Hart of Dixie Finale Recap: New York State of Mind

Hart of Dixie Season 2 Finale RecapThe following story contains spoilers from Tuesday’s Hart of Dixie. Read on at your own risk.

Channeling her inner Kelly Taylor, Zoe ends up choosing herself over Wade and George — aka the two men she believes to be the loves of her life — in Hart of Dixie‘s second season finale Tuesday night. But before her independent lady a-ha moment occurs, a bunch of other Bluebell goodness goes down…

Upon waking up in bed with Wade, Zoe freaks out — and, making matters much worse, a newly-single George walks in on them. The pint-sized doc tries to smooth things over with the golden boy she thinks she loves, but he’s at the end of his rope. “My life has completely fallen apart because of you,” a frustrated George exclaims. “This — us — is a fantasy that we’ve clung, too. In reality, the person you really have feelings for is Wade. I saw it when the two of your were together and I saw it again this morning.”

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Zoe, however, ignores those words of wisdom and opts to ditch Bluebell for the weekend to attend a wedding in New York. And wouldn’t you know, Jonah Breeland just so happens to be on the same plane. The two team up to save a man who falls ill during the flight, and — after the jet makes an emergency landing — they hit the road to drive the rest of the way.

Lemon and Wade, meanwhile, are doing some traveling themselves. Their mission: to find the country group Gloriana and beg them to perform at a concert Lemon has already told all of Bluebell about! Tired of his moody, broody ‘tude over Zoe, Lemon tells her friend and business partner, “Being with Zoe Hart made you better — just like you made her better.” (Awww!) And with that, Wade decides to find — and fight for — his ex-gal before it’s too late.

In an unbelievable twist of fate, Wade and Lemon happen upon Zoe and Jonah at a diner along their route. “l know how much I hurt you, Zoe,” the vulnerable Wade confesses. “But everything I’ve done since is to be that man you saw. If you would ever consider giving me another chance, I’m ready.” And, as if that wasn’t he enough, he concludes his declaration with this: “I love you, Zoe Hart.” Zoe admits that she does still have feelings for him, but unfortunately, she just needs some “distance, perspective and time” before jumping back in. And with that, she sets off to New York — now for the entire summer! (“It’s just three months,” Wade notes, hopefully.)

Back in Bluebell, Wade and Lemon arrive at a jam-packed Rammer Jammer (complete with advertised headliner Gloriana). And poor, heartbroken George, heads out on a little musical tour with Wade’s ex Lily Anne, who had earlier helped him write a song to channel his anger toward Zoe and his sadness over Tansy. (Side note: Lavon and Annabeth remain happy and adorable.)

And, while Zoe most certainly does choose herself (and the East Coast) over the fellas in her life, a dapper-looking Jonah has no qualms popping up at the wedding Zoe’s attending, so that, in his words, she “doesn’t have to spend her first night in New York alone.” (Dun-dun-dun!)

How do you feel about Zoe’s choice? And has Wade been redeemed? Hit the comments!

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  1. JP says:

    The episode left me so torn between Zonah and Zade. Both of the guys compliment Zoe so well (not like George). While I had a feeling that Jonah was going to show up at the wedding, it was still a really cute moment. So glad this got picked up for season 3. I have a feeling that George is going to get with Lily Anne which works. I enjoyed George and Zoe in the first 2 episodes but ever since then he has A. been an ass and B. been extremely boring. There just isn’t chemistry there anymore and I am so glad that he is continually an ass because that will just continue to push Zoe towards Wade and/or Jonah. Also, why is is that the only character who has grown throughout the series is Wade?! Lemon has developed a little but Wade really has completely changed for the better. Also, I LOVE AB and LaVon. They are one of my favorite pairings on this show but something tells me Lemon/LaVon are not over yet.

    • Shannon says:

      While I love Zoey/Wade and such I really wish that they would get back to what the heart of the show which is her learning how to be a better doctor, learning about her real dad, her interactions with the towns people etc,,
      I noticed they really gutted the town which are really the comic relief and hopefully bring some back

      writers really look at season 1 and 2 and what worked, what you screwed up on etc and bring the show stronger than ever.

      George had he chance in New Orleans with Zoey and he chose not to go that way and go back to Lemon.. That could have been nice/awkward if they did during season 1 and if the rest of the episodes were stil the same it could have been much different dynamics

  2. stacie says:

    My recap of season two -overall a 7 out of 10 ( Season one was a 9 out of 10 )
    loved the growth/ depth in Lemon’s character this season – she deserves a happy relationship next year
    Love Lavon & AB – they play on each others sense of fun /adventure,-glad to see Ruby gone
    Magnolia is also great – a story line for her next year?
    Wade’s character expanded ( became more relatable) although I still do not think he should be with Zoe and was glad when they broke up.
    Lack of medical episodes – show more of Zoe connecting / helping her patients
    Brick / Shelby ? ( stereotypical ) -did not feel a connection / chemistry there at all
    George’s character I felt digressed ( wishy washy – weaker- unable to know himself or what he wants)
    Hoping for in season three;
    – bring Lemon & Magnolia’s mom back to town ( can she break up Brick & Shelby?)
    -give Zoe & George a chance – even if it does not work out we need to explore this relationship ( I hope it does though)
    – let Wade have a season of continued growth and personal /financial success to regain his confidence ( please do not have him bed hopping all season ) so that we can like him again after his cheating ways last season

  3. Isabel says:

    Did anyone else notice when Zoe was going thru her phone book that Jesse Kinsella was one of her contacts? I loved when Justin Hartley was a guest on that show and now that Emily Owens, M.D. was cancelled, I wish they’d bring him back as a guest star.

  4. Steph Walker says:

    zade is the show if they dont get back togher and stay together by the end of the series i will be fing pissed

    • Maura says:

      Fing pissed? Seriously? I think you are probably too young for the advertisers to worry about and you don’t make enough money.

      • Linda says:

        This. Most of the crazy Wade fanbase = underage girls + grannies. Advertisers could care less about their threats. Sad (for them) but true. I wish the writers would make Zoe likable once again, I don’t care for a main character with such low self esteem that she chooses a guy like Wade (a loser, an underachiever and a CHEATER) over someone like George.

        • Maura says:

          So true, Linda! I don’t know why the CW is worrying about what the immature young girls and Grannies think when they are not the ones with the cash to buy the products advertised. These girls and grannies who obsess non-stop over Wade and make constant rationalizations for his behavior are simply pathetic. In the real world, no woman would pick Wade over George! Wade is a bartender with no education or culture, dim financial prospects, a tendency to sleep around and limited respect for his partner. George is a highly educated, respectable gentleman with a reasonably high earning potential. George reads, stays current on world affairs, engages in many community and cultural activities, doesn’t sleep around and has a set of standards for life. No women in her right mind would pick Wade over George! Especially not a women who spent years living in NYC and becoming a doctor! Zade is ridiculous!

