Idology: Tightest Top 4 Race Ever! Plus: Is Idol Trying Too Hard to Make Amber Happen?

We’re down to the Final 4 on Season 12 of American Idol, and it would be an understatement to say any one of the remaining singers — Angie Miller, Amber Holcomb, Candice Glover and Kree Harrison — has a legit shot at the crown.

On this week’s installment of Idology, my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I assess the strengths and weaknesses of the Fab Four, and try to figure out which two Nigel Lythgoe & Co. seem most bullish about.

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We also ponder a few other key questions: Is Idol trying too hard to convince America that Amber is the “whole package”? Why do grandiose diva ballads do no favors for Candice and Kree? Were Angie’s Top 5 performances overpraised by the judges? And what’ve legs got to do (got to do) with it?

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  1. Pattygale says:

    Yes, I think they are trying too hard with Amber. After following one of AI’s “stars” for a few years, I don’t know if Amber or Kree have what it takes in the ‘work your ass off’ way to be successful. Nothing against them, but it’s a lot of work, sweat, travel, schmoozing, and pain to make it, and even then, no guarantees. You have to REALLY, REALLY WANT IT to put everything else on the back burner. I don’t think, in fact I’m sure, they have no clue what lies ahead if they want to succeed. Angie seems to take everything in stride, so maybe she’d adjust, Candice seems more mature and determined.
    All of this is conjecture, of course, so GO AT IT GIRLS! I’ve just been watching snippets, so maybe I’m wrong.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      They are definitely pushing Amber too hard. And the bad thing about it is – they could be giving her valuable critiques that could really help her deliver a song to its potential. I am not a fan of hers, but the girl has oodles of talent. She just needs refinement and “specific” criticism – that the judges aren’t giving her. Anyway, the let the best gal take it! I want a battle to the bitter end. Bring it, y’all.

      • The Beach says:

        I agree with your “specific” criticism point, and not with just Amber. It seems for the past several years the judges are either OMG that was unbelievable or nah, that wasn’t your best performance or you chose the wrong song. There is no critiquing from a musicality perspective that can help a contestant improve. Mariah has the experience and knowledge to do so as does Keith but even their insights into a performance are couched in such niceties, either to keep from hurting a contestants feelings or alienating the viewers, that they are so watered down as to be virtually useless. I’m not saying be mean, just throw some constructive criticism their way that would actually help them improve.

      • Joline says:

        Amber has the talent but with the exception of the last performance, has not had a real breakthrough moment or song in this competition. She still comes across as stiff and uncertain. The other singers are much more sure of themselves and project confidence/artistry.

      • Lee says:

        I agree that they are pushing Amber too hard–just as they pushed Scotty McCreery too hard. They obviously see a young Beyonce so that’s probably why they’re pushing Amber just as they saw a young Garth Brooks so that’s probably why they pushed Scotty . It’s all manipulation and one of the reasons why I’m getting tired of Idol. They praise to death the “not-so-stellar” contestants like Amber, Kree, Scotty, et al and then they give a hard time to the stellar contestants like Jessica Sanchez, Haley Reinhart, et al. If I was Amber’s mentor, the first thing I’d tell her is to stop singing these adult contemporary songs because SHE’S NOT AN ADULT YET! As a result, she cant connect emotionally to the songs, such as that Barbra Streisand song she sang last week.

        • Chris says:

          I also think she sings too old. I was actually shocked to find out she’s just turned 19. I think that’s why she doesn’t get the votes she should. She’s obviously going to get a recording contract but I bet the music on it will not be like most of what she’s sung on Idol.

          • white lancer says:

            Agreed! That’s why I found it weird how Slezak was saying that Angie doesn’t have the ‘youthful energy’ of Amber. To me, Angie comes across younger and more alive than Amber does, especially since (“Love On Top” aside) Amber seems to avoid up tempo songs like the plague.
            Amber has been more consistent overall than Angie has, but to me Angie is so much more interesting because she doesn’t come across as a typical lounge singer.

        • teatime says:

          Jimmy seems to like attractive teenager contestants that he can easily put into a genre box. Like Scotty, Lauren, Jessica, and Amber. If they want to write their own music or do something a little unusual, he will not push them.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            sort of interesting that the one single he released from Haley was the only one she had no part in writing hah

        • tewence says:

          gah i have been getting the “old” feeling, too! i feel like she also just chooses songs that she thinks are the type of songs she should be choosing for the competition, rather than the songs that define her as an artist. i dunno, i don’t think she is the complete package just yet. i do think she’ll get there, but i am not seeing what they are seeing. i still think that “marketable” or “the whole package” is code for “we can push you in a direction we think you should go since you don’t have a niche just yet”

        • R R G says:

          I totally agree with you! Amber is the whole package, but they need to COACH her as they are supposed to be doing & tell her to sing current songs!!!! Jessica & Haley were awesome, but the coaches didn’t do diddly for either of them! They want Angie to win this year & I hope it doesn’t happen. I can’t stand her toothy smile & Osmond like performances!

    • lynnyloo says:

      I’m pretty sure Kree understands what hard work consists of since she’s been doing it for the past decade in Nashville. She just has a way of making things look too easy, even when she is struggling. The perfect example is the pinched nerve.

      • Tom22 says:

        I get the sense that Kree might be too tired of it all to grow more. Crystal Bowersox seemed to embrace the challenge even though she’d struggled daily to make a living singing in coffee houses etc.. Crystals albums are really good too as she’s learned/gravitated to styles that are about current life.. and less about the past as she writes… even as she was super singing about past things . I’m just not feeling the life and artistry glowing in Kree like the promise I initially saw in her.

        • My Alter Ego says:

          Tom22, I would doubt that Kree might be too tired “of it all” as you said. She may still be in a lot of pain (pinched nerve) or on pain killers (for the pinched nerve) that are making her, perhaps, slightly “loopy.”
          Crystal and Kree had/have different motivations: Crystal had a young son for whom she was trying to give a better life. Crystal seems to genuinely love performing.
          On the other hand, because this thought just occurred to me: maybe Kree doesn’t actually like performing live. As a “studio musician” (recording demos), she didn’t have to deal with an audience – or, at least, one that’s live (and over a handful of people) and staring/expecting to be pleased. Maybe she’s dealing with a kind of culture shock with a result she never came close to anticipating.

          • Idolhead Ed says:

            Wrong on Kree. She’s been performing in front of audiences for 10 years and even turned down a recording contract because it was not the direction she wanted to go. This week will let us know if she’s in for the win or place.

          • Nephtalia says:

            @IdolEd Kree did not turn down a recording contract. She was dropped by a record company. Big difference! She said so herself in her ‘Road to Hollywood’ interview. But, I agree she had been performing for the past 10 years. I watched some of her before Idol performance on YouTube and she has not changed. Actually she played guitar a lot! I don’t know why she has not used it on Idol.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Interestingly they were sort of ignoring/keeping her down in the beginning though, so it maybe balances out.

      • dj says:

        I think ignoring her at the beginning was part of the plan so they could spring her on us out of the blue and create buzz about her.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Yes. They push Amber wayI too much.It’s part of the hyperbole that is part of these shows. They want a big audience for the last 3 weeks of the show. It’s May sweeps. If I can see the numbers on Twitter and YouTube, so can they. And they know the numbers on the votes. Hype I it upso it appears to be a closer race than it is.
      More of us have a pretty good idea what these girls can do & who should be in the finale so the hype is pretty annoying. But it will be over soon.

    • Kreeallthewat says:

      I don’t agree with respect to Kree. She’s worked in Nashville as a studio singer and has spoken about having to pay her dues. She knows how hard it can be and she’s a pro.

    • tonya says:

      there juist as hard for kree and angie to some push hard for one or the other all of them

  2. kes says:

    Yall! It is 12 freaking minutes long :D! Yeah!

  3. Scott says:

    Awesome recap, as always. Thanks!

  4. noa says:

    i still can’t let go of my Kree-Candice finale dream. and i know Kree doesn’t earn it every week. but overall, i think she is incredible and her voice is so comforting and flawless. and i think she got the boost that she needed by being in the bottom 2 this week. she CAN and WILL do it. even though it seems like she’s not happy on the Idol stage- i still think she’s better than the other 2 and i want to give her more chances. GO KREE. make me proud. prove Michael and Melinda wrong.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Kree is incredible. She is my waffle… still… but the lack of pure energy and VISIBLE excitement and hunger to win will be her downfall. I hope I am wrong. But her emotions have to always register on her face – otherwise, the girl just looks sleepy. Every song needs to be like Up To The Mountain – Angie and Amber – left her in the dust last week and that didn’t need to happen…

      • noa says:

        i really hope she comes back from the B2 and kills it this week. i want to see her ecstatic on stage. like performing is the best thing that ever happened to her. just pure happiness. or like her life depends on her singing that song at that moment (if that’s the emotion that the song calls for). if i close my eyes and just listen to her then her vocal is always perfect to me and always my favorite. but when i watch… something’s missing sometimes. especially this week. it’s like she’s checked out but luckily she can’t go wrong vocally so it’s still pretty good. come on now- give us some EVIDENCE that you want to be there. otherwise, i’m switching favorites to my very close second- Candice.

      • Chris says:

        I think Kree’s lack of enthusiasm is why she’s still a backup singer. She doesn’t have a headliner’s personality. I do think her voice is terrific and that she can learn to be a better showman but I don’t think she’ll win Idol.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          Oh, I never thought of it that way. I am losing hope that she will win as well. That spark seems to be gone…

          • Sandyk says:

            I don’t think that Kree has the charisma that she needs to project to an audience because her music isn’t for everyone either. I am bored with the shy same old song each week and I began loving her at the beginning. I cannot believe that even the Idol site projected Kree and Angie would be in the final two, and where is the incredible voice of Candice. I mean she makes everyone else sound like students and here comes the pro. Of course her drawback is personality also. The one with the best personality and very versatile as well as incredibly talented is Angie and her voice is 2nd to Candice. I thought Halo was awesome. JMO The finala 4 are really superb this year.

        • noa says:

          i thought she was a demo singer. which also makes sense to me- she has the best recording voice and skills this season, but is not a dynamic performer at all.

        • Name That Tune says:

          I think you’re right. She has a beautiful voice, but performing in front of a live audience is not her strength & she doesn’t get energized by it, unlike Candice who seems to thrive on live performances. Kree is only 22 so she could develop it. But her strength will always be recorded music not live shows.

          • My Alter Ego says:

            Oops, sorry I hadn’t read down to your comment when I posted my comment above (in response to Tom22), Name That Tune.
            Kree may develop a different attitude about performing live, but in the many years that I was performing (not on this level, to be sure), I never developed the “taste,” or the “desire” for performing live. Loved being musically active, and rehearsals (most of the time) and spending all (or most) of my time with a bunch of cool, creative people. I learned to develop a “mask” of sorts to connect (or try to connect) with an audience, but I never, ever enjoyed performing when I couldn’t “hide” behind a music stand.
            On the other hand, something that I’ve been trying to recognize, finally came to me this afternoon after listening the latest installment of Idology (which was fabulous, as always! Thank you Mr. Slezak and Ms. Doolittle for your wonderful observations!).
            As someone who sang like crazy in my young years, but was introduced to a wind (brass) instrument when I was nine, I began to shift my focus and, by junior high years had quit singing (there was another reason involved that doesn’t need to be gone into), centering completely on my instrument of choice. Fast forward to thirty years later, when a sustained period of TMJ made me realize that I couldn’t continue playing. Within a few months, I had moved and was working at a small, private university that was trying to rebuild its arts department and I joined the choir, because I wasn’t quite ready to give up communal music making. I probably learned, at least as much, if not more about music in those short years, than I had in the years combined.
            All of that is background, just so that you know that I’ve been more than a “listener” (because I think many who comment here haven’t be actively engaged, musically, but listeners — perhaps avid listeners, but listeners only, nonetheless.)
            When I was in college (undergrad days), I learned that my first love of music was classical. It was quite serendipitous! During this time, I also developed my love of jazz.
            And this brings me to the point of this this long winded comment ( and I do apologize). In instrumental music (whether classical or jazz), the better the musician (think Yo Yo Ma, Itzak Perlman, Joshua Bell, I don’t know how many pianists), what is looked for is how technically (which usually includes the “emotion” of a piece) they play looking as effortless as they can make it. Obviously, with jazz musicians, the need to come across as “cool” factors into the equation.
            So why is there a completely different standard about singing “popular music” which is, by definition, not nearly as rigorous as “opera” for example?

          • Tom22 says:

            Interesting stuff, MyAlterEgo … I also played a wind instrument (saxophone) in high school and while I won’t say my first “love” was classical music my early conceptions and lessons in music included equal parts classical and jazz and pop and rock etc. I also was exposed to some middle eastern sounds in an eastern orthodox church.. hearing the ancient divine liturgies sung with musical conventions dating back perhaps with different roots that western music (but I’m sure with quite a bit of cross pollination). My father would sit at the piano and hack away at the piano playing american standards and old vaudville numbers. .and we’d sing as a family on road trips. Unfortunately my ear for pitch is pretty meh and even worse trying to hear my own voice at lower sound levels. In Jr high it was disco, and rock (wearing out Framption comes alive and Queen’s fat bottom girls) hight school Ska (maddness)had a revival in west LA and there was new age like B-52s , Blonde, Billy Idol, Depeche mode.. I guess all i’m saying is my ear was pretty broad by the time I was 18 years old myself.

