Bones Finale Post Mortem: Show's Boss Talks Booth and Brennan's New Obstacle, Season 9 Time Jump and the Death of [Spoiler]

Bones Season 9 SpoilersHaven’t watched Monday’s Bones finale yet? Back away from this post mortem. Everyone else, please proceed… 

Bones giveth, and Bones (quickly and cruelly) taketh away.

In Monday’s season finale of the long-running Fox drama, Brennan — buoyed in part by a certain Big Bad’s escalating reign of terror — overcame her aversion to marriage and popped the question to Booth. His answer? “Hell, yes!”

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But in a heartbreaking twist, Pelant (who has an allergic reaction to even the whiff of happiness, particularly where B&B are concerned) threatened to whack five random strangers if Booth didn’t end the engagement. And adding insult to injury, Booth wasn’t allowed to tell Brennan why he was calling it off!

Cut to a bewildered and devastated Brennan, cue the closing credits.

In the following Q&A, Bones EP Stephen Nathan takes us inside the action-packed hour and teases what’s to come in Season 9 (hint: time jumps, deaths, rigged alarm clocks, possible break-ups and more!)

TVLINE | What you did to Booth and Brennan was just… not right.

[Laughs] It was so much fun to do!

TVLINE | Couldn’t Booth, you know, tell Brennan what was really going on somewhere outside of Pelant’s reach — like in the shower?
No. There’s too much at stake. It’s not just Brennan’s life but Christine’s, too. He has a daughter he has to think about. And Pelant is crazy. Booth doesn’t want to test those waters, not before they figure out how to get them. And I can promise that they will, and we already know how. Pelant will not live forever.

TVLINE | Will he live beyond the Season 9 premiere?
Yes. He won’t go quietly into the night.

TVLINE | Will the premiere pick up right where the finale left off?
There will be a bit of a time jump. It’s not going to be huge, but it’s going to be enough of a time jump that we can tell their relationship has been through something. It becomes an issue of trust between Booth and Brennan. It’s a very difficult emotional situation for them to be in. We have a lot to contend with heading into Season 9 with this tension and rift. It’s going to be a lot to surmount.

TVLINE | How serious will this obstacle be? Is it going to jeopardize the relationship?
The potential for that is definitely there. We don’t want to soft-pedal this. There’s a secret, and relationships don’t really thrive when one or both parties are withholding something. And I think that’s what we’re going to see. And we do have some episodes that we’re developing now that embrace that conflict.

TVLINE | How hard is Sweets going to take the unintended role he played in Pelant’s latest killing spree?

He definitely feels responsible for the death of those people, because Pelant was using Sweets’ work. So there’s fallout from that.

TVLINE | And Booth, I’m guessing, will be on the warpath.

Yes. When Season 9 opens up, we will see him quite obsessed with Pelant, quite obsessed with the fact that he wants this guy out of his life. Going through [normal] channels is not working.

TVLINE | Is it now safe to say Pelant messing with Booth and Brennan’s alarm clock last season was just a red herring? It hasn’t been revisited since.
That will play into what comes up next season. That is something we will revisit.

TVLINE | Even though it was a short-lived engagement, the question-popping scene was really sweet. Was there any discussion about having her get down on one knee?

We never wanted to do anything excessively traditional with Brennan. And it seemed to us that we had to put her in a situation where she could be spontaneous — something that we’ve seen evolve in her life over time. She’s always so rational that having her character evolve where she can spontaneously do something, she can rationalize it later as she did in the episode, but the reality is she couldn’t imagine living without Booth.

TVLINE | This totally sets things up for Booth to eventually turn the tables and do the proposing himself.
That crossed our minds. But we will have to see how it will unfold. We have our ideas on how this situation might resolve, but it might in no way fall into the current expectations of the fans.

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  1. Skrable2 says:

    It sounds as though Nathan believes fans are upset over what Pelant has done to B&B. That just shows how tone-deaf the Bones team is.

    We’ve angry about what they did to B&B

  2. OnceaBonesFanAlwaysaBonesFan says:

    It’s funny how people who said they stopped watching Bones years ago still have time to comment on latest articles about Bones. Seriously people, you just look stupid. The finale is sad, no, actually it is heartbreaking but guess what? i think A LOT of people still love it. It will open a lot of possibilities for S9. AND PLEASE, don’t be sad or sorry for us Bones fans, be sad and sorry for yourselves because clearly, Bones haters/Ex-fans (is there even such a thing) can’t move on.

