The CW Renews Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast, Orders The Originals to Series

InsatiableThe CW on Friday announced early renewals for its Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast. In addition, the network ordered The Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals to series.

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The series join Arrow, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural, which were previously renewed for the 2013-2014 season.

The fates of Nikita and The Carrie Diaries remain unknown; the network added that additional decisions would be made in the coming weeks.

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated with today’s pickups.

Got thoughts and feelings about your CW favorites’ futures? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. mountaineer says:

    Well I love Arrow but I’m really hoping for Carrie Diaries. It was so fun and light compared to all the other shows I watch. I’ll miss it if they ditch it.

  2. Spikenalabama says:

    Hooray for Hart of Dixie. Today has been a good day; Parenthood, Chicago Fire, Grimm and now Hart of Dixie!!!! I am a happy girl right now.

  3. Jake says:

    yeah Nikita will definitely get a final season even if it gets a 13 ep final season that would push the episode count to 80 eps which i’m guessing is close enough for syndication. I could also them renewing The Carrie Diaries for another 13 eps maybe as a back up just in case one of their new shows gets cancelled or just show those 13 eps when their fall shows are on break.

  4. jake says:

    Please Heart of Dixie? that show sucks and so does Beauty…Nikita better get renewed even if for only 10 episodes.

  5. Jessica says:

    Yay for BATB! I am glad that The Originals is going to series. Hopefully Klaus will keep his baby mama drama over there and keep it off TVD where I can pretend it was all a bad dream.

  6. ddddddddddd says:

    Can’t wait for The Originals to flop this fall.

  7. Kaitie says:

    yay hart of dixie!

  8. S says:

    I’m very happy. No more Klaus on TVD or originals :) this makes my entire day. TVD needs change and new villains so this imo is good news.

  9. Sara says:

    I tried to watch BATB but I was bored to death within the first 2-3 eps. The only thing I got from it is that even the beast is gorgeous.

    Love that HoD got renewed. It’s so different to the other shows on CW.

    Now waiting for Nikita to get renewed. It’s always been too smart for CW and I hope they do the right thing and renew it already. Nikita is probably the only show on CW to go out with a bang week after week and keep the momentum up to constantly surprise you.

    Come on CW, renew the show.

  10. JP says:

    SO SO glad to hear about Hart of Dixie!!!!!! One of the most fun shows to watch. Also, glad to hear about the Originals! Now CW just needs to renew Nikita and I am set for next season!

  11. sa says:

    So excited for HOD!!!

  12. Shannon says:

    Okay now I can stop worrying the 2 shows I have been waiting to get renewed has been. I hope everyone who likes Nikita gets their renewal as well. I do not watch the show, but it looks better than the Vampire Diaries. It seems like the CW is starting to learn and keeping shows to give them a chance to gain a fan base etc.. instead of axing things and constantly trying new shows that do not last either. I would prefer the shows pairings to be different except for Arrow and SPN as they are a good match. I would put the Carries Diaries on tuesdays at 8 and have it followed by Hart of Dixie or these two shows could be moved to Mondays so they are not up against NCIS. I would pair Nikita with Beauty and the Beast and have them on Tuesday or Friday. (SPN did well on fridays). Keep Wednesday programming the same. Sorry do not watch the Vampire Dairies. Although Damon and Stephan are hot. I just think the whole love triangle is quite boring. The Spin Off the originals looks good.

  13. Shannon says:

    Beauty and the Beast and Hart of Dixie. Okay all the shows I like on the CW have been renewed and now I can stop worrying. I hope HOFD can get its act together the 2nd half of this season has been kind of sloppy and a little messed up.

  14. Carrie says:

    Renew Nikita!! Isn’t it close to syndication? I think it would be foolish not to give the show another season.

