American Idol Top 4 Performance Night Recap: I Don't Think That I Can Take It [Updated]

American Idol Top 4 Candice GloverWelcome to Miss American Idol, an exciting new reality series from Fox where gorgeous, talented women take the stage and sing for your votes — and then the ones with the skinniest legs advance to the finale.

Wait, that’s not an actual show? Then please someone tell me what I spent two hours watching tonight as a white-hot rage percolated through my circulatory system and turned me into the kind of cussing, fork-throwing (yes, I may have slammed cutlery into the hard wood floor), definitely-not-enjoying-myself monster you’d typically see on a show like Bad Girls Club or The Real Housewives of the Ninth Circle.

Yes, yes, I know…Idol has always been the kind of show that wears its agenda on its sleeve — usually spelled out in the blood of the contestants it hasn’t pre-selected as its Chosen Ones (TM) — but tonight, the commentary from Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson was so despicably biased against Candice Glover and Kree Harrison that I half-expected exec producer Nigel Lythgoe to send a marching band across the stage to drown out their voting numbers as they were read. You know, just in case you hadn’t gotten the message.

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Add to that the Ringling Bros.-esque parade of dancing ladies, cartwheeling elephants and tightrope-walkers to herald THE OFFICIAL SEASON 12 ARRIVAL OF AMBER HOLCOMB (hinky upper register, occasional flat notes and coma-inducing song choices not included), and you had a recipe for one of Idol‘s most blatantly manipulated, blood-pressure raising, franchise-destroying nights of all time ever.

And if you think I’m being melodramatic, please bear in mind that Candice’s second performance critique was hijacked by Nicki & Co. defending Amber’s cover “Macarthur Park” against Jimmy Iovine’s completely legitimate critique. But then again, Amber can put on a white pantsuit and perform an ancient Celine Dion ballad completely stationary atop a set of glowing fuchsia stairs and be called “current,” “2013” and “amazingly perfect.”

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Oh. Mah. GAH. I better get to tonight’s set list and letter grades before all my anger causes the internet to implode. (I’ll be back overnight to update this post with full reviews of every performance, so do bookmark, refresh and enjoy!)

But first…a pox on Nigel Lythgoe & Co. for RUINING what should’ve been an incredible One Hits Wonder theme with what you know had to be a shortlist of halfhearted, unimaginative, brutally enforced “suggestions” for the Top 4 ladies. Imagine how much fun it would’ve been if Duffy, Estelle, Concrete Blonde, Dionne Farris, The Verve, Gnarls Barkley, New Radicals, Everything But the Girl, Lucy Pearl, When in Rome, Blind Melon and Everlast were on the “cleared songs” list? Oh man…

Amber Holcomb: Laura Branigan/Celine Dion’s “The Power of Love” | Remember those innocent early days of Idol when Paula Abdul would tell a female contestant she looked beautiful — only because she couldn’t think of something nice to say about the singing? Now we’ve got Nicki Minaj asking for a moment of silence to contemplate Amber’s undeniable gorgeousness — as if aesthetic considerations are the only (or at least the most important) point of the Idol experience. Disgraceful. Anyhow, Amber started out strong with a nearly a capella intro, but by the midway point, her voice was straining to hit the high notes, and the end result was not entirely pleasing to the ear. Even worse, though, Amber’s delivery lacked the appropriate amount of fire to fully sell such a fusty old ballad. It was the equivalent of trying to cook a thick steak with a lit match. I mean, if you’re going to belt a line as schmaltzy as “I’M YOUR LAY-DAY! AND YOU ARE MY MAHHHNNNN!” at the top of your lungs, you’d better feel it all the way to the tips of your Manolos. In Amber’s case, though, this felt like more of a vocal exercise — “Look, ma, I can do what Celine does!” — more than a deeply felt interpretation. Good thing we had Jimmy on hand to acknowledge the vocal strain, then insist the perfomance would be “very difficult to beat.” (See how much easier “judging” is when you write out your script before the performances?) Grade: B-

Candice Glover: Drake’s “Find Your Love” | First, can we have a moment of silence to acknowledge the immense creativity and risk-taking spirit of Candice’s extremely current “contestant’s choice” selection? (If you don’t know Drake’s 2010 original, then click here and give it a listen — just so can appreciate the audacity of what Candice brought to the Idol stage tonight.) Okay, with that out of the way, I’ve got to admit it wasn’t Ms. Glover’s finest performance of Season 12 — mainly because she tried a little too hard to bring “vocal moments” to a song that calls for a certain level of sing-song simplicity. Nevertheless, I appreciated the sophistication of Candice’s phrasing, the way she personalized every single word as if she was speaking to a special someone. She drew me in from the proud-yet-vulnerable intensity of the opening line (“I’m more than just an option”) to the world-weary surrender of the bridge (“Too many times I’ve been wrong/ I guess being right it just takes too long”). What Candice rarely gets credit for is the fact that she’s a first-rate actress. Whatever mood she’s called on to deliver — romance, heartbreak, yearning, anger, flirtatiousness — she brrrrrrrings it. (And yes, in her case, “bring” has seven r’s and is most definitely italicized.) And instead, she gets RANDY *&#^%@ HACKSON telling Candice she doesn’t need to put runs into every phrase (something she’s never done before!) and that he doesn’t want people to think of her as “THAT CHURCH GIRL” (something no one has said about her at all this season). I mean, why not just say “We don’t want anyone to look at you and think that you stab kittens, Candice!” It’d have the same ludicruous effect of calling into question all the facts we know about Candice, but at least it would clearly be comedy, yknow? And as for Nicki calling a Drake cover “old-fashioned” — on a night where she praised “The Power of Love” for being current — well, let’s just say her pre-judgment was as visible as her thong was during last week’s results-show deliberation. Grade: B+

Kree Harrison: Susan Tedeschi’s “It Hurt So Bad” | I understood to a small degree Mariah’s critique that she still to see Kree “get lost in song,” only because there wasn’t a big crescendo of pain and longing over the course of the performance; instead, it all percolated in that laid back, just-below-the-surface way that Kree seems to dig, without ever coming to a boil. And on Top 4 night, she might have been better off burying herself alive in the blues, rather than riding sidecar alongside the blues. Nevertheless, you’d think that the judges would’ve given some consolation points for the fact that Kree didn’t miss a single note or — if vocals don’t count for anything anymore — at least for her relaxed, joyous stage presence (a definite upgrade from last week’s occasional awkwardness). Instead, though, we had Nicki claiming Kree had given us a performance that wasn’t even worthy of her Top 4 slot! Um, why? Because she’s over 18? Because she’s the type of artist who’s not going to go sans pants in her music videos? Or because Nigel Lythgoe whispered into Nicki’s ear monitor that Kree is no longer the ladybug of choice? Well, Nicki gurrrl, none of those reasons pass the validity test. You are dismissed — do not pass go and do not pass the microwave to pick up your waffles on the way out, either. Grade: B+

