Bones Finale Post Mortem: Show's Boss Talks Booth and Brennan's New Obstacle, Season 9 Time Jump and the Death of [Spoiler]

Bones Season 9 SpoilersHaven’t watched Monday’s Bones finale yet? Back away from this post mortem. Everyone else, please proceed… 

Bones giveth, and Bones (quickly and cruelly) taketh away.

In Monday’s season finale of the long-running Fox drama, Brennan — buoyed in part by a certain Big Bad’s escalating reign of terror — overcame her aversion to marriage and popped the question to Booth. His answer? “Hell, yes!”

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But in a heartbreaking twist, Pelant (who has an allergic reaction to even the whiff of happiness, particularly where B&B are concerned) threatened to whack five random strangers if Booth didn’t end the engagement. And adding insult to injury, Booth wasn’t allowed to tell Brennan why he was calling it off!

Cut to a bewildered and devastated Brennan, cue the closing credits.

In the following Q&A, Bones EP Stephen Nathan takes us inside the action-packed hour and teases what’s to come in Season 9 (hint: time jumps, deaths, rigged alarm clocks, possible break-ups and more!)

TVLINE | What you did to Booth and Brennan was just… not right.

[Laughs] It was so much fun to do!

TVLINE | Couldn’t Booth, you know, tell Brennan what was really going on somewhere outside of Pelant’s reach — like in the shower?
No. There’s too much at stake. It’s not just Brennan’s life but Christine’s, too. He has a daughter he has to think about. And Pelant is crazy. Booth doesn’t want to test those waters, not before they figure out how to get them. And I can promise that they will, and we already know how. Pelant will not live forever.

TVLINE | Will he live beyond the Season 9 premiere?
Yes. He won’t go quietly into the night.

TVLINE | Will the premiere pick up right where the finale left off?
There will be a bit of a time jump. It’s not going to be huge, but it’s going to be enough of a time jump that we can tell their relationship has been through something. It becomes an issue of trust between Booth and Brennan. It’s a very difficult emotional situation for them to be in. We have a lot to contend with heading into Season 9 with this tension and rift. It’s going to be a lot to surmount.

TVLINE | How serious will this obstacle be? Is it going to jeopardize the relationship?
The potential for that is definitely there. We don’t want to soft-pedal this. There’s a secret, and relationships don’t really thrive when one or both parties are withholding something. And I think that’s what we’re going to see. And we do have some episodes that we’re developing now that embrace that conflict.

TVLINE | How hard is Sweets going to take the unintended role he played in Pelant’s latest killing spree?

He definitely feels responsible for the death of those people, because Pelant was using Sweets’ work. So there’s fallout from that.

TVLINE | And Booth, I’m guessing, will be on the warpath.

Yes. When Season 9 opens up, we will see him quite obsessed with Pelant, quite obsessed with the fact that he wants this guy out of his life. Going through [normal] channels is not working.

TVLINE | Is it now safe to say Pelant messing with Booth and Brennan’s alarm clock last season was just a red herring? It hasn’t been revisited since.
That will play into what comes up next season. That is something we will revisit.

TVLINE | Even though it was a short-lived engagement, the question-popping scene was really sweet. Was there any discussion about having her get down on one knee?

We never wanted to do anything excessively traditional with Brennan. And it seemed to us that we had to put her in a situation where she could be spontaneous — something that we’ve seen evolve in her life over time. She’s always so rational that having her character evolve where she can spontaneously do something, she can rationalize it later as she did in the episode, but the reality is she couldn’t imagine living without Booth.

TVLINE | This totally sets things up for Booth to eventually turn the tables and do the proposing himself.
That crossed our minds. But we will have to see how it will unfold. We have our ideas on how this situation might resolve, but it might in no way fall into the current expectations of the fans.

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  1. Kate says:

    I think the story was good, but the characters are becoming unstable…there are some character traits that just shouldn’t change, Bones should be logical and less emotional and not impulsively propose, Booth is loyal and would not hurt Brennan like that, he’d find a way to let her know. They keep messing with the core personalities of the characters…trying to make them ‘grow’ unrealistically. That is annoying. And for years of the ‘will they won’t they’ to have Brennan just pregnant, that was when it started. Bad idea, we missed all of the romance and ‘real’ character development. Big X-Files fan- they could learn a bit about character development from those writers, even if you don’t like the show, the characters grew realistically and that went for 9 years!

