Smash Recap: About Last Nightcap...

Smash Season 2 Jeremy JordanThis week on Smash, the last few holdouts finally realize Jimmy is the WORST, Hit List‘s Broadway prospects dim and Tom & Julia: The Sitcom looks closer to cancellation. Oh, and the episode ends with two shocking developments — one very sexy and one involving somebody getting hit by a car.

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Here’s how it all played out:

JIMMY FINISHES HIS “ALIENATE EVERYONE!” TOUR | Here’s the week in Jimmy (aka The TV Character I’d Most Enjoy Seeing Mauled by a Rogue Pack of Dingos): He shows up late for rehearsals, misses a New York magazine cover shoot (which means the Hit List story gets relegated to an inside spread), staggers with utter obnoxiousness out of a cab with a pair of party girls just as said shoot ends, busts in on Sam as he auditions to be his Hit List understudy, and then, after learning Sam used to be a Bombshell chorus guy, drops this infuriating bit of egomania: “Then he should probably audition for the ensemble of Hit List and not my part!” (Wait, wasn’t Jimmy a waiter with no actual stage experience up until like A MONTH AGO???) It gets worse, though: When Derek drops the “good news” that he’s cast Sam, “so the next time you go on a bender, the show won’t suffer,” Jimmy responds in his standard douche fashion: “No, only the audience.”

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But wait! There’s more! On the biggest night of Hit List‘s run — where multiple important producers are attending with an eye on moving the show to Broadway — Jimmy shows up way late (a mere 10 minutes before curtain), gets high, and misses multiple cues — culminating with his failure to catch Karen during a pivotal fall and leaving her with an injured, possibly sprained wrist. And then he storms out of the theater as if he’s some kind of wronged party. At the afterparty, when Kyle drops the very predictable news that Derek is having Jimmy fired, Jimmy climbs onto the bar, reveals Kyle’s affair with Tom in front of Lighting Guy, ridicules his costar, his director and his writing partner, and screeches, “I’m the only one that did anything anyway!” I know that much of Season 2 of Smash has presented Jimmy as a flawed character who’s got a hurt, decent center under his brat-beast exterior, but I feel like he’s finally the border into the Land of the Unredeemable. When Karen and Ana tell Kyle that it’s time to cut Jimmy off, not even his oldest and dearest friend can argue against their logic.

KAREN FINALLY WAKES UP AND SMELLS THE CHEMISTRY | Right at the end of the episode, Karen (who seems to be realizing Ana isn’t a rival, just a good friend who keeps it real) finds herself as one of the last two Hit Listers at the afterparty. “If I have another drink, I’ll probably do something I regret in the morning,” says Derek, the only other one at the bar. And that’s when Karen does what I’ve wanted her to do for the last 26 episodes or so. “Two more, please,” she says winkingly, and later, she’s all, “Are you gonna walk me home or what?” YES! We know what that means. Or we sure hope we know what that means. Cartwills-a-wahh-wahh. They better not skimp on some on-screen smoochey/PG-13ness next week!

HIT LIST STUMBLES | All of Broadway’s top producers arrive (with some planning by Derek and Scott) to watch a Hit List performance where Jimmy isn’t fully on his game. But while eveyone loves it, no one is sure that’s it’s got “uptown moneymaker” potential. Sly publicist Agnes makes sure to sneak into one producer convo, and note, “There’s edge and then there’s cliff.” By episode’s end, Derek and Scott are pretty sure their off-Broadway smash isn’t going to be dropping its “off” anytime this season.

KYLE HAS A CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE AUTOMOTIVE KIND | Kyle (who apparently cheated on Lighting Guy with Tom on three occasions!) ends the episode by packing Jimmy’s things into a sack and dropping said sack off at Jimmy’s drug dealer brother’s place. The whole time he’s singing a “last goodbye” ditty while being lit very strangely. And then, all distraught over his decision, he — screeeeeeeeeeeeeeech — walks right into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Or at least that’s what the cliffhanger would have us believe. Pinocchio can’t die, though, right? I mean, he just became a real character like two weeks ago!

