Castle Recap: Opportunity Knocks

Castle Season 5 RecapThis week on ABC’s Castle, upon cracking a case involving a murder-by-drone strike, Beckett found herself being targeted  — in a surprising way.

The Case of the Week concerned an enemy-laden Wikileaks-type webmaster who was killed by what at first blush appeared to be a car bomb. In actuality, though, Beckett & Co. learn that his car was attacked from above, by a military drone.

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Long story short (since the COTW was incidental and by and large a lead up to the last five minutes): A disenfranchised military wonk had crafted a hack program allowing anyone to override and control a drone. When the vic declined to disseminate this software via his website (and thereby ground the U.S. military’s sketchy drone program), his neglected son [groan] used the code to kill his dad. Or something like that.

More to the point, Beckett’s mad skills in working the case — usually against the wishes of both the FBI and DHS — drew the attention of Jared Stack, a special investigator for the Attorney General’s office (played by 24’s Carlos Bernard). So much so that at episode’s end, he invited Kate – she who is “exceptional, smart, strong” and “an asymmetrical thinker” — interview for a job with the AG in D.C.

“Where do you see yourself five years from now?” Stack opened his overture — and Beckett obviously had no idea. Noting her aforementioned attributes, he dangled before her the opportunity to stop “busting killers’ balls” and jump to a job “where the stakes are high and the outcome can affect history.”

What does Castle think of the decision his lady love is facing? Nobody knows. Because she seemed in no rush to tell him.

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Now, as for how this episode played leading out of “The Squab and the Quail,” as it was intended to: The cold open was an odd and I hope not telling choice, as Rick’s toying with RC tanks and planes doesn’t suggest a meaningful adherence to his ceremonial “cutting of the videogame cord” — especially when a scantily clad Kate is close by. And Beckett’s reluctance to rush to share her offer with Castle doesn’t indicate any comfort level in hashing out their longterm plans. As such, and given the new promo, next week’s finale should be… interesting.

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A few memorable sound bites, then it’s comment time:

* “We don’t have a body, we don’t have a crime scene, we don’t have any witnesses, but….” “At least we have each other.” “”…we still have a crime to solve.”

* “I’m even wearing a mask.” “Really?!” “No.”

* “And what is that plan, you ask?” “I didn’t ask.”

* “If by close you mean opposite!”

* “Oh look, it’s Storm Season… on the clearance table.”

* “Yo, how about I just talk, jackass?”

* “She is exceptional.” “You don’t know the half of it.” (So put up, brother!)

Want more scoop on Castle…? Sorry, but The Inside Line cannot help you any further — it’s time to sit back and ride the season-ending roller coaster.

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  1. Delena forever says:

    I hope they don’t break up

    • Annie says:

      I doubt they will. But also – did anyone else notice how snappy Esposito was towards Castle this episode? Teasing isn’t unusual – it’s a rather significant feature of the relationship – but that wasn’t teasing. There was something harder and a little hostile about it.

      • Mike says:

        they will break up….they have to…because there needs to be tension among the characters and being too lovey dovey doesn’t cut it in the ratings…and consider this: wasn’t it more fun hoping they would be a couple instead of watching them go nowhere??

        • Annie says:

          Not really, no. And Marlowe doesn’t believe in that “Moonlighting” crap, so I feel pretty sure this is just drama for drama’s sake. Now if Hart Hanson were in charge, yeah, definitely.

          • Greg Eckes says:

            In fact that’s exactly what Moonlighting did. They broke up David and Maddie in a desperate attempt to regain the chemistry. Didn’t help.

          • Sally Ramsey says:

            Ok. I’ve got to say this. Castle is not and never has been Moonlighting. If anything it is much closer to Remington Steele. In RS there was a highly trained female detective, Laura Holt, who went to Stanford. We had the unqualified gorgeous loveable rogue who didn’t know who his father was and in fact didn’t even know his real name. Remington Steele was something Laura made up from a typewriter and a football team. Our rogue weasels his way into working with Laura. He helps solve cases by using movie plots.There were plotlines in common. Laura’s house blows up. Remington is a most eligible bachelor. They did fashion week. They did a broken leg. They never did get Laura and RS together until the last episode and the series had been cancelled , then uncancelled when Pierce Brosnan was up for Bond the first time, and then cancelled again. Even then it was off camera. NBC managed to really screw things up for the leads Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Brosnan by doing that. She lost a role in Robocop and He lost his first shot at Bond.That is just a sad sidenote. My main point is that the lack of action frustrated the heck out of the fans. Back in those days if you wanted to make a video it took 3VCR’s, a lot of time and a lot of luck. It was done anyway. We had writathons. Keeping them apart did not help. It made us want to throw stuff at the screen. Eventually they had to turn Laura into a bit of something that rhymes with witch to keep the separation going. That was not pleasing to the fans. Actually much the same was done to Maddie in Moonlighting. She really was not very nice. Now one thing AM will have to be careful about is not to alienate the fans from the characters. That especially goes for Beckett. We have to continue to be able to understand why Castle loves her more than life. If we cease to love, or at least understand the characters the show is toast.

        • anyone? says:

          no. they are a hot couple. i like watching them.

      • mags says:

        I totally noticed it, especially in this episode! Like, Javy was snapping at everything Castle said?! My hubby said it’s because Lanie probably hasn’t put out in awhile…LOL But seriously, what’s with the hostility, Espo!? You guys used to be bros!

        • Sally Ramsey says:

          I have a theory about Espo. Ryan has sort of become Castle Jr. nodding along with Castle’s crazy theories. I think Espo feels frustrated and left out.

          • Katherine215 says:

            Ryan’s always been the more gullible of the two, willing to get roped into Castle’s crazy theories. Espo’s always been more like Beckett, down to earth and more likely to make fun of Castle’s theories. That said, he did seem a little PO’d that she was taking Castle to the military base and not him, since he has a military background. I thought something would come of that scene but not yet.

        • Annie says:

          THANK you! I thought I was going crazy or making things up – no piece or comment I’ve read today has even mentioned it, and it was *really* noticeable to me, enough to take me out of the show and wonder what the heck was up with that – glad it wasn’t just me!

