The Voice singers have much more personality and artistry. And I think the winner will be more successful in the marketplace than Candice or Kree.

  24. Abuelita says:


  25. WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

    I was sad, pissed, hurt – scratch was to AM- that Angie was #robbed this season. But, what can you do. The only positive in all this that I can think of is, holy crap.

    Candice has a f***ing chance at winning this whole damn thing. Wanted her and Angie to be top 2 for a while now and I sort of “came to terms” or accepted that Angie would win over her and I’d be happy for both of them because they are my favorites. But now that this has happened, I feel like Candice could really pull it off and I hope America crowns her the next American Idol as she deserves.

    Though, I really wish I could have seen Angie’s dreams finally come true in winning….so annoying when Kree has sang 2 songs in the past 6-7 weeks that truly showcased that amazing gift God gave her. Ugh. GO CANDICE!!!!!!

  26. dixiegals says:

    American Idol will be back for Season 13, but reports are saying that ALL the judges — Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson — as well as executive director Nigel Lythgoe will all be GONE GONE GONE.

  27. hzl says:

    That’s why american idol ratings always going down down down… coz they never really had an all package winner… Yesterday? was like… American “Drama” Idol contest…

    • WiserView says:

      Yup, this candice won’t make it outside AI, when she faces the real music world. Kree may have a better chance for that nice face. But Angie will really make it, she is a musician not just a singer, plus she looks fantastic on screen. MTV’s would love her. I can’t see Candice in an MTV, she’s not visibly marketable. Maybe in the 70’s when singers were only heard on radios, but definitely not now. sorry candice fans, can’t help telling the truth..

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        You are an idiot. What is the market for country music or r&b? Pretty big, right? (Hillary Scott and Mary J come to mind as current non-skinny powerhouses in both genres). What’s the market for christian rocker ladies with weird hair? Pretty small, right? Case closed. Oh, and you are an idiot.

        • WiserView says:


        • WiserView says:

          And BTW, why are you so bitten by my comment huh idiotguy? Are u Candice Mom? HAHAHA, An idiot mom defending her failures haahahahaha case closed? Close your idiot face! IDIOT!!!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Your reply confirmed my accusation of you being an idiot. You came across as a C-student, 14 year old with pimples in your last 2 comments. And I’m so “bitten” by your comment because it was offensive, moronic, and wrong.

        • Sean says:

          This of course doesn’t take into account a market outside of Christian rock…like pop? You assume because she did a Colton Dixon song that she will only market herself in Christian markets. One of her videos when they asked for something that no one knew was that she loves hard rock (not Christian rock…hard rock). Candace actually does have the least likelihood of making it big, not because of her weight or anything. She has a big voice, but she doesn’t have much in the way of entertainer in her.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Problem is that popular music tends to be a very secular market. Once word gets out that she’s a Jesus freak, no one will care to buy her music. Personally I don’t care what someone’s religious leanings are, but the public does. Angie has effectively zero chance outside the Christian music scene after the way she marketed herself on Idol.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            When did she ever push religion on the show?? I never saw her get in anyone’s face about it on the show? Where? When? She hardly dressed conservatively but just like any other girl her age. She said she has a huge soft spot for hard rock. She even said in a few bits that she didn’t want to go off and become a CC artist (not there is anything wrong with that, I can’t say I’d buy it though myself and it sure wouldn’t sell in her region). But the lot of you keep tossing that box on her and making up stuff. A thousand posts everywhere about how she just want to go be a CC artist and push religion down everyone’s throat and how she has it in the bag and nobody even needs to vote the title is so hers. None of that is or was true.
            I know I stick out like a sore thumb here since this board was never all that into her, but if Candice had gotten dumped you’d all be posting 50x again as the ton I did here and if you did on some big pro-Angie blog you’d stick out too. And yeah I know a bit much with the Haley stuff too but tons of others have done there here too, mine stick out more because there are a lot of pre-twitter lengths posts which is extremely out of fashion at this point in time. One usenet people used to toss of billions of long posts all over back and forth at each other.