Angie Miller: Jessie J’s “Who You Are” | I could quibble that Angie had already covered Jessie J in her audition, in Hollywood Week and in the Vegas round, but so what? The end product here was one of Angie’s best efforts all season — and the sense of earnestness she brought to the rambling piano ditty felt absolutely genuine, both within the moment and within Angie’s “Type-A Girl Learns to Break Free and Embrace Her Imperfections” Idol Edit. I didn’t even mind the breathlessness on the fast-and-furious bridge, or even the furrowed brow during the closeup* before “that’s my home.” Both presumed negatives became positives within the framework of “Who You Are.” I would’ve stopped short of giving the performance a standing O — as all the judges did, except for Mariah, whose train was caught under her chair — but it was probably enough on its own to guarantee Angie a Top 3 finish. But just to be sure, Uncle Nigel had Seacrest call Angie’s adorable, emotionally overcome grandmother onto the stage for a hug**, because Angie loves her Grandma, and grandmas love to vote for Angie. Grade: A-

*one of 147 exquisitely framed closeups she got during the first performance alone
**RIP: Subtlety (Dawn of Time-2013).

Amber Holcomb: Richard Harris’ “MacArthur Park” | To quote Amber’s big, crapastrophically held note — “Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooo!” I mean, come on now. For starters, how is it that none of the judges pointed out Amber’s cluelessness in choosing a track that’s more square than a White Castle hamburger, and then for doing absolutely not a damn thing to bring it anywhere near the vicinity of 2013? And if not the song choice/arrangement, perhaps they could’ve pinged her on her poor diction, which rendered the entire bridge utterly incomprehensible? (Not that the song makes a lot of sense anyway, but I’d have liked to have known if Amber was correctly reciting the lyrics, or just randomly dropping a syllable salad of “la la la mrmmm macarth cake mmm la la.”) And lastly, there was the small matter of Amber’s pitch, which veered to and fro like Mariah trying to make her way to her judging chair in a pair of sadistic heels and a dress with a runaway train. But nope! Why talk about that when we have Nicki Minaj on hand to say that of all the girls in the competition, Amber (whom she mistakenly identified as Angie — way to be invested here) is the one she’d most want to be friends with? UM, THIS ISN’T THE AMERICAN GIRL DOLL STORE, NICKI, IT’S A SINGING COMPETITION WITH A MAJOR-LABEL RECORD DEAL AT STAKE. JESUS! Keith, almost equal in his ridiculousness, waxed poetic to Amber that “Summer has set in for you and it’s here to stay.” Bloody hell, please someone tell me Nigel Lythgoe wrote those words down on a cocktail napkin and paid Mr. Urban to recite them, because it those fell out of his mouth organically, he has much explaining to do. Okay, I’m gonna stop this paragraph here because I’m getting furious all over again and it’s not good for my mental/physical health. Grade: C+

Candice Glover: Samantha Sang’s “Emotion” | This won’t rank as my favorite Candice song choice all season, but honestly, she’s got such incredible vocal prowess, she could sell me on just about anything (except maybe those dreadful sparkly face pins Randy Jackson always has on his lapel) (okay, maybe even those). I loved the run she executed on the repetition of “in the words of a broken heart,” the low notes she struck on “come home to me darlin’,” the little added jazz inflections she tossed off to differentiate her rendition from the many (including Destiny’s Child’s) that came before it. My sole complaint, alas, was that the background singers sounded like they were straining from the beginning of the performance to the end — adding a sort of “hyena giving birth” undertone to the proceedings that I definitely could’ve lived without. Keith, of course, decided to weigh in on how old the song choices were for One-Hit Wonder theme — rather than waiting till after Angie had performed her 1953 composition — but at least Mariah took a moment to point out Candice was struggling with a bad cold (not that I’d have noticed). Then, of course, Nicki had to drill home her “TeamAmber” talking points by — in an incredibly disrespectful twist — using Candice’s critique to get on Jimmy’s case for his post-ad break put-down of  “MacArthur Park.” Somehow it ended with Jimmy coming back out on stage and insisting the judges acknowledge that Candice was superior to Amber in Round 2, while still somehow everyone made it all about Amber. Amber, Amber, Amber! Actually, Candice, Candice, Candice! (I feel a little better now.) Grade: A-

Kree Harrison: Procol Harum’s “Whiter Shade of Pale” | I’m going to stop talking about the judges’ critiques for a paragraph because, in the end, they’re just a lot of words, pre-written in the Idol writer’s room (most likely) and brought to life by folks who aren’t nearly skilled-enough actors to really make ’em stick. (Plus, I’ll rain more fury down on them when Melinda Doolittle and I shoot Idology on Friday.) So I’m just going to focus on the delicate oasis Kree created with her heartfelt cover of “Whiter Shade of Pale” and the way it brought back memories of my 11-year-old self blasting The Big Chill soundtrack on our family’s record player back in the day. Good music — and good singing — can do that: Calm your frazzled nerves, make you feel nostalgic, transport you to another time, another place. And as Kree belted out that big ole “and so it wah-ah-ah-ahhs,” all those things happened at once. She was up there on that stage, lost in the enigmatic words of a band I never realized only had one hit (they weren’t, exactly), mercifully unincumbered by the trappings and manipulations of a reality TV competition. And that, Kree Harrison, was everything I needed in my life today. So thank you. Grade: A

Angie Miller: Julie London’s “Cry Me a River” | This was a pretty good performance of a pretty song by a girl with a pretty voice. There was a lot of fog on the stage, and a crescent moon hanging in the background. Did I really believe at any point that Angie had truly “cried a river” over the object of her affections? No, I cannot say that I did. Was there much gusto behind the performance aside from that of a teenage girl thinking “if I can just get through this, maybe I can do another Jessie J jam next week”? If so, I didn’t hear it. Did the performance give off a hint of Eau de 1987 Telethon? Yeah, but there are worse perfumes you could find in grandma’s dresser drawer. And yet it inspired Keith to call Angie “mystical and celestially powerful,” and Nicki to accuse Angie of snatching her rivals’ wigs right off their heads. And I’m not going to pretend I know what to say to/about that. Can I plead the fifth, on the grounds that it’s really, really late and I want to go night-night? Grade: B+

Amber & Kree: Adele’s “Rumour Has It” | I’m not sure why Nicki dumped all the blame for the failings of this duet on Kree, but why veer off script on the duets when there’s an agenda to enforce? To my ears, Amber never really settled into the beat of the song, whereas the usually languid Kree actually was hitting her marks with more authority. Frankly, this isn’t a song either of these ladies should ever cover again, but any person with a shred of musicality could’ve told you that before the performance even happened, no? Grade: B-

