Bones Finale Post Mortem: Show's Boss Talks Booth and Brennan's New Obstacle, Season 9 Time Jump and the Death of [Spoiler]

Bones Season 9 SpoilersHaven’t watched Monday’s Bones finale yet? Back away from this post mortem. Everyone else, please proceed… 

Bones giveth, and Bones (quickly and cruelly) taketh away.

In Monday’s season finale of the long-running Fox drama, Brennan — buoyed in part by a certain Big Bad’s escalating reign of terror — overcame her aversion to marriage and popped the question to Booth. His answer? “Hell, yes!”

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But in a heartbreaking twist, Pelant (who has an allergic reaction to even the whiff of happiness, particularly where B&B are concerned) threatened to whack five random strangers if Booth didn’t end the engagement. And adding insult to injury, Booth wasn’t allowed to tell Brennan why he was calling it off!

Cut to a bewildered and devastated Brennan, cue the closing credits.

In the following Q&A, Bones EP Stephen Nathan takes us inside the action-packed hour and teases what’s to come in Season 9 (hint: time jumps, deaths, rigged alarm clocks, possible break-ups and more!)

TVLINE | What you did to Booth and Brennan was just… not right.

[Laughs] It was so much fun to do!

TVLINE | Couldn’t Booth, you know, tell Brennan what was really going on somewhere outside of Pelant’s reach — like in the shower?
No. There’s too much at stake. It’s not just Brennan’s life but Christine’s, too. He has a daughter he has to think about. And Pelant is crazy. Booth doesn’t want to test those waters, not before they figure out how to get them. And I can promise that they will, and we already know how. Pelant will not live forever.

TVLINE | Will he live beyond the Season 9 premiere?
Yes. He won’t go quietly into the night.

TVLINE | Will the premiere pick up right where the finale left off?
There will be a bit of a time jump. It’s not going to be huge, but it’s going to be enough of a time jump that we can tell their relationship has been through something. It becomes an issue of trust between Booth and Brennan. It’s a very difficult emotional situation for them to be in. We have a lot to contend with heading into Season 9 with this tension and rift. It’s going to be a lot to surmount.

TVLINE | How serious will this obstacle be? Is it going to jeopardize the relationship?
The potential for that is definitely there. We don’t want to soft-pedal this. There’s a secret, and relationships don’t really thrive when one or both parties are withholding something. And I think that’s what we’re going to see. And we do have some episodes that we’re developing now that embrace that conflict.

TVLINE | How hard is Sweets going to take the unintended role he played in Pelant’s latest killing spree?

He definitely feels responsible for the death of those people, because Pelant was using Sweets’ work. So there’s fallout from that.

TVLINE | And Booth, I’m guessing, will be on the warpath.

Yes. When Season 9 opens up, we will see him quite obsessed with Pelant, quite obsessed with the fact that he wants this guy out of his life. Going through [normal] channels is not working.

TVLINE | Is it now safe to say Pelant messing with Booth and Brennan’s alarm clock last season was just a red herring? It hasn’t been revisited since.
That will play into what comes up next season. That is something we will revisit.

TVLINE | Even though it was a short-lived engagement, the question-popping scene was really sweet. Was there any discussion about having her get down on one knee?

We never wanted to do anything excessively traditional with Brennan. And it seemed to us that we had to put her in a situation where she could be spontaneous — something that we’ve seen evolve in her life over time. She’s always so rational that having her character evolve where she can spontaneously do something, she can rationalize it later as she did in the episode, but the reality is she couldn’t imagine living without Booth.

TVLINE | This totally sets things up for Booth to eventually turn the tables and do the proposing himself.
That crossed our minds. But we will have to see how it will unfold. We have our ideas on how this situation might resolve, but it might in no way fall into the current expectations of the fans.

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  1. Brandon says:

    Michael, can you explain the alarm clock to us?!?!?!?

  2. Tom says:

    Yawn. The usual unbeatable nemesis story line that they dust off for season finales and sweeps periods. I fast-forwarded through most of it. Predictable and boring.

  3. Bones Fan says:

    I am so tired of Pelant! Just end it already.

  4. Amanda Hansen says:

    I really dislike the way the ending happened. It was not in character with B&B..Pelant storyline is done..finish it because I don’t think I’ll watch this show if you keep toying with us and keep him around for another long season Pelant. It has seen it’s day…MOVE on writers and Nathan…it’s over with. I have been a loyal fan of BONES and I can’t even think about watching BONES at this point. YUK on this. David did a great job directing and this is just stupid the way you play with the trust BONES has developed with Booth. Shame on the writers…bad call. If DB and Emily liked this I’d be surprised…even though they both seem to not want them together. Sorry I feel so betrayed by this ending.

