Hart of Dixie Finale Recap: New York State of Mind

Hart of Dixie Season 2 Finale RecapThe following story contains spoilers from Tuesday’s Hart of Dixie. Read on at your own risk.

Channeling her inner Kelly Taylor, Zoe ends up choosing herself over Wade and George — aka the two men she believes to be the loves of her life — in Hart of Dixie‘s second season finale Tuesday night. But before her independent lady a-ha moment occurs, a bunch of other Bluebell goodness goes down…

Upon waking up in bed with Wade, Zoe freaks out — and, making matters much worse, a newly-single George walks in on them. The pint-sized doc tries to smooth things over with the golden boy she thinks she loves, but he’s at the end of his rope. “My life has completely fallen apart because of you,” a frustrated George exclaims. “This — us — is a fantasy that we’ve clung, too. In reality, the person you really have feelings for is Wade. I saw it when the two of your were together and I saw it again this morning.”

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Zoe, however, ignores those words of wisdom and opts to ditch Bluebell for the weekend to attend a wedding in New York. And wouldn’t you know, Jonah Breeland just so happens to be on the same plane. The two team up to save a man who falls ill during the flight, and — after the jet makes an emergency landing — they hit the road to drive the rest of the way.

Lemon and Wade, meanwhile, are doing some traveling themselves. Their mission: to find the country group Gloriana and beg them to perform at a concert Lemon has already told all of Bluebell about! Tired of his moody, broody ‘tude over Zoe, Lemon tells her friend and business partner, “Being with Zoe Hart made you better — just like you made her better.” (Awww!) And with that, Wade decides to find — and fight for — his ex-gal before it’s too late.

In an unbelievable twist of fate, Wade and Lemon happen upon Zoe and Jonah at a diner along their route. “l know how much I hurt you, Zoe,” the vulnerable Wade confesses. “But everything I’ve done since is to be that man you saw. If you would ever consider giving me another chance, I’m ready.” And, as if that wasn’t he enough, he concludes his declaration with this: “I love you, Zoe Hart.” Zoe admits that she does still have feelings for him, but unfortunately, she just needs some “distance, perspective and time” before jumping back in. And with that, she sets off to New York — now for the entire summer! (“It’s just three months,” Wade notes, hopefully.)

Back in Bluebell, Wade and Lemon arrive at a jam-packed Rammer Jammer (complete with advertised headliner Gloriana). And poor, heartbroken George, heads out on a little musical tour with Wade’s ex Lily Anne, who had earlier helped him write a song to channel his anger toward Zoe and his sadness over Tansy. (Side note: Lavon and Annabeth remain happy and adorable.)

And, while Zoe most certainly does choose herself (and the East Coast) over the fellas in her life, a dapper-looking Jonah has no qualms popping up at the wedding Zoe’s attending, so that, in his words, she “doesn’t have to spend her first night in New York alone.” (Dun-dun-dun!)

How do you feel about Zoe’s choice? And has Wade been redeemed? Hit the comments!

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  1. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    That was a very good helluva finale

    • heidi says:

      I really loved this episode. Wade and Zoe ARE the show and this episode was all about them.
      I am hoping that they will find their way back to each other in Season 3.

  2. Meredith says:

    I’m totally loving Zonah!! Jonah’s like the perfect combination of Wade and George. Am hoping she and George are done for good. I hate how he gets all judge-y and mean when he walks in on Zoe and Wade. Every time she confesses her feelings for him he shoots her down, what does he expect?! Granted her timing is not perfect, but still…

    • Sara says:

      I hope the whole George thing is done too! It clearly is not working out….so move on!
      I’m not a fan of her with Jonah though….and she doesn’t seem to show a whole lot of interest in him. He’s sort of like a distraction.
      One thought – what in the world gives George the right to walk into her bedroom unannounced?!

      • Kristen says:

        Uh… it’s not working out b/c the writer’s have made it that way.

        • Kendall says:

          Exactly. I used to watch the show and enjoyed the Zoe/George build up. I stopped watching when they had her hooking up with Wade, it just seemed to come out of nowhere and only as a result of pandering to the shippers and the Wade stans. So yes, Zoe and George are not “working out” because that was what the writers decided.

          • Kos says:

            I too stopped watching when I saw previews of last season that had more Zoe/Wade than anything. I was sooooo into the build up for George/Zoe and it was not given a real chance. I had a feeling they would never get back to them in a real way & I was right. Glad I stopped watching.

          • Dee says:

            What build up are you talking about? There was never a build up because there is no chemistry with these two actors as a couple. What show are you watching?

          • Gjun says:

            Just finished watching S1 and S2. 100% agree. I immediately looked into what was happening S3. I am not that into what I am seeing in Season 3 because the direction went completely sideways, starting in S2 of course. I was hooked with Seaon 1 because of Zoe and George and the Lavon & Lemon element. C’mon the chemistry between Zoe and George was perfect. Have we forgotten the beginning when he picks her up, the movie, the moty, calling her dad for George, the kiss…… Yes, Wade has always been there but he is just “sex”, the good girl meets bad boy has been overdone. She could not even hold a conversation with him on a first date and he cheats on her to top it off. I am not saying he is not hot but George is the real deal. The only reason people are for Wade is because you got to see them in an actual relationship. George is Zoe’s end game. Lavon and Lemon needed more exploration too. Seriously, it’s the only way the story works –the rest is just confusing and makes the story line lame. The writers are not completely developing the stories they are taking us on a skitzo hart of dixie. Give us back what we thought we were getting –PLEASE. I would have preferred George and Lemon marrying in S2 and some of that Zoe and Lavon entaglement continue somehow. Zoe could date Wade as the story has but in the end it’s always Zeorge…..

        • Dee says:

          It’s not working out because 1) George and Zoe have no chemistry together, even when they do have serious scens together, it never clicks with them. They are good actors and say the correct words but there is no magic—ever! 2) Wade and Zoe are remarkable on screen together, no matter what scene they are doing. The two of them just have it! 3) Wade, himself, is such a charismatic character and he in so insighful, especially when it comes to Zoe. 4) There was never a real build up with Zoe and George as Kendall states, the writers tried to build them up with no luck because they do not work–the looks and longing was B-O-R-I-N-G. 5) 80% plus fans want Zoe with Wade because since the pilot they were electric. Should I go on… I won’t—you get the picture.

          • Lisa says:

            George and Zoe have incredible chemistry! I don’t see chemistry with Wade! The writers have teased us with Zeorge but given Zade a relationship to work with. I don’t know why Zade lovers refuse to admit that we haven’t gotten to see Zeorge as a couple and therefore don’t know what they would be like together! Also, why is George boring to you? Because he would treat Zoe well while wearing a shirt? I’d take George over a cheater like Wade any day!

          • Thank you for posting that comment Dee and all the fans of zade i think you are totally right everytime when I look at George and zoe when they have that romantic moment they have no chemistry at all.its like looking at them you kind of like get bored there is non magic its like looking at two friends talking the thing is there is nothing there.
            But with wade its different everytime when they are together its magic the chemistry is incredible its wow and you sort of like get excited when they talk or kiss laugh and make love.I really hope that they end up together.They are so many rumors about the season 3 were zoe will be in new york and that she sort of like had fling with jonah and how jonah was distraction for her.and leila the creator has said that the way season 3 will start she is hoping that the end of season 3 will end were everybody is happy with their team like team zade or team zeorge or team zonah because nobody knows if jonah will join the cast member next season.and tansy is caming back next season but this time she want be dating george so this means that maybe they could be a small chance of george and zoe to start dating.
            Not long ago I read a french article were they gave a tiny detail about season 3 episode 1 were it says that after zoe has spend couple of weeks in new york she has decided to come back to bluebell to see wade wich is logic that’s all it says.and it also says that they will be a lot of romance were for next season the creators have decided to do moore romance adventures stories so we will just have to wait and see.

