Nashville Recap: Boys and Busses

Nashville Season 1 RecapGuys, I’m a little wigged out.

Every single thing I wanted to happen in Nashvillehappened in this week’s Nashville!

I just… I mean… with the hotness… and the break-up… and the outta nowhere kissing… I fear that my recapper wiring has short-circuited, leaving me just a smoking pile of pithy subheads and country-music-related double entendres. While I still have a few y’alls left in the ol’ giddy-up – see what I mean? That makes no sense! — let’s review the really big stuff that happened in “Take These Chains From My Heart.”

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GREASY IS AS GREASY DOES | Soon before the tour plays its Nashville date, Juliette learns she’ll have to move out of her rented house because the owners are selling. Seeing has how she’s known Dante for 10 minutes (and been sleeping with him for eight of them), she thinks it’s perfectly appropriate to ask, “You wanna go house huntin’?” He does, and spends the next few days lining up potential properties for them to buy. At one point, he calls her away from rehearsal for some Trulia-tripping; when Deacon tries to get her to focus so the members of the band can go home and spend time with their families, she’s completely insufferable – and Dante is even worse. Deke takes a deep breath and resolves to use his inside voice as he grits out, “Maybe I just need to be done here.” She looks at him like he just handed her a Café Misto even though she ordered a Skinny Vanilla Frappucino, hold the whip: mild annoyance, but nothing more. “It’s fine,” she says, fingertips swiping at Dante’s iPad. “You’re replaceable.” Damn.

MOTHER KNOWS BEST | Enter Jolene, looking strung-out but swearing that’s not the case. She’s just upset, you see, because she saw Dante kissing another woman in town. But by making the accusation, she outs herself as stalking him; she only wants a moment alone, she claims, to talk. Dante promises Juliette he was only meeting with a former client/now friend who’s a real estate agent, but Ju is skeptical enough to have Emily invite the woman in question, Esme, to the show the next night. Esme is TV-dorky (read: a pretty brunette who wears glasses) and swears there’s nothing between herself and her former sober counselor; the combination of the two put Juliette at ease, and she agrees to buy the house. Isn’t it interesting that right after Jolene IDs Esme as the woman she saw canoodling with Dante, he finds some pills in her purse? She’s hauled out of the concert venue, shouting about her innocence, while Juliette cries in her shiny show dress.

Later, though, Juliette gets a good look at the pills and realizes they couldn’t belong to her mother: She’s allergic to that type of medicine. With sickening quickness, Ju and Emily realize that Dante is missing – as is the tour’s “walkaround money” and $475,000 from Juliette’s corporate account. Cut to Dante and Esme on a plane, where he sees Juliette calling his cell… right before he tosses it in the garbage. Emily consoles her boss that she can probably extricate herself from buying the new abode. No, Juliette says, “It’ll be a good reminder: Never trust anybody.” (I’d add “… who routinely uses that much hair product,” but your version is good, too, Jujubee.)

Before we sign off on dastardly Dante, one thought: He was a good guy in the beginning. I really hoped he’d be someone who could help Jolene and Juliette mend their terribly sad relationship. And though his 180 wasn’t as swift as, say, Deacon’s former bandmate (and Scarlett’s near-rapist) Cy, it was still too quick for me. (I’m sure you’ve got thoughts on the matter, so make sure you log them in the comments.)

POWER PLAYS | Teddy’s private investigator points to Peggy as the source that leaked to the tabloids, so Teddy dumps her and – upon hearing that Lamar was blackmailing her with the info — cancels all of his soon-to-be-former-father-in-law’s contracts with the city. Oblivious, a convalescing Lamar confesses to Rayna that he’d like to start fresh with her, and she happily agrees. But apparently he only has enough love for one daughter at a time, because he lashes out at Tandy for making him feel weak as he recuperates. That’s the only incentive she needs to meet with Coleman and propose an alliance to take down Teddy… and she starts by suggesting he look into the Cumberland deal. Yeah, y’all, she totally did. (P.S. If it’s true that Peggy only confirmed the story to the rag, raise your hand if you think Lamar was the one who actually tipped them off to the story.)

NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE YOU LIKE I DO | Scarlett meets Stacey and wholeheartedly approves. “Can you keep her?” Scar asks Uncle Deke. “Because you’re happy and she’s lovely.” And when Deacon announces he’s leaving the tour, Stacey is really happy about it, and he seems to be, too. But what he doesn’t know is that Rayna and Liam have picked up where they left off the night she spent sobbing on his bathroom floor. All it takes is for Rayna to start musing about how “free” she feels as they sit together on the couch. “How free?” the producer asks, about three miliseconds before he starts eating her face like it’s a pile of Nathan’s hotdogs and he’s Kobayashi trying to reclaim his crown. “We went to second base,” she later tells Tandy. “Does that make me slutty?” (Ha!) No, Ray, it makes you Liam’s date for a Caribbean weekend getaway!

Before the new pair leave for their trip, though, there’s a show to do. So they flirt and grind their way through an old tune Deacon and Rayna wrote together, and Deacon. Does. Not. Like. That. One. Bit. Stacey calls him out on his jealousy and deduces that when he came home a few weeks before, it wasn’t because he missed her: It was so he could comfort Rayna while her father was sick. “Do you still have feelings for her?” Stacey asks, and his “Yeah” comes almost before she’s finished her sentence. Ouch. She stalks off (I loved her “Great” when she saw Rayna, heh) and Deacon decides to tell his ex the truth about how he’s not really totally completely at all over her. Just then, Liam shows up and wraps his stupid hipster scarf around his stupid scraggly bearded hipster neck and asks if Rayna’s ready to go. “We’re going to St. Lucia together, so you need to call Stacey and make it right,” she softly informs Deacon before taking off with ol’ skinny jeans.

BUT, the next time we see Rayna, she’s at Deacon’s door, saying, “I love you.” His reaction is classic: “Are you tryin’ to kill me?” (Ha!) But Connie Britton does that thing where her eyes go all soft and wet and her voice gets a little tight as she says, “I love you, and that is the truth. And you can do with that what you will, but I needed to let you know. So I did.” I defy any creature with even one cardiac cell to not melt at such a show of enduring love; it’s no wonder, then, that Deacon says, “Hey,” grabs her and starts kissing her like it’s his job. Soon after, they’re peeling each other’s clothes off and falling into bed. (If you’re on the eastern side of the United States, that sound you heard at about 9:55 was me squealing with joy at the top of my lungs. Don’t worry, I’ll stop soon. We all have jobs to get to in the morning.)

IN WHICH I AM ALL-POWERFUL | Scarlett successfully lobbies Rayna to give Gunnar another chance, to which Gunnar gruffly replies, “I didn’t ask you to do that.” (Oh there you are, Insecure And Ungrateful Gunnar. I was wondering where you’d wandered off to.) He softens, though, as he tells her that he’s been playing music with Will – their open mic-night appearance at Tootsies even nabs him a demo offer – and he thinks he’s gotta do his own thing for a while, musically speaking. So while Scarlett’s at Deacon’s arena gig, where she runs into roadie Avery and he’s actually kind of nice to her, Gunnar stays at home to drink beer and write songs with Will. There are a lot of empty bottles on the coffee table, but not a whole lot of ditties in the can by the time the two are sitting comfortably side by side, heads lolling against the back of the couch. “Kiss! Kiss!” I say jokingly… and then they do.

Well, it’s more like Will goes in and lands one on Gunnar’s lips before Gunny jumps up and throws his apologetic neighbor out, but still: I dreamed it into being. (If I truly have the power I now suspect I do, expect Mad Men to get a lot more interesting this season.) Back to more important topics: Might Gunnar eventually return Will’s affections? On one hand, we’ve never seen him act interested in a man before, and he seems to really like having the sex with Scarlett. But on the other, perhaps he freaketh out a little too much? As my colleague Michael Slezak points out, “No straight guy wears his towel that low.”

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. c0rinne says:

    Wow. They kissed. I haven’t seen the show in weeks, but as soon as I read “the outta nowhere kissing” I knew Gunnar and (I’m assuming that other guy in the pick is) Will kissed. Don’t care for Gunnar or Scarlett, just thought that was funny.

    Glad to see Dante is gone, what a waste of time that storyline is. Hopefully this season can end on a good note.