TOM AND JULIA TAKE THEIR SPAT PUBLIC | Tom finds out via Eileen that not only is Julia proceeding without him on their Great Gatsby adaptation, but that the project is no longer a musical, and so far along that Scott Nichols has announced it to the Manhattan Theater Workshop board. (Whoops!) When Julia considers reneging on Scott out of loyalty to Tom, he hot new boyfriend makes a good point: “It’s simple: He lost his [City of Angels] directing gig and now he’s scrambling.” (Of course, Scott needs Hit List to go to Broadway — or score a huge Gatsby hit — to avoid losing his job, so it’s not like he’s impartial.) Tom, though, makes a good point, too: Julia optioned Gatsby in their joint company name. A public Q&A moderated by Ivy Lynn goes badly awry, and embarrassing. And when Julia begs Tom to let her pursue the project because it’s “the first thing that’s made me happy in years,” he drops a bombshell on their partnership: “Thank you so much: we have our answer.” Ouch. I hate when these two fight. Even if they’re not going to team up on their next project, do they have to not be besties? (Also, here’s an easy solution: Tom should direct Julia’s Gatsby adaptation. There! Crisis solved! Friendship saved! You’re welcome!) Also, in related news, Bombshell ticket sales are up after an Ivy Lynn-led P.R. onslaught that forced us to see Kathie Lee Gifford dressed in a Marilyn wig.

MUSIC! | Karen delivered a really great number — “Don’t Let Me Know” — in which her character takes a song from its birth to the studio and onto the big stage, but also had her pondering the idea that cutting off Jimmy would be easier if she knew he was truly deeply bad. We also saw Hit List’s closing number — maybe titled “Come, Stay, Goodbye” and centerted on Amanda’s death scene — but it was so corny I just couldn’t take it on.

What did you think of this week’s Smash? Is Kyle dead? Are you excited about Karen-Derek? Bummed about Tom-Julia? Distraught over Kyle-Lighting Guy? And wouldn’t everything have been better with more Ivy Lynn singing? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. laylagalise says:

    I’m not a fan of pairing Karen and Derek– I’d like both of them to be alone for a little while. Maybe over time Derek can mature Karen can become a truly independent woman. That’s not to say I want Derek with Ivy, she deserves better than someone who dumps her whenever his obsession shows him the tiniest bit of interest. With Derek’s track record he’ll likely grow tired of Karen like he’s grown tired of all the other women who he’s been with. I like them better as director/star and friends. Though Ivy and Karen are around the same age, Derek just seems SO much older than Karen– too old.

  2. syb says:

    Sat down and watched the last four episodes for the first time in one of those serial binges. It’s not a bad show, but it sure seems like the writers make it up as they’re going along. Story line–drops, momentum shifts–back, forth, back again. Tom is a complete hypocrite from his relationship with Ivy, to his relationship with Julia, to his relationship with–well everybody. He used to be the only likeable character, and with rejecting the Gatsby collaboration presented by Julia while pursuing his own dream, then deciding he wants it after all, and demanding with legal threats that Julia do his bidding, to cheating on his boyfriend…I’m always confused. Is Bombshell good? Is it bad? Is Hitlist a hit? Why do the editors cut to commercial the second they’ve built up anticipation as Ivy takes the stage? The whole thing had me emitting frustrated groans.

    Is it a “meh?” (I actually think all of Jimmy’s screw ups on stage while high, with the exception of his singing made the show kinda better.) I am afraid a really promising show has done itself in by flailing about episode to episode without a clear direction or arc.

    At this point, the only character I like at all is Ivy. And Eileen is always fun. It’s too bad the show is going to end in a fizzle. I was so promising.

  3. Whatever says:

    Jimmy is more annoying than Ellis !
    I suppose Kyle dying will magically turn Jimmy around and then we’re all supposed to love him.
    And yes Kyle is dead, his pictures were displayed at a memorial during the coming attractions.
    Jimmy is sucking the enjoyment out of watching the remaining few episodes of Smash.