          • sean says:

            @angie_overrated. I think you have a warped perception of how people view religion. My guess, and it is only a guess, is that you are taking your viewpoint and assuming everyone shares it. Carrie Underwood has a hit with Jesus Take The Wheel and is also very mainstream. I have a feeling Angie’s going to prove you wrong.

      • kaba says:

        Lmao Kree is a musician too. She just hasn’t bothered to play her guitar.
        Being a musician isn’t the highest power.

        • bingham says:

          Kree plays guitar??? Cool, I hope she plays it during one of her perfomances next week. Then if she wins they can still say WGWG winner! hahah

        • Sean says:

          True…I don’t remember playing it…but Angie playing piano, writing music, and singing should also not be dismissed. There aren’t too many artist that write their own material. Not that there aren’t any, but it isn’t that common.

  28. hzl says:

    I like Angie, she’s not a pretender to be a drama queen, she didn’t cry much when she comes home, she’s holding her emotion, she’s real, she’s vocal that she want’s to win, whoever doesn’t want to win? even candice said, that everyday she dreams of winning… people judge angie so much by saying she’s fake… theatrical… before home coming, then when they saw that she didn’t cry much, they judge her again that she has lack of emotions… what are you? hippocrite haters… just because you hate her doesn’t mean you could bring down a very talented girl… That girl? is the real deal… I will buy her album!!! haha… We all know, she will do better than the two girls on the finale! Go Angie! Dream Big… It doesn’t mean you’re gonna die when you loose idol, it doesn’t mean your dreams will not come true when you loose idol… just cry… but always try! We love you! We will support you all the way even outside AI… you are gonna be a big star!

    • Jasmine says:

      Yes! We love you Angie! You were here and boy did you leave a mark! ANGIE! ANGIE! ANGIE! ANGIE! ANGIE! This girl deserves all the good things that I know is going to come her way!

      • marie says:

        Are you aware that you sound EXACTLY like a toddler stamping her feet and having a temper tantrum?
        (Oh, I am SURELY going to hell for this…!)

        • Jasmine says:

          Marie, you’re so hilarious. I’m having an effect on you. I’m making you feel things. Thanks for the attention. But seriously, are you trying to pick fights with me? Everything I say, you have a smart ass comment to make. What’s wrong with you?

          • marie says:

            As I explain above, you’re completely batsh*t crazy, and often, crazy = fascinating, because it’s just so out of the ordinary. I mean, come on, young ladies your age don’t usually go so totally gaga over celebrities (I’ll compromise for the sake of brevity here; Ms. Miller is by now something of a celebrity), right? Although I’ll admit it’s been some time since I was “almost 19,” so my memory might not be 100% accurate on that.

            You’ve made me laugh – plenty! And thank YOU for THAT, you freaking lunatic!

          • Shawnna says:

            Jasmine is a c**t don’t even worry about her psychotic crazy self.

          • marie says:

            No, Shawna, I wouldn’t use a really mean-spirited name like that. I actually think she’s kind of sweet. Batsh*t crazy, but kind of sweet, in a very, very youthful way.

          • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

            Actually, personally, I think c**t is a beautiful word to describe certain types of people, whether it’s a man or a woman to be honest. Except Shawnna, I don’t believe Jasmine is the true c**t in this whole mess. That’s Marie.

          • marie says:

            RWCS, no offense taken. Don’t give it another thought.

        • Jasmine says:

          I’m not crazy. If you liked Angie Miller and was such a fan, you wouldn’t think I was crazy. It’s just that you don’t like her and therein lay the issue. I’m 19. Yeah, big deal. People are different. I don’t act like what people expect 19 year olds to act like. Who says 19 year olds are supposed to act a certain way? I take such offense to all this crap you’re saying about me. But guess what, the Angie praise will keep on going! She’s not letting anyone get her down and I’m not letting a ‘grown ass woman’ get me down. Angie Miller, I’m looking forward to your first album!