    • puddulduck says:

      Love this

    • Chloe says:

      RIGHT? Why are there SO many people who stopped watching ‘years ago’ commenting on this article? They realy need to get over themselves. lol

      • Smiletime says:

        I have a feeling it might be the same few posters using different names like the Sweets haters do. FWIW I enjoyed it angst and all. Sets up S9 deliciously

        • BB123 says:

          FYI, I stopped watching A few episode in season 6, tired of Hannah and the drama andlack of avancemnent. I promised myself I’ll watch Bones again once B&B be together. I still checked reviews, article etc etc, just to know if they were already together and still be aware of what is happening on the show. And sometimes I commented.
          I watch again the show since season 7. I haven’t yet decide if I’ll watch season 9 every week, or If I’ll wait for reviews and comments after every epiisode to judfge if it’s worth my time.
          I do that for another show. Turns out, I only saw 4 episodes this season, but I still comments on article on it. Even If I don’t watch it for the time being, I am still interested in the show and want to know when it’ll be watchable again.
          As a lot of people say, shows, are only tv shows. I won’t cry when it end, not even for my favourite one. I won’t lose one hour of my time watching thing that I KNOW aren’t worth watching just because of ratings.
          If Showrunners and creators and network want better ratings, then they have to make better television.

      • OnceaBonesFanAlwaysaBonesFan says:

        ikr! and what’s funny too is that there are people here implying “you should rather watch Castle”… idk but i can’t help to make assumptions that most haters here are fans of that show. I smell insecurities. I mean, why go here and comment such? and even get the nerves to promote your show (which is lame i think) Get back to me when you reach Season 9 okay? ^_*

        • mysteriousmystery says:

          I’ve watched both Bones and Castle from the beginning, and I would never presume to compare them (they really ARE different shows). I loved Bones in the beginning…like, loved it so much I bought the DVDs of the seasons. But it isn’t the show it once was, and as a loyal viewer, the writers messed with me one too many times. I still watch, of course, and I don’t hate Bones. But I can honestly tell you that there are many things (the relationship stuff, in particular) that has been handled a million times better on Castle. I guarantee you, it’s not insecurity. It’s just superior writing. I’m not going to promote the show and tell you to watch it. I don’t particularly care. But as much as I prefer Castle now, I would honestly rather see it end it’s run next season than continue far past it’s prime, as Bones has.

          • OnceaBonesFanAlwaysaBonesFan says:

            excuses excuses… that’s what i heard from almost everyone who says they prefer Castle, that they used to like/love Bones more before but they prefer Castle now which i don’t really believe at all. For me, it’s like a tactic to drag Bones and uplift Castle. Like seriously, why does Castle stuff always find its way to be in Bones articles or whatever? Always sticking your noses on anything about Bones is obvious insecurity. Past its prime? are you even serious? The last time i checked ratings are good, i mean for a show on its 8th season and fyi they are on the ‘toughest’ time slot on television but they are definitely delivering. I don’t think that that is a show which is past its prime.

          • mysteriousmystery says:

            Me thinks you doth protest too much. I am only expressing my opinion here, my dear, and your defensiveness over that tells me everything I need to know. I’m not making excuses…it’s just my honest preference. Like I said, I still watch Bones, and most weeks, I enjoy it. But MY humble opinion is that it’s quality has slipped far from what it once was. I’d estimate that 90% of the responses here to the finale back up my thoughts. People are disgusted and frustrated (again, this is their opinion…they are entitled to that, just as you are to yours). I will miss this show when it’s gone, but I’d rather see them go out on a high note rather than with a whimper.

          • OnceaBonesFanAlwaysaBonesFan says:

            the point here is to stop comparing that show with Bones by saying it’s superior in writing (coz if you want comparisons) there a lot also who thinks that that show is “just a mere copycat”. And STOP mentioning Castle on Bones articles like seriously, stop. Oh well, what can i expect from fans? they probably look up to that show’s creator who clearly loves to stick his nose on Bones and just wait for whatever storyline he can reproduce. ^_*

          • mysteriousmystery says:

            Wow, if this is how bent out of shape you get about someone’s opinion, I hate to see what happens when you’re *actually* proven wrong about something. Since you’ve clearly made up your mind on this topic and are not interested in having a civilized conversation, I’ll leave you with this: as a viewer of Bones from episode one, I can think whatever and feel however I’d like about it. I can also compare it to any show I want to and you have no say in the matter. So, you have a choice here: you can continue to stomp your feet and make uninformed claims (since, unlike me, you only have the perspective of watching ONE of these shows), or you can go have a nice summer. I’m hoping you have a nice summer. Take care.

