Once Upon a Time Recap: As Time Goes Bae

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Neal ShotThe following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from this week’s Once Upon a Time.

This Sunday on Once Upon a Time, Emma and Neal dealt with some unfinished business during their hunt for a big bad, while in Victorian London, Baelfire dealt with a dark shadow.

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IN VICTORIAN LONDON…. | Upon being betrayed/released into the portal by his father in Fairytale Land, young Baelfire lands in 19th century England, where he makes the acquaintance of Wendy Darling. The lass regales her new friend with tales of The Shadow, a mysterious figure who lords over Neverland, an island devoid of grownups and rife with children, mermaids, faeries and the like. The catch, Wendy soon learns: At night, the parent-free kiddies cry, forbidden to leave the isle once they have set foot on its soil. Plus, The Shadow wants a boy, and thus is determined to take one of Wendy’s wee brothers.

Having already warned the Darling sibs that magic always comes with a price, Bae intervenes when The Shadow visits that night, and lets himself be spirited away instead. Then, midflight — after a whirlwind, Disney theme park-ready tour through London, including a spin past Big Ben set to 8:15 — Bae wrestles free from his abductor and falls into the sea below. Ultimately, Bae is found and pulled aboard the Jolly Roger. “The name’s Hook. Captain Hook,” says his familiar, guylinered rescuer.

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IN STORYBROOKE…. | Regina is missing — and so are the three magic beans she pinched. Emma’s more convinced than ever that newcomer Tamara is behind it all, and goes to search her place again, questioning Neal why his fiancée is tracking in sand when she allegedly trains for her marathon in the woods. As Neal helps Emma comb the waterfront, they have a heart-to-heart about their years-ago split under extraordinary circumstances.

“What do you want me to say, Neal…?” Emma starts. “That it killed me that you never came looking for me after I went to prison? That it didn’t hurt that you ‘found Tallahassee’ with someone else?” Neal explains, “I wanted to go to jail for you…. It kills me that I let August talk me into letting you go. I wanted to look for you, but I was too afraid you’d never forgive me…. There hasn’t been a day gone by that I don’t regret having left you.”

As that apology sinks in, Emma gets a call from David and Mary Margaret (who thanks to a potion from Mr. Gold was able to “see” where Regina was being held). Their clues lead Emma and Neal to the cannery, where Greg (with little help from a somewhat repulsed Hook) is using electro-shock to force the Evil Queen to cough up his dad’s whereabouts. Just as Regina comes clean — she killed Kurt Flynn the instant his young son left, burying the body at their campsite — David comes in gun a-blazing, but Greg gets away. Elsewhere, Emma gets KO’d by Tamara, who then pulls a gun on her fiance. When Neal demands to know how long this charade has been going on, she says it started the day she spilled coffee on him in NYC: “I had an important job to do, one you could agree with” — to rid this world of “unholy” magic, as others like her and Greg have done before.

Neal won’t let Tamara carry on her crusade, but when he moves toward her, she puts a bullet in him. Before Tamara can go in for the kill, Emma gets the jump on her and an awesome melee ensues, ending with Emma flipping the bad girl onto the floor, hard. But just as Emma reclaims her gun, declaring Tamara’s treachery over, Tamara smashes down a magic bean, opening a portal in the middle of the floor. Emma tries to keep wounded Neal from getting sucked into the chasm, but he argues, “Henry can’t lose both of us, and grow up like we did.” To that, Emma counters, “I need you! I love you!” — but Neal’s fate is sealed. He echoes, “I love you, too…,” before succumbing to the supernatural swirl. An emotionally devastated Emma sobs, collapsing in a heap.

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Back at the Charmings’, just as the Blue Fairy gets Regina on the mend, a frazzled Emma shows up with the Neal news, and her dad comforts her. Regina then awakens, surprised to learn that Mary Margaret saved her life. Mary Margaret explains her reasons for turning the other cheek, but instantly regrets them when Regina reveals that she had created a “trigger” by which to destroy Storybrooke (and its residents) after she spirited her and Henry away to FTL.  But now Tamara and Greg have the diamond-esque device, and thanks to the mysterious “Home Office,” they know exactly what it’s capable of. “They want us to move to the next phase,” Tams reports to her cohort. “We have to blow Storybrooke off the map!”

Elsewhere: Lacey learned that Mr. Gold is capable of magic — and likes it! As for the prophecy about the person who is fated to be The Dark One’s undoing, the tart retorts, “Then get rid of them!”

