American Idol Top 4 Results Recap: Sealed With a Twist [Updated]

American-Idol-Top-4-Results-Amber-HolcombRyan Seacrest kicked off Top 4 results night on Season 12 of American Idol with a speech that — depending on your outlook in life, or at least reality television — sounded either incredibly hopeful or deeply ominous: “I will announce some shocking news that will affect the judges and turn the competition upside down. It’s gonna be another serious night of drama.”

Ryan, who’s hummed along this season as quietly and efficiently — and with as little fanfare — as a high-end refrigerator, had already hinted at a “surprise twist” in the Idol proceedings at the end of Wednesday’s Top 4 performance show. And, of course, with TVLine breaking the news on Tuesday that the Judges’ Save had expired — and the knowledge among Idol watchers that at its current pace, Season 12 was on target to end a week short of the scheduled May 16 finale — all signs pointed to a non-elimination week, with the next ouster slated for May 2 and based on two weeks of voting tallies.

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But if that was the case, how come Ryan was talking about the implications for the judges’ panel? Did executive producer Nigel Lytgoe have some nefarious card up his sleeve? Would RuPaul emerge from that trademark seam in the backdrop and demand that Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey “lipsync for their lives” — with the loser being asked to “sashay away” from the proceedings? Was a quartet of semi-good-looking, semi-talented white guys about to storm the stage and engage in individual sing-offs against Angie, Candice, Kree and Amber, the better to placate hormonal teenagers whose texting fingers have gone idle since the elimination of Elijah Liu back in Vegas? Or maybe there was just a simple plan to present Randy Jackson with the thesaurus that Santa never ever seems to bring him — despite it being No. 1 on the Christmas list of every Idoloonie of every religious denomination for the last 11 years.

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After performances by Season 10 grad Stefano Langone (charmingly cheesy as ever) and Season 9 champ Lee DeWyze (freed from the 19 Machine and able to actually release a catchy, self-penned tune!), it was time for the results:

Angie Miller
Kree Harrison

Amber Holcomb
Candice Glover

“And the person who could be at risk tonight is…no one!” said Ryan, revealing that indeed, the schedule demanded a non-elimination week, and that Wednesday’s 38 million votes will be added to next week’s numbers.

Before I turn things over to you, a few additional thoughts:

* Please tell me I’m not the only one who was moved to tears when that cute little boy at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles grabbed the mic from Candice and joined the Top 4 on “Just the Way You Are.”

* The group rendition of “Girl on Fire” was — dare I say it — one of the least atrocious group numbers in Idol history. Despite an outfit that was lacking in both sophistication and fabric, Amber sounded particularly potent on the Alicia Keys track though (brace for Slezak Conspiracy Theory No. 477) I swear something weird was happening with the volume on Candice’s mic. Weigh in below if you caught that, too.

* I could make fun of the Ford Fiesta “Cloning Ryan Seacrest” spot, but let’s just be glad it didn’t end with the Idol host/E! reality series producer multiplying his stable of a Kardashians, yes?

* Amber may have “won” the “5 things in 20 seconds” battle by managing to fit in six fun factoids about herself in the allotted time, but it was Kree who won the war with her charmingly self-deprecating “I suck!”

* How could Jimmy note vocal strain from Amber’s “Power of Love” on Wednesday, then assign it an A+ on Thursday? That said, I don’t think it was fair of him to tell the audience she didn’t know the meaning of “MacArthur Park.” I needed Alicia Florrick to stand up and shout, “Objection: Hearsay!” Srsly, if it wasn’t captured on camera, then did it actually happen in the Idolverse? I say “no.”

* Jimmy’s evisceration of Kree’s choice of “Whiter Shade of Pale” made me want to dial 1-800-Trying-Too-Hard.

* I had to roll my eyes when Stefano went on and on about ladies to his left (the Top 4) and ladies to his front (Nicki and Mariah) before singing “Yes to Love,” but he plays his Mack Daddy Jr. role with such goofy obliviousness that I find it hard to root against him. Still, as far as dude’s singles go, I preferred “I’m on a Roll.” (Woo hoo hoo hoo.)

* Interesting to hear Jimmy reconfirm his belieft in Candice — and then publicly ask for her to “speak less” and save her voice for these next few weeks of competition. Do we trust Old Man Bieber? I’m not sure. But I’m 10 percent less angry about the judges’ ghastly treatment of Ms. Glover on Wednesday after they brought out her idol Drake to thank her for covering one of his tunes. Bonus points for the way Kree, Angie and Amber went berserk with excitement over seeing their competitor’s dream come true. I buy that these gals really do dig one another.

* Lee’s “Silver Lining” sounded very au courant, no? It was like if Mumford and Sons’ “The Cave” made a baby with Phillip Phillips’ “Home,” and then that baby grew up and became a motivational speaker. I know I’ve never been the biggest fan of the Season 9 champ — or his win over Crystal Bowersox — but it’s always nice to see any artist reclaim their artistry after getting steamrolled by the major-label conformity monster.

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of Season 12 Top 4 Results (Part 1)? Did you see the “twist” coming from 10 miles away? What did you think of Jimmy’s comments? How about the Candice-Drake moment? Sound off in the comments, and for all my Idol-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Rosema says:

    I’m on a Roll!

