Scandal Finale Sneak Peek: What's Cookin' in the White House Kitchen? And Is [Spoiler] Quitting?

An envelope just got slipped on our desk — the return address a simple “Albatross” — and inside it was a set of photos from the Season 2 finale of ABC’s super-secretive Scandal. Dare you take a look?

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Per ABC’s synopsis for the buzzy drama’s season ender, titled “White Hat’s Back On” and airing May 16, Olivia and her team are in very real danger as the revelation of the aforementioned mole’s identity draws closer. Meanwhile, the latest and greatest White House scandal pushes Cyrus to his limits.

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Perusing the slideshow below, you’ll see both Cyrus and First Lady Mellie looking quite contemplative during what appears to be a late-night confab in the White House kitchen. (Fridge contents be damned, there’s no Sunny Delight to be found here!) Elsewhere, the gladiators seem to be working their surveillance/recording/computery gizmos in the name of IDing Albatross. But if they do find success, Liv looks none too relieved by it. In fact, one picture suggests the forlorn beauty has something else on her mind.

Flip through the photos below and share your latest finale theories.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mo says:

    Shonda isn’t crazy enough to knock Oliva up, is she? With Jake’s baby? Please, someone have a different theory!!!

    • Chances are that Mellie does come forward with the Olivia-Fitz affair and now Olivia’s every move is being followed by paparazzi. With that, she’d probably have to end her career as a “fixer” as a. Who would go to the woman who slept with the president to help fix their problems? and b. She couldn’t have a client, as they’d also be under the microscope due to her taking the case, therefore not really being able to fix anything.

      • badromance says:

        I she was knocked up it’d be Fitz’s. She slept with Jake too recently to already notice she’s pregnant. Besides, it would be ratings suicide.
        Bu I suspect it has more to do with the mole.
        Or she’s deciding whether to give Fitz another chance.
        But I still think it’s mole related.

      • No..she will try to get to the 9p.m. news..but I think that OPA is going to shut her down with a scandal of her. Teddy may not be Fitz son, even though he looks like him. Or they Teddy may have two biological dads..that does happen…it is rare but it does happen… It is handled..they will shut that motha down.

        • Lanette says:

          I don’t know about two biological Dads but I think Teddy is not Fitz baby and now that Mellie is airing the family dirty laundry on prime time, it will come out that she has been having affairs of her own. In my thinking, something is up with Hal always reporting to Mellie. He is suppose to be there for Fitz but runs to her with everything or blinks those eyes to give her the info she wants. Don’t forget Mellie is always spying around the White House and has an agenda all her own. Perhaps she is the mole as well.

          • sheila says:

            I totally agree that the baby is not Fritz’s. They weren’t sleeping together at that time if we remember. I believe it’s Hal’s. Hopefully that will surface.

          • y says:

            Fitz didn’t want Mellie anymore because Teddy is not his. That’s one of the reasons he wanted to divorce Mellie. Cyrus knows too.

    • GTS says:

      NOOOO!!! If she’s pregnant it must be with Fitz’s baby….. I hope. I think it would led to more story lines, and Jake is just doing a guest arc. He seems like he’d want to be all involved, so they’d have to some him, and people would hate Olivia if she didn’t tell Jake about a baby.

    • She may get knocked up..but will be Fitz’ baby. Jake is a time bomb waiting to happen. The CIA, Fitz or Syrus will finish him off…he will disappear from the radar

    • Moe says:

      Where is this “pregnancy” idea coming from?! Did I miss something?

    • Shirburt says:

      I know that’s right. As much as I love the show, I’m not here for that. That would end it for me.

    • Cass says:

      Olivia sleeps around. If she’s found to be pregnant it could also be Edison’s. OMG, then she’d have to go on Maury!

  2. As long as Olivia doesn’t end up with Fitz, I’m fine with how it ends. Not sure what is with Shonda and making relationships so toxic on her shows, but Fitz saying (to Olivia) “We are done, just because I can’t control my erections around you, doesn’t mean I forgive you.” was truly the end for me.

