Was Office Angst Worth It? Are Mondays Rough on the FBI? NCIS Double Take? And More Qs!

Popular TV Shows 2013 Game of ThronesWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Castle, NCIS, The Office and Scandal!

1 | Can Orphan Black have more scenes of soccer mom Alison getting into character as Sarah? Because that was delightful!

2 | Was anyone able to follow what was going on at the end of Doctor Who’s “pocket universe” adventure? All we seem to remember is the empath lady howling. A lot.

3 | Are Game of Thrones‘ Lord Varys and Lady Olenna Redwyne your new favorite pairing on the show?

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4 | Could Mad Men have been any more subtle in revealing which firm landed the Heinz ketchup account? And Peggy is brilliant and capable all on her own, and we get that the student has become the master, but why undercut her growth by having her use one of Don’s lines?

5 | Has there been a funnier sight gag on TV this season than Veep‘s Jonah sneaking behind Selina and using his torso to block the backdrop of a pig on a spit as the Vice President spoke about her daughter’s controversial college paper on the Israel-Palestine conflict?

6 | Between the CDC having no clue about Arastoo’s infection on Bones and The Following‘s FBI walking into another one of Joe’s traps (which ended up with one of their own buried alive!), wasn’t Monday a terrible night for fictional federal agencies? But The Following FBI agents got what they deserved by stupidly not checking for weapons, right?

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Popular TV Shows 2013 Castle7 | How incredibly different — and fanbase-polarizing! — would Castle Season 3 have been if someone as dashing as Ioan Gruffudd (who this week guested and tempted as Erik Vaughn) had been cast as Josh?

8 | With great folks like The Voice‘s Jessica Childress and Patrick Dodd failing to score Steals in favor of inferior vocalists, wouldn’t it be better if the show changed its format in Season 5 and allowed the coaches to make their choices at the end of Battle Rounds, from the entire pool of available contestants?

9 | NCIS‘ obvious, ginormous, episode-ending drama aside, didn’t the Berlin cafe where Ziva and Tony met up with her contact look like it was situated on the exact same Baltimore street Gibbs and McGee stood on earlier?

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10 | Hart of Dixie‘s George is probably going to change his mind eventually, but how great was it to see him stick by Tansy and reject Zoe?

11 | How can anyone not be Team Matty on Awkward?

12 | Was there a sweeter moment on American Idol this season than Candice Glover losing her mind as Drake came out on stage to thank her for covering his “Find Your Love,” and then watching her three remaining rivals (Amber, Angie and Kree) lose their minds with excitement for their colleague?

Popular TV Shows 2013 The Office13 | Was all of The Office Season 9’s Jim and Pam heartache worth it for this week’s incredibly moving and nostalgia-filled concluding scene? (Bonus points for another Michael Scott moment being thrown in!)

PHOTO | Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers — Caroline and Klaus’ Heated Confrontation

14 | Vampire Diaries burning question: Will the baby be a hybrid like his papa? Or since it was the werewolf side of Klaus that impregnated Hayley, is it an all werewolf baby?

15 | Really, Beauty and the Beast‘s Catherine? You’re surprised/frustrated that the giant room full of top-secret computer servers is password-protected?

16 | On Scandal, was anyone else surprised Liv didn’t spend more time grilling Fitz about the, um, security cameras he had installed in her apartment?

17 | Alphas fans, did this week’s Big Bang Theory take a little sting out of the Syfy show’s cancellation? Or just make you miss it more?

18 | Were Hannibal‘s “angels” the most disturbing thing you’ve seen on network TV in some time?

19 | Can New Girl sue that beer commercial featuring the Jess/Nick/Winston-like roommates bidding a couch adieu?

20 | Did anybody else feel sorry for Grey’s Anatomy doc Jackson when, every time he made a suggestion (good or bad), the Super Friends gleefully voted him down? Wouldn’t you think at least one of the plane crash survivors/board members would be a little more politic and less cliquish?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jen says:

    Another Q – Why would GH have Lulu lose her memory and thus becoming unlikable just as the new actress steps in? Seems to me that if they want the audience to accept the new face, they’d transition her in seemlessly as if nothing has changed with the character at all. Seems like an entirely new character now, which is a bummer since Lulu has been such a favorite.

    • dude says:

      That would be worse actually. Her amnesia is a blank slate, allowing her to interact with the cast as-if she’s a new character and re-establish chemistry. If she were dropped in as if nothing ever changed, it would be extremely jarring. I like Marcy Rylan and I’m confidant she can run with this character. It’s not her first time stepping into a recast role.

