Scandal Sneak Peek: Distraught Olivia Pushes [Spoiler] Away, Cyrus Meets Fitz's New Bestie

This Thursday at 10/9c, ABC’s Scandal returns with the first of Season 2’s final four episodes, airing without interruption — and here’s a pair of sneak peeks at what’s on tap.

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First up: Liv musta put two and two together since we last tuned in — and/or Jake ‘fessed up to some version of his super-creepy surveillance secret — because she wants no part of Fitz’s bedside manner. “I hate you,” she shoots at her ex, launching into a bit that will break your heart.

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Next up, Cyrus chastises the president for his hands-on observation of hospitalized Liv, seeing as the overnighter has created a bit of a “situation” for him. But their chat is interrupted by the arrival of Jake, whom Fitz promptly introduces to his (wary) chief of staff.

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  1. Esaul says:

    I’m so glad I splurged on Scandal. Can’t wait for Thursday. Thought it was last week that it came back…I was so sad.

  2. Martha says:

    Yeah, would be freaking awesome if only I could watch it. what was wrong with youtube? Damn you…

  3. Nick says:

    Watched this show in the first season, but got
    completely hooked during the 2nd! Cannot wait to see where this all goes!

  4. Rese says:

    You don’t know the half of it, Cyrus!

  5. Danyelle says:

    TVline can you please type up a transcript of this scoop, ideally putting it in an envelope and mailing it to me (at home, not at work!!!!!)

  6. Kim says:

    OMG, – I can’t breath. I just love, love love Tony(aka Fitz). This show is the death of me. I love olitz. Cy – please take the last breath of Jake ASAP. I don’t believe it Jake has the nerve to act like Fitz’s bestis. I don’t care if he turns out to be a nice guy, but he is a betrayer and a huge lier.

    • Caroline TEX says:

      I am with Kim – I love Olitz. What I don’t love is Jake – please God – someone give him the heave ho – and soon! I just wish Olivia would catch on to his snake ways . . .

    • LOVE THEM TOGETHER #Olitz I think their love is something that can only be imitated and written for this show…like it has to come from someone’s life. As for Jake “The Snake” Ballard…there is something about him that I think Cyrus already knows about…he has his ballcap assassin following his and team gladiator’s movements…Cy knows who the mole is and his protecting Liv and the president.

  7. Chloe says:

    Completely obsessed with this show! Cannot wait for Thursday. Love Kerry Washington & Tony Goldwyn

  8. Mary burch says:

    Ohhhhh it’s bouta go-down now! FITZ is standing his ground he ain’t budging til LIVVY is discharged and CYRUS so wishy washy!!! UGGHHH first he wth Olitz n the next he ain’t I do not trust him JAKE, nor MELLIE so Olitz is in this 2gether allll by them selves:)

  9. Moe says:

    Cyrus and Jake in the same room? Yes! I can’t wait until Thursday!

  10. Nina says:

    I like Matt’s title “…Cyrus Meets Fitz’s New Bestie”. LOL. I bet he does!!

    • Alichat says:

      Fitz is too comfortable with Jake. Which has to mean that Olivia didn’t tell Fitz she’s hooked up with Jake. I gotta say, I’d have thrown it in his face…..asking him if having Jake pursue her romantically was part of the spying package he arranged.

  11. Ms. Fabulous says:

    This is Shondaland….don’t be surprised if Jake ends up having Cy in his corner. It may not happen like you think, I see so many options with the Jake and Cy dynamic!

  12. Fitz is so 2012, Jake is so 2013!! says:

    It’s gonna get tough Jake, but hold your own baby! Make sure you get the dirt on the rest of the players just like they’re going to get on you!

    • Dav says:

      Jake has much more dirt than others. If you are comparing Jake with others – you are so wrong. None of them has betrayed their own friends like Jake did with Fitz. Jake killed an innocent father – Osbourne. None of them did that – if you look at those people murdered by Cy, Fitz…etc.they were all bad. Jake is worst – and selfish. Do you think he cares for Olivia? Don’t be foolish!

      • Mechelle says:

        Fitz betrayed his wife-Fitz killed Verna-Fitz is a liar! We did not see Jake kill Osbourne. Stop being delusional dear-go take your medication and relax.

        • badromance says:

          Jake is a lying, spying, lowlife.

          • Mechelle says:

            And those same shoes fit just nicely on Fitz. Go figure…

          • Moe says:

            @Mechelle – Yet you like one and not the other. Jake admitted to participating in Osbourne’s staged suicide. We didn’t need to see it to believe it. He admitted it.