What did you think of “Second Star to the Right” aka Part 1 of the Season 2 finale? Did Emma losing Neal just as they were rediscovering each other wreck you? What do you anticipate happening now that young Bae is in Hook’s company? And what are your other predictions for next week’s finale? P.S. My original, Pulitzer-worthy title for this recap was “The Lost Baes,” but I feared it’d be too spoilery.

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  1. Delena forever says:

    This better not be the last time that we see bae or I will shoot myself

  2. Janet says:

    This episode was OK. Is funny how Mary M’s character gets so upset and surprised (like a Spanish Soap Opera) everytime she hears Regina is up to no good! The black shadow reminds me of the black smoke in LOST….This show started to go downhill when they introduced the disconnected plot of Dr. Frankenstein.

    • Drizz says:

      I would agree, Frankenstein was too far removed from fairy tales.

      • Shannon says:

        There are many characters from different realms in SB and other places. Not all are covered in the book. It makes it interesting, because it connects the different worlds/realms. A lot in SB have a connection to Regina or Rumple through their doings with them or deals etc..Frankenstein was there because Rumple went to him and asked for a favor to make a “show” for Regina in thinking he could resurrect Daniel. He did, but was not normal like his brother was not normal. Rumple did not want Regina’s love to be resurrected because Rumple needed Regina and her rage/anger to cast the powerful curse. I always hated that she had to kill her father because she loved him the most and stated her mother was her weakness? Those stories and other aspects did not make sense since she had to kill her father..

  3. Jeff says:

    Never liked the actor playing Neal, he always looks scruffy – for all the nice looking guys in this series, they had to stick Emma with him? And of course he’s not dead.
    Also, why do the writer’s insist on having the characters carry guns (especially Emma) when they’ve NEVER used them to any good effect. I just knew she’d get the gun knocked out of her hand somehow, and instead of taking one second to take the shot at Tamara as she escaping, she has to immediately throw it down. The writing on this show is getting tired and predictable.

    • ej says:

      What’s wrong with scruffy? A number of people seem to dislike Neal simply because MRJ is not a GQ pretty boy with a badge or guyliner. How shallow. Do you think this show about love and seeing the good in people is supposed to cop to only uncommonly good looking people finding love? If you’re going to be prejudiced against Neal for his looks, then you’d better dislike Hook for having one hand in order be consistent with your hate.

      • lyn says:

        It isn’t just that he isn’t handsome. He has more wrinkles than Rumpel. He speaks like a hoodlum. He’s way too “street”.

        • Joey says:

          Okay so.

          1) No, he doesn’t have more wrinkles than Rumple. Obviously just a statement used to justify your dislike of a character (or actor) (and really? for a physical trait [that isn’t even true]?). How shallow can you get?

          2) If that’s your definition of talking like a hoodlum, you might want to get out into the real world a bit more. Or watch The Wire.

  4. Gail says:

    Sorry to say the best part of this episode was the Disney commercial with Lana.

  5. angela says:

    Got to say this episode ranks up there with manhattan and queen of hearts for me. One of the best if not the best. MRJ and JMO were awesome their scenes last night were the best. To make scenes like that especially the portal scene was was great acting. I fully believe neal will b ok like MRJ said in a interview they r just scratching the surface of their relationship. Plus tv needs more of MRJ hate how he keeps getting shot in alot of his roles. I to believe the darlings have something to do with the home office. Really looking forward to next week to see more of bae and hook and if hook tells him about his mom.

  6. David says:



    • Jules says:

      Was this supposed to be a “family show”? I always thought it was a fairytale for adults.

      • David says:

        Given its time-slot, it’s a “family show.” If it’s supposed to be a “fariytale for adults,” it should have been scheduled later in the evening…not that the networks really care though. As usual, I decide what I will watch and what I will not watch, which is NOT dependent on the allocated time-slot. In this case, I have decided NOT to watch this show again. I hope everyone will make their own informed decisions.