          • marie says:

            Actually, you do have a point there: you’re right; if you’re 19, but carrying on in this situation as might be more expected in someone of 12 or 13 feels right and reflects your feelings and your natural personality, then by all means, rave on! And enjoy it. Love like you’re feeling right now can be quite heady and exhilarating; maybe, after six decades, I’d forgotten just how exciting that much obsession can be. I apologize if I have come off as cruel to you. In fact, I meant it when I said I find you rather sweet. I think I’ve actually learned something here – and from a lunatic teenager, yet! – well, who’d have ever believed that! At very least, I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to respond to your whacked-out posts. So thanks!

          • marie says:

            Oh, and by the way, commendable use of quotation marks on “grown ass woman. ” Clever! Well done.

          • marie says:

            One more thing: just to be very clear, I’ve been using terms like “crazy” and “insane” not in the literal sense of implying actual mental illness, but rather to express my own wonder / bafflement at Jasmine’s extreme expressions of Angie-devotion: “Gee, she’s so over the top, she’s CRAZY!” (Plus I will admit to a small degree of playing cat-and-mouse with her, a little teasing / torturing; I’m not proud of it, but I’d feel bad if I didn’t own up to it at this point.) As Jasmine posted a few posts ago, she admits freely that she IS obsessed and goes on to admonish me that she has the right to act nuts if she wants to, whether or not I think such behavior is age-appropriate for her; I admitted she has a valid point there.
            In fact, I want to go on the record as stating that there is in fact something valuable – even precious – in the passion she is expressing so unashamedly; the young are much more capable of feeling that sort of thing than we older people are – it’s part of being young. And while I’m not exactly envious of Jasmine for being able to fall so completely head-over-heels in love – been there, done that, at a very different point in my life now – I’d like to tell her that I do understand, and that I am actually happy for her to be able to feel something wonderful – love, excitement, passion, devotion, call it what you like – as intensely as she does. Cherish those feelings, hon, they don’t last forever; they’re eventually replaced the capacity to experience a calmer, more peaceful, less exhilarating kind of love, which is more than welcome when you get older, but not nearly as exciting.
            Have a great day, and try not to worry too much about Angie; as you yourself have said, she’ll be fine, and she may well have a successful career ahead of her. I wish both of you nothing but good things.

          • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

            Marie, I completely take back my comment on you I had just posted a few minutes earlier a bit above. That was a very bold statement and took a lot of courage, bravery and shear maturity to make. You sound like a wonderful lady indeed, I felt something good inside run though me as I read that post and about Jasmine’s free nature – I am 21 and at a point in my life now where I am confused I guess and just ready for adventure, you don’t me know and won’t ever get or comprehend how I’m feeling right now but I just want you to know that you’ve helped me personally with growing into my own in life, so thank you :)

            And yes, I am happy and proud of Angela. She’s come a long way. And is only going to do nothing but great things.

          • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

            Ignore what I said earlier, Marie. You seem like a very nice lady and have a lot of courage, bravery, and shear maturity in making the statement that you just did. Kudos. A very good feeling trickled down my entire body for some reason. And I am a 21 year old who is at a point in life where I am just confused and wanting adventure and although you may not know me or ever understand how I am feeling right now, I just wanted to say that you have truly helped me in growing more into my own and contributed heavily in knowing myself. So thank you :)

          • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

            Sorry for double (and now triple) post, before it didn’t show my comment so I tried my best writing what I had said before and I am unable to delete it LOL

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      To me she didn’t come off as fake so much as too fricken aware of being “seen”: The most dangerous place to be is between Ms. Miller and a camera.

      • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

        hahahah, i agree. I love Angie haha and I can sooo seeing her be like “bitch, GTFO.” if someone dares comes in between haha, love her.

  29. hzl says:

    When i saw angie never cried much when she comes home, I knew she is a very strong person, talented and real… when she can’t hold it anymore because she was eliminated… she cried, she couldn’t even sing… she’s really sweet and real person… that’s why she has a lot of haters hahaha… jelous to her…

  30. Diz says:

    I hate Kree & her same black pants every week since she can’t squeeze into anything else. Angie will sell more records than the other 2 combined when it’s all said and done.