  2. OMG! LOL This is like the funniest review ever! I loved this episode. And that sonic BOOM heard around 9:55 Eastern was me screaming for joy! I know Rayna and Deacon’s happiness will be short lived (skeletons in the closet in the form of a talented 12 year old little girl) but man… I’m enjoying it now!

    Juliette completely got what she deserved. Dante came on strong from the get go. She was warned by more than one person, but she knows it all.

    Poor Teddy… I suppose we should feel sorry for him, right? Nope. Not going to happen. The whole political arena is one part of the show I wish they would get rid of.

    Interesting twist regarding Lamar and Tandy. She’s going to do what she can to get back into Daddy’s good graces. So what if it takes down her ex-brother in law.

    I can’t wait to see the next episode!

  3. Maggie says:

    Holy somethin’ Deacon and Rayna have chemistry, it was so refreshing to see Deacon call her out on being so wishy-washy between him and Liam, but I knew the night wasn’t going to end w/o them in bed.

  4. Missy says:

    Deacon and Rayna…YES. Finally. No doubt this will not be happily ever after seeing as how she is hiding his daughter from him but they are destined to be together. Love them both.
    I almost feel sorry for Avery which says as much for his acting chops as it does the writers. Good stuff. Hope he bounces back.
    I loved Gunner until tonight’s epi. I wanted him and Scar to be together but each week I am more convinced that she’s just way too good for him (though I am still avidly following his storyline). I hope his little run in with cowboy tonight doesn’t make him question things. I like confident sexy Gunner.
    I don’t think Dante did a 180. I think he followed the tabloids and his plan was to play Julliette the whole time. Hope he’s gone for good. Creep.
    Love this show. Acting,music, storylines. Stellar.

    • Jenny says:

      I hate how they are slowly making Gunnar look like the Avery we met at the beginning.

      • rowan77 says:

        I know. I think they are trying for a symmetry – As Avery moves away from his bad behavior, Gunnar moves away from his good, but it just feels forced and contrived. He turns down a chance to get on Rayna’s new label? I cry fowl. There is nothing saying that they couldn’t try work out having some cuts on their albums being his music. Again – contrived. It felt like it happened because the writers needed it to happen, not because it was realistic to his character or any musician trying to secure a contract.

        I like that Avery has learned his lesson and we are finally seeing what Scarlet saw in him in the first place. Jonathan Jackson is a very talented actor who spent too long on a soap, so people don’t take him serious yet. If this show gets another season, and his character continues to grow, I think it will be a real boon for his career.

        • Amy says:

          Good call-out on J.J.’s talent, rowan…he is very talented. None of this surprises me in the Avery character, as I’ve said in earlier posts…I expected Avery to be layered, because of the depth of acting I’ve seen Jonathan always do from his very young and early soap days. He has never been a “one note” actor, playing a weak, cliche’ role, and when they hired him as Avery, I doubt they thought they’d use him as such, given the actor they have to work with. He definitely has the chops to show Avery as a whole, evolving character, good, bad, weak, strong, vulnerable, stupid at times etc. I hope they continue to do his acting skills justice by writing this character well. The writers on Nashville seemed to start out better than the cheesy stuff they’ve done lately, so I’m not sure if they’re great or not anymore!…but that can be due to many constraints we don’t see behind the scenes who knows. Anyway…I love Jonathan Jackson as an actor.

  5. Babygate says:

    Best line of the night was Deacon’s “are you trying to kill me?” It says it all. I was kind of torn because I kind of like Liam. I think he brings a fresh energy out of Rayna. But of course,.the end game for me are Ray and Deacon so I’m happy. I can’t believe it but I’m liking Avery. The whole Peggy/Teddy thing is so irrelevant and such a bore. They should focus on the music and leave the ‘Dallas’ tribute for another show. From the first moment he appeared on screen Will struck me as a closeted gay. He was pursuing Gunnar too earnestly. I hope he goes away. On the other hand, Gunnar has turned into such a jerk that I don’t even know how I feel about him anymore. Maybe he should get in touch with his gay side and leave Scarlett alone. Dante is gone!!! Hee haw!!! Juju beans is learning the hard way. I’m just glad she made it right with Jolene.