          • essie20 says:

            “These girls” “these grannies” WTH are you talking about?!! Lol. I am neither and I love Wade and Zoe together. I think any reasonable person could see Wade had issues that needed to be addresses. I won’t even take the blame the writers angle with him cheating. Fine. He did it. It’s has to be owned up to and Wade did. He wasn’t up in Zoe’s face pleading his case. He knew he was wrong. He also knew he had to do better for himself and went for the Rammer Jammer as owner. He is showing he wants to be a better man. I find your poor, not financially stable comments to be offensive. I grew up in the project of Brooklyn with much of nothing and made my way to a BA degree and master’s degree and a full time job in marketing. People can grow and come from nothing and be wonderful human beings. It doesn’t mean they are less of a person.

          • Maura says:

            The way you write tells me you are young. It also says that there is no way you work in Marketing or have a Masters degree! Not unless you bought the degree online! Did you even bother proofing what you wrote?

          • Tracie says:

            Judgmental much? Maybe if you stepped outside of your little box your views would open up a bit more. A person’s character and true worth are not measured by how much money he or she makes or what his or her job title is.

            And sorry I don’t fit into your “grannies” or “young girls” categories. I’m in my 30’s and educated. I’d much rather have someone judge me on how I treat others around me and not on what I do for a living or my schooling.

            I do like Wade. I feel he and Zoe complement each other in a way that Zoe and George never will. And in real life I would choose a man like Wade because I like his character. Yes he has flaws and is far from perfect. And yet he has a good heart. Once he is in your corner he will be there forever. And just because I prefer Wade to George as a romantic partner for Zoe, that doesn’t mean that I have to talk bad about George. I can like George. I just don’t think he and Zoe are a good fit. I don’t understand the need that some George fans feel to attack Wade. If you prefer George and Zoe then good for you. Why do you have to tear down another character as a way of propping your guy up? George and Wade are both great guys who bring something different to the table.

          • Shannon says:

            Well said.

          • Thomay says:

            Fans, its now about George and Wade but Zoe and bluebell. It doesn’t matter if George is educated and wade isn’t. We all like different men. If we all like the same we wouldn’t have enought to go around to settle down with. Don’t forget poor wade didn’t have a real parents to show him the way. George had support and affluent parents. Let’s be fair. I like both guys but prefer wade and Zoe as they are different and bring out the best in eachother. Wade matures with her and Zoe relaxes a little. But that’s just me. It seems like that is what she really wants. Season one was great. Season two made wade go backwards as did George. I loved geroge but season two made them all regress. Give us bluebell goss about their parents, families etc to explain wades personality as in season one. Make Zoe DOCTOR again so we can enjoy bluebell characters! Don’t cater to fans, that’s bad writing as they miss the point. Cater to bluebell and its story. I’m educaed with a masters and undergrad. This grannies, teens, middle age banter. its just each to their own. No need to get personal. Agree though. Character devlopment has made many beloved characters terrible. Zoe start being a clever Dr which made her so lovable! Makes it fun to watch. More flirting less bed hopping. Give us a reason why!!!

          • Chrissy says:

            I am a professional and neither a immature young girl or a grannie. I would chose Wade over a emotionally cheater any day. And obviously you would chose George because of his earning potential. You are obviously not talking about love because you cannot chose who you fall in love with. As for George having standards you must not be watching the same show because the only reason he was going to marry Lemon was because he thought Zoe was going back to NY and once he found out she wasn’t he called the wedding off and called it a “grand romantic gesture”. Now that is a man with standards!!!

          • Dee says:

            You rock Chrissy. Well said.

        • ZadeLogic says:

          That is so far from the truth…well at least for this viewer. I’m not a teenager. I’m not stupid. I can logically state my position for liking Wade as the main love option for Zoe. I have other friends similar that feel the same way. Please don’t lump us all as one thing and I won’t for Zeorge fans.

        • hello the writters decided for wade to cheat and besided people make mistake is just a charachcter

      • Jamie says:

        You seem to have an issue with people being too young. You need to get over yourself! Your bitchy attitude toward anyone who doesn’t like George and Zoe is really quite unbecoming and pathetic. Can you open up your tiny mind and consider that maybe some people are commenting from their phones and we all know how those darn cell phones auto correct if we are not careful. It happens to everyone. Maybe they are in a hurry and just need to get the comment written quickly so they can get on with their lives. Oops, they made a mistake typing–Oh well, don’t worry, Maura will make it her mission to call attention to it. You also have an issue with having enough money. Money does not measure a one’s worth or goodness, it only makes them able to buy things. What is your problem? A very unhappy person, I think. People who are always putting others down are just unhappy and insecure so they feel they have to put others down to make themselves feel better. It is really quite sad.

        Now, back to the finale. I personally like Wade and Zoe. Not because of how much money he doesn’t have or what kind of job he does have, but because he does have flaws and is trying to redeem himself. He is trying to be a better person and work on being the man he knows he can be—-for Zoe. He found someone he cares about and realizes he wants to be better for her, to be deserving of her. He is not just about sex. He has not slept with anyone since he cheated. No, I did not like that the cheating happened but I see he had to really sink low to decide what is really important in his life and what he wants. He knew he screwed up but he also knew that an “I’m sorry” wouldn’t get her back. He had to work hard and change. He does still need to grow and have more confidence in himself. He has such a good heart. It is not important what job he has or how much money he has to make him a good choice for Zoe. They really complement each other, like Tracie commented, “in a way that George and Zoe never will.” She also needs to do some growing before they get back together. I do like George’s character but just not with Zoe; I do not feel that they work or have much chemistry. I think season 3 will not be all about Wade and Zoe. I do not think they will get back together right away—they both still need to grow. Season 3, I hope, will be fraught with fun and drama; culminating in Zoe and Wade getting back together.

        • Maura says:

          I have no problem with youth but I do have issues with immaturity! I’m also not a fan of being unrealistic or making rationalizations simply because you like a character.

          • Jamie says:

            What realistic. This is a made up, fake town on television. This is not real life. But if it were, I really appreciate how Wade has looked at himself and realizes he needs to change. He knows he is not perfect and never tries to say “poor me, look what a terrible upbringing I’ve had.” He is a good person at heart. He doesn’t make excuses; he is doing something about it. Go Wade!

          • Chrissy says:

            And the issues with immaturity are that the majority of viewers are for Wade. How is that immature. The character has a job, looks after his father, helps his friends out and when he was single he was dating woman just like George was when he was single. Other than one indiscretion he should never have love in his life again. Just lock him up and throw the key away. I just dont understand your point!

  5. My favorite scenes were Lemon and Wade in the car…Lemon pointing out to Wade how he’s changed for the better since being with Zoe, and how she’s better for being with him. I see Wade as growing in season 3…you could see his resolve when he was listening to Gloriana at the bar. Look at Wade’s face. There is hope for season 3…yes, I think Wade should be forgiven and be given another chance because underneith it all he’s a good guy. Zoe and Wade drive the show and their love story will continue to do so…nothing else matters.

