Report: American Idol's Plan to Replace Mariah Carey With Ex-Judge Jennifer Lopez Derailed

Jennifer Lopez American Idol ReturnIn the wake of continually decreasing ratings, American Idol‘s Powers That Be reportedly began plotting the return of former fan-fave judge Jennifer Lopez, with just weeks left in Season 12. That Hail Mary pass, however, was quickly derailed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Idol EPs and Fox execs had been looking to shake things up (and potentially give viewership a boost) by replacing resident diva Mariah Carey with Lopez. But the plan is said to have hit a major snag when, upon learning of the behind-the-scenes scheme, Carey’s team “responded with a threat of litigation.”

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While Fox, production company Fremantle NorthAmerica and Carey’s reps all declined to comment on THR‘s story, Idol boss Nigel Lythgoe told the trade, “I have not been included in any conversation regarding replacing Mariah with Jen this season.”

Lopez — who departed the series in Season 11 after two years at the judges’ table —  may still return to Idol this season, with producers in talks with the star to appear in the upcoming May finale.

Would you like to see Lopez back on Idol? Hit the comments!

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  1. Sara says:

    Weren’t the ratings also declining when Jennifer Lopez was a judge? Other than an immediate shock factor ratings rise (and probably not that much of one), I can’t see this bringing a long-term rise in the ratings. Besides, don’t most fans have a bigger issue with Nicki Minaj rather than Mariah? This whole idea just seems silly.

    • I think people hate Nicki, but she makes for good television. Mariah has been an upsetting addition, she simply hasn’t had a large enough presence on the show to earn her the amount of money they’re paying her. Its much like and Idol performance, people may hate Nicki and people may love Keith, but its much worse to be the person who they don’t care about, which is where Mariah is at right now.

      • Joline says:

        Oh my god. Jennifer Lopez is NOT an upgrade from Mariah!! How is this helpful? They need to get rid of Mariah and Randy and replace them with one record executive type who knows the industry and can speak candidly to contestants. Not another celebrity. Keith, Nicki and this person would be enough. Four judges constantly agreeing on everything is the real problem here.

      • jabbathewocket says:

        Who hates niki? she is the most consistent at giving honest and useful feedback across the board in years.. with Keith being a close second, randy as always is useless and Mariah needs a lesson in brevity…

        Noone who is a fan of Idol has an issue with Niki, The rankings in terms of judging go something like this (all time ranks)

        1. Simon
        2. Niki-Paula-Keith
        3. “the rest of the seat filling crowd such as J.Lopez, Steven Tyler, Ellen DeGeneres”
        9999th place with a bullet Randy Jackson who has never in 12 seasons uttered a useful comment about ANY contestant whatsoever..

        Note: Agreeing with simon/niki/paula/keith after the fact does not count in terms of constructive/useful critique..

        Note: Judges are meant to have an opinion and not be in `100% agreement 100% of the time..

        I would love to know who thinks that idol fans do not like niki/keith though or where this idea got fired up from..

        • Ben says:

          At the start of the season, I thought I wouldn’t like Nicki. But she (and Keith) have actually both been really good. Next year, I’d just cut the panel back to three and go without Mariah.

          • MB says:

            Nicki may be an okay judge but it is her attitude that is a turn off. She sits there with this angry look on her face. She is not a pleasure at all. My daughter in law who was do excited Nicki was going to be a judge now hates her and barely watches the show anymore giving the reason as. ” I can’t stand that Nicki.” I think she is the reason for the bad chemistry. She is like a spoiled child when it does not go her way. Every one is afraid she is going to flip out so there is little interaction.

          • Ben says:

            @MB – my personal preference has been (since Simon left) to cut out judges altogether. Are they even needed? But I don’t mind the idol panel, even with Nicki. She is irritating, but she gives actual constructive feedback and is almost always right.

        • Pam says:

          Nicki IS the most honest judge on the panel. She’s also compassionate, unlike Randy and Mariah. Keep Keith and Nicki and get rid of Randy and Mariah… that would be a smart move.

        • Lori says:

          Agree. I think Nicki is the best judge, with Keith being second. I want someone who actually judges on the show.

        • Holly says:

          I’m an Idol fan and I do not like Nikki. She is too much of a distraction. Idol is not the “Nikki Minaj” show. Though her judging is sometimes constructive, the dynamic is too often dominated by her constant efforts to upstage Mariah (which are admittedly fed by Mariah’s insecurity.)