  5. James says:

    I really like Pelant he’s a very good heavy becuase he gets under your skin. with that said I side with a lot of you the ending was a tad lame, the whole i’m watching you so you better do what i say is very boring prozaic tripe and really never should of been in this episode, i’m all for making your audience wait in anticipation but only when it does a service to your characters and your story arc this just seemed misplaced and done for the sake of doing a cliffhanger. i will continue to watch its still a good show not as good as Castle IMHO but still very enjoyable.

  6. Lisa says:

    I have never been disappointed in Bones before, but this episode was terrible. I didn’t expect a wedding or anything,but Pelant is going into what his third season as the evil villain. When Max Brennan said he needed killing, I was hoping it would happen. I am kind of over this story line and the way Booth turned Brennan down after how far she has come. It just seemed out of character for him to comply with Pelant. Also, I know this may not matter to most, but I love the interns and expected to see at least one of them. I adore this show, but this was such a bad one for me…

    • Cookie says:

      I agree. This season finale stunk. We’ve been waiting for them to together for so long They deserve to be together. Plant deserves to die.

  7. Lorena says:

    Worst season finale ever!! im tired of Pelant, i dont want to watch this show anymore, im heartbroken

  8. Jillian says:

    I am one of the few people that actually like it and the ending.

    Things I liked…

    Good, dramatic episode. The B&B scenes were adorable and of course, they got engaged.

    Things I didn’t like…

    I needed more B&B partner scenes because it didn’t feel like they were partners anymore. There were some continuity issues like Booth had a partner before Brennan and in earlier seasons, they said that he never had a partner before.

    The ending wasn’t that bad. I’m pretty much predicted this would happen. They would get engaged and then, they would have to call of the engagement because of Pelant. At least, they didn’t officially break up. I don’t really know what to expect for season 9. I kind of hope that Brennan actually puts her walls back up and things are a little distant between them in the premiere because then, I have no doubt that Booth would do everything to kill Pelant and repair their relationship, and I really want to see that. I’m really looking forward to HH and SN’s post-finale interview and see what they say.

    I think people are being a bit ridiculous saying you are going to stop watching just because B&B didn’t get their happy ending. Guess what? That’s not going to happen until the series finale. Until then there’s going to be angst and drama.

  9. Josh says:

    Acting and directing were amazing. Writing was worse than Gossip Girl

  10. Jillian says:

    Season 5 is still the worst finale on my list. It was just like any ordinary episode, and then went their separate ways for a year. I love this finale compared to season 5. They are still together and I bet you anything, they will kill Pelant in the premiere, Booth will tell her everything and the engagement will be back on.

  11. Mozzie says:

    As others have said, the Pelant storyline is wearing thin. It should have been resolved tonight I’m tired of the formulaic season finales. The writers either give no credit to the viewers or they can’t come up with something more original. At this point I have very little desire to watch next season.

  12. Courtney says:

    As someone who was a HUGE Bones fan up until the end of Season 5 I’m always interested in peeking at some of what’s happening right now just to see if my decision to bow out before Season 6 was correct.

    Well based on the reactions of everyone commenting on here I’M A FRICKIN GENIUS! :D

  13. fivesteamboats says:

    I don’t normally comment about episodes, but in this case I just can’t help myself. What a disappointment! Why do the writers keep putting these characters in these positions? The threat made by Pelant was ridiculous, as was the fact that Booth went along with it. This ending made an absolute hypocrite of Booth and his whining about why women don’t want to marry him and why they make him feel like he’s not good enough…it completely undermines what is supposed to be complete honesty and faith and trust between these two characters…its the epitome of the betrayal which Booth once told Brennan would never happen. I’ve always looked forward to the start of another season, but this finale was a real letdown and doesn’t give me any interest in next season, which I think just took another nail in its coffin…

    Maybe the entire ending scene was an act, maybe something else is going on behind the scenes that we’re not privy to yet. If that’s the case, it still won’t change my image of Booth in this episode as wishy-washy and not living up to the high standards he seems to set for everyone but himself. Booth has always been about changing Brennan to fit his ideals. What he can’t seem to see is that she HAS changed and evolved. Unfortunately, HE hasn’t done the same thing.

    The ‘Bones’ writers don’t need the Moonlighting curse they always talk about. They’ve created their own.

