Ratings: Good Wife, Celebrity Apprentice and Once Dip, Amazing Race Wins Night

Ratings for Amazing Race, Good WifeThe Amazing Race crossed the finish line first this Sunday, besting all comers in both total audience (with 9.06 million viewers) and in the coveted 18-49 demo (scoring a 2.4 rating).

Versus last week’s golf-goosed outing, CBS’ competition series dipped only slightly in audience and in fact ticked up a tenth in the demo.

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Leading out of that, this season’s penultimate The Good Wife (8.9 mil/1.5) was down 12 percent and two tenths, while The Mentalist (9 mil/1.6) enjoyed gains of 14 percent versus last Sunday’s laaaaaate outing.

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Elsewhere, Once Upon a Time returned to 7.3 mil and a 2.1, down a tenth from its last fresh episode; ABC’s Remember Sunday telepic retained 6.8 mil/1.4…. NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice was down 7 percent and two tenths to under 5 mil and a 1.6…. Fox’s Cleveland Show (2.1 mil/0.9) dropped 25 percent in the demo, Bob’s Burgers (3.74 mil/1.7) ticked up and American Dad (3.9 mil/1.8) fell 14 percent.

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  1. Amy says:

    Looks like the damage has been done to OUAT wonder what they can do to raise the ratings back up.

    • Lary says:

      I haven’t enjoyed the show for most of the season. I’m on the verge of giving up on it. The producers need a total overhaul of the show. It just doesn’t have the same feeling as last season.

      • Amy says:

        I agree its like there are either to many characters or not enough actual background info and whats strange is suddenly Emma is not really able to do things on her own anymore last season it was Regina vs Emma this season its just all over the place.

        • lyn says:

          ITA. Too many insignificant characters being brought in, violence for the sake of violence etc. It’s no longer a return to childhood realms with a mature eye. It’s falling apart like one of Kelly’s shows [Ally McBeal, Boston Legal etc.].

          • Jake says:

            I am kind of tired of the fighting between Emma and Regina over Henry. Legally, Regina is his mother. Can’t they just have Henry say he wants to have time with both of them and move onto other plotlines.

    • GS says:

      I’ve DVR’ed the show but I’m not dying to catch up like I was last season if I missed it. This season has been disjointed and all over the place. All the new characters are just too much. I don’t know if they can save it.

  2. bigdede says:

    Stop the Will/Alicia crap! Tell us what happened with Cary and Kalinda. Give Kalinda a real storyline. Give Cary a real storyline. He basically has the same storyline from 2 years ago. He’s unhappy there and is looking to leave. Same ole same ole. Give Peter and Alicia a real chance. Alicia and Will is so 4 years ago. Give it up already. They are not this forbidden love, they are boring.

    • Can I just say: THIS! I’d actually like to see Peter and Alicia fight for their marriage. I get all the reasons of why she should leave, but season one was exploring that. It’s four years later and it’s time for them to move forward. I am SO over the Will and Alicia sexmance. It’s been nothing to root for when it’s only ever really been about sex and kissing.
      As for Kalinda, she’s had her fair share this season. I want a Cary storyline or even a romantic relationship for him – Kalinda for example.

    • shar says:

      I agree. I can’t stand the Alicia and Will story, show more of Alicia and Peter. I also like more one on one with Alicia and Cary, and Alicia and Kalinda.

      • missy says:

        I cant stand the alicia and will story line either enough already and she needs 2 either 4give peter once and 4 all or move on I think her and peter make a good couple stay in the marriage and be their 4 each other raise the kids and romance each other…….

    • bobbie says:

      I’m so happy that there are other people who are rooting for Alicia and Peter! Until recently, I’ve seen comments about how Peter is a scumbag, etc. And I suspect these are the same people that ooh and ah all over Don Draper (now there’s a real piece of work).

  3. ggny says:

    ABC is killing OUAT. Fix the show before you focus on a spinoff

    • ABC don’t choose storylines and character development. It’s the writers to blame. The only thing ABC is responsible for is scheduling.

      • Derek says:

        And both are to blame… though I think the storylines did the real damage this season.

      • ej says:

        And together they are just ruining this show. With all of the hiatuses, people are probably just DVRing until the end of the season, if at all. It would help if the writers/creators would stop lying about the shocking reveals and deep character journeys/struggles while delivering predictable storylines and badly edited interpersonal drama. If they want fans to care, they need to stick with the core characters for more than 2 minutes and stop leaving the scenes people would like to see on the cutting room floor or waiting for the Season 2 DVD that, I bet, a LOT fewer people will buy than did Season 1. I really fell in love with this show last year and now it’s quickly falling into the same self-defeating traps as Heroes.

      • Joey says:

        Well, just look at which episodes are on the front and end of a hiatus. They just aren’t picking good places to put a hiatus in. Sometimes the episodes themselves can be good, but at the beginning or end of a hiatus is just a bad place to put them because it either doesn’t get the audience excited for what’s after the hiatus, or the audience is left thinking, “Well, it was okay, but I wanted # weeks for /this/?”

  4. Joe says:

    When are new episodes of revenge coming back , it’s been gone for so long I’m going to have a refresher episode

  5. Cassie says:

    OUAT was one of my absolute favorites last season, but lately I’ve merely been forcing myself to keep watching it. Snow and Charming, Emma and Henry were the characters I loved, and they have barely been in this season. They have been put on the back burner for the villains, all of whom I hate and are running roughshod over the good guys and Storybrooke. If the characters I fell in love with are never featured and good is dumb and helpless, then why should I keep watching?

    • lyn says:

      Me too. The Frankenstein arc was stupid, but quickly over and best forgotten. But now it’s just becoming a hodgepodge of story lines and characters I dislike and don’t want cluttering up the place. Tamara and Greg are boring, Rumple/Gold crossed into non-redeemable territory [joining Regina] and nothing gets answered. Losing interest fast.

  6. Jen says:

    As long as Game of Thrones is on, network tv is just crap. And the ratings last night reflect that. And this is coming from someone who usually likes The Good Wife.

    • bobbie says:

      Spoiler I love GOT, but still, the show I look forward to most is The Good Wife. Maybe because I”ve read the Fire and Ice books, but still I love watching the characters come to life. I like the Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister characters and storylines the best. Though the last two books aren’t out, so who knows what will happen! I was also really fond of some characters that die eventually, so, whataya gonna do.

  7. Kelly says:

    Once does too much with magic and big twists then taking the time for the little moments and letting the characters develop and let the various relationships develop (ie using big adventure to force emma/mm to have daughter/mom moments then letting it naturally grow and pretty much zilch for emma/charming).

  8. Kelly says:

    Remember Sunday was my favorite for Sunday. Great movie. Zachary Levi and Alexis Bledel should work together again. They were great.

  9. Natalie says:

    Last night’s episode of the “The Good Wife” was alright. Looking forward to next week’s. And I hope they do something with Will and Alicia. I was always undecided on whether I wanted her with Peter or Will or perhaps no one or maybe even some random new character, but ever since the episode with his sisters commenting how he was like after talking with her on the phone, Will won me over. “The Mentalist” was enjoyable last night. Thanks, Matt, for the ratings news. :)

  10. Lucy says:

    Center-ish storyline for Cary? LOL. Please. Cary and Kalinda getting closer profesionally and personally? When, in the last 2 secs of season finale? LOL. Please. I’m 100& fed up. Please, Czuchry, leave that show.