    • I agree. The way he has treated her is ridiculous. I’m hoping she doesn’t go back to him.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Right?! And then he has the nerve to DEMAND another chance!! I was like, eff you, buddy, get the hell gone!

      • Leslie says:

        I was so hurt when he decided to end it with Olivia but I saw what he felt. He was so hurt by her betray this is the woman he loved to his soul. He was willing to get a divorce and walk away from the presidency for Olivia. She was what was pure to him. Then she hurt him, she became what everyone around him was, deceitful in everyway. And he was hurt. She broke his heart. That led to his drinking etc. even after he was talkin to mellie and she just didn’t get it, he even apologize for making her the way she was but then realized it wasn’t him. So he made a decision he gave up everything,put everything on the line for Olivia because he truly loves her. But her sleeping with Jake is going to hurt them again

    • tp says:

      As much as I love Fitz, I was done with him when he said that. Too much disrespect.

      • All things “Scandal” :We are reading too much into the “Mistress thing”…that is what a woman is called when she sleeps with a married man. Fitz added four meanings to the word “Mistress”. 1st he said” Don’t U dare call urself a Mistress.” He wanted her to know that there is nothing to his marriage, so there is no way she is his mistress.2nd time he said it. “Divorce my wife and marry my Mistress?”…that was looking at the public they would perceive them. He was just playing “Devil’s Advocate”..that is why she was not upset about. This last time now, when they broke up. He was using the word “Mistress” to taunt her because he wanted to hurt her feelings..but she still hung on. 3rd time he used the word “Mistress” as a double edge sword. He taunted her at that time…he wanted her to think that he was disgusted with her, because she let him down with the “Defiance”. But then..the “Flag Pin” on his lapel was saying”: “I will love you for the rest of my life and I will never, ever let you go.” He just wanted to get back at was all fair in the game called “Love and War”. and the 4th time when Mellie was in the Limo he said: “She is not my mistress anymore”….it was “all of the above perspective”..that was a mixed don’t get upset. I will never feel the same about that word ever again…we live and we learn…be blessed.

      • Shirburt says:

        Over the years, I have learned that when men are hurt, they go for the jugular. Not giving them a pass but that is reality. Think about it, what man gets an erection for someone he hates. This statement in itself was coming from pain. He trusted Liv with every part of his being and to find out three years after the fact that she had went in with the others to deceive him was unforgivable. That, to me, was worse than anything Fitz said to her. I’m all for forgiveness on both sides. They love each other.

    • phamster says:

      Yep, ditto! It made me think less of both characters. Olivia is such a strong woman so why does she act so vulnerable around this creep.

    • badromance says:

      Really? You’d end a relationship with someone you loved after you conspired behind their back, lied to them for 3 YEARS and got them SHOT and had NO INTENETION of telling them who SHOT THEM?
      After all that you’d leave them cos they said something mean to you?
      Fitz has (rightly) apologised for his behaviour.
      Olivia has yet to apologise for hers.

    • ok says:

      She makes relationships toxic for the same reasons most Hollywood writers do. It’s to drag out a story that should reach a happy ending within a couple of seasons in order to make the show last long enough for syndication.
      Unfortunately it tends to annoy the audience and can backfire.
      They would be well advised to stop toying with Fitz and Olivia, leave the relationship in a good place and focus on another couple before they wreck the show.
      But this is what TV writers do to EVERY couple.
      It’s nothing new.
      If they split them up permanently the ratings will sink.
      Olivia with someone else is not what most of the viewers signed up for.

    • mo says:

      ITA. There is no going back from that statement. He was cruel for the sake of being cruel. Love or not, not even the great Olivia Pope can fix that. Time to move on.

    • Woo43 says:


    • Lanette says:

      Here’s hoping she does!!!

  3. Recomp says:

    I dont understand people saying i hope Olivia dont end up with Fitz, wake up people!! Don’t you guys know by now it will never be over between Olivia and Fitz. Never! They are the central relationship of the show. They will always want to be together no matter what happens between them.