Candice & Angie: Rihanna’s “Stay” | I loved all the stank Candice put on this usually delicate Rihanna number, and I loved how Angie uglied up her vocals just a bit to match Ms. Glover’s intensity level. The harder-edged arrangement was perhaps a wee bit odd, but I warmed to it mostly because Candice and Angie proved so compelling. The only thing that could’ve made this epic duet better would’ve been if the ladies had dropped their mics to the floor at the end of the performance and walked off the stage before the judges had had a chance to speak. Grade: A

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of Season 12 Top 4 performance night? What did you think of the judges’ comments? Do Candice and Kree have bus tracks on their backs? Who’s going to be in trouble come results night? And will the “special twist” Ryan Seacrest hinted at mean there’s no elimination this week? Sound off in the comments, and for all my Idol-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. dude says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Tonight is my first time watching this season and when Amber sang that second song I didn’t think I’d make it through it was so painfully uneven and unpleasant. I really thought that they’d all let her have it and instead they practically told America that they have to vote for her. Randy basically offered to sign her and declare her the winner then and there for what was without a doubt, the worst performance of the night. I’m surprised they even let the other girls sing. All of which are more talented than her.

    • paula says:

      I had to stop listening about halfway through that mess. I made it through the first (bad) sustained note, but then I had to fast forward.

  2. Jessica says:

    Tonight’s “judging” was abysmal. The way they eviscerated Candice and Kree tonight was terrible, especially since they were magnificent as always! Amber was mediocre at best, yet she was ridiculously praised upon. And I like Angie, but I don’t think she was the best of the night. Honestly, I loved Candice and Kree. But who am I? My BIGGEST annoyance (and there were many) of the night though was when Nicki totally dogged on Kree and was giving her sole responsibility for the duet with Amber. Amber didn’t do anything special with the song either yet she got more praise. Okay, done ranting as this can’t be good for my health.

  3. julia says:

    ik this is never going to happen but can’t amber be eliminated and then we just have three week finlae extravaganza with kree, candice, and angie.

  4. Linda says:

    Why is Jimmy commenting, in addition to the judges, on performance night? So these poor contestants have 5 people critiquing them. Way too many. Ridiculous.
    So many things wrong with this show now. And the way that Candice and Kree got thrown under the bus was gross. How far Idol has fallen.

  5. paula says:

    Completely skipping the judges and Jimmy keeps the rage to minimum. I don’t need them to tell me whether a performance was good. And by that, I mean I don’t need them to tell me who the producers want to win.

    Amber/Kree duet–My two favorite things–the giant drums, and the stink-eye Kree threw toward Amber when she sang, “Sho’ she’s got it all, but baby is that really what you want?”

    Candice/Angie duet–Angie was completely outsung by Candice.

    Amber–yes, pageanty and pretty. First song good, second not so good.
    Candice–This was not her best night, but I still want her in the final two. Speed that stuff up–tired of the slow ballads. And what was up with the background singers on her second song?
    Kree–is fantastic. She was my fave for tonight. She was also the only one consistently on pitch.
    Angie–First song not so good, second song very good.

  6. Claudia says:

    For the 1st time I didn’t think Candice did the best. I would put her behind Kree this week. I loved both of Kree’s & I liked Amber’s 1st song. I didn’t like either of Angie’s. That Cry Me a River made me think I was watching Miss America. She is so pageanty.

    I do agree they are blatently pushing Amber & it’s going to backfire, like it always does. She is one of my favs but the praise is so OTT that it makes me squirm & it looks like it makes Amber uncomfortable too. It’s not fair to Amber or to the other girls. At this stage they shouldn’t be pushing anyone or panning anyone.

    I do think that Candice, despite her superior tone, is the least likely to be a star. She just doesn’t have the personality. The hospital scenes showed that – I thought Kree came off the best in those videos, & then Amber.

  7. Billie says:

    Just because Kree is soft and subtle, doesn’t mean she’s hungry also to win like Candice and Angie. And then, they (producers) are pushing it for Amber. Oh dear. Amber needs to work on her artistry. In which Candice, Kree, and Angie already had.

  8. trimaran12 says:

    Whatever critiques that were given tonight, fair or unfair, should have been given many weeks ago.

    • Linda says:

      AGREED! Its too damaging so late in the game and especially when only 2 get it. They ambushed Kree -I hope she gets the rage vote. No one is going home tomorrow anyhow

      • trimaran12 says:

        Calling out Kree’s lack of emotion? Old news.
        Calling out Candice’s old school style? Old news.
        Not calling out Amber for the old school diva impressions? Unforgivable.
        Angie is doing Angie. Love it or hate it. That’s who she is and I respect her for showing herself, whether I like it or not.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      They may have feared giving them back them would’ve meant five guys for top five.

  9. Gailer says:

    The Stay duet was brutal. Just horrible compared to the original.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Is it possible for anyone to be worse on a Rhianna song than Rhianna herself?

      • Lulu says:

        Apparently it is and I would never have guessed. Whenever I hear ‘Stay’ on the radio, I regret it didn’t go to a real vocalist while being grateful for Miki Ekko for bringing some heart to it. But tonight two far better singers than RiRi slaughtered that lovely song. I don’t even know what to think anymore. Maybe it’s Michael’s wallpaper but I watched some Hailey Reinhart last night and realized the difference between having a great voice and having a great voice AND being able to light up a stage with passion and originality. sigh. I think I actually hate Uncle Nigel.

      • Mary says:

        Actually this is the only Rhianna song I like and the duet ruin it I had to go listen to the original.

  10. waterbug says:

    i usually enjoy your critiques Michael, but tonight you went overboard. Yes, you may have been right about the judges, but you did not have to trash Amber because you were having an Idol judges tantrum.. OMG!

    • Haley Fan says:

      I was completely offended at how Michael also attacked and berated Nicki’s thong.

    • TalkSensibly says:

      Agree, it’s not fair. Amber did great. I believe she is the most marketable, does not need makeover, just enhance her features. The voice is whitney reminiscing. Huge potential is promising given the right people around her.

  11. Justin says:

    Tonight’s show made me probably the most angry I’ve ever been watching an Idol episode. The first round was supposed to be a round in which they could pick any song that they wanted to. Kree picked a song that showed what kind of artist she wants to be after the show. A country/bluesy/rock singer. Candice picked a recent rap song done originally by a man and turned it into a cool, soulful song. Angie picked a Jessie J song (again), but it showed relevancy to what’s going on in the scope of music today. Amber picked an old, done-to-death ballad, stood in the same place the entire time, looked old-fashioned. But she got told that she was the one most relevant, current, youthful contestant. What?!?! I don’t even want to think about the comments given to Kree after her first performance. Nicki threw her under the bus so hard and it was completely unfounded and just plain rude.