    • Linda says:

      I don’t think they drive the show at all, the show is about the community and about Zoe finding herself. It is not about a ship and it never was. If the writers keep pandering to the crazy Zade shippers this next season will be HoD’s last.

      • Maura says:

        I couldn’t agree more! Pandering to the obsessive Zade lovers will kill the show!

        • Chrissy says:

          As opposed to pandering to the obsessive Zeorge fans. The reason why it got a S3 was because of the obsessed Zade fans.

      • Deb says:

        I believe you meant to say that if they put George and Zoe together that season three will be the last. It is not pandering if you are giving the Majority of fans what they want, and they want Zoe with Wade. They know real chemistry and electricity when they see it. Even a passing “shut up” from Zoe is telling of their magnetic energy. They don’t just choose someone because of their education or money. They can see the real growth in Wade’s character and the absolute charge between Wade and Zoe.
        Just because someone has a privileged life, an education, money,and does everything right— doesn’t make them the best choice. Just because someone has had a really rough life and maybe hasn’t really grown up until now, doesn’t make him a bad choice. Wade recognizes his failures and bad choices, and decides to change and be better—he is really working at getting there. He has fallen in love with Zoe and realizes he made a mistake, but he knows he wants to be better for her, to be there for her.
        I realize that Zoe is the main character and the show is about her growth, but Wade’s character is also driving the show. He is the underdog, not just some two timing jerk that all the George shippers are trying to make him out to be. He had a one night stand out of fear of never living up to what she sees in him and disappointing her. He has never cheated on her otherwise. He has made some bad choices, so what. Who hasn’t? If any of you out there have never made the wrong choice and had to rectify that; then I would really like to meet you because NO ONE is without fault.
        Prince charming George is boring and there is no fire with Zoe, no matter how much the writers try to make it so. It just is not there.
        I think that is because Wilson Bethel has really rocked the Wade character and he is mesmerizing to watch. What a find Leila G. has in him. I do hope Zoe and Wade end up together because they do belong together and what a great love story that would be!
        Also, because the message you are sending is that no matter how low you have sunk, you can always redeem yourself. If you really want it, and as long as you work hard to get there, one step at a time. You can come back from mistakes, it doesn’t have to keep you down. Another message would be showing young girls that what a person does for a living or how much money he has doesn’t make them the best person to be with. A person’s character is what is important.
        Wade has proved his character in his actions and good heart. He has raised his brother and taken care of his father after his mother died when he was 10, He is still taking care of his father and was stuck in Bluebell because he brother didn’t stay to help. He could have left, but his sense of loyalty to his father is overwhelming. He has always been there for Zoe whenever she needed his help, even when she didn’t ask for it—-even when she was a witch to him. He is a good guy! Now he has his own business and trying to make something of himself. What has George done? Oh yeah, he told Zoe he still loved Lemon, then left at the alter, and immediately ran back to Zoe expecting her to be waiting. Then he was in this serious relationship with Tansy, they broke up, and he immediately ran to Zoe after just telling her he did not want her. Again, expecting her to be waiting.
        Who does Zoe deserve to be with—-the one person who has proven himself to always think of her and be there for her—-someone who truly loves her—–WADE! I hope that season three is about working their way back to each other and of course them being endgame. If this is not what will happen then I believe ratings will be in the toilet and there will be no season 4.

      • Helen says:

        Why are Wade shippers crazy, because we are intelligent and can look at a person and judge them for who they are and not what they have. We are insightful and can see the good in Wade.

  6. Sue says:

    Cheers to the writers!! Loved the season 2 finale from start to finish! Love where each of the characters ended up and the appearance by Gloriana-the song couldn’t be more perfect! Amazing job with the whole ZADE relationship! I love ZADE, but after Wade cheated I wasn’t sure how the writers would fix it, but they did! Wade totally redeemed himself and I can’t wait to see ZADE rekindled in season 3!!!

  7. t86 says:

    Well, here we go again. This episode does not look like a Season finale, but at least, some things worked out. yeah, i’m talking about Zoe. After all this mess that the writers doing for her in the last episodes, see her choice being alone for a while, it’s refreshing. Zoe have been annoying because off all this relationship drama. take a time for her, plis. i’ve always like Zoe, but they need do a better character development in the next season. This is for all the character in the show. let Wade have a season of continued growth and personal /financial success to regain his confidence, because the writers really mess him too, if this all crap cheating plot. I think the Zoe/George, is like Lemon/Lavon, they have a really bad timing. but sometime it will happen. for right now, i really like Lavon with AB. And about Jonah, i really don’t know. for right now, i would prefer Zoe being alone for a while, before jumping into a another relationship drama again. Plis writers, make a better character development next season, because this is, i think, the bigger problem in this show right now. very inconsistency. See you in Season 3!

  8. Amaan says:

    ZADE all the way!!!!! Even though its inevitable I don’t want ZORGE!!!

  9. Sarah says:

    My favorite relationship on the show is Zoe and Lavon. What a fantastic friendship they’ve formed. I’d be okay taking a breather from Zoe’s love life to see more of Zoe/Lavon friend time.

  10. Tracie says:

    The finale was better than the 4 episodes preceding it. And yet it still didn’t feel very much like a finale to me. I loved the Wade and Lemon scenes. Their friendship has proven to be a huge highlight for me in the latter part of this season. Hopefully the writers don’t screw up that dynamic by trying to turn it into anything more than a friendship. Please don’t fix what isn’t broken. Not every character on this show has to be involved romantically. I love how much Wade has grown and changed from last season and even the premiere. He realizes that he made a huge mistake and he is setting out to change. And yes I did swoon when he told Zoe he loved her even though I knew that now is not the time for them to get back together. They each have more growing individually to do before they can even contemplate getting back together. Zoe does need a break from BlueBell. Hopefully she uses that time to focus on herself and not getting involved with Jonah. If she gets involved with Jonah that puts her right back to where she was at the start of season 2. I want her to grow and to return to BlueBell next season with a clear head and a renewed focus on herself and her career. She doesn’t need any more romantic entanglements. She needs to take a page out of Lemon’s book this year as far as growing and finding her independence. How awesome is Lemon? Now why aren’t the men falling at her feet? Lemon could use with a romantic relationship next season where she is happy now that she has found her purpose with the Rammer Jammer. George needs to be single. George needs to find out who in the heck George really is. He also needs to man up and take responsibility for his own actions that have lead to where his life is now. Sure Zoe played some part, but she didn’t do it all. And I don’t ever need to see George and Zoe together. I would prefer Jonah over George until Zoe is ready to get back with Wade. My preference is definitely for Zoe to stay single though. She doesn’t need to make her way through all the men in her life. I loved Lavon and AB in this episode although the Burt Reynolds sl was a bit OTT.

