Smash Series Finale Moved to Sunday; Two-Hour Adieu to Include a [Spoiler!] and a [Spoiler!]

Smash Finale DateIt looks like Smash will go a little less gently into that good night.

In an effort to give the musical drama a more high-profile sendoff, NBC is giving the show a reprieve from its Saturday time slot and has scheduled its two-hour series finale for Sunday, May 26 (9/8c).

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There’ll certainly be plenty of action packed into the installment — titled “The Tonys” — according to showrunner Josh Safran. “Someone is pregnant! Someone is arrested! There is a kiss between a gay man and straight man — who kisses back!” he teased while spilling spoilers for TVLine’s “May Sweeps/Season Finale Scoopapalooza.” (Click here for even more intel.)

Smash kicked off Season 2 on Tuesday nights, but the show opened its sophomore season with just 4.5 million total viewers and a 1.1 demo rating, plunging 25 and 39 percent from its freshman finale and both marking series lows. A few weeks later, NBC made the decision to move Smash to Saturdays beginning with its April 6 episode.

Excited about Smash‘s Sunday sendoff? Or were you getting used to fresh episodes on Saturdays? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Bitsy says:

    NBC wake up! You cancelled Seinfeld and now Smash? It’s characters are great, superb singing and amazing writers who write music and script. Come on give us another season.

  2. Lorie says:

    This is a great show. It should not be cancelled. Why do we need 25 of the same kind of show? Anytime something new and fun comes out, it is cancelled. Give it a chance.

  3. janice Martin says:

    I love Smash. ..I feel it is so realistic as to how BROADWAY is…. it deal with writers, actors, directors all of it. …. Please don’t cancel it. ….

  4. Lori says:

    I have never been addicted to series television until “SMASH”. I love this series…PLEASE do not cancel it, NBC! I’ve not missed an episode in two years.

  5. Lisa Ponder says:

    I love SMASH! I cannot wait until the next episode and could care less when it comes on and whether it is on a holiday wkend!! If I can’t watch it, then I’ll record it! It is one of the most awesome shows and I am hoping for a 3rd season. I would love to be part of the cast! A girl can dream, can’t she??!! Love it!!

  6. Todd Rimes says:

    So much for quality TV. They give farcical low-brow “Community” season after season but axe “Smash” when it is at its best. NBC needs new management, stat!

  7. Bonnie Regan says:

    Please don’t cancel Smash my whole family watches and loves this show

  8. Robin says:

    I love Smash with it gone NBC sucks. You really had something and you didn’t give it time. Moving it around didn’t help it either. It was great after the voice! NBC will have 1 less viewer with Smash gone.

  9. tiggre says:

    So we’re all going to miss the show. We are all people, is there anything we could do to at least get our voice heard, or maybe to try and get at least part of the show back?

  10. Liz says:

    Before Smash, I had given up on ever seeing another decent TV program. Glee is horrible and way too stupid – with bad songs stuck in all the wrong places. TV stations have almost nothing to offer that isn’t violent. So now it’s back to just The Voice and the news. I’m sad to see another really good TV show taken off the air.

  11. mrs.valdez says:

    I dont understand,a show that deals with life,singing,music is taken off the air,but lets keep the crime shows,or silly reality shows that are a waste of time.Really? Come on people

  12. Tina Gibson says:

    NBC …. I must say you are consistent. Any good QUALITY shows you are lucky to stunble across you always always screw them over. Smash is by far one of the BEST shows on television. ..whomever the genius was that made ghe decision should be the one fired. NBC once a great network doesn’t have the balls to take a stand for quality entertainment you choose to give us the bottom of the barrel over & over. I’m so done with NBC & I hope others feel the same. SMASH is one fantastic show with amazing talent… what a shame.

    • Judy says:

      Sat. Night & I’m watching the FVR of Smash final because I miss it so. I can’t understand why NBC cancelled it, but wonder how the TONY’S part of the show was filmed before the cancellation was announced. Maybe MBC doomed it from the beginning of the season. The writing was weaker than season 1, plus all the guest stars hurt season 2 . I am so disappointed the show will not be returning, but I think fans should keep bombarding their displeasure in the demise of this great show. I will really miss it.