    • darcy's evil twin says:


    • Tom22 says:

      Lot’s of logic to the “current artist” bit. I think they chose very poor words for that too, although what they might have wanted to say might have taken more words than anyone wanted to hear.

      As for Kree’s performance… I was disappointed because I really thought that was something she could do very well. I just don’t think she’s comfortable up there.. and is run down by the grind they’re putting them through…. it really is a sort of hazing YET, it is a hazing that relates to the tough life of pop artist with literally no truly free timei to themsleves for months on end and even if not working they can be prisoners in their own homes with the paparazzi etc.

      I bet she could sing that same song like 300 times better in a small club with sawdust on the floor…and I would be enjoying everybit of it because I love that kind of music (I LOVED the Band and I can listen to it again just to hear them grooving together.)

    • marie says:

      Very true, Justin, and yes, infuriating.

  12. karenb says:

    Looking forward to Slezak’s annual “what would you change on Idol?” column. Have a feeling there will be lots of ideas. More than any other season.

  13. waterbug says:

    I am sure Kree and Candice will win the backlash vote and they will get the Kree and Candice finale everyone wants…slick move Nigel.

  14. twnkltoze says:

    So far, I have only seen Amber and Candice’s first song. Amber, while her vocals are undeniably perfect, was booooooooring. The song was too short and didn’t give much of an opportunity for any real “moment.” And THIS is a song full of moments. I was left wondering, “Is that IT??” Candice continues to be inventive with her songs and yes, this one was a little “run” heavy but still showed more potential than Amber’s song by a mile. I agree with Keith. Who cares what genre it fits into and what’s wrong with fitting into the adult contemporary genre? Thank you Mariah and Keith for being the voices of reason here.

    • twnkltoze says:

      Kree was Kree. Emoting has never been her forte’. But I thought her vocals were spot on. Angie still makes me want to hurl. I thought her vocals were less than stellar. Nobody pointed that out behind the judges table. By the way. Amber feelin’ her oats. First duet. Two boring singers = boring duet. I saw a little extra life in Kree this time but still boring. I get what they say when they want Kree to be “in the song” but that should be echoed for Miss Amber as well. She is completely devoid of emotion and because of the judges inability to call her out on it, she is now resting on her laurels. Too bad.

      • twnkltoze says:

        I’ve just muted Amber singing one of my all time favorite Donna Summer songs. What a PHONY!! LACKED every bit of emotion those silly lyrics called for. I saw Donna Summer do this live and can’t imagine anything less.

        • MC says:

          i know many people say it’s a “terrible” song, but Donna made it magical. Donna is probably one of the most underrated, yet truly great singers in my lifetime. RIP.

  15. Lea H. says:

    Talk about raging in your living room, I think I stroked, I was so mad. Amber gets two standing ovations for songs that were sung exactly the way the original singers performed them, only not as good. The judges sickened me tonight. I mean, the blatant pimping of Amber and Angie was just ridiculous. Do they really think that because they tell us that Candice and Kree were mediocre tonight, that we’ll agree? Fat chance. Sorry, but Amber’s second song sucked eggs and Angie sang good, but not best of the night. Candice and Kree need to step it up next week. They didn’t slam it like they usually do, but they can perform circles around the other two. I haven’t voted all season, but I voted tonight. I don’t like having contestants shoved down my throat or force fed to me. I have been a long time AI fan, but if the two skinny girls become top two, I’m done with this show.

  16. april says:

    This whole amber thing is getting on my nerves,forcing her on voters won’t make america love her more cuz people who love her are starting to have reasons not to keep her cuz the judges are just realy over hyped about her and its realy unfair to her,it won’t make her get votes but more haters. Unfortunately , she can’t defend her self and tell them to shut up! Candice was awesome tonight,angie too and kree .amber too was great but being over hyped is a complete turn off and makes me find faults in her performances instead of just enjoying it like I used to.

    • The Final Say says:

      Agree april, but how do you explain Lazaro being voted out when all 4 judges agreed to put him down on his last episode. As i see it, as long as judges support one, majority people agree with them. Just my analysis though..

    • Mary says:

      At this stage I think everyone should grow up and think for themselves. What the judges say or don’t say does not alter my opinion of whom I like. I vote for who I like not the judges. If we agree great if not so what. My top two have always been Amber and Kree. Candice has a great voice but to be honest I probably wouldn’t buy her music unless a song pops out for me. Everyone can disagree but I do think Amber is the whole package voice and yes looks. She does need refining but I think that comes with growth. As much as I hated her second performance I still want her to progress. I agree that Kree needs to put emotion into her song but I love her voice. Angie is not my favorite but I have enjoyed some of her performances.
      All four girls have talent but in the real music world some will go further than others.

  17. The Final Say says:

    I don’t care who wins. They all deserve the title. Just a popularity title in fact. Let’s just see who makes the charts when they make albums. Then i can say that girl is the American Idol.

  18. Fran V says:

    Is it any wonder the numbers for AI have dropped so dramatically this season? The manipulation by the producers has been with us every single season I’ve watched, but never has it been this blatant. All of the guys who had the potential to win were eliminated early on and the women who remain who don’t fit the “marketable” meme are trashed. Off key singing is ignored if you have good legs. I’m about to join the millions who have bailed on this travesty.

    • The Final Say says:

      I don’t think there is a manipulation. Voters are stupid perhaps if you think the results are stupid too. But for me, at least the four are equally talented.

  19. darcy's evil twin says:

    Where were the real “One Hit Wonder” songs? I guess they couldn’t afford to clear “Run Joey Run”, “Brandy”, “Mickey”, “Disco Duck”, “Funky Town”, “Seasons in the Sun”, “Timothy”,”One Tin Soldier”, “Spirit in the Sky”, “Afternoon Delight”, and “Into the Night”,
    Yikes. Well, it would NOT have been any worse than enduring “MacArthur Park”.

    • Bob says:

      I would absolutely love to hear any of them sing “Brandy,” probably the greatest One-Hit Wonder song of all time. In fact, that song is so good, I would love to hear ALL of them sing it. Wouldn’t it be interesting if they all had to do the same song? Then we could really compare their tone, musicality, sense of melody and rhythm, improvisations, etc. “Brandy” would be ideal for that.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Bob, that’s a fantastic idea. “Brandy” is a good song, and why not have everyone sing the same song? that would be interesting.

        • It’s a better idea in theory than in practice. On one of the early seasons of So You Think You Can Dance (Season 3 I think) they had every dancer learn the same choreography and perform the same dance. By the time the fifth dancer took the stage the judges were really struggling to say something other than “Oh, we shouldn’t have done this.” Even with only four singers left, the fourth would be at a huge disadvantage compared to whomever went first.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Even if they all decided to Rick Roll the show and sing Together Forever? :)

        • marie says:

          Back in the season Fantasia won, both she and Diana DeGarmo, being the top 2, had to sing the same Winner’s Song, which was far better suited to Fantasia’s voice than to Diana’s. In any case of having contestants sing the same song, I’d be worried about how to level the playing field, as just as with bridesmaids’ dresses, it’s unlikely you’d find one that suits everyone equally well. Better, I think, to actively clear songs the contestants themselves want to sing, instead of forcing them to choose from a very narrow field as they do now.