  15. S says:

    I don’t understand the hate BATB is getting? I don’t even watch the show but imo it seems to have a loyal fanbase and this is show that the CW is trying to give some of the shows a chance… they shouldn’t cancel everything

    • Anna says:

      Well tbh I think lots of nikita fans won’t stop hating on it now. Too bad. I actually love both shows a lot, so I am happy for BATB and praying for Nikita :-)

  16. RobMF says:

    YES. Hart of Dixie is great. Glad CW renewed it. Though really it should of been a no brainer anyway that they would.

  17. ollie says:


  18. Renee says:

    Woohoo!!!! That is wonderful news for Beauty & The Beast! And congrats Hart Of Dixie fans! :-D

  19. Carol says:

    I’m really happy for Joseph, Daniel and Claire but unless they drop that stupid baby plot I can’t get myself to watch. It’s a real shame because I was so over the moon when they announced the possible spin-off.

    And for those TVD fans that think the show will improve without the Originals? I’m sorry but it won’t.. They’re not the issue, the writers are.

  20. adlib19 says:

    HART OF DIXIE!! Roll tide yay!!!!

  21. Anna says:

    I am so happy! Hart of Dixie is my happy show and I really fell in love witb Beauty and the Beast.

    I am also hoping for a Nikita renewal, that show is too good to get cancelled and is so underrated. Such a shame.

    (Yes i do love both nikita and batb, which a lot of people can’t seem to do :’))

  22. DeeKayTee says:

    Was there any doubt that The Originals would be picked up? They practically sent Klaus and Elijah off to NO for good on Thursday! Not that I am not happy about this, I think a spin off will be cool.

  23. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    The key thing to watch going forward as we close in on Upfronts next month is what series will CW pair with HoD this fall? If (a big IF) CW can find a pilot that will pair well with HoD, then Carrie Diaries is done. If they can’t, then Carrie may well come back, perhaps for short-order 13 as prior posts have noted. But CW needs to pair HoD with something at 9pm on Tuesday (or whatever day HoD lands). Perhaps BATB is a good match for HoD? Or maybe BATB will get the 8pm slot on Monday.
    I think everyone agreed that Originals was going to be picked up for fall – no surprise there. I think that leaves three pilots left to green-light? If Nikita doesn’t come back, CW may need four new series: two for Monday, one for Friday and a ‘spare’ for winter/spring? If CW cancels Nikita [which would really surprise me], CW must feel good about their pilots, which also surprises me, but I’m not good with picking CW series – I’m not in the CW demo. ; I’d go with The 100, Oxygen and Tomorrow People and renew Nikita, but I know there are folks out there who want to see Reign and Selection. We’ll all know soon at Upfronts!

    • Nero theTVFiddler says:

      …and it may turn out that either Reign or Selection will be the series needed to pair with HoD on Tuesdays…one of these two [but not both] may well be green-lighted for fall.

  24. Is it just me or does people watched Beauty and the Beast because of KRISTIN KREUK?

  25. Brandy says:

    Happy about HoD and BatB!

  26. Christina says:

    Really excited HoD gets another season. Totally my girly feel good show.

  27. Liz says:

    Yay! Dixie!!! Now all my favorite shows on CW, CBS, Fox, and NBC, minus Smash, grr, have been renewed. Come on ABC, make some announcements already.

  28. Penny says:

    Thank you so much for renewing Beauty and the Beast!!!! Love this show!

  29. Maggie Politidis says:

    Fantastic news about Beauty and the Beast. Great acting, great storyline and each episode leaves you hanging for the next one. Thanks CW for listening to the public and renewing this wonderful show. If given the correct time slot it will surpass everyone’s expectations. People who haven’t seen it or have not given it a chance, stop your winging and move on.
    Once again Thank You CW….a second season …..YAAAAY !!!

  30. ABC says:

    The Originals???? It’s just a rehash and will offer nothing new.

