Revenge Recap: Change of Plans

revenge season 2 engagementSunday’s Revenge might as well be titled “Aiden and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.” First, Takeda’s file reveals to Daniel that the Brit’s father was the baggage handler who smuggled the bomb onto ill-fated Flight 197. Then, not only is he fired by his romantic rival, but he’s also canned by Takeda. (Who knew mysterious mentor types could do that?) Yet neither of those things – nor the sight of Emily wearing Daniel’s Real Housewives of the Hamptons-sized engagement ring – is the rottenest thing that happens to Aiden. Wanna know what is? Keep reading…

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“AAAND… CUT!” | After Aiden tells Takeda that, if he’ll just let him run away with Emily, he’ll never reveal to her what their Mr. Miyagi’s “true objective” is, the two wind up in a Samurai swordfight to the death… Takeda’s death, it turns out. Later, with Nolan’s help, the survivor drains the Amanda Clarke Foundations’ coffers – in other words, bankrupting the Graysons! (Good thing Daniel already pulled all of his money out!)

COLD SNAP | When Victoria learns of Daniel and Emily’s re-engagement, she (pricelessly) remarks, “How… repetitious.” But she’s in no mood for jokes upon finding out that, in two weeks’ time, the couple will be moving – mondieu! – to Paris! She’ll be fine, Daniel says sarcastically, as soon as his “replacement” turns up. What he doesn’t know, however, is that, when half brother Patrick was a teenager, he did show up – and Mom paid him $5 million to beat it!

POLITICS AS USUAL | Determined to keep Conrad from winning the election, Jack presents Victoria – the one person who wants her husband to lose more than he does – with that photo of him rendezvousing with his opponent’s wife. Unfortunately, Conrad manages to turn the women’s subsequent conversation – in which Mrs. Stoddard reveals that her better half has a weak ticker – into exactly the headline that he needs to score a slam dunk at the polls. (“Curses, foiled again!” reads the thought bubble above Ashley’s head.)

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QUEEN TAKES PAWN | During her meeting with Jack, Victoria “lets slip” that his tryst with Emily was the reason she and Daniel broke up last year. But, though Jack takes the bait and confronts Emily, Victoria doesn’t get her desired outcome. (Not yet, anyway.) Later, the ice queen convinces Jack to tell her why he so badly wants to see Conrad fail. In response, he plays her his recording of the would-be governor ordering Amanda’s murder. “I’ll drink to that,” she doesn’t literally say. But, since they’re in a bar at the time, she does literally drink to it.

BAD GIRLS CLUB | When not complaining about “overexposure” in the tabloids, Charlotte makes time to agree to be Emily’s maid of honor. But then it’s right back to partying with her new BFF, Regina. Declan finally catches up with his girlfriend just as she’s leaving a nightclub, only to see her throw up and get arrested. After Daniel bails her out, she admits to her brother that she’s pregnant!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did you have a favorite Victoriaism? (Perhaps her opening line to Mrs. Stoddard: “Were you expecting your husband or mine?”) What do you make of The Initiative using Carrion to turn off the lights all over New York? And do we really need to wonder about which character is about to bite the dust? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Andrew says:

    I’m someone who has constantly complained about this season, but DAMN did this episode deliver or what?!?! THIS IS THE REVENGE I LOVE. 3 shockers in one night and it wasn’t even the season finale! An arrest, a pregnancy, and a death definitely redeemed this lack-luster season. I’m so so so so excited for the season finale! Things are finally looking up!

  2. Sarah says:

    Seems like it’s set up to be Aiden, but I love him. It seemed like they were trying to get Emily and Jack back on some form of romantic track.

    • Alichat says:

      But the death is supposed to be a main character who has been with the show since day one. That would rule out Aiden.

      • Shaun says:

        she means the Grayson son I think

      • Sarah says:

        That’s true. Aiden had such a bad day though, including taking out Takeda in his home, I just don’t see how the character can come out of it. They need to borrow Shonda Rhimes to write him out if this mess.

        • GTS says:

          You know it, girrrl.

          • revenger says:

            its going to be nolan because it says “Emily unleashes her endgame towards Victoria and Conrad and the death of a true ally begins to take its toll on her sanity”nolan is the true ally and hes been there since day one.

