Exclusive Vampire Diaries First Look: Klaus and Caroline Have a Heated Confrontation

The Vampire Diaries‘ Klaus and Caroline have formed a twisted friendship as of late — but what comes next? TVLine has an exclusive first look at an upcoming scene between the two, and it appears that a big, confrontational turn in their relationship is ahead.

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On the May 2 episode (The CW, 8/7c), the blonde vamp has a “confusing and dangerous encounter” with the Original, the official episode description says. Is Caroline confused about her feelings for Klaus? And does the below photo look “dangerous” as in violent, or on the cusp of a passionate moment?

Check out the sneak peek and then hit the comments with your thoughts to this query: Do you think the pair will stay purely platonic, cross the line into something more or go back to being sworn enemies?

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers Klaus/Caroline

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  1. Jenga says:

    We’re all pretty sure that this is Silas but still. INTENSE. It’s going to be INTENSE!

  2. Cat says:

    Its obviously Silas, as if the writers really thought we weren’t going to figure that out, with Silas impersonating about every character on TVD…Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Jeremy, who else?

  3. MzSweetPrincess says:


    • Nikki H. says:

      No, you’re not the only one. I love Tyler & Caroline but as much of a jerk that Klaus has been he has undeniable chemistry with Caroline, I for one would love to see something come of it.

  4. SILVIA says:

    i REALLY REALLY want that KLAROLINE happen.. by now, its the BEST THINGS of TVD..OTHER STORYLINE are very boring..why they have to destroy this wonderful pairing with this incrEdible chemistry because of the spinoff?? put caroline in it, PLEASEEE!

    • Corey says:

      If it doesn’t happen,it’s because it’s the worst part of the show.Why do you think this season was so boring?It’s because they cared more about the Forwood/Klaroline ship war more than the storyline itself.They were thinking of getting rid of Tyler so Klaroline could happen in the future until us Forwood fans got them to change their minds which could make Klaroline not happen or the chances of it happening very very slim.If the writers didn’t have Klaus on the show and conscinstrated on the storyline more,it would’ve been a better season.

      • jinxed_wood says:

        On average, the episodes in which there was Klaus/Caroline/Tyler interaction clocked in at about 2-4 mins at most. In about 8 episodes there was zero interaction. Everything else was Elena and the cure. The issues with the pacing of season four has more to do with the fact they’ve abandoned the traditional three storylines per season and have eeked out the one storyline for 20 episodes – great stuff if your programme is about character development, but TVD threw that baby out with the bath water long ago

    • Emily says:

      Candice Accola (Caroline) is one of the confirmed TVD actors for crossover storylines with The Originals. Klaroline isn’t over. And remember, TVD has been on for 4 seasons now (actors signed on for six seasons), but The Originals, should it get picked up and do well, is just beginning. It’s within reason that Caroline could end up in New Orleans once TVD has had it’s run, too….you just never know. But Klaroline is not over…not yet! :)
      Have hope!

      • janz says:

        Yay! Everyone will be thrilled if Caroline ends up in New Orleans! I hate it ther, but it is actually perfect for The Originals to film.

  5. Amanda says:

    I want it to really be Klaus, that way when the Originals is a series Caroline will flip flop back and forth betweeen the two or go on that show instead, they do not use here enough on Vampire Diaries

  6. Michelle says:

    I think it’s Silas, but Klaroline is the best thing on the show right now. The rest is kind of a mess.

  7. Annabelle says:

    Yawn, Klaroline is basically the same scene replayed week after week. Boring! Plus everyone knows it’s actually Silas this episode not Klaus. I can’t wait until the spin off and I will hopefully never have to see awesome Care dragged down by whiny Klaus every again!

    • Diva says:

      This times a million. Not everyone wants to see Klaroline happen. I’m so sick of Klaus not having a purpose on the show other than having googly eyes for Caroline. If this was all you were gonna use him for, you should have just killed off his character last season. So glad he’s getting his own show.
      Note to the writers: stop letting fans write this show for you. You can’t please everyone, but when you try to, the writing sucks e.g. Gossip Girl.