  31. Shannon says:

    For those who are fans of The Carrie Diaries and Nikita there may be hope. I am not a hundred percent about the Carrie Diaries, but Nikita is a lock for renewal if what I read about the CW’s current president is true and that he wants the network to be more stable and grow instead of new things each season. Meaning he more than likely renew Nikita since it has a fan base already in place and there is still room for new shows and new blood. I am not so sure about the Carrie diaries, because I have not read much, but Nikita is doing very well on Fridays like SPN did and gain audience and it got renewed and moved to a different night. hence, the articles I read stated Nikita is doing very well I am sure it will be renewed. it seems like the CW has a better head than the one who was atop since the networks combined. Do not give up hope and keep watching to keep the ratings is all I can say.

    • Brandy says:

      Nikita is not doing well, it’s getting 0.3-0.4

      • Brandy says:

        SpN did twice that on fri so Nikita is not doing well like SPN was on fri

      • Shannon says:

        I read the same numbers about Hart of Dixie for Tuesdays and it was renewed. Sorry I do not watch it, but I hope the show gets renewed.

        • Brandy says:

          HiD gets 0 5_0.6 with the exception of this week.Nikita usually gets 0 3_0 4 but did get one 0 2 .HoD got renewed because of stable ratungs,doing well online,ondemand,indvr,inW18_34, &being cheap to make plus its the fourth highest rated cw show where Nikita is in the bottom two.Nikita got renewed last season for international sales and maybeit will now for syndication.HoD was the third highest rated show the last three weeks if last season.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Don’t forget that Nikita wasn’t even shown on many stations in some of the largest markets in the U.S. recently due to the Boston tragedy coverage so it’s not really fair to even count the ratings for those episodes.

  32. I just want Emily Owens MD to come back !!! Seriously the CW Network made the WORST call by cancelling that show and allowing Cult to take over! GRRR Cult got cancelled pretty much sooner than EOMD did and The Carrie Diaries looks like it will be cancelled too! Please bring back Emily Owens MD or at least shoot the last 9 episodes for the fans so we can get closure!!!!

  33. Rachel says:

    hahaha to the haters!! thank you for renewing BATB, really come to enjoy it since it come back from its winter break.

  34. YowzaPowza says:

    Ugh, there goes Nikita, the best show on The CW.

  35. Danielle H. says:

    Yayyyyyy I watch all 3 so YAYAYAYAYAYA.. good day!

  36. arianeb says:

    The CW has some potentially really good new shows in The Hundred, The Tomorrow People, and The Selection. Not sure where they are going to put all these shows.

  37. Mikael says:

    CW would be stupid to cancel Nikita now. One more FULL season would put it in syndication territory. Plus the show is a critical success and does well overseas. So while the ratings aren’t good, the show does well in other areas and giving it a full 4th season would be better for them than not.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:


      And it is something they need to try to expand their view base. The whole aim the channel 100% at teen girls and forcibly try to scare off guys didn’t work out so well (it probably even hurt shows like Veronica Mars that were actually totally guy friendly even though they didn’t promote it that way with all the Aerie Girls girls night in TV stuff).

  38. Kali says:

    So so happy for Beauty and the Beast!!! Can’t believe this is really happening. All the book sending and polling wasn’t in vain.
    Thank you CW and CBS!!!!

  39. Michael says:

    Nikita will be renewed and i think a 22 ep full season as well. The CW will not want to go down in history to throw money away they can earn in syndication on this show that hugely popular oveseas.

    But CW you messed up by not renewing it today wth man

    • Shannon says:

      I agree and plus with all the money they wasted on Gossip Girl and America’s Next Top Model i would be hard press for the network to not give it another season so it can go into syndication. The one thing the CW needs to work on is pairing the shows better and placing the shows on nights were they can excel and not up against juggernauts like NCIS. i will watch NCIS and then record my other shows for that night. SPN on Wednesday along with Arrow are probably the best pair right now. I think The CW should pair Nikita with Beauty and the Beast and place it on Mondays. I am hoping Nikita gets renewed for the fans. I am glad the shows I recently discovered have been renewed.