    • Shan says:

      Season 3 should also bring back some townsfolk who vanished this season ( the sheriff’s wife, Shelley etc..) It should re-focus on Zoey becoming a better doctor and learning how to care and her interactions with the townspeople. More of her and Lavon’s friendship time is always a hoot. Zoey needs to be single and just focus on herself and her career I agree. I also want to see more of her and Brick’s bantering that was fun develop that relationship too.
      I love Lemon and she should be single for awhile, but find love. I love when she is scheming and she clearly is not the same as season 1 where she wanted everyone to bend to her will and usually got her way.

    • Jamie says:

      I agree, I really like the friendship between lemon and Wade. And please, I agree don’t spoil that relationship by turning them into anything more than just a friendship.

  11. Thomay says:

    Excuse the typos above. Working, kids and smartphones don’t mix sometimes! Heheh

  12. WingsStef says:

    This finale was great. The scenes with Lemon and Wade were great. Good to see two platonic male/female fans on a show. This is not an unique example, but I love it all the same. I also love Zoe and Levon’s scenes.

    I am a Wade and Zoe fan, but I definitely agree with Zoe’s choice to walk away for awhile. He cheated on her, and like Zoe has said many times, he hurt her. One thing that Wade has for himself is what he did was an one night stand but not an affair. Still not excuse, but there is still love there. The real test, I suppose is that Wade stays faithful while Zoe is away even though he does not have to. Zoe and Wade both have lots of growing up to do.

    I like George too. Zoe and George could be a good couple, but like George said, and as Zoe admitted, she has feelings for Wade. She has an attraction for George too. It is a total mess. Wanda and Tom are adorable. Levon and Annabeth are cute.

    I love it.

  13. lala says:

    I cant wait to see Zoe with George!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeee!

  14. Shan says:

    I just finished re-watching season 1 and season 2. I still enjoy season 1 and thought it was consistent and well written. I enjoyed the first half of season 2 and aside from the finale, I just thought the 2nd half of season 2 was sloppy, uneven and lazy writing. The Wade cheating thing still does not make sense to me and there was no build-up. George needs to be single for awhile because he was with Lemon for 15 years and he usually conceded to what she wanted especially with his friendship to Zoey and staying in Bluebell. The same thing with Tansy, but the opposite in which she wanted him to leave Bluebell b/c Zoey was there. That did not make sense because it seemed like their relationship was fine. I mean George asked Wade what to put in the picnic basket so she would bet on it..
    The Christmas episode had Zoey seeing Wade in a whole new light after speaking to his dad about his mom. He seemed perfectly fine with their relationship especially when George’s parents came back to town and it was only Tansy who was uncomfortable about things..

    I really hope the writers tighten things back up for season 3 and come up with new ideas instead of pairing people/breaking up only to pair with another.
    Please let the characters grow instead of regressing etc.. Lemon had a business with AB which I liked and thought it was stupid she dissolved it over something silly as a man. I like that she has the rammer jammer, but i still think 2 bars etc would have made for some interesting stories.

    Can’t wait for season 3..
    Just no Zoe and Jonah

  15. Belles says:

    I think in the season 3 will see more of Lemon mom, because if Brick marry Shelby he need to divorce first and maybe bring back closer L&L ,although i rather see AB & Lavon and please no Zoe & Jonah !!!

  16. dee says:

    Give me Wade and Zoe every time!!! I love these two. I am so glad he finally opened up to Zoe and told how her really feels about her. Now she knows, what will she do? I especially love Wade and how he has looked at himself and realizes he needs to change. He is not perfect and he is trying to redeem himself. Redemption is possible if you care enough to try. Bluebell is such a crazy town and I love the weird things they celebrate. It makes it fun and light. Season 3 is so far away….

    • Thomay says:

      I agree Dee! This show is fun to watch! Ladies need to stop biting at one another over wade and George. Yes I am a professional too but find Wade and Zoe have amazing chemistry (maybe its just Wilson and Rachel!). I rooted for George almost all throughout season one but wades cute pining and sweet actions (they speak louder than words) like making gumbo, longing looks and running around after her without even knowing it himself made it gorgeous. Like pulling pigtails as lavon said. I love George too, my kind of guy, clever, hard working, loving etc but doesn’t spark with her. Wade doesn’t deserve her now, not yet as MUCH as I LOVE their connection as it would seem shallow for the writers to think Zoe or any clever educated respectful woman would accept it. He needs to understand, I don’t think he trully realised his overall womanising ways (tansy etc..) I do understand him though and why he does it and believe he loves her so much and is trying his best as he know how. He has been alone all his life poor guy. Go Wade, Go Zoe but need more Bluebell stories and help her heal to become a gorgeous, confident, happy level headed vixen again who actually connects with her work as SHE CAME to do! BB’s stories are great, s1 had a heap, S2 not so much. Wades dad is amazing… One of the shows cutest lines is from him and proves wades love ‘he talks you know, Zoe this, Zoe that, Zoe, Zoe Zoe, Zoe”. He knew ages before Wade he loved her! Anyway. Let’s just enjoy the ride. Its a great show. It has to annoy us to keep us watching. Also no need to point out age groups etc. We are all at different ages so like different things in a show. Ps I LOVE their clothes!!! Enjoy ladies. Can’t wait for S3. Hi from Australia.

      • Dee says:

        Hello to Australia—

        Yes, I, too, think they shouldn’t get back together right away. They both need to grow more until that can happen, but I will love the episodes working up to that point. Zoe has feelings for Wade, but I don’t think she realizes she loves him. This is a great show and I have not been so invested in a show or a couple in a long time. I really liked George with Tansy. I thought they worked well as a couple and I liked him when he was with her. I have tried to see the chemistry between George and Zoe but to no avail. It always leaves me cold. I think Wade and Zoe could be this great love story because they are so different and you would never expect them to be attracted to one another or fall in love with one another. He is so sweet with her and she needs him. I do understand where Wade is coming from, too, and like that he has finally found someone he wants to put before himself and be a better person for her. Wade and Zoe / Wilson and Rachel just have something special together. Sometimes you get lucky and the actors just click together perfectly. You can’t act that—–it just is! I,myself, am going to go crazy waiting 5 long months for season 3.

        • Chrissy says:

          I agree Dee. I think WB/RB have great chemistry. From S1 E1 I knew the 2 characters would end up together. And the reaction from the majority of the viewers proved who the favorite was. I like Scott Porter but George is just to so sanctimonious . I did not like George when he called Wade a monster in the cheating episode. Like he can talk!!!

          • Dee says:

            You are so right, like he can talk!
            An emotionally cheater (as someone called George earlier) is so much worse because (in his mind, and perhaps his heart) he is invested in someone other than who you are with. Wade had a one night stand–that’s all, no emotional ties. Yes, it was self-destructive. He made a mistake and he knew he was wrong and is now trying to make it right. I have said this many times and I will say it again—I love Wade and Zoe together.They could really be a great love story if the writers get it right!!!

