Idology: Are the Judges' Opinions For Sale? The Amber-Angie Push Begins (Sorry Candice & Kree)

When the American Idol judges rose to their feet at the end of Amber Holcomb’s questionable rendition of “MacArthur Park” last Wednesday, it was clear something was amiss. Either they’d collectively suffered a significant degree of hearing loss — or they’d been made aware of some fine print in their contracts noting they were obligated to cheerlead on behalf of Nigel Lythgoe’s Chosen Ones (TM).

If there’s any other explanation, my Idology cohost Melinda Doolittle and I are at a loss to come up with it. On this week’s show, we examine how Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson all gave critiques of Candice Glover and Kree Harrison that had no basis in reality, while Amber got a free pass for missing notes on the aforementioned Donna Summer disco track and for choosing a dated Celine Dion cover in the Contestant’s Choice round.

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Plus, we dish Angie Miller’s top-notch rendition of a Jessie J ditty, have a laugh about Nicki’s inability to tell the difference between the contestants whose names start with ‘A,’ and wonder whether Randy Jackson’s “church girl” comments to Candice might’ve been racist — or at least offensive.

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  1. WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

    I get the whole upset whatever, but man Angie never seems to get much credit at Idology as she deserves, so I’m glad the show makes up for it. This season has been so much loving kree/candice that u just get tired of it by the end. We’re humans, our opinions change all the time and this always happens to be towards the end I dont know about anyone else, but sometimes I find myself rooting for someone who I hadn’t been for MONTHS its crazy – like I was a huge Candice/Amber fan, still am, but Angie has struck something else inside me – I really hope the girl wins. I love her fight, her amazing tone everything shes just so good and I wish more ppl on here would see that – GO ANGIE! :D

    • Jasmine says:

      @WishesRandyCouldn’tSpeak – I definitely feel the same way you do about Angie. I think she’s the best, people are just too blind to see it and instead are focusing on her “dramatics”. Angela’s the best, just admit it people. Crown her the winner so I can have her album in less than 9 weeks.

  2. Valarie says:

    The manipulation didn’t start with top 4. Janelle got one of the most obvious bussings (Idol usage, not referring to a kiss) in Idol history. Why the producers wanted 4girls with similar styles, makes no sense. They now know how much of their audience wants nothing but Celine style singers. It is not enough to keep them from losing the ratings battle with reruns of other shows.

  3. marie says:

    I actually have nothing to say this week; I agree with just about everything Michael and Melinda said (ok, to be truthful, I didn’t enjoy either of Angie’s performances, and no, that does not mean I “hate” her or are being “biased” or any of that other nonsense; I just don’t care for her performances). This judging panel has clearly sold their souls to the Devil, a/k/a Uncle Nigel. I’ll watch the rest of the season to hear the ladies sing, but at this point I have no use for the judges, about whom I was enthusiastic at the beginning of the season.

    • Mike says:

      So you don’t care for Angie’s performances and your not a hater. So why don’t the judges get the same benefit of the doubt? Is it possible for the judges to disagree with people without being called liars or being said to be in the pockets of TPTB?

  4. STM1 says:

    I’m pretty sure the non elimination week was there as a backup plan and is used against Candice. If Candice was to go home they would have invented some extra home visit week for the top 3 or something. they keep the votes it means that Candice and Amber are in a huge jeopardy starting lower than kree and angie and anyway the bottom 2 will remain for this week. Damn!
    I cannot hear Amber sing, I really don’t like the sound of her voice but if the show has something to prove, she will be a better winner than a christian white chick.

    • Jason says:

      OR maybe they want Candace in the finale and they are trying to rally her fan base to vote furiously and get rid of Kree!!

  5. Artemis says:

    What’s this? Are you bothered that the same machinations you praised for resulting in an all female Top 5 are now being used to shaft your favorite contestants, Slezak? Surely you of all people should have seen this coming.

  6. Jason says:

    Isn’t Nigel just a hired hand. Wouldn’t the owners of the show be the ones that direct him to push their favorite. WHy do you alway vilify Nigel? He’s just following orders.

  7. Hmr says:

    I quit watching the show weeks ago, but I do enjoy Idology! The manipulation has reached epic proportions. If the producers have Amber/Angie finale Angie’s win is guaranteed. If it is Candace or Kree with Angie both Candace and Kree can outsing Angie leaving Angie vulnerable. The producers do not want to take that risk so they are trying to get rid off one of the better singers.