  4. Tessa says:

    I loved Jimmy in the beginning and loved Jimmy/Karen as couple. I could never get behind Karen/Derrick when she had someone who loved her and didn’t look old enough to be her father. But, after this episode I am starting to hate Jimmy. I still don’t like Karen/Derrick together though.

  5. Jessica C says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love bombshell but in reality, if I were to see one of those shows on a real stage, I’d choose Hit List hands down. I’m a RentHead and always will be and I know Hit List could never be as amazing as Rent, I can still see some of the similarities. So this focus on Hit List has actually made me like this season more than the last.
    Now when it comes to the jimmy character (aka Jeremy Jordan) I wish people wouldn’t tear him down so much just because his character is a jackass. Jeremy is an AMAZING actor and did a phenomenon job in Newsies. I was ecstatic to see him added to this show. This show is supposed to be about those in the broadway world which Jimmy is. Dev was not and I’m okay with the fact that they dropped him.
    Overall, this show has done an amazing job with casting, script and song writing, and everything else that goes into this show. Hate to see it end so soon.

  6. the20thcenturyfox says:

    The local NBC station rescheduled this episode to air TODAY at 2 pm instead of last night. I laughed out loud when I saw the schedule change yesterday. Even the local stations don’t give a crap about this show! I wouldn’t have even seen it if it weren’t for my dvr catching the change. It takes days for this show to appear on demand.

  7. Liz Weaver says:

    “Two more please:)” The words heard ’round the CartWills fandom! Love those two together. Derek’s face after Karen’s “Are you gonna walk me home or what?” was priceless. Also loved how Karen said “we’ll find something else” as Derek understandably cried into his scotch about Hit List’s fading Broadway hopes. They’re just such a team…

    Pretty sure poor Kyle has gone not so gently into that good night, but glad they gave Andy M such a great Jeff Buckley song for his send off. He sang the heck out of it. I kind of thought the odd lighting on him worked.

    Agnes is one sly biotch; Derek and Scott need her on their side. Are we meant to think Eileen is thinking of producing Hit List next season? She seemed to be picturing a “Hit List” billboard over Times Square where the “Bombshell” billboard stands now. Ah, for a season three…

    Had to laugh at Jimmy’s drunken “you’re stronger than you look” when Ana yanks his punk ass off the bar to end his post-firing tantrum.

    • Random says:

      I don’t see how cartwills shippers can forget “you’re a bitter old men and after this we should not work together again”, “I wouldn’t be with him [derek] even if I was not seeing someone”.
      all forgotten when “hit list” might no be karen’s big break — but of course it will and she will the tony in smash world, but I digress.
      now karen is all: “let’s talk about OUT next project, after we f*ck”.
      yeah, dreamy pairing!

  8. Lisa says:

    We don’t know enough about HitList to judge the show on anything but the music which is phenomenal! SMASH hasn’t delved into the “book” for HitList so our plot knowledge is going to be limited. HitList is like Rent in that the talented but unknown creator dies unexpectedly (sorry but I think Kyle is dead), it is a rock musical with edge, the show stars young talented unknowns and it’s future is up in the air. Rent is a legend now but when it first opened no one knew what would happen to it. Rent is about artists living in squalor and suffering from AIDS. Yes, there is love and hope and acceptance but there is also death, pain and heartache. You people need to stop sweating the details and just enjoy the music and the fact that SMASH is still airing!

  9. Jill says:

    I am LIVID that they have potentially killed off Kyle (who just became one I my fav characters) and NOT Insufferable Jimmy. SO. SO. SO. MAD.

  10. McFudge says:

    My fondest dream scene: Karen and Derek go back to her place, he sits on the sofa while she excuses herself, saying she’ll be right back, returns wearing only a white shirt and proceeds to sing Happy Birthday to him, like in the pilot, only the end is…..different.

