Grey's Anatomy Finale Preview: Shonda Rhimes on the 'Calzona' Scene that Left the Cast 'Stunned'

Greys Anatomy Season 9 Calzona TwistGrey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes added another sharp turn to Callie and Arizona’s rollercoaster year this week with the introduction of Hilarie Burton’s potential third wheel Lauren.

As of now, Arizona has yet to reciprocate the flirty doc’s advances, but a lot can — and it sounds like will — happen in this season’s final two episodes.

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“We’re equal opportunity over here at Grey’s Anatomy,” maintains Rhimes of a possible ‘Calzona’ cheating scandal. “Straight people have their cheating moments all of the time. We’ve created this relationship that’s very interesting and complex, and I feel like we’re at a moment where this [temptation] feels earned. We’re doing something that feels very in keeping with what’s right for these characters.”

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The exact nature of that “something” was provocative enough to bring the show’s season finale table read to a brief standstill. “There was a [Calzona] scene that was such a breathtaking moment that it stunned everyone into silence,” Rhimes recalls, adding, “It’s the culmination of a [season-long] journey for these two characters.”

So, what say you? Do you think Arizona will stray? Theories about the “breathtaking moment” in question? Hit the comments!

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  1. BingeWatcher RI says:

    See Blind Item from December. It’s Wrong but I think Arizona Cheats.

  2. Lisa says:

    I am a bit disappointed & upset in Arizona cheating. It seems so out of character and maybe it should. Maybe just maybe that is the point…Arizona is no longer herself. The plane accident has changed her and in changing her wants, her needs, her desires are different also. Maybe that is what Shonda is doing for both characters (Callie & Arizona). She said she is going to be good to both; she did not said together. It’s just sad that a family is getting broke up. Yes! A family…not alterative, straight, or gay…simply a family.

  3. Anita says:

    Arizona cheated Alex and Jo finally kissed! Avery and Kepner more than likely will be together Meredith almost dies! I hope Richard didn’t die but it appeared that way Owen and Christina are done omg! I can’t wait for season 10
    Did I miss anything??

  4. Abi says:

    I think everyone missed the point here, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or whatever the hell someone chose to be, CHEATING IS WRONG!!!! Is one of the lowest thing you can do to your partner. You don’t only loose their trust, you crush their feelings and destroy their self esteem. What explanation or valid excuse can you give them??? Oh it was a momentary indiscretion, I’m only human…. blah blah, as rational beings we can control our impulses, we are not dominated by instinct…. we someone cheats they know what they are doing, they just don’t care. How can you look to your significant other in the eye and ask them to forgive you and tell them you love them when your actions prove otherwise. There’s not going back from some things. By the way, Arizona sucks, I hope Callie dumps her ass. And every season finale is the freaking same, some kind of disaster, a few characters in distress, one or two dead. What else can happen to Meredith in her life? I know, next season a black hole swallows the earth and Seattle Hospital whatever the name is now with it. Now the doctors have to operate in the extreme and unknown conditions inside it.

  5. Calzone says:

    I hope Arizona realise that she has lost her daughter.

    Callie is legally and biologically her mother and she is also rich so Arizona will lose her daughter.

  6. Tanya says:

    Owen and Callie in S10

  7. Sandy says:

    I think Callie has had it. She waited 5 months to have sex and Arizona hops in bed with a stranger after they make up. Nope, she s done.

  8. Stephanie says:

    I want arizona to leave and not come back and for callie to meet someone that treats her the way she deserves and arizona is NOT IT!!!!!!

  9. carla says:

    Understand Shonda is the boss its her show she did this to Callie and Arizona, they already went threw h— then to add cheating really. I think shonda loves to kill people with chemistry and are in love like callie and arizona. Everyone on the show seems to cheat on the show. Mer/Der not yet but have poblems going on. Its sad to think that agood show ends this way. I do think Shonda could turn this around by explaing how Arizona had PTSD, also Callie, PTSD does things to the mind. Of course its a show but people can make it back who are in love. But does callie and arizona want too is the answer. I think like Arizona jessica capshaw said, its hard to come back in real life. But its a show. Again what bought them together in the first place CHEMISTRY. They could come back have two teenages come to the ER. demanding drugs shoots Arizona and one other Doctor, they both live, Callie sees Arizona shot and cant believe it, Callie comes to check on Arizona brings there child to see mommy, and then WOW Callie realizes she still loves Arizona. Things between them come together they both get what it was that happened to them PTSD all they went threw. Really no one can go threw this much bad things it would kill you in real life so come on Shonda give a couple happiness then play with the new people coming to Greys Anatomy. CALLIE/ ARIZONA FOREVER