  8. MamaLis says:

    Oh My G-AWD. That was the best Idology EVER!!!!
    Seriously, when they pull the comments after Amber’s performance – one-by-one – it’s just TOO hysterical. And by hysterical, of course, I mean: shocking, bewildering, distressing, troubling, stunning…… but hysterical, nonetheless, because it’s Idology!

  9. numbers says:

    You know Angie just had her best night and you guys just spent the whole thing just feeling sorry for Kree and Candice… :(

    • Jason says:

      WHy do you assume it’s because she’s skinny that the producers prefer Amber to Candace! Maybe they just think she is a more dynamic performer. Yes Candace has a better voice but she is not much of a performer. Other possible reasons could be backstage reasons. Maybe AMber is just easier to work with or they think they could do more for her!!

      Whether you think marketability is a viable criteria for judging contestants or not the fact is it is probably the most important criteria for judging an act you want to invest millions of dollars in to become profitable.

      MAybe they are trying to push Kree and Candace into having a “moment”! Which neither has really had in the same was that other winners (David cook, Kris Allen) have had.

      That being said. Angie easily won the night but my favorite performance was “WHiter SHade Of Pale” because I love the song, it has never been done on Idol and it fit the theme.

      Why didn’t you comment on the cheating of the theme by choosing songs like “Emotion” which was a Bee Gees song.

      • Amy says:

        Amber to me hasn’t been a performer at all…bores me.
        Candice has grooved more, and more naturally, to many of her songs. Neither is like “knock me out” performers. Actually, excepting the two “moments” Angie’s had on piano…none of the remaining girls have been knock-out performers. That said, though, to me..Amber has been the least interesting performance and song choice.

        • Al.Law says:

          I agree. I cannot put my finger on it. But there is something missing and I cannot enjoy Amber’s performances. I started the season pro Angie, then moved to Kree but Candice won me over by her outstanding performances. She is the most unique and best talent on this show.

          I hate these judges. They are worthless.

  10. Mike says:

    How is ignoring Angie who, by all accounts, was the best of the night not the same as the judges having their own favorites?

  11. Amy says:

    Here’s how uninvested I must be in Idol this season…I didn’t even notice Nicki called Amber Angie..until watching Idolatry now.

  12. Brent says:

    Wow Michael and Melinda. I tend to love everything you say, but this week jeez. IF the judges are told who to praise then why get mad at them. As far as Amber, Melinda you know how this goes. You were praised week to week and you see how it goes. Would you say they were being told to like and praise you? I mean you can’t have it both ways.

  13. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    I will say there is one ironic thing. After spending 90 minutes ragging on manipulations (and to be true there are way too many, starting S10 they become utterly over the top and have been sinking the show) which maybe is fair enough and since it has driven the show to much ruin it’s fine and good and maybe even needed, but to go ahead and not really even saying anything of substance about Angie at all until literally after the first Idology credits start rolling even after admitting she had a good week and right near or maybe even at the top this week, well, isn’t that ironic??????????? In fact every week she has been saved for a brief mention as the credits roll. So talk about ‘subtle’ production manipulations, isn’t that ironic?

  14. WL says:

    It’s really amazing that Idol obviously has a deal with TVline whereby the contestants have an appt. to talk to Slezak after being eliminated. Yet Slezak and Melinda are free to say whatever they want about the show – as they should. I’m surprised the show still allows for the interviews despite the lambasting it takes on Idology – this week may be the harshest critique yet! Of course, we haven’t seen a Janelle interview yet so maybe that is all over – which would be a shame. I would love to see the Amber interview!