            I never really had an aptitude for either saxaphone or singing.. I could play Debussy or puccinia arias and a few bops like lullaby of birdland and take 5 on my saxophone well enough to immerse in more complicated music but my dexterity with fingers and over all natural absorption to say.. be able to transpose keys of a song I knew seamlessly.. wasn’t such that I could continue playing. You talk about TMJ… it was funny that while in my college years and 20’s I was more concerned about having a callous on my lips and its interference with my sort of promiscuous love life of that age over music.

            Back to your thoughts.

            I can contemplate and appreciate the idea that some people don’t ever embrace the aspects of live performances , enjoying music on a more personal level with other musicians while other performers thrive and even get more creative live … how about this word for you.. making music is almost and “evangelical” act of there’s… I might call Eddie Va Halens performances (which I saw a few) in that light… not christian of course.. but with an intensity directed to pushing their thoughts in music to the audience as a good priest’s homily might share their insights.

            Ok.. I guess that relates to Kree and contrasts her with some others. To be honest, I’m not sure any of the performers this year have much a flair for that sort of expression but we’ve seen it in other years where the performers are really there to project thoughts to the audience… Adam Lambert, Crystal Bowersox… .. even lesser singers relative to those ultra-exceptional voices.. Jason Castro .to name one felt like he was more directed to bringing a message to the audience than those this year. (I might name the entire season 10 cast as having that desire to share through their music.. Casey, Scotty, Durbin, Stephano, Haley, Aliana all really wanted to bring the music to the people).

            I’ll also respectfully disagree strongly with your contention that Technical precision is what set Isaak Perelman apart. I had the pleasure to hear him preform twice in my youth going to the LA philharmonic and from the very first stroke, he brought a tone and confidence that made Mozart jump alive… and a single slow passionate phrase later on in an adagio movement was just as worth of distinction over others than the dexterity which allowed him to additionally add emotion differentiating attacks on instantly passing notes within faster portions of theme and variations. I also would say that the Tone and more inappropriately the artistic choices how to adjust that tone set Pavarotti appart …. over conservatory singers who might have similar amazing ranges and vocal strength…. Pavarotti set himself apart both in La Boheme and in Rigoletto etc. . He perhaps enjoyed the music for the music privately .. .. I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen that beautiful film of him visiting his father in an old-age home for opera singers in italy (what a funny thing that was… must have dated back to the midevil guilds)…. but he also had that stage presence where Aria’s by their very definition almost.. are meant to be -told – they are almost assides to the audience most commonly rather than musical expressions to other characters.

            So… ?

            I’m sort of with you but not really. I guess I just value the idea that music is meant to be told and spread as part and parcel of what makes a great artist
            … and secondly that precision is a tiny part of the puzzle once you start distinguishing among the top few of a thousand people (and really the greats are one out of a million.. 300 million in the U.S. would allow for 300 of those 1 out of a million etc.. although certainly not all our top commercial performers belong in that talent derived group)

            lol btw. we’re usually discussing this sort of thing with each other on another site.. .i hope we’re not budening people here. but they can always scroll and it is a broader audience.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            @My Alter Ego – I’m not sure why you say that emotion is typically just lumped in as being part of general technicality when it comes to classical music.
            Sure the ones who ever do solos all have amazing technical skills but the greats bring more, both even just a bit even more magical levels of technicality but also a real feeling and connection. In earlier stages the one with the latter often sounds much better than some with more brilliant technical skills too.
            Just listen to Pavarotti and then listen to Bocelli. Yeah the VERY first time you hear Bocelli sing you are like OK that was really nice and then by half way through the second song you are already permanently bored. That didn’t happen with Pavarotti.
            Same for Perlman, yeah he has mad technical skills and that is certainly super important and is a part of why he is better than many but there is a lot more to it that than. There are numerous soloists out there who just have something totally missing in comparison beyond that. Some like Anne-Sophie Mutter or Itzhak Perlman have that magic connection that makes them worlds better than most soloists/first chairs and it’s more than any pure difference in technical skills.

  5. Jessica says:

    I enjoyed Michael and Melinda’s comments (loved that it was 12 min’s). I still want a Candice and Kree finale b/c I love their voices. They don’t shout/scream when they sing. They can up and right back down. It sucks me in even if i don’t really love the song. I don’t care what is marketable or perfect package though. Amber and Angie to me have never brought me to that amazing place without them just going for the typical high note.

    • Nat says:

      Great comment. I agree with you, I think Kree and Candice are just like musical soul food. I feel moved listening to them. I’m occasionally moved by Angie and Amber, but it’s only happened once or twice. From day one I’ve thought that Amber was overhyped, and has sort of stumbled her way into the top 4 because she sings well fairly effortlessly. But I don’t think she’s very creative or musically inventive; often I feel her performances are just executions of what someone else has told her to do/sing.

      • Fernando says:

        I agree about Amber. And the more they hype her, the less I like her. It’s not her fault, but I think lots of “Idol” fans don’t like being manipulated. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are picking categories and clearing songs that work for Amber specifically. Not that the others can’t handle them, just that they want to ensure that Amber has a good night. Also, I don’t think it’s right for the judges and producers to turn this thing into a beauty contest. Wasn’t that supposed to be the whole point of “Idol” — to go around marketers looking for a “package” to the people who buy the music?

        • tonya says:

          I think people like you are trying to manipalate viewers because you want your kind to win.VOTE FOR THE BEST TALENT NOT YOUR COLOR

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Yes, Candice and Kree for the finale. I need them to focus on being fabulous until they get there though…. They have to bring it every week – because Michael is right – this race is super duper close. Let the games begin…

    • not says:

      I agree about the “perfect package” business – I think the producers and judges overplay this. In a normal context, that is how a record producer has to assess new talent – does this person have the 4-5 “draws” to find an audience and stand out from the hundreds of others out there trying to make it in the industry. But Idol is different. Just by getting to this stage, they’ve already gotten our attention and won enough fans to get the votes, so they’ve proven that whatever their “package” consists of, it is marketable. Though I really like Amber, they should stop trying to force-feed her to us, b/c if she really has such a perfect package, she’d be winning the night each week without the pimping of the judges.

      Thanks also to Michael and Melinda for pointing out the obvious – that Kree and Candace are both gorgeous, regardless of size. In both cases, it took until the live shows when they were being helped by a stylist for it to really show. But they both have beautiful faces and voices from the gods and IMO, that’s an amazing package.

      • ejones says:

        Sorry but size will become important in time, Adele gets away with it because she writes top quality songs. Not sure that these two have that talent.

        • I'm Batman! says:

          Adele gets away with it because she has it all: personality, songwriting ability and talent. Candice and Kree have one of those three and we could debate all night which of those three either really has.

      • tonya says:


        • AnneMarie Banks says:

          I actually thought the judges were harder on Amber & more fair at the end. He version of “She’s leaving” by the Beatles was fabulous & improved the song from the original. I hate the stying with ripped up jeans & jean pockets sticking out like Amber was performing at a bar. I leved her voice & when she looked young & pretty like she was in her tie-dyed dress or stripped dress when she did the Whitney Houston song. She was my favorite from the start because of her abilities, voice tone & fresh-ness. Just because they didn’t like the Beatles song she got a bad review that week although she did a grat job with the song. I leved Funny Valentine – both versions. She has a spectacular voice & deserved to make it to the end just as much as the 3 that did. I will be buyibg her albumn when she makes one because I love to listen to her. Age will just be extra icing on her MacArthur Park cake (not my favorite of hers, but sung well just the same). comment by AnneMarie – May 4, 2013 4:33 PM

          • AnneMarie says:

            Boy I didn’t see the TYPOs before I posted my comment so let me correct them. HER version of “She’s leaving” by the Beatles was fabulous & improved the song from the original. I hate the way Amber was styed at times with ripped up jeans & jean pockets sticking and loved when she was styled more like Angie was. I LOVED her voice & when she looked young & pretty like when she was in her tie-dyed dress or STRIPED dress when she did the Whitney Houston song. She was my favorite from the start because of her abilities, voice tone & fresh-ness. Just because they didn’t like the Beatles song she got a bad review that week although she did a GREAT job with the song. I LOVED Funny Valentine – both versions. She has a spectacular voice & deserved to make it to the end just as much as the 3 ladies did. I will be buying her ALBUM when she makes one. I love to listen to Funny Valentine – both versions as well as her other songs. She has a spectacular voice & deserved to make it to the end just as much as the 3 that did. I will be buyibg her albumn when she makes one because I love to listen to her.

    • syb says:

      This would be my best case scenario finale as well. But Kree really has to find that song that stops time. She is one of those contestants who you just know has it in her to move everybody, and she has not done so yet. Except for those of us who praise her sound, a lot of folks find her dull. I don’t need her to emote more necessarily. However, she needs to find that song that is the perfect juxtaposition of singer, song and arrangement–and she better do it this week.

      The other two are good at what they do. Loved Amber’s second performance last week, and I agree with Melinda on Angie’s vocals last week. Angie’s whole vibe just puts me off–she seems inauthentic to me as a performer. Amber falls too often into a sound that is a bit too harsh for my ears.

      If I were guessing today though, I think Angie’s going to be in the finale. The other spot is still very much up for grabs I think.

  6. Miranda says:

    Amber FTW. America, you crazy.
    Though I do agree she’ll have the biggest career post_idol.

  7. Flicker says:

    I agree with Slezak that Angie oversang both songs. The problem for me was that the oversinging took away from the lyrics and conveying the emotion of the song.

    But I disagree about Amber being the youthful contestant on the show. She may be the youngest, but between the song and dress choices to me she does not present herself as young. Although I’m not a huge fan of Angie I’d say she is the most top 40 out of the four girls.

    My choice of the finale is most definitely Candide and Kree (in that order).

    Thanks for the recap!

    • Mich says:

      If Jimmy was constantly on Paul Jolley’s case for oversinging, he needs to be on Angie’s ten times as much.

    • Anna says:

      I don’t think any of them are Top 40 type contestants. But I do think that Amber, with the right material, has the most potential to be successful in that genre. Angie, I don’t see her going that route at all. I will fall over in shock if she doesn’t end up as a Christian music artist (although if she wins Idol, that could be a problem, because Interscope will likely try to push her in a more mainstream direction). Almost every one of her song choices has had something “inspirational” about it, in terms of the song’s meaning or lyrics. Even last week’s choices of I’ll Stand By You and Halo.

  8. MB says:

    I think all of the girls are great and it is week by week on who will take it all. It will be interesting to see how they will address the extra week and whether or not the save is still in play.

  9. Candice and Kree are the two most consistent of the group, but Angie and Amber have had bigger moments than Kree has…so how do you choose, consistency or moments? I have a feeling Kree is going to step up her game these next few weeks.

    • noa says:

      since Randy wants MOMENTS MOMENTS MOMENTS, i’m gonna go ahead and choose consistency.
      i also think that Kree had moments earlier in the season which is always a problem. oh, and last week, when she was shadowed by Candice.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Although it’s not the finale that I want to see, I believe we’re going to get a Candice-Angie finale. They’re the only 2 who have songs with 1 million plus views on YouTube. Angie for You Set Me Free, Candice for Love Song and I Who Have Nothing. They both have songs in the 500, 000 to 900, 000 range. They’re #1 & #2 on Twitter.
      Amber is #4 on Twitter and she has songs in the 400, 000 range on YouTube. Kree is #3 on Twitter with only one song in 300, 000 range on YouTube. Most of the time Kree doesn’t evev crack 100, 000 views on YouTube.
      Last week, Kree slipped to the bottom 2 because of song choice &a flat delivery. Amber pulled ahead because of the Streisand song. Both of them are the judges favorites so a save this weekI followed by one of them leaving on May 2nd.

      • The Beach says:

        I always enjoy reading your take on the statistics. It gives a definite insight as to how social media is reflected in the voting. Thanks.

      • Will says:

        I’m so very glad the stats are in favor of my ideal Top 2. Love them both, and there could be no better mash of contenders – the super soulful R&B diva who did a Mariah/Whitney song better than the original duo, and the perfectionist singer-songwriter with a set of pipes that can belt like no one’s business and whose own song was the best performance of the entire season right up until Candice landed with a one-two punch on Top 6 week.

        They’ve been my top 2 for a majority of the season (I still loved and mourn for Cortez Shaw) and I will be the happiest camper if they wind up in the finale together.

      • I'm Batman! says:

        An Angie-“anyone” final results in an overwhelming win for Angie. She’s the most popular contestant this season and being a Boston chick only works in her overwhelming favor.

        • karenb says:

          Most, if not all, Idol winners have been from the South. If Angie wins, it’ll be the first Idol from the Northeast.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Yeah even more than WGWG it’s been South South South, if you are not from there you barely have a chance it seems. We are in the 12th season and only ONE contestant has been from outside of the greater South. For all the huge population in LA and NYC not one winner from there. Not one from the entire state giant state of CA or entire TriState region so far. We have one singer from Chicago and he at least had WGWG going for him.