  6. Deacon continues to show us why he is the best thing about Nashville – each of his scenes are solid. His reactions are solid. Hell, his reactions are better than solid. When he stomps off seeing Rayna and Liam onstage? Solid. When he goes all blunt-honesty on Stacey? Solid. And, absolutely nothing will top him going “Are you trying to kill me?!” when Rayna finally tells him what we’ve known all along, that she’s still in love with him. Only Deacon can deliver that line with conviction. I’m telling you, SOLID. (That being said, can Chip PLEASE come to the “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” revival on the CW?)

    Dante was… what. He came, he fixed, he bedded, he stole, he left, and that was without the initial gel he put on his hair even drying out. That was quick. But that’s been the case with ALL of Juliette’s men, it seems: from the producer in the pilot, to Deacon, to “Hey, whatever happened to…” Sean and then Dante. The writers need to calm the girl down a little. Her storyline, while intriguing, is going at a jet’s speed. Just cause she has one doesn’t mean her story has to move like one.

    Can we retire Teddy Conrad’s character? The moment he and Rayna broke up, he just got so boring… that entire storyline just got uninteresting and undramatic. The stakes are supposed to be high but, honestly, we would be more concerned with Avery trying to steal Gunnar’s beer at the bar or something.

  7. An says:

    “Just then, Liam shows up and wraps his stupid hipster scarf around his stupid scraggly bearded hipster neck and asks if Rayna’s ready to go.” EXACTLY!

    • Amy says:

      My favorite line in the whole review! “Scraggly bearded hipster neck” Charles Esten is so great in every scene. He just hits the mark every time. Yay for them finally getting together. Maybe now we can have some more duets!

  8. Carol C says:

    I love that Rayna and Deacon (yummy abs!) finally got together and that slimy Dante was exposed. Great episode!

  9. Jenny says:

    Yay for Deacon and Rayna. Their relationship has reached epic status. So happy Deacon finally is truly happy for once.

    As for the Gunnar Will stuff….I really don’t think Gunnar is gay. This whole time we thought Will was after Scarlett instead he was crushing on Gunnar. Doubt it’s gonna evolve into something. I know he’s grieving, but him turning gay in the process is a bit of a stretch. I think this event will just add drama to Scarlett and Gunnar’s life, same as if Will had kissed Scarlett instead.

    • Dizzle says:

      Who knows where this story is leading – could just be a minor complication, could be the start of a running arc – but who says Gunnar has to be definitely straight or definitely gay? Sexuality these days is a lot more fluid than it has been in previous generations. And these sorts of ambiguously sexual characters are cropping up more and more on TV nowadays – Nolan on Revenge, Kalinda on The Good Wife, to name but two. Whatever happens, it’ll be interesting to follow the story of young, gay country singer, given the inherent culture clash – whether that person ends up being Will or Gunnar.

      • C. says:

        It would be, but I’m betting Will will just disappear leaving us all scratching our heads and wondering what happened to him. If they decide to do more with his character it won’t be until next season. Just my prediction.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Um, you don’t “turn” gay.

  10. Anon says:

    GREAT Review. Brilliant insights on such matters as the trustworthiness of those prone to hair gel (Danny from Grease is the ONLY exception), and yet you didn’t forget to give a detailed and interesting recap.

    And I will be crossing my fingers that the reviewer’s dream making powers extend to Mad Men. If only it could save Smash.

    Squee on Rayna and Deacon!!!!!

    Ugh…Juliette and her bratty comment to Deacon about being replaceable – it made me wish Sylar would come and eat her brains.

  11. rowan77 says:

    Best. Recap. Ever. Just had to say that.

    Love, Love, Love that Rayna and Deacon are finally honest and open with each other (about all that love stuff – not about Maddie’s true parentage – which I assume is next on the agenda. How to tell Deacon without him getting super angry that she’s been lying to him for all these years).

    Normally I would say Jerkface Dante’s turnabout was too quick and overly obvious (all he needed was a mustache to twirl, he was such an evil scumbag) over the past few episodes, but I’m glad he’s gone. He made my skin crawl. If they had been more subtle with him, perhaps his part in the storyline would have been more enjoyable, but it is what it is.