    • Kris says:

      OH! Great comments!!! I totally agree with this posting! They totally changed Booth’s character in this episode! In the “old days”, Booth would have done ANYTHING not to hurt Bones!! I lost all respect for Booth! GREAT ACTING EMILY!!!

  14. Season 9 says:

    Can’t wait for season 9. Disappointed brennan gets hurt, very good acting Emily!

  15. ggny says:

    Pelant is gonna be the thing that when we look back on Bones we are gonna say..Ya that was a terrible storyline that drugged out to long and destroyed the show

  16. Allie Cat says:

    Booth totally could have wrote it on a separate piece of paper under the covers or in a dark room. Had the note tell Bones not to react or anything and hide under the covers or in a closet when she read it. Then destroy the note with fire and flush the ashes in the toilet. All discreetly, of course. There is always a way. Yes, I thought about this a lot. lol

  17. Jenn says:

    Come on people! We all know they will start the season with a great start! Look at last season where bones had to to go on the run!!! It might not have been a great ending but we all know season 9 will be great. So all stop your moaning and “oh I’m not watching next season” blah blah blah, cause we all know you will. And if you don’t then you’re missing out!!!!!!!!

    • Lisa says:

      No Jenn, we don’t know Season 9 will be great. This looks just like Season 6 all over again with Booth & Brennan being awkward and uncomfortable around each other. Then they get to rebuild their relationship-again! For some reason SN and HH think Pelant is a great villain. He’s not going away soon. I have no interest in watching the show with him controlling Booth and Brennan and her being completely in the dark about it. They should have killed him off in this episode. Hell, they should have killed him off in Canopy. I’m glad they’re happy with him. I’m not.

      • Jenn says:

        Well don’t watch then, you will be the one missing out! Yes it is getting old with him, but as I said On the thing I wrote, I think in series 9 they will have an episode all about him and I think sweets might just kill him! And he gets to witness them marry! Hopefully anyway.

  18. qw says:

    so stupid .. like you cant find a way to tell her why!

  19. Jenn says:

    Plus we all know Pelant is going to die or go to jail!!! Plus I think they should get sweets to kill him, he’s got a dangerous side! I personally think they should show more shirtless scenes of booth & sweets, not together like but that would be 1st class enjoyment on a plate. :)

  20. Hilary says:

    Honestly, I was disappointed by this finale. Everything seemed rushed and I didn’t feel like things were explained as well as they should be. Additionally that gridlock scene was so unrealistic I could barely even watch it. And as for the Booth and Brennan situation, could the writers be any lazier? There are about 100 ways Booth could have gotten around the Pelant threat. I’m sick of Pelant in general. The story has drawn on long enough and throwing another wrench in the Booth/Brennan relationship via Pelant is boring and lazy storytelling. I would like to compliment Emily Deschanel’s performance, though. Her scenes were well acted and heartbreaking. David Boreanaz on the other hand has gone downhill.
    Altogether it’s clear that this show is on it’s last legs and the writers are running out of (good) ideas.

  21. Shayna says:

    I tried. I really tried to stay a fan of the show but I’m sorry this is it. I never thought I’d say this but I am done with this show. I was fine with the whole Hannah story line, I made it through the murder of poor Mr. Nigel Murray, I was okay with missing Booth and Bones get together, and I understood why Bones had to leave with Christine. Even after an uneven season like this one I was still hanging on because I love this show and these characters. Pelant has overstayed his welcome and this episode was just so poorly written that I’m sorry this show and I are done.

  22. Flo says:

    That was just plain stupid. No sense whatsoever. If the producers did this to leave the audience counting the days for season 9, well… I gotta say: Low and (I repeat) stupid.

  23. I haven’t watched Bones since last season but I watched the last 5 minutes of the finale tonight hoping that either Booth or Brennan would die but of course not!! But hoping that Pelant did plant a bomb in that bedroom clock so that Booth or Brennan will be killed on it’s hopefully finale season!!

  24. Jennifer says:

    Kill off Pelant or I am d

  25. Jennifer says:

    Kill off Pelant or I’m done with this show. I’ve been a fan since the beginning but I am sick to death of the big, bad serial killer arcs. ENOUGH! The writing, characters, and actors, and the chemistry they all share are more than enough to make this show so much more than a standard procedural show! They are ruining this show for me!

  26. Amelia M. Rose says:

    I just can’t watch anymore….this is wrong on so many levels.

  27. is pelant ever going to die

  28. Faith says:

    If hating manufactured angst is the benchmark for success…Bones wins at life. It really needs to end.