        • Julie Neumann says:

          Mellie gave permission for the affair so she could remain in the White House (Season 1 Ep.3) Fitz did kill save everyone from going down..including him. We didn’t see anyone kill Osborne so you can’t say it wasn’t Jake. We didn’t see anyone kill Molly either..It could be ANYONE! Every character on this show is a LIAR…except for bobblehead….

      • Moe says:

        I agree Dav – That Osbourne thing gives a special “funk” to Jake, but I still enjoy watching his character at work. He was a great addition to this season. People sometimes forget that Cyrus killed Amanda Tanner… that was pretty bad, which gives Cyrus a pretty bad funk too. I think Jake has some feelings for Olivia, but he’s more there to do a job, u know. Who knows?

  13. Elia says:

    I can’t wait until Cy sends Jake to the planet he came from like now!!!

  14. Fitz is so 2012, Jake rules in 2013! says:

    It’s gonna get tough Jake, but hold your own baby! Make sure you get the dirt on rest just like they’re going to get on you!

  15. Wow, the grits is about ready to hit the fan. I’m so excited!!!

  16. janean says:

    I love jake and hate fitz! fitz is such a child to me!

  17. Tina says:

    Cy: “I bet you are” “I am gonna take you down before you see the morning sun”. I love Cy – I can’t wait until he slices Jake into pieces.

  18. chris says:

    Yes Fitz is back. That scene with Liv breaks my heart, and please Cy…. take out that snake lying to Fitz. He didn’t save any hostages it was Liv’s info.

  19. Alice says:

    Normally, the dialogue on Shonda’s shows is so- over the top that I have to laugh. But I believe everything that comes out of Kerry Washington’s mouth. She’s fabulous. All the awards, please.

    • Tina says:

      I don’t understand this comment. If you like what comes out of KW’s mouth, it means you like Shonda’s dialogue. I don’t think KW makes her script – in case you forgot that

      • Moe says:

        I’m thinking that is understood, but @Alice may be saying that Kerry gives a certain life to Shonda’s words that we might not have gotten had they cast a different actress. Not a big issue. Most actors don’t write their own dialogue.

    • BJ says:


  20. Sunny says:

    It’d be nice if I could see the videos…what’s this video player you use on this site??

  21. PhyllisD says:

    That ‘I’ll bet you are.’ from Cy was VERY loaded!!!! I think Cy has or will soon figure out that it was Liv who got the hostages out….. Then when Charlie tells Cy that Liv was hurt at Jake’s apt…. Boy oh boy, is it ever gonna get juicy!!!!

    Imagine the nerve of Jake with Olivia’s (er how should I say this …) essence all over him, standing next to Fitz & being ‘all the President’s men’…

    Its just so SCANDALOUS!!!

  22. joy says:

    Why is Jake still hanging around anyway?

    • Mechelle says:

      He’s hanging around because the blood and life of the show!

      • Moe says:

        That’s going overboard. I like Jake too, but goodness, there are a lot of “Zero or One Hundred Percents” on this thread when it comes to Jake and Fitz, yet I think the reason most people watch and enjoy this show is because almost EVERY character is a shade of gray. They are nuanced and so few of the characters are really good or evil. We don’t know enough about Jake to write him off just yet, but he is NOWHERE near an angel and has an innocent’s (as far as we know) blood on his hands, Osbourne.

        What I find a little… odd… is that people are still harping on the Verna “thing” when Verna almost successfully murdered Fitz and in death, was scheming to ruin them all, especially Fitz since she was unable to kill him. Verna is one of the few to fall within the Billy Chambers category, a clear villain. It’s like she had rabies, people, if anyone needed to get put down, it was Verna. She could not be saved. Shondaland, I thought, made that plot so clear and obviously warranted, that I’m a little surprised that some aren’t letting it go. It almost feels like a kind of excuse to hate Fitz being thrown around. There are enough reasons to question Fitz’s morals, but the Verna thing…nah. I mean, am I the only one who loves, like, every Scandal regular? I think that is a part of the allure of Scandal. I mean, Jake and Cyrus in the same room? Two really interesting characters… that’s exciting.

        I find judging less, makes the show more enjoyable. We know we wouldn’t abide by any of these things in real life, so why freak out about it in one awesome television show? People loved the Sopranos and that show was out of hand. Everyone was a criminal, but Uncle Junior was so cute… it’s television!

        • Julie Neumann says:

          Way to go Moe…You are right about this 100%..Excellent observation!

        • nitabug says:

          Well said, every one of the characters is interesting and dynamic in their own right. Who the heck picked such perfect actors to bring them to life. Olitz….Olivia and Fritz amazing characters whom all life revolves…………I believe only Kerry and Tony could have made this so real without being cheesy

  23. NANA says:

    I cant wait either when Charlie tells Cy that Olivia was at Jake’s apartment when she got hurt. I’m dying to see how he would tell Fitz.