  15. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    It was weird that they implied Amber stole the Adele song from Kree when it appeared to be the opposite and when they made it seem like Amber did better than Candice on the second song and so on though.
    And there was one funny thing where Nicki was praising Kree and then kinda pausing at one second realize that she just said she had praised for you know something we always praise you for when just the song before they had trashed over having lacked it and you could see her going ok wait that didn’t quite make sense but then continuing on.
    As far the Angie vs Amber name mix up. Who knows. It honestly is so easy to make mistakes talking live, people way underestimate how easy it is too do and it’s nothing about being invested or not. Probably it was just a brain freeze. But yeah who knows maybe it was a scripted line read at the wrong time, not so sure it was this time, but the fact that people bring it up show the damage they reaped starting with S10 beyond overboard shenanigans (not that they didn’t always do a little).
    Amber was played up too much this week. OTOH I’m not sure Michael gave her enough credit for her first vocal either and a few other performances in other weeks.
    But yeah Idol is a story best told when it tells itself. S10 was starting to tell an amazing tale, but they paid for a script and damn if they were not going to make it happen and revel in their genius. Oh well. A lesson they seem to never learn (although I can forgive the potential stacking of the deck against guys this season since things had gotten out of control, with how things have been going even Kelly Clarkson would’ve lost to Scotty by a mile (then again maybe if they hadn’t scripted him to go far and had given Kelly credit….? ??) and to P2).

  16. GinnyB says:

    Well you got it right Michael. Nigel is all about manipulation. I hope it bites them in the derriere like it did during S8. And as for the show being scripted..HELLO. YES. Where have you both been. Melinda…YOUR season was scripted too. It’s been scripted since S2. And manipulated. Can you say Paula Abdul judging Jason Castro on a song he hadn’t yet sung???

    I love your Idologies and enjoy hearing what you say because these have been my thoughts since S. 2. I stopped caring what happened after S8 because that was the final slap in the face for Ken Warwick which gave me so much joy and besides which, the Seasons after that were…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I mean Phillip Phillips as TCO last season???? Puh lease.

  17. Adam Fachry says:

    Where’s the Janelle interview? And more importantly, where’s the thread for this week’s song suggestions? Since you don’t make one, I’m gonna pos it here:

    Now (I’m gonna pretend it’s not a 2013 hits theme, 21st. century songs are more vast, obviously): Janelle Monae’s Tihtrope (“some calling me a sinner, some calling me a winner”, “You dance up on the them haters”)—Perfect song for a redemption arc! It also tells a story about an android oppressed by the machine, which is hello, Candice as the Android, and the producers as the machine(s). Erykah Badu’s Window Seat.
    Then: Don’t Rain on My Parade, Manhattan

    Now: Neko Case’s This Tornado Loves You—Come on, Kree. Recognize this goddess! Her tone reminds me a lot of yours. I’d like to see Kree going with the alt-country approach like she does. Gillian Welch’s Elvis Presley Blues
    Then: Who’s Sorry Now?

  18. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    And of course what to make of Randy bashing Haley to bits over not adding runs all over the ‘great’ Michael Jackson and then bashing Candice for putting in too many runs?? I’m sorta more with him this time, but it doesn’t add up singer to singer.

  19. Gale says:

    Thank you Michael and Melinda for telling like it is. I turned the show off before it was even done. The producers have no respect for the audience or the contestants. I am not surprised that Randy, Nicki and Mariah would allow themselves to be part of this sham, but disappointed about Keith Urban. Another sign of heavy manipulation – watch the over-the-top productions of Angie and Amber, than watch what little they did for Kree. No wonder their ratings are in the toilet.

  20. voco_qara says:

    Agree with the gist of everything you said. I do feel the critiques on Kree were coming from a place of genuine concern for her rather than producer manipulation. It felt more like they were just pushing her to get better otherwise she’d get eliminated. Its exactly what she needed to hear.

  21. Ace says:

    I just have to say, I miss the clips! Where are the clips of other shows that highlight and accentuate all of your amazingly thoughtful and valid points? Whoever does them is awesome, and I thoroughly appreciate the effort I’m sure they put into it.

  22. Scott says:

    I normally agree with everything you say, but I’m not annoyed with the judges this week at all. Sure they’re pushing Amber like crazy, but does anyone actually fall for that?

    I think Candice and Kree both deserved their critiques. They’ve been my favourites all season, but they were both off this week. I thought both of Candice’s performances felt outdated, and although I’m a fan, I do struggle to see her succeeding post-idol.

    Kree has just flatlined completely, so whilst everyone was gushing two weeks ago, she hasn’t been improving, which is why their critiques have changed, in my opinion.