      • analythinker says:

        The statistics don’t necessarily reflect who will win. AI YouTube channel is open internationally (unlike The Voice), so when there’s a buzz over a contestant (Candice’s Lovesong or Angie’s whatever -I don’t even remember anymore, sorry-), international fans (like me) watch on YouTube. However, they can NOT vote.

        • Name That Tune says:

          It’s a measure of how moved we are about a performance. If the finale had been 2 weeks ago, is there any doubt that Candice would win? If the finale had bbeen 6 weeks ago when You set me free was fresh in our minds, don’t think that Angie would win? And on May 15th, don’t you think the singer who moves us the most will generate the most votes?

  10. dj says:

    I think part of that Idology was added in later. There was an echoey part with just Slezak talking, but oh well. I agreed with pretty much everything. I really hope Candice makes it to the final and wins the whole thing, but we’ll see. I agree that any one of them could take it. They have to be perfect from here on out. I hate the judges’ pimping one over another, and I foolishly hope it will stop now that they have managed to get rid of Janelle.

    • Kaywinnet Lee Frye says:

      I agree, it infuriates me when I think Nigel has manipulated the votes. Why not just let the contestants voices and personality speak for themselves? I’m stil bitter over Hailey-Gate.

  11. Jess says:

    How is Nicki any more honest than the other judges? I think Mariah is being true to who she is, which means she’s being honest. Keith has become a bit inconsequential as the season has gone on, but I think he has a real passion for music and just appreciates all music. That’s honest to him.

    • Amy says:

      Great points about all the judges having their own personal tastes and personalities they bring to their critiques, and all being true to who they are. (Nigel prompts and direction aside..)
      I also get what they mean with Nicky who is the most blunt and unfiltered, (a la Simon), and I always get the “real reality check” from her, and often what I’ve just felt in my own gut from a performance.
      But I can also get that from Keith who I love…his humanity, down-to-earth feedback that comes from what he loves in music…which as I hear it, is always more about authenticity and “feeling” more than just great technique. And on that I always “hear” what he hears too and agree with him, because that is key for me in a singer too.
      Mariah….I also think she’s true to herself, the “diva dahling” stuff and all…which I just find acceptable and amusing from her. I get that she “tip-toes” around being too blunt or hurting feelings and while trying to be “diplomatic” she can seem less truthful (not to mention ramble!)
      She’s her most true when giving the vocal technique critiques none of the others do…she is “the master singer” of the panel, and knows her stuff there and shares it.
      And Randy…is Randy. He doesn’t bug me as he does some, but I do notice a lot more of his “phone it in phrases” lately than I have in the past. Still…even those, I think, are just all his “codes” for what he truly feels…LOL he’s just honed them down into about 5 different phrases!
      Well, sorry for this analysis but your post got me thinking about the judges’ …

      • The Beach says:

        I think Nikki is a “performer” and tends to judge that aspect more whereas Mariah and Keith are “artists” and are more aware of the musicality. Randy is ..uh..Randy.

      • Tom22 says:

        Mariah has the most to say about singing probably … along with keith. Mariah would probablyl be a super coach.. but what she has to share would take maybe a 20 minute lesson and demonstration and encouragement etc. Words alone aren’t really the right medium to convey critiques and advice… especially in a quick gloss over it’s difficult for people without a glib quick skill-set at it.

        Nikki does have a lot to add in terms of creating a package which.. meets the real point. Entertainers are there to entertain the audience …. and even artists must hone their poetry etc to Convey a message in a way that audiences get.. which may mean as much supravision and advice to the mix masters as much as your own particular vocal (dance music people’s artisty might be in directing their songs to be dance-able.. in that sense perhaps J-lo is a great artist if it was she that directed what came around her lyrics etc.. can’t really dance as well to most Mariah’s songs .. as they were a different sort of music)

    • not says:

      I like how you didn’t mention Randy. I think Nicki is an attention seeker and she judges that way – which means she might be right on or she might have nothing real to say and just filling her 30 seconds with blather. I love Keith and think he is trying to be honest but he needs to become stricter at this stage. It isn’t enough to say he thinks something is beautiful (or not), because these signers are all beautiful singers – we need him to critique the finer points. He does about half the time but the other half, he lets his niceness get in the way (like when he praised Amber’s cover of Without You, which was a train wreck).

      • Chris says:

        Yes, Nicki likes to be the center of attention but she also doesn’t care if you like her or not, just that you’re watching her. For the most part , that has led her to be the most honest judge. Mariah cares too much about how she’s perceived so that her critique is obscured by word salad. Keith goes in and out for me–sometimes his comments are valuable and sometimes not. How Randy can be a producer and so incapable of valuable commentary is amazing to me. Isn’t this how he earns his living? Ben Folds on the Sing Off is sooooo much better than all four of these judges.

  12. Eli says:

    “Does Candace not have a face that could stop traffic?”
    No Michael, just.. no.
    I think Candace is the best singer of this season and probably most deserving of winning, but the majority of straight men would not ever call her pretty or gorgeous.
    Amber – yes. Angie – yes. Kree – maybe. But not Candace, that’s just how it is.
    (You can dislike me for being harsh all you want, but that doesn’t make it any less true)

    • Jessica says:

      That applies to you maybe but she does have a very beautiful face.

      • Eli says:

        With all due respect Jessica, but 90% of the time she has a scowl on her face. That’s not the only reason, but I’m trying to stay nice here.

        • Joy says:

          And who says straight men are the exclusive authority on women’s looks? Your interest in sticking your d*** in something is hardly the be-all and end-all of aesthetic judgment, you know. Personally, I have trouble tearing my eyes off of Candice. She’s not “pretty;” her features are too strong and too distinctive — and yes, too dramatically expressive — for any characterization that insipid. She’s just flat-out beautiful.

          • Eli says:

            You’re right, gay women are also part of the equation, but frankly I have no idea what gay women find attractive, but they are still only a minority.
            If you are actually implying that the opinion of straight women is relevant I urge you to look at Slezak’s words in this whole section of the video. He’s talking about attractiveness in reference to having “the complete package”. In this case that means sexual/romantic interest. Most girls don’t buy Taylor Swift albums because they think she is hot, they do buy Justin Bieber albums because he is hot. Likewise boys don’t buy a Kanye West album because he’s hot.
            Again, I’m not the one bringing the subject up, I’m merely responding to Slezak making a claim I believe is just factually wrong.

          • Joy says:

            Actually, no; “the complete package” means having a look that will sell. Men’s sexual/romantic interest may be one factor there, but there’s plenty of evidence that female beauty has tremendous value in marketing directed at straight women. It’s not about wanting to sleep with anybody; a great many girls and women simply happen to be strongly aesthetically oriented, and will be drawn to things that satisfy their aesthetic sense, and put off from things that don’t. Look at the covers of magazines like Vogue and Cosmo and Good Housekeeping; look at advertising for all kinds of products marketed to women (not just makeup, clothes, etc., but also things like tampons and household cleaning supplies). Those cater to a *different* standard of beauty than male-directed marketing (which IS much more just about stimulating sexual interest), but looks remain just as important. The pretty face on Taylor Swift’s album covers is absolutely a key factor in catching girls’ eyes (just as an “Ew, she’s ugly” reaction would be a major factor in turning lots of them off), especially given that a huge part of her marketing is based on the “fantasy BFF” factor (and if you think adolescent girls don’t care about looks when choosing their friends, you must not have known many girls when you were in high school). In fact, given the composition of the target demographic for her music, how she appeals to girls matters much *more* than how she appeals to men — and the same is true of quite a few female pop stars. Their audiences may not obsess over their looks the way girls obsess over Justin Bieber, but they still react strongly to them, at both conscious and unconscious levels — and anybody trying to market to that audience is very conscious of that fact. Your assumption that “complete package” means “sexual/romantic interest” makes sense since you presumably haven’t experienced being on the receiving end of marketing that was obviously directed at women (and I’m inferring that you also don’t work in marketing, at least in a field where women are a major part of your customer base), but believe me, there’s a lot more to it than that.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            True, although when it comes to PLACING someone into power, looks can sometimes hurt, since while what you say above still applies for many, there is also the jealous keep her down element too. Just look at how Kara, even though attractive herself, still tended to light into many better looking female contestants, such as say Didi in particular.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Ultimately straight men and women sort of are the authority on women and men in that regard.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            All this said, I think we should just take what Michael said and stick with it.

      • I'm Batman! says:

        If you like chubby cheeks only.

    • Mich says:

      I had the same reaction when he said Candice’s face could stop traffic. It could…just not for a nice reason. *Kanye shrug*

    • Thebrad says:

      I guess I’m in the minority of straight men then because I think Candice is a beautiful girl. Too many of you get distracted because she is a bigger girl but that doesn’t preclude her from having a pretty face. I actually think she’s prettier than Amber but those legs add a few points .

      • Vice says:

        I am thinking you just have lower standards then most men. The only way Candace would stop Traffic is if she had a bag of money she was throwing in the street. She ain’t hot or cute by a mile. Merely average…and thats with TONS of makeup and what not…

        • noa says:

          when you say “standard” you mean “conforms with what society defines as beauty”. there aren’t objective scales and i know plenty of men who would find her attractive but won’t admit it because other men might mock them for having taste that doesn’t match social norms regarding beauty and attractiveness. you might actually find her less attractive than the others, but that’s your taste. and when we keep pushing these norms on others, we stop people from being truthful and happy just to support ideas that only serve companies that are selling products.

          beauty, like music, is a matter of taste. i think all of them are beautiful and that their talents and potential careers shouldn’t be judged according to it.

          • Eli says:

            At this point noa, I’d like to point out that it was Slezak who brought this very subject up in his video, not any of us responding here.
            I actually said in my original post that I think Candace deserves to win. It has nothing to do with me objecting to a statement Slezak made.
            As for conforming to what society defines, while what your saying is 100% true, it bears no relevance since this is the exact society that this topic takes place in. Therefore what any other society (be it middle eastern, japanese or oompa-loompa) would think of Candace is not at all relevant.
            And yes, there are straight men who would find her pretty or gorgeous, I never denied that, I just know they would be a minority.

          • noa says:

            you’re right. Slezak was the one who started the discussion and he was making a similar point to what you’re saying- that since this is a market and it’s defined by existing beauty norms, their looks are very relevant.
            but i was responding to the post right above me, saying that any man who finds Candice attractive has “lower standards” which i found ridiculous. and i guess to your statement that most straight men won’t say that she’s that attractive- i tried to explain why i think that is the case. because i agree- most of them won’t and it’s not necessarily because they don’t think she’s in fact beautiful.

          • Montavilla says:

            First, thanks to Eli and the others who are giving their honest opinions. I don’t, however, believe they speak for all straight men. Frankly, I don’t think they even speak for a sizeable minority.
            Second, Candice is gorgeous. End of story.

      • Tom22 says:

        There are a lot of other ways to be Beautiful beyond being sexually attractive. I never was turned on by Julie Andrews but you can’t argue that she wasn’t absolutely beautiful.

        That being said… as nice as Candices face is, she has a long way to go with things like posture and physical fitness.. which would really improve on her over all beauty. Posture especially…she doesn’t need to be thin-per se to hold her shoulders and neck a bit more charmingly.

        That CAN be learned… seriously. The old hollywood studios had stars go through things like that in addition to diction lessons etc. Models get trained on how to walk the runway..

        • Tom22 says:

          To add a bit more: Ella Fitzgerald really didn’t have much of a god given face. Candice’s feature’s are far better …. yet Ella had such a grace and bearing that she was pleasing to watch on top of stellar to here. Ella was such an incredible and warm person it just exuded from her eyes and smile etc.. to make her beautiful to me. I’m not so sure I’d call Candice beautiful but not for the reasons others are presenting. Candice has nice enough lines and proportions to her face and she seems like a nice person inside.. but I don’t feel her exuding that “beautiful” . I’m a strong believer that you could clone two people and one clone could be beautiful and the other ugly based on things like education and outlook you see in their contenance.. even if both were physically fit and ate healthy etc.

          • Eli says:

            That’s very nice and all Tom, but the phrasing was “she could stop traffic”. Ella Fitzgerald could not stop traffic based on her looks.
            Also, I’m glad your a strong believer, but there is no evidence to back your nurture over nature beauty theory up.

          • Tom22 says:

            @ eli – yeah I didn’t mean to argue that Michael was correct. I wouldn’t use the term Beautiful with Candice. I’d probably use the very minor term “pleasant looking” . I do think that contenance and stature make the difference – it takes a lot though to over-come a really bad deck nature gives you and not nearly so much work for a good deck. Nature certainly plays a role but remarkable personalities can turn the tide a long way. As for the “nature nuture” thing… I have issues with that term a bit.. although I understand you’re grabbing it as a known term. Nuture implies environment a bit too strongly for me …. where I think there is something to a feautre of say “personal resolve” that might be more “nature” that influences the “nuture” a person gives themselves… even if thrown into a bad environment that personality.. some how blessed upon them differently that a pure gene relation, takes them to different levels. Sometimes even identical twins raised in the same homes show different aptitudes for math and certainly develop self esteem in different ways. Self esteem in addition to mundane things like care for one’s skin etc, do influence appearance … well at least I’d certainly argue that someone who smiles all the time is going to shape their facial muscles differently etc. .