    • mike says:

      diz, please do not post again, thanks.

      • kaba says:

        All the Kree hate is humorous. Go back and look at her first 3 performances on the official AI stage.
        Up to the mountain

        All 3 stronger than just about any performance Angie gave aside from who you are and you set me free.

        Kree fell short these past few weeks but now people are talking as though Kree has always been this way. Yeesh people relax.

        And I hate when people insinuate that because they didn’t win they’ll sell more.
        What if Candice and Kree do go on to become a new age fantasia and Carrie? Is that some kind of bad thing?

        • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

          So because of Kree’s first 3 performances on Idol, she should make top 2? Lmao…

          Kree is like Pizza. So damn good at the beginning but then as you keep it longer each day, it just gets to a state where ya, you’ll enjoy it after warming it up – but it’ll only ever come out as “okay”. Nothing spectacular, nothing new, and nothing you’re jumping outta your seat for.

          • kaba says:

            What a poor pseudo intellectual analogy. I can keep on eating pizza all I want.
            I enjoy her frankly because I enjoy krees style and choices.
            The point I’m trying to get at is that she was her best pre top 10, and that obv wasn’t even the best of her best. I’d rather see Kree at her best than Angie now. She’s become pretty obvious to me.
            At the end of the day I think Candice can generally always out perform Angie while not necessarily for Kree

        • Sean says:

          There has been plenty of Angie hate going around too which is pretty ridiculous as well.

      • WiserView says:

        @Mike. Do you own this blog? Let her speak her mind just as you speak yours as well.

    • WiserView says:

      Agree @Diz. There must be no more A!13.

  31. Doc says:

    Angie got what most every artist singer songwriter needs,, EXPOSURE.. and she got it on national television…She has her ticket to go all kinds of people in the business..get tips from the best in the business… Its all in her hands.. she should polish up her skills, piano, vocal and writing, more so and come back and explode onto the scene next year with her own album ,, which I’m pretty sure she will get many offers… She is set for stardom… she got her big break… now the work is up to her to complete,, I think she will do it..

  32. KellyP says:

    The Candice and Kree match-up seems fairly even: Candice has the voice, but Kree has the backstory and country voters behind her back. It’s a toss-up, IMHO, which means they’ll need to be very smart with song choices. NO BURT BACHARACH PLEASE!

  33. Tahoe Mike says:

    What a day in Idol land! Randy is gone (wow, that’s fun to type), Janelle’s interview finally posted, and the voters sent the producers a big up yours message.
    I just wanted Candice in the final. I did expect that Angie would be there too, I didn’t see Kree pulling that one off.
    I have thought that Angie was way over hyped all season, but she has grown on me a bit the past few weeks. The funny thing is that the performances I liked were the ones she got criticized by the judges for, go figure.
    If they hadn’t told me who it was, I never would have recognized Lauren Alina.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      Did anyone notice that every country female singer on the Voice this year can outsing Lauren on their worst day?

  34. dj says:

    Seriously worried about who we’re going to have as much fun bitching about as Randy.

  35. LeahKittyS says:

    I just read Michael’s comment about waiting for Randy’s departure and snickered. I kind of feel the same way. To quote Sirius Black: “I’ve done my waiting! Twelve years of it!”

  36. cimi says:

    Wow. I guess you have to get here early to post a comment someone might actually have the time to read.
    If anyone does read, here’s my two cents. I wanted a Candice/Angie finale. I love Kree but I’m just not in to country. I feel for her that her parents aren’t around anymore but I wonder just how many votes she got for that emotional homecoming. Angie was just more entertaining for me and to me, this is sometimes more important than voice talent. And of course, Adam Lambert had both :P Sorry; had to get that in there:)

  37. Roz says:

    I am thrilled with tonight’s outcome. America finally got it right, the 2 best voices in this years competition. Angie was a little too full of herself and although her voice is good, it did nothing for me. Kree gives me goosebumps when she sings and not so with the others. I think Candice has an excellent voice but my heart is with Kree. She has such a rich and pure tone, just beautiful. It should be a really good final which is certainly not always the case.