    • Tahoe Mike says:

      Seasons in the Sun!! You just made me feel 12 all over again! DET at least you and I are on the same page about what a one hit wonder is.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Oh, Tahoe Mike- I left out “DOA”, LOL. Probably not good Idol fare, though!

        • Jongirl says:

          This is spooky! After not ever thinking about that song for years, I was just telling my daughter about it last weekend….an now someone else remembers it, too! That had to be one of the creepiest songs of all time.

  20. Mark says:

    I don’t get why everyone is so upset. When Amber opened her mouth and levitated above the crowd, my grandmother awoke from her coma, my baby stopped crying, the rain clouds disappeared, flowers sprouted in my garden, the brakes on my car stopped squealing, my checkbook balanced itself, and I kind of sort of get relativity now. The child is blessed. We are fortunate to hear her golden vocal chords.

  21. dani n. says:

    Yeah who knows what’s going on.Nary a word about Amber early on and now they’re overdosing on her.And even though I am voting for Amber I can be fair in my assessment of her and the BS that went on tonight with the old fashioned critique of Candice while Amber sang dinosaur songs and the second one not all that good. And I am not a fan of Celine dreck Muzak either though I thought Amber did very well with it. I actually got a note that Randy of all people gave to Candice. About not always going to church though it’s not a Gospel thing she does.I think what Candice needed to do with Emotions was to find some softer spots to find nuance. I realize they praised her more for Emotions though I would have chosen this song to use ad an example for that critique. I thought Angie’s first song was very good and connected..she connected with it. And she kept up with Candice in their duet which made for a dang good performance. Thought Amber was MIA in her duet and Kree sang the song much better.It sounded like an awful choice for them.I love Kree’s tone. Just love it. Why isn’t she playing guitar? I think she can play. I think all of these young women are excellent.

  22. M says:

    I have never been this upset with the blatant pimping of AI. Amber didn’t deserve 2 standing Os. My rage continued when Nikki interrupted Candice’s segment. That is so rude! I spent 1.5 hours texting and voting for Candice. Trust me. I’ve never done this type of fanatical voting but will do what it takes to secure Candice’s spot in the finales. I’m confident that America will have the correct top 3. Nigel will probably announce tomorrow that the save is reinstated. Get well Candice! On a side note…How and the heck did Keith suggest to Candice about song choice after those horrible outdated songs by Amber? This judging is a joke.

  23. Joe says:

    Kree, to me, is coming off like a demo singer in Nashville. Oh wait, she is a demo singer in Nashville. She’s a nice voice to use on a song to sell the song to a real artist. She’s not the real artist. Girlfriend is coasting and she really seems like she’s over it. She can always get work as Melanie Lynskey’s body double though if the singing thing doesn’t work out.
    Candice Glover had one of the worst song choice nights I can ever remember. Drake & the Bee Gee’s? Really? Really? Girl can sing better than anyone else in the final 4, but the song choices were abysmal. If she makes it to next week and sings more dreck like tonight, that’s all she wrote for Miss Glover.
    As for Amber, who lights up the screen, she nailed her first song. The second song? Wasn’t there someone nice around who could’ve stopped that from happening? If Nikki wants to be friends with her, the friend thing to do would be to slap her repeatedly for even considering McArthur Park.
    Miss Melisma Miller has been watching a lot of Celine Dion while crafting her stage presence. Whenever she shakes her fist during a song I get inspired to write comments about her shaking her fist. It’s working Melisma! She’s gonna pull emotion out of us by shaking and bopping when her songs hit the bridge into the final chorus. There’s something very phony that radiates around her. Anyone else getting a Dina Lohan vibe from Melisma’s Mom? My skeptical reaction means she’ll get to the final and win easily since the contestant I react the strongest against always wins. Congrats Melisma! We all know Nigel told you not re-play your original song until the finals since you’re guaranteed to be there. Cue confetti. This thing’s over. Seacrest Out!

    • Nedsdag says:

      I am surprised she didn’t go on stage wearing a Miss Melisma sash. After all, this. is. Miss. American. Idol.

  24. I don’t get this Amber thing at all. I think she’s terrible and everybody I know thinks she’s terrible. I’d much rather Lazaro still be in it than Amber because he was at least so bad he was good.

    I don’t care how much pimping the judges do, I can’t imagine Amber every winning this or ever being heard from again except for a one time performance on Idol next year. The pimped contestant hasn’t won the last two years no matter how hard they tried. Don’t they understand that when they do this they anger people and turn them AWAY from that contestant?

  25. Timmah says:

    The whole show was boring. Bad song choices, mediocre performances. I feel like I’m watching the early rounds, not final four night.

  26. dj says:

    This season I have been just using the online 50 votes, but tonight I phone voted for the whole 2 hours, mostly for Miss Candice, and some votes for Miss Kree, too, in an effort to strike a blow for fairness and rationality.

  27. LeahKittyS says:

    In a previous thread, I said there would be no blood on this week’s episode of “American Idol Horror Story.” But I may need to change that, considering two women were run over by a bus and it most certainly does not look like an accident!

    • Mary says:

      I don’t think they got run over by a bus, I think the judges actually critique them which should of been done before now. I love Kree but she looks like a wooden soldier up there singing. At this stage she should be more comfortable. Candice – great voice but all he songs are blending in for me. I think they have critique Angie all along. Amber is being overpraised, which will hurt her, but she got no recognition in the first place. I think each of them had a good performance and one not so much.

  28. Grace says:

    Growing up with the Beatles, Motown and even Burt, I loved the sounds – but was not a fan of music from the 1920 s and 1930 s. Why does Idol think that people of 2013 want to hear 40 year old music. Even I don’t

  29. Connor says:

    Angie is hitting her stride. Wouldn’t be surprised if Angie and Candice were in the finals.

  30. TheGirlsRock says:

    For me the the 2nd duet was also my ideal finale. Power versus power…two contrasting styles….both capable of great flourishes and yes emotion.

    I don’t know anymore that Kree knows what to do to take it up a notch. I love her voice but I think she is doing what she’s always known how to do and is quite comfortable there.

    I have never gotten the Amber thing. She is beautiful and has a very good voice but just doesn’t seem to belong in this group at this point. Her and Angie are very young but I think Angie is attacking this competition.

    I with other folks on Candice…how the hell do you sing like that with a cold. She had some pitch problems as a result…but still great.