  3. garryfish says:

    Aiden or

  4. Matt says:

    OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS!!!!! Tonight was by far the best episode yet!!!!! Honestly, I thought it was even better than last year’s finale, and this season’s finale is not even here yet!!!! This episode opens up so many possibilities for the finale and next season! Super excited!!!!!!!!

  5. Chester says:

    Daniel hadn’t cashed his check yet, had he?

    • Kati says:

      That was my thought, too. They can write checks til the cows come home, but if the check doesn’t hit the bank before the account is cleaned out, it is just some paper with writing on it.

      • Tina B. says:

        I don’t think it was a check, maybe a bank note, those get taken out right away

        • Meg says:

          Conrad made a comment saying something like, “Here’s your money. You can still leave it right where it is though,” which makes me think it’s a check and Daniel will be left with nothing.

          • Chester says:

            In real life, Tina B. would probably be right. Who gives out checks that big? But since this is a tv show, Meg’s logic could work too.

  6. Chester says:

    Additional comment: most of the houses in swanky neighborhoods in the US have one or two back up generators. One powered by natural gas lines. A second sometimes runs on gasoline.

  7. dee123 says:

    To me it looks a Grayson is dying. Conrad, Charlotte or Daniel. Obviously not Victoria.

    • MaryAnn says:

      The previews showed Emily devastated. That would portend someone she loves. My first thought was Charlotte, but that’s certainly not the only possibility.

      • Russ says:

        The preview also showed Charlotte, Victoria, and Daniel with an ambulance in the background. So I don’t think they will be the ones dying. My Money is on Ashley.

        • dee123 says:

          That is such an easy way out….

          • ellen8 says:

            And at this point, that is needed – I mean what does it add to any story that Charlotte is pregnant. That came from left field – go do a spin off.

  8. Caroline says:

    I agree, this was a great episode. I did not see that pregnancy coming, although it feels like a distraction to the big picture. I think Jack is a good friend for Emily, but I don’t think they should be together. I like her better with Aiden. But I have a feeling he will be the one that dies. I cannot wait to see Jack’s face when (or if) Emily tells him the whole truth. He has been acting like a high horse since Amanda’s death. It’s really sad that he thinks he knows everything that’s going on. Also, why the need to kill Takeda. I was hoping for more Takeda scenes. Lastly, I think Ashley is annoying. She is in it for herself.

    • Gillain says:

      I’ve been thinking Aiden will die as well until this episode. I’ve begun thinking it will be Daniel. Who knows. So many surprises. Love this show!

  9. WLE says:

    I can’t imagine it being Daniel. I feel like it’s gonna be Conrad or Charlotte.

  10. Jared says:

    I thought the synopsis for the finale says, “A true ally dies” or something like that? So I figured that meant it would be someone who knows her secret. I tried to look at clues I feel like there is a slight possibility it was talking about Takeda’s death (since she wont find out until the finale that he’s dead) or perhaps its Nolan that gets killed by the initiative/the falcon, or maybe Aiden considering he used his login information on the computer. I’m so hyped for next Sunday!

  11. Shannon says:

    It’s Nolan. Think about it? He is the last person you’d even mention.

  12. Mimi says:

    ‘true ally…’ is mentioned on the Wiki for Ep21. I assumed it’s Takeda. The shock core cast death is something else and other webisies have been reporting a ‘love interest is left devastated’ and someone ‘previously unscathed character starts their path to revenge’.

    I have a feeling it’s Declan dying – what a let down, was hoping for Daniel.

    • PDW says:

      Declan is trapped at the bank – when the lights go out – perhaps when the rioting starts he and the girl get killed.

    • Erin says:

      I’m thinking Declan too – that explains Charlotte’s reaction in the preview and why Jack would pull a gun on Victoria.

  13. Anne says:

    Hmm, I thought for sure that the answer to the Falcon’s riddle was Grayson Global.

    In other news, Daniel was a right smarmy jerk for most of this episode, wasn’t he?

