NCIS Shocker: Did Ziva [Spoiler]?! Watch Video

NCIS Car AccidentIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times for NCIS‘ “Tiva” fans on Tuesday night.

The pair traveled to Berlin to hunt down Ilan Bodnar, yet found time for lighter moments amid their dark agenda — including “diamond shopping,” dancing (punctuated by a meaningful Eli flashback) and, yes, hand-holding. And that’s where the fun ended.

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In the final seconds of the episode, Tony and Ziva — now back in the States — got broadsided/Michael Vaughned by a car. Cut to an image of Tony’s bloody hand reaching out for Ziva’s motionless hand….

Holy cliffhanger, Batman!

Watch/rewatch the shocking final scene below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts/theories/fears! (Oh, and in case you were wondering — Cote de Pablo has not inked a new deal for next season yet.)

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Omg….tonight was Awful!!! I just knew something ha was going to happen after the Finally let us realize something may come of their love for one another! I WANT them together and will be FURIOUS & stop watching if either of them leave the show!!! :'( I love them both!!

  2. Dee says:

    NCIS is rocking the house this year. I screamed the kids screamed we were in shock at the brutal wreck. Absolutely great show. We all can’t wait for next Tuesday!!

  3. I’m absolutely in love with this show. Solid ep

  4. susan says:

    After killing off kate and the Tony/Kate love story which wasn’t half as interesting as Tony/Ziva chemistry, the writers would be foolish not to let this love story happen and continue to let Tiva work together and kick butt together for the long term on NCIS. My husband and I really love this show now and all the characters. SO LET ZIVA AND TONY LOVE ON!!!!

    • ninamags says:

      Um, excuse me, but what show were YOU watching? Kate and DiNozzo relationship???


      They annoyed each other, to no end. It was more brother, sister relationship. Which is what this tiva nonsense is.

      You are seeing much, much more than what the writers have EVER intended.

      To the detriment of the show.

  5. AngelMoon Girl says:

    My breath literally stopped when I saw that oncoming car. WHAT A CLIFFHANGER! I loved it though xD Best episode in a while. ALL THAT TONY/ZIVA GUHHH <3

  6. charissa29 says:

    Arrrghhh! They can’t kill Ziva! Maybe she HAS inked a deal and they are holding off on telling us!!!

  7. Angela Johnson says:

    I absolutely love NCIS. I normally would not even take the time to comment, however, this is a bit different. CBS and the whole team of NCIS, including writers, drivers, stunt, clean-up crew, lights, camera, actors, as I wish to include everyone involved with the making of NCIS. After ten (10) years on the air, being the #1 show on CBS, with all the complaints I’ve read, and also the good ones, we all were glued, hoping something would happen between Ziva and Tony. I hope Ziva signs and renews her contract, as 1) I love Ziva’s role and the way she handles Tony. 2) No one likes change, however, sometime change is good. I definitely do not want Ziva to leave the show! Nothing wrong with holding out for more pay, if that’s what’s happening. 3) We , the viewer’s, are hooked. NCIS is awesome! IMO. Whoever is on that slab, hopeful it being the green SUV Gibbs and McGee saw, then fled. A rogue agent, dead, run away SUV, as an SUV vs a car direct hit on Ziva, Tony injured. So many different conclusions… Hoping Ziva is alive. I had no idea this TVline was here. Sorry for my novel. I , me, hope all comes out okay, after Ziva, and Tony recuperate. Bottom line, the show works, with flirting, I hope Ziva and Tony get together after suffering such a tragic accident together, and they do solve crimes. We just notice beautiful Ziva and ‘hottie’ Tony, as I do believe there are feelings brewing. The show would not be complete without Ducky, Palmer, Vance, McGee, Gibbs (please tell me how Gibbs gets the boats out), and cuttie Abby. I miss Kate, Jenny, Frank’s, Ziva’s father, Vance’s wife, the NCIS agent who sacrificed herself for her sister). Tell me we are not NCIS NUTS. Thank you! Angie & Charlotte. P.S. We are 8 military strong, dating back to WWII.

  8. J says:

    Maybe they’re literally Michael Vaughning her?

  9. Sina says:

    I sure wish she comes back!!!! Hate to see her die,

  10. JT says:

    As soon as the camera pan over to Ziva’s side of the car, I was like CAR…CAR and bam! Sucks that it happened just when Ziva was about to say something.

    • Nicole says:

      I saw the car and screamed Tony, Tony, no, It was sweet after the crash Tony’s bloody hand tried reaching for Ziva

      • Darja says:

        I really had a feeling something was going to happen when Tony was driving with one hand and it felt not right and then BAM

  11. Wendy says:

    Don’t kill of Ziva. Things are getting more intense. Ziva and Denuzio relationship warming up finally. Hopefully she wont get kicked off or Denuzio. Maybe just serious injuries. Cant wait for next week

  12. erica says:

    ziva is 100% confirmed alive by several spoilers that were already out. i just hope tony is okay.