        • Jess says:

          Nicki turns a lot of people off. The Hollywood Reporter even mentions how she has alienated the core demo of the show.

          And “mean” isn’t the same as “honest.” Nicki just speaks to get attention. She’s the one who fought for Papa Peachez. Come on, now!

          • Mary says:

            I totally disagree. I was one of the people who hated the ideal of Nicki on the panel, but I was proven wrong. I think she is honest and gives good advice. I will admit sometimes she is over the top on her critiques but I think it makes it interesting. Mariah is not bad, she just need to make her point quicker, but I do not think she is worth what she is getting paid for. I do not think Nicki has ever been mean – but I do think she is honest. I am one that does not want Jlo back.
            I think this is just press to get AI some attention. The truth is Fox network and Producers have screwed this season up royally and it has nothing to do with the judges.

        • soundscene says:

          I severaly dislike Nicki. And I don’t think her comments are all that helpful either. She’s the judge that keeps telling contestants to stay in their comfort zone… because obviously we want Angie to always sit at the piano and play a power ballad. Obviously.

          • Mary says:

            I think it is good advice because Angie is not great without the piano. Personally the contestants should stay with what they know, that is what makes them believable. You can change up a song to fit your comfort style.

          • Robyn says:

            @Mary, Angie should NOT only sit at the piano. If she can’t perform as well without the piano, she really isn’t a performer at all! I would not spend money to go see someone just sitting at the piano all night! (unless it’s Elton John or the piano man himself) I think Nicki is too full of herself, same as Angie, they would be a great pair! Back to Nicki though, there is constructive criticism and there is just plain rude. I remember when she got mad at 3 of the guys when they sang together. Lazaro forgot his words, when Nicki asked a question, one of them tried to answer and she cut him off and told them to get off the stage. There was absolutely no need for that behavior!

        • Name That Tune says:

          I’m tired of the critiques that tell a contestant “You’re my waffle. You’re my marshmallow. I’m obsessed with you. Oh, what happened to my little (fill in the blank). You’re not yourself tonight”
          How exactly does any of that babble help? She wants to be controversial but mostly she says nothing. And threatens to leave if she doesn’t get her way. I’d be happy if they replaced at least 2 judges and replace them with Jimmy.

        • Ericg says:

          I stopped watching because NICKY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most annoying person on the planet!!!

        • MrTemecula says:

          I don’t hate Nicki, but find her voice and over-the-top mannerisms grating. Nicki is off-putting to the point where I cannot enjoy the show.

        • Sorry but I think your wrong there isnt anything wrong with Maria,it’s nikki that has to go,shes so aggrivating to watch she takes over the show always and Mariah is so much better shes quiet and just gives her opinion,there is no way id get rid of Mariah,Nikki has to go

      • lutricia rogers says:

        mariah need to stay because she is adiva more than nicki .she has been there and done that .she knows about the music industry.idont thank jennifer should come back. leave mariah alone.

    • Jamie Simone says:

      Mariah is worse than Paula in terms of giving advice. She has none to give. Keep Nikki Minaj. At least she gives credible feedback.

    • Leena says:

      And how tacky would it be for Jennifer to accept the offer? She leaves to focus on her (lack of) career, and as soon as an opportunity comes up to upstage Mariah Carey she would take it? I’m not a huge Jennifer fan, and didn’t care for her as a judge, and if she were to make a move as classless as that it would turn me off completely.

    • dude says:

      People hate Nicki Minaj because of who she is but she generally is a much better judge than Mariah.

    • paula says:

      I like Nicki. Mariah’s ‘critiques’ are as useless as Randy’s. At least Mariah says things that have a point.

      AI, it’s not about the judges, it’s about the 20 antique songs you give the contestants to choose from every week.

      • paula says:

        sorry, meant to say that Nicki says things that have a point.

      • Elizabeth says:

        It really seems like Mariah has some kind of learning disability. She has tremendous difficulty expressing her thoughts with anything resembling clarity. She makes a valuable contribution every three or four episodes, but I have to work to understand her point.

    • waterbug says:

      I disagree with your assumption about Nicky Minaj.

    • lutricia rogers says:

      mariah should stay.