  14. cj says:

    Exciting last 20 mins! This show needs to out the characters right back where they were at the end of season one… Minus the reveal of amandas mom… Who should be forgotten about until there is a damn good reason to bring her back for only an episode or two aometime down the line. Good twist with sidebar though his character is better now. I want Daniel to be a good guy again and having Emily struggling to take revenge on graysons for what it will do to Daniel. She should be in love with both Jack and Daniel amd struggle with it and her plans for revenge. I hope the initiative plot gets wrapped up. i think conrads as governor and the political aspects it brings to the show and Emily having to navigate that realm to get revenge will be awesome.

    • cj says:

      Sidebar should read aiden. Stupid autocorrect.

    • MaryAnn says:

      Have we ever had any indication that Emily has feelings for Daniel? I’m trying to remember. I know she cares for Aiden and Jack.

      • ZmaX says:

        she does care for Daniel, but she’s not “in love” with him. it’s been hinted at several times that she cares for him, the biggest moment being when he beats the crap out of the guy responsible for Jack’s beating and Daniel’s attack in prison. She says “this is for Jack and then beats him some more and says “and this is for Daniel”

  15. tara says:

    I thought I heard it was going to be one of the original cast that dies. So that would be a choice of one of the four Graysons, the two Porters, Nolan (please no!) or Ashley.

  16. N says:

    Can’t stand Aidan!

    • Gerald says:

      Ditto, I find him really annoying and a terrible addition to the show. I mean, I really do feel that he doesn’t add anything to the show. I just hate everything about him, between his storylines, the way he talks, the fact that I don’t feel the chemistry with Emily and how he’s just a distraction of her end game…Don’t even get me started on the whole cliched “revenge will ruin you, let’s redeem you” tirade taking away the MAIN POINT of why anyone would watch this show. He also ruined the whole Emily-Nolan dynamic.
      I’m really hoping he’s the shocking death in the finale, but I doubt it.

      • A says:

        I know! This fool had the nerve to mess with Em’s revenge. Just because his revenge gave him no satisfaction doesn’t mean he has the right to stop her. If she ends up feeling similar to how he did that’s fine but damn he has no right to try to take away the whole reason why we watch the show. I am honestly so excited for the day Emily reveals to Victoria who she really is. I know it probably won’t be any time soon, but still looking forward to it and I don’t want her to quit her revengenda because if I don’t get to see that moment, the whole show will feel like a huge let down for me. The eventual reveal is what I’m waiting for even if it’s a long time away. Aiden is ruining that. Never felt any chemistry between Emily and Aiden. Plus, like you said his addition to the revenge team took away from the many potential Ems/Nolan scenes that I so loved, Nolan barely interacted with Emily at all because she was always with Aiden. The guy just irks me the wrong way. Terrible character.

    • Valerie says:

      My biggest issue with Aiden has always been what he took away from Emily’s storyline. Bring him on made her less unique. Less special. It made it seem like Takeda is running some revenge factory. There was something about Emily having isolated herself with Takeda and not really making emotional connections again until she turned back up in the Hamptons that gave her story a certain richness and poignancy. Then Aiden turned up, and I just think his influence has watered down Emily’s character and history significantly.

      • Katherine215 says:

        definitely agree with this. We saw how hard it was for her to let Nolan in and it seemed like such growth when she did. and I liked that she was so isolated and alone but letting a few people in, like Nolan and Jack, to a lesser extent. On top of just being a useless and annoying character who now thinks it’s his job to make decisions for Emily, he makes her appear vulnerable and her strength was the best part of the show for me.

    • revenger says:

      i know hes so full of himself!!and hes so jelous hes trying to controll emily!

  17. Alichat says:

    I gotta say this episode threw me for a loop. I expected that Takeda had an ulterior motive, but not one that Aiden was privy to. The pregnancy twist seems a little lame to me. And I was thinking Daniel will be the casualty next week….until I saw the promo for the finale….now I’m unsure.

  18. Gerald says:

    Now that was an episode! Exciting, fast paced and just awesome. I mean we had the classic Emily- Victoria moments S2 has been lacking, some interesting developments and a killer ending. I’m really looking forward to the finale.
    Why couldn’t all the episodes of this season been like this?