    Nicki said at the start of the night she wasn’t going to comment on vocals anymore because they were all amazing, so I don’t think she should be cut down for her opinions (at least she didn’t stand up for Disaster Park). Amber is current in the sense that she’s pretty and skinny and not the best singer. To me, Nicki’s comments like “you’ve come such a long way” sounded more like ‘congrats on 4th place’ instead of ‘you should be in the finale.’ Also, have you never accidentally slipped up on someone’s name? Give the girl a break!

  23. Fernando says:

    Brillian job as usual.
    But PLEASE: a little less about the judges and more about the contestants.

  24. dani n. says:

    Here’s my take. Candice&Kree pick the best songs. Candice plays more with her songs. So we are excited when she finds things in them that we never imagined. I thought she was great the first moment I heard her. Some hood choices for standards are I Put A Spell on You or she can go Elliot Yamin and pick Moody’s Mood. SPEAKING of Elliott Yamin he stole my heart during season 5. At first when I heard.Taylor Hicks I loved the Whiskey Tenor. But Dang, Elliott comes along and sings Stevie and sings beautifully and I never look back
    It’s kind of like that with Candice/Kree and Amber for me. Candice startled me with her excellent vocal during audition and Kree with that muted honey tone of hers and then out of nowhere comes this beautiful kid totally enrapturing me with My Funny Valentine. I’be wanted more since and a few times Amber has come close.I’m still voting for her maybe she’ll sing San Francisco. The other thing..when Clay&Reuben were toe to toe I wanted Clay to win because of his remarkable voice. I wouldn’t buy his records in a million years. Reuben is the voice I would listen to.So kind of my alliance with Amber is the same. I would buy Candice’s music. I would buy Kerr’s music. In fact Kree ought to sing I Only Have Eyes For You. Now Angie I dont’t want to like. Sort of like Chris Daughtry. You can’t deny their power personal feelings aside. I don’t care what Angie sings.

  25. Anna says:

    If Kree doesn’t get the pimp spot which is the last to perform, isn’t it obvious they don’t want Kree in the finale or to go on? If they give it to Amber I am going to murder.

  26. dj says:

    Ok, Michael and Melinda, I agreed with everything you said, but how come in the Idology from two weeks ago, all the manipulation was ok, and we should all stop whining, because you liked the top 5? Remember that? So now suddenly the manipulation is not ok because it threatens the singers you care about. See where my problem is here? Yes, it’s Idol. Yes, there’s manipulation, there always has been, there always will be. But this year it’s blatant. Even the most naive, gullible Idol neophyte cannot miss this season’s giant turd disguised as a hot fudge sundae. But don’t you two be guilty of the same thing and be saying it’s ok sometimes and it’s not ok other times, and we should all just shut up two weeks ago and be outraged now.

    • Mark says:

      Exactly. Two weeks ago we were told to shut up and enjoy the show. This was the best top five ever. Now that those icky boys were gone it was going to be all sunshine and unicorns and picnics in the park with soft fluffy bunnies. The BS has been going on since the top 20. At least M & M can finally smell it.

  27. Jason says:

    Every year you don’t agree with the judges and you cry conspiracy. The truth is that Randy was 100% correct when he criticized Candace for putting runs on evervy sentence and being a CHurch singer. In No way is that racist. You are just ludicrous if you think that’s a racist statement!! First off Randy is black. So where is the racism!!1 I do disagree with the judges cuz I loved Whiter Shade Of Pale but they are right in saying that Kree needs to step it up and have a moment.(Slezak said the same thing a few weeks back) That is all they were saying!!! Stop being so dramatic!! Yes they may have overpimped Amber but this is done every year!! Nothing new on Idol. Nothing to lose sleep over!!

  28. darcy's evil twin says:

    I didn’t find Randy’s “church” comment racist (?) or offensive. I merely found it bizarre because it came out of left field. When he said that I wondered what I had missed – I never pictured Candice as a “church” singer. Whatever.
    Great Idology, Mr. Slezak and Melinda. Hopefully the public isn’t buying the snake oil the public is selling.
    Who should win – Candice, hands down.
    Who will win – Angie.
    It should be Candice, Kree, Angie, Amber – in that order.