          • Annie says:

            Also, Katherine215, in addition to that noticeable moment, even more hostility came out in the car when Javi was on the phone – he told Castle to shut up and called him a jack@$$! I was like – WHOA, there, back the hostility train up there, big guy.

          • DarkDefender says:

            My theory is Javi feels left out by Beckett, because now that Caskett has been outed to Gates, she prefers to take Castle along as her “partner” (particularly to the military base.. A place Javi probably feels was his expertise as a former special ops). Javi has stuck his neck out for Beckett and almost lost his job standing by her…. In the end.. I bet he will be more upset than Castle when Beckett says she’s considering taking the fed job. Lets face it, Castle can write anywhere and has the. Financial means to not let a move impact his relationship with Alexis and Martha.

  2. Jerri says:

    Wow, is it next week already?!

  3. Rida says:

    Ok first off i wish Castle playing games and Kate being scanty clad stops being an issue. God, because i cant see the problem in that.
    Secondly, about Kate not telling him about the job offer…i think a lot of people are going to lash out on her for it. I dont think what she did made her a liar. At this point even she doesn’t know what this job offer might mean to her. Also as Castle said for humans all decisions are personal and this is her decision. This is something she needs to figure out herself before sharing it with the world. I think that’s pretty normal and common human behaviour.
    The case of one of the best of s5 imo.
    About next week….i trust Marlowe. After all the work and challenges he has both them both through and his disbelieve in the moonlighting curse, i dont think Caskett is breaking up. But that’s just me.

    • Malachi says:

      “i think a lot of people are going to lash out on her for it.” And rightly so. I am not saying that Castle has any right to make decisions for her — not at all. But it *does* affect him, and she should talk to him. People in relationships talk about the important stuff. But that would involve using grown-up words, and Castle and Beckett are apparently both too emotionally stunted to do that.

      Incidentally, has it occurred to anyone else that Beckett’s relationship with Will Sorenson (season 1 reference) *ended because he took a job in another city, choosing it over her*? If Beckett takes this job, she will be under no illusions about what this will do to her relationship with Castle.

      • Malachi says:

        As an aside, I am starting to think that the powers that be ought to just name the show “Beckett.” Castle exists primarily as comic relief, a one-dimensional supporting character in Beckett’s personal march toward self-fulfillment. At least, that seems to be the writers’ intent with the show in its arc toward the finale.

        Wouldn’t you think that a charming, good-natured millionaire in Manhattan would be able to find a woman who treated him well? There are many, many attractive women in NYC. Just a thought.

      • Rida says:

        Sctualy yes i agree with you, it does affect him the most besides her so he deserves to know which he will in the finale andif you’ve seen the promos, you’ll see that he will lash out a little abt it. What i actually meant by the end of the this ep, even she didnt knw what to think about it. She wants to figure out what she wants first by herself. And trust me ppl do that in real life, think themselves before getting the opinions of others around them.

      • Mary says:

        I agree with you about Sorenson, that´s the same situation, only now she´s on the reversal role. Now, of course her decision affects him, but we´re only talking about it because we know it´ll be the focus on next episode…In THIS episode, she just got the offer and has no idea what she will do, so I think at this point it´s normal that she didn´t tell Castle about it…

      • Squintern says:

        You forget, KB had a job. Castle can write from anywhere.

        • Mary says:

          And that means he should let his daughter and mother and go after her like a puppy? Personally, I wouldn´t have much respect for someone doing that, but probably it´s just me…

          • Rich Abey says:

            Spot on! Martha can take care of herself now that she has her theatre school but this decision heavily involves Alexis cause the only reason she went to Coumbia is so that she can be close to Castle. Moving to DC won’t be affecting Castle’s writing but it will surely affect his relationship with Alexis & even distance them both physically & emotionally. Remember we haven’t really dealt with alexis’s POV towards ‘caskett’ given the amount of emotional turmoil that alexis & Martha went through in S3 & S4…hence its no wonder that Castle says their relationship is over if Kate moves to DC as Alexis is his first priority..even above Kate.

          • Katherine215 says:

            Couples move if one gets a great job offer, especially if the other can work from anywhere. And it’s not like he’d have to sell his loft and wouldn’t be able to afford to fly back and forth to NYC from DC to visit Alexis. Frankly, I thought Castle looked like a brat telling her she has to choose between him and her career in the promo so his life doesn’t change. Of course, it’s a promo, so who knows how it actually plays out in the scene.
            That said, I don’t think she’s taking the job, at least long term. The premise of the show is too tied to her being in the NYPD. I don’t think the AG would let Castle tag along on her cases, which makes for no show.

    • good comment you are spot on,me too dont think they will break up if they did there would be no castle,

  4. Teri says:

    So much angst until next week. Kate wants to help the little guy and not the big scheme of the new job offer. Castle needs to spill his guts to Kate about what he wants for their future.

  5. Zak says:

    If Castle stopped trying to do Homeland type stories, I would be sooooo happy. The show to me works best when it’s just focus on case of the week or Beckett’s mothers murder. These big over the top stories have never seemed to work. This week was no different, and after the scene with the drone attacking them I found myself taken out of the rest of the episode.

    For me the show is to much of a comedy for any of these episodes to work. Which isn’t to say that I don’t think it can do drama, since I find a lot of the character drama compelling. It just story drama comes off comical and off putting. It also highlights a lot of the flaws in the show, like not arresting the guy whose made a program that hacks all government drones, and showed them how it worked.

  6. nitemar says:

    Castle,he needs to stop behaving like a kid and take things seriously with Beckett.he takes her for granted, I think that’s what his ex tried telling Beckett way back.

    • his x cheated on him and left him to bring up his daughter,so that is a bad example.

      • Squintern says:

        she only cheated because she couldn’t connect with him. she didn’t know him. that’s not meredith’s fault. that’s on castle. i don’t blame kate for thinking of her future–whether not that includes castle is completely up to him.

        • Nicky says:

          Actually, it IS her fault because SHE cheated. Nothing on the show has indicated Meredith has any actual depth so it’s doubtful she was driven by anything less than hormones. If she uses a ‘lack of connection’ with Castle as an excuse to cheat, then that’s on her.

  7. I definitely think that Kate is right not to say anything yet. She needs to decide for herself what she wants first, then talk with Castle about it. I very highly doubt that she’ll end up taking the job, but she should think about it.