    • Yo says:

      Really? I think she is the prettiest of all of them, hands down.

    • WL says:

      What in the world is wrong with her face?! – It is a beautiful face like Adele – like Queen Latifah – I can see her getting a makeup contract like those 2 too.

    • Chris says:

      My husband thinks she’s gorgeous and last I checked, he’s a straight man. I don’t really understand how you can speak for the majority. Did you take a poll?

      • Chris says:

        Candice is GORGEOUS! That smile!!! WOWOWOW! Lights up a room!

      • Eli says:

        No, but plenty of magazines/news shows/etc have.

      • I'm Batman! says:

        Your husband is either lying to you because you may be Candice size or he needs glasses. Only you can provide which answer, or both, is correct.

        • now you know says:

          You are exactly what is ugly in the world today. You are a bully and very small minded. You wouldn’t understand beauty no matter how it’s explained to you. Shallow…shallow….shallow.

          • cowardlyanonymous says:

            1.Definitely The Batman made a mean comment there.
            Not making the rest of this about Candice or any of the others, just talking generally:
            2. There isn’t much to explain about raw beauty which is the what is the case in point here. Someone looks like Adriana Lima, Halle Berry, Amber Heard, Rebecca Romijn or they don’t. Someone looks like David Beckham, George Clooney, Brad Pitt or they don’t. Now certainly with billions of people in this world there will be more than plenty who will be turned off by the look of any of those, but on average people from the opposite sex might reasonably agree that each of those groups is at least pretty solidly better than average looking at the least. And sure one of them could go off and do something so utterly unspeakably horrendous that it would even twist how the average person views their physical appearance but that is something else.
            3. Lots of ladies went on about how too many guys were pathetic girly men this season. How so many of the men were not remotely attractive. Too scrawny. Not macho acting enough. Etc. But I’m not sure I saw a single comment saying that calling out the looks of any guy was being mean or uncalled for. I did see ONE poster complain about some of not macho/manly enough comments. I see a lot of ladies go around talking about guys looks and they have free reign to salivate over the ones they think are hot (say Keith Urban) and free reign to go on about how a guy is all weird looking or a scrawny bleh but then some of them flip out if a guy says anything about how hot a female is and many act rather differently when a woman is called on the heavier side compared to when a guy is called a beer bellied blob or too scrawny.

          • Nephtalia says:

            @cowardlyanonymous Thank you! I agree, there is double standard.

    • Will says:

      Ah, I’ve been looking for you everywhere! It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally tracked you, the One True Authority on what is attractive, down to this comment section. Good to know that, as there is only one standard of beauty, your ability to get objective erections is undiluted by any personal preference and that what you say goes.

  13. don says:

    Great as always…….but Michael, what was that mmm at 11:40? I wanna use that as my new avatar. Thanks

  14. Lori says:

    I think all of the girls can sing, but I feel that Candice and Kree are far superior to the other two girls. They would be my pick for final two. Love both of them and would/have bought music by both. I think ultimately the winner should be Candice.

    • Jane says:

      Since when does being the far superior singer have anything to do with winning American Idol?!?LOL. But I do hope you’re right! It would be very disappointing to see Amber or Angie in the finale over Candice or Kree. Amber and Angie have had more than one truly awful performance whereas Candice and Kree have been pretty consistently solid. But we’ll see what happens!

  15. Amanda says:

    I agree with Michael that Angie oversang. I thought her first song was painful and fast forwarded through most of Halo.
    I don’t get Amber at all. How is she still there? She can sing but I get a very pagent vibe from her. She’s not believeable to me at all.
    Kree, and I love her, seems over this. She wants out. She had a blank expression on her face at times during both of her performances.
    I’m just not excited about this final 4 at all.

  16. LP says:

    I agree that they are trying to make Amber happen. While she has a very pretty voice, I have been bored by almost every performance of hers this season.

    • Mary says:

      I agree they are probably pushing a little hard for Amber, but I truly believe it is because America sometimes does not know talent. Amber has a gorgeous voice and tone not just a pretty voice. She is radio friendly, listen to the Itunes. I will agree that some of her performances have not been exciting, but lets take into account the list she gets to choice from. As I have said before, stage presence can be learned and for that matter none of the girls are fantastic at it. If given the right songs and direction I think she is truly the most marketable. Yes she does have the look and the voice to back it up. I know she won’t probably make the finals but I would buy her music. I would like to see a Kree/Amber finals personally, but that is my taste.

  17. Kaywinnet Lee Frye says:

    I don’t get the Angie love, she sounds like she is yelling at the end of Halo to me too. She is a beautiful girl though, and that goes a long way. I always felt Melinda got the shaft her season because she wasn’t as glamorous as Jordin. I definitely feel they are pushing Kree/Amber as more marketable. I really don’t care for Amber, she is a good singer but doesn’t appeal to me, or her song choices don’t. Although, I almost never love Candice’s song choice, but I enjoy her voice so much I can just enjoy it. My worry with Candice is her not ready for camera expressions and reactions, hopefully she gets the votes. Candice and Kree for the finale! My top 2 has never made it to the finals before, here’s hoping it’s my year!

    • I'm Batman! says:

      If Angie gets to the finals, she wins on a level like Scotty did, a landslide. The other three can only hope she goes out before the finals because if you break down the likely voters, Angie is as close to a mortal lock as possible. Don’t forget also that Janelle asked her fans to vote in BIG numbers for Angie the rest of the way.

      • DonB says:

        The demographics this year, if I have read them correctly, are hugely polarized between the under 16 girls and the over 45 ladies. The over 45s don’t really vote. That is the voting battle and in that regard Angie seems far smarter than all of the others combined. There probably isn’t an under 16 girl alive who has any idea who Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston is, let alone Barbara Streisand or Celine Dion. They all know Beyonce and Jesse J. Turn on the radio. It is Angie sound alikes all over the place. Candice and Kree and Amber are all absolutely terrific, more than terrific They just aren’t of the same generation. I would be astonished if Angie does not win.

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          It’s gonna be a tough battle. I don’t think anyone is remotely close to a lock at this point.

  18. mikey says:

    It’s very obvious that the producers want an Angie-Amber finale. To them it’s “the next Katie Perry” vs. “the next Beyonce”. Kree and Candice, while better singers, won’t be as marketable as Angie-Amber, so they are getting faint praise, while the judges are over-promoting the other two.

    • Lunakit says:

      Shuddering at the thought that you may be right… the world just got a little colder

    • Joline says:

      They have NOT been pimping Angie. Her critiques are lukewarm to positive at best. Kree is “everything” and she is “worldly”?? C’mon now. That is pimping and TPTB want Kree and Amber in the finale because country music will support Kree and Amber can be molded into top 40 right now.

      • teatime says:

        I agree they have not been pimping Angie at all. I think she has had a lot of votes all along, as evidenced by her twitter numbers and youtube hits. That is why they do not really throw her under the bus. But they are not pimping her.

  19. lala says:

    if Amber does not appeal to the audience, that’s fine. in her own time she will get the recognition if she’s really persistent about having a music career. I’m a huge fan of Amber.. i don’t wish for her to win from manipulation…i want her to just go home and work on her own records so i can already buy her album. kree and candice in the finale. they are more believable and has the maturity & ethics in handling fans & haters, popularity in short. Angie is good in taking a pop or alternative rock into a power ballad Or if she does her original composition. Doing diva sounds shouting to me.

    • Cunegonde says:

      I agree about Amber winning because of her innate talent rather than being pushed by judges for us to vote. I can vote for her without peddling from the judges — I may not be in the studio when they sing live but what I heard in my telly pretty much tells me Amber has tremendous talent. I do want Amber to stay true to who she wants to be rather than follow the Jessica Sanchez route of being marketed as someone that does not really draw on her vocal strengths.

      Any of these ladies will do just fine and as long as their albums are to my liking, will buy all of them and continue to be a fan long after the show’s relevance fades off.

    • I'm Batman! says:

      Amber’s recognition will come from the McDonald’s assistant manager trainee program in about three years.

      • tj says:

        You obviously are not in the music business (thank God!) and know nothing of how to judge or evaluate musical talent. Amber will have a lasting career. You can reflect back on your comments in just a few years and wonder how on earth you thought she’d be working at McD’s. How lame…

        • tewence says:

          i would worry about her “lasting” career because she doesn’t have the ability to choose songs that have any effect on the listener/don’t sound pageanty (other than streisand). that’s going to be a huge part of her career. she’s been choosing songs that make her sound like a good singer rather than an artist. i hope she doesn’t get overwhelmed when choosing songs for an album…although she might not have much of a say.

    • Tom22 says:

      Career wise. and financial success wise, it is ok for us all to praise singers for being so professional or wonderful or artistic and its an entirely different thing to expect them to have a money making career singing. They can have a solid money making career singing if they got a tenured junior high school music teacher position but the chances for superstar sucess is such a tiny window to succeed.

      The fact that 2 idols have reached a level that they could be called super-stars is a mind boggling defeat of the odds. Take Clakson and Underwood out of the mix, and the idea that you can get one Daughtry and one Hudson out of 100 or so contestants that passed the first couple rounds of voting and 1/50 having hit single or a Emmie without the full title of idol is amazing.

      When judges mention they can see someone performing in concert… you need to understand the hyperbole of the entertainment industry. “If you don’t believe in yourself, no body will” is part of it…. the industry is full of reachers and if you can’t reach you’re not going to have something exceptional to give people as a performer or artist or director or producer….. you need to be a “reacher” to make it against such odds and defy limitations of the past to create something new.

      It is no surprise that people who must think big talk in big and exaggerated ways about possibilities.

      Think of the odds of a top single this way:

      Mariah Carey, with all of her fame and all of her absolutely legendary skill and immense fan base probably has less than a 50% chance of having a single from her next album stay high on the charts at a level that would qualify as a huge sucess for a new singer. Same with Keith etc.

      Now, a 50% chance is still very large,, but, even with a immense fan base the idea that your next album will be well received is far far from guaranteed and if one misses the odds start going down for the second ….. but its not all luck. A lot of it is of course quality.. and it is the song itself and how the singer brings something to the song that fits the time and place of the era and speaks to peoples sense of things and need for encouragement or solace etc in the right words.

      Anyway ? lol maybe this is the wrong thread.

      Just saying that with the focus on eliminations and speculation of who will be there another week etc, (and talk especially this year on the “marketability’ question) the question of “who will have a career” is different than “who can idol create the most Buzz with on talk show appearances and draw to this tour, and in sales that are based as much on “Idol Winner” as the “artist”.

      The first album “title winners” put out is still an American Idol product….

      Two or three albums later, if the winner still has a following, they’ve earned it with what they’ve created and have used the the idol noteriety just as a foot in the door to attact at least a few people to listen to and maybe catch fire.

      So… heck.. if we’re talking “marketability” we’re talking about who’s face will sell more wheaties, not who is going to have a lasting career… AND.. like Wheaties(my kids don’t know what wheeties are.. there must be a modern equivalent though other than cereal boxes).. they pay to put the Olympic winners on the box the months after the competition.. not nearly so much 3 years later even though say Bold or Phelps can run faster than they did during the games ….

      The “save” might influence the quick bucks winner but its not about making a career outside of maybe being able to get fee’s to cut ribbons and Mall Openings 8 years from now if your records haven’t sold.

  20. Michelle says:

    I’m really hoping for a Kree/Candice finale this year, these 2 have been the most consistant from day one. Both are fantastic singers and sound great doing most genres and i would happily buy albums from either girl.

    Every week the judges are praising Amber and going on about how fantastic she is but i have found her to be boring and not at all someone who i would rush out to buy an album by. Angie is a great singer but i think she’s too pagenty (sp?) or something, she’s very aware of where the cameras always are and plays up to them and is constantly smiling at them and that annoys me.

    Kree or Candice for the final 2 & i would love Kree to win :)

  21. Cunegonde says:

    I do like an Amber-Candice finale actually. It is more like a competition among equals with the same type of voice, style of singing, and genre they both love (r&b and jazz). It would be interesting who will pick what song and how they will perform and more importantly, how America decides on these women. We have not had two black women in the finale ever.

    I also like Angie and Kree — they have outstanding voices and very different in styles and voice types. Kree is amazing but somehow I can’t seem to see her upping her game — she has given us perfection and she may no longer improve, much as the perfection she has given us have given many of us untold pleasures. Angie has a great voice that is effortless and I can see her become a poppier Sarah Brightman.

    Candice will be like Mary J. Blige or Chrisette Michelle by way of Yolanda Adams — it is a lovely combination. Hope she will record fine and deeply felt album rather than records that sell that might come like she sold out. And Amber will be like those divas with a powerful voice and magically still be relevant in an age where divas have lone outlived their relevance in the music scene.

    In short — the tightest race in years in American Idol. I am happy with anyone of them taking the crown but sorta want a Candice-Amber finale.

    • scrutinizer says:

      excellent commentary. i totally agree with you and melinda about the candice and amber final 2.

      • I'm Batman! says:

        There is NO way the final is Candice and Amber. Look at the typical Idol voter profile. The favorite is Angie with Candice fighting Amber for the chance to be Angie’s runner-up.