  29. dj says:

    Now I’ve got that damn McArthur Park stuck in my head again …

    • Shroom says:

      How? That’s the most hook free song ever. I can’t imagine what people did in the discos when Donna Summer’s version was played…must have been when everyone took their drinks or bathroom breaks

  30. voco_qara says:

    At least the bias is a lot more evenly spread this year whereas in previous years, it was Joshua or Scotty and Lauren in season 10.

    This year they’ve all been overpraised at some point. The judges have been going easy on Kree and Angie in a number of their performances so Amber isnt the only one thats been shoved down our throats. Candice not so much but during the audition and Hollywood rounds, she was getting a lot of airtime. A lot more than Amber and Kree were getting.

    It would not surprise me if they praise Kree and Candice to the high heavens this week. Their favourites seem to change week to week. Im in the minority here but I dont think there’s too much producer manipulation going on this year.

  31. James A says:

    Hopefully it will be a Kree / Angie Finale…Though as long as Amber ain’t in it I’d be ok with that….

  32. Sheri says:

    Honestly, I think that Melinda and Michael should be judges. We all know that Amber did not sounds all that great, honestly Candice on her worst day still sounded much better. What a frigging set up! I listen to Melinda and Michael every week, look forward to their Idology video for the week.

  33. Shroom says:

    Michael, I’ve been a follower of your recaps from the Idolatry days, and more often than not found I have agreed with your views but I don’t know if you are being biased on the judges responses based on your personal preferences. It is highly possible that they see and prefer things differently from you and are not promoting a hidden agenda. Especially considering Mariah seems to be on a completely different note (of course, many would be say that could be because she cannot recollect anything Nigel has asked her to do and they wouldn’t be too far off the mark). But I have to say, just last week you did not raise this when Nicki agreed with you that Amber’s Without you was not great and didn’t stand up when the other judges did. You in fact applauded her for being honest. However, when her opinion is different from yours, it’s all scripted. I don’t doubt the producers have an agenda and are blatant about it, but I think you are being selective when calling out the judges for being mouth-pieces based on one week and given how they have been till the week before that and only picking the moments when they don’t agree with you. That just seems a little whiny and if I may so, doing what you are accusing the judges of doing…sorry.

    P.S. Yeah, I know, how can anyone listen to McArthur Park and then applaud…but hey, somebody bought that record when it was put out, so maybe it appeals to a special breed of cake-eaters

    P.P.S. Why have the movie and TV show clips (what I think of as the third opinion on Idology) disappeared these last couple of weeks?

  34. Trouty Mouth says:

    I think Mariah mentioned that Candice took a risk with the Drake song but I’m not quite sure. As always I agree with you 100%. Great episode. Can’t wait for the Janelle interview.

  35. Mary says:

    Gee Michael I can’t even comment this week, I thought you went above exaggeration on your critiques. I will agree that McAurther Park was not a good song choice – but Amber didn’t masaquere it. It is not her fault the judges are pushing for her, and frankly I agree she is the most marketable. None of these girls wow me but they all have nice voices but to be honest Kree and Candice are kinda dull on stage. Just because she changes a song doesn’t always mean she is the best. I didn’t care for either of her songs, but the second one was better. I look at a contestants on who I would purchase music from and to be honest I highly doubt I would purchase Candice or Angies music. This whole season has been a dud. I personally don’t care who wins because I think it will be a hollow victory.
    I do think Jimmy knows what he is talking about and for some reason he thinks Amber will make it, which means maybe he will promote her properly. You will probably get your wish this week anyhow and Amber will be gone. I am just curious who you are going to rant about when Candice does not make the top two or wins. I actually feel sorry for Amber because she is being demean because she has looks and the voice to back it up. Has she been perfect, no but I always thought that is what the show was about. The sad part about this year, I do not think Jimmy, or the judges have helped the girls improve. What this season lacks are mentors to help them grow.

  36. Jasmine says:

    I’m always going to be loyal to American Idol. I’ve been watching it since the beginning, since the best singer Kelly Clarkson won. Letting it go just like that just because of one season’s faults (this season) would be too hard. I always get excited for American Idol. It’s just something about this show that just makes me love it soo much, even though my favorites (Haley Reinhart, Elise Testone) never win. Vote for Angela Miller.