          • meggieshells says:

            Oooo…snap! As much as I’m enjoying this back and forth, I’d drop it, BonesFan. I have to agree with Mystery on this one. This is a public forum. People are here to express their thoughts and opinions, and like it or not, that includes comparisons to others shows. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that until you’ve watched both programs (which at this point I’m pretty certain you never will because of an obvious need to be right about this, even though there is no right or wrong when it comes to personal opinion, and I honestly believe that if you love Bones you’d love Castle too, but now I’m rambling so I’ll stop), you should let it go. The comparisons will not cease and you’ll just get an ulcer.

  3. lily says:

    I hated it.. I was so happy when Brendan proposed to booth and now t
    This.. I now they did not break up but the relationship is going to change.

  4. Astrid says:

    I loved/hated the finale!! It was amazing, but it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to do..
    Can’t wait until next season <3

  5. steosphere says:

    I jumped off this ship earlier this season and by the sounds of things, that was an extremely wise decision.

    I used to love Bones but ever since halfway through season six, but mostly season seven, it’s just been mediocre, at least in my opinion. Plus I couldn’t stand Pelant at all and now he’s the show’s supervillain and I’m not here for that.

  6. Chloe says:

    I’m sorry for all the Bones fans, but are you really surprised? It’s Fox. It’s Hart Hanson- David Shore’s best buddy. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  7. Pam says:

    This was such a silly ending to a good season and series. Peliant sees all knows all come on this isn’t Superman I mean Super Bones. I feel like I have fallen into a comic strip comic book with the super villain nobody can stop or catch. Does he have micro chips embedded into them while they slept that Booth can’t tell Bones what is going on. He has cameras in every park and everywhere, what’s next he rules the world and runs the White House!
    What saved this episode was the acting of Emily Deschanel and the main cast.
    Bones is turning into General Hospital next we will have the Ice Princess show up or an underground city Peliant rules. I was hoping the writers would give us a good strong finale instead of a cop out far fetched finale and far out. They took Both & Bones and destroyed the couple, cut her to the bone! And the viewers to the quick. Next year total agnst and B/B apart in their minds and heart but living in the same house. The Bones promo was right for once, their lives will be changed forever and no going back for Brennan she will close down again I am pretty sure writers will do that to her character and make Booth a pawn for Pelliant.

  8. kerry says:

    It sucked. No surprise. The only surprise is that I still watch this show after a multitude of horrible plot points. I do like the characters, but I wish that TPTB didn’t put them in such asinine predicaments! Ugh! It’s so tiresome and I think I’m done. I’m glad so many others agree.

  9. TVDIVA says:

    I think the writers must have gone for a ride in Doctor Who’s TARDIS and forgot what they wrote between the episode last week, and the one that aired this week. There is no way after almost dying from a bomb threat would Rick be insecure and jealous of a billionaire and Kate be tempted to kiss a man she does not know. It does not make any sense and is a glaring continuity error. What Caskett should have been doing is questioning where their relationship is headed. That is complex, complicated and thought provoking and did not require a billionaire cheap shot story to have that discussion.

  10. Bob says:

    Looks like I’m not the only longtime fan that you’ve alienated. This episode left me with the worst most angry feeling that I’ve ever had after watching a TV program. Perhaps you’re just trying to lose viewers and get cancelled. As far as I’m concerned, Bones is over. Really a pity. Maybe consider firing the writers and producers, whoever signed off on this drivel. And, to think it took this for me to write anything, my first review.

  11. TVDIVA says:

    Bones showrunners and writers may love Pelant, but as a viewer I have grown tired of him just as i have grown tired of Red John. There are thousands of fine actors in Hollywood that can play a great villain if the writers would just look in another direction. Surely the Bones camp can come up with other villains. That was a lousy finale. I am probably done with the show.