            Specially when wade and Zoe broke up the Zade fans were really upset by it specially me and leila told a source that just because they have broken up that dose not mean that it is the end of their love story and they intend to do many many many scenes with zoe and wade even before the end of next season wich will be season 3 and that the zade fans shouldn’t give up on their favourite couple so apparentely season 3 will be explosive and its starting either in september or october.

            and ever since they have broken up 50% have stopped watching the show that’s just to show how many fans they are out there for the zade couple.
            A lot of them keep saying the same thing they will not watch it until zoe and wade get back together.

          • Dee says:

            I love Zoe and Wade. Ever since the pilot—they just have IT! I really hope there is more romantic scenes with Zoe and Wade, I was very disappointed with their romantic scenes in season two. I do also hope they bring back Tansy. I really like George with her. I thought he was funny and they fit together well. She needs to be less insecure, though. I am so afraid that the writers and creator will screw this up again like when they broke up Zoe and Wade and not have them be endgame. Oh, 5 long months until it all begins.

          • Laura says:

            Not since Wade cheated on her, I don’t!!

          • Joanne says:

            Fantastic post – totally agree with every word! The chemistry between Wade and Zoe is palpable and I’m praying they end up together. George is a good guy but as dull as dishwater and clearly not meant to be with Zoe – he and Tansy made a good couple. Wish I knew what I find so appealing about Wade as he’s not at all what I’d normally find attractive but I think he’s HOT! Do we know if there will be a Season 4? I don’t want this programme to end!

      • I was wondering the same thing, does nobody knock or lock their doors in Bluebell?

      • Jamie says:

        Really! Not only her bedroom, but her house. If you notice in the opening scene when they show the front of the house the door is closed and Wade also closed it the night before. Please Leila G. get the story right. No George or Jonah and Zoe endgame. It needs and should be Wade and Zoe. Why can’t she see that??? Her initial vision of G and Z was wrong and the story is so much better with W and Z. The fans see it why can’t she?

    • Shane says:

      Jonah, Jonah, Jonah I loved it! He is challenges her and that is fun to watch.

      • No to Jonah. Zoe loves Wade, she just needs to be honest with hersrlf. There are no sparks or chemistry with Jonah…she and Wade are explosive.

        • Kendall says:

          Zoe will “love” whomever the writers decide she will love. She is a fictional character. If the writers decide she will fall for Jonah then she will fall for Jonah.

          • Diane says:

            I agree she will love whom ever the writers choose. The problem is that unless its Wade, there is no breathetakingly romantic and magnetic chemistry. It’s two people who say “I love you.” Big deal! There is no fire with anyone else.

        • Dee says:

          I agree–NO to Jonah! I see no sparks with them either. He is a bad version of Wade. Who cares that he is a doctor. I don’t want her with a lawyer or a doctor–that is so so Boring. Zoe needs real love with someone who is better because of her and is trying to be better for her; and I want that fantasy, take your breathe away love, and that is with Wade. I hope season 3 is an explosive one with lots of drama and fun in the journey for Wade and Zoe to work their way back to each other. I don’t think it will be easy and I think Jonah will screw things up especially in NY with Zoe but I have to believe that Wade and Zoe will be together. Please, if there is a god.************************* Oh yeah, one more thing—get rid of the triangle, I am so over that. It is so so obvious that Zoe belongs to Wade, just tell us their story already. I mean, he chased her down thru the state of Alabama to tell her he loves her…I love Wade!!!

          • Lisa says:

            Are you insane? A doctor or lawyer is boring? Why? Because they are responsible, educated people who work hard and aren’t out cheating, drinking and acting like juvenile idiots? Guys like George and Jonah are the ones women want – not losers like Wade who lie and cheat! Men like Wade are a dime a dozen and fantasy love doesn’t exist – hence the reason it’s a fantasy!

          • Shannon says:

            Jonah may be a doctor, but he is still a player. That is why George tried to stop her from hanging out with him at the spring break party because George knew who Jonah really is and tried to be a good friend to Zoey. It does not matter if he is an MD if he is shallow and flaunts it.

          • I agree with you wholeheartedly Zoe belongs to Wade…always has. How romantic was it for him to chase her down and declare his love. Their love story drives the show and makes you root for the underdog. I love it when Zoe and Wade pick and harp at each other teasingly and lovingly. Next season will be all about them. Can’t wait.

          • Jamie says:

            I am with you! I love the underdog, too, especially, when he is so dynamic and he is trying to change. He definitely has a good heart and we see this from the beginning in episode 2 or 3 with him making gumbo all night for her (never telling her or taking credit for it–she still doesn’t know he did that for her) just to help her be accepted in town. He calls her on her BS which makes her think about what is really going on in her head or around her. He gets her; and always has. He is very different from Zoe as far as background goes and yet these two are drawn to each other. Maybe sexually at first, but isn’t that what we all usually look at when we are attracted to someone. These two really do complement each other, George and Zoe have things in common but will never complement each other like Zoe and Wade do. Their scenes together, even the ones when they are supposed to have some sexual tension between them are just cold. When you have it, you have it; and Wilson and Rachel just have it! (Did you ever see a movie or a show and think, that actor/actress was good but they were not impactful. Why didn’t they choose so and so because they would have been so much better in that role. No chemistry) That is what happens with George–he and Zoe are good actors and say the lines well, but it just doesn’t work. I get nothing, and I really tried to see it between them at the beginning of the show. I never did, but I was definitely drawn to Wade’s character and couldn’t wait for Wade and Zoe’s scenes together—no matter what they were. They are intoxicating together.
            I don’t want them together at the beginning of season 3. That would be too predictable. I want them to work to be together. I want the season to be about Zoe realizing that her feelings for Wade are more that just feelings—she needs to realize that she is in love with him; that he makes her she better; that she wants to be with Wade and no one else–no more questions about who she wants. Maybe Lemon could give her a talking to like she did to Wade in the car to make her realize that she wants Wade. I hope they are endgame. It will be so wrong if they are not. I hope Leila G. gets this right and realizes her initial idea of George and Zoe was so wrong–that the draw is Zoe and Wade!!!
            I love the other characters on the show, they are all funny and interesting, but I wait breathlessly for the Wade and Zoe story.
            Yes, this is long, I could go on and on when it comes to Zoe and Wade.

      • jaime says:

        I love everyr scene with Zoe and jonah! Really want them together!! I think they have the most honest relationship on the whole show! She doesn’t try to be someone else or question herself at all withhim. He is always tryingto help her and is always there she she needs someone. They have fun together and have serious moments. All my favorite moments of season 2 are withthe two of them.

        • Dee says:

          Oh please,all he wants is to get in her pants. He is a terrible actor on this show. I see absolutely no chemistry with them at all. Glad his new show was picked up. Hope he stays there and doesn’t come back.

    • Elyse says:

      Jonah mmmmm! :) i love anything that gives him more screen time!

    • ggny says:

      Never really thought about it…But Johan really is a combination of Wade and George

      • beth says:

        What?Are you kidding!Wade. is the man I liked George at the start but he made me hate him with his judgy ways Zoe deserves better.Not jonah or golden boy

        • Caro says:

          I don’t like Jonah but I agree that he is a combo of George and Wade. Of course, I don’t like Wade either! I adore George and Lavon though!