  8. CMG says:

    I thought this was a ridiculous episode. It strained credulity, even by Castle standards, and that’s saying a lot. I had thought that this might have been another of those extra episodes the network asked for that were written in kind of a rush, at least until I saw the end of the episode dovetailed right into the season finale.

    The worst moment, by far, was Stack doing the “You’ll have me for 5 more seconds” thing – then sticking around for the next two hours and spilling the entire story to Beckett and co. It’s like in the span of those 5 seconds Stack suddenly became Beckett’s BFF. What the heck did she say to the Attorney General? Promise him a lap dance or something? It was SUCH an abrupt change to the episode that I think I might need a neck brace from all the whiplash.

    There were moments that, although unbelievable, were at least a little amusing. The references to Terminator and Men in Black, plus the homage to North by Northwest. They missed a classic opportunity, though… instead of a Wikileaks kind of guy, the victim in this should have been one of three guys running a conspiracy newsletter, a la The Lone Gunmen. :)

    • gabr923 says:

      if you don’t like this show and if you think it is “ridiculous”. Why do you watch it? Don’t change your username next time ;)

      • CMG says:

        Change my username? This is the username I always use. It’s my initials. You seem to have me mistaken for someone else, though I’m not sure who.

        As far as not liking the show, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I love the show. I thought this EPISODE was ridiculous, not the show. Even the best of shows can have off weeks, and I thought this was one of them.

      • Zak says:

        Your allowed to dislike parts of something, almost nothing in life is all or nothing. Just because someone criticism’s something doesn’t mean you have to be defensive, their are two kinds of criticism after all.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Totally agree. There are a grand many things i cant stand about most tv shows, including Castle, especially the quality of the writing and the direction of the relationship. But i have good reason to stick around, i love Nathan Fillion, i enjoy the other characters, the cases arent HORRIBLE, and iv already invested in the previous seasons.

        • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

          I must…



          You’re/Your and They’re/Their/There are NOT hard.

  9. ollie says:

    love that the writers mentions cities from upstate ny. I live about 2 hours south of fort drum so that would have been a 7-8 hour drive for caskett. good that the case of the week delt with something relvent going on with the drones right now and they have a restraining order against proteters in syracuse which is ridiculous. I think kate wants to maul over the job offer before telling anybody and lol when she “attacked” castle with his toys. he didnt really ignore her when playing with them at the beginning of the ep bc his suggestion to her to stay half naked.

  10. K says:

    This is really realistic. Anyone that is married or just in a committed relationship probably have had job offers in other cities and states. Did your significant other make the decision for you? I think not. Beckett has to figure out what the job offer in Washington means to her and if it something she really wants. Beckett will figure it out and then bring castle into the equation. Beckett doesn’t want castle’s opinion now because she fears that he will make the decision for her

    • Sally Ramsey says:

      I’ve been married almost 38 years and I and the kids have moved for jobs for my husbsnd and the last time around the move was for a job for me. The possibilities were never a secret. These are the sorts of things that happen in relationships. Secrets are destructive. They build walls between people. Beckett lying about hearing Castle say ILY did that. Castle lying about the deal to keep Beckett alive did that, although his lie wasn’t selfish. If you can’t trust what is going on in your life with someone who is literally ready to die for you, you have serious trust issues. I doubt that Beckett will go to DC, but there is still room for a lot of growth in their relationship. That is as it should be. Otherwise there would be no show.

      • Rich Abey says:

        Agree with you but what I find ridiculous at times is the amount of doubt & worry that Kate has regarding their relationship. I thought she was able to move past the insecure life she led before meeting Castle..apparantly she hasn’t really moved on…& contrary to her saying that all of her walls have come down they certainly have not, cause I find it hard to believe that a single human being could experience so much of insecurity. Its not particularly this episode but this season as a whole..sure as you said any relationship presents moments of doubts but for heaven’s sake they have been together only for a year but they have the problems of a lifetime. Andrew Marlowe should have given Caskett more time to truly enjoy being together, because they have been through a huge amount of emotional & physical baggage for the past 4 years..they weren’t even able to enjoy their ‘honeymooning’ period without corrupt senators, murders, and what not peeking in!
        Now that AM has covered practically everthing that a couple could go through this season, hopefully next season Caskett will at last be given some peace, love & calm and transfer the spotlight to Esplaine, Alexis or even Castle’s dad.

        • KHorn says:

          RIch and Sally,

          I fully agree with the points you’ve made. I’m really not sure what the writers are doing with her character this season. I could understand her being so insecure in the beginning of the relationship, but at this point how can she still be there? It’s like they’ve decided to make her denser than granite not to realize what she has in Castle. Sally is exactly right on the job issue. I’ve moved once for my wife’s career and she has twice for mine. When the offer is made, unless you are rejecting it out of hand because it’s not what you want, you immediately discuss it with your significant other, you do not go off by yourself and then hand your partner a fait accompli. What she’s doing is very disrespectful, but then she’s always been pretty selfish towards Castle, this just seems a little too much.

          • Malachi says:

            This. People who care about each other *tell* each other about things like this. Job offers should not be considered in a vacuum. Unless of course you have zero consideration for your loved one, in which case the loved one is better off without you anyway.

  11. luli says:

    * “I’m even wearing a mask.” “Really?!” “No.”

    * “And what is that plan, you ask?” “I didn’t ask.”

    * “If by close you mean opposite!”

    * “Oh look, it’s Storm Season… on the clearance table.”

    Those four quotes were HILARIOUS!! Also, It was a good episode, but I’m worried about the finale… The promo doesn’t make it look good for Caskett :(

    • Squintern says:

      Part of me thinks Storm Season being on clearance is a foreshadow to something relationship related. ;)

  12. James says:

    first episode of this season that i just didn’t like. the case was beyond absurd even for castle, the perp was so predictable. the AG secret agent was silly, even though i always love seeing some Tony Almeida action. while I don’t blame Beckett for not telling castle about the job offer a girl has a right to think it over, it is becoming frustrating that these two can’t have an adult conversation, and i get thats what the finale is all about but still it just frustrates me, sorry. I like how the guy watches her for five minutes and determines she is a super cop and a symetrical thinker when any half wit could of gotten that guy to break. and to be honest castle leads beckett to the perp half the time, but all of a sudden he doesn’t matter. that isn’t to say she isn’t a highly capable badass which she total is, but throw castle a bone instead of constantly making him the dude who comes up with crazy theories. I will be forever loyal to this show no matter what happens, but this episode was a miss for me.