  22. dan says:

    Is it possible that they could use the save next week, and have three people in the finale, for the first time ever? I wonder if they are going to do that to stir up some controversy?

    • Timmah says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m only watching at this point for the trainwreck of manipulation that the show has become. I could care less which one of these four uninspiring contestants wins.

    • not says:

      I’ve been wondering if they might do this, but I hope they don’t. The downside is that it gives each finalist less opportunity to showcase her talent and, more frightening, it creates the possibility that two singers split the vote in their genre / market and the “minority candidate” takes the whole thing. For example, I think Kree and Angie both get a lot of support from middle America b/c of the country (Kree)/Christian (Angie) angle while Amber and Candace both have an R&B vibe that any 3 singer combination runs the risk of splitting the vote. (And yes, I’m aware these groupings also happen to be split along race lines but I don’t think that is how people are voting, at least not at this stage of the competition.)

  23. Josh says:

    I think Janelle should still be there over Amber at the least and i think her and Angie are the most marketable of the five women

  24. MA says:

    I don’t think that Amber, though pretty, is that marketable. As far as singing she ranks last of the four and she has nothing to differentiate her from the others. She is a “sheet” singer. Angie has more personality and more musicality. Given that, Kree and Candice exceed these two by far, with their presence of mind and vocals. . Note however, that Angie with her musicality and her vocal instrument, could be as special. She just needs some life experience to get that believability. Potentially, she could even be better. I think Amber has reached her apex. The judges and Jimmy, are shameful in their effort to promote Amber, reducing commercialism to the prettiest. It will sell in the short run. But in the long run, we want when it comes to our music these days, “SUBSTANCE”.

    • noa says:

      MA!! where have you been all season? (maybe i just missed your comments?) also, +1000 on everything you wrote.

      • MA says:

        I’ve been watching this show, since it began. It obvious what their doing. AI’s rating fell from 1 to 3 and now they’re trying to appeal to a different market ( 20-40). I guess they felt too much male dominance in the last couple of years so they purposely mismatched the gender groups. The difference in talent between the boys and girls this year was so obvious, it couldn’t have passed the smell test as far choosing candidates. This market fervor, is also obvious with the Amber promotion. This begs not the question but the obvious statement. The judges are constantly saying that this is a singing contest, but with their actions lately we really know what it’s about, don’t we.

        • Tom22 says:

          The really shouldn’t call it a singing contest. Actually, only Ryan says that it is a singing contest and occasionally Randy (but randy still harps on what will sell )

    • Nephtalia says:

      Talking about marketability, how can Amber be marketable if she cannot even get enough twitter followers? Amber got the least number of Twitter followers out of most contestant even some of those left. Last year, Colton and Jessica had a lot of Twitter followers. While Twitter followers do not determine winners, but it showed how much buzz there is around that person.

  25. Anna says:

    I do think they are pushing Amber too hard. That’s because it seems pretty clear that she is the only one of this final 4 who we would ever hear on pop radio. The other 3 girls are just as talented as Amber, if not more so, but there is nothing about them that suggests that they could be a mainstream pop artist. And that is still the genre where you get most of the multiplatinum singles and the platinum albums every year. An artist in another genre can have a huge single or album, but there are a lot fewer pure country or r&b or or rock or Christian artists who sell oodles of singles and albums every year than there are mainstream pop (or pop/r&b) artists. It’s just a fact of life in the current music industry. I know Phillip has been super successful and he’s not a pop artist in any way, shape or form, but if “Home” hadn’t been used on the Olympics and then gone Top 10 on pop radio, it’s likely that song wouldn’t be 4x platinum and he probably wouldn’t be selling quite as many albums as he is. Not to say he still wouldn’t have been successful, just not as successful.

    • MA says:

      I agree mostly, except the “other girls” are much more talented. What does this say about what we hear and what we buy or sell?

    • tj says:

      Very astute observation! I personally do not get this crazy idea that some people here say about Amber not being marketable or whatever…She is immensely marketable because she is not pegged to only one style. She’s got mad talent–the kind of talent that you saw in Whitney Houston. Plus–everyone should keep in mind that the majority of voters on this show are not generally the ones who actually buy the records. It’s the buyers who say who will be successful–not the voters. Amber will sell whether she wins this show or not. In fact, she may be better off not winning it so she doesn’t have to have that albatross hanging about her neck. She’ll be fine and have an excellent record contract. I’m a long-time pro and base my opinion on this on being able to recognize major talent–not based on who is nice or on their back story. I could care less about their back story. Just give me real talent–and Amber’s got it!

  26. DCGal says:

    Kree is the Melinda Doolittle of Season 12. So consistently good, and less focused on performance than her peers, but musically one of the best contestants ever to grace the stage The comments for her are so similar to how AI treated Melinda.

  27. lynnyloo says:

    I don’t understand how Fantasia can scream and shout while “singing” and she gets praised but Angie gets trashed for oversinging on Halo which was vocally flawless?? Doesn’t make sense to me. It’s so obvious that Slezak has lost interest in her along the way and just isn’t seeing the talent behind the drama that is Angie.

    • mikey says:

      The problem is that Halo wasn’t flawless. Most of her notes at the end of the song were sharp and she was out of breath by the end.

    • Tom22 says:

      I didn’t like Fantasia one bit myself. I’m not going to really explore what is “screaming” and where something harsher that sweeter fits a climax of one song versus another yet… the over all thing was unpleasant to me and felt like it was worked up into a tizzy without a foundation to get to that tizzy. I don’t particularly like the timber of her voice in the sweeter spots either but I know I differ from other’s in that regard.

      • Libby says:

        Agree with you Tom. I don’t get Fantasia at all. To me, the screeching sounds like a baby screeching. Just no.

    • Dave says:

      I’ve got to agree; the beginning of Halo truly was gorgeous, and I appreciate the energy she brought to the end.

    • Lunakit says:

      It is just the difference in the quality of their voices. It may not make sense on paper why one singer can get away with shouting and another simply can’t, but it makes sense on a visceral level.
      In the case of Fantasia and Angie though, Fantasia has a gut full of life experience and soul from which to shout… and the other just sounds like a shouting teenager.

    • Name That Tune says:

      It’s about “Do I believe you?” Fantasia was singing about some real pain in her life. You could see it in her eyes. Was the vocal a bit messy? You bet. But Fantasia wasn’t trying to deliver a perfect vocal. She was telling a story. When Angie gets criticism for ennuciating every syllable, it’s because she’s sacrificing the heart and soul of the song to deliver that perfection. Angie is very young. I don’t ever get the sense that she feels the songs she’s singing. She’s working very hard to produce something I won’t care about a week from now.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        Some songs, some weeks I agree, but not with this week’s songs nor with at least three of her other songs.

  28. Daniel says:

    Angie should no doubt make the finale!

    • Jasmine says:

      I 100% agree with you. Angela should definitely be in the finale. She’s my absolute favorite! A Kree and Candice finale would be boring as HECK! Kree’s soooo boring. She shows no emotion or depth. Half of the time, it looks as if she doesn’t want to be there. She needs to perk up. Candice is also boring, but not as boring as Kree. Well, heck, ALL of them are boring, even Angela needs to step up the personality a little bit more. I want her to win! She better win! I’ll become extremely sad if she doesn’t. as sad as I was when Haley was sent home and when Elise was sent home. (sighs) please, no Kree and Candice finale. Let’s have a Angela/Amber finale!!!

    • Will says:

      So very glad to see Melinda note that Michael deserved to get trashed in the comments for his review of Angie this week. Because that was ridiculous, and I wish we’d seen more of her proper rebuttal to his hilariously off-the-mark critique.

  29. TheGirlsRock says:

    This will sound like a judges comment but… Michael you need to work on your sincerity when performing. You don’t like Angie … no need to hide it… it’s just your opinion. Her youtube video of her original song has almost 3.5 million views so somebody likes her and I would guess she is okay with that.

    My opinion is a Candice/Angie final is the only one with some appeal and some power. If Kree wins it’s an album and then obscurity. Amber has a beautiful tone but something amiss with the way the words come out. Her and Angie both need seasoning but your point on Angie’s desire and work ethic is spot on. I don’t see big stage appearances for Candice either but no denying her talent.

    I’ve never understood why Jimmy is allowed to comment if he has a stake in the outcome. Seems unfair to all the contestants. I find his unabashed praising of Amber off-putting even when I enjoy her performance.

    • Tom22 says:

      To support Jimmy .. he comes flat out and says in virtually every comment that he makes that he is thinking about the Money and sales potential of the contestants. He does throw in some critiques along-side those … and if you listen most of those are about how he thinks the Audience will percieve things. At any rate.. he comes out and says he’s about the money…and talks about his experience in the industry from that sales perspective.

      The post show sucess of so many AI contestants seems to be based upon a focus on selecting contestants and hazing them in the fire of break-neck schedules and adversarial relations with labels etc. that is the reality of the music industry and the personal resolve it takes to be sucessful in such a difficult way of making a living. Most careers you can show up and do a good job at your work and sucede… .. being a performer is more like the personal tenancity and charasmatic assertion that commisioned big ticket item salepeople and investment bankers etc need to have.

      This is more than finding who sings best at a talent show.. its finding who can sing very well and survive in a hot fire with pressures all around and continually give the audiences what they want to hear.,,, and buy and download etc.

      • TheGirlsRock says:

        I agree that Jimmy does make it clear what his intentions are but I think the average Joe is only listening for “good” or “bad”. I thought the point of the show was what WE liked… that’s why we vote, “We the people” are kind of resistant to being told what we should like or not like or eat or not eat or buy or not buy. We’ve done pretty well in the past without him…. on camera anyway.

        I have my doubts that people put much weight in what he says anyway. I think his true value is in mentoring the kids in an objective way, he does have a track record after all. But, then let the contestants prove themselves in the pressure cooker you described. The good ones always do.

        • Tom22 says:

          I agree with part of what you’re saying too. Jimmy’s commentary should be on the elimination night After people have voted. Whatever influence he has on those nights would be among people with a longer attention span who could go back and listen for themselves. I get your point when I think of how he was making general comments about contestants prior weeks performances before they went on stage and really had no time to change things at that point. Commenting on how it was working with people during the week was different from his broader statements that he has been making this year on performance night before people vote. I understand and agree with you in that regard.

    • not says:

      Re Jimmy’s comments: Maybe I have this wrong but I think Diva Week was the first / only time his comments were shown before the voting. Usually his comments are only aired on the results show, so they don’t affect the results. I think the fact that they showed them that week is b/c they wanted to maximize the pimping effect – screw fairness to ensure that they had exactly the top 4 they’ve been angling for all season.

      That said, I generally like Jimmy’s comments, though I don’t always agree with them. He doesn’t mince words and isn’t worried about hurting feelings (clearly) and has the bottom line in mind. Since the point of the competition is to find the person who can be an “idol” (i.e., have a ton of hit records), anticipated sales isn’t an unreasonable measure. I think (and I know I’ve said this before) they should just get rid of voting and give the win to the person who sells the most songs on i-tunes (i.e. cut the person each week who sells the least). That’s the best indicator of who is viable in the industry.

      • Tom22 says:

        I agree with you that it was odd to have Jimmy’s comments before they perform and it does try to do exactly what he shouldn’t want to do. He wants to know what people get excited about and pushing that to give him a false reading doesn’t ultimately help himself.
        .. as for the sales thing.. I think a hybrid system similar (but not exactly) to the Voice makes some sense. They should have some cooperation from Apple so that only seasoned itunes accounts (like not established just to get a vote) count and gift purchases don’t count. The details of how many votes per purchase compared to phone, internet would be an intricate discussion.

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          It was very interesting that Carly Rose on X-Factor had a billion times more itunes downloads and reviews while Tate had unbelievable few, almost nothing and yet he won the vote practically every single week, including the final week. If they had had an itunes voting system I think the results would’ve been much different. Fifth Harmony had wayyy more itunes sales than Tate too and I believe even E3 did and they finished wayyy behind him in txt/dialed votes.

          • teatime says:

            I think one problem with X-Factor is they had fewer viewers. It was easier to have the votes skewed toward one genre. That seems to happen a lot in the early weeks of Idol too. Then as the weeks go on and the field gets smaller on Idol the audience on the whole is more likely to vote based on what has happened on the show, and not so much just for whoever is in their preferred genre. It always seems the ones who sell well on Idol also did well on the show. At least several of the winners and runners up sold well immediately off the show.

      • Chris says:

        I’d agree with you about the i-tunes thing if I thought Idol was just about picking a recording artist but it isn’t. It’s an entertainment show whose success is partly because of the audience voting. Letting the audience vote encourages investment in the show. Many people don’t buy the songs but they do vote. Idol makes tons of money even when the winner isn’t very successful.

    • I'm Batman! says:

      The problem is Michael is a frustrated Ausiello as a tv blogger so when his favorite Candice ends up losing to Angie, he’ll whine for weeks.

  30. Yo says:

    I thought Amber was underestimated earlier in the season, but except for one of her last two performances, she has not yet added any passion or life. I have given up on her; she needs to mellow somewhere for a few years, then come back with added flavor.