  38. The Superficial Man says:

    Well- it looks like two time-honored traditions of American Idol are holding up again in Season 12. One- the winner will not be from the North or Northeast ( I believe the only non-Southern winners were David Cook from Missouri in 2008 and Lee Dewyze from Illinois in 2010, although Carrie is from Oklahoma which technically isn’t the South ) Secondly- a slim, model-like knockout-looking female with a killer figure has never won. 4 women and 7 men have won Idol. Of the 4 women- Kelly Clarkson in 2002 was the cute, girl next-door, Fantasia in 2004 and Jordin Sparks in 2007 were both fuller-figured women. Finally- Carrie Underwood in 2005 was a pretty girl- next -door right off the farm, not the slimmed-down temptress of 2013. I wanted Angie in the finale and if she had made it and lost to Candice I would have been OK with that ( although I would have been rooting for Angie. Personally I think Angie is stunning with a great figure ( love those leather shorts she would wear at times !! ) but I sometimes think if everything about Angie stayed the same ( personality, singing style ) but she was 25 pounds heavier some people might have been more inclined to vote for her. Just talking to some women I work with and know I get the impression they can identify more with someone like Kree from a looks standpoint then someone like Angie. I’m sure there there are voters out there who see Angie parading around on stage thinking “that girl can sing AND she has great legs- phooey !- she doesn’t need my help I’m not voting for her” In my opinion for a woman to win she has to be someone female voters can relate to or not feel threated by. When Jordin Sparks won I remember seeing a quote online by someone who said- ” Jordin looks like someone who could be your friend, as opposed to someone who could steal your boyfriend “. ( Pia Toscano comes to mind as someone who looks like the boyfriend-stealer type but I have heard and read that in actually Pia is actually very shy and quiet ) Just my two cents p.s.- in protest of Angie being gone I will not watch Weds. show next week but i will watch the Thursday finale. I did the same thing two years ago after Haley got booted- I refused to watch the Country Cuties Scotty and Lauren perform but did watch the finale the following night ) p.p.s. – Yes- I do love Angie’s voice ( not just her looks ) and I listen to Idol Mp3 in my car- I think I have listened to Angie’s version of “Halo” from Top 5 week well over a hundred times in the past month. Kree has a smooth pleasant voice but as a performer she put me to sleep more often than not. I would rarely go back and watch/listen to her performances a second time.

    • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

      Agree 100% with everything you said.

      Women are just plain catty and hate on each other. Look at Nicki and Mariah as prime examples. Pretty women, no matter how sincere and humble they are – just can’t win in today’s society cuz you’ve got other hateful and spiteful women who are ready to tear them down.

      Oh but what if a GUY is hot? Nevermind – they WIN Idol -___-

      • deedee says:

        Yeah, pretty, young, white women with great figures have it so tough in today’s society. Let’s have a telethon.

        • syb says:

          Heh. Ok that was funny.

        • marie says:

          LOL deedee!
          Oh, wait a minute, I can’t laugh at your jest; you’re a woman and so I confess I hate you!

        • Sean says:

          funny, but I don’t think that is really what he said. Just because you point out something that might have skewed the vote, doesn’t mean you feel “bad” for Angie. That said, what wasn’t mentioned besides when it was first mentioned early on was Angie’s hearing loss and perseverance through that to become a damn good singer.

          • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

            Thank you.

            And yes, I agree – Angie had an incredible amount of struggle to overcome with that as well, imagine growing up partially deaf in an ear? Imagine the doctors, etc, u gotta go through and tests you gotta do to see how it is as you are developing in your life? No, i can’t, because I was fortunate enough to not have to go through that. But Angie had to and she has come a LONG way to overcome that and to be where she’s at today. And that, unfortunately, is often overlooked because she is fine, yes, the pretty one. But that doesn’t mean she damn well hasn’t struggled like everybody else in life either.

        • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

          Clearly missing the point in what I had said, again just cattyness it’s so annoying lmao.

      • bs’d
        Oh yeah!!! All those “hot guys” Ruben, Kris Allen, Doughtry!!! Offah!

  39. WiserView says:

    Disgusted with the result. Angie deserves to be one in the finale. But take heart Angie fans, Ai Title has jinx. i can only consider four deserving AI title holders (deserving for having no runner ups who are really better) namely; Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Fantasia (though i don’t like her), and David Cook. So I know Angie will make it bigger than these final two. Plus does anyone notice how robotic the four judges are during the performance night? Once the first judge said something, all the rest will concur. keith better go back home to land down under. randy must retire, nicki and mariah can both pass to be las vegas showgirls..LOL. And AI can retire airing. The longer it is aired the worse it becomes. I dont wanna hear Idol season 13. Enough of this scripted, ridiculous and unrealistic competition, The producers just wanna earn big money out of the show, never mind how stupid it is carried on.

    • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

      Wow, I never thought of it like that (like that being deserving means there really are no runner ups that can actually really beat you) – like really in depth.

      Season 1 – Tamyra was good, but Kelly’s got that natural tone that just puts her way above.
      Season 2 – Ruben was always great, but Clay could outperform and outsing him sometimes.
      Season 3- Yeah, JHud is big now but there was no one on that season that was better than Fantasia, let’s be honest.
      Season 4- Loved Carrie and love her now, seriously she was the only one on that season who came on, knew who they were and stayed consistently awesome throughout.
      Season 5- Taylor Hicks….daughtry, ’nuff said.
      Season 6- Jordin Sparks is amazing in her own right, but Melinda Doolittle (this is based off no bias from watching her on Idology, this was my opinion back then) was the best singer of that season. She was the star of that and unfortunately, people have forgotten that.You know what? That was the last time a girl one and instead of the arguably best singer winning, it was what I felt a 2nd/1st in her own right MARKETABLE singer that really won. Not taking credit away from her but that’s how it played. Now, after 6 years, another girl will win. And although I love Ange (her and Candice are my 2 favs of the season), I think it’s only right that Candice -IMO- the best singer out of anyone this competition deserves to win. Why? Because, if she won, she wouldn’t just be a winner, but she would truly be a deserving winner.

      Season 7- agreed David Cook

      Season 8 – Loved Kris Allen, wanted him to win actually. I think both him and Adam were deserving – Adam could outsing Kris. And although other deserving winners previously were straight up singers, I believe Kris did show that artistry can also win, and in its own right, be a deserving winner cuz of that. Other winners (Ruben, Taylor, Jordin) did not have what Kris did and for that I believe Kris was a deserving winner. But that’s opinion. That top 2 was amazing.

      Season 9 – Sorry Lee, but Crystal and Siobahn were much better.

      Seson 10 – I am a HUGE Haley Reinhart fan, bought her album and everything. I think she deserved to win, but I am being completely and totally honest here, Scotty did deserve to win. Although boring and he put me to sleep – I could never EVER rag on him for being a bad singer. Cuz his tone and his voice, are A+ material and miles ahead from every other contestant (besides Haley, which is opinion) and him and Haley should have been the rightful top 2 of that season.

      Season 11 – I love Phillips’ songs and know he is huge, fine. But Jessica Sanchez was the one who deserved that crown the most. Joshua was great too but Jessica was the one who I felt screamed God given talent the most and I really thought that year belonged to her. Difference between Phillip and Kris Allen for me is that while Phil’s performances can be captivating, Kris Allen can actually do that but ALSO, he could SING well. Kris did both exceptionally, and didn’t need a guitar to stand out which is why I gave him a deserving stance while not Phillip.