    • Julius R Dicks says:

      If you are going to replace anyone please let nicki go Mariah seem to judge better than all of them her response is usually on the money ,love,love,love Mariah with Lopez.

    • michael j. amchin says:

      NO NO NO I do not want to see Jennifer Lopez return to Idol because she is the one that wanted out in the first place!!! what the producers of Idol really need to do is get Nicki Manaj off the show! her being on the show is worse then having Ellen as a judge duh!

  2. no.that would be a lack of class.

    • Prince Nirul says:

      hei guys! stop fighting and discuss about the judges! they all good jugde! the problem is now is all about the contestant! not really ummp! their voice, song choice n stage performance vey bad and low standart! like high school idol yooooooo!

  3. LOLOL says:

    OMG. Can they make it a Keith, Nicki, Jennifer, Mariah panel instead? Kick Randy out. I’m pretty sure Mariah will be livid. She hates Jennifer too.

  4. Anna says:

    Get rid of Mariah, Nicki, and Randy.

    • Midori says:

      I agree! Keith is the only one there, and is paid much much less than the others.

    • Judy says:

      I agree get rid of Niki, Mariah, I happen to really like Jennifer. She is big hearted. And not on the show to show off herself. She is down to earth, just plain good people. Niki and Mariah just care how they look.and if their hair is ok. And if they show enough clevage. Keith is cool too.

  5. Lori says:

    Nicki is the one that needs to be replaced she is the reason the show is declining

  6. Three words: REALITY NEWS SHOCKER

  7. JEF says:

    Oh please! JLo was just as worthless as the judges this season and the ratings have been decreasing for years. Keep Keith and get rid of the rest.

  8. czua says:

    The only way this sentence:
    “Idol EPs and Fox execs had been looking to shake things up (and potentially give viewership a boost) by replacing… ”

    should end is with ‘themselves’.

  9. Robert says:

    I thought Steven,Randy and J.Lo were a great team and over all did very well the last 2 years. There were several people that could have won. This season is boring and the judges aren’t as good. They love everybody most of the time. Nicki is the only sometimes tough one. They guys were terrible to start with is why it is all girls now.

  10. ggny says:

    thank you Mariah Carey for bringing down American Idol. From real scripted TV fans

  11. AGM says:

    No. Absolutely not. The idea that she was a “fan-favorite” just baffles me. I know I might sound like I’m twelve when I say that she was fake, mean, and stupid, but I don’t care.

    I’d a million times over prefer Mariah, with her long-winded, hard-to-understand comments because she does a better job of seeming sincere than Jennifer Lopez. She also can actually sing, which doesn’t automatically make her a better judge, but at least gives her some credibility.

  12. David Cox says:

    I’d rather them replace that nasal-voiced, bleached haired “Lady Bug.” Carey is a much better judge!

  13. Cunegonde says:

    So basically this news speculates on this development and created a story out of unconfirmed sources and relied on quotes that did not categorically say whether Mariah was to have been replaced or not. Between J.Lo and Mariah, I may lean towards J.Lo as the lesser evil, but the news is nothing but rumor-mongering gossip bandied as news. TVLine you’re usually better than this.

  14. allie says:

    I am not a fan of Mariah but she isn’t the main problem. The songlists that the contestants have to chose from are outdated and overly done – in other words…people are BORED. There’s no chemistry between the judges and the complete removal of any decent male so that a girl could win was so obvious and unfortunate. The bottom 5 of the top 10 were terrible. No celebrity judge can make up for the lack of talent and boring old songs (and YES, I am over 40). Kree and Candice are great and I hope the Idol machine creates successful careers for them but they cannot carry a season that has NOTHING else to offer. The Voice is FAR more entertaining.

    • Deidra says:

      Perfectly said. Kree, Candace and Keith are the only reason I watch anymore, and I’m a long-time AI fan.

      • Vickie says:

        Absolutely the three best things this year have been Keith, Kree, and Candace… Please leave Keith on the Judges panel — he’s the only reason that I came back this year to watch AI.

  15. Breno says:

    Wow. I didn’t see this coming at all. at least not THIS SEASON. I mean, really, it would be seriously awkward. And also, they would’ve to get rid of Randy as well, since he’s her manager. well, thinking about it, I could get pass the awkwardness if it meant to get rid of randy.