  12. Mima x says:

    You all hated it…. but admit it, your all going to tune in on the Season 9 premiere… You’ll say no now, but curiosity will get the better of you all.

    Great finale… Great directing… Can’t wait to see Season 9 and how they are all going to figure this problem out. I think it will resolve for definite in endgame. Remember you can’t have drama without the drama!

    • Tracey says:

      LOL. This!
      But yeah, people say they’ll stop watching after every season finale and yet they’re still there come september.
      And I hated the SL but you can’t deny that people WILL want to tune in next season to see what happens next. Ofcourse the kneejerk reaction is to say you’re ‘done’ when the pain is still fresh but over the summer, people will cool down and come back to watch.

      It happens every season after all :)

      Personally, I can’t wait for S9!

      • Roxy says:

        You would be surprised how easy it is to come up with a new distraction. Television is supposed to entertain..not aggravate. I dumped the Mentalist. Loved it at first, couldn’t get enough but the Red John thing got old. At least they didn’t fall into the will they won’t they love plot twist. The writers of Bones is taking this dangerously close to soap opera territory. It’s like solving murders becomes secondary to all the love relationships. That may be great for some people but the majority will fall by the wayside. We don’t have time to invest 7 or 8 seasons just to see something resolve itself. I was a fan of Bones before it was a TV show and have been watching from the beginning. I haven’t even seen the finale because I could tell from the previews and from the direction the writers were going that it was going to be same old same old, super villain steps in and breaks up happy couple, stay tuned for the next season. Like we wouldn’t come back if they didn’t leave us hanging. It’s lame. I may watch it eventually, or I may just tune out completely and hope for a new Kathy Reich’s book.

        • arial2 says:

          I, too, read the Kathy Reichs books before the tv series started. At first I was stunned – who the heck is this Temperance Brennan? – then “got” the intended humor. But for the show to continue to work, the humor needs to be there. Going all dark with Pelant over so many episodes is driving me away. However, I still anxiously await every new (real) Kathy Reichs’ book.

    • sd says:

      won’t be tuning in. Will read the recaps to find out when Pelant is gone then i’ll be back if they haven’t messed things up beyond repair.

  13. Kwapple says:

    I’ll finish Bones because I still love the show and B/B, but I’ll be damned if I’ll ever watch another show produced by Hart Hanson. Pelant has become God and I’m sick of it…he better be dead before the fall finale

  14. Bruce says:

    Pelant has turned into a storyline that is every bit as tedious as Gormogon. Enjoyed last night’s episode right up until the last 5-7 minutes. Words for those last 5-7 minutes: dreadful, awful, not worthy of this show.

  15. Mari says:

    First, are you effing serious?
    I had to wait six years for the to get together. They got together in an out of the world way, and I could live with that.
    And now they’re headed for a break up because a psychio hacker decided so?
    I think the writers and creators and everyone don’t know what to do anymore.
    I mean, real couples have difficult times, but they don’t break up all the time.
    Why can’t we have a tv show where there’s a couple who goes through their problems without a breakup?

    And frankly, Pelant more than a villain is unnerving.

    And if they want to catch him, they should bring Zach back, and bench Sweets.
    Zach would be the only one capable of finally serving Petulant on a silver platter for Booth to kill.

  16. Maria says:

    Oh Bones fans, I feel for you. I pretty much wandered away for most of this season, only keeping up through recaps online, but I decided to tune into the finale because I had some time to just hang out and watch tv…and that was just a cruel ending and not even really all that inventive (from a writing standpoint.)

  17. timesquaretang says:

    You guys don’t understand though. They need something like this to happen so Season 9 won’t be boring. Stephen Nathan already told us that Booth will fix this.

    • Bridget says:

      Of course Booth will. Because there’s no way Stephen Nathan would have Brennan try to figure out what the heck is going on and be a hero under his watch. /rolleyes

  18. Mark says:

    I was really hoping to see the Pelant storyline wrapped up in the season finale. I hate the guy, just like I hate most of the lengthy serial killer arcs the show is littered with. Couldn’t care less about the Booth/Brennan relationship – I’d have been happier if it had never been a thing to begin with. Plus Brennan was less annoying before she had her little crotchdropping.