  8. honey boo boo says:

    Can you hear that? It’s the scream of a newly born ship. How long do you think it will take for people to start shipping Caroline and Silas? My bet is about 0.02 sec.

    • sherry says:

      Haha this comment is so accurate!

    • Corey says:

      you do not know how true that is.people are always looking for new ships every season due to being bored with the current ones or just want a character that’s part of a ship war with their favorite couple to be with somebody else so they’re no longer a threat to their ship.

    • Emily says:

      Not gonna happen. Silas + Caroline=NO.

  9. Leah says:


  10. Zooey says:

    I’m excited for The Originals tv show, but it makes me sad that we never really got Klaroline. I ship that so hard.

  11. Emma says:


  12. Kat says:

    Please end Borewood and give me Klaroline *_*

    • Laura Cowan says:

      LOL agreed!! Forwood is 2 seasons ago lol its been Klaroline since last season.. Its time Klaus got what he wanted…

  13. Dee says:


  14. Sarah says:

    I need this episode now!!!!!!!!!! Klaroline>>>>>>>>>> Every other ship

  15. Rebecca says:

    I’d love for a Caroline/Klaus relationship to happen. She always wanted to be a princess and Klaus certainly treats her like one.

    • Dominique says:

      Oh yes, ordering her boyfriend to bite her so that she will die, biting her himself so that she will die, chasing away her boyfriend cause he had the guts to stand up to him..
      Oh yeah, Klaus is a real Prince Charming alright..

      • rarefied says:

        I’m afraid your logic will fall on deaf ears. I’m pretty sure the main draw of this ship for many Klaroline fans is Klaus’s repeated abuse of Caroline.

      • Rosalyn says:

        Don’t forget that Tyler tried to rape vicky, and Damon compelled her to do a whole bunch of abusive things like has sex with him against her will.

        • Corey says:

          I know it’s not a good excuse but back then,Tyler was a jerk who was drunk and had no good parental influences on how to treat girls.I mean his dad stared at Anna’s mom’s ass right in front of him in one episode.what kind of role model is that?if Mason was around at that time,he would’ve never did something like that.plus he told Mrs.Donovan he felt bad about how he treated Vicki and wish he could’ve made it right before she died.so he slowly grew up and so has Damon.What they did in the past was wrong.but Caroline almost dying because Klaus put her life in danger TWICE was even worse

          • Fire says:

            Tyler changed, so why can’t Klaus? He has the worst family issues by far. Not that I want him to change, I love evil Klaus.

  16. Fangirl137 says:

    KLAAAAAROLINE! It’s happening you guys. Have you even noticed her Fleur de Lis necklace last episode when she’s telling Klaus about the prom dress? That’s The Originals logo! I have a feeling you know… ;)

  17. malexa says:

    Klaroline – yey! Please kiss! This is the real draw to the show to me! I’m hoping that we’ll see her in the spinoff next season. Come on, go Klaroline!

  18. Cassie says:

    I love Klaroline <3

  19. Tanja says:

    I just want a Klaroline kiss *-*

  20. Erica Alduey says:

    I think is not Silas but Klaus. Remember that he shape shift for two reasons: 1. The cure and 2. Bonnie. He already have the cure, so he doesn’t need anything from Caroline or Klaus … at least not now.

    • Laura Cowan says:

      He has been taunting klaus and we know Caroline is his weakness so maybe silas knows caroline has feelings for klaus and possibly he kisses her just to taunt Klaus because she’s never let her gaurd down with him only when she thought he was tyler. who knows but i honestly dont care if its klaus or silas as long as it makes her realize she has chemistry with klaus lol :-)

    • Fire says:

      He’s not a shapeshifter, just saying.