  2. Lynsey Hutsby says:

    I LOVE the Pelant story line!! I was gutted tho when Booth called off the engagement! I’ve never seen an episode that brings such a mix of emotions from being on the edge of your seat, to tears of happiness when Bones proposed and then tears of sadness when booth had to call it off but couldn’t tell Bones why!! When will Bones be back?? Pleeeease make sure it’s soon! I LOVE BONES

  3. B says:

    I’d rather have seen Sweets take a bullet than what actually transpired. I won’t ‘pull the pin’ so to speak and stop watching, but I don’t agree that you need shock factor all the time. Tried and true Bones fans and fans of Booth and Brennan would actually appreciate it if at least one element of their being together was smooth sailing and easy.

    • Mike says:

      EXACTLY!!! I swear the writers better not break them up or I might go jason on their asses. Ive waited far to long for them to be a relationship and im ready for palante to take a bullet in the head by booth

  4. Jenny says:

    I feel they´re having Pelant develope into something more of a stalkerish person than I initially thought him to be… It is like, now he has this need to be in their lives that I did not really notice before. Not to that extent, at least. I actually really like this storyline – bones is at its best when the cases revolve around the main characters in this way, when they´re the ones in danger as with the grave digger etc. I remember the stalker at the end of a shorter season, the one trying to shoot bones… I hope they go down that same line, making pelant super-obsessed or something if he´s not already, that´d be cool. Back to point – great season finale, more Pelant please. He´s a special kind of creepy.

  5. Janice says:

    Ok, I have had enough!! Been Bones fan since the beginning. I do not like my favs when a baddy picks on the main characters. I am done watching until Pelant is dead and Bones & Booth are good. Done. I stopped watching AI when Minaj joined. I’m done watching Pelant

  6. Kimberley says:

    I was a Bones fan from day one. i was against the B&B relationship for these exact reasons! As soon as a show gets focused on “couple drama” it is the beginning of the end. Look at some great shows from the last 10 years, the couple gets together and thats it. This show was edgy and cool because of the story lines and the tension between B&B. Now they are together the show has to create angst between the characters to feed the need of viewers. The story is no longer about the team solving mysteries it is about what will happen with Bones and Booth. Will they have sex? will they get married? Will Bones convert to catholocism…will Bones die? Will Booth die? Will Bones’ Dad… will. will… ugh. Let them be together then and be done with it and go back to the edgy cool story lines with the relationship drama as a background storyline. I miss the depth of the story and subtle hint of sexual tension between B&B. Its like Alias all over again. So disappointed.

  7. Kay says:

    I am an avid Bones watcher and read as many of Kathy’s books as I can my hands on. I am not going to ” boycott” or “threaten” not to watch but I do have to comment that this was just plain terrible writing and poor judgement…part of the enjoyment of the show is the chemistry.. This includes Angela and Hodgins. Was not happy with that breakup either.

  8. Diane says:

    Love the show n yeah indeed it was sad at the ending for b&b keep bringing the shows

  9. madbengalsfan85 says:

    Okay, we need to take this to Twitter…whether it be the Bones twitter, or Hart or Stephen, we need to have this discussion where TPTB can read and react to what we really want. Because they claim to know what the fans want and frankly they don’t have a freaking clue. I hope that season 9 is the last season because as much as I love Bones, I’m tired of Hart screwing around with B/B

    • Leave Comments says:

      I agree with you. All the threads on the finale all over are reflecting this. This one has almost 500 comments. People do not like what they did in the last 5 minutes at all. In this brief interview Stephen Nathan seems to think it is funny and oh gee things are going to rough for them as we move a few months ahead. Dude you guys really blew it on this one. But he could care less what we all think. At least the Good Wife writers quickly changed course on a terrible story-line they did last year with a main character, (Kalinda and her evil ex) once they realized the fans were loathing it. I see no such respect here for us at all.

  10. I love Bones. I have seen every episode at least twice. I read the Bones paperbacks and enjoy thosw during the off season. I do not like Pelant and do wish they’d get rid of him. His face makes me ill. Come on season 9!!!!