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Is it bad that I have a soft spot for Stefano’s brand of cheese? I have “I’m On a Roll” on my iPod, and liked his song tonight (though Lee’s music is more my style.)

      • Cut the cheese says:

        If you like strained vocals, droning lyrics and insincere cr-p, then no, not at all. I however am def not buying what he’s selling, not now, not ever.

  2. Guitar Blue says:

    Since all 4 girls will have another competition night of National exposure with a full band behind them, plus the recaps on elimination night, they already have what many aspiring artists/singers can only dream of. ….

    If I could get some of the girls I work with in music, a spot in front of 10 million plus households for a promo, for 8 weeks — I doubt that we would have any problems in getting them some pretty good paying gigs after the Idol tour. …..

    Finishing 4th is already a huge bonus compared to many situations in the quest to become part of the bigger scene in the business. Not a guarantee of any long-term future success, but a huge bonus to start with………..Even if they are not signed by a major label, they are still capable of getting a good price-tag for doing certain types of events……sporting events, Fairs, entertainment centers, etc.

    Anyone ever checked to see what Pia Toscano or Kellie Pickler would charge to sing at a wedding?? Better have deep pockets.

  3. hart K says:

    Everyone deserves to be the winner but It’s obvious that Angie’s never in bottom2/3 so she will probably go to final 2 with Kree/candice though I prefer Kree to win.Even if kree doesn’t win this show,she will be more successful than the other three in case she’s the only one in country line among the others.I will definitely wait for Kree album.

    • Mary says:

      I don’t believe that is true. Kree has been in the business and it looks that she has a lot of connections and nothing has happen for her. I love Kree voice but I am not sure she is upfront material.

      • karen says:

        Well, then Mary Chapin Carpenter and other singer-songwriter types would never had made it in the business if your only criteria is “STAR POWER” with all caps. Kree will have a great career ahead of her because she is a true artist. Watch her YouTube videos and listen to her original tunes. There’s a lot more to Kree than meets the eye.

  4. Jamie says:

    1. Last night’s performance show was so boring I channel surfed without waiting for a commercial.
    2. The judges are so boring all I hear when they speak now is adults-from-Peanuts speak.
    3. Are you seriously telling me that a show surrounded in “music professionals” ( I use the term loosely)–no one has a clue what the hell “one-hit wonder” means???
    4. I do not apologize for soooo craving a WGWG.
    5. Thank God for Lee Dewyze tonight.
    6. I wonder what I’m missing when I waste my time on Idol?
    7. This show is in the toilet.

  5. keith williams says:

    Amber is an awesome talent; her voice is not quite at the level of Candice, but Amber is The Idol. Amber.

  6. twnkltoze says:

    May I just say two things. 1. I truly believe that because of the AI producer’s shameless and dilusional pimping, had Miss Amber NOT been in the bottom 2 this week, they probably would’ve thrown Candice Freakin’ Glover under the bus and waited another week before using the “non-elimination” option. 2. I haven’t seen Beyonce’ or anybody else Amber has covered show up personally to congratulate her for doing their song proud. Hmmmm. No matter what, Candice has a the brightest future of any of the 4 left standing. I predict she will be the next J-Hud. Nothin’ but class all the way. Amber? She’ll be resigned to the techno, auto-tuned, over-produced crowd. Keep doin’ your thang Candice, you’re bigger than this show and many have done much better without the AI crown.

    • deedee says:

      I would agree with you, but Ryan already announced the “twist” at the end of performance night, so they had to go through with the non-elimination this week. Unless Nigel’s contingency plan had a contingency plan.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        Oh you have NO idea how deep it goes…. layers upon layers. hahaha
        The fact that 90% of posts about Idol are conspiracy theories at this point shows the danger of even a ‘reality’ TV show pushing schemes and games and manipulations too far. They always did some but then starting in S10 they just went so way overboard and then the now it’s like they are so desperate they feel the only way to undo things is to do the same thing only in different ways.
        It’s important to maintain some hints of credibility otherwise nobody trusts anything. Probably much of the stuff, although very likely not all by any means, that people are going conspiracy crazy over now doesn’t even have any basis in reality, but it doesn’t even matter, once you lost that much credibility it doesn’t even matter if it is all based on reality or only a little.
        Maybe after this season,if they get a totally different sort of winner, they can then take that and slowly go back to more natural flow and build the show back up. Of course the simple fact that ten billion singing shows are out there also makes people a bit tired at this point so they are more apt to pick at anything or to think badly about any little thing, viewer fatigue.

  7. fanology says:

    Not to discuss race to fan the fires but I do want to toss out the grim reality that AI’s core demo are 25-54 yr old women from very very red states. Who prolly aren’t huge fans of that Drake and his “rnb” music (which btw I don’t really think Amber has been singing… To me she seems way more top 40). I think Candice was very slowly winning over this very tough demo with very smart choices, but when Randy called her “church,” she lost some footing with these ladies.

    As a hardcore Candice fan, it breaks my heart, but i think it will be very hard for her to win, even if she makes the finals. Just like Adam Lambert couldn’t win. Just like our country needs songs about accidental racists. Sorry, sidetracking… But as much as the puppetmasters muck it up and make things worse, I don’t think they have as much power as whether Candice picks a song that 40 yr old women in Minnesota like as much as I do. ‘K, ramble done.