  19. Kris says:

    “They” better have a plan to FIX this … FAST!!! Like in the first episode. I’ll watch the season primier in the Fall, but if things aren’t fixed between B&B, I’ll be done as will most of your viewers (it sounds like). Fair warning … if “they” are doubting a Season 10 … well this is definitely the way to do it! And I agree with the Moonlighting curse comment … they have now created a BONES curse all on their own!!!

  20. suri says:

    I’m not a Bones shipper, just a casual viewer, but this ending sounds like a really bad

  21. Brandon Rowe says:

    Pellant is getting to be like Wo Fat on Hawaii Five-O. He’s that annoying unrealistic character that just doesn’t die.

  22. sd says:

    Done. Over the show. I watched most of this year but the Pelant stuff sucked everything out of what I enjoy about this show. I tuned back in to watch what I had hoped would be the ending of him and not dragging it out any further. What they did was the worst possible finale. Having Booth hurt Bones and keeping Pelant alive…I guess i’ll just be enjoying the reruns on TNT I won’t be back til Pelant is gone.

    • Bridget says:

      Watching the reruns on TNT make me even more convinced I should’ve stopped watching the show after S5.

      • Paige says:

        Used to watch the reruns. I won’t anymore until I know the end and depending on what the end is. What”s the use of thinking about what could have been?

  23. Shannon says:

    Wow, I’m actually surprised with how much people seem to have disliked the season finale, I thought it was rather well done. I hate Pelant with a passion, we should, he’s the bad guy, and in a way he’s what we don’t want to see happen. We don’t want to believe that it is possible for the bad guys to sit in some room, spying on us with the capability to kill us at a moments notice, because it is probably hitting closer to home than we’d like to admit.

    I really don’t mind that they didn’t tidy the arc for completion in the season opener, I’m actually enjoying the suspense of knowing that no-one will be safe until he’s taken out. And I will be cheering when I see that episode.

    Other than that, I thought the season was pretty strong. IMHO they managed to keep the interactions between everyone the same, even though so many things have changed. As in, they didn’t kill what I loved about the show prior to everyone pairing up.

    My other, random thought from the series finale is (warning: I’m going to cross networks) that even though Angela is pretty awesome, the BAU should really lend Garcia to Boothe and his team.

  24. Todd says:

    I am done with Bones. This season has had some of the worst episodes and the finale was the worst one. First we had the “skull” episode with Ghost Boy skateboarding into the afterlife. Then Bones sees her dead mother. And now Booth allows Pelant to break up his engagement and not tell Bones? PLEASE!!! I have already deleted Bones from my DVR schedule.

  25. Bella says:

    Let’s see, let’s mash together the plotline from Live Free and Die Hard with Person of Interest. Then have Booth give in to emotional blackmail. This series has played itself out for me. It’s gotten too ridiculous for words.

  26. Lisa says:

    Not impressed with the broken engagement twist. It seemed very contrived.

  27. Mercury says:

    I too canceled my series recording. This is one jerk around too many, it gets really old. It was a great finale till the writers pulled the lets set it back again BS. I as a fan despise these angst season cliffhangers. This was the last straw for me. The twist at the end killed any desire to keep watching. Why bother just be jerked around again. Could have been a fantastic season ender that woul have brought my back as a thrilled and excited fan who felt rewarded for watching this series from Day One. As it umus I am done with it.

  28. LJ says:

    So the thing I was most enjoying (the loving, fun – banter relationship outside of work) TIIC are going to screw up!!! Why do these people have to mess with things that ARE WORKING????
    And the contrived Out-of-character plot point used for this “angst” was ridiculous. Booth would not fall into Pelant’s plan that way. Booth picking up the phone and saying it was his mother was completely inane.

  29. valleria93 says:

    It’s funny when people who apparently donN’t watch the show anymore have always something to say to newly aired episodes.:D

    Anyways, I loved this year’s finale. I don’t particularly enjoy seeing BB hurting, but it was a great episode and I think that gives the beginning of s9 a great potential. Excited!

  30. Eran says:

    And in the season 9 finale of Bones, Pelant, with the help of Shredder and Krang, lures Brennan and Booth to Dimension X…

    Cartoonish. This is how sad and desperate this has become.