  17. Siena says:

    The Zade fans crack me up! They are obsessed with this show and with Wade! Don’t they have lives? You should see the Facebook site for “Hart of Dixie”! It’s the same old people posting all day long about how they love Wade and he needs to be with Zoey! Some of them even cry over him! Zade = Losers!

    • Emily says:

      There is no need to be rude. George fans are just as obsessed—–it just so happens that there are way more Wade fans. Obviously you are a little jealous that so many people are rooting for Wade and are very passionate about it. He does deserve Zoe. He, like her, has never had a serious relationship either. They both have a lot to learn but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t end up with her. Are you questioning his morals because he made a mistake? He was terrified he would never be good enough for her and could never live up to her belief in him; and he has very low self-esteem. It wasn’t right but that is how he coped at the time. People make mistakes, so what. That is how we learn. Let’s look at Zoe’s morals and the mistakes she has made. Well, she continued wanting someone who was clearly taken, engaged actually, then went on to profess her love to him. Then when he was in another serious relationship she again told him that she loved him. She may not have physically did wrong but where are her morals and sense of right and wrong. It was just a physical one night stand for Wade, no feelings or emotions, involved. Then he immediately realized he was wrong. I don’t think Zoe realizes that her actions are wrong. That is just common sense, not brain surgery—no matter how many relationships she did not have. But I think she is just looking for something to help her cope, but she can’t forget Wade. It would just be a band-aid with George. Who did she go to when she wanted to feel better. Wade! Once the pain passes she should realize that he is sorry and it was just a mistake. Now for George’s morals, here is a man engaged to someone and he, too, continues to want someone else–emotionally cheating. He thinks Zoe will be waiting for him whenever he shows up, and gets angry when she has chosen Wade. He blames Zoe for his problems, when he brought them on himself. How real are his feelings when he told her he could have gotten over her if she had moved back to NY. The best person out of the three is Wade. he realizes his mistakes, tries to better himself and to change, and has the guts to chase her down and tell her how he feels about her even after he did make that big mistake. He really put himself out there. He has a way to go, but then again, so does Zoe.

    • Chrissy says:

      And you obviously don’t have a life if you have time to come on all these fan forums and read all the comments. If you dont like the direction the show is going there is a modern invention called the remote and you can use it to watch something to your liking. And there is no need to be rude.

  18. kelia says:

    I love everything about this show it is absolutely Alabama I am from Alabama and Zoe fits right in that town With all those folks ;-) anything they do with this show is fine by me I want her to be with wade too but I have to stop and think if this was for real and not TV I would kick his butt to the curve for cheating and move on with that delicious looking man that is interested in her :-)

  19. Kim says:

    I think Jonah and Zoe has charisma. I hope they turn it into a love square!

  20. Kim says:

    I mean to say, Zoe and Jonah have CHEMISTRY together! Sorry my bad!

  21. P.E says:

    totally fan of wade and zoe

  22. Linda says:

    The Wade fans are pathetic! They do nothing but talk about how wonderful Wade is and how hot he is and they make excuses any time he does anything wrong! Look at the Hart of Dixie Facebook page! The Wade and Zade fans spend all day gushing over him and they even cry when things don’t go well with Zoe and Wade! Get a life! It’s a TV show and Wade is a self-centered jerk who only cares two things – himself and sex! The maturity level of some of these Zade lovers equals that of the average high school freshman!

    • Tracie says:

      Well gee thanks. Before your so glorious comments I wouldn’t have known that I was pathetic and that my maturity level equals that of a 14 year old. I must have been in some serious denial for the majority of my life. I am a Wade and a WZ fan. I most definitely do not post about how wonderful Wade is. And I rarely post about his looks or spend my time gushing about him. I enjoy the whole show and far more than just WZ. And as part of being a fan of the WHOLE show and WZ, I enjoy discussing all aspects of the show. And despite my teenage maturity level I seem to be able to form well thought out opinions on the show and all of the characters that go beyond attacking fans of the show who like a character or couple who differs from my own. Nor do I spend my time attacking the characters on the show that aren’t my favorite. If I have a criticism of a characters actions, I back it up with proof and even ways I would like to see his or her story line improve. And as a fan of the whole show I am not blind to one characters faults over another. I like Wade. I realize that he is a deeply flawed character who has a lot of growing to do. I am able to step back from my Wade gushing momentarily and actually see where his actions weren’t the best and perhaps lead to some of the predicaments he found himself in. And yet I still fully support him because he is a layered character that I find interesting and sympathize with. Even if I don’t always like his actions, most of the time I do understand his reasons even I if I don’t agree with them. It is entirely possible to like a character and not think that they don’t do any wrong. And actually to like them because they are flawed. It gives them more dimension and makes this TV show more interesting to watch. And amazingly most of the WZ/Wade fans that I have shared discussions with are of the same mindset as me and can form opinions beyond “George sucks”, “GZ is boring”, or “Wade is so hot.” We can even have civilized discussions about George. Just because I like Wade and feel that he is the best possible match for Zoe, that doesn’t mean that I have to bash George or his fans to make myself feel better or make my position that WZ are better make more sense. I can even want the best for George and lobby and root for that. IMHO, the best for George is not Zoe.

    • Tracie says:

      And pardon me, but I just realized that this post says almost the same exact thing that Siena posted above calling “Zade” fans losers even pointing out the exact same arguments as to what makes them losers right down to the HoD FB page. So is it one person posting the same stuff with different names, or do some people share the same brain and can’t form their own thoughts?

    • Chrissy says:

      @Linda..you obviously dont have a life either if you have time to read all the fan forum comments and HOD facebook page and comment on them..Obviously you have sour grapes because the show is not going in the direction you want it to. That is Zoe and George pairing and as you said it is a show so why get so excited and make nasty comments when you dont like the direction the show is going. I think you should look at your maturity levels!

  23. Caro says:

    Zoe and George all the way! I like Annabeth and Lavon but I still think he belongs with Lemon. I’d like to see Annabeth with Wade because they might be truly adorable together! Annabeth is really sweet but she can also be a steel magnolia which is what Wade needs!

  24. April says:

    I noticed that a few people posted about the Zade lovers being pathetic and the Zade lovers got upset. I don’t go on Facebook a lot but I have to say that it doesn’t take much time to see that the Zade people are a little over the top. I was shocked to see how obsessed they are with Wade. Frankly, I find it a little scary and a little strange to be so into a television program but that’s just me. Also, all these comments over Hart of Dixie doesn’t make sense to me. The show was good in season one but I don’t think season two was very good so I don’t understand all the fuss about it.

    • Chrissy says:

      So why are you on this forum if you dont like the direction the show went in S2. Obviously you must not have much of a life like Linda. Make an informed opinion on the show but dont make nasty comments towards the Zade fans. If you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all.