  11. Tiara says:

    Really People???? Bones is not really about the relationship between Booth and Brennan. Not watching desperate house wives, remember! Bones is a fantastic TV series because of episodes like the one about 9/11. It is amazing because it covers crime,passion, love, hatred, comic relief, thrill, adventure. The relationship is just part of the fluff which comes with the real thing. I agree that Pelant is really not a very good antagonist. God! I miss gormogon and grave digger. Still I find the show as possessing alot of potential. If only they would go back to a time when they were more serious with just a touch of the flimsy that we love.

  12. Kwapple says:

    I’ve had some time to make my peace with the finale and I finally figured out what is bothering me. I’m not really upset as much over Booth breaking the engagement, because I could come up with a few reasons why he would. My issue is the fact that Pelant was responsible for it. What started out as a creepy hacker screwing with the FBI has morphed into something stupid. Pelant simply isn’t a believable villain anymore and it’s a shame because he had such potential

  13. Mike says:

    viewers hate waiting all summer for their favorite show to air again and some loose interest or move on to other shows. I for one loved the Finder but then they canceled it!!! they left it on a cliffhanger and should have offered closure. as for Pelant, I hate him too and agree he is an evil genius that hits too close to home with all our technology. but gormagon was one of my favorites! we need Zack brought back to the show!! that would pull older fans back in closer in my opinion

  14. BB123 says:

    I still thinking about drama in Bones and the big issue is they don’t know how to come up with realistic drama.
    I mean, how many couple has issues at first when the baby come ? Brennan and Booth doesn’t seem touch by that.
    Asked wife of military man. They are single mom for a time, then their husband come home, it really hard to includ him again into family life. They could have have Brenan behaving like a single mom in the beginning of the season, excluding Booth from all decision. We barely had a glimpse on that.
    And what about a new baby with the job ? They always have baby-sitter handy. But it could put a strain in a relationship if one of them had to stay home from time to time and it end up to be always the same one !
    And here I am not even trying to be creative nor thinking really hard to find problems
    Plus, I am pretty sure that at least half of the writers had been divorced or into serious relationships that didn’t work. I really doubt that some villains had something to do with it. Why don’t they use that to some extend ?
    Because if “you know in real life it never all rainbows and unicorns” is their excuse to put the relationship into hot warters they might as well use real life issues and excuses instead of some villains.

  15. Petr says:

    I try not to get agitated by fiction, but I’ve got one Pelant episode left in me. It doesn’t sound like he’s going to die any time soon. I may end up having to just take a sabbatical until I read here that he’s dead.

  16. Mysti Fox says:

    This finale was just stupid. How would Pelant know what Booth and Brennan might talk about in private. He’s not everywhere. Very poor writing. Insult your audience at your own peril.

    • Kwapple says:

      He bugged their house offscreen in the s7 finale…same time he swapped alarm clocks. Took me awhile to figure that one out, but it makes sense.

      • BB123 says:

        How Booth Knows that ?
        And if he knows that, or has doubts, why didn’t he called a team to debug the place ?
        Actually, why they never ever search for bugs in the FBI, their homes (hodgins home) and Jeffersonian in the first place ?

  17. Conchi says:

    I can´t continue reading more.I expect this is a joke.Pelant is the most evil character I´ve never seen.I just can´t stand him! I suppose this is a kind of dream or so.Booth,Brennan and his beautiful daughter doesn´t deserve this tragic ending.
    I prefer that Pelant is poisoned,shooted or even imprisoned.
    Fans don´t agree this final,sure.If this is really what I see in this season NEVERMORE watch this channel.

    • lyn says:

      Pelant is the most evil character you’ve NEVER seen? And you want him SHOOTED?

      • conchi says:

        I have realised saying this I´m as evil as he is,but I was not thinking!What I want to say is that this ending is the one that anybody can expect.In the end all the fans want Brennan and Both together and happy!
        So excuses for my words!

  18. I was genuinely p!ssed, considering I’m a very loyal and patient fan.. It was not a good way to end the season for me either.. Not that Hart nor Stephen really bothers with fans hopes for B&B relationship… I will continue to be a loyal fan and will wait for Season 9.. But that’s just because I’m head over heels for Emily Deschanel.. :)

  19. Averil says:

    I am pretty surprised at some of these comments, it would seem as though a lot of the viewers of this show just came in on the plot or you have not understood the characters of these individuals (Brennan & Booth). There is no way that Booth is going to say “to hell with everyone else I have waited too long for this”. He would sooner risk his own happiness or better yet he would rather rely on the stability of his relationship to survive this “Pelant drama”. I for one continue to believe that when all the emotional dust settles “Bones will figure that something went wrong between the proposal and the park” she has not evolved so much to not rely on her rational. True Bones fan keep hope and faith alive.