      Sent from my iPad

  13. JimInNashville says:

    Sad to see this show cancelled. The talent level was stupendous. I’d pay a small fortune for a front row seat at any Broadway show starring Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty. McPhee proved all the doubters wrong. She can act, she can dance, and she certainly can sing. Hilty is terrific, as we all knew. Her acting was a revelation, and she can belt with the best in Broadway history.

    Unfortunately, the writing was terrible, and Jeremy Jordan’s character “Jimmy” has to be the most unlikable “romantic lead” in the history of television. What were they thinking? Spoiled and arrogant to the point of being silly, he looked like a pathetic midget next to the elegant, staggeringly beautiful McPhee. The minute I realized that the “Jimmy” subplot was an important one, I knew the show was finished.

  14. Jyll says:

    Too bad NBC is so stupid, canceling the best show since Parenthood. I Agee–boycott this channel that could care less what the public wants and would rather sabotage their own show because all they think about is their bottom line. TV is just not worth watching anymore. I hate NBC. “Let Me Be Your Star,” is the best song.

  15. kathy says:

    Good-Bye Smash. I was a fan first season, but this season was SO bad, they had no choice but to send it off to the heaven of dead tv shows. These kind of shows have limited appeal to begin with. Theatre buffs will watch and identify all the story lines that don’t ring true but still love it because it leans to their interests. I guess they got a lot of new people to try and boost ratings from the first season, but all they did was completely seal its fate.
    It is a shame, because what great stars it had (not including the second season Jimmy character and all the famous stars they brought in to humiliate). It takes time to build an audience….had they stuck with what they has the first season and given it another chance, ratings might have improved. But the attempt to “fix” it was SO BAD, any new viewers turned it off and many of us devoted fans were screaming all the way through it.
    And for all of us that are looking for something to watch on tv besides crime shows, we are sad to see Smash take its final curtain call. However, they tried to wrap it up nicely,I guess and so farewell to Karen and Ivy and the rest of this brilliant cast! Hope to see you again!

    • Judy says:

      You said the truth so well & I totally agreed. I will miss the weekly anticipation of what would happen to Derek & Karen. I feel NBC has failed again to connect with the wishes of viewers, so they deserve to remain in 3rd/4th place. I personally intend to boycott the network & tell everyone I know to also not to watch NBC along with emailing & tweeting displeasure of the cancellation of this great show. Thanks for saying it so well. Judy Gaul

      Sent from my iPad

  16. mary wilkins says:

    i’m a middle aged woman and I like Smash more than any other show..I despise the reality shows…they are disgusting and boring ..What has happened to good entertainment ? The Kardasians are the worst example of entertainment..this is what we don’t need at this day and time…they represent the worst example of Americas so called entertainment…Our country is being destroyed by these kind of people…

    • Judy says:

      We all need to buy season 2 DVD when it is released to show NBC we love the show. Also boycott the new season in the fall sending protests of canceling SMASH.

      Sent from my iPad

  17. TRACY says:

    This show was AMAZING…..I have a ROKU box and have watched every episode at least 3x…..The article says it was a flop but judging by the comments here…..SOMEONE was watching it besides ME……Hope NBC rethinks it’s decision to cancel it…The cast… fabulous costumes make it a nice change from regular programming….If ever a show deserves another shot ….this is IT….HOPE NBC IS LISTENING

  18. cam says:

    Down with the gay agenda

  19. cam says:

    Women are ridiculous for supporting your efforts,don’t know nothin or just plain stupid,or maybe because women can be gay without being gay,guess all women are don’t hang with lesbians.women always stand in the way of right,got that from umm,o’l boy,um,,,oh ADAM!!

  20. Jeanette says:

    I am so sad the show is cancelled. This is by far the best TV show I have watched in decades. fantastic cast, so much talent, just pulled out from under us. Finally a show that leaves you feeling good and they go and cancel it. I would only be repeating what all the other lovers of the show said if I go on. NBC big mistake!

  21. Patty says:

    I agree with several people who said NBC is stupid about ending Smash. I loved that show and felt the singers were great. I found it more entertaining then reality shows. Because of too many reality shows are now on TV, that I am watching more cable channels. I am even watching re-runs of Smash, which is on Ovation, a cable channel. I found, I missed somethings in the weekly series which I didn’t see the first time. I love Smash and wish the show would come back. I that all the stars were great.