    • MC says:

      Great insights. ITA with your perspective on the voting. That “church” comment was below the belt, unfair and simpy not true. Randy is just the mouthpiece for Nigel and TPTB. That just proves Candice is not the chosen one. Candice has her amazing talent and some great fans, though. It’s still possible she makes the finale.

      • RedInDenver says:

        I wish she sounded MORE like she was in church! I love gospel music; but am definitely not a fan of jazz, which she has bordered on in several of her songs.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      If this theory is true I think Candice should actually gain ground with the women in the very, very red states due to Randy calling her “church”.

      • fanology says:

        I’m prolly (no, I’m definitely!) overanalyzing all this, but IMHO Randy meant “church,” musically (and how a lot of ppl would hear it), at worst, as “Jacob Lusk,” and, at best, as “Joshua Ledet.”

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          yea, but we old women in the very, very red states have no idea who Drake is because we spend all of our spare time in church. ;-)

  8. lala says:

    i think the Angie hype is part of the manipulation too…

    • lala says:

      despite the fact that i think Angie is overrated. I liked her when she sang “Cry Me a River” – one of the few songs where her dramatics played very well…

      I remember when Hollie sang “if i’m not in love with you”, she was critiqued for lack of emotion.

      If Angie does a cover of that song it will be amazing..

      • Claudia says:

        Angie’s take on “Cry Me A River” made me barf. Anyone who has ever seen & heard Julie London sing it would recognize how hokey Angie’s version was. I kept waiting for “and now, the winner of the talent portion of the pagent is…..” For me, there was not ONE sincere emotion coming from her. You can hear her brain ticking: “now I’ll flutter my lashes, now I’ll tilt my head, maybe I can whip up a few tears.” Fake fake fake.

      • Noah Coleman says:

        Yeah, Angie and Amber are overrated.

  9. lame says:

    And the award for the most anti-climatic ending goes to….

  10. houster says:

    I don’t think Amber and Candice had the lowest number of votes. They put Amber in the B2 to shore up her voting numbers, and cynical as I am, I think they designated the two remaining black contestants in the B2 in an attempt to create badly-needed watercooler buzz for the show.

    • deedee says:

      Hardly watercooler material there. Candice had a slightly off night, and Amber’s song choices were awful. With only 4 left in a tight race, anyone can land in the bottom 2. At this point it’s 50/50.

    • syb says:

      If they can lie about who was in the bottom 2, they could lie about it next week too. There’s no point in worrying about that. I do think if Amber had been in the top 2 we might not have been told who the bottom 2 were, but again, it’s always puzzling to me that Idol even cares who wins. Alienating viewers is much more costly in the short and long run than teeing up a pretty winner. The only one with a stake in the outcome post-idol is Jimmy, and he can still produce a runner up if he wants. As we know, winning doesn’t guarantee success. It guarantees a record.

  11. Grazi says:

    Hi guys.
    this is my dream set list:
    Angie: birdy – skinny love
    Candice: Sia – Breathe Me
    Kree: Martina McBride – Where Would You Be
    Amber: jessie ware wildest moments

    if i only could produce this show

    • Grazi says:

      or maybe Amber needs something more dramatic like Take That’s Rule The World

      • Adam Fachry says:

        love that someone also ackonwledges JESSIE F-IN WARE here. People need to start ignoring the other Jessie (J) that makes Angie horny all the time and pay attention to this goddess. Sorry, out of topic.

  12. syb says:

    It was a show that totally lacked surprises. Even Drake’s appearance was forecasted by Nicki’s name dropping last night. But it took a little edge of my outrage last night to see that this group of contestants seem like a relatively happy family, compared to most, to see Idol’s least favorite alumnus son not suck, and to know that regardless of the fact that I’m now sure that Angie–my least favorite girl contestan– is pretty much a shoo in for the crown and sash, for a results night with few results, it wasn’t so bad.

  13. deedee says:

    “I swear something weird was happening with the volume on Candice’s mic. Weigh in below if you caught that, too.”

    Yes, I caught that. It was just as she started to sing – the volume was either off or very low, but then it was turned up within a couple of seconds. I didn’t notice anything after that, but admit that I wasn’t paying close attention.

  14. Lois Benton says:

    Angie, after this week, is the only remaining girl to not have been in the bottom two. I think, then, it’s only fair that she goes home next week.

  15. deedee says:

    “Do we trust Old Man Bieber?”
    I woke up my dog chuckling at this line. :)

  16. JASon says:

    I watched both eps tonight!

    Some thoughts – america got it right!!Kree and Angie were the best of the night! Easily!

    Jimmy Iovine was a jerk ! He insulted Procol Harum who is a great band with a great song a lot of people love! Real classy, the band let you’re show use their music and you insult them!!! That said I am a fan of jimmy and I think we are seeing him convert to the panel!

    Everyone cheated in the Onr hit wonder round! They choosed songs that we’re covered by artists who had many hits! Except Kree who got the spirit of the theme!

    Slezak! Concrete blonde is not a one hit wonder! Neither is Blind Melon! Those were classic beloved bands! Shannon hoon died! That is why they didn’t hav a lot of hits after No Rain! But their second album Is one of my all time favorites! Also tones of home was a Minor hit!!