    • OnceaBonesFanAlwaysaBonesFan says:

      “True Bones fan keep hope and faith alive.” LOVE THIS!

      • Averil says:

        Yeh… I figure hope and faith is better, the alternative is too daunting.. hey Booth made Pelant a promise and we know he never goes back on his promises, he said “I am going to kill you” sounds like a promise to me.I know I will be popping the champagne when that day comes. LOL!!!

    • conchi says:

      I think this is a bad dream,a trick for Pelant or a kind of strategy to catch him!

    • Emily says:

      I agree. People are getting on my nerves complaining about the writers and the story line when it makes total sense. Nobody likes Pelant, that’s the point of a villain. And if you absolutely cannot stand episodes with him in it or the show itself anymore, don’t go complaining about it on the internet and insulting the writers. Come on, have a little decency. If you don’t like him, don’t watch the episodes with Pelant in them or just don’t watch the show. Simple as that. And for all the people out there saying they are true Bones fans but go on to say because of ONE villain they don’t like they’re gonna stop watching the entire show. Really? Ever heard of patience? This will all play out in the end, you just have to wait. And for all those people saying Booth should have married Brennan and let those people die, are you crazy? If you actually watched the show you would know that it’s not like Booth to do that, and Brennan would probably kill him if Booth let that happen. Yeah, Brennan probably deserved answer, but, again, Pelant would have found out and killed all those people. Plus, he would have probably hurt Brennan and Christine. Booth isn’t just thinking about himself and his relationship, he has a daughter to think about too. So, please stop with all the hateful posts and just GET A LIFE. Watch a new show, read a book, do SOMETHING. How would you like it if you were one of the writers and found out random strangers you didn’t even know were insulting you and insulting your work? Huh? That’s what I thought. You wouldn’t. So stop it with all the comments complaining about the show. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s really getting annoying reading all these posts about how much this show sucks. Keep your opinions, to your self. Thank you.

  20. Kim says:

    I’ve had enough of Pelant. They have dragged it out too long. I will give them two, three episodes tops to finish this. And three is generous. Enough already.

  21. Bonne says:

    Real life has enough unhappiness and break-ups. We all have been hurt in some way or another by break-ups BUT that is precisely why I love this show. It did gently and wonderfully develop a relationship between these 2 seemingly opposite people. But they have more underneath that makes them very much alike. Booth took his childhood hurts and turned them into becoming an Ace FBI agent with a heart. Brennen took her childhood hurts and locked herself away. But these two opposites actually complement one another – they make a complete whole. I know what happens in real life, but with B&B, I can watch a couple who makes it work and who love one another enough to tough out the hard times. Don’t write this story so that they break up. I watch reruns often that recaps the progression of their relationship. I won’t watch anymore reruns if they break up. I don’t watch this show for that reason. I watch if because of the possibility of a couple staying together no matter what. The ending was really heartbreaking and I believe that Brennen loves Booth and knows him well enough to figure out that something is wrong – she knows how much he wanted to get married. I believe she will overcome her initial pain and that someone will tell her the truth (perhaps not Booth, but a friend). They can then go after Pelant TOGETHER as partners in love and partners in crime.

    • Anna Lignas says:

      I’ m with you. I agree in everything you said. It’ s a tv show, it doesn’t have to be life like in everything, even though it’s true that opposite people complement each other.

  22. Anna Lignas says:

    I absolutely love the show and I look forward for season 9. But I also think that we had enouph of Pelant already. Finally we came in a point to be happy for Booth and Brennan (what an interesting and fine couple!) and even knowing the writer’s tricks for suspence, it’s frustrating what happened. Please fix it in season 9! Preferably in ep. 1 or 2, kill the guy and give the couple a chance to be united! (I know it’s just tv… on more reason for a happy ending!)