    I’m probably one of the few ones who actually want Nicki to stay. Sure, she’s crazy but at least she has her opinions and makes sure to put them out bluntly. That’s a good attitude for a judge in my book, even if I don’t agree with what he/she is saying sometimes.

  16. Anna says:

    Jennifer Lopez was not a good judge and the ratings weren’t exactly stellar with her, either, so what would be the point? And if Nicki & Mariah don’t get along, why would they believe that Nicki & J-Lo would?

  17. Brandon says:

    WHAT? This is crazy!

  18. Pattygale says:

    The downfall began with JLo and Stephen Tyler, so don’t see a solution there. All those teary eyes from her and “adopting” a contestant and he could do no wrong. That was when I pretty much stopped watching, just DVR then FF through. Where’s Adam Lambert when you need him? Oh, that’s right, he’s on Chinese Idol and will be gracing 400 million TV sets come the end of May. Nigel screwed this panel up big time.

    • soundscene says:

      The downfall started in season 8 when they started messing with the judges panel by adding a 4th judge. Huge waste of time was spent on four different, but equally vague and unhelpful opinions. Plus, the fourth judge messed up the chemistry that the original three had.

      Sure, when Simon and Paula left, the decline was even more rapid. But the downward spiral started before then.

  19. kwise says:

    I really don’t think the judges are the problem. The CONTESTANTS are the problem. The contestants this year are so. boring. And I’m sorry to Fox etc, but young girls WANT to watch cute guys play guitar. TPTB may have wanted to keep yet another WGWG from winning, but in doing so, they’ve sealed their fate. Why do WGWGs win? Because that’s who the fans wanted to see. That’s who the fans go ga ga over. Take away what the fans want to watch, the fans go away. It’s not rocket science people…..

    • leigh says:

      Old girls want to watch cute guys play guitar, too.

    • PutAForkInIt says:

      earning that wise in your name! i dont watch the show, but when i saw it was down to 5 ladies — i was like, what? only girls watch this show now. so not rocket science to see ratings decline for that fact alone.

    • soundscene says:

      I’m not sure that women just want to see WHITE guys with GUITARS, but the lack of any male frontrunners doesn’t help ratings. I actually don’t think it’s the young viewers that are being turned off–I think it’s the women viewers who are a tad bit older. The mean age of Idol’s audience is, I believe, now in the mid-to-late-40s. With women watching more than men. Teenage girls don’t actually watch Idol all that much. I’m not sure why the “teenage vote” keeps getting thrown around as the reason men usually win. I actually think teenage girls are more likely to vote for a woman, because most of the guys on the show are quite a bit older than teenage girls. And nobody will convince me that teenage girls voted that red-haired kid from last season into the winner slot. He’s not a teen idol.

      But anyway, yes, having at least one guy to root for would have helped ratings. And, honestly, he doesn’t even have to be cute. He just has to be amazingly talented. Something to break up the monotony of several belty ballad voices all in a row. I think having a male contestant among the females would actually make the females stand out more. Because right now, they’re all starting to blend into one, big divafest. Heck, they’re not even all that different stylistically, despite being of different genres.

  20. Erika says:

    How about just Keith and Nicki?

  21. Mano says:

    It is laughable to call JLo a fan favorite. The EP chose judges for controversy rather than merit. Many of us were very disappointed that the articulate former Idol Adam Lambert wasn’t a judge this year.he would have made the show watchable & entertaining again.

    • soundscene says:

      There are a lot of former Idol contestants that would make good judges if we’re going down the rabbit hole to pick people who have barely started their own professional careers. I’m not sure why Adam Lambert’s fans keep thinking he should be some sort of frontrunner for the position.

  22. James says:

    They should bring Kelly Clarkson…

  23. Linda says:

    Oh, please, no. Jennifer was a terrible judge. But for some reason, Uncle Nigel loved her. Maybe Idol needs to get rid of Nigel, and Ken Warwick, too — I think they are well past their expiration date.

  24. PastaBaby says:

    Get rid of Mariah. She is a sickening attention-whore.

  25. kcostell says:

    This season is just train wreck after train wreck after train wreck.

  26. RedSammy says:

    The advertisers must be absolutely furious over the lack of attention the show is getting and general disgust at the departed b-team of males. Its nice to know that the buffoons that got us here are all scrambling to save their jobs and once again can find someone, anyone else to blame for their tired and over produced show.