    I am amused by what the judges and Jimmy feel about Amber’s “whole package.” Both Nicki and Mariah have exceptional careers without being whole packages themselves. Physical perfection will not do it for most and no one singing in this competition is homely enough to prevent her from a stellar career. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, you are losing your touch. Think Pia. Personality counts.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      I’m sort of with you. I was actually thinking she was a hidden gem, maybe the gem, early on, but now I’m not so sure at all. She is in the mix still for sure though.

  31. James A says:

    I don’t get why people like Amber. To me she sounds like a young Micheal Jackson and that in and of it’s self is very odd. Kree / Angie finale ftw with Candace in top 3 so she at least gets a home visit.

  32. Scott says:

    I’m guessing that Angie will go home this week. And that’s okay — I don’t really want to see a Boston-based homecoming so soon after the Marathon. So who is most likely to have crying parents in the home-town visits, because as we all know, crying parents propel you into the finale — and I’m guessing they will all cry. So who gets the Danny Gokey/Syesha Mercado homecoming edit, and who gets the Kris Allen/Adam Lambert edit? That will determine the final 2 — the homecoming edit. So we’ll see Amber with a HUGE concert and a visit to her old school, and Candice meeting two people in a bar in St. Helena.

    • Joline says:

      I don’t think anyone is going home this week to make up for the lost save. They will have the first ever top 4 homecomings.

    • I'm Batman! says:

      Angie will not go home this week. They would use the save in a minute and her fanbase would be rallied enough to propel her to the win!

      It’s Angie’s title to lose and the other three are playing for second place and the right to become Crystal Bowersox.

    • karenb says:

      Good point about the Marathon

  33. Tom22 says:

    I loved Angie’s “I’ll Stand by you” . I liked her interpretation of the song as well as any I’ve heard as it was less sappy to me and optimistic in a sort of way.. not about being a creature of destiny as so many interpretations seem. You know. more like “I’ve got your back, lets move forward and face and resist the crap thrown at us” instead of. “its all going to unfold and some won’t be good and i’ll be standing there taking the blows as they come with you.”

    I can’t say she was as good as Beyonce but she brought something of her own to that song and at least did it justice if you weren’t holding it next to Beyonce. I found the part at the end Michael characterized as screaming as more of a Rock take.. a rock song climax and “screaming” isn’t exactly the right word for that sort of climax to rock songs… “shouting” perhaps?..

    Again, by the clip to the Boston thing you really over play her sounding like she was making a sympathy ploy. If you listen to the whole bit between when she sat and when she started singing what she said took all of 3 seconds and was really the minimum statement that she could have made in any way. It would have been all-together rude if a girl from that region didn’t make a minimal tip of the hat to people from her home town and that was what she did.. the absolute shortest , but sincere call out she could make.

    Just because the judges chose that opportunity to get their lengthy statements off their chests shouldn’t reflect one tiny bit on Angie and you’re sending a veiled message that she was playing for sympathy when anything less than the brief phrase she said would have been callously rude for her, being from the Boston area.

    — that about Angie said. I generally liked all of your other comments and found them spot on in a number of ways…
    … I’ll add one other thought… I don’t think Kree has delivered all she has in her, and that makes me wonder how much she has to say as a future performer. Of course we’ll never know. Amber seems to be learning her craft as it goes to allow her to say more of what she feels through the sublties of music. Kree is a seasoned performer. Contrast Kree with Crystal Bowersox and think how Crystal followed on with her incredible voice and experience to widen what she did a bit while still moving ever deeper into her sweet spot. Kree has a talent to come close to Crystal, but she just didn’t seem to want to say much with her large talent and voice. (I preferred Crystals pure sound too, but that’s another matter and one of preference)
    – While I think Angie is getting increasingly strong on stage (I was very definitely NOT with her in Hollywood) I think Keith was Dead-on.. she will get so much better with the gritty, tireless work with travel and rocking stage shows she’ll do on tour. She will emerge a better entertainer as I don’t think she’s done even a club circuit. (Burnell will also improve drastically and may prove worthy of a career if he works on his craft with the help from musicians in the band during the tour.. he seemed sincere… Amber has some room too.. but I think she needs coaching advice more than the rough and tumble of the tour.. although practice never hurts to push forward)… I think Candice may have reached her peak.. it is a high peak no doubt… perhaps though that the actual “tour” of seeing other cities and meeting more people will free her mind in ways that may be slightly restrained by her smaller town , strong family perspective. Not that she needs to lose that, but she can appreciate what she has even more by seeing more of the world.

  34. april says:

    I think all the girls are awesome, but some definately stand out. Candice is exceptional and very creative as well. Amber is sweet and her tone is lovely but after watching her for a while now I realy think her shyness stands in her way but she has what it takes to go all the way. Kree for me is effortless but very boring . Angie just over sings and over performs but fortunately for her her fanbase is huge so that could work for her. Overall ill love to see a candice/amber finale.

    • TheGirlsRock says:

      Not sure I agree that Angie’s fan base is any larger than some of the others, but if it is, maybe it’s because of all over-singing and over-performing.

      • I'm Batman! says:

        Angie’s fanbase is what it is because she is the overwhelmingly most popular contestant this season and only getting stronger. Like last week when Janelle asked her voters to VOTE BIG for Angie the rest of the season.

      • lala says:

        simple and precise. People have no choice but to be drawn to exaggeration, it’s a sure way to get attention. it’s funny because I like the songs that Angie picks but because I like the songs so much, I’m very sensitive about its renditions. For instance, i feel violated by her rendition of “I’ll stand by you”

    • Jasmine says:

      All of them are shy in case you haven’t noticed. But they’re pushing through. I think Candice is shyer than Amber, though. I have to admit, Angela does over-sing at times but I want her to win so bad. To me she’s the whole package, not Amber. Angela FTW!

  35. Tahoe Mike says:

    Awww, our little show has grown up and comes with commercials now. Boooo!
    Actually it is Angie who I feel is being force fed to us this year. I don’t think that she has had one performance this season that made me say, “Wow, I’ve got to see that again.” If I had to sum her up in one word: white-bread.
    I want to like Kree, actually I do like her, but I’m always left a little underwhelmed. There is a time and place for understatement, but I’m at the point where I want to see her get mad, or sad, or political, or lusty, or just passionate about something. Her smiley take on “She Talks to Angles,” is a perfect example of something that should have been awesome, but just wasn’t quite. Come on girl, go off the happy med’s and let us have it.
    Amber has been my dark horse this season. I was prepared to dismiss her early on, but she has won me over week after week. Her “She’s Leaving Home,” was one of the highlights of the season for me. I think it’s interesting that Michael describes her as being so young and current, I see something very throwback about her. There is something very classy and classic about her beauty, her voice, her musical choices, and her performance style that says 60’s or 70’s Motown to me and I like it.
    Candice is my champion this year. As Keith said, when she sings I just have to stop and listen. I love her sound and musical style. I hear Janice Joplin, Etta James, Grace Slick, Billie Holiday, and Aretha in her voice; all mixed up in a blend that is pure Candice Freakin’ Glover. Candice ALWAYS makes me stop and say “Wow, I’ve got to hear that again!”

    • not says:

      I like your comments on Amber – I think she is most marketable (and therefore being pushed to be) a new Beyonce (if you’re crazy/clueless Randy, substitute Rhianna), but her song choices make me think she wants to sing more jazzy ballads. She’s not my favorite here, but the few songs by her that I really liked have all been non-Beyonce types – She’s Leaving Home, My Funny Valentine, and the Streisand cover. You hit it on the head when you said there is something very throwback here.

    • GMom100 says:

      I agree with everything you said!! :)

    • Adam Fachry says:

      THANK YOU for saying that “She’s Leaving Home” is one of the highlights of the season. I may have a little bit of bias because it’s one of my absolute fave Beatles songs ever, but Amber’s take on it was equal parts endearing and poignant, even if she probably didn’t grasp the meaning that much, she performed it like she did.

      Honestly, I don’t get the whole Angie love that TVLine readers seem to possess this week. Is this your way of making a resistance to the hegemony of Slezak’s favoritism? To me, this girl’s only noteworthy performance is “You Set Me Free”, she reminds me of Andrew Garcia, contestants with so much hype, they don’t seem to be able to live up to it. Now that I think about it, Angie should sing Angie Miller’s “You Set Me Free” for her one-hit wonder choice, as the song epitomizes how underwhelming her body of work has become since that performance.

  36. Name That Tune says:

    I thought I would throw out a list of names:
    Aretha Franklin
    Sarah Vaughn
    Ella Fitzgerald
    Billie Holiday
    Dianna Ross
    Patti LaBelle
    Whitney Houston
    Chaka Khan
    Anita Baker
    Janet Jackson
    Angela Winbush
    Toni Braxton
    Mariah Caery
    Roberta Flack
    Natalie Cole
    Keisha Cole
    Mary J. Blige
    Alicia Keys
    Gladys Knight

    Some consider these to be the greatest black female singers of all time. Add Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, Melinda Doolittle and Jordin Sparks to the list as successful graduates of the Idol Franchise. Not all of them are stunning beauties. I’m guessing that by today’s standards, they wouldn’t be considered “commericial” or “the whole package”. Yet, they were and are great singers.
    And have sold lots of records, so they must have been “commercial” enough.
    Candice is very much like these women. Physically, she reminds me of Patti LaBelle, Aretha, Roberta Flack. I think she is going to be very successful commercially.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Edit – Add Tina Turner to the list.

    • Yo says:

      Thanks, I needed that.

    • Tom22 says:

      I am 100% with your larger point yet, a lot of them were drop dead sexy with nice features to boot early in their career…. at the time they “made”. Whitney houston is Beuatiful….. Mariah posed almost naked when making it big. Beyonce, Allica Keys, and Rhiana are sex symbols on top of great (erm leave out rhiana) singers.

      Younger ,.. trying to make it… singers Diana Ross and Sarah Vaugh ans well as many of the others would turn some heads in a tight dress at least even if their faces wouldn’t be much without their personality and competance showing throught he eyes and smiles.

      There are exceptions.. but your list .. especially looking at the last 25 years.. more proves that most of that superstar list looked extrondiarly good in a bikini when making their breaks

    • Amy says:

      I totally agree. I don’t see how those vocals go overlooked from here on..I think she’ll be commercially successful too.
      And ps & btw…I think she’s pretty.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      That is a pretty confusing post. You make it sound like it a list of top singers not known for having “the complete package” and yet many of them were (and many still are). I can’t make heads or tails of that list.

      • Name That Tune says:

        HTGR, that list includes singers from the days before MTV. Several of them were at their peak before TV. So physical beauty wasn’t as a important to their success.
        When people complain that Candice isn’t a beauty, they forget about some of these ladies from the past. When I was researching this, I saw a picture of Patti LaBelle. Patti was never thin, but with hair and makeup, she was very pretty. Candice looks a lot loke her. She has a beautiful face & the stylists at Idol do everything to enhance that beauty.
        Really most of these women dress up for their live performances. So they all look better than they naturally do. Just look at Nicki. Scrub off the makeup and look at those hips that were meant for birthing babies. Looks are not always a measure for determining success.

  37. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    Hmm still pretty clear that Michael is giving Angie the full on Nigel/Haley treatment. How did she have less youthful energy than Amber this past week, just for one?? Sure the Barbara Streisand cover by Amber was done very well but that had more youthful energy than the Beyonce Halo cover?? And all this yeah she’s a hard worker and she this and that and I mean come on, you are becoming a Nigel here, do you not see that and recoil in abject horror haha? 90% of the video was over before he even mentioned a word about her vocals. She doesn’t have to be your favorite, but at least be fair. She can be your fourth favorite, if that is the way you see it, but at least don’t go all Nigel about it.
    She loses herself more in the first song but can’t even get so much as a bit of credit for connection (or for singing all the parts she did send technically well too), not at all, reallly? Candice can belt things out and gets credit for power and she can rearrange and gets credit for magical creativity and Angie does one thing a hint different than the original and OMG the world is ending, come on, really?? That song NEEDED what she did to the end of it there, if anything, especially this week.
    At least Melinda avoided the bad mushrooms haha.
    Otherwise though not much to disagree with.