    Concrete blonde had a long career with four or five hits!

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Except Kree? Annie Lennox is hardly a one hit wonder.

      • deedee says:

        It’s Procol Harum who are supposed to be the one hit wonder for “Whiter Shade of Pale”, although they did have another hit with “Conquistador”.

      • jason says:

        I wasn’t aware Annie lennox covered a whiter shade of pale! They certainly didn’t have a hit with it!

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          Hmmm I remember hearing her version all the time in 1995 and it was even the main theme and featured track on the Sandra Bullock movie The Net, if I remember correctly.
          I actually thought that her version was the best known at this point in time (although just looking on itunes now it does seem to be below the Procol version, but it still has a pretty high pop rating).
          It was on also released on her Medusa album (#1 in the UK and #11 in the US; hmm says the single only hit #101 in the US but it was #16 in the UK; whatever the case, I definitely recall hearing it a fair bit back then).

  17. Lois Benton says:

    Lee DeWyze has now, on the results show, sung one of the weirdest songs I’ve ever heard. It started out okay, sounding a bit like Phil Phillips “Home,” but then it broke into a sped-up chorus that had nothing to do with the musical bars that preceded it. My problem with Lee DeWyze, in his season, was not his voice, but his pitch–and the incontrovertible fact that Crystal Bowersox was the star of that season, but, as a female, did not/could not win. My problem with his song on this results show is that it’s just a totally weird, and a not-very-good, song. And, come on, Candice in the Bottom Two? To what extent do legalities require reporting to viewers who really was in the bottom two, so long as who got the lowest votes gets voted off when required? The American public, and surely American Idol viewers, can be dupes, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. All the girls are good; Candice is stellar. The viewers know that and the votes probably reflect that; viewer-voters are not total morons. I don’t believe Lady Candice really was in the bottom two, but the image of her there might catapult viewer votes to ensure her win. My words to God’s ears.

    • deedee says:

      “To what extent do legalities require reporting to viewers who really was in the bottom two, so long as who got the lowest votes gets voted off when required?”
      That’s the question I’ve been asking for years. We’ll have to wait until Idol is off the air and someone writes a behind the scenes tell-all. I’m convinced that they can play with the order as much as they want as long as: 1) Ryan doesn’t explicitly say “these people received the lowest number of votes” [ie., he can say “this is your bottom 2, America”], and 2) The actual lowest vote-getter goes home. I’m still not convinced that Jessica was the bottom vote-getter last season, and that they placed her there for the theatrics.

    • teatime says:

      Candice was in the bottom 2 because there are only 4 left. Angie had the best performances. Candace had uninteresting songs so Kree edged ahead of her for the nigth. I don’t think Candice was fourth.

      • Lois Benton says:

        I don’t think anyone had a standout performance night; it was uniformly dull, and we can blame the producers and their song lists for that. Kree’s first song and Candice’s first song were my favorite performances of the night. Candice was dialing it back to suit the songs and, I guess, because she had a cold. But Emotion is a truly horrible song, and she didn’t make it sound much better than it is. Kree took A Whiter Shade of Pale and made it terribly boring. Amber showed off her great voice with Power of Love, but it was a rotten and unimaginative song choice. MacArthur Park is a horrible song and she sounded terrible singing it. I can only think that Amber chose such a rotten song because she found the melody interesting. Angie’s first song was okay, but I don’t think her voice sounded that good on it. She had a beautiful tone in her pre-live-show original song, but not on that song. But I actively HATED Cry Me River. That’s a standard, for gosh sakes. There are dozens of performances and vocal recordings out there. All of them are better than what Angie did. How could it be any different? She’s musically and emotionally immature. She’s still a teenager, gifted, but not a genius. She has potential, but she’s not yet a star.

  18. darcy's evil twin says:

    Good recap as usual, Mr. Slezak.
    There has always been a huge disconnect on this program when it comes to song selection. Idol gives contestants a very short song selection list, the contestant picks a song, TPTB make them change the song, the contestant sings, the judges tell them the song selection is awful, and then Jimmy tells us not only was the song selection awful but the song itself is awful. Is this getting old for anyone but me? Uh, maybe we need some DIFFERENT SONGS?
    Furthermore, why would “MacArthur Park” be on ANY selection list????? And for Jimmy to say Amber didn’t know the meaning of the lyrics was ridiculous. I suspect if we were able to ask Jimmy Webb WTH that song meant he might give a response similar to what my dad often (jokingly) offers when he can’t remember something: “Don’t know – I wrote that one during my drinking years”. Jimmy also complained about the lyrics to “Whiter Shade of Pale”. Why? Has anyone ever heard Jimmy whine when someone sings “Come Together”? Crimonitly. At some point you just need to judge the performance. The contestants can’t help it if you give them a song to sing that you don’t like, Jimmy.

    • Jessica says:

      I have a really hard time blaming AI on song choice sometimes. How can this season we get “Love Song” (too bad it was b/c of Adele) and in season’s past “Mad World” and “Falling Slowly” but then that nonsense from Weds.. Unless they were told what songs to sing to blame it on the audience. I would have never picked “MacArthur Park”. Not even if it was forced on me. The only good part about it was imagining what Simon would have said about it but thankfully Jimmy really laid it out there.