    • badromance says:

      It’s strange how people insist 2 characters that love each other shouldn’t be together, and say it’s or their good.
      They love each other. They want to be together. Leave them to it.
      If Olivia had said she was no longer in love with Fitz, then that would be different.
      But she is.
      And he’s in love with her.
      He’s spoiled, she’s controlling, but they love each other.
      And I THOUGHT everyone loved a lover.
      Guess not.

    • Lanette says:

      They probably got ditched by their husband or significant other. Despite the obvious chemistry and TV romance, they just cannot support them getting together. Who knows! We are in TV land and I love the way Shonda rights. Earlier someone said “Shonda is not crazy enough to ….”. What nonsense. She can write whatever she wants. Who decides what is crazy. Anytime the roller-coaster ride is too much for some of you, just get off. For everyone who will walk away from the ride called Shondaland, hundreds will jump on for the thrills.

  4. Nina says:

    I try to like this show, and there are things I enjoy every time I watch it, but the overuse of the terms “white hat” and “gladiator” is the most obnoxious thing on television right now.

    • Alichat says:

      I will agree that they have used the term gladiator a bit too much this season….especially in the last few eps. Ok…we get it….stop tossing it out there, it;s just a bit much.

    • Esaul says:

      Tell me what other shows use these terms a lot. I watch a tremendous amount of shows and I haven’t come across it before.

    • badromance says:

      They need to reign this show in and end it on a more low key, realistic level.
      The drama this season has gotten out of control.
      It needs to return to the fundamentals of season 1 before they started wilfully deconstructing the characters.
      I’m glad to see Fitz is sober and behaving rationally again, and Cyrus has remained consistent, but Olivia’s has been out of character or several episodes, making bad decisions and taking irrational risks.
      The writers need to remember the character and stop rewriting her personality in order to create drama romantic or other wise.
      The show has always been prone to ‘jump the shark’
      Olivia letting Verna get away with trying to kill Fitz was unrealistic, Olivia taking on Hollis as a client was unrealistic, Olivia dating Jake was unrealistic, Olivia waiting for 10 months before reading Fitz the riot act over his comments at Verna’s funeral was unrealistic, Olivia dumping Fitz and rejecting his offer to resign in season one and then organising with Mellie for him to have another baby was EGREGIOUSLY unrealistic. Who on earth would organise a baby with another woman or the man they love?
      The show’s been unrealistic for a while, but it’s getting silly now, Even her hair looks depressed and she’s no longer taking cases.
      It’s time to get back to the basic that made it a hit.
      Let the characters be who they are, let the key relationships progress positively, and trust the audience to stick around for good story telling.
      Worked fine in the old days.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Oh for heaven’s sake, stop whining. Just because the show doesn’t develop the way YOU want it to doesn’t mean it’s unrealistic. Scandal is Shonda’s baby and she’s taking it where she wants it to go. If you’re unhappy with the direction it’s going, stop watching it!

        • KKGator says:

          Amen!!! Well said, Cheyenne!!!!

        • Lanette says:

          I don’t understand people that speak like you. If the show is not your cup of tea, don’t watch it. Its the only show I watch on TV because I love the roller coaster ride. You are not the writer so stop telling the writers what they should do. Just move on to another show.

          • slm says:

            I love the roller coaster ride. Keeps me glued to my set. Stop whining and change the channel. #olitz 4eva

        • Camille says:


      • i must say i agree with most of what you said. i take exception to the notion of “jumping the shark.” that usually means a show has gotten so silly it’s reached the point of no return and soon after meets its demise.

      • KKGator says:

        It’s all fiction. It’s all about the story. There isn’t anything remotely realistic about the
        relationships among these characters. It is completely unreasonable to expect anything
        to reflect reality, or your idea of it.