  38. Amy says:

    I don’t know who WILL win. That said..
    Candice, to me deserves to win based just on vocals. She has delivered complete packages, without glitches…ALL season. And that alone amazes me. I can’t think of one blip on her record. I can’t even say that about my favorite, favorite Idols (still they are perfect to me anyway…cuz singing and moving people “ain’t always about perfect” technical performances.) But, Candice has delivered perfect, interesting and varied performances in every genre thrown at her. I think she’s moved & grooved on stage and always connected to the songs too. And I’ve enjoyed her a LOT and I am not into diva/R&B/take me to church girl music usually…but I really like her. So she’s my pick for winner.
    Kree sings in more my style, love the tone and quality of her voice & type of music suited to her. But that said…I get what everyone has been saying about her all season…though I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what it is, but it’s underwhelming me too. She has a solemness, almost too mellow, facial expression, almost sleepy-like performances & something isn’t connecting. I’ve loved and felt some of her best performances (Up To The Mountain, What the World Needs Now and others), still she has this “sleepy” quality that is missing something. I don’t know…but her personality doesn’t have me thinking she’ll be the Idol.
    Amber…I get that Jimmy wants to make a record with her…and maybe has a crush, hopefully no other ill intentions…but he’s ….over-zealous for sure. She’s talented with vocal skills, but I think it’s more about whatever is on his mind than Amber being the greatest next Whitney. She certainly is the whole commercial package, though I wouldn’t likely buy her music…a la Jessica Sanchez, who I felt same about last year.
    Angie…She IS the most hungry, most-focused and most annoying, like in the way the popular, gregarious girl in high school is…though you can’t help but see why she gets attention. But I’ve really only liked the Evanescence performance and her original. (My ears will never forget or forgive Shop Around.) Not a fan of her style of overblown vocals. But she’s hot, has a fan-base, I think she will be relateable to some of the young market…polarizing…I think people either love or hate her. Angie of all of them though (besides Jan-A-elllle, who had it in spades!), as the most outgoing charisma. Those other three…talent aside…are not projecting star-quality. Maybe that’s what’s missing. Not saying Angie’s “my kinda star-quality”..but she’s projecting some kind of energy outward.
    Janelle did a great job of performing and connecting with the audience in a way none of these girls do…she’s going to get a shot at country, I believe. If she chooses and records some good stuff, she certainly has the personality & heart to fit right into that community and genre. Will miss her spark this week.
    This is the first year since I’ve watched (only since Season 5) where it still can go many different ways at this point.

    • I'm Batman! says:

      Angie is the reboot of Kelly Clarkson. She wins and Idol actually will have a true pop star again for the first time since Clarkson version 1.0!

      If the show can’t recognize that, go with Nigel’s favorites of Candice or Amber and see their initial CDs in the bargain bins come Christmas.

  39. LeahKittyS says:

    I had originally written off Amber as one of the two girls in the “shallow end” of this year’s ladies, but she continues to surprise me. I still peg her as the next to go because of my source, but as she continues to grow and improve, and now with Lazaro’s rabid fan base heeding his call to vote for her, my source could be wrong for once. The other three have been going back and forth and up and down between them, so I’m not calling it for any of them. All you point out about the weaknesses of Angie, Candice, and Kree are accurate (though I’m with Melinda about Angie this week). Truth is, I’ll be happy with however the chips fall from here on out. And I thought last year was a close race!

    • LeahKittyS says:

      One more thing: Is is bad that when Michael called Angie the “hungriest” of the remaining finalists to win, I immediately thought of Lazaro saying one of the girls acted like she was competing in the Hunger Games (by which we’re all but certain he meant Angie)?

  40. Chris says:

    I wish Jimmy and other music executives would come to terms with the fact that there is no magic “package” for success in the industry. Some of the biggest musical stars out there from record sales alone don’t have “the package”. Besides if the “magic package” is there do they really need the crown? Or is Jimmy just trying to figure out how to get certain AI’s contestants on his label and let the rest feed off what may be offered.

    It would be an utter travesty to not have a Kree and Candice finale. Utter travesty.

    • not says:

      I think by the time they reach the top 5, the show has an option on all of them, so if he wants to sign her, Jimmy can. At least, I’m certain I’ve read that on here in the past, though I’ve been wondering about the details of their contracts. If anyone knows of a reliable source for these details, please post.

  41. Cat Lady says:

    My major problem with Amber, despite her gorgeous voice, is that her words are all but incomprehensible. I have to struggle to understand her if she’s singing a song I don’t already know by heart, and my daughter once said to me, “I can’t understand a word she’s saying”. Singing 101: You’re conveying a message. Make sure it can be understood.

    • I'm Batman! says:

      Who is easier to understand, Amber or Fantasia? Seriously!

      • Cat Lady says:

        Oh, heavens above….I HATE Fantasia. I wasn’t comparing Amber to her. I didn’t start watching Idol till Season 4. If I’d had to endure Fantasia, I would never have lasted more than a couple of weeks. I’m just saying that Amber’s words aren’t good. That certainly doesn’t mean that Fantasia’s are better.

    • TheGirlsRock says:

      I’ve been saying this all along…voice is great but she holds the words too long or something. I’m sure that can be coached out of her but it hasn’t happened yet. Jimmy’s gotta know this already…..

  42. Amy says:

    I don’t know why, but I suddenly saw in my mind a Candice/Angie finale. One for the voice, one because of the “hot-factor”, dialing fan-base. Candice could slay it vocally, and Angie still take it…not like we never saw that before on Idol, more than once. Not hoping this all happens…….. just sayin’ it could.

    • I'm Batman! says:

      Angie is the only contestant who could have a number 1 coronation song the week after the season ends. The other three are going to be lucky to be like Ms. Washington and doing webcasts in the next couple of years.

      • deedee says:

        Ugh, Angie is completely polarizing. Don’t you read the comments here and elsewhere?
        You may think she’s the second coming of Kelly Clarkson, but too many people are turned off by her to make her anywhere near as beloved as Kelly. If Angie had to rely on people like me for her living, she’d be on food stamps and sleeping in a shelter.

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          Even if she isn’t your fav, come on not THAT bad? All four of them are a lot better than that! This where I think the whole hater thing came from when it comes to her, just seems like some hating on her vibe and looks has to be going on to say that her talent is so bad she’d be lucky to get food stamps for it, come on. Not your style, thinking she is only avg vocally even, but taking it as far s the detractor are??

          • deedee says:

            I didn’t say that. I said she’s very polarizing, and if she had to rely on people like me to buy whatever she’s selling, she’d be poverty stricken. Mr. Batman was making the case that she’s Idol’s only hope for a successful winner, and I was pointing out that she is not as universally revered in the Idol world as he may think. I’m still convinced she’ll win, but not at all convinced she’s going to take the music world by storm.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            I suppose but the whole “ugh” and “many people are turned off by her” doesn’t seem like it has much anything to do with her vocals and more to do with some hating on her happy happy or HS drama club girl vibe or her looks.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            But yeah she does seem to be polarizing and it’s still very far from a given that she will win.

          • deedee says:

            The “ugh” was directed at Batman for his certainty that Candice, Amber, and Kree are destined for the bargain bin while Angie is headed for Kelly Clarkson levels of superstardom.

        • Jasmine says:

          you are completely exaggerating, aren’t you? I don’t know about you, but the MAJORITY of comments that I read about Angela are extremely positive. She may be a little polarizing but more people like her than not. What exactly is it about her that people don’t like? Is it that she over-sings? Is it that she doesn’t show real emotion? What is it? She’s great to me!

          • deedee says:

            Am I exaggerating? I don’t know. She’s a “love her or hate her” type, and I see both sides well represented in the comments. That’s why I reject the comparison to Kelly Clarkson.

    • Jason says:

      Angie’s voice is just as good as Candace’s if not better!!! Plus she is artistic and plays the piano!!! So if she does win no one should complain and just tip your hat to it!! They both will get a record deal so who cares. Just enjoy the show and stop putting down one contestant because your OPINION is that one is better than the other!!! it’s time to grow up people!!

    • TheGirlsRock says:

      Take a look a her Twitter account and watch the tweets just roll by for a moment…..then you’ll understand how and why!

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Not fair to discount Angie’s voice though. Granted Candice has given the largest number of top vocals this season and probably should win for that (depending what happens the next few weeks it could still change but I can’t argue with saying that at this point she probably deserves it the most, not sure her style is the sort I’d be most likely to buy but that is another matter) but it’s a bit demeaning to so easily toss of Angie as nothing more than the hot one or something. She’s had some great performances and plenty of people, if certainly not everyone, thought she had among the best at worst this past week.

    • Jasmine says:

      Hmm….seems like you’re undermining Angie’s talent though. She really can sing. Her voice is amazing, but she just tends to over-sing. It’s her background, being a theater girl and all. Sometimes it seems like she can’t let that go, but she’s trying her best. She just needs to be guided in the right direction. She’s still a baby so, she has time to learn.

  43. Carol says:

    Are we not talking about the fact that Amber is a bitch? Because that completely turns me off…

    • Amber says:

      And who are you? …exactly?

    • Mary says:

      Do you know her personally to make that statement. I have to laugh how some people on these boards can make a broad statement with no facts. If you are refering to her comment to Michael,
      She thru shades right back at Michael for his remark. She is entitled to defend herself and honestly it was not that bad.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        Yeah I think it’s pretty dangerous to start talking about character and personality from what you see on reality TV or a random tweet. Heck, just look at how different many of the personalities seem when they interview with Michael.

    • Love music says:

      @Carol……what classifies Amber as a B—-!!!! That was so tacky. Many people have mixed comments on all the girls but to call a person out of their name is down right ignorant. Like all of the contestants she’s young, beautiful in spirit and extremely talented. If you know her personally then I suggest you talk to her one on one about that because such comments aren’t welcomed here. So ridiculous!!!!!!!!!! Thank God she (or any other aspifinf artists) isnt allowing comments like this to keep her from pusing forward because I can’t imagine this world without music. P.S: check out her recent pics: she’s still all smiles :)

      • Love music says:

        Excuse my typos but smart phones can be as dumb as some of these comments. I don’t think I’ll read anymore of this drama. WISHING YOU WELL: AMBER, ANGIE, BURNELL, CANDICE, CURTIS, DEVON, JANELLE, KREE, LAZARO and PAUL. Win or lose American Idol can tear down only the weak. I almost stopped watching when Jennifer Hudson was voted off but she’s now all over the place!!!!! Curtis had a little brush with the law but what about TI & TINY….it seems every time he gets locked up his status is heightened. So it is what it is. Luv them all in spite of their flaws because they’re still on the rise. PEACE

  44. I'm Batman! says:

    Who in hades anointed a career backup singer who couldn’t make a career as a headliner after finishing 3rd on Idol and being the favorite of The Powers That Be AND an Web blogger with nothing more than a mouth and opinions, as “the analysts to be listened to” with American Idol?

    Give me a break. These two have their own agendas in my opinion. A final of Candice and Amber will have snooze fest all over it and record low ratings.

    The winner, if Idol is to have any chance for a successful winner this season, has to be either Angie or Cree.

    Uncle Nigel and Idology may not like it but neither Candice or Amber have what it takes to be commercially successful. In three years, both will be like the co-host of this webcase with people asking “who is that?”

    • TheGirlsRock says:

      I would agree except for switching Candice for Kree. I think Kree will have a nice career going about it much the way Crystal has. Candice is more commercial especially if she gets a coronation song like Phillip. I mean…that was a gift,,,,

    • Chris says:

      Isn’t I’m Batman what the guy in the commercial said after being knocked in the head? Guess that’s why you don’t appreciate the awesomeness of Melinda. Is she a recording standout like Kelly Clarkson? No, but she does have a great career as a headliner. Just because an Idol contestant doesn’t get a lot of radio play doesn’t mean they aren’t successful. Many people cite Taylor Hicks as a failure but he’s made millions since winning Idol, just not through album sales. Besides being one of the nicest people on the planet, Melinda knows a lot about music and performance as well as insight into the life of an Idol contestant. Her opinion is a lot more educated than most.

      • I'm Batman! says:

        Melinda a “HEADLINER!?” Chris, you need your own head examined if you think she is a headliner in any way, shape or form. She couldn’t sell $5 tickets for a 300 seat gym for a three hour concert and fill the place.

        Get real, REALLY Chris!!!!!

        • dj says:

          Batman, how do you know? I think she had a very successful one-woman show. She is a sweet lady and an excellent singer.

          • I'm Batman! says:

            dj, let’s just understand i know what I’m talking about when I discuss the music industry as well as television from the perspective of experience, ok.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Well…. you certainly do know your nanananananananana and pow and zow and zip and blams, true. (if you really are…. BATMAN!!!!)

    • Jasmine says:

      I do think Amber though could be more commercially successful than Candice. When they say she’s current, I do believe them. But what type of music will she sing? I don’t know. She doesn’t really strike me as that R & B girl. Hmmm…time to ponder.

    • Cat Lady says:

      I agree. An Amber/Candice finale would be too much of the same style and similar voices. I think Angie or Kree HAS to be in the finale to make it interesting and varied.

  45. marie says:

    Michael complimented Candice on her attractiveness. That really should not give others free rein to pick over her looks as though she were a plaster mannequin. Those saying unkind things, has it even occurred to you that Candice might read this column?
    She’s a stellar singer. She’s amazing. That’s the bottom line for me.
    There are times I hate being a human being in this society; this is one of them. I don’t think we’re going to stop assigning a certain portion of a woman’s value based on her perceived attractiveness during my lifetime, and that makes me very sad.
    Candice, don’t let the ignorant fools making unkind remarks here or anywhere get you down: I’d bet there aren’t many of them who can sing like you can.

    • TheGirlsRock says:

      Sadly… this comes with the territory. Crystal got it much worse in S9 and I believe it affected her a lot. People are “brave” when there is no accountability. She will have the last laugh all the way to the bank.

      • I'm Batman! says:

        “Bank?” Really??????

        Candice will take as much to the bank as Bowersox did….next to nothing. How much of a commercial success has Bowersox been since she lost? Same is the future of Crystal.