    • Marisa_once says:

      You mean her timing sucks! lol ;-)

      • Maura says:

        Marisa, every time Zoe has confessed her feeling for George he has been involved with someone else but he quickly realizes he has to give them a chance and comes to tell Zoe that only to find her in bed with Wade! Is Zoey really so shallow, pathetic and such a tramp that she can’t be alone for a day or two after being rejected? Doesn’t a declaration of caring demand a degree of fidelity? If the young women watching Hart of Dixie think Zoey’s behavior is acceptable then I feel sorry for men!

        • Diane says:

          How is she a tramp? The only person she has slept with is Wade. WTH are you talking about? Maybe a little bitter because she and George don’t work together; and it is obvious.

    • Suzanne says:

      Gee Meredith, what could possibly be wrong with someone confessing their feelings and if they are rejected then IMMEDIATELY hopping into bed with someone else? Zoe is a tramp! Why would anyone want her?

      • Dee says:

        Maybe you are pissed because she didn’t once again wait around for George to change his mind again, but Zoe is not a tramp. She is trying to find her way, to cope with being hurt. The fact that she went to Wade is very telling about their relationship. She went to him to be comforted and she was honest about how she was feeling. She isn’t afraid to be herself with him, to be vulnerable with him. As soon as Wade realized how she felt he didn’t joke about it or act like an jerk. What he did, he did as an act of love for her. He knew what she was asking and you could tell from the look on his face that he knew she needed comforting, it wasn’t just sex. Even though it must have hurt him badly to be with her, especially after she proclaimed her love for George, he did it anyway. It must also hurt like hell knowing how much he loves her and maybe this is the only way she will ever really want him again. There is nothing wrong with her asking this of Wade because she is in a very bad way and he is the one person she knows will help her, be there for her. This is just another example of why Zoe deserves, and should be with Wade—he is and always has been there for her, no matter what, he puts her needs above his own—he truly loves her even though he realizes he may never get her back.

        • Suzanne says:

          Wade slept with Zoe out of love for her? You must know some lousy men if you think a decent man will sleep with an emotionally distraught women who has come to them after being rejected by someone else! A decent man does not sleep with a drunk woman or a women who is overly upset or dealing with some crisis! In other words, a decent man doesn’t sleep with a women when he knows she will probably regret it later or knows she wouldn’t sleep with him if she was sober or not upset. If there are any men reading these Dixie posts they are going to get some terrible ideas about what women want! Be careful what you wish for ladies…

          • Melanie says:

            Oh it was a mistake all right, but I think an understandable one. Wade has never been good at denying Zoe anything she wants and he’s used sex to make himself feel better in the past (in itself not healthy, but given that he hasn’t slept with anyone else since the break-up with Zoe, clearly an issue that he’s dealing with). He knows he’s the reason that Zoe is generally feeling terrible (don’t forget that he has no idea that Zoe’s been rejected) and he wants to help her feel better. He’s also very much in love with her and in the past ‘casual’ has led to ‘actual, everyone knows about it boyfriend’ so why wouldn’t he think that that’s a possibility now? It blew up in his face, but he learned from it and apologized for it. Finally, as Annabeth mentioned, Zoe herself does need to take responsibility for turning to Wade when she feels upset,especially in regards to understanding her own feelings.

    • songo says:

      RIGHT!!!! they are PERFECT for each other and he is always there for her.I just hope Wade doesnt try to get in the whay like he always does. Am I right here. Plus they can start to date at the wedding.See what I’m saying?

      • Dee says:

        I am not sure where you have been or what you have been watching but no one except 6% of viewers want to see that. All he wants is in her pants. They have absolutely no chemistry together. Their scenes are even more boring than George and Zoe’s. Wade and Zoe are so good together and Wilson and Rachel are so electric on screen.

        • Melanie says:

          People are going to (and should) ship what they want to ship but I’ve got to agree with Dee on this one. I’m not interested in the Zoe/Jonah dynamic. For me, he comes off as condescending, pompous and worst of all (on television at least) boring. Bring on the snappy, exciting, push-pull of Zoe and Wade this fall!

  3. Lisa says:

    Horrible ep! I have been waiting for two seasons to see Zoe and George together and now we’re going to get another year of Zoe and Wade? I’m done with Dixie!

    • Jekkah says:

      Preach it. Good-bye, show.

    • Bailey says:


      I’ve never liked Zoe/Wade. I just don’t get it. I wanted to see her and George give it a shot. But, at least, if Zoe is with Jonah for awhile – Lemon/Wade can happen. I’d be totally into that.

      • Marisa_once says:

        I am also hoping for Lemon/Wade, there’s a lot of chemistry there. Since Dixie is pairing everyone, why not these two? George and Zoe hasn’t worked because they haven’t tried it yet. They haven’t had a real date nor had sex.

        • Suzanne says:

          Lemon and Wade would be great together!

        • kelia says:

          I agree with you remember that date wade took lemon on while she was still with George to get her to have some fun I seen it then and now they are working together……plus Zoe is gonna be on new York with hot pants for 3 months the girl don’t stand a chance when it airs again I see her coming back to town with him on her arm and wade being devastated.

          • shannon says:

            The episode you are referring to Wade asked Lemon to dress up like someone else, so the guy at the bar would realize “his real date” did not do something. I forget I just know it was not a date but 2 friends helping out. I hope they just remain friends as they are better that way for it.

      • Tracy says:

        Wade and Lemon are like a chocolate covered strawberry – you get the smooth, soft, delicious flavor of the chocolate and the tart sweetness and freshness of the strawberry ! Dixie should give Lemon and Wade a chance! I think they would be great!

    • Gdss says:

      Exactly. Where is the George and Zoe? :(

      • Radha says:

        Hopefully that pairing is in the pasture, ready to be shot. Sorry. You guys don’t get Wade/Zoe? I don’t get George/Zoe.

        • Jay says:

          Zoe/wade was fine, more than fine totally hot, but yhen he cheated. Id hate them to get back together.

          • everybody cheat evrybody makes mistake on felicity show with kerri russell as felicity and scott speedman as ben felicity cheated on ben with noel then he broke it off with her by ignoring her dating someone else then she decided like to move on and to start going out as well and ben was jealous then the episode with the fire happens then suddenly it him ben realise that of course he was still in love with her and he could have lost her so he decided to get back with her he also cheated on her she took him back.people make mistake it happens it doesen’t mean that just because he cheated on her then she shouldn’t take him back I mean hello

        • Tracy says:

          How can you know if you would like Zoe with George when they haven’t even had a date? It’s pretty narrow minded to decide you don’t like something you haven’t seen!

          • look ok before zoe and wade hooked up together you will see them always fight and argued and you can tell that there was that chemistry between them that you don’t see it with george am sorry but its true

          • Marisa says:

            I don’t see chemistry between Wade and Zoe. Sorry but I just don’t! I see tons of chemistry with Zoe and George! I wish the Zade lovers would not be so mean and obsessive about Zade and so horrible to the Zeorge lovers! Just because we don’t agree with you that doesn’t make us wrong but some of you get so rude and nasty that I almost hate posting about liking George with Zoe.

    • MLO says:

      Bye. Bye. Bye.

    • lily smith says:

      I know! I’ve really wanted to see George and Zoe together, but im not gonna stop watching. i think i will stick it out

  4. dude says:

    I didn’t have a problem with their resolution of the Zoe Hart love square but I just felt the episode in general was kind of meh. It didn’t really feel like a season finale. I mean, the best they could come up with was Lavon trying to rescue Burt Reynolds and Lemon trying to get Gloriana to perform at the Rammer Jammer? It wasn’t even a great filler episode which is unusual because Hart of Dixie usually brings it.