    • James says:

      i forgot the promo. I wouldn’t worry to much i know it looks bad but as we all know Castle is slow to change and stubborn i think he was just shocked and freaking a little bit, I could be way off but i don’t see them breaking up over this, it would be completely anti climactic cuz we all know she’s not leaving the 12th for any long period of time, so whats the point of having her leave for a couple of months just to come back to her old job. it seems the point of all this is to force castle into taking the next step which means the emotional cliffhanger that is coming will most likely be an engagement. thats my opinion anyway, but who knows i guess we’ll find out next week.

    • gabr923 says:

      if 1 out of 24 is a bad episode, I find it excellent. Too many episodes for Castle this season,24. It is no easy to keep the quality.

      • James says:

        i think that’s a valid point it does seem to be strained in terms of quality, Marlowe would of course never admit it but i think the extra episodes through him off. like i said i love this show and will always be loyal to it but it begs to be critiqued every once and awhile :)

      • RichieS says:

        24. Carlos Bernard. I see what you did there.

  13. Kevan says:

    Didn’t like it too much. The preview for the next episode makes Castle seem unsupportive though. I realize how her not telling him about the offer would tick him off but I expect more understanding from him at this point. I really hope the writers don’t play this up for cheap drama with Castle and Beckett out of character.

  14. Lauren says:

    I found it extremely difficult to concentrate on this episodes–let alone enjoy it–knowing what everything was leading up to: what promises to be a very painful, very heart-wrenching season finale. I loved the scene with the remote-control tank and helicopter in the middle of the night, because it was the only sequence that made me forget about the emotional debacle headed my way next week.

    • Nicky says:

      I agree with this. I was too focused on what I knew was coming at the end of the show to really focus on the show. IMO, the case wasn’t any worse than it usually is. I just didn’t particularly enjoy where I knew this episode was headed for Castle and Beckett.

      That being said. At this point, I’m not at all mad at Beckett like others seem to be. During the show, we got the impression that she wasn’t too fond of the bigger agencies bullying the police. So honestly, I don’t think she actually took the job offer seriously. However, I think as time goes by, it’ll be there in the back of her head that she has this other option. I think she’ll continue to think of it until it becomes a viable option for something she might want to do. That’s when I think she’ll approach Castle with it.

      As for Castle’s reaction … I’m not sure what to think of that other than it being a trick of the promo. I just don’t think his ‘ultimatum’ will play out the way the promo made it seem like it plays out. At least, I hope it doesn’t. I’d hope he’d offer to go with her. I mean, during “Still,” he nearly died in a bomb because he didn’t want to leave her. I don’t think it beyond the realm of possibility that he’d consider moving a couple hours away from his grown daughter and mother to be with a woman he almost died for.

      So I guess the answer is … just wait and see. Monday will bring the answers, and probably a lot more questions.

  15. April says:

    I’m worried. Comfort me, internet strangers. Say something reassuring.

    • K H B says:

      There us no show without them together. And the supporting cast is a huge part of making this show what it is. And Andrew Marlowe and company love Stana Katic. Beckett’s going nowhere without Castle. Feel better ?

      • Kevan says:

        Agree with everything you wrote, but that doesn’t stop them from making the cheap and silly move of breaking them up until the season 6 premiere.

        For all her good qualities, Beckett is insecure in relationships, bless her heart. She has clued Castle into that multiple times this year. They really need to have a talk and Castle needs to be supportive and understand where she’s coming from. He’s done it in the past, he needs to do it now. Whether the writers will LET him for the finale……we’ll see. I’m thinking not.

        • Kate says:

          Beckett is insecure in relationships, you’re right. I think a lot of that stems from her mother’s murder. I don’t think she would accept an offer outside of NYC until her mother’s murder is solved.

          • Maria says:

            Except, it is solved, as far as knowing who is responsible. And what better way to be close to a senator than moving to DC?

      • John says:

        And Casket is going nowhere without “The Boys”: Esposito and Ryan are a part of the gig that moving to D.C. would not make any sense.

        Plus, as written and acted, she’s a New York City Cop, Kate Beckett as Super-Fed? No way.

    • James says:

      i think this is all one big tease its a way to force castle to take the relationship seriously. Castle is many things but a guy that dumps the love of his life over a job opportunity seems a little out of character, maybe the castle from season 1 but not the castle now. I believe Marlowe truly cares about his fans and wouldn’t do anything with out good reason, obviously we’ll have to wait to see how it all plays out, but just remember no matter what happens these two were meant to be together, no worries keep the faith.

    • Sally Ramsey says:

      Check out what Kate Jennings said at She analyzed all the cuts in the promo that make it look like a breakup is on the way. Figuratively speaking, she talked me down last night.

  16. CastleFan says:

    When Castle is over, and yes folks, someday it will come to an end……I hope some producer of comedy gives Stana Katic a chance to get her funny on. She was downright hilarious in the bedroom scene where the attacks Castle with his little remote controlled toys!! I fell outta my chair laughing. Great stuff and here’s hoping there’s more of that in Season 6.

  17. Chloe says:

    I seem to be in the minority but I really enjoyed the episode. It was a serious case but there were a lot of light scenes, which made it fun. And having lots of Carlos Bernard [looking extra yummy] didn’t hurt. The one thing that made no sense was when she told the AG she had a condition for turning Stack loose and the AG agreed to let them stay on the case. Seriously? She convinced him just like that? Um, ok.

    I think she should have told Castle about the job offer, even if she is the one who ultimately has to make the decision. I’m wondering if they will break up for the summer and then she will be back in the fall, similar to when he went off with his ex-wife [the blonde] during one summer hiatus. I’d rather she’d turn down the job & stay in NYC, though.