    • daynamonet says:

      Honestly i think the contestants have more power than we think for song choice and u feel a lot more songs can get cleared than what we think. The contestants really need to just think outside the box, esp Amber. I love Amber and i want her top 2 w/ Candice, but someone has got to help her w/ her song choices. Thank goodness this theme this week is now and then so Amber will have no choice but to sing something current.

  19. darcy's evil twin says:

    It was nice to see Stefano and Lee again. Yea, I know, Stefano isn’t the greatest vocalist but I always liked him. And he does strike me as “current”.
    Lee’s song sounded nothing like “Home” to me – it’s somewhat reminiscent of some of the stuff he recorded pre-Idol if I’m not mistaken. It’s amazing how much better he sounds singing his own music. The song sounded like what I call the “Folk Music Revival” stuff that’s on the radio right now. My husband loves it – me, not so much. Didn’t care for it the first time around, though. I may have to buy some Lee DeWyze music for my hubby for his birthday. Although I enjoyed seeing Lee perform it was painful to watch the moment where Lee won instead of Crystal, LOL. Kind of like re-living a bad car accident.

  20. Anise says:

    I was kind of sleeping through Lee’s song, but then the chorus hit and the complete change of the song’s mood and speed jarred me up. I felt my heart race a bit, it was scary lol

  21. Anybody'sGame says:

    I admit I agree with the show’s intention to put Amber on the winning line. The reason is her readiness to move in the mainstream. Her sex appeal will definitely look good in mtv’s. though she’s not that great in vocal calisthenics, she sounds to learn and harness that as soon as vocal coaches in studios step in. But everyone is truly deserving to win. Just wanna foresee reality.

  22. Debi miller says:

    Am I the only one who is not crazy about Angie? If this was a beauty contest she would win hands down. But it’s about singing and I just don’t feel her in her songs. It’s almost like she’s trying to act. I can’t understand why everyone else loves her.

    • jj says:

      Yeah, but they do. Angie’s got this thing sewn up, if number of Twitter followers is anything to go by. She’s got about 122,000, compared to Candice’s 66K and Kree on 62K. Amber’s way down with only 40K. Angie’s voice does nothing for me, but she does appeal to teenage girls, who identify with her. I’d love to see Candice win, but I’ve resigned myself to it not happening now.

    • Jessica says:

      I’m wondering if the younger people are into her-or the people from Boston. I can’t get into her-never have. She just isn’t my style or interest at all. It could just be me

    • Betty Boop says:

      same here. Angie’s part while singing “Girl on Fire” sounds awful to me. She’s putting a dramatic tone. It just does not make sense to the song.

      I am finally convinced why they say that Amber is the perfect package. When she sang “rumour has it” with Kree, she worked it. When she sang “Girl on fire” she worked it too. It may not be that spectacular but at least she sounded right.

      Candice should have sung “Stay” alone without Angie. I want her in the finale.

      they are so mad about Amber being pimped. i think the Angie hype going on is also a result of the judges praising her too much early in the competition. She is the best prey and most believable because she plays piano and write songs. they needed that to gather regular audience.

      • karen says:

        As if Kree didn’t work it? Kree had the superior vocal by far on Rumor Has It. Just because she’s throwing shade and shaking her thing like Amber doesn’t mean she wasn’t the better vocalist of the two. She nailed it. I did not understand the judges’ comments AT ALL on that duet. It was a set up to bus Kree. Undeservedly too.

        • karen says:

          just because she wasn’t throwing shade and shaking her thing like Amber, is what I meant to say.

          • Betty Boop says:

            Let me clarify that I don’t agree that Amber did a better stage presence or vocals in that song more than Kree. I meant to emphasize that when Amber sings, it may not be spectacular all the time but she sounds just right and moves just right – nothing overdone. not happy that she’s gathering more haters than fans because of the pimping when I think that Angie has a bigger fan base because of the pimping too.

            Angie oversings and over dramatizes her performances and it ruins the art

            I missed to emphasize how good Kree was in the “rumour has it”. and i’m not bothered at all if she’s not shaking her thing like Amber. Kree did her own style of working it, i love it because she is always herself. Kree has her own personality – the shake your groove thing is not her thing. But any song she sings, she translate it so beautifully without appearing like she’s craving for any attention or wanting to overshadow anyone.

            Nicki Minaj’s comment on that performance is trashy. Amber & Kree’s “Rumour has it” is way better than Candice & Angie’s “Stay”. And Kree gave the best vocals.

  23. noa says:

    since they probably knew they were doing 2 weeks of top 4 in advance, i have to suggest a slightly more optimistic conspiracy theory. everyone, esp Slezak, have been annoyed that they’re pushing for an Angie/Amber finale. what if they just used this week to create a come back and improvement arc for Kree and Candice, who have been the consistent ones. they weren’t showing “improvement” since they started out better than the rest. maybe next week Randy can yell “they’re back Ryan!!!” and Jimmy can say something like “we found the right material for them and everything worked”.

    i hope they don’t bash them again. plus, the over-pimping of amber caused such rage all over the internet, i can’t imagine them trying it again. i mean, Annie Barrett’s whole recap was just counting lies from the judges.

    and on another note- i can’t believe they brought Stefano back TWICE now when there so many people that have never came back to perform even once. people who finished higher than him, and made better music. COME ON NOW.