    • Tracie says:

      The way you worded it was a lot more respectful and valid than resorting to call all of a fanbase pathetic and losers while questioning their maturity level. And I would be in agreement with you that there are a portion of fans who do take things way too seriously and their comments definitely seem obsessive and not healthy. The key word is it is a “portion” of the fans. It isn’t the whole of the WZ/Wade fans. That was my objection. I have also seen the same type of comments about Scott Porter/Jason Street/George as well from his fans. To me it seems strange that there are some fans who watched Scott Porter in FNL and have become obsessed with him. I never read anything about HoD during the first season. And then when I joined the online fandom I couldn’t read a comment about Scott Porter/George that didn’t mention Jason Street. I haven’t seen FNL so I had no idea who Jason Street even was. And more so, I came to like Wade/Zoe & Wade through the interaction on TV. I couldn’t and can’t understand why there are some fans who feel that just because SP played Jason Street on an unconnected television show they feel that means that George is perfect for Zoe. That doesn’t mean that every fan who likes George and Zoe together feels that. And yet at the time and the comments I read it certainly seemed like it to me. And yet I never once got online and called all George/GZ obsessed pathetic FNL/Jason Street fangirls. I think it is fair to say that any group whether a fan of a TV show or something else is going to have a small percentage of fans who are louder and a bit more obsessed. And simply there seem to be a lot more Wade/WZ fans than George/GZ fans so it appears as if there are even more of them. As for why all the discussion about HoD, I can only speak for myself. I like the show. I find it quirky and charming. I enjoy the cast and characters. And it is fun to escape for an hour each week. I discuss the show because I do enjoy it so much. And I enjoy discussing it with like-minded people. I enjoyed the 2nd season up until a certain point because for me the tone of the show changed. And yet I wouldn’t mind a mix of season 1 and season 2 in season 3. And TPTB won’t ever know what the fans like or respond to unless they do talk about it online. It is simply feedback.

  25. Caro says:

    Just saw “10 Years” on DVD and Scott Porter did a nice job! Happy to see him in a feature film!

  26. Stephanie says:

    Team George for life! The least the writers could do is give them a relationship! Even if it ends quickly! They’ve been dangling it in our face for two long seasons!

    • Dee says:

      Dangling is really pushing it. I would say trying to, but the line keeps breaking because they just don’t work. They are not at all interesting together. Their scenes just go very flat. I tried to see something between them in season one, but I got nothing. I am sorry but it’s true. She needs Wade. Now those two….ahhhh….they are so good, you can’t get enough.

  27. Lynzee says:

    I have always been a George fan. I actually feel like he needs to be single in season three. I thought that Zoe and George should have hooked up at some point this season, but the writers didn’t do that. I don’t want George with Lemon nor do I think he would be good with Annabeth. The Zoe/George combination might be all in their dreams, but in Season 1 they had chemistry. I don’t get the direction the writers are going in, but I feel it isn’t fair to keep breaking up George when he is happy. Zoe has horrible timing and she either needs to let him go, or try something with him. I could see George and Zoe crossing paths in New York over the Summer. Since he is on tour with LillyAnn. I don’t know how the writers would incorporate this in, but maybe a hook up happens between them. George then has to keep traveling for the tour and never addresses anything with Zoe. He could then just avoid her for most of the season. Basically because he wants to see what the single life is. I think the writers could give George a little of the bad boy image and more people might think he is interesting. In the end, I hope the writers let George actually fall in love with someone (not break off every relationship he has and it cannot be AB or Lemon) and marry them. At this point, I really don’t care for him being with Zoe. I think she is selfish and immature. I never really liked Wade with her and I don’t find him that attractive. I think the direction the writers are going to go is the same direction they went for season 2. They don’t want to upset the Zade fan base. I don’t think I will be watching as much because I always wanted George for Zoe. I just hope the writers finally give George the happiness he deserves.

      • Denise says:

        I really get so confused and wonder what show the Zeorge shippers are watching because it is just boresville when Zoe and George are in a scene together. It’s like hitting your head against the wall—what are they watching? Anyway, everyone has their opinion and I have mine. Scott and Rachel are good actors and say the right lines, but it NEVER works for them on screen. There is absolutely no spark between them, even when they kissed–it left me cold. Beginning the 3rd season with her and this Joel character together (after she had a fling and slept with Jonah) is ridiculous. I do not like Joel either. Zoe acts like his mother. That pairing is just awful, but that won’t last. I do think that they will put her with George after Joel leaves, but I think it will be obvious that George is, like Joel is, a SAFE choice for Zoe, not the right choice. Zoe and Wade are fire and George and Zoe are ice.

  28. QueenB says:

    I watched the first season and really enjoyed this show and haven’t watched the second season yet but I find it odd that the writers have already started the triangle without developing any of the relationships first the triangle should have started during the uocinjng season

  29. Sindy 007 says:

    So I’m extremely late….I live over in the UK and let me tell you were all ZADE fans here aswell! I think the finle was good not great! I mean I loved how wade finally opened up to zoe about how he feels! And I love seeing his vulnerable side that’s what makes him so attractive! (aside from his looks). And although it was a massive twist to add in that he cheated on her…you have got to admit the break up scene was SO emotional and we got to see real depth in wade and Zoe’s relationship! (She cried for him and showed how angry she was-shows she cares) also not to mention that scene after the break up with lavon where he says he lost the best girl he ever had! :( ok so moving back to the finale I think it was all just a bit rushed I mean we have waited since the breakup for wade to fight for zoe and then the scene lasted like 5 minutes BUT I suppose you could say what was said was really sweet And came from the heart (the I love you zoe hart-melted me!). But the fact she didn’t say it back was actually a good thing because it wud be so nice for zoe to chase after wade this time! If you look back all wade has done is chase zoe and hide these feelings he’s had I think wade needs someone to appreciate him and zoe has to be the one who says she wants to be with him and that she loves him too! (Apart from season 2 ep 10- which was EPIC) but I think we really need to see zoe confess her feelings and also when wade and zoe were together there were times where I was like why are they making their relationship all about sec they actually do have a lot to talk about it might not be the same things but remember they were friends before hooking up! I think they need to show ZADE a few more actual conversations! Ok and finally my hopes for season 3- as much as I live ZADE I want zoe to fight for wade soo I want possibly zoe to have moved on maybe with Jonah (which btw I dnt hate but he will NEVER be the end game no character that comes in the middle of a tv series is the last love interest never gna happen) . Or George which people are right- I don’t find him boring but zoe and George would just be so boring if two people agree on everything how is there anything to discuss! So I want zoe to either realise on her own she doesn’t like George in that way and only loves him as a friend. (Btw he needs to stop taking wade’s leftovers it’s weird! Lol also him and Tansy were great together he needs someone fiesty and fun! ) and as for wade people suggesting he should get with lemon need ure head testing!! No just no I HATE it when writers start making all characters hook up with eachother sometimes friendships are what make the show dnt get me wrong I love lemon now she’s grown on me but I also love her friendship with wade it’ll be fun to see them run a business together! And for wade I want him to keep maturing but also keep that funny sense of humour because that’s what makes him different from George he’s confident in who he is! Ok and done ZADE ALL THE WAY! xx

  30. Melanie says:

    I started season one on a whim a couple of weeks ago because it was on netflix and then had to watch season two because it was such addictive fun. While the plots are sometimes a little far-fetched (and yes, the Burt Reynolds plot was a perfect example of this) I really appreciate that the main characters are recognizably flawed and human.