  7. Shannon says:

    I’m not sure what to think of this episode.
    Love – The moment when Rumple realized that he didn’t want Lacey, he wanted Belle back (my husband also picked up on this)
    Like – the idea of a home office. It has been done before in so many other movies/shows (MIB for one), but I like the twists people come up for it.
    Like – Emma and Neal, preferred choices were Graham and August, but I like Neal the more I see him.
    Unsure – Peter’s creepy shadow. I have to know what it ultimately wanted to make a real judgement on the matter
    Unsure – Neal getting transported away. I’m fairly certain that he isn’t going to die, but I really hope they don’t drag it out. How they play this out will make all the difference.
    Disliked – The ‘I Love You’ moment between Neal and Emma. It was awkward and though I don’t think it was completely out of place, it just didn’t feel right.
    Hate – Young Neal’s hair. I know, silly thing to hate, but it annoyed me.
    Hate – How old they made Wendy look. Yes, in the story she was on the verge of being moved out of the room, but they didn’t have make her up so much.
    Hate – Owen and Tamara. They were poor bad guys.
    HATE – Snow. I kinda liked the character at the beginning of the series, but now, she is easily my least favorite character. I think Charming is even getting annoyed with her wishy-washy position on Regina.

    There is more, but those are the major ones.

    • Shannon says:

      I picked up on that slight moment in Rumple’s eyes when he realized he wanted Belle and not the Lacey version. Belle liked him for all the right reasons and because of his cruelness, magic, power etc..

  8. Patchi says:

    I didn’t love this season as much as the first

  9. Patchi says:

    I didn’t love this season as much as the first one, what happened to Red? I thought she was a series regular and Hook? Too many characters that get no stories. They spent two episodes on David Anders character Dr Whale I think his name is, just terrible. I could care less if Neal dies, he should Lacey with him. I’ll finish the season but it better be one hell of a finale

  10. Leonard says:

    Sincerely hoping that 1) Bae appears in Fairytale land and gets cured by Mulan and Aurora, 2) Emma kicks Tamara’s @ss, 3) Emma works with Gold to find Bae (or something to that effect), 4) Everyone goes back to fairytale land.

  11. Rita Coelho says:

    One of the best episodes of season…Michael Raymond-james and JMo made me cry. That portal’s moment was incredible

  12. Rachel says:

    I don’t think Neal dies. He’ll be alive when they find him in a new world!

  13. Haydee says:

    After all that happened, I actually enjoyed that little moment at the end where David (Charming) is comforting Emma and he gives her a kiss on her head. That was just sweet, those special moments he didn’t get with her while she was growing up.

    • Shannon says:

      I liked that he was being fatherly or trying to be one to “his little girl” as if she had a cut or something. I have been waiting for him to be more fatherly towards her. She may be an adult, but she will always be your little girl.

  14. ej says:

    A better episode than most this season. Tamara and Greg are still annoying, though, as is Snow being shocked every time Regina double-crosses them to get her hands on Henry. No surprise that Kurt is dead. The Emma/Neal scene was pretty intense; of course, Tamara just had to shoot Neal AND get him sucked through a portal because every guy Emma has feelings for has to “die” for the sake of angst AND it gives Rumple an excuse to go REALLY bad and either hasten or do nothing to prevent Henry from being kidnapped to secure his power AND get revenge on Regina.
    Since it’s pretty clear from set photos that Neal ends up in FTL, Aurora and Mulan will probably heal him with the waters of Lake Nostos and at some point Aurora will communicate via dreams with Henry and Snow (or David); they’d better, because it would be so cliche for Emma and Co. to go weeks/months thinking Neal is dead so Emma can have some drunken fling with Hook to complicate things when they reunite.
    Hopefully, Neal will makes his way to Neverland (if that’s where the others end up), or it would be quite an annoying tease to have him there only in flashbacks while Hook gets to play the bumbling anti-hero against Pan’s shadow.
    I suspect that Storybrooke will not be completely destroyed and Emma will use her magic to help Regina stop it, after which Tamara and Greg will go to Plan B of kidnapping Henry. If they DO destroy Storybrooke (which would mean killing off a lot of the secondary characters), it would be another major plot mistake on the unfortunately long list this season.

  15. Jacki says:

    I miss last season when the show had you so wrapped up in the story lines. This season has gone down hill with every show and has gotten too dark and twisted. It is silly to say but it has come unbelievable with what the show has created last season. There are too many things that are not explained that have gone against the first season and one example if that us Emma and her “magic” of being able to tell if someone is lying. The Greg and Tamara storyline should of never been introduced that is what really keeps pushing me over with the show. Yes they can’t act and yes it is making the show way too cheesy. The show needed another villain or villains I agree but the base of the show is all fairy talles so you couldn’t of pulled someone from that big pile? To introduce the outside world to storyvrooke in this way killing the show for me and let me tell you I was all about this show. And now I am not connected as I was. Maybe Cora died too soon, not sure. But I know that I don’t care about the “home office” and hope that season 3 turns this show back around and that it isn’t this dark twisted cartoony campy show and goes back to the shows roots. Very disappointing over all this season.