  24. NANA says:

    If Fitz staying in the hospital knowing well what the consequences are is not a sign of love, i don’t know what is? Liv should calm down and apologize. I know she doesn’t apologize. She kept saying i made a mistake. Fitz deserves an apology for the betrayal. She’s upset now because she feels a little bad about sleeping with Jake. But she should put 2 and 2 together: Fitz did not ask Jake to make contact with Olivia. Fitz did spy on her in order to pass her off to Jake like a whore. Fitz really loves her. He was just really hurt and didnt know how to respond to it. He placed Liv in the sky. When he found out about Defiance, he couldn’t take it because this man has integrity. He believed in doing the right thing(winning fair and square) and he was convinced that Liv was just like him. She will calm down and get back to her senses and realize that she was also guilty. Forgive each other and move on. I have to say that i’m totally obsessed with this show. I can’t even describe it. I’ve been watching the best shows on tv for years, i have yet to enjoy one like this one. Yes, Kerry Washington deserves an Emmy for her role as Olivia Pope. Tony deserves one too as Fitz. The actors are amazing. They are the reasons people watch this show. The writers are also doing a great job. So, keep it up guys. i’m proud of all of you and I’m going to miss you over the summer.

    • Huckleberry says:

      Yeah, it would be so great if she got back together with the murderer.

      • Julie Neumann says:

        which one if you want to be so accurate. Fitz or Jake or Cy or Charlie or Huck? Who is to say that maybe Jake murdered Osborne. The bottom line is Olivia loves Fitz and so forth. How do we know that Olivia hasn’t killed someone. We don’t. So please don’t make Fitz out to be the only murderer in this. If you saw the 219 promo when Olivia is talking to Huck she says we have all done terrible things in our lives. It is time to find out who has done what!!

  25. Please Get Rid of Fitz says:

    Jake is a good man. Fitz should feel like like a little nat getting a lovable and honest man like Jake to spy on Liv. Fitz (Futz) is a creep!

    • badromance says:

      A man who spies on a woman and calls her in her vulnerable moments, sleeps with her under false pretenses and is involved in framing and murdering an innocent man while lying to his army buddy is a good man?
      If you think Jake is a good man, you must think Jack the ripper was merely misunderstood.
      Jake is a liar and a backstabber.
      By all means, like the actor, but don’t make the character something he isn’t.
      Jake’s bad through and through.
      Before this is over, he’s probably going to try and kill Olivia.

      • Mechelle says:

        Badromance, your name explains why you typed this nonsense! Go back and CAREFULLY rewatch the episodes and come back with a more coherent paragraph!

      • Jessica P. says:

        Oookay, I don’t really care if people like Jake or not – and I agree that now that it’s been established that Osborne was an innocent and a true patriot, Jake’s involvement in his death marks Jake out as a villain* – but I’m gonna need all y’all who keep doing so to _stop acting like he spied on Olivia of his own accord_. He didn’t. He didn’t, he didn’t, he didn’t. It was established _just this season_ that Jake was watching Olivia on Fitz’ orders. I agree that Jake was wrong to pursue Olivia without coming clean to her first re: the spying. I agree his role in Osborne’s murder means he doesn’t have clean hands. But please, for the love of all that’s good and holy, stop pretending that he spied on Olivia Just Because. He didn’t. He spied on her because Fitz ordered him to do so. So if you’re going to ding Jake for spying, then you have to lay that at Fitz’ feet, too.
        (*I say a villain because folks who’ve noted this are right: the series regulars have all been ‘protected’ somewhat when they’ve killed by killing people who’ve actively done wrong (Cyrus w/Amanda, Fitz w/Verna); there’s a certain … rough justice arguably at work in those deaths (I don’t necessarily agree with that viewpoint, but I can see how it can be argued as such). Billy, Sally’s Chief of Staff, was a villain because he killed an innocent (Gideon). Hollis is a villain because he orchestrated the deaths of innocents (Quinn’s boyfriend and his co-workers). If Jake had a hand in Osborne’s death (and I can’t see any reason for him to lie to Joe Morton’s character about that), then Jake is a villain, because Osborne was an innocent.)

        • Melissa says:

          Please remember though, Amanda Tanner WAS an innocent. Ok, she slept with a married president, but that doesn’t mean she should be killed. Amanda was pushed into blackmailing the prez by that sociopath Billy Chambers; she was just a weak little pawn to be pushed around.
          Cyrus killed her on the *possibility* that she was carrying the president’s baby. It doesn’t really help that he was working off of faulty(ish) information.