    • sofia says:

      According to EW things between Tony and Ziva will get messy in the upcoming episodes, so I take it they’re both alive and (soon to be) well.

  13. John says:

    This show lineage has never shied away from killing off central characters going all the way back through JAG, but this time I doubt it.

    But if they do? I didn’t expect a satisfactory filling of Sasha Alexander’s role and I was wrong, though I still have a fondness for Kate when I catch a rerun. And Catherine Bell was a great replacement on JAG, so I’d remain optomistic.

  14. Amy says:

    I hope she renews her contract, and they don’t kill Ziva off! I would be so incredibly sad! They’re just getting to the good stuff in the Tiva plotline! I’m seriously panicked right now, but I highly doubt they would kill either off with three episodes still left in the season…

  15. Tom Cyganiak says:

    It was IIan Bodnar (Oded Fehr) that hit Tony & Ziva with the Green Durango that was watching Gibbs and McGee that Gibbs told him NOT to look at (I’m SURE there’s a head slap somewhere in there!). Bodnar was upset when he tried to profess his admiration towards Ziva and she figuratively slapped him in the face. So he crashed into them either to; get the diamonds he needed to flee the country but got mortally injured so he went to the car and tried to hold Ziva’s hand but died OR, he simply hit them to get the diamonds but killed himself in the process. It seems logical to me but more over it’s seriously more dramatic!

  16. Claire says:

    Ugh! Gary Glasberg — aka Cool but Cruel! Absolutely delivered another fantastic episode, but after ‘Shabbat Shalom’ and now ‘Berlin’ what the hell kind of trauma are you going to put us though for the SEASON FINALE? Grateful for small blessings in that THIS was NOT the SF, but good golly … Just PLEASE let the cast remain IN TACT.

  17. Ryan says:

    I say they shouldn’t announce whether or not she re-signs, especially if the season ends with her in danger. Although, the odds of it not leaking would seem slim. It was kind of ridiculous last summer when they announced Ducky’s contract was extended, after his character had a heart attack at the end of the season.

  18. Bob Wilson says:

    Why do the only the ladies of NCIS get killed?

    • Fay says:

      Maybe this season will make the difference. The only other time I have seen such chemistry on camera was in Mr. and Mrs. smith. Even when Michael Weatherly (Toni) played along side Jessica Alba in Dark Angel I did not feel the sparks. I too screamed when I saw the car coming. I did notice that Tony’s hand moved but Ziva’s did not. I also note that she has not re-signed her contract. But…this could just be to detract from the fact that Tony will die… I could not stand it if he does. His facial expressions are priceless. If he dies I will stop watching…. I will miss Ziva if they kill her too (but maybe I will still keep watching). PLEASE DO NOT KILL TONI!!!

    • z has to go. says:

      Because the writers don’t know how to write them. Look at the mess they made of the z character. it’s the same reason none of the characters mothers are alive.

  19. Yukitora says:

    Ziva and Tony live. I know I was screaming at the TV, but here is my wild mass guess.

    1. Michael Weatherly is still under contract.
    2. Gary Glasberg already Jossed it. He’s given interviews about how she acts in the next episode.
    3. If they wanted to put her in a Bolivian Army Cliffhanger for contract negotiations, why on earth would they do it BEFORE the season finale?
    4. NCIS likes to rip off the bandaid when killing people off. They don’t go the cliffhanger route.

    So we have nothing to worry about, for now :)

  20. Selena says:

    Everyone in their right mind would know that if they killed the love birds off views would drop. Even though it would still be a good show there would be no love dosage in the show :) I believe that this will be a good way of opening up tiva to finally realize what we have all seen for a long time :) but got to say love/hate the writers right now. And tony reaching out to ziva…gets me every time!

  21. Chris says:

    No air bags? I don’t think Tony could see the car coming because Ziva was blocking his view. I’m just thankful that this wasn’t the season finale because I couldn’t stand waiting all those months to find out what happened.

  22. Laura says:

    If Zuv really dies, I’m gonna fly to the US and punch GG in his face so that he cries in pain!!! She was about to maybe confess her feelings and a car is interrupting that. I knew someone would interrupt, but a car?! That was so not on my list!

  23. KYFAN says:

    I have already watched this episode 4 times. LOVED IT! Really worried about both characters, especially Ziva since CdP has not renewed her contract yet. Please re-new your contract! Awesome show – can’t wait until next week!

