Scandal Recap: Cheaters Never Prosper

Scandal Mellie Reveals Fitz's AffairWarning: This recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains big ol’ spoilers from this week’s Scandal.

So… she didn’t blink.

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This week on ABC’s Scandal, Mellie as promised made camp across the street at Blair House, giving Cyrus 36 hours to convince her husband, his president, to give up on Olivia once and for all. Oh, the chief of staff did his darndest, all but laying out a PowerPoint preso for FLOTUS on how her political career and own one-day White House bid would play out if she sticks to the script.

Yeah, Mellie tore up that pitch in a hurry. And as the literal clock ran out, where was Fitz? At Olivia’s apartment, choosing her. Earning her. Because he wants her.

In fact, the copulating couple appeared none the wiser about the nuclear winter that Cy’s husband James aka The Next Anderson Cooper was broadcasting nationwide, on live TV.

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Elsewhere in the hour, the Gladiators appeared to zero in on the mole/Albatross, after Huck ID’d Charlie’s ear — yes, his ear — from the storage facility security tape. Suspecting that Charlie was working for Cyrus, they set out to dig up as much as they could on the uber-elusive freelance spook. But in the end, their search led them to a book club gal pal whom Charlie had pursued in the name of getting his hands on the Defiance grand jury transcripts.

So if Cyrus, who would not want Defiance secrets out there, didn’t hire Charlie, who did?

Charlie may still have things to worry about, though, seeing as Jake has made him as the guy who fortified Cyrus with intel on President Grant’s new bestie. Actor Joe Morton has just one request of Jake as he preys on his own predator: Don’t kill him.

And can’t let this one go without mention: David Rosen, watching Mellie’s scandalous sitdown at OPA, wondering aloud who the prez is “banging” — and the tidal wave of awkwardness that followed.

But again, in summary: Mellie blabbed, as Olitz shagged. Is there any even-fictional scenario where Fitz runs for president again? What did you think of “A Woman Scorned” (indeed)?

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  1. ok says:

    I’ve always thought Mellie’s character was a lot of fun, but she did one thing tonight that REALLY bothered me as a person with some experience from the perspective of the children.
    She went public about their father’s affair and told EVERYONE, including their classmates, without even warning them first.
    Right until the last minute, I didn’t think she would do it, but she showed her revenge was more important than their feelings.
    That’s borderline unforgivable.
    But she is their mother, so they will forgive her, and they’ll also be mad at Fitz.
    But still, doing that without telling them???
    If anyone here has ever experienced what it feels like when the whole world knows your parent is cheating…I don’t know how you can expose your kids to that just for revenge.
    For them it’s worse than the affair.
    The publicity will affect them in a way the affair didn’t.

  2. kew1224 says:

    the reason i love scandal is because scandal is a entertaining show,it’s not real. if you want reality,turn on the news anytime day and night,and see and hear about the horrible things human beings do to each other,that’s real,when you get killed on a tv show ,you get up and go where you want to go when the scene is over,in reality you don’t. The reason i love scanda is because it is the best show to me,on tv,and that show keeps a lot of people bringing home a paycheck.

  3. Bel says:

    Am I the only one who sees the whole Olivia/Fitz relationship as downright abuse? I love the show, but there’s absolutely nothing romantic about those two.

    • Moe says:

      I don’t know about this liberal/hyperbolic usage of the word abuse. The word abuse really means something, guys. C’mon.

      • M says:

        Abuse! That’s a stretch. He’s no more a villain than she is! How will she feel when he finds out that in furtherance of the election conspiracy: she was complicit in a bombing that killed many innocent people! Why is she a victim? If Fitz is a perpetrator, so is she! And I like them both. I am having trouble with people’s selective memory of Olivia’a wrongdoing. I like her, and Jake, evil Cyrus, scheming Mellie, and cowardly Fitz. Losing any one of them (save Jake) would be a loss for the show. But Liv, while she’s the protagonist, is not a heroine no matter how hard you try to force her into that role!

      • M says:

        Forgive my typos! Hard to type accurately on a smart phone.