        • badromance says:

          I agree that Jake spied on Olivia under orders and would have no objection to that had he not then lied to both her AND the friend who gave him the orders and began a relationship with her while STILL spying on her. The dude’s been calling her to make sure she was out and chatting nicely while BREAKING INTO HER HOUSE. He’s been coming over and grinning at himself in the CAMERA.
          It’s creepy.
          Fitz deserves censure for having her spied on, but to be spying on someone while seeing them regularly in a romantic light takes a really SICK mind.
          The fact that their entire relationship is based on him watching her and knowing when to call her, when she was at here most vulnerable??
          Wrong on EVERY level.
          As with regards to killing people on the show, I do agree that series regulars have some protection, but I would say that Amanda Tanner’s death was due to her actions but not entirely deserved.
          I don’t class her as an innocent. She was telling terrible destructive lies and was a dangerous fool at best but killing her was a bit much.
          Still, this is ‘Cyrus Beene, king of mean’.
          I enjoy him and he looks like a cute old grandpa, but he’s always been more ewok than teddy bear.
          The man considered killing his own husband.
          Compared to Hollis, he looks good, but it’s not a killing any normal person would have undertaken.
          Killing Verna, however, on the heels of the discovery she just had him shot FOUR times was fairly understandable, and could be defended quite easily in a court of law.
          It was also kind of poetic justice given that she died at the hands of the person SHE tried to kill, and she DID kill Britta Kagan.
          As for Osbourne, I agree with you. Jake participated in some way n the murder and framing of an innocent man.
          There is no way to whitewash that and I find it strange that anyone would try. I never objected to Edison, never took him very seriously, but I was quite fond of him. For all his fuddy duddy ways he was a decent guy, just one Olivia didn’t and COULDN’T love.
          I could get it if these commenters were rooting for Edison, but Jake?
          There is NO WAY, you genuinely wish Olivia well and root for Jake.

    • joy says:

      Do you know Jake killed Osbourne the CIA Director and made it look like a suicide?

  26. leelee says:

    The question is…….when is Fitz going to find out the Jake sleep with Olivia??? Can someone answer that question for me?!?!?! 😳

    • Mechelle says:

      Who knows when Fitz will find out? If he does, he does! Liv is a grown, single woman and consented to have sex with Jake. Liv is at liberty to give her coochie to whomever she pleases.

      • leelee says:

        That’s not my issue that Liv gave it up….my issue is how Fitz will react to the fact his so called “Navy Pal” slept with the love of his life. So my new revised questions is…..what will Fitz do to Jake when he finds out he slept Olivia(the love of his life)?!?!?!

        • Mechelle says:

          I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when Fitz finds out Jake got the “love of his life” coochie.

    • Reeni says:

      not sure when

  27. Reeni says:

    I could care less about Osbourne seeing how he threatened Olivia and had pics of Quinn on his phone. As far as Fitz finding out about Liv & Jake, let’s get real he has NO right to be mad at ANYONE, HE’S the one who told Liv they were done and who kept denying it was personal between them. Who did he think would wait for him will he faked happy with Mellie?…lol But knowing him he is going to get angry, which I would find interesting

    • Reeni says:


    • Jessica P. says:

      But Osborne’s confrontation with Olivia and him having Quinn’s picture make sense given that he wasn’t the mole/was innocent of trading state secrets. IOW, if you knew you hadn’t done anything to warrant OP&A keeping tabs on you, but they were keeping tabs on you anyway, wouldn’t you want to know why? To me, it’s what’s nifty about the reveal that Osborne WASN’T the mole – like an optical illusion drawing, all of his interactions before that reveal take on a completely different meaning when viewed through the perspective that he’s NOT – and apparently never was – a traitor. If he’s innocent, then he’s perfectly within his rights to confront Olivia and to ask why her people are spying on him. I’d’ve asked her too if I knew I wasn’t doing anything that warranted that degree of attention from her and her peeps. From Osborne’s perspective, Olivia making inquiries about him and Quinn tailing him IS creepy and invasive. And he’s had every right to call Olivia on it.

      • Melissa says:

        Agreed, especially since he was the CIA director with a gambling problem. That’s just asking someone to try and blackmail you for information or make you vulnerable to the media.

  28. Reeni says:

    lol I don’t see how people can say Jake took advantage of Liv when several times SHE called him, meet up with him or went to his place by HER choice, people don’t have to like him but I don’t think it’s fair to accuse him of something he didn’t do

    • mrenee says:

      Jake took advantage of Olivia because he knew and she didn’t. Say you don’t care about Fitz and Olivia is free to do whatever she wants, everything from the “fake bump” to the sleeping with has been a calculated manipulation, so he would not be prime dating material. Olivia should pass on whatever he offers in the future.