  19. Tina B. says:

    I hope it is Aiden that dies, can’t stand him and he doesn’t deserve Emily. If not, Ashley needs to die please!

  20. MaryAnn says:

    I am wondering what secret objective Takeda had that no one would see coming. Was it the takedown of the Initiative? Or was it something else? And if they were responsible for the power outage, how is that going to make money for them?

    Also, I have to comment on the duel to the death between Aiden and Takeda. As someone with some background in martial arts and swordfighting, I could not possibly imagine Aiden winning a fight with the Master. I have to compliment the choreographer on actually coming up with a twist that provides a fluke that lets Aiden believably win.

    • ZmaX says:

      I saw a preview for the next episode on the abc website and Takeda’s own “infinity box” included a picture of a woman that Emily didn’t know (i’m thinking it was his wife and she had died during the plae crash or something all those years ago and he was just using Emily to get close to the Initiative.)

      and about the Power outage. Remember, Helen Crowley was pushed Daniel to buy the disaster relief company back in episode 12. The Initiative causes a power outage in Manhattan. People have no food or heat, and at night all the thieves and vandals come out to riot and loot causing lots of damage and hurting lots of people in the process. Then the relief companies come to the rescue and give people food and supplies. It’s a cruel plan, but it works :/

  21. A says:

    What the hell does Emily think she’s gonna do in Paris? Seriously?

    • ellen8 says:

      Emily is not thinking about going to Paris. Do you really think that is her plan?
      Then I have a bridge to sell you ……

  22. Nicole says:

    If Charlotte thinks she is pregnant why is she out drinking; I’m guessing Declan would be the father of the child. I hope Nolan does not die. He is Emily’s only real friend and he has the witty one liners. I don’t like Aiden there is something about him that rubs me the wrong way.

    • ZmaX says:

      I don’t think she was drinking. She didn’t seam drunk, only sick. She was most likely just throwing up due to the pregnancy. It links back to the scene where her friend gave her something in a paper bag, which weren’t drugs/alcohol, but a pregnancy test.

    • Greysfan says:

      She told Daniel she didn’t want to bring another life into the family…so I took that to mean she was trying to abort the baby without having an abortion :-/

  23. Aimee says:

    Victoria has done some unforgivable things but in terms of having kids with men other than Conrad that is the least of his worries. If I talked to my mother the way he did “Except bastard children I guess” she would slap me. He needs to be slapped.

  24. Bellaz says:

    Let it be Daniel, never warmed to his character. Love Aiden :)

  25. Para says:

    Aiden is The Best Part!!

  26. Gio86 says:

    In my opinion this episode was everything I wanted and more, it should get a B+ or higher just for the Victoria and Emily interactions alone. And lets not forget Shang Tsung(actor portrayed Shang Tsung in that cheesy, guilty pleasure mid 90’s Mortal Kombat film) VS Aiden. I also liked how Victoria planted a bug in Jack’s year, which definitely triggered his curiosity.
    Personally I liked the black out. It was like Revolution without that whiny and annoying Charlie(kill her off already).

  27. ollie says:

    first the originals now revenge leaving me to yell WHAT with a pregnancy that I didnt see coming. surprised takeda died, thought it would be aiden. maybe conrad dies next week. did nolan and aiden set off carrion ?

    • ellen8 says:

      My confusion is over who set off Carion. Falcon didn’t give Nolan enough time to clear her cyber trail, and wouldn’t that be more important to her, after all, that would keep her out of prison. Or did the Initiative get to her and force her to do it.

      Did Nolan do it? After all, he was quite proud of himself for discovering the code. But why would he do it. I think there is still a lot we don’t know about Nolan.