  31. Linda. says:

    As much as I hated the ending, the part that annoys me even more is the competency that is portrayed by Pelant. This is boring, he cant be that clever to hack into all the systems, both private and public in DC. What happened to the Jeffersonian’s “are the smartest geniuses out there?” And is this The Following, incompetent FBI agents being emotionally blackmailed? Yep, we all hate it now, but they are banking on us to be here come September. As I recall, HH, a few years ago, mocked fans by saying, “they will all be back.” Maybe I will feel different in September but not now.

  32. Andie says:

    Ugh. Felt so contrived. Desperate grab at holding on to tension in their relationship, and I can think of about four realistic ways Booth could have gotten around it (For pete’s sake, go into a gas station bathroom where he couldn’t have planted a camera and write that girl a note!). The showrunners already butchered the “getting together” part for the fans by keeping it completely off camera, butchered the “everyone finds out” part with an ill-placed time jump, and now they’re just stringing us along with forced relationship tension. Keeping them at arms length right now adds nothing for the fans, and if you’re not making the show for the people who watch it then it’s basically cinematic masturbation.

  33. Ditt says:

    Exactly why do they think we want to see a “very difficult emotional situation”? I’m deleting the episode without watching and taking Bones off my DVR list. .

  34. Satin says:

    Sorry to read there will be a 9th season. This season finale lost me for good.

  35. I quit watching after the “Bones for President” episode. It was getting old before then but that sealed it for me. I read recap articles now and then to see if it’s getting better but it doesn’t seem to be.

  36. Sandra says:

    I believe that Booth and Brenann are that tv couple that are meant to be together. It was so heartbreaking to see how much Bren has evolved only to be shot down. I hope that the writers keep them together. Bones is different from other partnerships. All the relationships on the show are unique and rare it really wouldn’t make sense to break the team apart so I can understand the grief now since every couple goes through something. I mean the growth throughout the years has been amazing. I will keep watching because their journey isn’t over. Kudos to the entire cast.

  37. Lois says:

    Such a disappointment.
    To make Brennan’s heart felt proposal all for not, just a sham. I hope she never goes there again with him. He had his chance and he let Pelant win.
    Booth was such a loser last night.

  38. Sarah says:

    I’m sorry if this is wrong to say, but I honestly hope there’s a backlash at the beginning of next season or until the Pelant storyline is finished because that ending was extremely cruel, stupid, wrong and unnecessary. And it also made Booth look weak. That’s all JMO, though.

  39. ScarlettH says:

    Hmm so are they the blind item? Guess not since the engagement didn’t work out…

  40. Cecil says:

    Booth/Brennan issue aside, I even felt the whole Sweets story line was weak. It didn’t make any sense. I’m INCREDIBLY disappointed by this episode – this show is usually so much smarter than that.

  41. BR says:

    I wish these show-runners would realize no one is going to give them an Emmy. Providing entertainment to millions of people should be enough, but they always seem to get the itch to be edgy or deep at the end of the season. I think it’s time that the Jeffersonian crew rises up and gives Pelant a little of his own medicine. At the end of his episodes they are all like, “oh well he wins again, maybe we’ll get him the next time”. What a crock! Bringing back a character that is seemingly invulnerable is boring and lazy.

  42. chichi says:

    I lost interest when Pelant stole Hodgins money – come on, the banks can take it back – that’s not realistic at all – the way it happened. Don’t know what’s just stupid.

  43. Becky says:

    I wish I could say I was surprised by this but unfortunately I’m not. I learnt long ago not to expect much from Bones, especially in terms of how they treat both their main characters and viewing audience. Anyone who was around for HH’s ‘promises’ of a BB romance at the end of season 4 will understand the latter. I still watch the show but emotionally I checked out during season 5, having come to terms with the fact that Brennan was a clueless caricature of her former self, and that the show would rather take advantage of a ludicrous plot to keep Booth and Brennan apart than take an organic path that would make sense and bring them closer together. Unfortunately, around the time of the writers’ strike the writers seemed to forget the essence of both Booth and Brennan’s characters. There’s creating meaningful, well written angst and there’s abusing the loyalty of the viewers to generate unnecessary ‘drama’, and it seems that in recent years Bones has consistently skewed towards the latter. The goal of a showrunner shouldn’t be to see how many people you can get to hate on your show amid promises to tune out. Playing with the viewers will only work so many times until they turn around and actually walk away, loyalty only goes so far when you’re constantly let down.