  29. Tay says:

    I agree with what most people are saying that’s not the way booth would’ve handled th situation. He would have told bones that they just needed to wait until they got pelant he would not have hurt that way. Very disappointed in this seasons finale.

    • Rachel says:

      Maybe the way that Booth handled the situation is his way of trying to tell Bones in code that not marrying her is not what he wants. I think that we will see more of how Booth handles the situation as season 9 begins. I think he has more up his sleeve than we think because he knows exactly how Bones operates and he doesn’t want to loose her or Christine. I for one am excited to find out what happens in season 9, even though I didn’t like the fact that Booth had to break off the engagement. I was also thinking that Booth not telling her in some ways protects her like he didn’t immediately tell her about Pelant’s phone call in the finale. Those are just my thoughts. I think that the writers probably have a lot more material that they could write and they aren’t running out of ideas. I think that they are doing the story how they feel it should be told because they are the writers. If you don’t like it then leave because no one is forcing you to watch Bones.

  30. ginger says:

    I love this show, and I trust they who gave us Booth and Bones in the first place. I’m sorry so few have patience and trust, but they (B&B) will get through this, and so will you! I think it was a very smart way to keep things evolving, and even though I don’t think they’ll do it this way, I picture this as a sweet way for Booth to eventually propose in such a way, that Bones will feel more loved than she ever thought possible…

    • caprigirl60 says:

      And if Season 9 is the last season and maybe Booth doesn’t give his “sweet proposal” until the penultimate episode. I’m not watching another season of them rebuilding their relationship so that we can be thankful for maybe one or two episodes of them happy again with each other. This show is about more than them being engaged or getting married.

      • ginger says:

        I’m not sure what you’re trying to say, caprigirl. Either you watch because it’s about MORE than them being engaged/married, or you watch because you need to see them being happy. I can’t say whether season 9 is the last season or not, but it will not take 22 episodes for them to fix this. I’m not involved in the creative process and yet I can still promise y’all that, lol! I watch for ALL the realtionships, Booth and Bones’ relationship is just a perk. It’s television, they need to keep the drama and angst going. If anyone doesn’t agree, then they can stop watching. But to keep EVERYONE’s interest – new and old fans – the drama must rise and fall. Pelant has been a great villian, because guess what? We’re all here talking about him and hating him!!!
        I promise, it’ll all be okay!!!

  31. H.Houston says:

    There are very few times when I am actually enraged by a show – this is one of those times. This was heartless and cruel… and NOT in keeping with this show. I am disappointed in you writers.

  32. sadie says:

    will there be a 10 season of bones

  33. sadie says:

    will booth kill pelant please say he does for bones sake

  34. Kate says:

    I wonder if the issue of Brennan’s walls will be brought up. She trusts booth so much. And to want to marry him is a big character step, and I understand things will be awkward. But her walls. Hmmm.

  35. Simone says:

    This was the dumbest episode ever. Bones has totally fallen off live viewing for me and I was not wrong in that decision. As if Booth would not just whisper into Brennan’s ear that they had to pretend not to get married because Pelant made a threat.

    It is not the will they/won’t they that sustained my interest in the show, but it is certainly making me not want to watch.

    You can have a great storyline without always putting the main characters through misery.

    • Jillian says:

      I don’t mind the the characters going through misery as long as we get a good pay off in the end.

      • Linda. says:

        Like the payoff we got when they first got together or seeing them as a new couple, or their first really meaningful kiss…….still waiting. What we get is pain, angst, suffering, any reason to keep them apart emotionally. ugh.

  36. Jillian says:

    Okay…I’m a little concerned now. I don’t mind a few episodes where they deal with the fallout, but I hope it won’t be just like season 6, where they deal with it in every episode and they are completely distant and weird around each other. I hope they will get back to their normal formula with the solving murders, the light banter and the ending scenes soon after the premiere. At least, it seems like they have already planned out how Pellant will die next season.

    • Paige says:

      I’m afraid of another season 6 too. I almost quit watching then. I just wonder if we will ever get to see any hand holding, couch cuddling, bed snuggling times. They were very emotionally supportive of each other this season but what about a little passion? SN remarks about next season concern me. I about to give up on ever getting to see what I watch the show for, B&B getting to love each other and be happy. The arguments they have are great. That goes with a healthy relationship. All the angst is getting old.

  37. Jenn says:

    And no point moaning on here! Take to twitter and tell the writers how you all feel.