  21. Jess says:

    Klaroline!! :D … im thinking this could be silas though :/

  22. Laura Cowan says:

    Honestly who cares if its silas.. If he kisses her then its just going to give Caroline these feelings for Klaus she didnt realize she had.. It’s exciting stuff!! Klaroline is the best part this season.. Im kind of hoping the writers are keeping it under wraps and she leaves for new orleans with Klaus afrer graduation.. Silas will mess with everyone until he gets the cure but i am thinking one of the salvatores ends up consuming it probably Elena forces it sown one of their throats lol…

  23. Nicole says:

    Klaroline is the only reason im still watching <3

  24. Jenny says:

    Klaroline FTW!!!

  25. liz says:

    Caroline and Klaus are not the protagonists, only been together like 60 minutes in all seasons of the program, they haven’t kissed yet and with all that is the most popular couple of TVD. Oh yes klaroline is epic ♥

  26. Gerald says:

    Please stop shipping these two. The best couple on the show is Tyler and Caroline. Even when he is not around she has been ever so loyal to him. That is some good love. Klaus is nasty. Let him go to New Orlean and get out of teh Vampire Diaries storyline.
    I will have to watch this Thursday to see how anything advances the plot on VD but have NO INTEREST in the Originals storyline. Even the preview which is supposed to get people excited looks dreadful.

    • kat says:

      please stop shipping them? Hm…how about no? :)

    • selena gomes says:

      Don’t u ever get bored of ordinary stuff and want some extraordinary?we klaroline fans simply love extraordinary thingss.go klaroline!

    • Fire says:

      You can’t just tell people to stop shipping a couple because you don’t like it, how immature are you? Forwood is boring, there’s no spark, no heat, or thrill, just dullness.

    • Mari says:

      Sorry but Tyler and Caroline are the most boring couple on the show. Why do you think that when presented with another option for Caroline (Klaus) people started shipping them like crazy. Remember, even the purest hearts are drawn to the allure of darkness.

      • Corey says:

        Tyler & Caroline are NOT the most boring couple.the only time people call a coulpe boring is because they don’t ship them especially when their couple ship is at war with that couple ship and it hasn’t happened yet.Do you remember when people like me started shipping Tyler & Caroline and kept waiting for her & Matt to finally end because we found them boring now while Maroline shippers probably didn’t?Same thing.

    • Corey says:

      As much as I love Forwood and despise Klaroline,you can’t just tell people who to ship and who to not ship.Would you like it if Klaroline fans told us to stop shipping Forwood and jump to their ship?No.

  27. Sarah says:

    KLAROLINE for the WIN! they HAVE to be together, Vampire diaries or THe originals. Place Klaus & Caroline in the same show and I WILL NEEVER stop watching it!

  28. sk says:

    I really hope they get together

  29. Jennifer says:

    Lots of haters on here! I wonder why you waste your time commenting on things you hate or wait I know why,its cause all your opinions have always been irrelevant and you are so desperate for attention! Klaroline is the best thing that ever happened to TVD and if its itching you so much,stop watching the show as easy as that!! And also I saw some really dumb person comment that Forwood fans made the producers bring back Tyler! Dude you are delusional! Go on twitter and see how Klaroline trends everyday,I doubt Forwood has even trended twice. Forwood fans have no power anymore ans be rest assured Klaroline is endgame no matter your opinions! And for those who think Klaus has been useless all season,clearly we’ve been watching different shows cause I seem to remember Klaus contributing to Silas’s massacre and the cure. He’s also the one that brought about the cure in the first place! The amazing thing about TVD producers is that they don’t make a whole season about love,klaroline haven’t even had up to 15scenes together throughout this season,I’m pretty sure Delena had more than that even when they hated each other so please people shut it! And no matter what Klaus does,he can never be as terrible as Damon was and the worst part was that Damon was just a normal vamp and now y’all say Damon has changed I’m pretty sure it means Klaus can change. I don’t expect it soon cause his been alive longer than Damon and has a really dysfunctional family but we getting there! Bottom line is Klaus and Caroline are the most beautiful ship on a tv show ever after Clark and Lois that is! Peace out suckers!*drops mic*!