  37. daynamonet says:

    I think i understand why the contestants are not really being mentored, becuase it’s not really the premise of the show. The show is designed for the CONTESTANTS to pick their songs and the judges are really there to judge not mentor. And Jimmy is there, but he’s not really there to thoroughly work w/ the contestants. Everything ultimately really comes down to the contastants as far as song choice, arrangement, style they want to portray, whether they want to play an instrument or not. I mean sure they get help with stage production and outfits, but everything else is really the contestants choice. Now both X factor and The Voice have a different formula where mentoring IS a major part of the show. So it makes sense that the mentor/coaches are picking the songs and helping the contestants w/ fashion, staging, choreography, song choice, arrangements and more. Sometimes it can make judging seem a little biased b/c there are teams involved and thats why i appreciate IDOL because it is DESIGNED to give unbiased opinions b/c no contestant is linked to one particular judge. Thats really not happening this season although i feel like Mariah has been the LEAST biased of all the judges. I mean seriously if someone was really mentoring Amber don’t you think they would’ve steered her away from another DIVA BALLAD and that MacArthur Park? At the very least if no one is going to mentor just say “no” on that song choice and give her a suggestion or tell her to pick another song. And i am over people thinking that someone is makin them sing these songs, i 100% believe they are picking them on there own.

    • Mary says:

      AI always had guest mentors that helped the contestant out. I remember last year and the year before Jimmy and the mentors persuaded the contestants to change some of their songs. I do think they should know who they are as an artist, but with the limited song list a mentor or at least Jimmy could maybe sway them to rethink the song.

  38. Deep Sigh, watching Michael and Melinda essentially say EXACTLY what was on my mind about this past week just got me angry all over again. It’s disappointing and insulting at the same time how blatant the manipulation was this past week.

  39. Nikkidiva says:

    The judges are suffering from idolatry…as prosetelized by the high priest Nigel. I did not expect Keith to follow the rest of the lemmings. Disappointing: a pathetic rendition of an over-hyped, overly-long MacArthur Park had the apostles standing on their feet. Really?

  40. qqueen says:

    The disco song was disco Queen Funk. Pure disco funk. The moter booty. You better ask somebody.

  41. qqueen says:

    Typo-The Motor Booty. Yeah baby its on.

  42. qqueen says:

    The disco song was disco Queen Funk. Pure disco funk. The motor booty. You better ask somebody.

  43. Lulu says:

    Where is Jason’s commentary? Did the treatment of Kree give him apoplexy or is he lying in wait beside Nigel’s parking spot? Because we definitely needed some vintage Jason inserts to convey the full outrage of this past week. (I still laugh at JLo’s evil queen during the Haley ‘Save the Growler’ campaign.) Jason, come back, a lonely idol nation turns its eyes to you to express our full outrage.

  44. Tedatbent says:

    Uncle Nigel needs to look in the mirror for the reason why AI is sinking in the ratings. There is only so much blatant manipulation an audience can accept from live reality TV.

  45. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    Wonder if they were not secretly trying to get Kree and Candice through after all. Since all of a sudden out of nowhere they get tough on Angie first and then tear into Amber and have both go first. Starting off the night off 180 degrees different than last week.

    Not that they didn’t have some points, especially about Amber, but that is beside the point with the show it seems. What is weird is they can go 180deg change week to week or contestant to contestant, and sometimes spout negative BS and sometimes positive BS and it all seems very odd.

    Maybe they figure we can put a scare in Kree and Candice fans last week when it doesn’t matter and then build them up this week and tear down Angie and Amber and try to head it toward a Candice/Kree top two? (again this is regardless of whether what they said tonight was the truth or not, since other times it hasn’t been)

    The reason is seems like BS is that Candice did well and made it exciting and yet her voice definitely had some big strains and some missed notes but then Randy goes on about how it was a 100% perfect vocal. THe thing he focused on was calling it vocal perfection and yet she had some strains and stuff that she didn’t have most other weeks. So I mean say it was the best so far and it had some more it factor to it but don’t say it was vocally perfection.

    So while they had some points about Angie and even far more about Amber and while Candice did seem more exciting the fact they went so overboard for her performance and not only didn’t just say the little vocal things didn’t matter they went on and on about how perfect it was it still all comes out as yet more fakeness.

    And they put down her look and call her style old etc.last week and now this week they are she lost tons of weight in 7 days, she is the most current, etc. It all smells so fake and like all sorts of games.