      • Jen says:

        I hope so. I don’t know her from other roles but she seems capable so far. I just think back to other recasts (Carly, AJ, Emily, many Joey Buchanans, etc) and it seems to work better when they bring in a new actor and just let it be and allow you to get used to it and eventually forget it was a recast.

        Feels like they are using the recast as a reason to give Lulu/Dante a new storyline when they already have one with the baby. Hopefully the amnesia plot wraps up soon.

  2. Sky says:

    Have to admit the science on Bones was pretty ridiculous, no lab in the land would tell the CDC they had more authority than the CDC did…oh well, its Bones, they live in their own world many times.

  3. Britta Unfiltered says:

    4. I think the point of having her steal one of Don’s lines was to show she had taken her boss seriously and was really willing to use her friendships to get ahead in business.

  4. Autumn says:

    #2 I didn’t find it hard to follow Doctor Who…One of my favorite episodes. The girl was crying (not THAT much of the time) because of the pain in creating the empathic bond with her future descendant and thus able (through the Doctor’s knowledge) open up the pocket universe but she could only keep it open for a short period of time. And I loved how the episode was all a big love story with both Alec and Emma and the monsters. A better question for me would be why can’t Alec and Emma have their own show?

    • Mary says:

      Because Emma is busy working in the East End of London as a midwife…

    • Meg says:

      I agree, Autumn! I really liked the episode and didn’t think it was that hard to follow either…although, perhaps it’s because I was previously exposed to “pocket universes” on Fringe :-)

    • Nessie says:

      If they found last weeks hard to follow, I can’t wait to see what they think of this weeks :P

  5. Autumn says:

    #15 The answer to BATB is simple: the episode was heavily flawed with HUGE leaps of logic that made all these characters look dumb. Like Seriously dumb. A better question than the password is why there was no one really guarding the big server room? It made Muirfield look like the weakest government villain ever. Not only that, but Catherine is surprised there is a file on Vincent? Duh! Of course there is. She should have let Gabe get the files and then deleted it later. He wouldn’t know that some random Vincent Keller dude was important…Then, the entire police department looked foolish when Vincent could follow the blood trail back to the scene but they didn’t think to follow their own blood trail with a dog. Or even with their own eyes. Not only that, but Muirfield hadn’t come across the scene either. No clean up or anything. So lame. And Muirfield is even lamer that they didn’t think to go through Evan’s apartment for his journals. AND, finally, where did Vincent get the money to get his rundown mansion? That was about as believable to me as the end of season 8 Smallville when Jimmy reveals to Chloe that he had bought her the Watchtower as a wedding gift. Seriously flawed because earlier in the season, Jimmy was addicted to drugs and stealing from Chloe…Why oh why have Smallville writers taken over this show? At least Vincent carrying Catherine in the fire was cool…

  6. Alyssa says:

    7. If Ioan Gruffudd had been cast like a Josh Davidson I actually would have had trouble hating him…

    • Becca says:

      Me too! I was just mildly annoyed when he tried to kiss Beckett, instead of throwing something at my t.v. like I would have if it was someone else lol

      • Kim R says:

        I was annoyed at Beckett for not immediately backing away. He got his lips on hers before she moved. Not a good girlfriend move. :)

  7. Maggie says:

    11. THIS!! the conversation between Jenna & Matty after the charades debacle was amazing, it was honest & so emotional. I love them together and can’t wait to watch the relationship develop.

  8. GS says:

    7. Absolutely! I have loved Ioan from the Fantastic 4 days but fell head over heels during Ringer. I was almost wishing Kate would go there b/c I just don’t feel any heat b/w her and Castle now.

    14. The baby should be werewolf only since vampires are made by biting but since this is tv, I’m good with whatever they do.

    16. Thank you! Liv gives in too easy to Fitz. I’d have been going nuts on him about the cameras but I really wonder if he knows since Jake has his own agenda. Hmmmm???

    • Dreamrose says:

      Re: #7 – I’ve like Ioan Gruffudd since his days as Horatio Hornblower! Jamie Bamber, who later played Lee Adama on Battlestar Galactica, was his co-star for those stories.