      • Lisa says:

        My theory (and i haven’t read all the comments – so someone may have already posted) is that Falcon rigged it to the Amanda Clark Foundation bank account, she mentioned tweaking the code, I think she someone linked carrion to the protection on the bank account –

        also, didn’t Nolan and Ems try to use Carrion to drain the account originally? Maybe the program resumed after the Falcon’s security was removed

      • Alichat says:

        I think the Falc0n knew what she was doing when she sent Nolan on that riddle chase. I don’t think she tweaked the code at all, but set up Carrion to go off whenever that bank account was drained. This was her built in failsafe if she got arrested because it probably erases her cyber trail, and displays her loyalty to her employers….The Initiative. I think the goal of the Initiative is to use Carrion to get into the grids, shut things down, cause chaos, then profit from that chaos. Their goal was to set up the Greysons to take the fall for the chaos, which is why draining the Amanda Clarke Foundation account kicked off Carrion. The Greysons made Aiden the treasurer of that account so they’d have someone they could pin this on instead of it being pinned on them. That’s why Emily didn’t want Aiden to drain the account yet, and why she was mad that he did this with his account id. It’s why the money completely disappeared instead of going into the account Nolan specified. Emily’s plan, I think, was to find out what the Initiative planned to do with Carrion, stop that, then drain the ACF account and blame it on the Greysons….thus taking all their money, and ruining them publicly. The Falc0n intentionally sent Nolan on this red herring chase, which is why when the power began to go out, she wasn’t surprised. She was smiling.

  28. Jen says:

    If it’s an original cast member to die, please let it be Daniel! It would be a cop out to kill Ashley, and they probably won’t kill Charlotte now that she’s pregnant. The Porters have suffered enough, and besides, I’m Team Jack :) I can’t stand Daniel, and he was supposed to die last season anyway. Plus, they’ll need a reason to keep Emily in NY instead of Paris.

  29. GS says:

    I can’t believe this recap didn’t mention the Carrion virus starting! It was imbedded in the transfer and I bet the Grayson’s know exactly where that money is. You could tell when they showed the Falcon chick and her little smirk when everything went dark. The show would be nothing without Madeline Stowe’s witchiness but dang she makes it hard to root for her. I was feeling sorry for her about the kid but to find out she paid him off just makes me hate her more. I gave up guessing what’s going to happen especially after the Aiden shocker and I’m just in for the ride. It looks like Emily may actually come clean next week. Can’t wait although I hate her with Jack. Zero chemistry and heat. I’m a Daniel fan but I’ll go with the flow.

  30. Disastrous says:

    It’s Conrad who won’t make it out alive. And good riddance. Awesome, amazing, crazy episode. But I want to know more about Takeda, and what his Revengeda was…

  31. Layla says:

    They said that Emily’s true ally would die, and the only true ally she’s really had thats been there from day 1 is Nolan. AND THEY CAN’T KILL NOLAN HE IS THE HEART OF THE SHOW OMFG!

    Need to know what Takeda’s real aim was tough, and Jack is really pissing me off, its like, seriously you’re way out of you’re league here, you’re going to get yourself killed! Have a feeling Aidan may die though, or Nolan, and that just CAN’T happen. Neither should Daniel, even though he is a Grayson, he is the best of them, and I truly think that he is a really good guy. If only Emily actually did love him.

    Really don’t want Emily to end up with Jack, they had that cute kid romance, but there’s nothing there now. Would prefer her with Daniel, possibly Aidan, or ideally Nolan, but thats never going to happen :(

    • KathyB says:

      I think the clues are only about Takeda – he was also a true ally that’s been there from the beginning…

  32. Leonard says:

    Gotta say, dont know what it is with all the Aiden haters out there. the dude is GORGEOUS, is totally IN on who Emily really is, and ultimately wants/loves her for who she is. The idea of trying to take down the Graysons by bankrupting them and ending it before too many casualties were made was a huge theme of last season with her and Nolan, in case anyone remembers. Nolan did his bit to push Emily down that path of wanting to connect with her humanity by limiting pain to innocent bystanders.

    Aiden has been put as the only logical choice for Emily for the reasons stated above and by eliminating her other male paramours from the previous seasons:

    Daniel- had the opportunity to reveal what REALLY happened to David Clarke and the role the Graysons had in the downing of the flight, but didnt. Don’t think she is gona forget that any time soon. Furthermore, he blind sided her in the live interview to “define” their relationship, not to mention rubbing it in Aiden’s face any chance he got. Just all around good dude turning bad, Ems needs to jump off that sinking ship and fast.