    Switching the judging panel mid show is a stunt to get the 20-ish million viewers that no longer watch or care about Idol tune in just once. Its not at all about improving the show for the viewer that stuck with it.

    I’d say I’m disappointed, but honestly I’m not surprised they’d think to drill another hole in the boat to stop it from sinking.

    The extra week in the schedule should be a lineup of execs and producers where they get 90 seconds and a backing band to plead to America for their job, and we get to text our votes to save just one of them. Can someone please think up a catchy name?

  27. Sarah says:

    I think that replacing any of the judges before the end of a season is a terrible idea. Mariah’s critiques include a number of important points, and even though they’re not always succinct, I still think she’s a better judge than Jennifer Lopez.

  28. PutAForkInIt says:

    here’s a better idea: CANCEL THIS SHOW
    long overdue
    for most of us, the show ended when Simon left
    and the declining ratings will never go in the other direction again
    this show is tiiiiiiiiiiiiired.

  29. Caro says:

    I won’t watch because of Nicki! They need another Simon – someone caustic but competant and decent looking. Ditch Nicki, Mariah and J-Lo and bring back Paula!

  30. Sue says:

    Judges should be Randy, Keith and Kelly Clarkson or Katherine McPhee!

  31. PutAForkInIt says:

    honestly, the smartest thing FOX could do is cancel X FACTOR and ask Simon to come back to IDOL. probably wouldnt happen due to Simon’s ego. But at least you would have ONE good show again. rather than 2 shows that are crashing and burning.

    • karyn says:

      Completely agree.

      And as to Jennifer Lopez: By all that is holy, PLEASE NO. I don’t think it would be possible to bring back a worse judge.

  32. MB says:

    That just sounds ridiculous. Most of the people I know hate Nicki as well as the manipulation and that is why they stopped watching. What needs to be replaced are the producers. The show is starting to sound more and more desperate. Plus Jennifer wasn’t a much better judge than Mariah.

  33. Joe says:

    I’ve somehow landed in an online survey group that constantly polls people about Idol, The Voice and X Factor. I know I responded very negatively when the idea of J. Lo returning to the panel was recently queried in the survey. That said, hearing that this almost came to fruition doesn’t surprise me one bit. They are trying to figure out why the ratings are slipping and it almost seems like we get a new survey every other week asking questions about reality singing show judges. The surveys focus on the judges and not the format of the show which leads me to think Nigel is blaming everything on judges and not his tired producing. It seems like they’re focusing on how the public will react to former Idols being placed on the panel. Some of the names suggested are Kelly and Carrie. I’ve seen Miranda Lambert thrown in there. Adam Lambert. Jon Bon Jovi. Billy Joel. Elton John. Queen Latifah came up in there. Jennifer Hudson. Harry Connick Jr. I knew they were looking to shake things up by the frequency of these surveys, I just didn’t think they’d be looking to do it in season.

  34. YowzaPowza says:

    This doesn’t make any sense. The judges they have are fine. Replacing Mariah with Jennifer Lopez is like replacing pretzels with potato chips. It’s practically the same thing, just a matter of taste (as far judging goes, if we’re talking talent and career, clearly Mariah has the edge). The only reason ratings are down is because the show is in its twelfth (?) season. Any show, in it’s twelfth season, is going to become stale, regardless of the talent involved. No amount of switcheroo or messing with the setup and semantics is going to bring ratings back to a show this old.

  35. Jonah says:

    They need to make Jimmy Iovine a judge.

  36. JB says:

    No, she was a terrible judge.

  37. Gailer says:

    OMG, This show is in trouble. Only Simon and Paula coming back will help it. Get rid of the newbies and keep Randy.

  38. The Beach says:

    I’ve got to hand it to TPTB. Just when I think they can’t possibly muck up a show any more than they have, they go and surprise me yet again.

  39. kg says:

    The only fix here is to replace Mariah with Paula Abdul. Her and Nikki would be hilar seated together at the table.

  40. GeoDiva says:

    The show should have ended when Simon left.

  41. Barbara says:

    get rid of Nikki and hired Cher !! At least she knows music !!