    As far as Zoe’s romantic life is concerned, I came into the show prepared to ship Zoe and George, mostly because I loved Scott Porter in FNL, but within a very few episodes I really fell in love with Zoe and Wade’s spark. In my mind, he’s clearly wanted more than a hook-up since mid-season one and as confused and scared and sometimes as stupid as that’s made him, he’s made genuine progress. I also find Zoe’s struggle to understand her own emotions to be fascinating, whether it’s about her family issues, Bluebell vs. New York, or her love life.

    I do want to see Zoe and Wade back together in season three, although I think they both have some growing to do. Wade’s got a lot to be proud of in terms of the Rammer Jammer and having the courage to confront Zoe with his feelings, but I suspect that in the long-term he would need to know that he’s Zoe’s first choice. And Zoe needs to start looking for answers inside herself. I hope they can can make it work!

    • Dee says:

      Wow that was so well said and very insightful. I too tried to see George and Zoe together in the beginning but was always drawn to Wade. Loved his dynamic with Zoe and couldn’t get enough of them. I do agree they both need to grow more and hope they work their way back to each other.
      Saw an interview with Leila G.and she said in season 3 the triangle is over at least for now with Z W and G. She did say though that most people will be getting new love interests. What does this mean …maybe she will change her mind…who knows. I hope she doesn’t screw up the Wade and Zoe thing by totally ending it and giving them new love interests. Can’t wait for 3.

      • Melanie says:

        Thanks Dee! I’m really interested in your point about show-runner intent. In a lot of shows it seems like Wade truly would be limited to the stereotypical bad-boy placeholder. Just someone to keep Zoe busy while we all rooted for the ‘hero’ to finally sweep her off her feet.

        But since almost the beginning, Wade has been allowed to expand beyond that. Whether it’s the show-runner, the writers or what the actor had made of the part, Wade’s story-line with his family and friends really had some depth and showed the real character behind the facade.

        Nobody knows what’s going to happen. Honestly, I hate the idea of ‘end-game’ because isn’t the journey what it really is all about? But I think that Wade is portrayed and acted as real and legitimate suitor and not just a obstacle.

  31. Beth says:

    I’d have to say that I started watching this TV show last week and have become a little bit obsessed over it. I have downloaded the series on iTunes and have watched the episodes at least twice over. It’s so hard to find a TV show that I really can get into anymore. I am a major sci-fi fan so a TV show like this that interests me is quite rare. I’d have to say that I am a fan of Levon, Wade and Lemon. Zoe sometimes irritates me a little with her indecisiveness and going after men that are not hers. What is up with that? The only time I really like her is when she is with Wade. The two of them are hilarious together. Rachel and Wilson should do some comedy together because they are downright silly! Also, it’s a bonus that their intimate scenes together don’t make me at all uncomfortable LOL. Yeah, I’m a bit of a prude. While I don’t condone cheating, I am little sadden by the sudden separation of Zoe and Wade as a result of cheating. The writers could have chosen to go in a different direction but what’s done is done. I am interested to see which direction season 3 will take us. However, I do NOT like that George character at all. Why did he waste Lemon’s time and then dump her on her wedding day? No one deserves to be treated like that not to mention how much money her father wasted in making that day happen. If he did really “love” Lemon (after 15 years), he wouldn’t have tried pick up another girl on the same night he calls off the wedding. What a complete JERK! I’d have to say I’d prefer Zoe ending up with Meatball over George Tucker. Ha! There are other factors in my dislike of George Tucker but I don’t want to waste any more of my time typing about him. As for Jonah? He’s not too interesting a character. I think they brought him in to confuse everything. He’s a good-looking guy and everything but he character almost blends into the background. It’s really hard to describe but that’s the way I see his character as. He just pops up at the weirdest times like in the bar after Tansy and George break up or on the airplane while Zoe is going to NYC. How did he even get into the wedding area when he obviously wasn’t invited? They just let anyone in with a tux on in NYC? Just really weird. I did not like Lemon too much in the first season but the second season really brought out her character. The best thing to happen to her was George dumping her on her wedding day. She completely reinvented herself for the better. I like Wade. He was dealt with the short end of the stick all his life and it’s about time he realizes that he deserves more than just some whores in a bar. I’m glad he’s found some purpose in life even if it is Zoe Hart. Rachel probably is a really nice girl but she’s not very believable as a doctor. But then, this isn’t “House” and she isn’t Olivia Wilde or Jennifer Morrison. On a final note, I am a fan of Zoe and Wade together (Zade just sounds weird). Relationships are complicated and to make it work there has to be sacrifices and compromises. Just because you have similar interests, it won’t mean that it will work out. Especially if it’s George Tucker. He might change his mind and dump you at the altar because he was secretly flirting with someone else. Maybe another lawyer from NYC this time! HA! There is my two cents worth.

  32. Gene says:

    I liked George and Zoe from the beginning, but I have to admit I dislike Wade and Zoe so much as a couple I almost stopped watching the show. It’s just awful. They have literally zilch in common, but apparently it’s some kind of audience fantasy to have the local slutty barman date a doctor? (If Zoe hasn’t caught something off of Wade, it’s a tv miracle.)
    For me, the Zoe and Wade storyline felt forced, and then when he cheated, I couldn’t believe fans thought they should still be together? It just doesn’t work for me. I thought Wade worked great as a fling but not as a couple option.
    I liked Zoe and George because being in a relationship involves connecting on a lot of other levels, and the dialogue between them shows they have a similar sense of humour, and enjoy similar things. (Most of the time, Wade doesn’t seem to even get what Zoe’s talking about.) But in trying to make Zoe and Wade appear believable, the writer’s had to basically massacre the Zoe and George dynamic, which was a pity.
    I hope all the characters get fresh starts in Season 3, especially with new characters being introduced. And I hope the show focuses more on the people of the town and Zoe’s doctoring- I know the romance stuff sells it, but still, it was a better show in the beginning when there were storylines that weren’t romance-based.
    Annabeth is my favourite character so far, and I like Rose. I actually find the Lemon-Wade dynamic really interesting.