    I TOTALLY thought that while Will and Gunnar were sitting oh-so-close on the couch that someone was getting a smooch – so like you, Kimberly, I had the fleeting thought that I can cause things to happen. I then thought about how I would like a million dollars. You can guess how that went. My superpowers are anything but.

  12. KC says:

    The Gunnar/Scarlett songs are the ones I most enjoy from the show, but I can’t the same about their storylines.

    I’m probably the only one but honestly I was super bummed that the Rayna/Liam thing didn’t go anywhere, yet again. I’m just kind of over the whole Deacon thing, and I really liked Liam.

    • Michelle says:

      You’re not the only one bummed about Liam and Rayna. I get that Rayna/Deacon TWU LUV crap, but Liam could have been a fun distraction for a while. Sigh.

      • Wwll says:

        Oh come on! Liam can be a distraction ANY old time, TwuWuv or not.

        • Judith says:

          This. I really like the chemistry between Ray and Liam on stage, and damn he is sexy. I hope there is more of him. Plus we know they are gonna spin out Ray and Deke until the end.
          Also, I get frustrated by the writers – its easily my favorite show on TV, but I have a lot of teeth grinding, why-they-do-that moments, or points where the plot jars or the character development seems all over the place. Please – get it together Nashville writers!

  13. Rayna & Deacon – Im so happy… I can’t even breathe…jesus. THAT WAS HOT

  14. CR says:

    Kimberly, I am with you 100%. That was probably the most satisfying episode of any of my favorite shows this year. So much in one episode. I was happy to see Liam back in the episode, and then for Rayna to end up at Deacon’s made my night. On top of that wonderfulness, to see Juliette get some humbling was just the icing on the cake. I can’t believe I was right when I called Gunner’s bromance being a little bit lopsided a few weeks back, I was beginning to think I just dreamed the entire episode. This show better get renewed.

  15. My heart is racing SO hard right now. MAN! I’ve been waiting for Rayna and Deacon since ep 1

  16. YES YES YES! Deacon and Rayna! Finally !

  17. zoot says:

    Too bad Gunnar’s character has changed so much. I loved him when he pined for Scarlett, (still can’t stand her bleached straw hair, but that’s another rant) and when he finally got together with Scar, he was so cute. They make beautiful music together and he’s messing it up. Don’t know about the kissing Will, maybe it will shock him out of his wallowing funk.

    • Amy says:

      I’m so disappointed in how poorly they are now writing Gunnar, not just because they’re ruining his character, but it’s poorly written too because it’s so unpredictably disjointed as to what the hey is even happening to him?! It’s just plain weird to me…at first we thought…understandable, he’s going to act out in some way because he’s mourning his brother, but they are not even making that so clear now, if that is the issue. And the Will comes along and even this sudden bad-boy influence turn gay thing is plain poorly written drama, imho.
      Gunnar was such an interesting, delicious blend of sweet, savvy, soft but strong, southern gentlemanly, that he played so well and looked adorable doing it. …and made BEaUtiful music with Scarlett. Pretty soon he may be beyond repair. What they’re doing to him is not just a shame, but such a missed opportunity…because he’s too appealing to destroy like they seem to be.

      • Amy says:

        Looking at the photo above…I guess what I’m feeling, and trying to say (not so well!) is “clueless, stupid Gunnar” is not nearly as appealing as “quiet, still-waters-run-deep” Gunnar was.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I completely disagree :-)

  18. Mary says:

    I kinda always thought in the back of my mind that Gunnar liked “wearing his towel a little too low” (love that!) so I wouldn’t be too surprised if something more will happen. I love Avery (but I’ve always loved Johnathan Jackson) and i hope to see more of him next season. Yay for Deke and Rayna, finally! Boo for Tandy and trying to take down Teddy :-( I’m so-so on this show overall but I think it’s getting better.

  19. EF says:

    I definitely enjoy that the characters on Nashville aren’t 1 dimensional. Never thought I’d feel sorry for Juliette, but am pulling for her now. Never thought I’d want to kick Gunnar, but I do now, etc. Never thought I’d see Lamar as anything more than a modern-day Cy Tolliver, but now I’m pulling for him too.