      • scooby says:

        Love Ioan. It’s a shame A&E rebranded and isn’t likely to actually show anymore Hornblower. The captain trilogy was almost up and that would be an amazing film franchise–a longer version of the Gregory Peck single film adaptation. I doubt Ioan would get to keep playing the part, but he’s amazing in it, as are Robert Lindsay, etc from the previous series. Re: Castle, would’ve loved to see him more. He’d have made a great romantic foil for Castle. I don’t get the people griping about Caskett this season, just don’t get it. We’re getting great moments, and they’re being pretty serious about each other. We got spooning for crying out loud. They can’t show fanfictionesque heat every week. It takes money and time to do those scenes which would basically be redundant. They had Beckett and Castle trying for sexy time at different points in the last ep and there were things that happened which advanced their relationship arc and the characters themselves. The gaming thing happens with couples where things you did while single butt up against the priorities of the other person. The ‘where are we going’ conversation awkwardly happens between couples, even ones in love. You can’t just assume, you have to spell it out if you just want to live with someone vs. get married, or whether you want kids (or more kids in his case). Stuff has to be said. He can be glib and be hilarious, but when you need a serious talk, he’s gotta be able to handle that too. Doing that would show growth for the character. He’s been so focused on getting Beckett he doesn’t realize there are things you gotta do after that. Castle’s never done that successfully because if he had, well he wouldn’t be twice divorced, now would he?

    • Autumn says:

      I don’t watch Castle but I might tune in just for Ioan. Love him. He needs his own show.

  9. Bruce_F says:

    1. Yes, please. While we’re at it, Felix and Alison should have as many scenes together as possible.
    2. “Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey.” That’s the official Moffat explanation, I’m sure.
    3. They were great together and Diana Rigg has been wonderful in general.
    10. Enjoy that decision because the writers aren’t making many good ones on Hart of Dixie this season.
    11. I’m on team Valerie as always.
    14. Unless that baby grows up super fast (assuming it’s brought to term) I’d say the question is more or less moot.
    15. Ha! Yes, that was very ridiculous.
    20. Little known fact: Someone (or a group of someones) is always being a dick to someone else on Grey’s Anatomy. Always.

  10. b miller says:

    1) You know that Tatiana Maslany as Sarah, etc. has to really be enjoying playing so many characters, all in one show. And she does them all really well…HOOKED ON IT!!!

  11. Poppy says:

    13. I was beginning to think The Office was going to screw up the best relationship on TV. My heart was in my throat thinking that Pam wasn’t going to hug Jim back. Hopefully with only a few episodes left we can get back to the JIm and Pam we all love!

  12. bluebonnetbelle says:

    17. I was just waiting for Penny’s friend Cole (Ryan Cartwright from Alphas) from community college to walk in and have Sheldon look him up and down.
    Though the ending with Sheldon on the phone with the writer…I yelled pretty much the same thing at my TV during the last episode of Emily Owens MD!

  13. Alichat says:

    16 – Yes! I was waiting for her to ask Fitz if part of his surveillance package with Jake included having him seduce her. I wanted to see Fitz’s expression sooo bad. I still don’t get why she didn’t throw that in his face. Why didn’t she specifically say “cameras in my house!”?
    20 – I certainly hope this “let’s vote and overrule Jackson” trend comes to an end soon. They’re just going to open themselves up for another lawsuit. He seems to be the only one taking his job seriously.

  14. Jen says:

    Lol at Lord Varys and Lady Olenna. The have-nots and the decrepit.
    Jim and Pam. Seriously the best thing The Office has going for it right now. I admit to being worried about Pam in that scene; but, FINALLY, she reciprocated!
    And, Hannibal is disturbing. Period. I’m intrigued, but it should be on cable.

  15. SarahJ says:

    #13: no, it was not worth it. Just keep them together.

    • tripoli says:

      Agreed. It’s been pretty pointless and annoying having Jim and Pam at odds. This show is a comedy and the relationship woes was not a funny or interesting plot. I’ve been less harsh on the show then most, since Carell left, but this storyline has sucked all the laughs out of this season.

  16. KD says:

    Is she supposed to know he has cameras around her house? Jake said that he saw her getting attacked outside the house. I think Fitz (or Cyrus with Charlie’s comment that Olivia was wearing Jake’s t-shirt) will figure out that there’s more to that rescue.

    • Steven says:

      It’s been a while, but if you think back to it, she actually got hurt at HIS place, trying to back away from him in terror after discovering A) that turning on his TV established a direct connection to surveillance in her apartment and B) someone was there to kill her. They lied about how it happened.