  5. Dmitri says:

    This was an OK episode. I hope Zoe and Jonah are just a fling, if even that. He’s too childish for her. I also want to see Zoe end up with George, but honestly, he needs a while to be single. He just broke up with Tansy. It would not be healthy for him to jump right in for Zoe right now. Hoping next season she and Wade get together (and Jonah’s not on!), only for her to end up choosing George.

    • Louise says:

      I find it funny how George runs right to Zoe every time he breaks up with someone. That’s so dysfunctional.

      • And George always finds Zoe in bed with Wade. Even he knows when to quit.

      • Tracy says:

        George runs to Zoe after Zoe makes it clear she loves him! Of course, this is usually right before Zoey reminds us that she has no morals and sleeps with Wade!

        • Dee says:

          This where all George and Zoe goupies are wrong. She only thinks she is in love with George. She was hurt by Wade and is just searching for something-anything to help with the hurt. She has alot of growing to do and once she does she will realize that it was Wade all along that she has been in love with. He is the one she needs. He is the one who makes her better. He is the one who has always been there for her. He is the one who understands her.

    • Diane says:

      You want her to end up with someone who blames her for his problems and his life falling apart. Someone who can’t take responsibility for his own mistakes. He chose to cheat on Lemon from the beginning by longing after Zoe –he was engaged. It wasn’t physical but emotional which is worse than just sex for one night. At least Wade was man enough to admit his wrong and take responsibility. George seems so self righteous. Zoe doesn’t need someone like her but someone different. She definitely needs Wade!

  6. Serena says:

    I loved it! But then again I’m a massive Zade fan.

    I wonder what’s happening with Travis Van Winkle? Now that The Last Ship is picked up.

  7. John says:

    “Bluebell goodness”.


    And AB keeps growing on me (“that bar is set high my friend”!) while Lemon keeps shedding all those stern ways she’d grown into over the years: I’m starting to like that.

    • Gillian says:

      Love AB & Lavon. They are so funny together! Love Zade but this ending was perfect and sets up next season well. Zoe needs time to find herself, just like Wade did. George needs the same. He has been with two women who have feelings for other men. Dude needs to find someone who loves him most.

  8. Superhero says:

    Rachel Bilson is insanely hot. Thus concludes my analysis of a show that I do not watch.

  9. Celine says:

    I loved the episode, however I would have appreciated a Zoe/Wade kiss…. Can’t wait for season 3

    • Lizzie says:

      Me too!
      Stop trying to make Jonah a thing!!!!
      I think Zoe is going to come back & our lovely Wade is going to have a sweety. Guys get ready for a long Zade wait. I feel like George & Zoe might not ever happen.

  10. CLNorman says:

    Anyone else start calculating how long it’s been since Lemon has been ‘with’ someone when she kept stopping to pee?

    • John says:

      I did send a small thought out there for THAT not to happen. She did the mom thing with Magnolia so it would be nice if she got a break to rediscover her fun side.

    • Shannon says:

      Oh I did not even think that. Oh Gosh i hope not that would just ruin her character.. Please no baby drama etc.. Especially no baby drama if they try and make it Wade’s baby that would be an outrage. That would be the worse pairing (lemon/Wade) then again she probably has an overactive bladder etc..I rather have Lemon be her fun scheming self she is hilarious in that role.

    • Someone says:

      Well, Jaime King is pregnant in real life… but I really hope they don’t write the pregnancy in the show and just hide her behind big bags and stuff.

      • John says:

        Well then hopefully the writers were just having fun with the actress having to interupt shooting for frequent real runs to the restroom and it will just go away having served as a bit of in “in” joke for the crew.

  11. Jessica says:

    Zeorge!!!!!!!! He’s oh so perfect! The kind of man most women would want to end up with!! :) love him!!!!! I mean the chemistry between them with they were in New Orleans!!! So cute!!! Wade is sweet, but Georoge is so perfect!!!!

    • Gdss says:

      Totally agree with statement! Geroge and Zoe all the way!

    • Kelly says:

      Oh honey…George is so far from perfect it isn’t funny. He is so messed up. He dates women when he likes another. And he lies to the women he’s dating saying they are the only one for him. Then when they realize what is going on, he goes running to other girl immediately. It’s so dysfunctional. They have zero chemistry. They are so Joey/Dawson.

    • Tracy says:

      George is amazing! Sweet, funny, smart and charming! In real life I can’t imagine any women choosing a loser like Wade over George! At least not any mature women who have their act together! George would be an amazing husband and father and what would Wade do? Teach the kids to make drinks?

      • I wouldn’t say that if I was you specially the fact that wade has done a lot of growne up he owns a bar and he has become moore responsible parents who works as lawyer and doctors spend moore time with their patients or clients then they do it with there children we see it all the time were they don’t have time for there family

  12. Lisa says:

    I HATED the finale for Hart of Dixie and I think I am done with the show! I hate the fact that Zoe once again messed up George’s life and chose Wade almost as much as I hate the fact that the producers clearly have no intention of ever getting Zoe and George together – they are just stringing the Zeorge fans along for the added ratings! I know that Zade has more fans but the show has never put Zoe… and George together to see if they would generate a comparable number of fans as a couple so it isn’t a fair comparison! Plus, I hate the idea that Wade could take advantage of Zoe and sleep with her while she was drunk and yet it’s supposed to be okay because he says he loves her? I’m sure there are plenty of abusive men who would agree with that philosophy but I do not!

    • Bailey says:

      I love most of this post.

    • Shannon says:

      Actually they did give them a chance in season 1 and technically she chose no one which was wise because she should have time to think. Season 1 George messed with his own life while Zoey tried to back off and when it was clear the wedding was more than likely to happen she chose Wade only to have George come moments after he broke off her wedding and profess his feelings thinking she would just be there. Then Zoey comes and gives a shot again bad timing on both parts and he is with Zoey and calls her crazy. Then when Tansy breaks up with him he goes straight to Zoey again just expecting to be waiting and gets angry she did not. It is both parties bad timing. I for one would love for Zoey/Wade to be together because they bring out the best in each other, but I would not mind a Zoey/George pairing to get it out of their systems as long as Zoey doe snot end up with Jonah as I could not stand that.

    • MissFaith says:

      Zoey did not choose Wade, she chose herself.

    • Dee says:

      Isn’t it all about the fans and the fans want Wade and Zoe!

      • Lisa says:

        DO the fans want Zade? Or is it only the pathetic seniors and young women who obsess about Wade and post about him non-stop? These people need to get a life!

        • Shannon says:

          Apparently, people who are complaining about the fans and posting like crazy are doing the exact same thing in posting their outrage. Hypocritical much? If you do not like Wade fine, but provide more logic to the fans of Wade who you think are just young girls and old grannies because that certainly is an inaccurate assumption. Wade’s character has owned to his mistakes and have called Zoey out on her BS. He prepared Gumbo for so she could gain some acceptance in the town, he got his father to play Santa, he gets his father down from the roof after being drunk and cares for him, he even helped the little boy camper to make friends. While I like George, I see him more as a friend than a love interest. He has not gone out of his way to show Zoey his feelings and such. When Zoey told him his feelings he shot her down or did not go through with it(ex: New Orleans). Lavon and Wade both told her he would choose Lemon and he did and would had gone through with it if she had gone back to NYC as planned. He called off his wedding and 5 seconds later was telling Zoey he called off his wedding and would have been a nice gesture if he had done it sooner and also when he was telling her if he did not state he could have gotten over her if she was in NYC. If she went back he probably would be married to Lemon. Zoey gave a nice speech basically professing her feelings at the man of the year ceremony. Wade was the one who asked Zoey to call her dad to save George’s father where as George did not. He got mad at Lemon for cheating, but stated to Zoey in New Orleans he still loved Lemon.. George is not this perfect guy just like Wade isn’t, but it’s the actions they do/ don’t do that make them. Just because you are an educated lawyer does not mean they are good and women would choose them. Just because you are a lawyer/doctor you can still be a real jerk who cheats/lies etc..
          Believe me it is the person and their actions etc..not the job title that women fall for.