    • Aly says:

      I find your perspective really interesting, Noa. I think you might be right on the money. Hopefully anyway! And I also totally agree with the Stefano comment, why him? He’s sooooo cheesy.

  24. darcy the slutty twin says:

    I didn’t care that no one was eliminated. All I cared about was Stefano Langone and whether he would take his shirt off and let an old gal in mom jeans have her day. Sadly, I was disappointed.

  25. John says:

    “it’s always nice to see any artist reclaim their artistry” … by totally ripping off as many people as possible? Seriously, Lee was horrible. His performance was so embarrassing. Does he know that people know he’s trying way too hard to be Mumford & Sons and Phillip Phillips? And that chorus! I felt like I was at a hoe-down, or a polka! The first time that chorus happened, I thought maybe he was playing a joke on everyone. Just because you have a violin, upright base, and banjo, (and three backup singers that looked really awkward, right?) does not make you The Lumineers. A banjo in the hands of the wrong person is not cool and current, but dated and silly. But really, I cannot get over the chorus – I laugh just thinking about it.

  26. lala says:

    I’m really a fan of Amber but I definitely understand where people are coming from. Her song choices and lack of artistry – we really can’t prove this until they are in a situation where they have unlimited options. I am not at all bothered by these weak points because these can be learned it’s not an overnight thing (after all, Amber is only 18)
    Her voice and elegance has much more impact to me than her weak points. I love artists like her who has the natural ability to put balance singing – nothing is too much.

    I even feel that Janelle has more fan base than hers, i am so convinced with the manipulation going on. Amber girl – better to be a runner-up then sell records later on.

    Kree exudes grace and kindness with her fellow contestants. that’s what her body language tells me. She is so looovable. and that voice……just so soothing, i don’t agree she is lacking in emotions…

  27. Any body else found that Kree and Candice sounded AMAZING together in the Girl On Fire song? they should together next week

  28. Jess says:

    There were definitely issues with Candice’s mic on the group number.

  29. Jessica says:

    Not too bad last night. Only really bad things for me was Candice in bottom 2 and Lee DeWyze but he got fast forwarded. I really liked Stefano. I was happy to see Amber in the bottom 2-let it sink in for her a bit that this is more than judges overly praise. Has Angie been in the bottom 2 or 3? If she hasn’t she just may win the whole thing. I’m Ok with it (even though she is 100% not my style) b/c to me Candice and Kree will always be the winners and hope they do well in the music industry.

    • teatime says:

      IIRC Angie was in the middle 2 for Top 6 week. I think that week she was third just behind Candice and Kree. I think she has been in the top 2-3 every other time they have given us those rankings.

  30. ChrissieK says:

    Everyone should realize that Fox itself calls a lot of the shots on Idol…it isn’t all Nigel’s doing. They keep trying to change it up but the viewers are on to it…I’ve always said give me a true accounting of the number of votes for each contestant and then maybe I’d believe how it was going down but that hasn’t and won’t happen! (But why?) Poor Ryan, he keeps getting beaten up and he’s cute and he loves his job and the kids who make it thru to the top 12 or 10. The main thing to me is this year the judging table has been pretty darn bad and it is worse right now than it ever has been. Randy is an old fool (reminds me of the little kid in the AT&T commercial about doing 2 things at once), Mariah really means well but her fussy way with words loses most of us after about 12 seconds. (And really Mariah? Your outfits of the 2 nights this week are suitable to viewing?) Nicki really is a mean girl and the tension between the 2 women judges is not pretty. Keith has become a piece of fluff. They do not need 4 judges…3 is good and at least 1 man should have an English accent! We should be into the shows being no longer than 90 minutes or even 60 but Fox wants those 2 hours and AI does it’s best to fill that air time. To me it is Fox itself really cutting the throat of Idol and like with so many networks and shows they put on, it is them who are ruining a good thing.

  31. Phil says:

    May be some racism going on here. No way Kree should have been in the top 2. Kind of sick of Angie’s coronation for the next 3 weeks.

    • karen says:

      oh please. Just no. Do you have to go there? Viewers rallied around Kree because: A. Her performances were better than the judges would have you believe. B. They didn’t like the way she was treated (Nicki using the A word directly to her face was a new low in Idol history. How does a judge get away w/ talking to a 22-year-old contestant like that?) C. Amber’s last performance was horrible. Kree outsang her in Round two w/ one of the best performances of the night. D. Viewers are angry about the blatant favoritism toward the “more marketable because of looks” contestants.

  32. Sam says:

    The one who usually wins is the one who has never been in the bottom 2 with the exception of fantasia( when she was at the bottom with departing Jennifer Hudson) so that leaves Angie. Personally I think amber should be in the finale.

  33. LeahKittyS says:

    For everybody saying Angie has this locked up: be patient. The exact same was said about Chris Daughtry, Melinda Doolittle, David Archuleta, and Adam Lambert. Anything could happen. We’ve yet to have a truly early elimination; I will be surprised if we go the whole season without one. I would like for her to win, but I won’t be disappointed if it is Candice or Kree instead.