    • Rita says:

      Yep! Completely agree! Why do people even bother commenting on something they hate? Then just don’t! Klaus&Caroline have a massive fanbase, a great well developped storyline, and it’s currently the reason why many people are still watching. I see comments of people saying this all the time. If you check the official TVD facebook page you’ll see that the top/most rated comments on pretty much every post in there, even those which have nothing to do with Caroline, are about them! People asking for them to be together, saying that they’re the current most interesting thing on TVD, in polls of Stelena/Delena, Stebekah/Dexi, people stating thye just want Klaroline and those comments having tons and tons of likes… We win polls, we trend pretty much everday, this is want people want. Even if we have to wait, we will wait, but he is her best option in the long run, her only plausible option for endgame, and we can’t forget Klaus doesn’t fall in love easily, Caroline (finally) is the one.

      • Fran says:

        Oh for goodness sake- people are allowed to comment if they don’t like something. As far as your polls, twitter comments, etc…. that doesn’t mean much since not everyone stalks those things. God I hate shippers, they ruin every show.

        • Corey says:

          I completely agree with you.There are people that ship two people so much that they quit watching due to them with not getting together or break up instead of just enjoying the show.

          • Stamanah says:

            And then there are those who ship a couple but keep their opinions to themselves because they don’t want to start a war. Don’t lump all shippers together.

  30. Marie says:

    Klaroline better happen or I will feel betrayed!

  31. Ella says:

    Maybe this will be the scene where Klaus has an argument with Caroline about the witches from New Orleans, like the only reason they went after him because they thought that he killed all those 12 witches back that time when they were sawing Bonnie ect
    I don’t think its Silas its Klaus (I hope so!) …. and fan fiction moment at the end of heated argument they kiss ha ha ha

  32. S says:

    Klaus not as terrible as Damon? Omg did I just actually read that? Sorry.. Yes none of these characters are perfect BUT Damon has actually been a better man unlike Klaus who continue to make threats against Tyler and others. Tyler may have been a douche starting out but again he also CHANGED. Klaus has yet to change at all.

  33. Soooo hoping its a passionate moment. As much as I love Tyler, I like the idea of Caroline + Klaus together. He needs to continue to have a soft spot for her.

  34. Amy says:

    Klaroline FTW :) Tyler should stay gone. Matt is more relevant than he is lol. He has no storyline except being Caroline’s boyfriend -.-

  35. kbooga says:

    Sure. Let them get it on. However, it’s become quite obvious and also sweet that the friendship bond between Caroline and Stephen will grow into something more! Major flag was their converstaion during the dance they shared at prom. I’m okay with it. It seems to be being born out of realistic romantic development.

  36. carolita says:

    I think maybe is Klaus, and he is mad because Tyler come to the prom???I really want a Klaroline moment!!!

  37. Meme says:

    Please TVD give something!!!!! Klaroline needs to HAPPEN!!!!!

  38. Klaroline_heart says:

    Come on how many of the guys she’s dated since the begining have told shes beautiful, strong and full of light?? None.. They all tried to find excuse not to date her and Damon used her to get to Stefan and Elena.. I think Klaus and Caroline need this because shes confused about how she feels when it comes to him because he’s different she hasnt had to fight to get his attention and he cares only about her. I dont care that he bit her or that he had tyler bite her because he still refused to let her die. He didnt even know her properly when he had tyler bite her and he could have let her die but he still saved her.

    • Corey says:

      The reason you don’t care is only because you want Klaroline to happen.I’m a Stelena fan and I cared when Stefan made Klaus think he was gonna turn Elena into a vampire and kill her by almost going off the bridge into the same place he saved her from in the car crash he met her in.I hated what he did no matter how hard I ship them.BTW the only reason Klaus saved Caroline the first time was to get the sheriff’s support.That was his master plan all along and why he wanted Tyler to bite her.Not to get back at Stefan.