  23. Annie Caldwell says:

    We loved Bones from the get because of the science. Hodgins is our favorite and then Angela. Our least favorite character is Brennen because she is so rude and full of herself. It seems that every season this show has gotten less about the science and more about the relationship drama. This show has turned into a soap opera with murder solving on the side. It gets more and more unrealistic. Next thing you know the wallpaper will poison them. We thought season 7 was way too much and season 8 sounds worse (we haven’t seen it). Why doesn’t Kathy Reichs tell them they are too far away from the murders? This show was SO good and now it’s starting to suck.

    • Leave Comments says:

      I always find it odd when someone who has not even bothered to watch the latest season feels like they can comment like this. Obviously you are not a real fan anymore.

  24. Anja says:

    It was heart breaking but I loved the episode and the whole season in general! I don’t know why everybody is complaining. Now the relationship gets even more interessing and real. Every realtionship has its ups and downs. And I know that Booth and Brennan will work it out!!!

  25. Haley says:

    Apparently all you guys that are sick if pealant don’t know how the real world works. Serial killers are not caught in the blink of an eye. That’s how they become serial killers because they don’t get caught. People have had the whole FBI after them before and still don’t get caught. I think its an awesome show and they are doing everything right. Keep up the good work!! Fan for life

  26. Lilly says:

    I’m tired of all these separations unfounded since the end of season 5, it now looks like a serialized novel that has no meaning except to make a new season rather more. Since the beginning of the season 8 B & B are cold and distant since Bones came back from his flight and now they finally revert close’ll hop on breaking their marriage with a bogus request for a criminal tiring. I do not think I’ll be there in September I have four episodes of late and it is quite possible that I left there. It’s really sad for a fan of the first hour of having screwy do a series so interesting. Trust between B & B may return (I doubt Brennan) but mine is lost.

  27. Naz says:

    I’ve recently lost my mom and we used to watch bones every week she got me into it and before she died it was when pelant was taken away to egypt, we loved the fact that he could just change his whole identity and the fact that he thinls he can out smart brennan. The season finale of season 8 was a really good one just when you think its going to end all happy for booth and brennan it all goes wrong thanks to pelant and I’m glad that they have kept him in that show for such a long time because there is so much about him and so many things that you can do with him and that he like’s to play games with booth and brennan and that one of the many thing’s that I like about the show!

  28. Lilly says:

    I’m sorry about your mom I do think that watching this series, you can still remember common focus with her and that’s fine.
    but I’m also sorry about Bones because this kind of games do not interest me at all and until we lose the interest of the old episodes, all messages that resulted from reflection, complicity B & B, short what remains essential in this series and obviously there was just the impression that the creators do not know how to choose between fans who want the positive and those who obviously problems with the notion of constructive couple. And it is indeed in positive thinking for a couple who was tying up with all the lovely messages that the creators of the series were circulated to the final we disgust the next season and why? 30 seasons? Pfff Several of my friends were arrested during the Bones season 6 when we were the real fans, I had two more seasons but in the end why?

    I’m totally ok with Stephen
    “Not only did they ruin the Bones growth storyline, the screwed up the whole storyline! Looking a the whole story board for next season Hanson and writers took the worst possible storyline they could take. What is going to get people interested watching? Two characters who are the glue of the show fall apart at the hands of serial killer, and ruin years of growth, while using Bones best friends husband’s money to do it. Or having the two characters who are the glue of the show unite in marriage and deal with the issues that come with it, while exploring new cases and interesting plot lines. Hanson is nuts to take this show in dark directions, and take away the heart of the show! He made need some sessions with Sweets!”

    I’m really so sad but he is right

    • Naz says:

      Thank you… But to be honest it’s all a matter of opinion I liked the season finale of bones and other like yourself didn’t so I’m not gonna keep arguing my point to all the points to why this was a good episode because I know there was flaws with this episode much like many other.

    • Leave Comments says:

      Good analysis. I agree totally.

  29. bpnescrazy says:

    I, too,think the season finale was heartbreaking , and I cried each time I watch How about the woods that is out behind their house Hopefully that evil SOB did not bug the woods!!

  30. Lilly says:

    Sorry but it’s not Bones, with all the symbolism and chemistry that we know and we love.

