Revenge Sneak Peeks: Jack Shocks Emily, Nolan Tracks His Nemesis, Daniel Oversees an Ambush

Emily’s a busy girl in this Sunday’s Revenge (ABC, 9/8c), what with all of the Jack-irking, Falcon takedown-plotting and national TV interview-giving on her plate. Check it all out in a trio of clips from the upcoming episode “Identity.”

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First, Ms. Thorne swings by the Porter home to see how her godson is doing. In return, she gets a brush-off from Jack and a shock when she comes face-to-face with Carl’s newest babysitter. Press PLAY, then scroll down for more.

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Then, Em and Nolan share a fireside heart-to-heart and some warm beverages as they go Falcon hunting. PRESS PLAY, then scroll down for more.

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Finally, Daniel spins like a dreidel during an interview with Nightline‘s Juju Chang (who appears as herself) — but who knew the chat would turn into an Emily ambush? (Certainly not Victoria, from the look on her face.) Or that [spoiler] would be watching from behind the camera? PRESS PLAY, then hit the comments with your theories about how this Sunday’s Revenge will play out!

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  1. Andrew H says:

    Ok clips… Are they purposely messing with us after all the complaints, or is Emily’s voice super low in the clip with Nolan? Ugh. I wish the actors, or whoever is telling them to whisper, would stop. I literally cannot hear wth they’re saying! I’ll have to watch this after GoT, looks Sunday night worthy now.

    • iMember says:

      Just put on subtitles. I do that with all the shows I watch, because it seems everyone is whispering on television these days. It’s not just on Revenge where they have the actors talk softly.

    • maxisatroll123 says:

      i could hear it just fine i dont know why people are having this problem

      • Brandy says:

        I can hear it just fine myself maybe you should turn up your volume or something. They aren’t whispering at all.

  2. the look on Jacks face…heartbroken and angry…

    • Valerie says:

      Since Amanda died, Jack has become such an interesting character (I liked him before too). I love how angry he is with Emily, and how that anger puts her so off-kilter. And he even has me sort of, maybe, kind of liking Ashley.

    • aciel says:

      jack is being an ass but if it means that it will make his character more interesting so be it he was too nice and boring its about time jack is a badboy

  3. iMember says:

    This is going to be soooooooo good! Can’t wait for Sunday.

    Anyone who wanted the show to get back on track, they got it. The last handful of episodes since the wedding have been incredible so far.

  4. dude says:

    Can we put a lid on Jack and Emily? They have no chemistry. Leave her with someone like Aiden or Daniel who she actually gels with.

    • Chloe says:

      Jack has no chemistry with anyone. In order to have chemistry, you have to have a personality & if he has one, he’s kept it well-hidden. LOL

    • Valerie says:

      Chemistry is a very subjective thing. Where you see no chemistry, I see plenty. OTH, I see none with Aiden at all. I do think Emily and Daniel have chemistry too. Like I said, its subjective.

  5. Mimi says:

    Oh I think Jack just lookes pissed off more than heartbrokem.

    Is Daniel being manipulative here for a reason, he’s kinda subtly bumping Emily into an engagement.

    Are about EVCs whispering style of acting – annoying as hell.

  6. Jj says:

    Jack has tons of character, and the actor is AWESOME… if they kill him off, it will be a huge mistake. If you want someone devoid of any real emotion to die, then kill off Ashley. She has no purpose anyways.

  7. kavyn says:

    So the Falcon is clearly Marco… great…

  8. Beth says:

    The Falcon obviously has to be Marco. We’ve never even met another character it could plausibly be.

  9. Alice says:

    Ugh, just kill Jack already. He’s clearly too stupid to live.

  10. deme says:

    Are you serious!? A showdown at an arcade!? Sorry but this Falcon bit has just gotten ridiculous to me.

  11. Radha says:

    As far as romantic pairings for Emily go, it’s Jack all the way baby. Tired of all the character hate, but to each his own.

    • dee123 says:

      I don’t like it. But i know they are end game.

      • Mimi says:

        With Mike Kelley at the helm we had a chance of an alternative ending but I guess the fairytale is what we’ll get.

        I just can’t get passed the fact that Jack&Emily look a poor match. His height for starters. At least she has 6’2″ of Aiden to play with.

  12. Ella says:

    Oh man, Daniel and Emily together really makes the bile rise in my throat.

  13. Sue Ritter says:

    Do you not remember how good Jack and Ems were at the start? When we were all shouting at the tv ‘Tell him who you are Ems!!’. Even Sammy wanted his mum and dad back!

  14. GS says:

    Emily has ZERO chemistry with Jack and I mean ZERO!! They were like 9 when they knew each other. I don’t understand the young love crap that is always spouted. She may see him as the last thing she knows from her childhood before the David Clarke mess but love…pffft! I like her with Daniel. Their real life chemistry shows on screen. I haven’t liked Aiden from the first time he was on. I guess that’s why it’s fun to watch. Everyone can have their own opinions. Can’t wait until Sunday!

    • Mimi says:

      Real life/personal life chemistry – yes, but NOT a reason to dictate story lines. Really this re-engagement GroundHog day is so boring. I’ll reserve judgement if it leads somewhere interesting. I like her with Aiden – he doesn’t need to kneel down to kiss her!!!, but I have a feeling he just have a few dark secrets.
      As for the game-off between Nolan & the Falcon – this show just went cartoonish.

  15. Luli101 says:

    As far as chemistry goes, one of my favorite scenes from last year was when the dog died and Jack and Emily kissed. Since then…meh. It does depend on story and characterization so much.

  16. GraceSummers says:

    I love Emily and Daniel’s relationship. I never really liked Aiden but I LOVE Emily and Nolan’s relationship, the big brother/little sister relationship though I wish it was something more between them but I know it will not happen. A girl can dream though ;)