  18. Geri says:

    Another fail of an episode tonight; sadly I don’t see this trend stopping anytime soon. I wish this show would focus their attention on Castle, feels like they’ve given him the shaft for Beckett’s ‘whatever the heck is bothering her’ moments every week– the show is suffering because of it IMO. Also you can keep saying everything is peachy rosey this season but it’s not IMO– Caskett has been a huge disappointed and the lack of attention on Castle’s story has turned me off this season. I’m not expecting much going into the finale, probably the same old crap we’ve gotten this year *sigh*

  19. Jamie says:

    I think Beckett deserves this chance and was really suprised to see Castle act like that in the promo. I really don’t want him to ask her to marry him or anything like that because then she would be forced to choose between him and an awesome job. I hope it plays out some other way without them breaking up. Maybe she will be promoted at te precinct to keep her from leaving.

  20. May says:

    Honestly, I think they are doing it all right. If Castle suddenly stopped acting childish (I don’t even think he overdoes it) and Kate became extremely open to him, it would be unbelievably OOC. The season had its flaws, like any other did, but overall, it was a good, solid season. Also, we can finally sigh in relief because now we know, the Still/Squab in The Quail change made no difference.l

  21. GeoDiva says:

    Dumbest case ever….really some teenager hacked a drone to kill his father?!? Ugh! Now they are creating fake drama about a possible job offer? Double Ugh!

  22. Mary says:

    Matt, I don´t think Castle ignored her in the beginning of the episode…he even focused the camera on her, saying something like “if you don´t know what to wear, you can stay like that”:) And it was different from “Squab”, she wasn´t trying to seduce him. The job offer was at the end, she had no idea what to do or think, so it´s normal not telling him. But the promo for next week looks interesting and that´s where it will be an issue, I´m particulary looking after how and when she tells him…

  23. lame says:

    The possibility of Kate taking the job in DC isn’t the bolt of lightning that’ll knock your socks off and drive you to distraction over the summer. And “IT” as Marlowe promised will come out of nowhere. Thank you MilMar.

    • Mary says:

      Either you are teasing, or you know more than us about the finale…care to share? I can give you my adress:)

    • Squintern says:

      Well no one is expecting her to take the job. If she takes it and bolts, that’d be a shocker.

    • Squintern says:

      And if it’s a pregnancy, I’m gonna fly to LA and launch my dirty, smell laundry into the cast trailers out of spite. It’s a freaking lazy ass way of writing. i suspect it’s not a pregnacy. And I suspect you’re full of it. So either spill it, or zip it.

    • Squintern says:

      And if it’s an engagement, it’s on equal weak grounds as a pregnancy. Lazy man’s way.

  24. Liam says:

    Hm what can i say watched the ep enjoyed i just dont see beckett taking it she has things to condider if she does likely her dather and castle and of course her friends Now i can see a onversation happening most likely on the swwings and as for for promos totally misleading abc and castle have been doing that all season be careful guys

  25. CarlagUK says:

    I didn’t particularly like the story in this episode. Drones! Shades of ‘Bones’ and Pelant. I sincerely hope that the Castle Finale does not end up being as contrived and thin as the ‘Bones’ one was. As I see it Kate and Rick badly need to talk to each other and hopefully this will happen next week. For a start; put away the toys for a while Castle, there are more important things to discuss. Kate asked Rick ‘Where are we going?’ at the end of TSATQ and he did not pick up on her true meaning of the question, so it was left hanging there as they retired to the bedroom. Meredith’s reasons given to Kate about why their marriage broke up comes in to play here. OK Meredith cheated on him but one asks the question why she cheated on him. Could there have been an element of truth in what she told Kate, that he knew everything about her and she new very little about him?

    We know Castle loves Kate, of that there is no doubt. Who would stay with someone minutes before a bomb was about to explode? His love and devotion does not come into question but long term committment and a change in their working dynamic just might.

    That is what they both face now. The job offer for Kate is a huge opportunity for her and why shouldn’t she consider it? Her decision should be reached by answering the question that was asked. ‘Where does she herself in 5 years time?’ It’s a shame no one asked Castle the same question because for me, that is really good place to start their discussions and see what they both want from their future relationship, both personal and professional.

    I think Andrew Marlowe has done an excellent job with the relationship and is trying very hard to keep it as real as he can. For my part he has suceeded.

    Looking forward to next week and the possible challenges it brings. .

    • Morisot says:

      CarlagU K, thank you for mentioning Bones–and Pelant. Think I can stick in my rant here: I hate these over-arching villans who make the heroes look like idiots. Pelant/Bones (Hodgins had all his financial-eggs in one basket? and Booth is under Pelant’s thumb!) Moriarity/Elementary (the only way the mouse ever wins is to crawl into a hole.) Red John/The Mentalist (Lisbon and Jane are Red John’s puppets, or rats in his maze)

    • Greg Eckes says:

      The problem is that Still happened and we have this episode of commitments and ILY’s. And then we have these two episodes seemingly out of place. Of course she should consider the job, but two weeks ago you were on a bomb telling a guy that you love him and that you are “just getting started” and now you’re considering leaving him for a job.

      It just doesn’t work.

      • jn613 says:

        Exactly! And from his side of it, are we really supposed to believe that he’d be willing to die for her but not able to find someway of making things work even if she were to go to DC?  The previews show him all ready to break up with her over even considering the job.  I don’t buy it and think it’s just a weak ploy for audience angst.

  26. TVDIVA says:

    I think Kate is right not to tell Castle yet. She should savor first being asked, check it out, and then when she knows more tell him she is considering it. Castle can write anywhere and he is just fine. But Beckett needs to be able to fight for justice in a place she feels she can do the most good. And that is probably NYC, but she needs to make that decision for herself.

  27. Sally Ramsey says:

    I really want to know what people are thinking of all this It will be nice to have something to look at for distraction this week.

  28. Becca says:

    The case was kind of meh this week. I’m generally not a fan of the ones where higher ups come in and assist/take over because it gets frustrating to see Beckett and Co. undercut at every turn. Though I recognize that it was necessary for where they are going with Beckett’s story line.

    It’s looking more and more like Castle and Beckett will take a break in the finale (and likely be back together after an episode or two next season). I’m not completely against this; it makes sense that after a year together a couple would take a break to reevaluate the relationship, no matter how much love and respect they have for one another. However, I think the lead up to this has been pretty sloppy. The last 2 episodes (not Still, I’m thinking in terms of how they were supposed to air) have shown Castle as the man-child of season 1, for the most part ignoring his character development over the past few seasons. That makes me not really buy a potential breakup, since Castle hasn’t even been acting like himself lately. But I’m reserving judgement til I actually see the finale. The last couple of episodes before last year’s finale also weren’t my favorites, but the finale was spectacular. Fingers crossed for this one!