  33. Beth says:

    I have dated a lot of guys–DATED–not slept with. There were plenty of men that had similar interests but if the chemistry is not there, it’s not there no matter how hard you try to make it happen. Yes, I have dated an actual surgical resident at one point in my college years. He was 28 and I was 22; we went of a few dates but I just couldn’t get into him. Since he did not want to be friends, it just ended as that. He later changed his mind but by that time it was just too late. I have dated lawyers or guys who later became lawyers and I’d have to say, it’s just a little too much political talk for me. In the end, I prefer engineers or computer geeks (albeit the good looking ones LOL). Seriously, what is the allure of George? He likes boring non-existent movies, wants to travel to Europe, or can sing karaoke? Sometimes finding someone different than yourself opens you to a different kind of world and new things that you never thought you’d actually like. My husband loves to camp and hike and before I met him, I never really did those things. It is quite enjoyable. Also, he got me into playing video games as well. It’s actually a great way to spend time with your significant other. You never know what you will like until you try them. What is up with this Wade bashing? It is not like Wade is a bum who doesn’t have a job and living off welfare. Come on people, be realistic here. He works and quite a bit too. If you haven’t noticed, he is pretty much on the job for most of his scenes on the show. Just because he hasn’t found his niche in life doesn’t mean he is a complete loser. Plus he takes care of his alcoholic dad all the time. He’s got a big heart! So what if he is/was a player?!? Are we all that cynical that we condemn all men who don’t want to commit in their early years in life? He is 30 years old people! He messed up with Zoe in the worst way (courtesy of the writers) but in real life, people make mistakes. George went on that non-date with Zoe at the movie theatre and then had ice cream with her afterwards knowing full well that he was engaged to another woman (before knowing about Lavon). How many women would feel that was ok if their fiancé went on an intimate non-date with a hot girl that you didn’t like? Then later lie about it to their fiance when ask what he was doing. Or is that ok to you people? Wade made a mistake that was in character with his old self for one night because he felt that he wasn’t good enough for Zoe. He regretted it to no end afterwards and has completely stop sleeping with women in general after that. If he was truly like his old self again, he would have found a bunch of other girls to sleep with after they broke up because that’s what he his old self would have done. Zoe has initiated pretty much all the sexual interactions with Wade, not drunk the first time but drunk the last time. She wasn’t the only one that was hurting, he was hurting too from losing her. She was her happiest when she was with Wade and that’s why she went to him. . She might deny it all she wants but it’s true. Sometimes when you are at your lowest, you go to the only place that makes you feel safe and happy. For Zoe, it was Wade. Whether she realizes it or not. I’m really tired now and can’t think any further. You seriously need to give Wade a second chance. If not, I think Wilson Bethel should go on and get his own show because he is seriously a good actor. I’ve seen some of his interviews and he seems quite articulate, witty, and down to earth. Plus he is not at all bad to look at. :-) He has a fan in me for sure.

    • SL says:

      Very well put Beth.

    • Dee says:

      Thank you for that. It was extremely well said and I couldn’t agree more. Maybe all the Wade bashing comes from bitter George and Zoe shippers. They don’t seem to realize there is no chemistry between them and only see that he is a lawyer. Big whoop, it’s the person that matters and not their job. It is also that one person you just click with, like Zoe does with Wade.

  34. Melanie says:

    Regarding Zoe and George, I also think it’s important to consider whether they are right for each other regardless of what you think about Zoe and Wade. Zoe and George have things in common, true. Some of them are interests: New York, restaurants, movies. Fine. Common interests are a great way to build a friendship and sometime a relationship. But they also have other things in common that in my opinion make them a terrible match.They are all intellect and no instinct. Neither of them are in touch with their emotions. George didn’t realize that he didn’t love Lemon enough to marry her until his wedding day, Zoe didn’t understand that her break-up with Wade and all that entailed was the root of her pain at the end of season 2. They both can be unreasonable about their expectations: both wanting the other to be ready for a relationship when they are ready and being unhappy and hurt when that isn’t true. They both tend to have a gap between what they pictured their life to be and what they actually want and it causes confusion for them both professionally and personally. I don’t think that it was just a random scripting choice that on their date in New Orleans they both pretended to be someone else entirely: their relationship is a fantasy and in reality they don’t make each other better or happier people. Most importantly, I think they’ve both had opportunities to be together and time and time again, they haven’t taken them. I would argue it’s because they both know deep down that while they might look good on paper, they don’t work together.

  35. Tanya says:

    Zoe has to be with George they’re like meant to be together and I’ve been waiting for 2 seasons just to see them date please please please Zoe and George ! :) please

    • Dee says:

      Are you not watching the same show, there is no chemistry between them, no matter how much you want there to be some. I like Scott Porter, but he and Zoe just don’t have that take my breath away chemistry. I for one am totally bored with their scenes when some romantic implication is involved, yawnsville. It is a great friendship but nothing else. George said it best when he told her that it is just a fantasy they have clung to but in reality she has feelings for someone else.

  36. Carla says:

    Annabeth with Wade, Lemon with Levon, Zoe with George and the everyone gets someone and makes a good couple

  37. Joy hartshorn says:

    I absolutely love hart of Dixie the second series hasn’t ended here yet in the uk but you can see where it’s going I love Wadeand Zoe together I can’t wait for series 3 to start

  38. Joy hartshorn says:

    And NO Lemon and Wade please

  39. Adrienne says:

    Late to the party- Yay for Netflix. I did not like Wade at all during season 1, but I really started to like him S2. He’s trying so hard to be a better person and grow up. Even Lemon has started growing on me and I truly despised her at first. Hoping for a Zoe and Wade reunion.

  40. HJ says:

    There is no other acceptable option than Wade and Zoe being together. I so hope that Zoe will find her way back to Wade. He is just awesome. How shall I bear it merely until October???? A Zade-fan from Germany. :-)

  41. Lisa says:

    I am so glad Ruby has gone. I cannot stand the character or the actress playing her. I used to turn over every time she came on. Anyway, Zoe and Wade is just a no, no, no. She would never go for anyone like that. He is not Mr Right, just Mr Right now. George is too boring with no oomph. They need to bring in a character that complements Zoe’s character, but also adds to the whole dynamic of the show.

  42. Winey says:

    I’m into Wade and Zoe. I actually hated Wade from the start as he is want nothing but to have sex but after a while I just see their connection and How Wade is so in love with Zoe and always be there and help her without Zoe even notice like cooking gumbo for her and so on. I adore him when he sometime show that he never like her but totolly opposite inside. Now I can’t get enough of Wade and Zoe. It’s make me smile everytime they are together in bed or even fighting in a scene. Zoe just got to admit her feeling with Wade and stop fighting her heart.

  43. Leanne King says:

    No way leave wade and Zoe alone they are great together,their not perfect but who are? let wade have a bar of hie own and show everyone that he is trying and can change for zoe. George needs to finds someone else to be with, lemon needs to chill out and find someone that is a match for her. 5 months is to long to wait for season 3!!