Once Upon a Time Sneak Peeks: Hook Is Handed a Big Surprise, The Charmings Plan a Trip

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Captain Hook’s captors spring another surprise on him, while the Charmings plan a family getaway — with one notable exception from the invite list.

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In this first clip from Season 2’s antepenultimate episode, “The Evil Queen,” Hook properly meets his abductors, Tamara and Greg (who seemingly just stepped out of a 1920s gangster movie). The pirate, however, refuses to do their bidding, saying that his destiny has been fulfilled, having slain Rumplestiltskin. Uh-oh, this is about to get awkward….

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Elsewhere in the episode, with the magic beans ready for harvest, David and Mary Margaret start plotting their big portal-hop by going over the manifest. Guess who’s not getting invited to return to Fairytale Land? And what (or who?) is up with the conspicuous Gorton’s fisherman within earshot…?

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  1. Fisherman = Regina, of course,

  2. Jenn in NH says:

    Finally we get some Hook!!!! The last few episodes have been rather boring without a little eye candy ;) Looking forward to these last few episodes, though I can’t believe another season is almost done… Hopefully the pace will pick up and it gets back to the OUAT that we all know and love!

  3. Sheryl says:

    That’s Gorton’s fisherman…and I don’t trust him.

    • lyn says:

      He kind of looks like one of the kings in disguise. Snow’s father is dead, but there is James’ father, Kathryn’s father, Cinderella’s father-in-law, Aurora’s father [still alive?], etc. IDK

  4. agnes says:

    Thanks God Hook is back!! I was about to quit the series….

    • TVDIVA says:

      In real life he broke his ankle or leg or something. He showed everyone at Comic-con. So that is why he was missing for so long.

  5. sara says:

    Poor Hook, he’s such a flop. And damn, they’re really trying hard to make Charming into an idiot, aren’t they?

    • whatever says:

      lol, i was thinking about the same thing. Hook is probably the most miserable pirate ever. .what a loser, hehe

    • A says:

      lol they’re not “trying”. IMO Charming is such an annoying and insufferable character. There’s something about the character that I just find difficult to watch. Every time he shows up on screen I roll my eyes. I wouldn’t mind if he was gone from the show or maybe I would be able to tolerate the character if a different actor was portraying the role.

      • sara says:

        Same. I feel like they were trying to make him like, Clark Kent or someone like that, just really sweet and loyal and naive. But misjudged and ended up with someone who just is an idiot.

        • A says:

          Exactly! I hate when he tries to play the hero because he is definitely NOT good at it. I sit sometimes and I’m watching and in my head I’m like “Regina, you want your revenge on Snow? Just get rid of this fool already!”
          What I also find so annoying is that Charming is so damn emotional all the time which makes it laughable when he tries to act like the tough guy and be the hero. It’s okay for him to be an emotional and sensitive guy, that’s fine, but if you want the character to be believable as an actual king, prince, warrior or whatever there needs to be a balance.

      • GuyAwks says:

        I don’t get what Charming does in that scene that’s “annoying” or “insufferable”. He wants to put the psychotic mass-murderer- who has committed countless atrocities, cursed everyone into oblivion and keeps trying to kill everyone- in a jail cell where she belongs. What wrong with that? Regina needs to be punished. Charming is probably the only rational person on the show to finally realize this.

        If Snow had just listened to him and let Regina be executed back in FTL none of this would even be happening.

        • A says:

          I never referred to my dislike of him in that scene. I meant it in a general sense. But if you want to know why specifically in that scene that I find him annoying. He DOESN’T know how to be a hero/tough guy. Its really laughable. He makes stupid suggestions like “Hey let’s tell Regina (the Evil Queen) about the beans and tell her she can come back to FTL and live her days in a cell.” What kind of stupid suggestion is that? If Regina ever agreed to that I don’t know how the show could continue on. And if he ever asks her to do that I hope she makes him feel like a fool for even suggesting it. The fact that he thinks someone, evil or good, will choose to be incarcerated in a cell for the rest of their life is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.
          Aside from that, I just personally really dislike the character and the actor in this role is just not my favorite and wish he was played by someone else.

      • -G says:

        ROTFL – Charming is a total dingbat and I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds him annoying. My personal peeve with him is every time he self-righteously puffs up an says, “I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my family,” and then he does something horrendously stupid. They seem to find ways to make him an idiot.