  29. GS says:

    This is one of the episodes of Castle I haven’t liked. I honestly barely paid attention. The whole insecurity and unwillingness to talk to Castle by Kate is driving me batty. She knew who is when she decided to pursue the relationship. I don’t like how the job just popped out of nowhere. The writers are being lazy and just bringing drama which could be handled much smoother. Not looking forward to the finale as much as I have in the past. I have found Castle and Beckett (I refuse to put their names together like a teenager) to be really boring as a couple and they have no heat like they did when she came to his door. I almost wish they hadn’t put them together.

  30. Mike says:

    What about an auto accident…Castle in hospital as Kate is leaving for a second interview having basically decided to take the job because Caskett was going nowhere??? Let’s think drastic things happening to Castle…why Castle? because Kate has been shot, Montgomery killed….need tension over the summer.

    • Christina says:

      Not gonna lie, I would love to see this. Nice point bringing up that Castle’s health has yet to be a finale thing.

      • Richard Bragg says:

        If we go that route we could have totally miscommunication….Kate waits for Castle’s answer etc but he never shows, either he is involved in an incident or, Martha, Alexis that means he cannot show up…. Kate thinks she’s been blown off and leaves….

        • Christina says:

          Yea, I could def see her leaving being the cut. She will of course be back by September though.

  31. Richard Bragg says:

    I saw the trailer for the Finale last night – Castle basically saying its over if Beckett takes the job. In any relationship how do you come back from that statement, if she stays will she always wonder what if, if she goes then will that really be the end – Castle could propose but Beckett would think it a ruse to get her to stay and would she really say yes at the moment when she has so many doubts about him. I really think, short of one of them having an accident then they will take a break for the summer and end up with Castle chasing after her. If she does leave however what will Castle do, the show is based on him shadowing his muse, he will have no purpose at the station anymore…….

  32. ivane61 says:

    Just watched this – not really believable after brief meeting Kate is going to be offerd a job. I`ve said before Castle s going downhill, its now so full of unlikely scenarios.. thats twice in two weeks she`s been told she can have a new job. Life just doesn`t happen that way. any way what happened to the infamous `one and done` and the ever present `always` ??. Did all that have no meaning for the past 5 years, if it didn`t then Castle should get rid of her because she is not the character that she`s been written as.She has always been written as a strong fiercly loyal character, suddenly she`s not, shes dithering. Lastly we are almost to get a season 6 – no Beckett – no Castle. Still think Stana out acts them all

    • Maria says:

      She wasn’t offered a job. She was offered an interview. A chance at a job. I agree though…what happened to “one and done” or “I just want you”? And what’s up with Castle basically emotionally blackmailing her (in the promos for next week)? They both seem so out-of-character all of a sudden.

  33. Richard Bragg says:

    Exactly Ivane061, she has been dropping these lines for the entire life of the show. I do not believe Castle is as oblivious as he is made out to be… could anyone be. The last few shows he seems to be regressing into his childhood – his bucket list #1 of be with Kate seems to mean nothing anymore despite the odd display of jealousy. He can write anywhere, his daughter is now away at college so whats keeping him in NYC?, obviously when working for the FBI they are not going to want him hanging around their cases so he will have to be a stay at home writer while Beckett chases the bad guys. Its difficult where they see this going with this, what about Beckett does she want children, Castle said he was open to the idea of more.
    I am sure they will get a season 6 but can all this indecision and angst continue for more than that. We seem to see little of Beckett discussing anything with anyone else either…Lainey, Gates and Castles mom would be good sounding boards and could help but she always seems to be on her own…. very strange.

  34. NuNu318 says:

    I personally don’t think that she’ll leave for DC. But with that said I think after the end of the finale and she makes the decision to stay the drama will play into next season she might end up resenting Rick…. even though she’ll be the one making the decision to stay.

  35. leriam10 says:

    I didn’t like the episode just because the relationship between Castle and Beckett seemed strained. Plus the plot of the episode was kind weak. I really don’t like the respond in the promo of Castle to her potential new job. But we will have to wait till next week. All I know that between Bones/Castle finale this is going to be a very loooong summer

  36. Librarian says:

    Why does everyone think Castle means their personal relationship is over? He could be referring to their professional relationship. Not to mention Seamus Dever was quoted as saying that the cliffhanger will be a “gentle” one. Two possibilities for me: 1) Kate takes the DC Job and Castle decides to follow her 2) Kate takes the job but before the end of the episode backs out, and realizes she no longer has a place to live so Castle tells her to move in with him (just theory). Besides most of these promos are cut to be VERY misleading.

    • Squintern says:

      In my experience, cast members tend to tease and not be exactly truthful when it comes to spoilers. I mean, what if Stana had said “Oh yeah, they totally break up.” I can just imagine the utter response that would have generated. Don’t trust cast tweets, previews or anything else.

    • Mary says:

      Seamus said it would be a “more gentle clifhanger” than S3 and S4…wich isn´t hard, because in those there were life threatning situations:) So, anything that doesn´t involve them is “gentle”:)

  37. Greg Eckes says:

    To me, the whole thing is a plot device that caves in on itself. Because Castle has the option of moving to Washington. Alexis is in college and Martha can look after herself. Furthermore they could easily go up on weekends to see them and the rest of the gang. A train ride between New York and Washington is probably 3-5 hours. If that’s not quick enough, he can just buy a private jet to take them between Dulles and LaGuardia.

    It just caves in on itself. And it doesn’t work. Manufacturing conflict can only work for so long.

    I am 98% certain that they aren’t going to break up because the writers would have to be clinically insane to try it. And if they do break up, at least in the finale, you can get Henry Winkler and the water skis ready because the show will have jumped the shark.

    • Squintern says:

      the same could be said about a pregnancy and an engagement. i don’t forsee a break up. but i forsee a life altering moment. just my guess. i don’t pretend to know stuff and then you leave you hanging like some folks around here…

  38. badpenny says:

    Does anyone believe Beckett wants to walk around with a silenced pistol at her hip and secretly pop badguys for a living?

    • John says:

      Totally, because every to the bone New York City Cop such as her dreams of being a Super-Fed.