    Jack- Married fau-manda, had a kid with her, and is on a revengy path of his own. He was truely in love with a fake persona, kept alive by this fantasy made up version he has of a girl he met when he was 12. Also he has been completely bitchy to our Emily, assuming she knows that the Graysons where behind his girl being killed even though he hasnt revealed anything to her. Just overall very pathetic, and doesnt have the mental capacity to be with her for the long term.

    Nolan- Alright, I know there are some of these shippers out there but 1) they kinda look related, which is gross. 2) I dont think Emily is really his type (Padma, Marco… see the pattern there?) 3) I think he is more terrified of her rather than aroused by her. Never gona happen

    I think Nolan dies in the next episode. HATE to say it cause i LOVE his character but he is the biggest ally in Emily’s life right now. He is on the Initiatives radar and it would make for a bombshell of a finale. Although the argument could be made for Conrad going. That could be cool.

    • Katherine215 says:

      In on who she is? If Aiden truly knew her, why did he just try to stop her revengenda? Knowing someone’s secret doesn’t give you the right to make decisions for them. If he truly loved her and was the “right” one for her, he’d let her make her own decisions.
      As for Jack, he only married Fauxmanda because they had a kid together. He’s had feelings for Emily since the moment he saw her, and if Amanda hadn’t turned up pregnant in the S1 finale, they likely would have gotten together, or at least Emily would have told him the truth. And can you blame him for being mad now? The people he things are responsible for his wife’s death are about to become Emily’s in-laws. She’s supposed to be his friend, and Amanda’s, and it looks to him like she’s just ignoring how bad they are.

  33. SoFla says:

    My guess – Declan dies, leaving pregnant Charlotte all alone which will make her think differently of her mother and piss Jack off more. Why else would they knock up Charlotte? JMO

    • SoFla says:

      Oh, as to the “close ally” – Em just asked her to be her maid of honor and she is her sister and Em does seem to be getting closer with her and caring more about her since Amanda died … again, JMO.

    • SoFla says:

      Got it! Was really sad though when he died, but the resulting anger from Jack leading to Emily revealing she was really Amanda … that was excellent!

  34. Woodmeister says:

    I think it may be Aiden who dies. While Nolan met Emily when she got out of prison, he probably didn’t know of her revenge plans until later. Aiden on the other hand trained with Aiden under Takeda’s tutelage and would know, understand and support Emily’s revenge. A “true ally” from day 1.

    I agree that Nolan is too good a character and too fundamental to the story to kill off. Who’ll get all the computer information and disguised cameras for her…..

  35. Jen says:

    I think I have to stop reading the comments because it’s a total buzzkill on my hope for an Emily/Jack romance. I don’t understand all the hate on Jack! I see tons of heat and chemistry between the two. When she sees him unexpectedly, it’s like she has to catch her breath. All of their glances and moments seem to have so much more to them than anything with Daniel. And sure, there’s history with Aiden, but I think what she has with him is based more on the fact that he was one of the few people she trusts, and it’s convenient. There are no hidden agendas when it comes to Emily’s actual feelings for Jack, and vice versa.

  36. Mikael says:

    They’re running out of things for Declan and Charlotte to do. One of them should die. I vote for Declan because Charlotte being Emily’s half-sister could add something to the story somewhere down the line. Maybe Emily tells her the truth and brings her over to her side? Declan adds nothing and should die. Maybe that would make Jack more interesting too, because he’s been so boring this season.

  37. cj says:

    They killed taekeda too soon. What’s his true motive? I bet jest not dead which would be stupid since we know sidebar would destroy the body. Alas I think he pops back up and kills sidebar. Or Ashley dies since there really isn’t anything left to do with her.

  38. Day says:

    The only thing I really take issue with is – why would Takeda’s personnel file have the name of Aiden’s father in it?

  39. Amy says:

    So…. Charlotte’s baby daddy. It has to be Eli, right? What was the point of the minuscule attraction between them otherwise? It could have been to set up friction with Declan, but nothing came of that, so my money is on him.

    • sunstamp says:

      I was trying to figure out who it could be. Her and Declan have never seemed very romantic to me.