    I’m worried for Juliette’s mother….and the state they will find her in. Also confused about the song thing with Gunnar at the bar…doesn’t he have a writing contract already?

  20. Care says:

    Fantastic recap, Kimberly! Perfect and so funny. Love the show last night. Best of the season. Deacon and Rayna were so hot

  21. wrstlgirl says:

    Nashville FINALLY has 100% of my attention….provided they explore this new development of Will being attracted to and Gunnars sexuality. This is what I’ve been waiting for this show to do, something unexpected. And even though it was pretty obvious half way through the episode that something was gonna happen I still jumped for joy with the kiss. Don’t blow this Nashville. There’s a great story to be written here. Don’t get me wrong I really like Gunnar and Scarlett together but this is to good to waste. Besides, I still think Scar is gonna be back with Avery at some point. They still have a huge connection, you could see it plain as day when they were chatting at the arena.

    • Nicki says:

      I hope they don’t pursue that angle with Gunner. We can catch that storyline on just about every other show nowadays. I want the old Gunner back and I want Scarlett to have issues choosing between two great guys, the other being Avery.

      • EF says:

        Agreed. I thing Gunnar has enough of his plot-line plate (no parents, re-emergence & death of his brother, emerging career, new live-in g/f). This doesn’t interest me at all. I find Avery’s character a lot more interesting (and I hated him at the beginning).

  22. Dawn Uk says:

    Wow, after reading the entertaining review of this episode. Can’t wait to see it in the Uk soon.

  23. Ashley says:

    What a fabulous episode! I too screamed at the end with Rayna and Deacon.

    Oh are just so dumb. So now you are going to screw over Lamar when you got all that baggage in your closet? Not the sharpest knife in the draw are you.

    And I am sorry, I don’t feel bad for Juliette in regards to Dante. She got her just deserts. She blurred the lines with her mother’s sober coach…talking about boundaries with her mother? What a hypocrite! Being nasty to just about everyone with a guy you’ve known for 10 minutes? Yeah, I don’t feel bad for her one bit with this situation.

  24. lali says:

    Deacon & Rayna! Yay! Bigger yay!!! Ginormous yay!!!!! I’m glad she didn’t waste time fooling around with Liam. She was fully aware her heart is with Deacon, it’s not like she was in denial. I’d run to Deacon’s door too if I could! Kind’a annoying that she waited to come clean until after Deacon had the you know what to tell her his feelings first but oh well. At least it happened!

    I only feel about 3% bad for Juliette. I’ll feel worse depending on how she handles the situation with her mom. Jolene was obvioulsy a horrendous excuse for a mother when Juliette was growing up and she should work her rear end off to earn Juliette’s trust now but Juliette has to accept her mother’s efforts for there to ever be progress. Also, how rich is Juliette that it’s not worth the shame to go after Dante for her $475,000?

    It was nice ot see Scarlett & Avery interact again. He was such a butthead in the beginning that it made no sense why they were even together. Her line about him getting back to the Avery she first knew gives me hope that her poor decision making skills are mainly in the hair & wardrobe department.

    I gasped when Will kissed Gunnar. I knew it! It’ll be interesting to see if Gunnar tells Scarlett and also how he now treats Will. Also, I expect Gunnar claiming he wrote his brother’s song will come back to bite him hard. I don’t think the fact that lyrics were in his diary means he wrote them. Who’s to say they weren’t stuck in his head because he heard some dude a few cells over writing the song? Just like Willie Jack Pickens in Where the Heart Is.

    I could not care less about Teddy, Peggy, and the Subway politics. Let Coleman find the dirt to take them both down so they can be off my TV screen forever!

  25. DollyMamaB says:

    Holy. Mother. Of. GODDESS! I EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’d for 5 whole minutes. Did NOT see that coming with Rayna and Deacon. But I’m sure as skippy glad it did. What a fantastic episode. I thought this scene would be what we got for a season finale so I’m STOKED to find out what’s coming up. So many avenues to travel. How the heck is Juliette going to take this? Will Deacon find out about Maddie? Is Deacon going to stay with Juliette on the tour? Will Avery step in? So much to find out. This show is FABULOUS!