      Or not. :D

  39. Susan says:

    I never thought that I’d say this, but I don’t like the way that the Castle character is being written. Nathan Fillion does a wonderful job, with what he is given,but his character seems to be going backwards in development. I also think that there is too much time given to the Beckett character. The show is supposed to be centered around Castle and the many aspects of his life. This show also has such a good cast and it would be nice to see more of them on every episode.

    • Sally Ramsey says:

      It really seems to depend on who the writer is. Last night’s writer certainly has brought Castle back to the man-child. Andrew wrote “Still”. That showed a loving if playful adult. I wish Andrew would keep better tabs on his people when he doesn’t write stuff himself.

  40. Greg Eckes says:

    I’ve thought about this and I have an idea. Castle gets shot in the park and now they trade places from where they were 2 years ago.

    • Dark Defender says:

      Which could bring his dad back, make KB realize she wants to be with him more than a job and set up season 6 as a season of “who is Castle” – exploring his enemies and his backstory.


      but, somehow, I think it won’t go down like this… :(

      • Nelmar says:

        Dark Defender, although I had my own idea of season 6 as I just described to Greg, yours is very good too… who knows the writer will pick one of them…

    • Nelmar says:

      Greg Eckes, I have another idea: What about “kind of” going back to the end of season 2, where Castle goes to the Hamptons but, this time, Beckett accepts the job (interview) in DC; that would be a break up. They do not communicate during this time by phone, but Castle starts writing short mystery stories and fedexes them to Beckett, who reads them at home at the end of her work day in DC, after solving her own cases there. As she reads Castles’ mysteries, she pictures all the cast members solving the cases in NY, just like the episode of the Blue Butterfly, so all characters are acting together but just in her imagination as it unfolds. In the morning Beckett goes back to work and feels lonesome without Castle’s help, jokes and romance, just like he also did in seasons 1,2,3 and 4. She then gets anxious every night to go home and keep reading the stories that arrive periodically at her door steps. She then starts missing her friends, and of course Castle. She calls Castle who does not answer her, just like end of the episode “Always”. Her door steps is the only communication method she has with Castle, and all it consists of is a fictional mystery story. She then, after a few episodes, maybe 4 or 5 (that would be Castle’s mysteries) decides at the end of her probationary period to decline the final offer of employment and moves back to NY. She then looks for Castle, confesses her love and hopefully he accepts it, and from this point on the writer had better find a good romance and bond for Caskett. So they resume a very mature and fruitful relationship and keep busting criminals with all the cast. that’s what I think should happen…

      • Sally Ramsey says:

        I like it! Considered asking Andrew for a job?

        • Nelmar says:

          Sally, maybe Dark Defender or I should ask Andrew for a help with ideas for the new season….. I have been watching Castle on TNT, the old episodes were great. It seems that even though Caskett were not together, they had a bond that would make us feel like they were really in love, it seems to me that that bond is much less now, what should be just the opposite, since they are together now, hopefully all of it is going to change in season 6. My family and I are faithful Castle watchers,it is a family affair, we are all there, in front of the tv…so we are always waiting for a great episode every Monday!

          • Sally Ramsey says:

            Here’s something I came up with. Just suppose that none other than Senator Bracken is behind getting Beckett to DC on the theory of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. He perceives Castle as a threat to getting that done. We know the loft is not impenetrable. 3XK got in there with no problems. Bracken’s guy gets into the loft and puts something in Castle’s scotch, which he should be drinking plenty of under the circumstances. Castle actually starts drinking the stuff but gets called to the phone. It is a call from Esposito that Ryan just officially announced Jenny’s pregnancy. After Castle hangs up, he heads back to his glass to drink to the happy couple and collapses on the way. He lies on the floor for a while. He is found by Alexis coming home to do her laundry for free. Alexis calls 911 and then Beckett. In the hospital we see Lainie holding on to Esposito and talking to Kate Beckett, Jim Beckett, Alexis, Ryan and Martha. Even though it appears that Castle has been poisoned, the hospital can’t figure out what it was. All the resources of the ME’s office will be used to try to figure it out. Of course Ryan and Esposito will work on it, but charge will be led by a Beckett. With that, our summer of nailbiting begins.

          • Richard says:

            Now that sounds like a story line…. poison, sniper, or he finds someone searching his place again and is injured.

          • Nelmar says:

            very good story line…

          • Sally Ramsey says:

            Thank you. Here’s one more possibility. If Seamus was being straight about a gentle cliffhanger, how about Jim Beckett proposing to Martha? Think of all the havoc that could cause!

          • Richard says:

            Yes having another marriage going on might focus Castles mind a little….

          • Squintern says:

            You’re assuming Seamus is telling the truth. I don’t put much stock in what the cast and writing staff issue in spoilers. It’s all about getting a rise. And you’re falling for their “spiel.”

          • Squintern says:

            Melodramatic. And unbelievable. not all ideas are story worthy. this is one of them.

          • Squintern says:

            Bracken won’t come after her–not while he believes she has a file that’ll expose him. She’s a force to be reckoned with, even without the file and he owes her big time for saving his life. So your idea is about as idiotic as the rest of the pregnancy and engagement theories out there.

            If you guys are intent on throwing out story ideas, at least think them through.

          • DarkDefender says:

            No reconnecting is necessary in my eyes. The stunted emotionality that both Castle and Beckett display on a regular basis is what keeps them “not knowing.” Beckett thinks Castle can’t be serious, Castle thinks if he shows his true self that Beckett will run. Neither thinks they are worthy of the other and they just need to express it. Regardless of how the “out of left field” moment spoiled for the finale presents itself.. I hope they spend a season delving into who Castle is (the show is named after him, after all).. Because I hoped it for this season, but I am completely okay in how season 5 has played out. We got tidbits of Castle’s backstory… And we all know Beckett has not stepped away when any of it was revealed (even the silly Jordan explanation)..

            AM & Co… Just give us a dynamic, real, lengthy, emotional conversation between these two characters and then give us several episodes revealing the layers of the Castle onion – cause we have certainly enjoyed 4 years of revealing Beckett… Turnabout is fair play and it will make for more satisfying seasons to come. :)

            That is my humble opinion.