  40. Shannon says:

    Well I am comparing neilson ratings and compared Nikita with Vampire Diaries. I am not a fan of the show only because I have not watched it and have too many shows I already watch. I am curious to why it was sent to Fridays. It bested TVD on thursdays in more viewership etc..Anyways I am hoping the CW renews it for the fans as I have stated in previous comments as I am ecstatic the 2 new shows I discovered are renewed. Nikita is getting kicked with the scheduling. It is a lead in show to no show at all. If it is to be a lead in show it needs to be with Beauty and the Beast as they are a better fit and be placed on mondays. Seriously why put the revamped 90210 on Mondays which is a prime night? If Nikita was averaging about 4 million on thursdays which is already a tough night it shows they can do well on big nights hence place it with a good show. Either have Beauty and the Beast be the lead in show and Nikita follow up on Mondays or vice versa. Hart of Dixie needs to be placed with a different pairing and should not be a lead in show it should have a lead in show for it. (I think renewing America’s Next Top) was a mistake when it averages less than 2 million.

    if I was in charge of renewing the shows and doing scheduling I would place the new shows on Fridays with advertising that way people can see it on an off night and if they do well move to another night. i would renew Nikita for 1 more season.. Tell me what you think of My scheduling and this excludes (90210 America’s Next Top Model, oh Sit– I think the shows should be cancelled)

    beauty and the Beast 8p.m.
    (these shows can be either time as long as they both are good lead in shows)
    New Show
    Hart of Dixie-9p.m.
    (not a fan of NCIS:LA so i would choose Hart of Dixie if it were on at 9 on Tuesdays)

    (I think this is the best pairing on the CW)

    (New Show)
    TVD although not a fan of the show aside from the actors that play the brothers.

    New Show
    New Show

    See I created a schedule where everyone should be pretty pleased with and Nikita is renewed. I do not know much about the Carrie Diaries so I am not sure of its chances. Good Luck to that show too.

    • julio says:

      putting two new show on fridays is not a good idea. most likely they will put nikita and beauty and the beast on fridays the reason for nikita is because if it gets renewed it will probably be its last season and it might as well stay on a friday where its not expected to do so good. The reason for beauty and the beast to be put into friday is because most likely they arent giving it much hope and will want to do bad. that leaves the opportunity of two new shows to premiere on either monday or tuesday and giving the possibilities an opportunity to succeed instead of dooming those shows by premiering them on a friday.

    • Mr. Zero TV says:

      I’d place returning shows in 8pm hour each night, and then follow-up at 9pm with new series (if appropriate.) Wednesday and Thursday look locked in – Arrow and SNatural on Wednesday, TVD and Originals on Thursday.
      I’m assuming Nikita is coming back to Friday at 8pm, followed by a new series – either The 100 or Tomorrow People at 9pm. Monday and Tuesday are a bit more complicated, depending upon where HoD is placed. I’d move BATB to 8pm Tuesday, paired with Oxygen at 9pm. All these shows [Tues-Fri] are more ‘genre/sci-fi/action adventure]’ type series.
      That leaves HoD for Monday at 8pm, and what to pair with it? Keep an eye on Upfronts – we may see a surprise here, with either Reign or Selection getting that 9pm slot on Monday.

      • Shannon2 says:

        I do not think Oxygen will get picked up by the CW, but if it does I will see how it does, but I do not have high hopes for it because it is a rehash of the 1999 show Roswell which they actually cancelled 10 years ago and I already know that show will be better than this. The only difference the new show has is it has more aliens.

  41. Tarc says:

    Yay for Hart and Beauty, and a reluctant yay for The Originals (only so that the Originals leave VD alone). I hope that doesn’t mean Carrie Diaries is gone… I’d even be more irritated with the Originals.