      Fitz made it plain that it was over, so he doesn’t get to be angry with Olivia. Fitz does, however, owe Jake a beatdown, professionally and personally, for lying. I’m sure Fitz did not ask Jake to watch Olivia in her bedroom and he’s not going to be happy when he discovers the extent that Jake has gone to be with Olivia. .Jake should have known that Fitz was more than professionally involved when he called him to the WH the second time.

  29. Kibby says:

    At the very last end you could hear the music about to be played
    And when he said “Livvie please ” my heart just broke :(

    • mrenee says:

      And, by the way, this “please” is not the same as the “please” by the WH window, during the Amanda Tanner debacle. This one was far more urgent and apologetic–like he really understood that he was wrong and wasn’t simply justtifying bad behavior. TG really does know how to turn on the feelings and I cannot imagine this show would be any fun without the depth and layers he brings to this character.

  30. EMW says:

    Ok, first of all I just love this show. This has been the longest three weeks of my life. second, these sneak peeks are saying so much & yet so little. the cast is saying that this episode is breathetakingly beautiful & the picture that ABC Scandal is showing on twitter..there are no words. There is so much that we aren’t seeing… I can not wait. Cyrus and Jake in the room together, I wonder did Charlie tell Cyrus that Jake brought Liv to the hospital from HIS place? I can not wait until Cryus knocks Jake down to size, because you can see it coming, Cyrus is not to be toyed with. Live & Fitz… OMG those 2, they are just killing me, I wish we had more of Liv’s back story because she has serious issues with being left & to hear her tell Fitz that he left her all alone..OMG. Fitz’s knows just how to hurt the women in his life, if I didn’t love him so much I would hate him. Is it me or is this sober Fitz better than the Fitz of old. This new Fitz is standing his ground when it comes to Liv & he doesn ‘t care what anyone says. I love him letting Cyrus know: I’M HERE, I’m not going anywhere until she is discharged… HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THAT MAN.. UGH. I could go on and on but I will stop here and with this: SCANDAL IS RUINING MY LIFE & I LOVE IT!!!

  31. Aisha Sani says:

    Scandal is ruining my life too. It’s just too much. The characters are all good in their own ways but more than anyone olitz’s are the best. They’re so good together. I hope liv will forgive Fitzgerald, so they can move on. They need to be happy together for once Shonda and writers! He can still be the president and be what he wants to be with liv. It’s only human nature he is exhibiting. Even the POTUS is human, isn’t it? This particular one is not hypocritical.
    Why should he stay with someone he is not in love with and be sad for the rest of his life just cos he is the POTUS. Not fair at all. And I think, if you look at Fitzgerald and his principles….. I think he is a good man and he means well. Forget the verna murder. If she had not told him she was the one who asked for him to be asassinated, I believe he would not have killed her.
    I hope ABCwill approve the season 3….. They will not be making a mistake. This is the best thing that has ever happened to tv. We are all rootin for more. Long live OLITZ- kw,tg and all the crew. We love u all. AISHA

  32. Don’t believe him Liv!

  33. Nanzala Sandra says:

    Verna was going to die anyway so Fitz did the right thing by eliminating her so they couldnt all go down.Cant wait to see what will happen next.

  34. Amber says:

    I think Jake is hot! I love how serious he always looks. those concentrated eyes…

  35. Jen says:

    Am I the only one who is anxious to see if and or when Fitz finds out that Liv and Jake slept together? Fitz will have a field day. Is Fitz ever going to ask Jake to see footage of the supposed break in to try and catch this guy? What will Jake do then?

  36. joy says:

    Fitz is the President of the United States, no one measures up to him. Not a Senator, Congressman, Navy Captain, Nada. No one else is good enough for Olivia so I wish they would stop wasting time with any other love interest and just let Olitz be together.

  37. Querilous says:

    Wow 752 I can’t believe it…..Huck had a family and was brainwashed to forget them. Until he saw his son and wife in the station at 7:52. Shondra in this ep you really through all of us off. Too much gory shots though to explicit about Huck’s life before he became a Gladiator.
    Brilliant though I’m hooked for life in Shondraland. I could’nt wait Matt.. I had to get this off my chest.

  38. Pamela Brown says:

    I’ve watched Scandal for a short time…Hi, my name is Pam and I’m a scandalholic! Every character is unbelievable! As Lynn would say on DWTS, Well Done!