  34. stm1 says:

    But wouldn’t collecting the votes secure angie and kree for the top 3?

  35. Jimmy Iovine doesn’t know his music history if he thinks Procol Harum was a one-hit wonder band. They were quite big at the time. Follow-up hit “Conquistador.”

    Jimmy Webb’s “MacArthur Park,” made famous by Richard Harris, film actor (and I guess recorded by Donna Summer and god knows how many other people), does fit that bill — an odd choice for Amber to make, if she made it. Loved Keith’s dry “when I think disco, I think Richard Harris.”

    Jimmy Iovine blows credibility for me, no longer the resident truth-teller. (A Celine Dion song as “current”??? — gak!)

  36. Flicker says:

    Slezak, to answer your question about Candice’s microphone, I think Amber’s legs looked spectacular on “Girl on Fire”

  37. Lea H. says:

    Yes Michael! I did notice that. When Candice and Kree walked to the right side of stage together, I noticed that both Kree and Candice’s mics seemed to be turned down or something. They even glanced at each other while they were singing, like they could tell something wasn’t right.

  38. ChrissieK says:

    Michael…I am STILL scratching my head over Kree’s comment about Percy Sledge after she sang Procol Harum’s Whiter Shade of Pale (best song ever–the theme song of my younger years!) Why did she mention Percy’s name…he never recorded it, he never sang it, he had nothing to do with it. Am I missing something? Did I leave the cake out in the rain and the bloody thing melted? Wha?

    • person says:

      Actually Percy Sledge did a cover. It was in his 24 greatest hits album. It’s also on YouTube as well. It sounded like she did his version honestly Kree’s musical knowledge is too extensive…

      • person says:

        Seriously lol

      • MB says:

        I actually have the recording of Whiter Shade of Pale by Percy Sledge and also by Annie Lenox. Both fantastic, one of my favorite songs.

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          You know I thought I recalled her mentioning someone after she sang it and I know I didn’t recall her saying Procol or Annie and I thought it might have been Percy. Just went back and re-watched it and yeah she says she grew up listening to Percy Sledge and she said she got to open up for him when she was 8 (!?!) and he sang it at that concert and that it has tons of meaning for her. (I have to admit I’d never heard his version before until just looking it up on youtube now. I’d only heard the Procol and Annie versions before. I don’t know that what she did sounded all THAT much like his though.)

    • karen says:

      Dude, she SAW him perform it live and always loved it. She clearly explained it.

  39. lala la says:

    we don’t need to mind

  40. Michele says:

    I personally hate conspiracy theories. Are the judges really hired to be puppets? What we hear on TV and what the judges hear are two totally different things. I love the tone of Amber’s voice but I was a singer and I have different ears than the lay public. Idol’s voting is done mostly by young girls. This will prove that Angie will be the winner which is fine. I live with any of the girls winning. Angie has the least attractive voice but she’s a great performer and she’s interesting looking. For those of you into conspiracy theories, how do we know the bottom 2 were “really” the bottom 2????

    • fanology says:

      I’m sure you’re right. And the Tweens are the ones who prolly watch with their moms and flood the Internet and stuff, but just a lil fun fact… This week, way more women 18-34 watched Duck Dynasty than Idol. It was women 25-54 who were their core demo. Duck Dynasty?!? It’s one of the few reality shows I’m not into but I guess I’m missing out!

  41. Mari says:

    Lee’s song started off promising, but when it took off, my husband and I looked at each other in amazement and simultaneously said “Mumford and Sons.” And then my husband said, “Home.” Has he no shame?

  42. In it to win it, dawg! says:

    Yep there was a little shenanigans going on with Candice’s mic when she had her first solo portion in the group sing. Well I believe this who ever goes home next week the person they were paired with is guaranteed a spot in the finale. So if Amber goes home, which I think it will be, then Candice will be a lock. If Kree goes home, which I think is possible, then Angie is a lock. I believe it will be a Candice vs Angie finale when is shakes down but the AI show wants an Amber vs Angie finale.

  43. Betty Boop says:

    they are so mad about Amber being pimped. i think the Angie hype going on is also a result of the judges praising her too much early in the competition. She is the best prey and appears to be the most believable because she plays piano and write songs. they needed that to gather regular audience.

    she got the best song choices. yes she has so much artistry but there’s too much drama in her singing and it’s so obvious. I prefer Aubrey over her.

    can’t imagine myself with headsets listening to Angie’s records while on the road going to the north or south. maybe once in a while i will. I’m afraid i might feel depressed at the end of the day..

    people are so double standard.

  44. Steven John says:

    i know the comments section is always a hot mess. its entertaining to read tho.

    i have nothing to offer except this.

    maybe i was sort of half paying attention… and maybe its a bit unfair of me, but… up until i read this article, i totally thought that the guy who performed last night was the winner from last season. whoops. same dude is same dude. or not.


  45. Tim says:

    I cannot wait to see the numbers/reviews for this upcoming Idol tour…wow

  46. Lynn says:

    It should be Candice and Kree in the finale. End of story. Amber should have been eliminated last night. Angie… I truly don’t understand how she is in the top 4. Someone explain this to me please. Her overly dramatic facial expressions, overly dramatic enunciation of every syllable and letter of every word, high-pitched screaming of every song. Seriously, can anyone with a musical background explain her singing to me? I really don’t get it.