  26. Brandy says:

    Loved the Rayna/Deacon hookup, finally!I got a gay vibe a minute or two before Will kissed Gunnar.I hope Deacon/Rayna and Scarlett stay together.Couldnt care less about Teddy/Peggy/the stadium thing.I knew Dante was a creep.Feel a little bad for Juliette but only sorta as she and Jolene both should’ve stayed away from him and she fired him after the Jolene kissing him thing, Juliette didn’t know him long and yet she hired him as her manager ?I think Dante planted those pills on Jolene so shed be shipped off and not in the way of his plan and cause she saw him cheating.Juliettes stupid to not call the cops on him.

  27. Michael Tudor says:

    Will and Gunnar should get down all the way – Scarlett and Avery should hook up…too…just to keep everything interesting.

  28. KLSO says:

    I love your reviews! This episode is by far one of the best yet (already watched it a second time). Although I like Liam’s character, I enjoy every scene Deacon is in. It about broke my heart seeing him after Ray said she was leaving with Liam. When Ray showed up at Deke’s door, I was sure he would end up letting her walk away to keep us wanting more. Well, I still want more…mainly more of Deacon taking off his clothes. But am I the only one that thought the scene could have been much hotter? I realize it is network TV but couldn’t Deacon have backed her up against the door and then carry her to the kitchen table and go from there? I guess the writers wanted it to be more of a romantic moment but I believe it should have shown a little more urgency to indicate how much they have missed being together.

  29. Kay Bee says:

    Besides the best line of the night…”are you trying to kill me”…the hey, why is Will sitting so close to Gunnar – most guys I know leave seats between them at movie theaters – kiss…the most memorable part of the show to me was Teddy trying to be taken seriously while wearing those sunglasses. They looked too big for his face and made him look like a cross between Spiderman and a Men In Black wannabe agent.

  30. Chris says:

    I think it’s too little, too late for me. I fell asleep during this episode! I don’t like Deacon with Rayna, and I don’t care about Scarlett, Liam, and Gunnar. This show could/should be so much fun, and instead it takes itself way too seriously.

  31. So happy about Rayna & Deacon! Love them together! The episode was great and I can’t wait to see what happens next week. Though am I the only one that does not feel a drop of sympathy for Juliette?

    I really hope the show gets picked up for a second season!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Na, you’re not. I didn’t feel anything for her trouble last night at all. I felt sorry for her Mom more than anything. For me Juliette is hard to stomach, period. I have nothing for a self-centered, spoiled brat who treats everyone around her like crap.

  32. Whatever says:

    The Recap was as good as the show ! Great job !
    Don’t waste your powers on Mad Men I think it maybe too late.

  33. txsunshine says:

    Niiiiice recap. Love your enthusiasm … and please use your powers for good!

    Deacon *sigh*. With Rayna *sigh*. So good.

    I’m glad Dante is gone. I don’t think Juliette deserved such a harsh lesson even though she’s been insufferable (she’s still so young and insecure), but I wasn’t surprised, of course. I like the poster’s comment earlier who said that they needed to slow down Juliette’s storyline because, just because she has a jet, her storyline doesn’t need to move like one.

    Everyone else is right. Teddy is boring, which it too bad because I like Eric Close as an actor.

    I’m disappointed in the Gunnar storyline. He and Scarlett were so cute together. And I loved their songs. I hope he doesn’t develop a relationship with Will. Gunnar hasn’t ever given any indication that he’s interested in the same sex, so why would the show go there? I welcome gay characters on the show, but could we please have characters who don’t just switch orientation because the writers feel like it … if they even go there, of course.

    All in all, I loved the episode.

  34. PFitzDC says:

    Best Recap! Agree with just about everything and all reactions….except–no I don’t believe Lamar tipped off the tabloids; I really don’t think he’d do that to his grandchildren. I think it was 100% needy, lying Peggy….

    • C. says:

      If not Lamar would you agree that Tandy might have been the inital leak and is using Peggy to cover her tracks?

  35. laffers18 says:

    So. Much. Happiness.

    *twirls off into the night, giggling with unbridled joy*

  36. Heather says:

    So conflicted!! I actually liked Rayna with Liam and I wanted to see where it went. BUT… I knew they would find a way to get Deacon back in the picture. I like Rayna and Deacon together too but yep… it probably won’t last.