  31. Alison Kim says:

    Booth would find a way to let Bones know what is going on. Completely and totally unrealistic story line for these characters. The three of us who were watching have been fans from the beginning, but we all immediately said how stupid it is to try and make us think that Booth couldn’t find a way to tell Bones. Now the Pelant story line is going to be overshadowed and diluted by this stupid angst between B & B that is just dumb.

  32. Paloma says:

    This episode just pissed me off and made me tired of the whole show. I’ll probably get over it by the fall, but I am really sick of this soapiness. We’re always getting teased. And nothing good ever happens where it isn’t jerked back in the next breath. We waited so long for their relationship and then we get it and it’s been a roller coaster ride. And it’s kind of boring.

    And while I can understand that Booth’s initial reaction is to do exactly what Pellant asked because he wanted to save those five strangers, I fail to understand how he wouldn’t find a way to let Bones know what caused his actions. Especially when he could see how much this hurt her. It isn’t rational.

    And I would have liked to see Hodgins and Angela track down Pellant and steal his money back and hack the databases and put Pellant’s nasty self back into them.

    So to sum up: show getting boring, tired of being teased, and cases not overly compelling. Willing to give it another chance in the fall, but no anxiously awaiting the next episode.

  33. Dene says:

    While I completely LOATHE Pelant and wish he’d been shot in the brain the last time we saw him I get what’s happening here. Brennan has grown to a point where she has opened her emotions, leaving her vulnerable. Without great risk there cannot be great joy. She will have to make the choice to continue loving Booth and being open and vulnerable or closing herself off and killing their relationship. Booth will have to deal with the guilt he feels for lying to Brennan. Since there’s a kid involved we have added tension. Is it a bit dramatic? sure, but it makes for great conflict as well. As far as Pelant is concerned they almost HAVE to make him seem invincible. He’ll get too cocky and make a rookie mistake that Booth and Brennan (or Angela) will catch and down he’ll go. Just my opinion.

    • Leave Comments says:

      Disagree. The Petulant evil has gone on too long, (shades of Red John/Mentalist). This move with
      Booth doing what Pelant wants does not even fit any of their personalities!

  34. Amanda says:

    Pelant is old story… too much drama in my opinion.

  35. katie says:

    PLEASE let them get married if you dont you will have RUINED the best TV SHOW EVER!

  36. Leave Comments says:

    HATED this ending and why do you have to do this to them as a couple. It feels forced and not in tune with their relationship. This is a couple I love to watch. It was delightful when she proposed and his and her genuine happiness was very satisfying. I do not find these two the least bit boring at all. The actors and chemistry is so good and they are well written as flawed people who totally get each other. The respect each others differences. So to bring on this cheap cliff hanger with Pelant, whom I hate anyway as part of the show, is so ridiculous. I want to see the gang outsmart Pelant and fool us the audience too. I would like to see a big con run on Pelant, like they used to on that great British show called Hustle where at the end you see they were all in on in from way back before the audience knew anything..Give us some clever and smart solutions from this brainiac group of people I enjoy watching so much.
    Do something more clever please not ruin their relationship. Why? That pisses me off and does not make me want to watch the show at all.

  37. Ann says:

    Come on Stephen Nathan, come on writers….are you reading all these comments??!!! You are turning a lot of people off, you are driving viewers away, you are losing ratings! Enough is enough with this Pelant thing!!

  38. Bman says:

    We quit watching Bones a while back when we got sick of Pelant. Castle isn’t as interesting from a forensic perspective but it’s more enjoyable since the writer doesn’t treat his viewers so sadistically. Same with Burn Notice. We liked the show in the beginning when it was more lighthearted, but quit watching about a year ago. There are people out there who enjoy watching the good guys win. It’s enjoyable because it rarely happens in practice. Why would I want to suffer though a bunch of commercials just to be reminded of something I live all day long? When I watch TV I want to escape life, not be reminded of what sucks about it.

  39. Mike says:

    Ill put it like this, break brennan and booth up I will stop watching bones and hunt down the writers and torture them!! Ive waited far to long for those 2 to be together. Also Palente better die in season 9!! I want his brains splattered all over the side of the wall and I want booth to do it!