      • Clydie Hubbard says:

        The title of the show is Scandal. The name gives you a clue about what to expect. If one is looking for slow moving, monotonous, repeatative, routine, and boring programming then Scandal might be too much for your sensibilities. Back in the day programming will probably appeal to you just as you said. Murder She Wrote or Perry Mason might be good choices.

    • Ha.ahh..Nina..they did not make up the words “White Hat” (the meaning) it is a mark of symbol of goodness..some people use it in a computer hacker’s term. As for the word: GLADIATOR has been used during the Roman Empire ” an armed combatant who entertained audiences in the Roman Republic and Roman” So you see all this upset is simply “much ado about nothing”. I personally do consider myself a “Gladiator”. Why? because I tweet my ass off among a million others to get that show to stay on the air.. I made two thousand tweets and only about 5 of them talk about something else…so cheer up my darling and have some is too short. I am a writer and I have learnt a lot from this show. If you were making money from something you write and is a tv show, I am sure you would think differently. Plus that show creates work for a lot of people..and guess what..everything that happens in the show..someone can identify with it. It is about the way we behave in society. Shonda is just showing us how we look in pictures… toodle doo to you too..(lol)

  5. Grace says:

    Scandal has to be the best drama on T.V. right now. I cannot get enough, it’s the first show I watch on my DVR.

  6. Jess says:

    Olivia better not be pregnant! That is so unoriginal and so not like scandal…….

  7. rachelle says:

    I have no complaints about Scandal. It’s my favorite show and I am shamelessly addicted to it! I don’t see why everyone can’t just stop complaining and enjoy it. That or stop watching. Some people just watch to criticize and complain. The show is called Scandal; everything and everyone is gray. Accept that and stop trying to criticize everything and everyone in terms of right and wrong.

    • Penn says:

      Rachelle, thank you! I completely agree. For heaven’s sake, if I want reality I’ll watch the news. This show is about passion, romance, and power and wonderfully complex and often over the top plots and I ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY LOVE IT!

    • JT says:

      I agree with you Rachelle. I love this show because it’s good entertainment.

  8. ok says:

    ‘The latest white house scandal…’
    Maybe Mellie has a secret??

  9. Jess says:

    Am I missing something but where the hell is Harrison!??

  10. Whitney says:

    What about Huck? Are they going to follow up with him pursuing his forgotten family? As much as I loved this episode, I gotta say that I was hoping for a Quinn/Huck pairing, but I guess that’s never gonna happen now. :(

  11. kew1224 says:

    love,love this show,it is dramatic,funny,scary,and at times very,very emotional.i believe everyone meets that one person who makes them laugh,makes them cry,make them misreable,and still you can’t turn love off ,just because you have troubles,you try and work through it. anyone can see Fitz loves Liv,and she loves him,as sad as the situation is,it is what it is,wrong or right,it a thing called love. real love.

    • rw says:

      I agree they love each other! And I hope that they can be together this season.

      • sheila says:

        Yes I’m a romantic and would love to see both together forever, but let’s face it, that’s not gonna happen. Even though the “people” didn’t think he was strong enough to be president; He IS the president making his decisions from the input of others (Cyrus & Mellie). It would be great for him to leave office and become a Gladiator(LOL)

  12. Mary Hines says:

    I think that Fitz announces that he isn’t running for a second term as President and that’s why everyone is looking so solemn. I know that I’m right!!!

    • KKGator says:

      Maybe that’s how Fitz will pull Mellie’s fangs, by threatening not to run for a 2nd Term
      BEFORE she can make her announcement. We all know Mellie’s all about her ambitions.
      Maybe Fitz will make an announcement of his own and blow her out of the water. Or at
      least threaten to, if she even thinks about doing anything. It’s so hard to muster any
      sympathy for that character, she’s just so blatantly self-serving and unlikable.