  11. Razzy9 says:

    Loved the Ivy bits and even though I hate them fighting, the Julia and Tom scenes. Really must say that I enjoyed seeing Derek trying to spend some time with Ivy and having her turn him down. Then had to laugh when Miss Oportunistic aka Karen ” can’t emote to save my life” Cartwright was practically throwing herself at him and Derek was like meh…

  12. Tazeme says:


    Why do all these housewives want Karen and Derek to “get together”. Stupid hookers. Don’t these lazy, People Magazine reading, antidepressant popping, remember that Derek methodically planned for and expected Karen to have sex with him in order to get even a slim chance at starring in Broadway bound musical, Bombshell in season 1? Men don’t change. Read my lips. Men. Don’t. Change.


    Yet, if you want to be a star, there are ‘things’ or people that one might just have to “do” to get ahead.

    Next, the writers this season have turned Tom, previously a likable guy, into a complete unlikable ‘Me-Me, I’m First’ asshole. How can he possibly come back from being such a prick? I know- kill him with this new meningitis? I hear it works quickly. Grace can do better than this! Bring back Will!

    Killing solid, but underwritten, Kyle is a huge mistake this week; just lame and a waste of great opportunities with actor Andy Mientus. Writers can’t come up with great stories for great talent? Poof! Great talent gets hit by traffic! Honestly, they should have run over Jeremy Jordan instead and let him go back to Newsies where his talents would be better utilized. No one likes Jimmy. No one. Not even Carolee Carmello!

    Thank God IVY finally got to shine LAST week. The one redeeming moment of the season which, I SWEAR TO GOD will last forever on youtube, etc.

    Karen’s song this week was another meh. I really love Katherine McPhee but aside from last week’s duet, they’re basically giving her the dregs of this season. Your hair looks pretty good, though! Sorry gurr, keeping it real. (Call me! I have tickets to Matilda!)

    In the end this television musical soap opera is doomed, isn’t it. Sad, though. I wanted this show to work! Only four episodes left until the “Tony’s” episode, the last, where all Hell will break loose or Jimmy will find redemption and shed tears as he accepts (or loses. soberly? who are kidding.) the Tony in behalf of his dead gay friend, Kyle, who saved him from his deranged, heterosexual self. Ivy and Karen will bitch slap each other with whatever is available at the time and then become friends again two seconds later and exchange Derek sex stories ( “he’s average!” one of them will scream while the other nods, smiling like a naughty Glee cast member). Tom and Grace, um Julia (right?), make up. Yawn. Eileen decides to fulfill a life long dream and auditions for Ru Paul season 6! A big finale about dreams and friends and love and dreams, aaand crescendo…. Lights Out!


    Then Brian D’arcy James comes out from stage left and whispers:

    “BRING BACK Theresa Rebeck!!! ”

    The End.

  13. Razzy9 says:

    Had to come and share this little gem from Vulture here “Obviously, Karen Cartwright, an unfinished airline magazine crossword puzzle who is unconvincingly masquerading as a human being, is mightily put out by Jimmy’s absence” Word!

  14. Sar says:

    If “Hit List” is like “RENT”, is Kyle going to be like Jonathn Larson and with his death, become the catalyst that Akers a little off-Broadwayvshow into a sensation and Tony-award winning musical? Because this show is one appearance by Anthony Rapp away from that happening!

  15. rebecca says:

    While I think there are some Karen/Amanda parallels, I don’t think completely. At the end of the day, Jimmy’s interests are actually being protected by him getting fired. He’s name is still on all of those songs and he stands to make royalties off them… Karen did give him the opportunity to make a name for himself by introducing him to Derek etc, but Jimmy does have a responsibility to be professional.

    The one thing I don’t like about Jimmy is that he has absolutely no concern for anyone else but himself. A lot of people are taking chances on him, and he’s acting like its all just about him….

  16. DeeKayTee says:

    Oh yeah Kyle is DOA, just checked IMDB and he doesnt seem to appear in any episodes after 4/27 :-(

  17. Sinead says:

    how about anna being replaced by Rebecca duvall??

  18. M says:

    Why was that the first time we heard Kyle sing?! Right before he gets splattered. Not fair. Jimmy’s irredeemable I fear but I’ll listen to him sing on a 24 hour loop. Kyle has chops.