  24. Siria says:

    As a native of Berlin I have to ask: Why do Americans always think that Germany is the same as Bavaria? Bavaria is only one partand Berlin is not a city in Bavaria. You would not be able to buy Lederhosen in Berlin and you would certainly not hear Bavarian music in the streets. Also, there is only one Hofbräuhaus in Berlin, and you absolutely wouldn’t find it in such a small street.
    But it wasn’t all bad. I was surprised that they acutally used a real Berlin Underground Map and the first shot of the Museumsinsel was just beautiful. Also, the actors German wasn’t as bad as in other show (e.g. Klaus on HIMYM; still don’t know what he was supposed to say^^).
    Also, loved the ending.

  25. Jacob says:

    I love how this show kills off characters every season. Gives it some reality. Cote was a bad choice for a mossad agent anyway.

  26. patty says:


  27. Stephanie says:

    I’m sure they’re both OK, but still… I was not expecting that! And coming right on the heels of a really sweet moment too… seriously, the hand holding? I was grinning like an idiot. And then I saw the car…
    Is it next Tuesday yet?

  28. careylyn says:

    don’t let anybody die. Because if you do, I won’t watch NCSI!!!!!!!

  29. Julia64 says:

    And there I was, happily reaching the end of the episode, thinking well a couple of sweet Tiva moments, particularly that moment where Ziva looks at Tony following the flashback of Eli telling her one day she would dance with a man who deserved her love, and then Tony is holding her hand and I’m thinking “wow” really hope this will go somewhere, but won’t be this episode as there’s merely seconds left to go, and Tony do keep your eyes on the road, and then suddenly there’s lights and a car and Tony crying out and …… I’m all over the place. Can’t say season ten has been my favourite NCIS series ever, some of the plots and dialogue have been seriously under par but there have been moments and one of those moments was last night. Thank god there’s only a week until the next episode, but then the writers were probably too scared they’d be lynched to make this the SF. Can’t wait until next week. Desperately hope that no one dies, whilst at the same time will be decidedly pissed if once they’re cleaned up all they need is a band aid. We’ve already seen them survive a major bomb explosion with barely a scratch. Roll on next Tuesday!

  30. ida says:

    waken at 4am wanting to know if ncis coming back. please answer yes!! fell in love with the program. and love ziva

  31. Pepper says:

    Come on. She’s gonna live. They always do. They’re gonna be 80 and still make eyes at each other, not to ruin the unresolved sexual tension.
    Snails move faster than these two.

  32. supertech14 says:

    ‘Michael Vaughned by a car’ – #truth. That scene was right out of Alias!

  33. Greg Herbert says:

    How’s this…
    Three episodes left.
    1. Ziva is in hospital, hurt bad, in coma
    2. Great opportunity for Michael Weatherly (Tony) to really show serious dramatic acting. Sitting at her side, talking to unconscious Ziva. Praying, confessing he is in love with her, many flashbacks to good times and bad times together.
    3. Gibbs go nuts, hunting down real cause of crash. Mossad??
    4. Abby is beside herself, so is Mcgee but he is comforting her (next Love connection) and helping Gibbs
    5. Driver of other car is brought to Ducky for autopsy and finds possible Mossad connection, starting Gibbs on his hunt
    6. Director Vance goes ballistic on Mossad
    Season cliffhanger… Tony next to Ziva, has just told her (still in coma) that he Loves her and the hospital monitoring devices start sounding alrams (flatline) Code blue is heard, fade to black.
    7. Next season??????

    • Sis says:

      @ Greg Herbert
      I like the way your mind works. I too thought about one of them (Tony or Ziva) in the hospital the other beside them confessing their feelings. I thought more Tony bed, Ziva confessing only bc I feel like we really haven’t seen a lot of it on Ziva’s end. However,I love when MW has serious acting moments. Also, you know this is not going to sit well with Gibbs. I can’t wait for the LJG we know and love to come out. Also, I liked your idea of the flashbacks with T/Z. I would love to see flashbacks of all characters throughout the last few episodes given it is the tenth season. A walk down memory lane might be nice. Not over kill but some reminiscing.
      Great thoughts and ideas Greg.

  34. Ana Rubio says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first the scene in the room, love it, then the dance, because really??? “one day you will dance with a man who deserves your love” and they were looking each other like that and I my shipper heart was about to explode, and at the end OMG holding hands and it was so headed to something FINALLY!!! and then the crash, and blood, and me screaming, because they have to be OK, I love them so much! please, please

  35. Lisa says:

    I think it is amazing that you wrote Tony and Ziva got broadsided/Michael Vaughned by a car…. Because that was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the end of the episode. Loved Alias.

  36. TVDIVA says:

    I was ready to complain about how over hyped this episode was until the last five minutes. I jumped out of my seat, I screamed, I still cannot believe what happened. OMG.