      Season 12 – Well, like I said earlier, I loved Candice/Angie and wanted them to be top 2. Didn’t get my wish. But when it comes down to it, I think Candice has the best voice and that that voice is just simply in another league to all other contestants this year so I believe she is the deserving winner of AI12 and hopefully, we get that too. But I also believe if Angie won, it’d be like Kris – amazing performance/artist but ALSO, an amazing SINGER as well, another deserving winner in their own right as well.

      However, since we have now had more artist type of singers winning, I think it would be nice to have a real SINGER’s singer win again – it’s been since Carrie Underwood to really have that and look at her, Kelly and Fantasia – the three most successful Idols of them all. And I think that’s what American Idol needs to have again in order to either end it completely with a good and accomplished feel for their original goal in season 1 or make people remember why they first watched in the first place.

      We’ve seen successful singer’s singers win and artistry type singer’s win. Both have worked and it’s been great, But I think now is a time for a change and give Candi girl her “This is my Now” moment and make her be a future big time star in Musical History.

  40. Larali says:

    I am not mad at all with these results. This was my dream finale and i got it. Never had that happened to me on AI.

  41. syb says:

    I cannot believe it. My favorite two out of Hollywood/Vegas knocked out the rest, and have made it to the finale. I’ve always had so much satisfaction not caring about the finale. What now?

    Seriously, good for Idol voters. In a season that was a giant mess from the production standpoint, somehow we got the two best vocalists to the top. I’m stunned now. Tomorrow I expect to be thrilled and energized.

  42. Deborah says:

    Angie is great, but I am super-excited that my top two made it. Kree and Candice are way above anyone else in the top 10 – love them both. Hopefully, Candice takes the title now.

  43. Pavanne says:

    Yes! See what happens when the producers don’t meddle with the judging and just let things happen? Balance is restored to the universe.

  44. Adam Fachry says:

    OHNO MICHAEL, I can’t unsee the image of you toplessly sitting on the back of a motorcycle while Melinda riding it. I think I’m gonna have to lay down lol.

    • dj says:

      I know, wouldn’t that be hilarious?

      I thought that video was stupid and gross and embarrassing. Almost like soft porn. Inappropriate for a “family” show like Idol. Even my 11-year-old daughter said it looked like she was trying to have sex with a motorcycle. I can’t believe Mariah actually wanted anyone to see that. I think that took away what little respect I had left for her. She has a good God-given voice, but she is a stupid woman, and old enough to know better.

  45. RW says:

    Uncle Nigel is really going to get what he wanted with his manipulation and horrible judge panel and that is fired! How you could not have a Male in the top 5 is insane. And the two most boring contestants insures the lowest rated finale ever. I love the show but the only two I looked forward to watching in the top 5 was Angie and Janelle. Finally what really irritated me is the constant standing O’s and contestant butt kissing, I’m sorry but they are not nearly as good as judges made it seem. There was rarely if ever a perfect performance by any of them and even if the singing was spot on the spectacle was lacking. Angie was the only one remotely close to pulling both off.

    • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

      Thank you. Those last two sentences sum up the season as a whole – yes there were many great performances, but nothing was always perfect. But, Angie was sure damn the closest at making you watch your favorite singer perform in front of you,

  46. kaba says:

    People that say Candice won’t be successful perplex me..
    I’m almost certain they dunno who Mary J. Blige or something cause that’s what I see when I look at Candice.

  47. Maria says:

    I will be happy with the winner, whether it’s Candice or Kree. Candice has incredible power in her voice, yet she knows when to hold back. Kree, to my ears, sounds like a young Martina McBride…smooth and pure. I’m sure both of them will go on to have successful careers no matter how next week turns out.

  48. David says:

    Congrats to Kree and Candice, but for the second time in three years, I won’t be watching the finale.

  49. Like every year, I’m just waiting for Adam to come back and perform. He made that show exciting and unpredictable. Can’t wait to see him next week at the finale.

  50. Bobbi says:

    Ha! I had absolutely no problem envisioning a finale without Angie…..just didn’t think it would happen. I let out a yell when they announced Kree! Cannot WAIT for this finale!