  37. j.j. says:

    I loved this whole episode! But I can not be the only one who thinks Scarlett is a pill? Perhaps she brings the worst out in her boyfriends? Back by populae demand it’s insecur boyfriend. She is sickeningly sweet no one can be that good all the time?

    • Carolyn says:

      I’ve always thought Scarlett was a “pill.” Like her music (though not her whiny voice), but I’m always bored by her story line w/ whomever. If she’s going to continue to be such a big part of this excellent show, I hope she learns to smile & act happy occasionally. Love Deacon & Rayna!

  38. Sue Luke says:

    Fantastic episode and fantastic review! Why does this show draw me in sooooo much? Been waiting for Rayna and Deacon to show they are human for a while now and this time it was very much worth the wait . I appreciated Liam’s character in that he made Deacon take some long awaited action. Rayna didn’t show her hand until Deacon folded first and she was entitled to that especially since Deacon has had so many conquests that it’s hard to keep track! Back to this review….funny, fresh, and complete. Maybe you could write a little for the show? A shout out to my husband watching me watch this show every week–He called the Will and Gunnar kiss happening when Will sat down! I LOVE YOU NASHVILLE!!!!

  39. Jason Mann says:

    GREASY IS AS GREASY DOES – As I watched the Juliette – Dante story play out I knew he was going to take advantage I figured it would be a longer con but sometimes but when it all came out all I could think was sometimes you get what you deserve. She fired her manager of many years then hires her mother’s sober coach after 5 mins a good roll in the hay and then she pushes the only person (Deacon) who didn’t want something from her away
    MOTHER KNOWS BEST – I can’t see Juliette and her mother ever really being that close they need to cut their losses and not spend so much time together
    POWER PLAYS – Teddy is weak, stupid and hopefully Tansy and Coleman can give him his comeuppence
    NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE YOU LIKE I DO- I love Rayna and Deacon together that scene has been watched and rewatched all he had to say was “hey” and off they go, I’m sad because I know Maddie’s paturnity will break them up sooner or later.
    IN WHICH I AM ALL-POWERFUL – I don’t know why but ever sense they introduced Will’s character I had a feeling something would happen. I don’t know if I was seeing him as Luke with the gay dad from The O.C. or if Chris Carmack was dropping hints but knew Will was more interested in Gunnar than Scar

  40. Wwll says:

    I had EXACTLY the same gaydar *ding* just before they kissed and I dismissed it. Gunnar won’t be gay but bisexual, I’d bet, and Juliette will LOVE IT and Avery will flip the F out. :D

  41. Leslie says:

    Jonathan Jackson and Hayden both grew up on soap operas (she did OLTL and Guiding Light), so it’s easy to see where their chemistry comes from. Bonding over shared experiences, no doubt!

    Awesome episode.

  42. Kimberly Amador says:

    Does anyone know the song rayna and deacon sang on the couch? I loved that song and I can’t find it anywhere

  43. Marmie says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Lamar is a bit of a hottie? I love hearing about the stadium deal. Rayna def gets her power from Deacon. Something HUGE is going to happen over Maddie’s paternity. Speaking of Maddie…those little girls are amazing singers! I really don’t care much about Scarlett and Gunner – I’m over them. Deacon needs to send his niece away to college or something.

  44. Odi Rq says:

    Rayna and Deacon, finally!!! Wow, do I love the way he talks! “Is this slow enough for you” , “are you trying to kill me”, “this feels so right”…wow!!! Ok, I’ll be living in my fantasy world for a while now. I hope, the daughter secret can be overcome, becouse those two together are so sweet.
    I like Juliette, yes she has made lots of mistakes but I like her. And I hope she and Avery get together. They almost seem complimentary to each other and should understand each other pretty well, I feel. Those two story lines I care the most, the others not so much.
    Great review!

  45. Loved they Rayna and Deacon got together finally. Love them as a couple. Can anyone tell me who sang song at end and the name of it.It started off ” Well I’m under your spell again and I got my eyes wide open.It didn’t sound like any of them from the show.I hope someone knows can’t get it out of my head.