  17. Jen says:

    20. Ugh yes. I’m waiting for Jackson to grow a spine and be all “My family’s money/kindness is the reason any of you are even in this position so STFU” To be be fair, it’s mostly Meredith (sometimes Derek) and Callie who are acting like immature teenagers about everything and not respecting Jackson. Cristina and Arizona mostly just keep quiet but they could speak up at some point.

  18. Laura says:

    #9. YES!!

  19. Whatever says:

    3.Lord Varys and Lady Olenna are just my favorite pairing , period !
    Lady Olenna is like the Dowager Countess of Downton on Steroids.
    18.Everything on Hannibal is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen on network TV.
    The mushroom people and now the angels , man that show just creeps me out.

  20. Mark says:

    Sheldon rules —- Syfy channel Sucks

  21. pfitzdc says:

    Thank you! You hinted at one of my top questions…actually how does Olivia know that Fitz was behind Jake bugging her apartment?! We never saw that reveal…sloppy sloppy…because remember Jake asked her not to out their connection…and knowing that Fitz is a point in a triangle would have been HUGE. Last nights episode had several uncharacteristic holes…

  22. ollie says:

    #7 would have spilt the fan base but more fans probable would have.went with josh as played by ioan. #10 yes glad.he stuck with tansy but for how long is the real question.#14 baby will probable be a werewolf instead of a hybrid but at this point who knows.

  23. mags says:

    #2. The Doctor realized that the creature in the pocket universe was trying to be reuninted with its mate, who was in the regular universe. It ended with Emma helping The Doctor go back to the pocket universe to get the creature, so as to reunite it with its mate.

  24. cjeffery7 says:

    1 – more allison and felix! so hilarious together!

  25. cc says:

    YES! for the Voice. I’ve been saying they should do that since last season. Ridic.

  26. Pat says:

    I rewatched the Pam and Jim moment a dozen times at least and yes it was worth it. I get it is a comedy but what has kept me with the Office over the years is the occassional moments that are poignant for their simple realness and offsets the silliness with a touch of sweetness.

  27. Mr. Zero TV says:

    13. I’ve watched a lot of TV over the years, and seen many final seasons of long running series unfold, but this final season of The Office has been hard to watch. There have been some moments that have been good (Jim and Daryl in Philly startup), and some episodes that have been very funny (the lice episode – outstanding); but overall, very disappointing season. There’s a lesson here for other series and their production teams – if you want a final season, make certain you are ready for it and everyone is on board.
    I still enjoying watching the show, but just disappointed. I have watched both Office and HIMYM almost from the start, and I still believe HIMYM has a story left to tell. I think with the Office, there just wasn’t much story left to tell – they probably should have wrapped it up last season, or when SC left in spring 2011. Sometimes shows stay a bit too long. The HIMYM team needs to ensure this doesn’t happen to them next season – a lesson to learn.

  28. The Following has the most incompetent FBI team EVER! I quit the show because they never, ever get it right. Had it been any other show, they would have shut down the darned cult already. Argh! Makes me mad. (Don’t get me wrong, the show has a nice premise, and if the writers were as great to continue it with the agents having some progress a la Homeland, I’d stick to it).

  29. 8. Yes, yes and yes. I’ve been saying the exact same thing since season 1. In one sense, it would be less pressure for the contestant because it wouldn’t be as much of a 50/50 chance, so contestants could make more of the duets, but in another sense, it would be more pressure because they would be battling the entire time. But I guess the producers think it’s more dramatic this way.

    This is one of the few (or only) things the X factor does better. When they do one-on-one, both contestants can make it.

    I would love to see The Voice continue to make changes only in response to what viewers want.

    But on The Voice, the contestants are going to be good no matter what.

    Also, I’m sure this has been said by many before me and will be said by many after me, but the “steal” is not a “steal,” it’s a save.

  30. MoshiMoshi says:

    Alphas!!!!!! ;(

  31. Magically Suspicious says:

    13. They’ve done a beautiful job with this final season of The Office. The JIm/Pam storyline took me by surprise, but it’s been so incredibly real and it’s kept me riveted. I was in tears at the end of this episode when Pam didn’t hug him back right away, but I would have been so disappointed if they’d gone another way. They’ve managed to show real life in an accurate light, but still keep the show funny. I will miss it terribly when its gone.

  32. madbengalsfan85 says:

    6) I gave up on The Following when I realized that the federal agents were dumber than a box of rocks

    7) Sorry Castle, you can’t compete with Mr Fantastic

  33. Miss Me says:

    #3 Pretty sure Lady Olenna is a Tyrell and not a Redwyne.