    • I for my self have to say that I knew about this series before it had to air on tv and since am a fan of Rachel Bilson.so i was like cool I can’t wait to see it but everytime when i would watch the show it wasen’t in order like for example episode 18 then episode 5 so i decide to watch season 1 and season 2 online because over here in france the french chanels they don’t put the episode in order.so as I was watching it online the very first episode was ok you I was like you can tell that she will fall for george but then again I didn’t felt a chemistry between them even tho she liked him and he liked her then its only the episode with the gumbo sauce and with the heat havoc that is when i really got into it and I saw the chemistry between wade and Zoe if it wasen’t for wade and zoe then the show would have been nothing for me

    • Chrissy says:

      What show are you watching..it surely isn’t HOD..1) Zoe wasn’t that drunk that she did not know what she was doing..2) It is Ok for Zoe to break George and Lemon up and George and Tanzy..3) There is nothing wrong with the Wade character other than when the writers decided to throw the old cheating storyline in..and 4) all the people that are so worked up about Wade cheating must have been cheated on !! It is a show and the ratings dropped dramatically when they threw in the cheating storyline..They knew which couple works and it isn’t Zoe and George!!
      So if you don’t like the direction the show is going you have the choice of using your remote and watching something else!

    • Helen says:

      First, WTH are people talking about? How did Zoe mess up Geoge’s life? George needs to take responsibility for his own life and his own actions. Those who think that way, obviously, don’t take responsibility for their own life and actions either. It is always easier to blame someone else when something goes wrong. It is a strong person who knows that he needs to take responsibility no matter what it is, for his own actions and choices in life. George doesn’t do that. All he does is whine and complain and never looks at himself to see what hand he had in this mess. Wade has never made excuses for his life or anything that he’s done. He is taking responsibility. Come on George grow up and get over yourself already. Wade is so the best choice! No comparison.

  13. emily says:

    In one episode Zoe said she sabotaged her relationship with Zade because she didn’t think they could work even though the sex was good. Zoe is always analysing and arguing with her inner voice of reason. Wade is a man of action. He doesn’t deal with expectations and has never really been in love. Had more than sex. And then he met Zoe. She moved him! How did he deal with. Through action. He sabotaged himself and their relationship. I mean look at his role models. I know this sounds crazy and twisted but I see these characters as couples however mixed up and intense the storylines would have to be. Xoe and George finally get together only for them to find the reality is not the dream they imagined. For Zoe it’s the realization she is IN LOVE with Wade and is very real! George and AB find a connection after Lavon’s feelings for Lemon resurface

    • Shannon says:

      Is it me or in Season 1 when she had “the pass” that she never used she fantasized about Wade and not George.

    • Tracy says:

      Zoe is right! She and Wade are too different to work out! They have nothing in common! They don’t like the same food, movies, books, toiletries etc. They are good in bed but when that wears off (and it will – it always does) they will be left with nothing!

  14. Tracy says:

    They are never getting Zoe and George together! Why bother watching?

  15. Lauri says:

    I love Zoe and Wade together. Not a Zoe and George fan at all. So I’m really hoping she and Wade get back together.

  16. Jill Brown says:

    I think George and Zoe need to have one hot night!! They need to go back to New Orleans ( a la season 1). I like Jonah in the mix- changes things up. Jaime King pregnant in real life- wonder how they will work that in to Lemon’s character. I love Annabeth- but her whiny voice has got to go! It’s almost as bad as Lemon’s horrible accent in the first season. I can’t say how HAPPY I am that Tansy is gone!!!! She was sooooooo annoying! They better not have George have a fling with that crazy chick!
    I was happy with finale- cant wait for season 3….

    • Shannon says:

      I wish they would have had a fling in New Orleans in season 1 than the stakes would be different between George and Wade..

    • WingsStef says:

      The last guy she was with was the Dentist, right? Or someone after that? She could have been pregnant for a while and did not realize it as well.

  17. Cmt256 says:

    Zade all the way! I absolutely loved this episode and hope that Zoe and Wade start up season 3 with a fresh start!

  18. Bailey says:

    I think Zoe will be with Jonah for a good chunk of season 3. Wade/Lemon are going to start something, and then Lavon will get jealous, starting a love square. And George will be with that chick he sang with tonight.

    I better get some Zoe/George at some point! Cause WTH? If not.

  19. Hodan says:

    Zade rules! I loved the last scene between Wade and Zoe. Wade finally told Zoe how he felt and I am so proud of him for that. I think the writers realized the mistake they made breaking these two up. As for Jonah…please no! He is just Wade watered down Wade.

  20. lucy says:

    I loved the Wade stuff tonight. I felt so bad for the actor, because from the interviews he sounded really let down when they regressed Wade by having him cheat on Zoe. Nice to see Wade make some progress character wise, and with Zoe.

    George is starting to annoy me. Zoe Hart cannot possibly have so much control over one person’s life. Take some frigging responsibility and grow up! She didn’t ask you to cancel your damn wedding- you did, at the last second, because you didn’t have the balls to let your fiance know sooner that you felt you’d grown apart. He didn’t make Tansy feel secure- that’s his fault. He didn’t want to leave town to stay with Tansy, also his choice. Blaming it all on Zoe, going on the road singing a song about how terrible she is- It’s like there’s a fixed supply of maturity in Bluebell, and as Wade gets more mature, George gets less.
    And maybe stop dating Wade’s exes, they all have issues.

    • Kendall says:

      That was really unprofessional of Wilson Bethel. He is playing a character and he is not the show runner. He doesn’t “own” Wade.

      • Caro says:

        I think Wilson’s success is going to his head!

        • Tracie says:

          I think this is a very unfair statement to make without anything to back it up. In all of the interviews WB has given he has always been very gracious to everyone connected with the show. He is very well spoken and never bad mouths anyone. It is clear that he loves the character of Wade and puts his heart into the performance. When he was interviewed about the break up it was right when they had just gotten the scripts for 2×16 so the news was still fresh. And it had to have been a blow to realize that the writers were willing to regress his character in such a way that the majority of fans and media were outraged over. He had spent 1 1/2 seasons developing the character of Wade into someone that an overwhelming majority of the fans have come to love and feel for. And in one act that was stupid, he is almost back at square one. And yet he never once phoned it in during his performance in 2×16.

          • Dee says:

            That was very well said and I agree 100%.