    I’ve got to say I’m sick the “lack of emotion” comments with Angie. She sang great twice tonight …emotion and all. I’m with Urban when he says she is going to grow into all that. Just an amazing voice.

    I thought Slezak’s legs comment was tasteless and … well… desparate.

    Candice and Angie!

  31. IMHO says:

    You 2 are so wrong, Michael and Melinda – no way Amber is in the finals. No way. My personal faves are Angie and Kree, and Candice is so amazing – but I would probably never buy her CD. But she’ll probably be in the finals with Angie. Amber is kind of a snooze fest for me, and I think for many. I loved her “vibe” on Rumor Has It tonight – wish she sang with that kind of attitude all time time. If she did, she’d be in my top 2, but I think she’ll finish 4th.

  32. Mel says:

    I don’t understand who will work with these girls, if from the last year’s Top-10 only three signed? Erika, Elise, Skylar do not have a contract for the recording, but someone will record the Kree or Amber?” Poor frightened rob-Hollie had over the entire season, more personality than the whole of this season together taken. If you name isn’t Elise you should not touch Adel on this show. Even karaoke from Hollie had more swag.
    I know that you cannot compare the seasons, but I was ready to bring all the 4 place in the last four seasons and I’m sure they ripped to this episode in tatters. Alison, Big Michael, James, Hollie had MOMENTS at this point and remained in the tablets of AI.

  33. Daniel says:

    Angie, Candice (Duet) = A
    Angie (2nd) = A
    Amber (1st) = A
    Angie (1st) = A-
    Amber, Kree (Duet) = A-
    Kree (1st) = B+
    Amber (2nd) = B+
    Candice (2nd) = B
    Kree (2nd) = B
    Candice (1st) = B-

  34. LeahKittyS says:

    Look at all of you people and your fancy grades. My system of judgment is much simpler: either I enjoyed a performance or I didn’t. The quality of an episode depends on how many performances I found enjoyable. And in all my years of watching Idol there has not been one episode where I didn’t enjoy at least one performance. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t as angry with the proceedings as a lot of people around here were.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      You do make a good point, grading and ranking is sort of foolhardy for the arts. Same with movies. Try to rank movies or give them stars or grades and all you end up with is crazy nonsense that no matter how you shift it around yourself you don’t agree with any of it even though you made the list yourself and remade the list and remade the list hah. Reminds of the NYT where they just write about songs and movies and don’t give grades or stars or Siskel and Ebert where they at least just kept it to thumbs up and thumbs down.

    • TalkSensibly says:

      I feel the same Leah Kitty, i find people here too arrogant to critique the way they do. When they see that judges don’t praise their idol, they say there is a manipulation. Come on, get real people. Stop blaming the judges if they don’t see the way you people do. Just enjoy the music, and wait a year who starts to make her charts go up.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      LOL, I’m with you, Leah. I don’t want to have to work that hard. And honestly, I wouldn’t enjoy “MacArthur Park” if John Lennon himself came back from the grave and sang the song. I do not know what Jimmy Webb was thinking.

  35. Max says:

    Tonight was the most annoying/nonsensical judging ever this season! It’s so frustrating to see a ‘Haley thrown under the bus despite singing better than her competitors’ situation being repeated by a totally new panel this year (minus Mr Boring Randy Bleh)! Granted, Kree and Candice was not at their very best tonight, Kree averaging B- and Candice B+ but that certainly DOES NOT entail a full-on debussing by the panel! Amber’s first song was good but the second one was just averagely blearghhh n so not worthy of a standing O! Such blatantly obvious annoying pimpage for Amber.

    The only worthy standing O would be Angie’s Jessie H cover. Angie did her best tonight and deserved all the praise! Angie is a hard worker and if she keeps this up, she could be a serious contender for the idol crown yo! Angie vs Candice or Angie vs Kree final 2 pretty pls..JUST NO AMBER IN THE FINALS! So hoping that the MAJOR PIMPAGE for Amber would backfire and result in her getting 4th! Lol That would be sweeeet!

  36. Mellie says:

    Amber was anything BUT current tonight. I have no idea what the judges are saying when they call her current, say that she’s so 2013. Even the way she looked in her second song made her appear as if she were in the 60s or 70s. It was absolutely painful to watch them worship her when I felt in pain watching her performance. As a young person in the target demo I can definitely say I would never buy an album from Amber. She is terribly boring. She is old-fashioned – no matter how young she herself is.

    • Mellie says:

      Side-comment. Can someone please explain to me when “One Hit Wonders” started to mean “Only One Hit Wonders Pre-80s?” Imagine for a moment: Candace doing Pumped Up Kicks. Kree doing Dog Days Are Over. Amber doing Mercy. Angie doing Boston by Augustana, or Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol… Ugh, this night had potential. I’m so disappointed.

    • TalkSensibly says:

      Here’s another one. Maybe your definition of current is not the way judges see. Just as simple as that. You might see Amber for a particular night but judges look in a broader view.

  37. twnkltoze says:

    I must admit that Angie’s “Cry Me a River” was my favorite of the night. All my votes to Candice just the same even though I wasn’t crazy about her interpretation of “Emotion.” Strayed a little too far from the original melody for me. Maybe just because I’m an old Disco Queen. Adam Lambert did the same with his BeeGees tune even though the downloaded version eventually grew on me. According to Slezak’s poll, Amber is in danger. I’m just not diggin’ her cockiness.

  38. The Final Say says:

    I don’t take fave with any particular girl in the show. But i wonder all you people expressing your comments if you really know how to judge musicality. I teach choir and i know what sounds good and what sounds bad. All girls sing well, regardless if it’s current or old fashioned or sang diffrently or sang the same as the original, what matters is did the people liked it or not. I liked every rendition of the four. Whoever wins will be handled by a producer who can harness that voice and persona to be marketable. In physical appearance likewise.

  39. Guitar Blue says:

    This is probably the night that never was, as a non-elim would put the show on schedule.

    I just wonder if they are not going to make a decision on the elimination until the votes are tallied……. Then decide if they are going to let “her” go, or just add-in next weeks votes to see if the outcome will change.

  40. Tracy says:

    Completely disagreed with this review and most comments.

    Yes, Candice is good. But Kree and her has such mature and familiar styles with what the mainstream has already offered for years. They are good technically, but sincerely boring.
    Every ‘diva” sounds the same. I think as musicians who ARE IN THE INDUSTRY, the judges are getting quite tired of repetitive styles and they are looking for inspiration. Music is supposed to be inspiring after all.

    Amber is slightly shy, without so much seasoning and “attitude,” however has a beautiful voice that’s naturally elegant. She has that certain something classic and yet fresh that’s hard to come by in a million. That special something is what makes her singing not just a musical enjoyment but somewhat ethereal or spiritual. Her shyness means she’s a real person. This special something is what makes a star different than a just technically good singer. Her personality and voice are much more original and fresh.