  42. David says:

    There are so many problems this season, I don’t know where to begin. Mariah, Nicki and Randy need to go. And J-Lo was a horrible judge. The judges for next season should be Jimmy Iovine, Keith Urban and Paula Abdul. Perfect team. This year Idol was determined to have a female winner. The judges (and the Exec Producer) cut a lot of good male singers during Hollywood week to make that happen. And they put through male singers who would have never made it in any other season. When you try to rig the outcome, viewers are going to tune out. If they want to stop White-Guys-With-Guitars from winning every year, they need to change the voting system so that a tween cannot vote 1000 times for the cute guy. But if the WGWG is the best singer…he should win! They also need to stop the drama. No one watches Idol for drama. Viewers want to hear good singing and good critiquing of the performances.

  43. whatnext says:

    JLo was a fan favorite? Says who? She was horrible! I’ll never forget how nasty she was to Haley. Besides, when are they gonna learn that these high-priced divas are not worth anywhere near the money they’re paid? Brit is another example. The Idol judges have no camaraderie, and Randy has been useless forever. Keith is the only one who has the potential, with the right group of judges, to make it fun again.

    I could see a panel with Keith, Paula and Adam Lambert as being fun with good critiques. And, leave it at 3, not 4, judges. Paula was more honest & critical on X-F, and Keith might end up being the new Paula. But, they’re all funny, too, and they’d get along great!

  44. Chicago Dan says:

    Typical FAKE AI news to create controversy. After all the drama back in the day with J-Lo stealing MC’s sample, etc. I’m betting the ranch there was never any truth to this. The Voice and X-Factor have been primary reasons for AI fall – too much of the same thing. AI used to stand alone.

  45. Rachel says:

    go to disney word hollywood stuidios and visit American Idol there. The judges/actors or whatever they are, are a thousand times better then what they have have now. Visited there a few weeks back and thought its pretty bad when a theme park’s attraction is better then the show. Even their “Ryan” was better. AI needs a complete overhaul.

  46. S says:

    Um I thought both JLO and Styler left Idol because they wanted to? Also, sure Idol ratings have been going down for years but this has been the LOWEST they’ve ever been… When Jennifer and Steven were on Idol still had pretty good ratings for that old of a show imo but now its just bad..

  47. kat says:

    I have not watched years. It became so predictable. I was going to try this yr because I love Mariah. But then Nicki came. Tried a few times but cannot stand how she talks.she is not qualified to be a judge!!

  48. SayNoToJello says:

    Since when was Jello a fan-fave?!? I couldn’t stand her. Sure the current judging panel ain’t working, but bringing her back is not going to make things better. I say clean sweep for next year, have only 3 judges, and pick 3 intelligent, witty, good-natured people that will work well together. If The Voice can do it, no reason why Idol shouldn’t be able to.

  49. Adam Fachry says:

    LOL, JLo was not that big of a fan favorite to begin with. So asking her to be a judge again and replace Mariah is baffling. Also, it is not only Mariah’s fault that ratings have been severely low this season. From the prodcuers’ series of manipulations, lack of interesting themes, and failure to clear more songs, those aspects are already more than enough to make this show go down in flames.

  50. Mszue says:

    I can’t think of a much lamer move than replacing Mariah with J-Lo…good grief. Neither of them are even B grade judges but at least Mariah has singing creed. Randy has been pretty superfluous for years. I originally thought Nikki was a really foolish choice but she has actually done a pretty good job…she is witty, tries to give good constructive advice, and is consistently present. Keith is a good man doing a good job.

    Originally I thought Adam Lambert would be a great addition to the judging panel, as was talked about, but now I think he probably dodged a bullet there so good for him. I never understood why Paula was drummed off the show….she was 100% better than her replacements…she and Nikki would be a blast. Also…there are a few females that have proven to be good judges on other shows: Shakira on this season’s The Voice is delightful…Jennifer Nettles from Duets did a terrific job. Either of these would be great additions. Too bad Jimmy Fallon’s show is nightly…he is probably not remotely interested but he is smart, musically knowledgable and personable…would be a great judge.

    Finally…and most importantly…change that voting process to control tween domination…that is the only thing that will actually fix things. Nobody minds a white male winning if they are the best talent in the contest…it is when they are there because the little girls lust after their little tushes….bottom line. Don’t do that, and the show is dead.IMHO