  44. Amy says:

    Why does everyone demand a happy ending? Going thru trails and issues makes it more real and way more cherished in the end. Look at all the shows where the leading characters got together and lived happily ever after..only to be canceled cuz viewers lost interest. I love this show and get wrapped up in the characters, I’m rooting for them to make it thru this and be stronger. If u don’t want to watch, feel free to change the channel to some stupid reality show! I’m sticking with Bones (and Castle)!!

    • Roxy says:

      Makes it more real??? are you kidding me? There is nothing real about the Pelant story line. It is as farfetched as any comic book storyline. You might want to be careful about encouraging people to change the channel. They aren’t going to keep the show on the air for the dozen people who posted a positive comment.

  45. Pauline says:

    I was so happy when Brennan ask Booth to marry her, how could the writers distroy something so perfect. Booth cant be a very good cop if he could not figure out how to tell his lady love what was happening. Very poor story telling at the end. I am not buying it. Life like TV is not perfect, but since it fiction, I want total happynes. I am sure many will agree they deserve it, expecially after last year season finale. I will watch the first couple of episode in season 9 but is the Pelant story line drags on I may have to Hire a hit man to take him out.
    My money is on Jack Hodgins or Max to do what Special Agent Sealey Booth could not do… Kill Palant. I am also hoping Max will give Booth a good wipping for breaking his daughter’s heart.

  46. John says:

    Happened to catch the pilot recently. Where Brennan had just got done kicking her live-in boyfriend out as unfolds when he comes back for, in her words “a bootycall” and she’s much more fun with Angela.

    I l;iked that Brennan, wonder what happened to her.

  47. Kate says:

    I love this show and I can suspend disbelief with the best of them, but I simply cannot accept that Pelant can control the traffic lights, be able to see all intersections on tv screens, be able to watch Bones and Brennan in a park, at the supermarket, on their way to work, etc. One, there are not security cameras everywhere. Two, all security cameras are not linked to the internet. They are closed circuit t.v.’s for the viewing pleasure of the minimum wage earning security desk personnel only. I did think the acting by both actors was very good in that last scene. Although I did think he could have taken her to a garden shed somewhere and told her the truth. Or to Thailand. Or China. Or France. The only reason not to tell her was if he did not think she could be a good enough actress to fool Pelant and their closest friends into believing the whole “the wedding is off” story. That’s a possibility I guess.

    • wayne says:

      DO you think that maybe Booth office in THE FBI building is bugged ? Tell Brennan there. Why does sn&hh have to make BB look like stupid people? There tops in there fields yet cant get one nut with all they have at there disposal, come on writers and I use that term lightly.

  48. Pam says:

    I am VERY disappointed in last nights show. It’s is annoying that for the last 30 years nost TV shows feel that the only way to keep viewership is to cause angst and drama. Stupid. Because after a point, that sort of storyline becomes tiresome. It only shows how it is easier to keep rehashing the same storylines instead of using their imaginations and have real cases for them to solve. But what is worse, is when they use contrived and stupid characters to drive the plot forward the show. What really angers me is that the writers DON’T listen to their fans. No, they don’t have to do what we say. BUT, don’t insult our intelligence by having that stupid Pelant!!!! No, there is NO WAY for Pelant to put up cameras everywhere they are. Unless they send him a detailed agenda to set everything up beforehand. Add to that they had him steal money to fund this BEFORE he would had known he would need it, THAT ANNOYED ME MORE THAN ANYTHING!!! That was so unrealistic and used as the lazy way to drive the plot. And they will drag this out for weeks when the new season starts. The personalities and inter relationships, the unique cases, those are why we watch. NOT because the egos of the writers wont allow them to admit they are wrong and change course. LISTEN TO YOUR FANS!!!!! I have gone onto several sites covering this episode since the spoilers came out a week ago, and you can see that their are very few people that have been excited about this storyline. End it quickly and move on to cases and storylines that showcase the characters you have been spent 9 years building.

  49. Janneke says:

    I liked this episode.
    I felt a bit of everything, I smiled, laughed, got angry with Pelant and was sad at the end.
    Can’t wait for next season!

  50. Helen Tang says:

    Honestly, I think the season finale was pretty good. We need to remember that there’s a Season 9, and if they let things go happily between Booth and Brennan, things would get boring and the show would lose viewers. Booth is going to fix this anyways, he loves her too much to see her hurt like that.