  40. Ella says:

    If they kill off Jack o Nolan, I am done. Please let it be Charlotte, Declan or Daniel. I genuinely like Conrad.

  41. Danielle! says:

    In my opinion, They won’t kill Jack off (not yet anyway) Not without him knowing the truth about Emily/Amanda. He spent his entire life loving a girl he didn’t truly have anymore. Once Emily feels she’s gotten Revenge.. She always planned on being with Jack. They are meant for each other. They knew it when they were children and they’re just fighting it now. No way that they will kill off Jack or Nolan..They NEED Nolan. If Emily didn’t have Nolan helping her through out everything..She would have been figured out by now. She is in no way as computer savvy as Nolan and everything that she does has to be kept secret in some capacity. Nolan always erases any traces, Emily would have left behind. Charlotte won’t die, because she’s pregnant. And Declan won’t die because it’s too easy. He’s nothing in this show..At the moment. I’m sure that will change. You can’t kill off Jack’s entire family..Who would take care of Carl while Jack is playing house with the Graysons? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.. It will be Conrad. I like his character. His finesse for the role, and everything he does is smart and manipulative. But, You only need one evil Grayson to keep the family going and we’ve just learned about a secret son who we haven’t met yet. You wouldn’t kill off Victoria without that storyline coming full circle. Conrad’s wife and Jack both plan on destroying his chances for Governor, And with the two hour finale next week, I can’t see that not happening. Daniel is running the company, and as far as I can tell, seems to be able to handle it quite well. It may just be me, but it feels like Conrad’s story is coming to a close. I just hope they kill him off in a way fit for a Grayson!

  42. Mimi says:

    Major foreshaowing this series of a Grayson child death ‘to lose a child goes against the natural order of things’ – so said Victoria in Ep 15 and repeated to Victoria by Emily in Ep 18.

    So it’s Daniel or Charlotte to die – why would you bother with Declan – such a cop out by the writers.

    Please let it be Daniel. Then Emily will end S2 with no Daniel, Aiden probably leaves her and Jack will hate her even more.

    Oh the cherry on the cake – Nolan is the BIG BAD BETRAYAL – he’s Patrick and has been weaving a web of disception for years. I’m sure he’s more involved with David Clarke case – both betrayed by Victoria. Maybe Nolan approached DC in jail – he had the skills to help him and get revenge for his DC’s framing.

  43. JLC says:

    I’m pretty sure the death they have been refering to this season is Takeda. He was Emily’s trusted ally and his death will surely unravel her, and he has been with the show since the very beginning. Why are people still speculating who will die?

  44. Cheryl Rea says:

    What about Ashley, they have had their ups and downs but are back on better terms, she could die in the end. They wouldn’t kill Nolan, Jack or Victoria because that dynamic is the reason for the show. As for Daniel, he can’t be killed because Emily’s main connection besides the little charities or Charolette is through Daniel. Takeda has been in the picture since the beginning, therefore, I think his death is the only one to occur because the other characters they have so many avenues to explore, unless Declan or Charlotte die, their story is done but due to the May Sweeps scorecard, unless these two die shortly after graduating, then it will have to Ashley to bites the dust, her storyline has come to an end.

  45. Charlotte Ng says:

    I’m thinking Nolan is the one who dies. But maybe in season 3 we find out that he really didn’t?

    • DMB/KY says:

      Ditto …. may end season with a FAKE death of Nolan. What a twist! Or have him in hiding like Victoria last season. Oh the possibilities!!!

  46. Bob says:

    Last week we debated if Nolan was the secret kid of Victoria & now we debate if he is the one to die. It would be bizare if both were true. My guess is neither. We need Nolan.

    A few shows ago, Danial got into a bar fight with some guy. I am guessing he will be that missing son. How does he know who they are if Victoria doesn’t know who he is? Could Charlotte be planning her second suicide attempt? As we know, you don’t have to actually “die” to be thought dead on this show. Might they ship her away to hide the pregnency? I can’t belive I am this hooked on this show.

  47. Fariedah Miller says:

    Nolan I predict gets implicated for espionage, and Daniel derails. Emily reveals to Jack that she is Amanda. Victoria meets her son Patrick…..but they dont show his face and the show ends there.