          • Tracie says:

            Thank you. It just annoys me that the writers clearly used WB & Wade’s popularity for this story line. Wade is the only character who could have pulled off this story line. They knew that he has the majority of the fans behind him as well as WZ. They also know that the fans feel strongly for Wade. So they used that popularity to pull off a stupid story line that for me still doesn’t make an ounce of sense since it wasn’t ever necessary. They knew very well that most of the fans would not stop rooting for Wade or WZ. And yet clearly a story line like that is damaging to a character. I don’t believe any of the other characters would have came through it as well as Wade did still with the majority of the fans behind him. It says a lot that even after that stupid story line, a majority of the fans still want to see Zoe give Wade another chance. And a lot of that is due to WB’s portrayal of Wade and especially in the scenes in 2×16. So I don’t see how in any way WB has been acting unprofessional or letting his success get to his head. Again he always compliments everyone with the show and is very grateful to be a part of it. And he was asked his opinion on the story line. And he gave the best answer he could give. Was he supposed to be more enthusiastic about the idea that it appeared the writers were willing to throw his character under the bus? He basically just said it is what it is and he made the best of it. He didn’t whine or pout. He didn’t take his displeasure to twitter. We didn’t hear another peep out of him on the subject until another interview at the time of the finale. And never once did he complain about the writers. He just said that he was disappointed and hoped that Wade would continue to grow up. In fact in some of the latest interviews for the UK premiere he has even thanked the writers for letting Wade expand beyond the typical bad boy image and give him depth.

          • Shannon says:

            Well Stated.

        • Chrissy says:

          You are obviously a George fan and that comment is obviously sour grapes. The actors are the ones that bring the characters to life and are entitled to opinions about they character. I think all the George fans better used to the idea that Zoe and George are never going to happen.

    • V says:

      I so agree about George. He needs to stop blaming Zoe for everything going wrong. She tells him how she feels, he says he doesn’t feel the same way and then when he realizes that he does, he gets all upset because she hasn’t waited around for him. He needs to make up his mind already. Also, I don’t think Zoe is a slut for sleeping with Wade right after she was rejected by George, that’s just how she deals with things…not that it’s right but it doesn’t make her a slut.

  21. wsmize says:

    Rather than have Zoe make an actual decision they decide to make the triangle a square instated of having some angry fans? Stupid stall tactics. Do they haut sit and throw darts at a board saying “who will Zoe love this week?” Oh herself, but twist! Jonah! I saw all of it coming from the beginning o the finale I say through five episodes stored on my DVR for whAt I thought would be a great finale. It was mediocre at best. Aside from wade going after Zoe and them finally getting things in the open what was the point of this ep? To shamelessly promote a band, and attempt to spoof oceans eleven? Show is losing steam fast. Was anyone else surprised Zoe actually practiced medicine? Remember the pilot? I could use more medical cases and less alligator stealing personally. At this point season 3 looks Friday bound.

  22. Radha says:

    I find George a LOT more interesting when he’s with anyone other than Zoe. The two of them together would be so boring. I’m watching a TV show for entertainment. Not to see two people who are pretty much alike hook up. And George and Zoe are too much alike.

  23. Maggie says:

    please make Annabeth a regular next season, I love how she complements Levon’s character & she cracks me up!

  24. Shannon says:

    I am so glad Hart of Dixie has been renewed because I could not have stand if that was the end. i really enjoyed the episode and can’t wait for season 3. I just hope they do not gut the cast anymore because it would hurt the show. I really love Lavon and AB together. I will be fine as long as Zoey is not with Jonah sorry cannot stand his character. I am a Zoey/Wade fan all the way, but I would rather have her with George over Jonah any day. Please Please no Wade/Lemon that would be the worse pairing. I think the highlight of the episode was Lemon and her getting people to come to terms with things and trying her best to get the band etc..Her wardrobe just has to change though. I liked it when she confronted her cousin regarding his feelings for Zoey it was priceless. I liked George’s song just please do not pair him with the singer girl. I saw the slight hurt in Lavon’s eyes when she told him she was ready to look for the right guy. Please tell me this is not going to put a wrench in Lavon/AB’s relationship because that would just be horrible. Overall good ep so glad it is just a season finale. I liked that Wade stated he loved Zoey.

  25. Mari says:

    I think, my feelings aside, that the the producers need to get Zoe and George together as a couple, at least for a while.
    If not, Zoey will always live in the fantasy and what ifs of her and George, and she will never really commit to another person, be it Wade, Jonah or somebody else.
    But how fun would it be for her to get serious with Jonah for a bit? Just to see Lemon freaking out XDD
    Lemon and Wade con not happen – another regression for Wade –
    and, as much as I like Lavon/Annabeth, we need some serious Lavon/Lemon.

  26. Shannon says:

    Honestly everyone is talking about Zoey’s timing isn’t great what about George’s? George called off his wedding and moments later just showed up on Zoey’s door expecting her to just be there ready to go. I agreed with Zoey and he should explore being single and finding other people to mend his heart because she did not want to be the rebound girl. This was the same thing Tansy had just broken up with him and he goes straight to Zoey expecting her to just be there waiting after he told her she was crazy etc..
    George has bad timing too.
    I loved the rescuing of Burt Reynolds was priceless and at the end Burt was happy with all the burgers he could want was priceless even more so was AB driving the F15 into the barn where Burt Reynolds was to rescue her man etc..

  27. Pauli says:

    I thought the episode worked in the sense that it will provide a nice clean slate for when they return in the fall. I loved Wade’s declaration, but I knew Zoe would choose no one, and that’s exactly how it should be because it’s too soon. It’s too soon for her to get back with Wade after what he did, and it’s too soon for her to be with George since they both just got out of serious relationships. Any other alternative just wouldn’t have rung true. Did the finale leave me in the edge of my seat, desperate to see what happens next? No. But I think Zoe’s distance from Bluebell and the time jump will provide the show with a new energy going into season 3.

  28. Kristen says:

    How many times did you rewind that scene with Wade declaring his l

  29. Rebecca says:

    Zoe and Wade!!!! Please!! That’s the only couple!!!

  30. Thomay says:

    Yes agreed, it s excellent seeing zoe use her brain and practise medicine. Its not all about love triangles. Im zade end game but wade cant get her again just like that. We need meatier town personality stories like finding more about zoes real dad, why did lemons mother leave….etc…it will give great perspective on the characters and give great deoth and fleshier story lines. There is ALOT more to wade for sure i think. Jonah is annoying. Poor guy, its just that it is so obvious that why they put him in the story. Im sorry but i think lemon and george are actually amazing together. They want the same things in life. Zoe may be an educated dr but she isnt sure what she wants and wade brings out these thoughts. George just makes her do the do….everyday. I dunno but the cute stories of season one and season start two were great…..end season lacking. Zoe bed hopping is annoying and insults zoes character. We like seeing a smart girl doc. She can be love muddled but not dumb!!! Hope season 3 is much like one…fill out the characters, they lost their depth. Dont just plot fill, give teaser stories with clues and witty season one banter (wades dad was full of laughs). What say thee??? Wade didnt seem overly passionate for her either. Season one had some LOOKS across the room to zoe that said EVERYTHING. Where is the pining???

  31. D. says:

    I don’t get how you can choose George over Wade. I can’t stand him, maybe because there’s something in the actor’s face that makes me want to punch him.

  32. Dawn says:

    Some of you are done with the show because of a bad season finale? That’s just dumb. And this whole Zoe/George stuff is END GAME….which means that they will get together when the show ends. So let’s hope this will go on for a while. :)

  33. Amy says:

    I hated this episode and that makes me sad. I wish they’d put George and Zoe together for awhile just to see how they’d mesh. I’m still pretty down on Wade. I was actually pretty mad at him the entire time for being so selfish and not helping Lemon out!
    Also, I get it’s a TV show, but can we talk about that fact that Zoe is just leaving her practice that she owns part of to work somewhere else for three months? And also how George is just leaving his legal practice for three months to go on tour? Must be nice.