    • Chris says:

      I can imagine Candice singing “You’re beautiful, no matter what they say, words can’t bring you down” She is amazingly talented and beautiful.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        Oh, yes! Amber Riley did it on “Glee,” and that’s who Candice often reminds me of. And she loves Christina Aguilera, too, so it would make total sense!

      • kahuna says:

        Candice will kill that song with a knife, then she would shoot it.

    • deedee says:

      Thank you, marie.

    • Love music says:

      So sick of the negative crap. She’s phenomenal and if read by her, it will probably go over her head. She’s just that poised as is Amber and all the others.

  46. Leela says:

    It isn’t Angie’s vocals it’s her disconnect from the material. Fake emotion – other than her Boston shoutout – an act, nothing to really relate to. As for Amber, she’s gotten better, but I still get a very pageant-y performance from her week after week. She’s another one I don’t believe, she’s all legs and eyes at the camera.

    I’m really concerned for Kree – she does remind me of Crystal Bowersox and Haley Reinhart – expert musicians, vast musical knowledge, but there’s something missing “on camera.” On the show I think those two were uncomfortable “selling” themselves and Kree’s got the same issue. Love Candice. Really want a Candice/Kree finale.

    • Tom22 says:

      I would be a lot more positive about Crystal and Haley’s idol experiences…its a wonderful thing for them to have gotten so far and shows just how many people appreciated them.

      Both of them connected with a huge percentage of viewers.. they had it all.. just not quite enough to over-come what other types of voters preferred or were comfortable with… especially in terms of numbers of votes those people would cast. Crsytal made it to the final 2 … and probably only losing because mid-america couldn’t vote for a girl they’ thought of as a hippy with a dreadlock and a blue-collar dad with tatoos.

      Scotty was just too cute and the country music crowd got all rallied about the idea of a country winner and I think that developed a life of it’s own that carried a charming and talented Lauren Alaina along to edge out Haley’s large following in terms of votes. Some country pop radio stations were urging people who hadn’t even seen the show to be sure to vote for the two out of country pride.

      Really.. the final 4 have won here already. Especially if they all get home town visits and all the huge regional press that gets and get another week of singing two songs… more so the final 3 but if they have a save and all 4 get another week of 2 songs they’ll have gotten about all the exposure they can … other that the top 40 music push they’d get as a winner that would appeal to shallower fans in the short term. Yeah.. that’s worth large $ for the winner of the popularity contest.. but Survivor lets the fans reward a contestant with an extra 1 milliion $… look at the winner like that and it all feels right.

      …because that’s what it is at the end.. an expression by voters of who they’d most like to personally go watch. I guess I kind of think of “mainstream” as an insult anyway so my personality kind of expects mainstream to be bad.

      Haley connected 100% with say 7 million of 20 million viewers? 7 million people is a lot of people no matter how you slice it. Now.. why more people didn’t buy her album is beyond me….but I guess it was too much of a different coctail of old and new, jazz and funk than people who liked any one type of music could get there heads around….But that is only initially. they’ll all love them soon enough…even if they don’t realize that “hit the ground running ” and “oh my” songs they’re enjoying as bump music on Football and TV promos etc is Haley’s music.

    • Jasmine says:

      I totally get what everybody is saying about Angela. Yes, she is hungry for the title. Yes, she wants to win. She over-sings no doubt about that. She shows emotion, but people see it more as fake. Hmmm…that’s just really hard to comprehend. I don’t know what it is about that disconnect between Angela and emotion. It’s almost like she wants to prove something, like that “I’ma show you” attitude. “Look at me, I can sing and I can do it well.” That’s what I’m getting from Angela and that’s probably why there’s that barrier between connecting with the lyrics. But at least Angela shows emotion, albeit a little insincere, but Kree shows NO emotion at all. It’s like “…..” when she sings. She lacks star power. Angela has star power! What Angela needs is guidance. She just seems confused and some of her performances have shown that. The pressure to live up to the hype of her original song, I believe, has gotten to her. That’s why I feel like she’s trying to prove something, trying to make people see that she can do better than “You Set Me Free” and not peak too soon. Sad to say though, I believe that was exactly the case. Despite it all, I still want this girl to win so badly. She has the potential to be a huge star, if only she doesn’t get in the way of her dreams.

      • Name That Tune says:

        What Angie needs is life experience. I don’t think Fantasia delivered great vocals last week but there was something real about her performance. The emotions were raw and she chose to share them with her Idol family.
        What I see with Angie is someone who has learned to mug before the cameras. She thinks what she sings is real emotion. But it is very practiced. That’s okay if that’s all you know but at some point she will have experienced loss or failure and her performances will be genuine.
        I think she’s closer to authentic emotions when she is singing about her faith because that’s real to her.
        Anyone watch Smash on Saturday? I saw a gifted singer close Bombshell with the right emotions. With perfect vocals. But that only comes with experience.

    • karyn says:

      Interesting that Angie is so polarizing this week and I think it comes down to whether you buy her persona. If you do, then her shoutout to Boston seemed heartfelt and that’s why people are obsessing over performances that IMO were not her best.

      If you don’t believe the personality she’s showing is genuine, you have the opposite reaction. I thought her first was pretty bad and I didn’t get through the second before hitting the fast forward button. But I admit that part of the reason I reacted negatively to her Pretenders cover is that I think the Boston shoutout was calculated vote-pandering.

      I think Angie is the pageanty one. She seems to have been trained from toddlerhood to do/say the right things and pretend to pour her heart out in every some. It just feels false – like it’s coming from a stage mom just off screen rather than from her. It’s fine to be hungry (she has to be if she’s going to make it), but in a competition where personality is a major measuring stick, you can’t be unlikeable.

      • Tom22 says:

        I agree but for whatever reason I thought she was more shallow and pageantry to begin with and she’s really grown on me both musically and in personality. I didn’t exactly love her original song even as I appreciated why others liked it. I’ve come around to thinking that she’s got a lot to express and I think that it isn’t Pageantry.. but “Broadway” (high school musicals probably) that have ingrained performance habits of emoting so that “the person in the back row” can see it. (as my drama teacher taught us contrasting how to perform in a musical in an auditorium vs Shakespeare in a theater in the round) .
        My confidence has grown that she’s got it in her to make that adjustment and I agree with keith’s great insight that it will be the rough and tumble of an extended tour that will give her the grit and experience to make her emotions have a less sappy edge to them.

  47. Girl Power says:

    Amber is becoming a bigger bitch to us every week. It’s not fair that I have to room with her and hear her talk about how Jimmy loves her all night long. The other contestants and I think they are having an affair (shhh!!).

    I hope you guys enjoy our performances Wednesday night (but not Amber’s of course).

    P.S. Kree has this weird attraction to Nicki and was talking all weekend about how sexy her thong was when it was sticking out of her pants on Thursday.

    • Guitar Blue says:

      During the period of time that they are featured twice a week on TV, the contestants on these major talent shows develop a nice fan base, twitter followers and fervor on social media, mentions and recaps on some major tv shows. …………..

      For this period of time for the top 4, they are major stars in the music entertainment field, easy to believe they are bound for glory and major commercial success. They have already had enough exposure to achieve that with a couple breaks and the right management Company. ……

      But who were we “sold on” last year, the year before, or before that — on Idol, X-Factor, in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. — that were top 4 level — and rarely heard from again? By this time next year, American Idol will have a new top 4, The Voice will have exposed 2 seasons of newer talent, some regional talent shows will have given new record deals to “finds”, and new non-talent show artists will be climbing into the industry. ……..

      The Idol “winner” will get a nice promo and guaranteed album release. 2nd place may get a deal, and will get dropped if they don’t sell fast. It’s a fast moving business and you need a hit song right out of the chute to survive in the fast-lane very long.

  48. GMom100 says:

    I wish I could make a comment at the top! And not have to scroll, scroll scroll all the way to the bottom!
    Okay! Rant over. I think it’s about time the judges FINALLY gives Amber the praise she deserves! I agree with Jimmy about her. My rating is: Candice, Amber, Angie and Kree, in that order. I just don’t get all the praise for Kree!! I’m not a country fan so that might be it, although I wanted Lauren Alaina to win. I wouldn’t buy her CD. I’ve been thinking the judges have been pimping HER. They all are good, but I think Candice is the best.

  49. Mafs95 says:

    What I want: 1st – Candice, 2nd – Amber, 3rd – Angie, 4th – Kree
    What I think it will happen: 1st – Angie, 2nd – Candice, 3rd – Kree, 4th – Amber
    Either way, I love all these 4 ladies. They are great singer and they both had great moments where I felt all their emotion and passion.
    Angie had “You Set Me Free”, “Never Gone”, “Bring Me To Life”, “Love Came Down” and “Halo”.
    Amber had “My Funny Valentine”, “I Believe In You And Me”, “Lately”, “I Say A Little Prayer” and “What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life”.
    Kree had “Up To The Mountain”, “Stronger”, “Evidence”, “Cryin'”, “What The World Needs Now” and “Help Me Make It Through The Night”.
    Candice had “I’m Going Down”, “I Who Have Nothing”, “Ordinary People”, “Lovesong”, “Don’t Make Me Over”, “Straight Up” and “When You Believe”.
    This has to be one of the best Top 4 ever on this show!! :)

  50. The Superficial Man says:

    I have been watching Idol religiously since Season 2 ( back in 2003 ) and while I have been a big fan of Clay, Daughtry, David Cook, Adam Lambert, Michael Johns ( I am still blown away by the song he did on Dolly Parton night back in 2008 ! ) and certain other male contestants on the show over the years, I freely admit I have always pulled most for the female contestants I find physically attractive, as long as they do have talent !!

    My guess is that over the years female voters voting for “cute” attractive guys with questionable talent ( Lee Dewyze a perfect example ) can propel a contestant much farther than male voters ( such as myself ) can propel an attractive female to the top just because I have have the feeling, plain and simple , that men vote in much smaller numbers than women ( or girls ).

    There are exceptions for me- I loved Crystal Bowersox on the show even though she is not
    a “classic beauty ” and there are others. However women I have rooted for over the years for more than just their singing talent include Kat McPhee, Brooke White, Kristy Lee Cook ( yeah, I know, “Eight Days a Week ” was painful !! ), Didi Benami, Katelyn Epperly, Siobhan, Pia Toscano, Haley Reinhart and Hollie Cavanagh to name a few.

    This season, in my opinion, Angie and Amber are both knockouts ( etched in my mind are Angie in the leather shorts during Motown week singing “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” with Candice and Amber, then Amber by herself singing “What About Love ” in those shorts that look like they were sprayed on !! ) also- I wish they had went with a Top 12 this year so Aubrey Cleland could have made it.

    However I find myself this season rooting for Angie to win and not Amber. Why ? Simply put I enjoy the sound of Angie’s voice much more and visually I like watching Angie perform the most because of the emotion she puts into her performances.

    I understand when people criticize Angie for being “pageanty ” or “performing like she was in a high school musical “. Yes, Angie can be over the top when she sings/performs.

    But for me, some of my favorite singers through the years have been “over the top” performers ( Freddie Mercury comes to mind ). I have watched since last Wed. Angie’s performance of “Halo” at least 5 or 6 times a day. Earlier this season I did the same thing with her performance of “Yesterday”. I lost track of how many times I watched “You Set Me Free “.

    Now even though I am a huge fan of Angie, I haven’t gone crazy over every single one of her songs ( the Kelly Clarkson song “”Surrender ” comes to mind and there are others ) but for the most part I have loved watching ( yeah, she’s VERY attractive to me – Eighties hair, gleaming white teeth and all !! ) AND listening to her each week.

    Some people criticize her over pronunciation but I enjoy it as I do her very clear tone she has. At times Amber is hard to understand.

    Being honest- Kree is a wonderful person, has a sad backstory and every week sings really good/great but she bores me to tears. I almost never go back and watch any of Kree’s performances. At times Kree looks like she is being forced to be up on stage. I always get the feeling that Kree is “holding back” but yet it is very possible she has more of a laid back singing/performing style. I have tried but just can’t get on the Kree bandwagon. To me Candice is much more dynamic on stage then Kree.

    Angie’s original song ” You Set me Free ” has over 3 million Youtube views. I have the feeling that before this season is over the producers will allow her to do that song on the show one more time. If so, it could possibly propel her to the title.

    As far as what I think will happen, I think Candice will beat Angie in the finale with Amber beating out Kree in an upset for 3rd place.

    What I want to happen is Angie winning although I wonder if the fact she isn’t from the
    South will work against her with the voting public ( based on past Idol seasons ).

    Angie supporters- I am with you all the way !!!

    • Jasmine says:

      Love you! I completely agree on Angela. I hope and pray that she wins the title of American Idol! She’s just IT to me. She is incredibly gorgeous and seems genuinely nice. Love her voice, so she needs to win! Angela Angela Angela!!! Win, girl! Wooh!

    • Mafs95 says:

      Angie is sooo pretty and I love her angelic tone. I think she performed really well in Top 5 week, particularly when she sang “Halo”. And I hope she performs “You Set Me Free” again so we can have an Itunes version!!!!

      • Cat Lady says:

        If she makes it to the Final 3 (or is it 2?) they’re allowed to repeat a song they did during the season. I remember Adam doing “Mad World” for a second time and it wasn’t as good as the first time he did it