    What America wants year after year is just powerhouse screaming, leaving little to imagination. BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT MUSIC IS! It’s not just about singing powerfully and keep pushing your emotions on everyone. Americans needs to stop getting so caught up with just “power vocals” and look to music as an expression of life.

    With Amber, when she sings there is something beautiful going on in the room. Her voice brings a warm or touching feeling in a subtle way, instead of being all in your face. Meanwhile, her voice is gorgeous. She doesn’t put on a statement like the others. But you are in the moment thinking and exploring. I suppose people who know music get into the zone. It’s spiritual not emotional.

    Why does America have all kinds of crap pop on the radio? Because people who like cheap beer can’t appreciate really good wine.

    Amber is a rare talent. People who are mature musicians (like Jimmy\ Mariah) can taste the flavor of a good singer and they have spotted it.

    You can pause for a second and re-evaluate your taste. Do you have mass-produced taste? Do you listen with your heart, or just your body?

    • kaba says:

      Amber sincerely is not as insanely amazing as you’ve elegantly painted her out to be.
      You sound as if you’re trying your hardest to highlight that Amber is a phenom without exactly saying she’s marketable.
      Cause that’s indirectly what you’re talking about.
      The show is american idol and the person who wins should the person who wins the people more times than most. Not because one is marketable.

      You keep saying Amber is shy when frankly that’s far from the truth at this point. Might she not know how to react to praise? Maybe not, but that doesn’t make her shy.
      Next off I can’t fathom how her being shy adds to her performances. These traits you listed haven’t always helped her and she’s had some blllaaaaaand performance.
      You scratch the surface of all your claims with psuedo intellectualism and convoluted bs.
      I thoroughly disagree with you

      • TalkSensibly says:

        Come on, not blaaaand. The four judges never said that, you mean you’re a better judge? All four are great. Get real, no blaaaand performance so far. They’re top 4 after all.

    • TalkSensibly says:

      Good post. Hope the crowd understands.

    • waterbug says:

      Excellent post Tracy

    • Tom22 says:

      excellent Tracy. I’ll also add that while I totally appreciated Amber’s live performances some of the light radiating from her was diminished from a lack of support from the background accompaniment. NOW I LOVE the idol band.. I think that the caliber of musicians in the band is sometimes overlooked. Their drummers and ray chew at the piano particularly.

      but, a couple of her pieces demanded very tight sting ensembles and really needed more from the back up singers that the live version gave.

      The Beatles son I’m leaving home is one… the cello and piano are there perfectly with her where the mixing of the live version left her standing there without what her perfect vocals needed to be framed with. The original Beatles versions had.. well the other beetles all there seamlessly in support of Paul McCartney (as they were truly a group making every song a group number even with a soloist presence)

      I say the prayer worked much better on the studio version too.. and I think it was more a matter of the band hearing Amber better(or being able to see her profile better to kick along rather than less interactively inspired.. keeping the energy ..

      Mac Arthur park too.

      Of course the vocalist might do better in a studio, but that isn’t my point here as it usually is.. it is that the accompaniment in these cases.. in what can seem like boring songs really accentuate what Amber does perfectly as the songs were written for… the chords behind the notes sung are important in these three and the live versions the back up wasn’t really on the top of their support game.

      I feel such a wave of emotion/insight/energy/attitude/poise/tempermant or whatever you’d call it .. radiating from Amber. She’s not perfect yet. I’m not sure any of the performances are like drop dead perfect.. but I’m enjoying these three studio versions a LOT. If she has the ability to write or co write in the future.. I think we can hear something really special from her.

  41. Tagrid says:

    Michael – I know it’s always nice to be agreed with, but don’t you think you’d get a more honest/spontaneous response if you posted your poll before you posted your comments and review?

  42. Anna says:

    It is so unfair for Kree because she was in the bottom two last week and the producers did NOT pimp her and they pimped Amber on her situation? I thought this top 4 was one of the best if not the best of all the seasons. It is now turning into one of the worst. I mean, last year’s Elise, Jessica, Josh, Phillip, Skylar, Colton, Hollie, and Erika can kick their butt. Thank god this year’s top 10 wasn’t up against last year’s top 10. This year’s top ten would be labeled semifinalists if that was the situation! Kudos to Angie and Candice for the up to par performances. All season long I had a Kree-Candice in mind but Kree has lost that spark in her that makes me like her. Nigel has ruined the show for me. I am NOT watching season 13 anymore. At this point, everyone should be kicking butt! Last year, by top 7 almost everybody was kicking butt! I even doubt there will be a season 13. First of all, THEY SHOULD REMOVE THE THEMES! Let the contestants have the freedom to choose their own songs, that way, they will shine!

  43. Joey says:


    But I need to address a couple things.

    1. Clearly, Mariah Carey almost getting replaced by Jennifer Lopez whatever drama completely SNAPPED “Mimi” [I still can’t believe Tenna (pronounced Tee-na……..) Torres called her that during the during top 10 girls] ANYWAY, tonight Mariah was the best she’s ever been, even through her still- blatant attempts at trying to be a better judge than Nicki and rambling/stalling by trying to find something to say just to speak and hashtagging pow on a performance not NEARLY as worthy as the coveted and amazing performace that #POW was introduced (the impeccable duet of Angie Candice and Amber). That being said, the judges clearly know that Uncle Nigel is looking to replace them all which I think made Mariah work harder for her whooping salary, made Nicki not give a crap about what she says or does on the show, left Randy just blabbing whatever Nigel needed him to say (with his own “in it to win it” dog-isms, and left Keith being the only REAL critic who was FOCUSED on the contestants and actually trying to help them improve for next week, since it was obvious when he kept telling them all “next week do this or try this” that there was going to be no elimination. BUT HE KEPT THE FOCUS ON THE CONTESTANTS, so I’m done with my rant and getting to the real stuff.

    2. AM I CRAZY OR did Amber f*#k up her duet with Kree and Kree saved the entire performance, and THE JUDGES TRIED TO PRETEND NOT TO NOTICE?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Amber’s whole demeanor changed after SHE knew she messed up, and she felt even worse when it wasn’t even addressed and it completely ruined her for the second performance. But I can’t help but think Uncle Nigel’s OD heavy influence/power telling the judges probably in their little ear pieces what to say in their critiques (especially during round 2 i feel like) is the reason Amber’s ENORMOUS flub wasn’t addressed, and this is top 4 week…

    3. Kree’s an amazing singer, but she still bores me ONLY WHEN SHE PERFORMS. I love Amber but I can’t really support her, which upsets me because in the beginning of the episode she said in the video how she wasn’t going down without a fight and I was so excited, and then I just feel like she sunk.