  6. andy j says:

    When I saw the blurb I was sure the Charmings were planning a family getaway to Hawaii. I would love to see Lana Parilla in a bikini.

  7. Andrew says:

    This is just an idea, but could the Gorton’s fisherman be Greg’s father, who Regina said had left town?????

    • Shannon says:

      I’m leaning towards that as well, especially since we’ve been told that we’re going to find out what happened to them and it think that if they are going to another realm by the end of the season, they are going to need to wrap up the Greg/Tamara plot very quickly (even if they are the reason they wind up in neverland?? or where ever it is)

    • Shaun says:

      If his father was free,then wouldn’t he be locked up?Or else he’d just sneak away,lol.

      • lyn says:

        Not if Regina brainwashed him. Remember when Regina took Jefferson below the crypt? Didn’t she say she brought a few things with her from FTL, but didn’t have much left? Or, alternatively, she could have doped him. But, to me, he looks like one of the kings.

  8. Tess says:

    Hook is finally back! So happy about this. But I am so tired of the way they are writing him. He’s a pirate, stop tying him up every two seconds. He’s a fighter.

  9. Len1 says:

    So glad to see Hook back!!!! Colin just plays him brilliantly – the many expressions and sides he brings… funny and then angry expressions! Hook doesnt realy on magic/power – he relies on him being a fighter!
    He thought he killed Rumpel and now he sees he hasnt and is back with his true love Belle, thats gonna hurt him and ask himself how he is alive and why.
    Enter Emma!!! – Yep we need some Emma-Hook scenes. And what connection Henry is to all.

    • A says:

      THIS!! I loved the Emma/Hook scenes early on in the season. I saw a real chemistry there between the characters/actors. And before anyone attacks me by saying they don’t see any chemistry and they don’t like the two together, I saw it and I didn’t say you had to see it too.

      And I don’t understand why everyone is saying Hook is such a flop character. I think Hook is being portrayed perfectly. From what I remember from Peter Pan, Captain Hook was always messing up constantly. Peter Pan usually had the one up on him but even if he kept failing Hook never gave up and kept trying to defeat Peter which is exactly what is happening with the Hook in OUAT. Hook is mortal, of course he thought the deadly poison was gonna be Rumple’s undoing. How was he supposed to know about Rumple’s magic candle. It all fits right within the Hook character IMO. The character is a persistent fool who always thinks he’s about to win but fails. The fact that he’s eye candy is a side bonus.

  10. mawhi says:

    Pretty sure it’s Gepetto in the raincoat… not that someone couldn’t be masquerading as Gepetto.

  11. lyn says:

    Maybe he’ll climb onto a tricycle and fall over sideways. LOL

  12. bigby_wolf says:

    I’m sorry, but Hook has been such a FLOP villain thus far on this show. I really think they dropped the ball with the casting – not that Colin is a bad actor. I feel like they dropped the ball when casting for looks and hotness factor when they really could have knocked it out of the park by casting an older, more mature actor on par with Barbara Hershey that could really pull off the menacing nature of Captain Hook. Someone in the vain of Jeffrey Rush or Ian McShane from the Pirates series. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking Colin it just feels like the character is a frat boy running around acting like what he thinks a pirate should.

  13. Gail says:

    Regina already knows about the bean field. From the coming attractions at the end of last episode she is planning to go back just with Henry and leave everyone else in Maine.
    So I guess the end game is who leaves who behind if anyone.

    Hope the fisherman is the father with maybe a cursed memory so he doesn’t recognize his son. Also it would mean he wasn’t in prison or in the insane asylum all those years and perhaps hasn’t aged.

  14. Ben33 says:

    My God Snow and Charming are idiots. Go ahead – put Regina in Rumple’s cell. Where are they going to put Rumple, I ask? It’s too much to expect that they’d have the brains and self-preservation to leave both Regina and Rumple behind… so, I’m guessing they plan to leave him running round FTL until Henry, no longer even pretending to go sit on a stump and absorb the FTL school version of “don’t eat that mushroom”, gets kidnapped by ogres and the rest of the family inexplicably makes another terrible deal with the devil to save him instead of, you know, celebrating and sending said ogres a gift basket of toothpicks and barbecue sauce.

    • sara says:

      They’d probably have to deal with Henry now doing the same thing to them that he did to Regina, lying to him, separating him from his family, temper tantrums. etc

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