  34. ZadeEndgame says:

    I liked the growth that Wade showed in this episode. I LOVED the conversation that Lemon had with Wade in the car. She wrapped up everything that needed to be said for the past year. Wade and Zoe can make each other better and he messed up by sabotaging it and cheating and Zoe never fully came to acknowledge that she is in love with someone like Wade. And I love how Lemon noted all of Wade’s accomplishments since being with Wade…he became owner of a bar, he stopped sleeping with women, he is talking about his feelings. I don’t see Lemon and Wade as love interests. I think they will become bffs like Zoe and Lavon and I need that for the both of them. I love them as friends.

    Back to Zade, I don’t think they will be together for a while. I think Zoe will come back from NY either with Jonah, single or hooked up with George. I think they will move Wade to something else during the three months. In fact, the story in my head was the girl he slept with coming back in town pregnant or something. The baby doesn’t have to be Wade’s but a baby daddy story would be nice angst for Wade and also tap into his past family issues. I also need a serious love contender for Lemon next season (I still stand by George being her strongest option because they both just worked together).

    I get fans wanting their shot at George/Zoe although I still don’t get much of anything from them. They have no layers to me even with all their things “in common.” I just don’t want any what ifs for Wade and Zoe. I want her to choose him without George being any thought. I want my I Love You from Zoe next season to Wade. And I always refer back to one of my favorite couples on televisin…Ben and Felicity. Noel was a great option, great on paper, a really good friend to Felicity yet it was Ben she always went back to even through all the heartbreak. At some point it stopped being a triangle and became about Ben and Felicity. I’m hoping by the end of season 3 Zoe and Wade can get that.

    Last note: Lavon and Anabeth are alright but are becoming juvenile. I love the actress that plays Anabeth though. She is so freaking adorable.

    • essie20 says:

      correction: “I love how Lemon noted all of Wade’s accomplishments since being with Zoe”

    • Shannon says:

      nicely put

    • Mo says:

      I agree with basically all off this except I think all three points of the Z/W/G triangle need a breather. Zoe needs to focus on herself for now and not think about which guy she wants to be with when she gets back to Bluebell. George needs to stop blaming Zoe for everything that’s gone wrong in his love life and take some responsibility for his own poor choices. At least Wade has done that much & admitted his feelings, which is something I never thought we’d see from him last season. He needs to continue on his path to maturity, not find some random hookup or a fling with Lemon, and he needs to realize his self-worth.

      I agree Lemon & Wade’s friendship is awesome, and I’d like to see more of that. And as much as I liked her with Lavon last season, I actually think she & George could be a great pair again now that she has had time to move on. That is, if he can do the same & stop relationship- hopping.

    • true to that am also a fan of ben and felicity you are totally right the same thing was as well for meredith ,derrick and adison derrick always end up going back to meredith just like ben and felicity so I hope the same thing will like Wade and Zoe

  35. Loni says:

    Who else loved seeing General Beckman (from Chuck) in a very un-General type of character? She was so chatty and cute! I love seeing little bits of Josh Schwartz’ Chuck days in there.

  36. essie20 says:

    Also…the blogger pointing out the couple fanbases was odd and yet funny. But Wade’s response was so damn sexy “No comment”,. said with a grin and all….love that dude!!

  37. LWH says:

    Love Zoe and Wade. George is just so bland. I hope they don’t make Lemon pregnant but Jamie King is pregnant in real life. Tired of George altogether. Love Lavon and AB. Really glad Ruby is gone.

  38. Brandy says:

    The episode was ok, would’ve been better without the alligator stealing sl.I hope Zoe dosent get with Jonah,or back together with Wade as I can’t stand either of those guys or either of them with Zoe as a couple.I want Zoe/George! I wonder if they’ll go with a Wade/Lemon Zoe/Jonah,George/Lilyanne pairings to start season three.Happy it’s renewed.

  39. Sarah says:

    No mention of the reconnaissance mission for Burt Reynolds??? For Shame, Meg! LOL

  40. Jared says:

    The Hart of Dixie finale was perfect. I do love Zoe and Wade together but Jonah seems like the dark horse now that both Zoe and Jonah are in NYC together. Can’t wait to see what happens when Zoe returns to Bluebell in season 3. I’m so happy the CW renewed HoD. Such a cute fun series.

  41. essie20 says:

    Yikes..please stop putting out Lemon and Wade as a couple. I think they are perfect as best friends. I will admit at first because I was tired of Zoe getting all the men attention and Wade and Lemon constantly losing that I hinted at it to be spiteful. But seeing them as friends and business partners I think they could pass Lavon and Zoe in the bff department. And I needed Wade to have a confident and buddy not attached to Zoe like Lavon and George was. Lemon gave him great advice and I want them to remain as only friends. I do think she should be allowed an actual romance. I felt bad for Lemon having to listen to her cousin also into Zoe after going through it with her ex-fiance of 15 years and now her business partner. It seemed so unfair that here Zoe had three men pining for her and Lemon can’t even get one. She had to watch her best friend end up with the guy she loved. So not fair.

  42. Michelle says:

    I might not be back in the fall. Zoe is becoming so unlikeable! She never learns anything. And now we’re basically at the exact same spot we were last year: George is single, Zoe has slept with Wade despite the fact the he never seems respect her and now says he loves her. I’m just over Zoe’s neurotic crazy. If I hate the main character, how can I enjoy the show?!

    • Tracy says:

      So true, Michelle! Zoey is becoming a neurotic sl*t who is willing to settle for a loser like Wade who doesn’t respect her! Who wants to watch that?

      • non don’t forget that wade didn’t let us down its the creator of the show that decided that way for him to cheat on her

      • Eva says:

        Why is everyone is quick to call Zoe a tramp and not Lem

      • Eva says:

        Why is everyone is quick to call Zoe a tramp when Lemon gets a free pass? Zoe never cheated on anyone! Lemon had an affair! Maybe this because Lemon and Levon happened offscreen… Lemon hurt Levon and George. Zoe’s romantic entanglements hurt no one as much as she hurts herself. She breaks no promises to anyone. She is a moral character who cares for others even when they are unkind or blantantly rude, like the Breelends or Annabeth! If you have every tried to be the better person you know how hard it is to keep being and kind and friendly to those who don’t deserve it!

  43. BrianR says:

    Its Zoe and Wade because opposites attract. Zoe and George are too much alike. The like the same movies, books, etc. They will quickly bore each other to death.

  44. ef says:

    Well, I love a love story. So I missed not seeing a Zoe/Wade kiss or an ending like last year. I would rather her end of up Wade, but I can still handle her ending up with George if its good writing. I love Anabeth (this actress is so darn cute), but in my dream world, I hope she ends up with George or Zonah, Zoe ends up with Wade, and Lemon ends up with Lavon. But, then again, I am wondering if they are going to get George and Lemon back together. I have no interest in Jonah as a Zoe love interest. Nice actor, just not interested in him as a love interest character. There is enough confusion on Zoe’s love part. Very disappointed with the last several episodes of HOD Season 2. I guess we will see what happens. I am not in charge.

    • lucy says:

      My issue with Jonah- were they cute enough that I could get over dopping the whole 2 seasons spent getting Wade and Zoe to be mature enough to be IN a relationship at all- is his “You know me, I don’t do love” schitck.

      Sigh. Really? Another guy with commitment issues? Original. It’s early season 2 Zoe and Wade all over again- except that Jonah has a career.

      This season did make me really love Lemon, so I hope she meets someone nice next season.