    4. I have loved Candice from the beginning, and I think she’s incredible. She hit her peak with ‘Lovesong’ and still cannot find the momentum, which is upsetting. Nicki was right though, she should’ve kept the melody of the Drake song because she still would’ve killed it and she showed she could keep the melody when she sang Emotions (one of my top 3 performances of the night) Candice needs to WOW again, but that doesn’t mean arranging a song into a groovy R&B vibe that seemed all too reminiscent of how she beautifully and effortlessly arranged and executed Paula Abdul’s ‘Straight Up’ last week.

    And last but not least,

    5. Angela turned Angie Miller. Excuse me while I go tear up again while watching her TEAR UP that Jessie J song. IT WAS PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Angie’s and I get so sick of hearing that she needs to go back to the piano blah blah, but she really shined on this song. Her second song was pretty good too, but I couldn’t get behind the “One Hit Wonder” theme and was just tired out by the end. But Angie is my dark horse winner now. She came out of nowhere tonight and really stood out.

    Angie and Candice are the two who have never been in the bottom 3 or 2 (I’m almost positive) but that all could change tomorrow IF there’s an elimination of some sort or whatever (which I doubt – it’ll be a non elimination and tonight’s votes will carry over and be added to next weeks votes, giving everyone but Angie time to refocus, recommit, and really shine and fight for the crown.

    1. (best) Angie Miller
    2. Candice Glover
    3. Kree Harrison
    4. Amber Holcomb

    1. Candice Glover
    2. Amber Holcomb
    3. Angie Miller
    4. Kree Harrison

  44. Guilherme Santos says:

    Preach it! You said all that I felt tonight! Loved Kree´s bluesy powerfull rendition of It Hurt So Bad, sure, she still needs to connect more, but they should have give this criticsm to her before, and even if they are doing now, do on a better way. And I can´t stand the double standards and no sense comments with Amber.. MacArthur Park was horrible! I actually like the song (my guilty pleasure), but than girl, if you gonna pick a song like this, at least sing it well. Where is her low register?
    Anyway, voting hard for Kree and Candice! People, do the same!

  45. Adam Fachry says:

    Guys, I know Amber did a bad job on MacArthur’s Park. But pleasde don’t mock that song! It’s one of my ultimate guilty pleasures and one of the greatest dance songs of all time. I don’t care if it’s corny or not lol. And I’m talking about the Donna Summer’s version not the Albus Dumbledore via Jimmy Webb’s (no disrespect to you, the great Mr. Harris). It’s simply a camp splendor.

    • Adam Fachry says:

      I mean, MacArthur Park. Don’t know why I put the ‘s” though.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Oh Adam, Adam, Adam – I’ll give you an “A” for honesty. I have to agree – the Donna Summer version is more tolerable than the original.
        Several years ago humorist Dave Barry published a book about the worst songs ever. His readers actually voted on the songs. The number one “worst song ever” was MacArthur Park. Number two was “A Horse With No Name”. Honestly, anything by the group “America” makes the list for me. I am possibly one of the few people of my generation that can’t stand their music.

      • syb says:

        Amber sang “McArthurS Park” in her first line, perhaps that’s where you got it. In fact that’s the only part of the performance that made me smile. In her defense, it was obvious from that point that she didn’t pick it for herself.

  46. Tarc says:

    Honestly, AI has devoled into something so fake, I skip it and watch the Voice US, UK,and AU – all on right now. Candace is a couple orders of magnitude above the rest, so I just wait and watch her AMAZING songs after the show. Nikki is nutz, Mariah is pointlessly positive, and I wish I’d never hear a word from randy ever again. Whatever happens on the show, Candace will be signed, and I’ll be buying what she’s selling.

  47. Et. Al says:

    This is the greatest recap I’ve ever read on a professional site. Kudos for the honesty. I hope Nigel reads this, and I hope Nikki and Randy have someone read it to them.

  48. Tahoe Mike says:

    I feel the rage too. Many curse words were hurled at the screen tonight. Since when can you call a Bee Gees song a one hit wonder???? they may not have written it, but it was their hit. “Hey Mickey,” by Toni Basil is a one hit wonder, “Spirit in the sky,” by Norman Greenbaum was a one hit wonder, the deVynyls’ “I Touch My Self,” was a one hit wonder, these guys tonight seemed very unclear on the concept.
    I am just exhausted when it comes to ranting about how vile Randy is. Nicki is just one of those Can’t Understand Normal Thinking kind o’ bit chez. I give Amber credit for keeping her cool when the psycho called her Angie.
    Mariah flippin’ Carey was the voice of sanity and reason tonight; “There’s your sign!”

  49. duke says:

    I still feel today people and Michael are just going to hate on poor Amber because of the Judge’s wrong doings #sigh

  50. PatD says:

    For the first time in a long while, this show is left with 4 legitimately talented voices. 3 of those 4 have exhibited a pretty good sense of artistic identity. 2 of those 4 seem current. None of those 4 have shown they are anything but light years away from having show stopping, jaw-dropping stage presence. Amber is a beautiful girl blessed with an amazing instrument (and heaps of marketable potential), but she has no sense of artistic identity, no stage presence, and absolutely no sense of what’s current. Watching her stand stock still, practically devoid of any sense of rhythm, singing competent notes right next to Kree (who effused musicality and *got* the beat of that Adele song), made the ridiculous pimping an utter joke.

    But what enrages me even more than the obvious manipulations we’ve come to expect from this show, is the crestfallen look that came over Kree as she stood there taking in the reality of what was happening. It was painfully clear that she was just then, you know, getting it. And in a year when this show has finally managed to get this far with this much talent, it’s a shame it has to be ruined, once again, by such nonsense.

    I’m going to type something else that may not be very popular here, but I hope like heck that Mariah is back next year (and I never, in a million years, thought I’d be saying that). Sure, she may not be the most organized public speaker, but of all the judges, she’s been the one least resistant to the given script all year. I also expected a lot more diva-esque, JLo like, jealous vibes from her, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. She has come off as way more genuine than anyone else on that panel (and, yeah, I am looking at you, Keith).

    I wish Nigel, for once in his life, could have just let this Final Four played out by itself.

    • Tom22 says:

      I thought the 2 minutes of the Burt Bacharach Medley “One Less Star to Answer” with candice and Amber was a jaw dropping all time idol highlight moment (like one of maybe 60 or 80 moments.. not like top 10) . Unfortunately Lazaro had no business being on the stage and took away from the other girls performances which were strong and would have been stronger without him to worry about missing his cue etc. … its hard to say “part” of a number was an all time moment.. but it was a long part that could have stood on its own .

    • Lana says:

      @PatD I agree I want Mariah back and I have felt she has been good all season, even though she was not the most organized speaker she knew what she was talking about. You can tell she is trying to get her point across faster and I thought she did a really good job last night. She is also the only one who admitted that TPTB want this or that and I think that is why Nigel is so mad at her, he didn’t want it openly said that they made the real decisions on the show.