      • jn613 says:

        Um, they already confessed their love to eachother in still. What’s left to confess?

        • jn613 says:

          Not sure why this posted here. Don’t know how to delete comments. Sorry.

        • Nelmar says:

          I guess after a break up, you have to kind of start from scratch, and to re confess your love is something necessary for assurance to each part.

  41. Lauren says:

    I don’t agree that the Castle and Beckett characters are being written inconsistently. To the contrary, I think the overriding consistency in how these characters are being both written and portrayed is that (and I’ve said this before) neither is a good communicator. If the topic is serious, both have a tendendency to wait until a pivotal moment to blurt out what they are truly feeling, and I think we have seen this tendency toward internalization manifest itself throughout the past few episodes. “Still,” I think, is a good example of what drives these characters: both are passionate individuals who are willing to die for the people they love, but until a crisis arises that pushes them to express how they feel, they will sit on their emotions — leaving others to guess (and, inevitably, misinterpret) what is truly going on in their respective heads or hearts. I think we will see in the finale that each is unintentionally wounding the other by not discussing what they are thinking or feeling, and that at least some of this will get aired out. The question is, will they have wounded each other to the point where it will take more than a simple “I just want you” to remedy the hurt?

  42. lyn says:

    Love the show, liked the episode, HATED that ugly coat she wore at the crime scene.

  43. Richard Bragg says:

    How about the left field thing – Castle after much consideration tells Beckett to go for the job, something not many people would consider he would do. He justifies it with a break may be good for them to evaluate their feelings etc – just throwing that out there but must admit after ‘still’ I thought all this was clear to both of them..

    • Christina says:

      I could def see them going down this route, but I’d still be pissed. I know AM knows the fans, so I’d like to think he’d give them more than a single season together, but you never know.

  44. Richard Bragg says:

    How about this for left field – Beckett decides against the job and goes to tell Castle, he however is not impressed with the way this whole thing went down and calls for a pause in their relationship – that would be unexpected!.

    • Sally Ramsey says:

      OK. A couple of hours ago Nathan tweeted that with today’s recording session he was officially done with season 5. We’ve seen the promos, the stills and the last episode airs in less than a week. So what was left to record? Was he looping a surprise? Hmmm. Anything could happen or change. I’m intrigued.

  45. arial2 says:

    If the AG really wants her, he should prove it by offering to take out Helo. No matter what she says, I’d imagine her mom’s killer will always be unfinished business in the recesses of her mind. Yeah, I know, she’ll never leave NYC, but at least she now knows there are other alternatives for her.

  46. John says:

    OR they skip this juvenile done to death “cliffhanger” crap and simply put up a knocked out of the park terrific episode?

    I know, crazy. Gimmicks are so much better……

  47. Richard says:

    These two are fated to be together in the end but bumps are inevitable. The plot could just reverse the last season finale….. Beckett talks her father and Lainey, they give her the heart before job line confirming her own feelings. Castle in the mean time is stewing over the, in his mind, deception and him being out of the loop. What this has done is brought the whole relationship into focus and he has tough decisions to make to try and get over his own fears of commitment etc. So they meet – swings?, before Beckett can tell Castle that she is staying put, Castle tells her to take the job even on a trial basis to test it out at least then there will be no ‘what if or if only’ moments in her life and it would give them some ‘space’ I think is the modern term. Beckett obviously objects but Castle digs in like she did last season and refuses to change tack – this causes Becketts worst insecurities to materialise, she at this stage would be happy returning to the status quo but Castle is taking a step further back from that even – they walk away – Castle does not rush around later beating Becketts door down, end of season 5.
    Season 6 starts as normal, Beckett did not take the job and is working in the precinct, her boys know what happened but don’t know how to talk to her about it, Beckett informs them that they were solving cases before Castle appeared and will do so again. Castle is at home writing and getting hell from his girls even visits from the precinct boys for the man talk. We could even have back door comms via Alexis as she and Beckett are fond of each other. Eventually I think they will work it out and season 6 finale will be the proposal.
    To be honest I cannot see this show lasting past the next season, Caskett have to fully commit or walk away, and while Gates may overlook a romance a wife/husband team will not fly, and we cannot keep having this angst.

  48. Richard says:

    I find all the angst a bit of a mystery…. after standing on that bomb they made plain their feelings for each other for all to see. Why must this go on and on……I do hope that ‘watershed’ sees some sort of conclusion to this and that the emotional thing is nothing to do with the job rather finally thrashing ‘their emotions out’ and getting a few things resolved.

  49. Richard says:

    So, with the emotional episode coming – will they reach an understanding and be together at series end?.

  50. Richard says:

    I think it may be a simple as Beckett not accepting the job but expecting Castle to put his big boys panties on and move along with their relationship instead of accepting the comfort of their present arrangement. Maybe not marriage but moving in together and open up some more – why does he not tell her his last wife cheated on him and so he has some trust fears?.

    • Nicky says:

      I don’t think it’s so much on Castle to “put on his big boy panties” as you put it. I think a lot of it is Castle wondering how fast to push Beckett in this relationship. I think it was a blow for him to discover that she knew he loved her for almost a year and did nothing about it. Even in the season 5 premiere when they had their morning after chat, he was making sure she was sure about them as a couple and not just using him for sex to get over quitting her job and almost dying. He seems to be ready and committed to them. But I think he’s afraid he’s more into it than she is and that he’ll spook her into building more walls if he goes to fast.

      • Richard says:

        I agree its not his lack of commitment rather his inability to talk to her that is the issue….. I remember that at the end of the last season Castle saying to Beckett he had waited 4 years for her to take notice of him, 4 years chasing the same woman smacks of commitment to me. He then went and stayed with her while she stood on a bomb, only leaving after her pleading with him to do so, he keeps telling her he loves her, his life seems to revolve around her totally. The writers seem to be a little off this season continually putting doubts about him out there. Sure as far as his own life is concerned he’s pretty closed mouthed but I doubt any sane person could say he does not worship Beckett and why the writers have gone with this tack escapes me…. or is it just me who thinks this?.

        • Squintern says:

          it’s called: they’re a couple now so we can’t write the innuendo anymore. the writing is way, way off. A people have noticed.

          • Sally Ramsey says:

            Really? “I can’t help it if you get off putting things in my mouth, Castle” Are you listening?