  16. Shannon says:

    Emma has magic and has love and that is why Cora could not take her heart and Emma stated love is stronger etc.. Rumple if you notice when he “coaches” people on how to use the magic he uses Cora’s anger/hate etc.. same with Regina, but with Emma esp back in his shop he tells her to use her magic and think of the people she wants to protect/love.. Interesting huh??
    Emma’s destiny is to same the town/FTL folks, so I think she will assist Regina in stopping the failsafe or saving Regina. etc..
    Henry’s character was all about getting away from Regina in first season and not loving her etc and now this season he is always calling her mom and wanting to save her etc.. wierd between the 2 seasons.

  17. Kat says:

    Umm…. I need them to bring MRJ back ASAP!!! On another note…. Maybe the boy who is Rumple’s undoing is Bae. Bae warned the Darlings that magic is bad and to stay away from it. They watched the shadow with magic take Bae away. The Darlings are behind Home Base who want to rid this world of magic. So it’s because of Bae that the Home Base exists to undo Rumple!!!!

    • Shannon says:

      The actor Neal/Bae stated they were only starting to scratch the surface of his character and his relationship with his father. The actor stated he would be in the episodes Manhattan until the end of the season. So we will see him in the finale one way or another. I think he ended up in the same realm where the Wraith and Prince Phillip are. MUlan/Phillip/Regina/Rumple all knew what a wraith was and was going to send it back to FTL because it was no more or so they thought since it can’t be killed. In reality it is just sent to another realm. What if the shadow is a wraith in some way? The creators said next season we will see more of Mulan/Aurora and their chase to find Phillip.\, so I am assuming that is how Neal/BAe will come back next season in the same land they are in. I want them to tighten the stories/ pull the reigns in more and focus on things instead of doing too many things/stories at once and are only loosely connected. The Darlings are probably the homebase. Tamara stated do you think “you are the first people town to cross over?” meaning other FTL towns might have been created on our side? curious. I would rather them focus on Emma, her family, her destiny etc..her channeling her a\magic because of the love she has for people. Her gift works, but people manipulate things and she has starting doubting herself. It started last season, so now she is not so sure of her gift.

  18. Shannon says:

    Wonder what Rumple will do to Tamara once he learns she shot him and sent him to another realm? We all know what he did when someone barely scratched Bae imagine what he would do if they tried or he thinks they killed him?? I think Rumple will struggle with what he will do, help Regina stop the fail safe? Really Greg/Tamara are so against magic, but using magic to destroy/kill people seriously? Their actions are hypocritical..

  19. Shannon says:

    Grge/Owen forgets he was saved by Dr. Whale/ aka Dr. Frankenstein when they could have let him die and Their secret safe..They did not they chose the higher road and chose to save his life and judge/ask later.

  20. Angela says:

    Poor Bae:

    first_ his father’s a coward, the Dark One and had killed his mother
    then_ he had to leave the Darling family
    then_ August suggests him to send his love to the jail
    then_ he hasn’t known for 11 years he has a son
    then_ his new girlfriend had never loved him
    finally_ this one has shot him and sent him to a new world AGAIN

    I really hope his character will get some peace soon or later!

  21. Grant says:

    Almost every show – even a good one – sometimes has a ‘wtf’ plot line. Exhibit ‘A’ – Kalinda’s husband in ‘The Good Wife’. To me the whole ‘home office’ stuff and ‘magic is unholy’ is just that – Kalinda’s husband. It felt like a hastily thrown together subplot, or some sort of re-write of a story that writers decided to nix. On the show where magic is real, the whole idea of destroying it with science is not exactly plausible – for everything science I’d turn to Mythbusters, thankyouverymuch.

  22. Has anyone notice that the Home office, along with Greg and Tamara have a very unhealthy obsession with Scienece. Has everyone totally forgot about the “OtherWorld”, the B&W World where Science is the creme de coup. Anyone see where I am going here…

  23. Lily says:

    Already figured it out. I’m just not having it that Neal’s dead, the portal will take him back to London at around 8:15 at the same time he was taken by the shadow man. He’ll get medical attention there.. blah blah blah.. then he’ll find another child that the shadow man wants and hitch a ride to Neverland. Where he’ll end up waiting for years, ageless, for the others to arrive. Still debating with the idea that Neal is the big guy on Neverland that their all scared of, searching for “the boy” that we found out was Henry and hates magic, which we know Neal/Bae does, took everything from him, and he wanted to be in a place free of magic thats why he ended up in the real world in the first place!