  37. Plum says:

    They did indeed get Michael Vaughned! Love it, now I’m wondering if that Alias reboot is still floating around ABC.

  38. I don’t know what else to say about that shocking final scene with Tony and Ziva. Just when they were finally on the same page, this happens. As long as they continue to move forward with their relationship, that’s all that matters. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the final 3 episodes of this season.

    Thank you, Matt, for all the NCIS spoilers, scoops, & interviews you’ve brought us this season. Y’all rock! :-)

  39. Since the “Alias” Sydney/Vaughn car crash scene “connection” was mentioned, then how about…one of the two declared dead, and everyone thinks they are – even the other person in the car…only to find out after a certain amount of time that the death was faked, and they’re actually alive, and … *cue* happy ending

  40. Lauren says:

    nice reference… “Michael Vaughned”

  41. Marguerite says:

    I agree with most everybody. I was so shocked at the car accident and will be devastated if any of the team dies. I am tired of them killing off all our favorite members of the team!

  42. Sis says:

    CdP gave an interview and said that Tony and Ziva will have some “messy” moments head. Any thoughts?

  43. Claire says:

    I was still in too much shock last night and I failed to comment on the outstanding work of Marina Sirtis — her interaction with Harmon and Carroll was brilliant. And the scene with Morrow, Gibbs, Vance and Orli all in the same room? It was just great to see the former Director of NCIS there, so nice. With stories like this, I still can’t believe this is year 10 — CBS has in its care that fine bottle of wine that only gets better with age, now DON’T blow it!

  44. Dawn says:

    Can I just say I had the same Alias flashback!!! Love how you said they were Michael Vaughned!

  45. Dick Tillman says:

    I really hope that Cote de Pablo Signs again, All those stars make the show. I know she would probably like to do other thing but, Execs, give her what she wants. Writers more scenes as the tough agent, let her do more interrogations…you have started to turn her into Tonys back up only. Cote, for your millions of fans Keep signing till the show runs its course. Thanks

  46. Edward Smith says:

    In other series where the two love interests never got together, nobody ever watched the shows in syndication. It is the kiss of death. Think of Maggie and Dr. Fleischer from Northern Exposure. They never got together and that made watching it in syndication unbearable. I even hoped Will and Grace would get together! What a hopeless sap I am. I still watch them in syndication so it’s not really a good example. What about Sam and Diane? or Sam and Rebecca? I’m glad Bones and Booth got married.

  47. Vollisar says:

    Just when they move a little closer to each other, holding hands and intertwining their fingers, BAM! And there’s another barrier! At least they are emotionally closer than they’ve ever been, and I hope the only way they move is toward each other. I would have a hard time watching the show if Cote leaves. I would be so sad to lose one of the greatest TV romances ever and never get to see Tony and Ziva find their happily ever after.

  48. SoFla says:

    Well, IMDB does not show NCIS on the list of acting roles on Marina Sirtis’ page. Perhaps she was only in the one episode and she was the one driving the green suv (remember Gibbs accused her of having them followed – by someone in a green suv) and she dies in the accident – which would make her the body in the morgue. In the car I know Tony mentioned that maybe he should catch Orli to thank her for making Ziva into the woman she has become – which to me means that Orli had not flown out yet on the transport. Perhaps Orli knew/feared that Ziva would figure it all out (whatever really happened to which Bodnar was alluding in his call to Ziva) and wanted to stop that from happening because she was tied to it in a bad way and so she tried to take Ziva out so Ziva would not be able to keep investigating her father’s death and find out what Orli was trying to hide. So now Orli dead, Ziva figures it out and Mossad offers her a job, perhaps her father’s, but she has to leave – leading to the season ending cliff hanger – what does Ziva do, she and Tony have finally connected, she has avenged the death of her father and the job of a lifetime lands in her lap … what choice should she make? Personally, I think she chooses Tony, I mean after all she did pick up that one stone and hold it next to her left ring finger and all the “connections” between Z&T during the episode – especially the comment her father made – something about one day she would have a man worthy of her with whom to dance – you never know. I’m holding out for all the diamonds disappear except the one she admired and it turns into a ring for her from the last man to hold her hand …. hey, my imagination I can pick whatever I want :)


  49. Darlene says:

    I would hate to think that the writers of one of my fav TV shows have something against the female cast. They can’t possibly kill off yet another important woman on the show. Kate, the Director, & Ziva???? Hopefully not! How about it! Please tell me it isn’t so!:(

  50. Kim R says:

    Okay, I don’t think anyone died (ie. Tony or Ziva) but if one of them did, complete with the shock of it all, I would always keep watching NCIS. I love the show but especially the characters and their relationships to one another. True blue fan here. :)