  39. Jennifer says:

    Okay someone thinks my comment about Damon being more terrible than Klaus is funny! Lol! Let’s go back in time! Damon killed Vickie(she was important to elena),Damon killed lexi(she was his brother’s bestfriend),Damon killed almost everyone in the town,Damon practically used Caroline’s mind as a game(she was important to elena) and I can go on and on! Please don’t get me wrong,I love Damon but I think since you guys have accepted the changed him,Klaus deserves thesame now on to Klaus and all the evils he’s done! Klaus killed Jenna(hated him for that but then he dint know Caroline existed and besides she’s not related to Caroline),Klaus killed the 12hybrids(boo hoo who currs,was a long time coming),Klaus used elena as a bloodbag(she was important to caroline). I can’t seem to remember anymore major evil he’s done. So weighing them,I’d say the Damon scale is a lot heavier seeing as he killed almost everyone in town! Now please what makes Klaus so terrible and unlikeable? You need to understand his character,he was starved of love by his dad who always wanted him dead whereas Damon and Stefan had a caring dad whom Stefan ended up feeding on! These are two different scenarios and I’m pretty sure,anyperson,vamp or not with daddy issues is bound to be a tid bit non-trusting! I rest my case! *passes mic*!!

    • Amarah says:

      jennifer your completely right and btw he also killed jeremy at least twice i think TEAM KLAROLINE he needs her she needs him their perfect and the only reason for 95% of the fan base.

  40. htce says:

    sorry but klaus is the only man in this show who is the most interesting ans klaroline is the only ship which is the most beautiful ship in this show end the comment :)

  41. htce says:

    by the way in last episode that tyler boy could not say anything to klaus while he was running:) klaus left his pride for caroline’s happiness,he let tyler dance with her,see her,hold her,kiss her because her happiness is important for klaus and he did not tell her that he let tyler go,he just wathced her .his love for caroline is real,pure and valuable more than any others love (damon,tyler even stefan) because caroline is the only light of his darkness

  42. CCarolinee says:

    First time I saw this pic I automaticly thought its Silas but I’m not 100% sure any more…Why is it confusing and dangerous…? That could only be Silas….o.O

  43. satnav100 says:

    i so want klaroline to happen but when klaus gets his own sho some ppl r saying he is going to have a new love with a human who goes to uni called cammile who is said to be intrieged by the dark side!

  44. satnav100 says:

    soz let me write that better :c I so want klaroline to happen but when klaus gets his own show “the originals” some people are saying he might be having a new love interest. A human character called “camille” who is said to be intrieged by the dark side “camille” goes to uni college and is to be played by “Leah Pipes” I do ship klaroline but if not then i think klaus deserves his own love life. Someone who can love him just the way he is!

  45. TZOTZO ! says:

    come on ! IT’s not SILAS !! first of all SILAS doesn’t want anything from klaus now !!!
    he has the cure so he doesn’t need nothing from him !!!!just think …… before you say something !!!!

  46. clair says:

    i don’t know… it might be Silas but then again… maybe not. it would be quite interesting to know whats going on especially if it is Klaus.

    If it is Silas i would love for Klaus to show up after Silas has gone and Caroline wouldn’t be sure if its really Klaus of not so he will try to prove it… maybe? we’ll see what happens.

    love Klaroline XD

  47. shawn says:

    rily hope it is Caroline pliz . Some jux gve Silas the cure n lt him go

  48. satnav100 says:

    just found out news from review with Joseph Morgan which will keep all klaroline fans with hope and high hearts. However, Morgan told Digital Spy that Klaus will continue to have feelings for Caroline for the near future.

    “Two characters, each on different shows – you’re putting an ocean between them,” Joseph/Klaus said. “But I’ll say this – I know that there’s no other love interest in the near future for Klaus. I know that he’s very much still enamoured with Caroline Forbes.”

  49. beth bribe says:

    this is klaus but it would of been better if it was sails because he trys to get in peoples heads maybe when he got in Klaus head he saw how much he lovers Caroline and maybe he is trying to see if she feels that way about him if sails is after klaus maybe he will get to Klaus my trying to hurt the girl he loves. SO am still hoping its sails and me a klaroline shipper don’t care about this other girl.

  50. lizette says:

    Seeing this picture got me really thinking and it could be sails but then again I think is klaus I do really hope is klaus and I ak as o reallu hope klaus and caroline do stay together and I do hope caroline do stay with the originals so make them happen