  42. ndavika says:

    Really hoping for some good (full season, even if final :,-/) news about Nikita soon. I know us Agents have always had to deal with 11th hour renewals, but our dedication & the true depth and quality of this show should be acknowledged. For a network comprised of mostly teen girls Nikita draws a much broader audience and has an impressive international fan base. Despite being out of most of the CW’s key demographic, I love Nikita, faithfully watching live every Friday & many times during the week. I’ve converted every friend I’ve encountered & even sing the praises of this show to…pretty much anyone I’m talking to, 6 degrees of separation style ;-). Staying positive & riding out the next couple episodes with great hope for Season 4. NIKITA!!! :-)

    • Shannon2 says:

      You are incorrect about the network demographics. It aims mostly at the teens which is hard in so many ways and do not really understand it because they have a base where they can be the sci-fi/comic book/adventure etc network and work well. They still should have picked up Moonlight (I know it was a while back, but still irked at its cancellation because it garnished 8 million viewers) could you have imagined what the network could have done with that many viewers with an already established show? Anyways sorry the tangent. Most shows have a varied fanbase. I was on a blog recently for Supernatural and found it surprising that people on this blog ranged from teens all the way up to people in their 60s and male and female, straight/gay etc alike are a fan of this show. I place it on Kripke going away from the norm and having rock music in the episodes and a really impressive 1967 Impala as a third main character. I am pretty sure the same can be said for for most of the shows. i personally do not watch Nikita because it reminds me too much of Le Femme Nikita that USA Network did. I do hope you get your renewal. I like HOFD and Beauty and the Beast. Nikita fans you can do what Chuck fans did and instead of complaining etc.. rally by using every means necessary. I watched Chuck and for 5 seasons it was always an 11th hour renewal, so as fans we campaigned by bringing in other businesses to our cause like Subway in which we bought a subway sandwich and in turn on the comment cards wrote renew Chuck. That and they brought the execs to Comic Con where they showed how Chuck ruled oat Comic Con and how much the fans enjoyed the show. We garnished 5 seasons out of it. I also read why it was not renewed yet was because the creator was in Virginia and is meeting this week to pitch season 4 to the network, so have hope. It seems like the network’s new president has a better hold on things than the past one and since he has renewed pretty much everything that is established I think he will renew Nikita.

  43. angelstorm says:

    Beauty and the Beast over Nikita ? Come on !! I’m pleased about Hart of Dixie though . . . Come on CW . . . NIKITA !!

  44. So… The CW treats their most critically-acclaimed show, Nikita, like crap, and makes the fans sweat about a renewal until the last minute. What else is new?

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      bad flash backs to Veronica Mars…. and so close to syndication too.

      • True. I only caught up on Veronica Mars after it had already been cancelled, and I liked but didn’t *love* it so it didn’t upset me that much that it didn’t get a proper ending… but for die-hard fans, the way the show ended must have been frustrating as hell. I’m glad they pulled off the Kickstarter campaign and are getting a movie. Generally speaking, if The CW hadn’t put all of its eggs in the crappy teen soap opera basket, it would’ve had a more respectable reputation and the ratings would probably be better. By treating the intelligent, mature shows like VM and Nikita so poorly, they’re ultimately shooting themselves in the foot.

        • Shannon2 says:

          I agree with most of your post not all as not all of the shows are teen soap operas for example Supernatural which it treated poorly by taking away its prime slot on Thursdays to give it to TVD 9not a fan of that show) and moving it to Fridays, but it excelled at Fridays and was moved. I place blame on the 1st president of the CW where she made the mistake of bringing back 7th Heaven which already had a series finale for one more season because she thought that show would get more viewership/ratings for the network. Big mistake. i too found Veronica Mars after it was cancelled and really liked it and would have loved for it to have been renewed. Since its inception the CW, aside from maybe this season because I am having with almost all their decisions, has made poor choices in what it renews. I am surprised the CW picked up The Vampire Diaries which i find boring and they did not pick up the CBS cancelled show Moonlight years prior that had 8 million viewership already and an established fanbase. So sad..
          Let look at what they renewed and cancelled over the years–
          Renewed gossip Girl, America’s next top model, One Tree Hill, 90210, Melrose PLace,
          all these shows had disastrous ratings (well One tree went down in ratings the longer it was on as I liked it for the 1st 3 seasons) even more so than Nikita (although Nikita did quite well on Thursdays better than TVD so i am not sure why it was moved to Fridays. Granted they even tried to stick a fork in Supernatural by cutting its budget and moving it to Fridays, but the fans rallied and kept watching and the creators writers still produced better episodes than the shows the network was dumping all its money into ex: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill etc..
          I read in article those shows the CW owned so they could get more money back, but not sure how that all worked and still does not make since because none of those shows were ever bought into syndication like Supernatural and Smallville has. Yes they would have a better reputation if they cancelled certain shows when they should have and renewed others another one I remember that i found after it was cancelled was Reaper and wish that was renewed. When they first came to be they had a moment to make their mark on the place and instead of garnishing what they had and with shows to have a diverse viewership and shows and I agree they went with teen soaps which are terrible (teenagers trying to act like they are 30 come one?). They could have been the supernatural/ sci-fy/comic/ action etc network with the shows they had and should have kept others they cancelled or got shows that were cancelled from other networks. I have faith with the new president he is starting to see which shows are doing well and what types are doing well and keeping those and getting rid of others, so based on his decisions so far I think he will give Nikita a chance. Also it was not announced with these 2 shows, because Nikita creator was not in town to pitch season 4 until this current week. I think the new president is trying to turn the network around financially as well as its reputation and it should fare well if he keeps making decent decisions.

  45. lil ole me says:

    YAY! that is all…

  46. Ana says:

    I truly believe Beauty and the Beast deserved the renewal. Beasties worldwide will stand together to support this show! We know there are haters but to each his own.

    • Shannon says:

      There will always be haters even if those haters never seen the show. The hate seems mostly be coming from oher shows that have not been renewed or got cancelled. It seems interesting they are hating on these 2 shows instead of any other shows the CW has. I personally live by a rule where I can not hate or tease about something until I have read soemthing or at least seen one episode. Hence therefore I give things a chance where I will either see /read it and like it or I won’t. At least I would give it a chance and if it turns out I do not like it I would have abasis for it. So far most things I disliked prior I have turned to like it. I personally just found these 2 shows this season and mostly because I was flipping through channels. It turns out I like both and hence caught up on HOD 1st season via netflix.

  47. Laura says:

    have not erased B & B? lucky! because at 0.5 / 1 and 1.24 viewers in season 1 are mediocre results. The CW network always goes wrong! 😫 💣Kristin K. a wax doll!

  48. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    Damn can’t believe Nikita is still in trouble!! It only needs one more season to syndication, come on CW!!!!! It has such a rough time slot too (and ABC dropping doubles of Happy Endings against Nikita and telling those fans they need to watch it live or have it get cancelled).

  49. Mikaela says:

    This might give Austin Butler an in to get back to Switched at Birth! Miss me my Wilkie!

  50. J.T. says:

    I do like BATB but Nikita is much better. I think supernatural has run it’s course. So I agree with a post left above about just putting BATB & Nikita back to back on Fridays. I think it would be a shame to take Nikita off the air because of the time slots. Nikita might even give you better ratings Tuesdays because frankly the quality of television has went down on Tuesdays.

    • Shannon says:

      I disagree Supernatural was placed on Fridays to die and it prevailed and even increased its fans and viewership. I think it still has great stories, episodes left. Nikita is not doing like Supernatural and Smallville did because it has no great lead in show nor a great show for it to lead into. If it gets paired with a new show or BATB it might garnish stuff. Supernatural is also on TNT for syndication and gaining more fans and viewership that way as well just like The Big Bang. I would think the network would want it to be avalable for sell to syndication and maybe garnish more fans and viewership that way.