  19. Anissa says:

    My thoughts:
    The opening stuff w/ Kathy Lee went on way too long; a montage of different PR events would have been better. Also Ivy does Marilyn well but Mambo needs to have actual dancing not just riding around in a chair! (yes I know Karen did that for part but not nearly that much of it)
    I really hope that Karen and Derek did start something, but I also hope we get to see it (I’m still hoping it goes down w/ her in the white dress shirt singing the Happy Birthday Mr President song like in the pilot)!
    Hoping Kyle is in a tv coma, verses dead but not very optimistic about that.
    Jimmy may be talented but not enough so to have that big a chip on his shoulder. Ugh!

  20. Barbara says:

    OMG. anybody but Kathy lee Gifford on Smash shown on Saturday night 4/27. she is soooo fake.

  21. Danny Ocean says:

    Shows been cancelled, we will never know.

  22. Justin says:

    I for one absolutely love the Hit List songs and the choreography in the dance numbers. I mean come on, that dance number with all of the people as obstacles in “I Heard Your Voice In A Dream” and not to mention “Reach For Me”. I can’t believe so many people aren’t feeling it. If either of these shows became actual plays on Broadway, I would buy my plane ticket and go right away. I will admit that the character Jimmy is kind of a douche and I get annoyed with him at leas 5 times per show, but I do love Jeremy Jordan’s voice. P.S. I want way more Jennifer Hudson!

  23. Katie says:

    I honestly can’t believe they thought Jimmy’s character was a good idea. He made Smash sink further into the ground. I completely agree with this article. How obnoxious he was when it came to Sam. His character is a waste. I wish that he would have been the one to be hit by the car. Kyle’s death was weak though, him walking and singing. I remember thinking wouldn’t be so cliche if he got hit by a car. And then he did, LOL!

    It’s time for Derek and Karen. Enough messing around!

  24. cali says:

    I enjoy “Smash” — a lot. But I still wish it were better. I wish it were much deeper. I wish it were much more purely about Broadway (and art), and not nearly as much as about an endless parade of endlessly and pointlessly dysfunctional relationships. Can any of the writers imagine any people who are actually happy, and actually get along well with others, and have wonderful and brilliant, creative and generative collaborations? I haven’t found the disharmony between Julia and Tom* entertaining or interesting in the least. As subject matter, it’s cheap. I really cringed at that interview with Ivy scene (which, by the way, seemed a bit ripped off from “Merrily We Roll Along”). It seems “Smash” — in both last season and this season — has been practically ABOUT people not getting along with each other. I don’t watch such stuff, but isn’t that the central premise of “Real Housewives”?

    The choreography and dancing in “Smash” is stunning. I’ve enjoyed most of the tunes, too. But the human stories aren’t up to the same standards.

    “Smash” still is a worthy start; but I think a really smart and fully satisfying TV series about Broadway musicals is yet to be made.

    *or Tom and Sam, Julia and her ex-husband, Tom and Derek, Derek and Karen, Karen and Jimmy, Jimmy and Kyle, Jimmy and his regular boyfriend, Karen and Ivy, Karen and Dev, Eileen and Jerry, Ivy and Leigh, Ellis and the world, Karen and Ana, Jimmy and Adam. Not a healthy relationship in the bunch. That’s just crazy — literally.

  25. sarah says:

    I was trying to see the best in Jimmy, but sadly there is not good in him.
    I was never a Karen and Derek fan, until last night and now I want them together. However it looks like Karen who fought it for so long finally gives in and then will end up being a jerk.
    I am glad that Karen and Anna seem to be getting on the right track.
    Sad about Tom and Julia.
    I hope Kyle will be okay.

  26. Vcatrina says:

    I worry that Kyle is a red herring…and speaking of red, I worry about Derek’s redhead coming back with a gun and it is bye bye Derek, not Kyle.

  27. rlbmut says:

    Yeah, ’cause Derek and Ivy are so much better, right?
    He humiliated her, used her. It’s all about sex for him and it won’t be different this time.