  38. Bones Jumped The Shark says:

    I’m so annoyed that Brennan’s had to make ALL the sacrifices in her relationship with Booth. Stop jeopardizing her character to make her compatible with Booth. If you have to ruin a character to put her in a relationship; perhaps those people don’t belong together.

  39. Rachel says:

    I’m so tired of Pelant. This has been dragged out for far too long. I always dislike the unbeatable villain storyline and this one has gone so far past realistic that I can’t stomach it. I hated the ending, Booth could find a way to tell Brennan and I hope he will. Since when does Booth follow the orders of criminals anyways?

  40. Amanda says:

    Does anyone else feel like this show has run its’ course? I feel like it’s been heading downhill with tired storylines and, in my opinion, they’ve spent too long on Pelant. I much preferred the storylines with the Epps and (to a lesseer extent) the Gravedigger if they have to focus on a “big bad”. I wish they had wrapped up the Pelant storyline this year and had a series finale. Just my opinion, but I think Bones has lost it’s spark.

  41. Brandi says:

    I’m so tired of Bones and their ‘season premiere time jumps’ it doesn’t help the show, it only takes away from episodes, scenes, and character development that could actually be GOOD. It’s like they give a decent finale just to return with the same mediocre comedy and crime cases. Why bother breaking them up if your going to do a time jump and shove them right back together?

  42. Moria says:

    After sticking with the show thru 8 seasons (even though it firmly jumped the shark with the circus episode ages ago and I still watched), I finally checked out a couple episodes ago & it sounds like I made the right choice. Couldn’t even make it to the end of the season. The characters & writing have gotten so dumb. Beyond stupid. Pelant is terrible. All the angst is boring. It’s been driven into the ground. It’s over.

  43. JORDAN T. says:

    once pelant is killed they will get married. how the hell would pelant know if booth just writes it down on a piece of paper.and gives it to bones to read they just act it out. also this wasnt very great a cliffhanger. Pelant is just in the way. but booth will make it up to her. also the proposal was for the fans. bones was pushed into it because of Pelant. So Pelant just DIE.

  44. anyone? says:

    remember when bones used to be good?

  45. Maggie says:

    I think they should have ended with booth saying to bones we need to talk.

  46. cookie says:

    Let md share this little story w/you’ll, about summer camp. I was a camp counselor while in college. We would host these 6 graders for nine days. We the camp staff had a campfire on the second nite and we fold them spookie stories. Well this one group were a little younger and we spooked them good,unfortunately they became hysterical and apathetical. All the did was cry for the mommies. Camp was a mess. After days of this,we the staff had to go beyond to entertain and distract these kids. I must have 8 little girls sleep w/me for 6 days. Like B/B if the writers rob the fans we like the kids. We just will cry for days and want our mommies.or we will stop watching the show. I’m very disappointed in this finale. Makes no sense.

  47. michael says:

    Better fix this or you will lose viewers


    Dear Fox, EP Nathan, et. al. Came late to Bones, watched the first 6 seasons in three marathon weekends, because i became addicted. I’m not what you could call a “shipper” in that i don’t spend half my live babbling about “Tiva” and “Caskett” etc…, but the whole mindset that a successful relationship is television poison has gone too far. I’m done. No more Bones for me, you can take Pelant, Booth, Bones, and the whole fam-damily and toss ’em in the Potomac for all i care. This storyline was the worst of any show i’ve ever seen, Pelant sucks rocks, and the finale was the rancid, putrid cherry on top of the entire fetid sundae. I’d officially rather watch a test pattern, and as of now there’s nothing on Fox i watch.

    • Shayna says:

      I agree with you completely! This episode was absolute garbage. This season was so uneven and this episode just proved just how bad the writing has become. I never thought I’d give up on Bones but I guess never say never!

  49. arial2 says:

    The whole Pelant thing has outgrown its believability. Perhaps they should mix mythologies and hire Lisbeth Salander to find and get rid of Pelant? They wander around in their little circle of friends wringing their hands, apparently not wanting to involve any of the world class computer experts out there who could probably find him in a nanosec. It’s seemed from the start that Bones’ show runners found The Mentalist’s Red John storyline fascinating, so thought they’d do their own. But the difference is that Patrick Jane’s involvement with the law enforcement community happened because Red John killed his family, so the ongoing pursuit makes some sense. I think they need to take Bones back to the mix of drama and comedy it does best. Oh, and get nice Jack his money back. ; )

  50. Arienne says:

    I stopped watching Bones after the Zack debacle and only tuned in now and again. I happened to catch this evening’s finale. It made about as much sense as that sad episode years ago. I don’t think I’ve missed much.