  4. Natalie says:

    I love Scandal but mostly for the Pope and Associates team and their cases. I never got the Olivia/Fitz ship. They don’t make sense together and don’t have any chemistry. Their scenes together feel more awkward than anything else. I have nothing against shippers, in fact I’m a huge one myself. 90% of the reason I watched bones or castle was for the ships but I just don’t get it on scandal. I wish they would go back to the case of week episodes because they were interesting. This relentless drama with Olivia and Fitz is getting boring. I don’t see what Olivia even likes about him, Fitz mostly comes off as pathetic while Olivia is such a strong character. And I agree about Mellie. I don’t think she’s this horrible villain. She is not a saint; she’s ambitious and does some bad things to get what she wants but she doesn’t lie about who she is. I am liking her this season, in definitely one of the more interesting characters. Unlike Fitz who pretends to be all holier than thou when he got so upset about defiance and then he kills the judge to protect the secret. And I can’t believe the choices he makes as president. I get that he loves Olivia but he’s loved her for years now. If he feels so strongly, he should have divorced Mellie first and then started seeing Olivia. I feeling like he doesn’t take his position seriously. Yes, a divorce would have been scandalous too but way less so than an affair.

    • Gramps says:

      Fitz basically shouted through the rooftops that learning of Defiance hurt his ego.

      On another note, those who think Fitz was wrong to kill Verna should remember that she put a hit on him first. I mean, it wasn’t like Verna was kneeled down glaring through the lens of a high-powered rifle herself.

      As for those who see Fitz as being pathetic, look at all of the people around him. Most of us wouldn’t survive that job. Then again, I didn’t run for office. And really, the people didn’t elect him. He doesn’t take the job seriously and wouldn’t be in office if it weren’t for those meddling psychopaths.

  5. MaggieBlack123 says:

    Who could be the Mole? What would be the motive? Let’s look there. Possible motives for someone to be a Mole: 1. reward of money. 2. reward of power. 3. revenge 4. religious or political gain (e.g. God will love me best). Who best fits?

    • zoratheexplora says:

      I think it may be Mellie and Sally. Why would Mellie take Fitz’s affair to live airwaves? Maybe Sally gave her the promise of power. After all, she did turn down the deal Cyrus presented to her. By framing David for the murder of that Wendy girl, Defiance would be history, a plot Mellie helped to orchestrate.

      There are suggestions that David had something to do with Wendy’s death, but his reaction upon waking up doesn’t make that theory too appealing. I could buy that David might use the newfound opportunity of access to OPA’s team to connect the dots of his prior investigation into Defiance. Also, what White House official would help David if he was the mole?

  6. Diane says:

    I still want to know what Mellie will PUBLICLY say is the reason she told the world. Because she didn’t in the interview they showed.

  7. KayD says:

    Fitz has got to be the most immature, careless, inept President ever invented. :) No wonder they had to rig the election to get him to win. He is 50 years old, has three kids and is supposed to be running the most powerful country in the world, yet he acts like a teenager. Ridiculous!! Forget Olivia and Fitz, let’s have a show about Mellie and Cyrus. I’d love that. Bellamy, Jeff and Guillermo (Huck) are the best actors on the show by far.

  8. Querilous says:

    Folks whose to says Fitz’s can’t have his true love and give up his presidency look at MS
    In tda’s headline the guys heading back to Washington after detours along the Appalachian Trail and Argentina, when he had his extra-marital affair. Also the mole is someone ruthless either Cyrus, Charlie or Doyle someone hiding in plain sight.

  9. Kathy says:

    I Think some white women are really mad that Fitz showed Olivia attention in that way: however lots of them go for the Black male LOTS of time!

  10. kew1224 says:

    Fitz did not get Amanda Tanner pregnant,it was Billy Chambers.The reporter told Billy that Amanda was 13 weeks pregnant,and that he was the father,that’s why Billy stuck the reporter in the neck with the scissors. He was sleeping with her. Fitz had her one time,and Billy was behind that. He hated Fitz and thought this was the way to ruin him. Cyrus had her killed by Charlie,she was getting ready to tell the world that Fitz was in love with her,thanks to Billy,and they both knew it was a lie.