  45. Erin says:

    I was happy with the finale. Sure, I would have loved having Zade reunited but I think the best thing for Zoe is time away to heal and think without Bluebell questioning her. I don’t like that Jonah was there at the end though, it gives me a bad feeling. If Jonah and Lemon weren’t related I would be shipping them :) And I only get a brother/sister vibe from Wade and Lemon. I tried in season 1 to like George/Zoe but I never got it, it has always been Zade for me. :) I can’t wait until season 3…Team Zade.

  46. Sex and Wade, Wade and sex and on and on and on. What a wonderful relationship! Ugh… If that’s all Zoe wants from a man she found the right guy.. But if she is looking for some deeper, more loving connection with a partner, she had better move on and move on quickly. Wadie has not changed and probably never will. Hopefully, she can mend her bridges with George – a man who is good, sensitive, caring – Handsome and sexy too!!

    • essie20 says:

      I don’t get that from from Wade alone. Lemon pointed out the strides Wade has had…he just needed to be confident in them himself. He needed to feel secure with himself to know he could be a worthy partner for someone romantically. And even with Wade’s issues I always saw a guy that would be there for someone whether it was Lemon, George, Lavon or Zoe. He always had their back. And he always stepped up for his family and took care of his dad. So I think its a disservice to say Wade is only about sex. I think the actor has given Wade way more layers than that. And despite my hating this season’s writing I feel they have given him moments in the past to show otherwise too.

    • Kendall says:

      I don’t like Wade, his character is so cliche. Zoe seems really immature going after a guy like him, not like 30 year old MD.

    • Sue says:

      I hope Zoe fixes things with George! Wade is only interested in sex!

    • no if you realise that starting from episode 8 in season 2 Wade realise he wanted moore than the arrangements they did that means being in a real relationships with her she even told him that why did he had to ruin everything she was happy the way things were but he wasen’t and he decided not sleep with her anymoore and she never really asked about his familly its like she was only intrested in sleeping with him he even told her on the christmas episode 10 season 2 that she never asked

    • Caro says:

      So true, Claire! George is sweet, smart, sexy and reliable! Wade just wants sex and he doesn’t respect Zoe at all – he never has! Plus, who wants a guy who thinks he always had to pick on you and make snarky comments as a key part of the relationship!

      • Dee says:

        If boring is what you want then George is the way to go. Wade at first was perhaps all about sex but has realized he wanted more and that’s why he asked her out on a real date. He realized he liked her. She is the one who was using him for sex until George was available. What does that make her? Wade has grown as a person. Get over George, that is a big yawn. Wade and Zoe are so interesting and fun and good together. Love their struggles and their chemistry. They belong together.

        • Chrissy says:

          So true Dee. I dont know what show the George fans are watching that makes them think that George is this kind and caring guy with standards!! He left Lemon at the altar because he had feelings for Zoe for an entire season. Started dating other woman because Zoe told him. And sex is part of a relationship and Zoe and Wades relationship is not entirely about sex..

  47. Shannon says:

    While I like the episode and hopefully next season they can go back to why she is in Bluebell in the 1st place and focus more on her medical practice that was always funny episodes and background story of her real dad, step dad, Wade’s dad etc.. That can be some cute stories etc..
    Bring Zoe’s mom back that was fun and George’s parents were fun too
    I like her bickering and bantering with Brick
    Bring back the nurse who was the wife of the sheriff she was hilarious as well and Shelley.
    So many good characters to explore/ make funny episodes etc..

  48. bgwillis says:

    Classic example of a show that takes the UST too far. They tease with Zoe and George, then throw her with Wade. Then maybe George, but not. Then Wade again. And now there’s Jonah. Been there, done that with Moonlighting and countless other shows that hold viewers hostage waiting to see “do they” or “don’t they.” It’s a gamble that often doesn’t work because when you mess around with our minds too much, at some point we just don’t care.

  49. dmac says:

    I find that this show is getting ridiculous, it has become all about the triangle (now square) and less about the town and Zoe’s relationship with them. I am sorry, but do we really need every guy on this show fighting for her and when does she take responsibility for her actions and quite leading them all on. I find it hilarious prior to this show starting the producers specifically said this wasn’t going to be about love triangles and what happens…If your writers are not strong enough to support a cast of characters and keep them interesting without a love triangle than perhaps you need new writers. More often than the viewers begin to dislike the women in the middle of it all (Hello Elena – Vampire Diaries) and no matter what the writers do, we the viewers just won’t care anymore. I am basically at that point when Jonah was on the plane…ugh!

    • Yeah i have to say I was dissapointed as well when I saw jonah on the plane the at the wedding I mean seriously do we need seson three were wade will be wating for her and george coming then finally realise that between him and zoe it was never meant to be remember what he told she had every chance of being with but she never did and they never even went out on a real date and the fact that keeps telling how she feels about him its a fantasy.
      and jonah coming back with in season three I mean people are just tired of watching a show were a smart woman can’t seem to be making up her mind about wich guy to choose I seriously would start fresh with a lot great stories for wade and zoe I hope they get back together in the middle of the season.I first strts that zoe has a fling with jonah then she decides to date george to see how it goes but then realise that even tho they have so many things in common between the two of them it will never worked as a couple and they are better off as friends.and she will realise that the love of her life is wade.

    • ME says:


  50. Jason Mann says:

    Last night’s episode did not feel like a season finale, it did feel more like a filler. The only season finale elements was the end with Jonah showing up at the wedding or George going on tour Lily Ann. I think the writers are dragging Zeorge on for too long, now they are building Jonah up to be a love interest for Zoe so it’s going to be midseason before George and Zoe even get a chance for to go on a first date. I love Zoe/ Wade but I also like Zoe/George but after 2 seasons of will they/won’t they, then when will they/ how much longer it’s getting tedious. hey may just have to make it work as friends because it’s now a battle of the blonds Wade vs. Jonah.

    Outside of the Zoe Love square it looks like we are on a collision course for a Lemon/Wade hook up which I don’t mind as much as I would have last year. Lemon is a lot more tolerable now than when we first met her.

    I have a character suggestion.I want to meet AnnaBeth’s ex husband to see what kind of idiot would divorce AB. I’m loving her not just with Lavon which is pitch perfect, but even in that scene with the Belles you could see she already knew replacing Lemon would cause problems.

    • Danielle H. says:

      I like all of what you said; I just don’t get what this show’s end game is.. if it’s zoe and george or zoe and wade.. they flip flop back and forth. And I’m sure that’s because the writers probably go back and forth with who they want her to end up with. I hope it’s Wade just because they are cute together. I love Lavon and AB.. too cute. It wasn’t a great finale, but then again alot of this season wasn’t great, just kind of chugging along. I don’t know if we are going to see a Lemon/ Wade hookup or not.. I see seeds being planted.

      • dee says:

        Good lord, I hope no Wade and Lemon. Their friendship is funny and good. And they are a good working partnership. That works for them. Nothing else. Please leave this one as just a friendship. Wade with Lemon would NEVER work and something I would NEVER want to see. I love Wade and Zoe together. They really work. I think they keep trying to make George and Zoe work but it just never seems to gel. Wade and Zoe, however, are just electric on screen. Wade is that character you want to root for. He is not perfect, but you see he has a good heart and is trying to change and be a better person because he has finally found someone he loves. He is trying to redeem himself. He knows that he has to be better, and he wants to be for her—for them.
        Three months apart from everyone—it might all change—it is nerve racking to have to wait 5 months for season 3.

        • Lisa says:

          No one ever changes for someone else and Wade will never change anyway. I think George and Zoe have amazing chemistry and I wish the writers would explore it. I won’t be watching the show unless they at least give Zoe and George a chance!