  40. DisappoinTed says:

    I watch every episode. I really tried to get this one. But what a big disappointment the finale was! Reality wasn’t even a consideration in this episode. What…Booth can’t communicate with Bones to tell her the truth in their own private home for fear the deaths of five innocent people who aren’t any longer at the park where they were threatened? Seriously?!?
    Yet Booth & Brennan can be with their child in a public park and at home with no security in sight? Was the script run by others to get various opinions? Maybe you just didn’t explain it well enough as many agree on these points and are equally disappointed.
    Worst. Finale. Ever. Sorry, man. Call it like I see it. And I saw it. And well, crap. Maybe it’s time to watch something else instead.

  41. dave says:

    This is what I want to see: Pelant gets it (and bad, too) in episode 1 or 2 (preferably E1), and either Booth explains all to Dr. Brennan, or she finds out by way of a “little birdie” (i.e., Hodgins, Sweets, Angela, etc), and she plays it cool until after Pelant is dead for good, and spills the beans to Booth as they see Pelant’s charred, dismembered, bullet-ridden body hauled off to the coroner’s office. And then we see the long passionate kiss, and everything’s okay again, culminating in wedding bells. That last episode was just flat cruel, to say the least, and I think I’d eventually lose interest if there was not some sort of resolution to this situation. Booth and Dr. Brennan belong together as husband and wife, end of story. Next season had better be a real humdinger, or else the show will dive-bomb into the ground.

  42. Tanya says:

    Booth must kill Pelant already it is getting boring now!!!!! Please let Booth and Brennan have their happy ending with a wedding eventually

  43. lichu says:

    esperamos nuevas expectativas..!!!!!!! de bones de lo contrario perderán mas fans..!!!!!!

  44. molly says:

    I honestly don’t think all the naysayers are being fair. To me, a good story isn’t necessarily a happy one, or a perfect one that it gives us everything we want. Twists are a good thing, they add suspense, and I think this show does them very well. Also, in response to those who don’t like pelant, I think he is a great villain for this particular show in that he is the smartest and most difficult to catch yet. In order for each villain to be new, they need to make him different and more difficult then the last, otherwise it would get boring. Pelant is the first person to really challenge the team intellectually, everyone else was just a matter of time. as for booth and brennan, I like the way they got together, and the way they are going. It was sad that vincent died, but the whole point of them getting together at that time is that bones was too rational to ever go for it without a push. Vincent’s death reminded her of how short life is, made her feelings the spotlight in her own mind long enough that she realized what she wanted, and that she had every right to go for it. Long live bones I say, continue what you’re doing. The show is still good, and as long as you know when it needs to end, I’ll keep watching.

  45. c says:

    WTFFF. let them be happy already, we waited for so long to see them get together and didnt get to see that and now yall are robbing us of their wedding too?!?! UGHH, I like the Pelant storyline, until this last twist. It was seriously stupid. STUPID. How stupid do you think the watchers are? When did something like this ever work? Bones and Pelant are supposed to be genius’, so make them act like it! Step it up guyssss

  46. montse says:

    Veo Bones desde que empezó , no estoy de acuerdo con el final en absoluto, creo que brenan se precipito al sentir que había una posibilidad de que Booth muriera, de todas formas nos deben a nosotras las fans que hemos apoyado esta serie un buen final de temporada. es lo justo

  47. Em says:

    Will I hope Booth and Brennan work it out. After all they been through. They deserve to be with each other. Plus they make the show

  48. bettyann21 says:

    I love bones and if you don’t, way even waste a min of your day writing about how much it sucks.I also think there should be a little fighting between booth and Brennan. I mean come on she gave up her believes and asked him to marry her.wouldn’t you be pissed. Petulant is a good character. Remember this is a show it isn’t real life. People like drama they like the fear of someone being able to do the things petulant can do and get away with it. Not for long though. That’s the best part. To watch it happen. So just enjoy and if you can’t dont hate and don’t watch. Their great actors and actresses they deserve better then to hear your stupid rants. I understand everyone has opinions, but didn’t your mom’s tell you if you don’t have anything nice to say then say nothing at all.

  49. Its going to be like Smallville was . There going to string us along till the final episode . I love bones , i have every episode but im starting to fill like an animal that there trying to coacks (sp) out the door . there throwing us bits and pieces , just enough to keep us interested . honestly the story’s are getting dri and boring . But like a good fan ill keep watching . If they dont get rid of Pelant soon the are going to loose viewers

  50. Trent says:

    Bring back Zack Addy to help Booth get Pelant.