    • deedee says:

      Candice and Kree should definitely be in the finale. Amber should be 3rd. But it will be Angie & Whoever Else Because What’s The Difference Anyway. I’ve been bracing myself for an Angie win for many, many weeks now, so am quite resigned. I’ll be stunned if it doesn’t happen. :-\

      • Aly says:

        I keep my fingers crossed that you’ll be stunned! I really don’t want Angie to win!

        • deedee says:

          The sooner we accept the inevitable, the easier it will be to get through it. As long as we’re all here for each other when it happens …

          • Lynn says:

            Its like season 10 all over again… Haley deserved to win but inexplicably didn’t. Well actually she didn’t win because the judges were so unfairly negative towards her, and all that WGWG crap. And its happening again with Kree and Candice, if last week is any indication. Damn it. This show just needs to be over forever, or it needs new producers who don’t try and push a corrupt agenda.

          • Aly says:

            LOL! :-)

    • Betty Boop says:

      screaming and over-dramatizing – these are “attention getting devices” being used on purpose to gain popularity. Let’s admit it, it worked very well because she has the biggest fan base..

      i don’t hate Angie, but the only performances that blended well with her “acting” (it’s more of acting than singing) are “Nobody’s perfect by Jessie J” and “Cry me a river” – let me say they’re not that bad.

      Let’s pretend we’re in the ideal world:
      Kree should win this competition she is everything. Beyond her talent, the authenticity and grace and kindness, with a little bit of toughness that does not violate the female nature – that she exudes makes her an “IDOL” material in many ways for today’s generation. . Talented and well-toned personality, her presence is so much pleasure for this season.

      Candice sometimes sounds so “churchly” to me but she is so creative and yes she should be with Kree in the finale.

    • teatime says:

      Angie is in the top 4 because she doesn’t just sing boring ballads every week. She has shown versatility. It has not always worked out very well. But given how dull this season is for the most part, it has not really worked against her that some of her more animated performances like Shop Around did not work out very well. Angie also has a bubbly personality that a lot of young girls can admire and a lot of older viewers can see that this girl will have a career in entertainment. She also is a song writer and musician. Oh, yeah, and she had killer legs and she sings contemporary music.
      Angie is the whole package. For some reason the judges have not been pushing her as such but there are indications that the viewers have seen it all along and from the beginning she was destined to be at least in the top 3.

  47. fanology says:

    Ya know, I didn’t even watch the Scotty-Lauren finale. It stayed on my TiVo for a bit and I think I finally sped thru and watched some of the duets but after Haley I had no interest at all. This year, even tho I’m pretty sure my Candy girl, to borrow from Miss Minaj, won’t win (I’m still holding out naive hope she’ll be there), and I think we’re going to see some crazy Colton Dixon rock anthem abt WWJD, I’m still in it to win it. As long as the producers don’t keep subjecting us to random seventies midtempo ditties, I think these girls all rock, and the rest of this season should be pretty entertaining.

  48. KSO says:

    When was the last time (if it has happened) Kree has had the pimp slot? I think Candice, Angie and Amber has had in the last 3 weeks right?

    • daynamonet says:

      I belive the last time was motown week when she sang dont play that song. They only put u in the pimp spot if they feel you have the best performance of the night. I honestly dont feel like there was ever a week she had the best performance of the night, but it is top 4 part deux sp they only can really put anyone in the pimp spot unless candice pulls another lovesong on us.

  49. Donna JG says:

    I am in on “mic”-gate. It sounded like Amber’s was yelling at us and Candice’s was at a whisper. Made me give an eye roll for sure!

  50. Leela says:

    Didn’t notice it last night but I just watched This Girl Is On Fire online and it does seem as though Candice’s mic was half-volume. I wouldn’t put anything past Nigel and his evil minions. But who knows, maybe there’s no conspiracy and she was merely resting her voice.

    I absolutely love Kree’s gorgeous tone and musicianship and hope she rises to the occasion in these last couple weeks. I love Candice’s vocal abilities and musicality. The other two are nothing special – Angie does have a powerful voice, but it’s not unique, and Amber’s voice is simply grating & unpolished.

    I wish TPTB had left well-enough alone and let the voters actually have a say this year instead of advancing inferior male contestants (except Paul who had an exceptional voice) and awarding standing ovations and OTT critiques to sway voters. WE ARE SMARTER THAN THAT, NIGEL!

    • MC says:

      Who were the superior male contestants that we saw? Are you saying there was an unseen pool of male contestants that were superior to the ones that we did see? I believe there are excellent singers every year who don’t make the top twenty or top twenty-four (and omg some of them are women!!!). It defies common sense that there would be exactly 24 excellent singers every year and the judges flawlessly choose only the best of the best. There’s a hundred (maybe a few hundred) truly good singers every year and the judges cut some of them (women and men) rather arbitrarily every season.

      • dj says:

        David Lethers Jr. (not sure if I’m spelling his name right) is one who should have made it last year, like Candice, and I was very sorry to see him not make it this year. They didn’t feature him this year, but he’s a great singer.