    Like I forget who it was here who said just wait and you’ll see that last week was all a setup for a Candice Kree redemption story arc. And so it seems.

    Not that Candice didn’t do the best of the first three tonight, but the way they overlooked some things and over praised others and got a bit harsh on certain Angie things. And so on it’s all fake.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      They also know that last week people were likely to vote less than this week.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Yup, it’s all fake. Kree absolutely did not do better than Angie but they were a lot more positive about her overall although they read a lot of it in somewhat muted terms. Keith seemed more consistent but Nicki and Randy it was a little weird. Nicki seemed to be looking down and reading notes and not acting like she was into what she was reading.
      Randy goes on and on about amazing voice and great vocal and it’s not about the song or arrangement or anything anymore and only the vocals matter now and yet for Angie he couldn’t even bother praise for her voice which was totally solid and went on and on about arrangement?!?
      Not that they didn’t have some legit points about Angie. And not that Amber didn’t seem a lot more energized and it factor in the rehearsal.
      But once again stuff isn’t adding up. It was all about the big Candice and lesser Kree redemption arc. Last week votes dont count, people vote, less, get their voters scared and mad and then do a 180 this week and stop the praise no matter what for Amber and the 100% perfection for Angie and then go after anything you can about them this week and then go full on for Candice and talk up Kree a bit more.
      Who knows though.
      See how second half goes down.

      • Jasmine says:

        That’s exactly what I said. I literally said, “It’s almost like they’ve done a 180 this week. Now Angie and Amber are getting bussed, with Candice and Kree getting all the praise.” I was like, Nigel must have heard about all the flack on the message boards slamming the horror of last week, now he’s trying to get on everybody’s good sides and to that, he’s going to put everybody in the hot seat, let everybody have their turn getting thrown by the wayside. Yeah, this week it was my favorite Angela and Amber. uhhh! so frustrating, People who love Angela, please vote! Vote vote VOTE!!!

        • Jasmine says:

          Don’t get confused, though. My favorite is Angela. I don’t really care much for Amber, but she did get a little bussed tonight.

  46. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    Hmm so now Randy is runs, yes, or no, whatever, it’s never about the runs. When last week he was all bashing Candice for using too many runs and for Haley he was all bashing because she stuck to the melody and didn’t stick in too many runs. It doesn’t all add up. Plus Harry wasn’t saying it needed to be runs just that some stuff needs to be sung flat out to the melody.
    And what was up with and our two church girls Candice and Amber? How are they church girls? Even less for Amber who he now added in.

    • Jasmine says:

      When Randy said, “The two church girls Amber and Candice” I was like “Did he seriously just say that?” Just because they’re both black doesn’t mean they’re automatically the “church” singers. Randy just acted like an idiot tonight! I mean, honestly, don’t label them like that. They’re not even gospel singers! Just stupid, that man! Anyway, how bout we just let Harry and Nicki judge the show. They’re both amazing and honest. Harry made a lot of great points tonight, I was like all into those sessions before the girls gave their performances. Harry’s really great and funny! I could tell he really likes Angela; they had the most laughs with each other, which is sooo cute. And it showed Angela’s sense of humor. Love her! Love Nicki! Love Harry Connick, Jr.! Vote for Angela!

  47. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    Harry does make a heck of a point that not everything needs to be all runs on everything. It started in the 90s but some people just put too much on everything these days, everything whether needed or not.

  48. Etherrose says:

    Hey y’all Candice, Kree, and Amber stole the night. I told you guys you were in for a surprise.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      riight. amber was a bit weak on the first one. kree wasn’t crazy amazing on the first and was a bit weak on the second. but let us not even mention Angie, because, oh no!!!, her dad is a pastor. You are so biased of that. I am so totally as far as gets from evangelical but I think she’s been doing a good job so enough with that nonsense about how she is awful and only there because of some robo-dialing evangelicals or something.

  49. Candice should win deservedly…on point and more for every performance and adding a Candice twist to difficult songs.She Is and Artist and performer .Oh Nicky you are very insulting mentioning weight loss. Given that everything that you have is manufactured (badly)you cant sing and have no original talent -you copycat little kimmy. As for the artist Candice we will buy her music…….certainly not the noise you make. Your jealousy has no boundaries .

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