  13. KKGator says:

    I think either Huck or Jake are going to have to kill Charlie, in order to keep him
    from killing Olivia. Cyrus has already been shown asking “what if I can make Olivia ‘go away’?”
    We already know that Charlie is his ‘go-to’ spook. Jake has already seen him on
    the surveillance from Olivia’s apartment. Quinn saw him on the footage at the
    storage facility. Harrison saw him at the hospital. We know Cyrus isn’t above
    a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g, he almost had James killed and he “loves” him. Cyrus would put a hit
    on Liv in a heartbeat if he thought it would save the Presidency and/or his career.
    Jake has tried to get transferred for his conflict of interest, but to no avail. He knows the people he’s working for will try to get rid of Olivia. Charlie works for them, too.
    I’m hoping Huck takes Charlie out. They’ve got history and they’ve had each other
    at gunpoint too many times to keep doing it. Time for Charlie to go, which is a shame
    because I really do enjoy George Newbern, but Huck will do it to save Olivia.
    Which is as it should be. At some point, I think Jake is going to have to join the
    Gladiators, but Olivia is going to have to save his life first. Maybe next season.
    All I want is for them to keep Scott Foly around for as long as possible. Even if
    there’s no more romance with Liv. Although, I think it makes for an amazing triangle
    and leaves lots of story to write!

    • Gwen Freeman says:

      Cyrus tried to get to Olivia last week to kill her, but was stopped by Jake.

      • sheila says:

        Yea Jake has a suspicious motive for that. Remember he’s getting orders from the President and that guy he meets in the park. WHO is that guy working for? Has anyone every thought about the Vice President? She’s a SNAKE, and could possibly be the “mole”. She hasn’t been on the scene in a while and she DOES HATE Fitz with a PASSION because he blackmailed her about her daughter’s abortion and the VP supposedly being a “christian” woman. (LOL)

      • VictoriaS says:

        No way. Cyrus wasn’t going to kill her. If he were, he’d never go to her apartment himself. He would’ve sent Charlie. Cyrus was just going to talk to her and try to get her to walk away from Fitz for the sake of Fitz’s Presidency.

  14. Luckeemisspiggy says:

    I have no idea where this pregnancy idea is coming from…not happening. I think Olivia discovers Albatross is someone she knows…Cyrus perhaps. Cyrus being Albatross would certainly cause a White House scandal and would hurt Liv.

  15. Just as Olivia advised Sarah Stanner to tell the truth to the media about the Supreme Court Justice nominee, she will advise Fitz to go on the offense and talk to the media first. He may even announce he has filed for divorce. This strategy allows time for the American people to entertain the idea of a divorced president instead of a cheating one.

    • Gwen Freeman says:

      A cheating wife who had another man’s baby is grounds for divorce. By her being the First Lady, she would be looked upon worse by America than he would. This situation could been seen as having driven him into Olivia’s arms.

  16. azu says:

    I love olitz. Hope they end up together this season and then let’s see how they handle the pressures of exposure

  17. Ihearthuck says:

    Who cares about it being unrealistic?? Isn’t the whole point of fiction to think about the ‘what if’s,’ in life??
    Also who is the mole? Harrison would be great, but Mellie would make for better tv! As long as it’s not jake— he’s too gorgeous to be a bad guy!!!!

    • VictoriaS says:

      I think the mole is Eddison, Sally, or Mellie. But, Shonda hinted that the reveal of who’s been hanging out with the mole will be greater than the mole reveal itself. So, I think that person will be someone close to Olivia like Abby, David, or Harrison (although I don’t really think it’s Harrison).

  18. azu says:

    The betrayer could be Abby, Jake or David Rosen. Maybe Harrison? Hah! I’m confused. And scared. Olivia looks pretty sad in the pictures, I hope that things will be good between her and fitz. And I wonder how fitz will handle the press.can’t wait for the next episode! I’m so anxious!!

  19. Gwen Freeman says:

    I think Mellie’s having another man’s baby should be announced on television by someone. She cheated also and the President doesn’t love her or the baby.

  20. Cass says:

    i think shonda’s gonna go, “who shot j.r.” on us. we won’t know who the mole is until next season. maybe they’ll name someone but we’ll have to wait.