Castle Sneak Peek: Kate's Come-Hither Striptease Fails to Push Rick's Buttons [#Facepalm]

Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick….

It turns out we do get a sneak peek at tonight’s episode of ABC’s Castle (which was swapped in late last week to replace the bomb-themed “Still”), and frankly it does a certain mystery novelist no favors.

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As seen in this clip from “The Squab and the Quail,” Rick is too busy mashing buttons against some kid in India to instead play a much more adult (and dare we presume fun) game with a scantily clad, writhing Kate.

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With the thrill of the chase long gone, is Castle taking his lady love for granted? As I shared on Twitter the other day, the teaser for this episode did say, “Beckett is forced to reflect on her relationship with Castle, which has begun to plateau.”

And who might help the top cop get over this relationship hump? Enter Ioan Gruffudd (Ringer) as Erik Vaughn, a dashing billionaire entrepreneur whose life is in danger — and who, in this second clip, seems able to spot an unappreciated femme when he sees one. Talk about your Fantastic Fourplay!

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  1. Rachel says:

    after this he kinda of deserves it if she actually kisses that other guy…

    • Beckette says:

      Yep. As a video game “widow” I totally know where she is coming from!

    • meh says:

      So what, Castle should be expected to just drop everything at the drop of a hat the minute Beckett snaps her fingers?

      I’m pretty sure she will have turned down his advances plenty of time because she was busy with something else.

      • Mary says:

        Everything? No, of course not. A video game? Hell, yeah!

      • Dante says:

        As a video game geek male, I have never, ever understood how any freaking game (video, TV, what have you) could be so engrossing and so important, that a beautiful woman (especially one who has chosen to be with you) making it very plain she wants you doesn’t cause you to IMMEDIATELY drop the controller pad, step away from the computer, and follow her!

        Whipped? If “whipped” means I get to spend time in bed with Stana Katic (or the equivalent), then call me “whipped”!

    • Mary says:

      Yeah, I agree:)

  2. jessica says:

    Totally agree – she is ten times hotter then him to begin with and can have any guy at her feet….. He’s being an obnoxious idiot.

  3. Sam says:

    I bet she doesn’t kiss that guy, and Castle will finally wake up.

  4. april-ann says:

    Since this is a relationship on an hour-long that is finally being handled correctly I see no reason to mess with it.

  5. Tish says:

    Yeah this has been bothering me too – for multiple seasons he chased her, falling in love with her in the process. It just seems a bit out of character that Castle would stop noticing her like this, or is it just me?

    • DarkDefender says:

      IMO I think Castle would be reluctant to step up his game with Beckett, because he has said “I love you” and Beckett has known it for over 2 years… He is protecting himself because she hasn’t expressed (verbally) that she is in it as much as he is. It is typical Castle character behavior to push away.. And I hope he expresses it to her and puts her in her place.

      Then I can see the season finale with her saying she loves him and him spontaneously proposing (which could be the “major change” they spoiled). I can also see Beckett taking a noticeable pause on the answer, leaving us all waiting until next season. I am just praying they don’t get her pregnant (although I am okay with Lanie/Esposito being pregnant).

      Also, everything in the second clip said by the guy to Beckett are all things Castle has said to her over the years… I hope it reminds her he has done that.

  6. Teri says:

    Castle has been acting “bottled up” toward Kate all season. Hope this guy wakes him up!

    • april-ann says:

      Good point. I remember now that when Castle’s ex-wife (Alexis’ mother) was leaving after a brief stay at the loft, she told Kate that it didn’t work out for herself and Castle because even by the end of their marriage he knew everything about her and she still didn’t really know anything about him. I had always pegged Kate as the “bottled up” type but really it’s Castle who is more guarded. If they have a rough patch I’m willing to bet that’s why. But I hope it turns out to be all right with her because she doesn’t want to change him or have him be someone he’s not. So she hopefully will accept him the way he is.

  7. Emmakingg says:

    Kate has been the one that mainly initiates any affection between the two, for most of the season. It’s time that Castle steps up his game. He needs to be challenged..

  8. Rida says:

    Unmm im pretty sure stuff like this does happen between real couples who have been dating for a while. So relax ppl! No need to get so fired up about it. But i do get that Castle hasnt been as forthcoming as he should be, i hope this episode wakes him up.

    • Shawn says:

      Thank you, Rida!

      Things like this do happen and hell sometimes people just aren’t in the mood for sex when their lover is. It does happen.

      I love how Marlowe isn’t afraid to show the ups and the downs of a relationship.

      The Caskett shippers are full of complainers and ungrateful. We ge more than a lot of ships and it’s still not enough. They find something to complain about every season and expect the worse.


      I’m loving the show and Caskett!

      I love when Caskett bicker. I am not worried about Mr. Fantastic. He can stretch himself into oblivion and won’t get the girl in the end!

      • A says:

        THIS!! Obsessed shippers are soooooooo annoying and not just in Castle. Shippers of all shows. Ugh and the worst is when some people tune into a show just to see two characters just get together and don’t care about other characters, what actually goes on in an episode, or the overall plot of the show for that matter.
        Caskett is beautiful. I love their relationship. The acting is amazing. The chemistry! It’s all there. I love when they bicker and when the emotion and drama is there but it isn’t forced. Not every TV relationship has to have cheating, heartbreak, and drama, drama, drama all the time. While Castle may need to open up more to Beckett, why can’t people just enjoy and let the “TV” relationship grow organically and be portrayed realistically and let things happen when they happen?!

  9. Randi says:

    Hey, it’s Reed Richards! Aka Mr. Fantastic!

    Better smarten up there Castle :P

    • When I saw tonight’s commercial for the show I said no interrupts, and I had a smile on my face when I saw Ioan Gruffudd on tonights ‘ show. Kate lay a kiss on him especially for the female viewers!!!

  10. Kate says:

    Well this isn’t surprising seeing how Caskett has been handled so far this season. I’m so disappointed with the show… this clip just further magnifies everything that is wrong. Seriously are we suppose to find this funny, because honestly this is ridiculous. Caskett don’t look like a couple at all, and before everyone jumps on me for hating, I’m allowed to be disappointed.

    • Laura says:

      I thought I was the only one to think that. This season has been a huge disappointment. I blame Marlowe (for the crappy writing) and Fillion whose acting as a romantic leading man this season is beyond the worst I´ve ever seen on tv.I started to watch for Nathan but now I´m only watching this season for Stana , Jon and Seamus (great actors , very commited with the show) . They deserve better than this mess of what used to be my favorite show.

    • Don says:

      I am a fan of Caskett this season but to each their own

      • Shawn says:

        Me, too, Don.

        Some fans like to whine when things don’t play out the way they want in each episode. They want to see Caskett happy and kissing and having sex in each episode and when they are challenged with a obstacle or roadblock they want to jump ship.

        To each their own. I’m loving the show and Caskett and find both Nathan and Stana very attractive. I don’t know what their looks have to do with this topic, but I doubt Stana or Nathan would be kicked out of a bed.

        I’d personally lick the salt off of Nathan. Dude is HOT! Thickness and all!

        And Stana is GORGEOUS!

        They both are very talented and their chemistry is amazing!

      • Mary says:

        I´m a big fan too, but as you say…to each one its own:)

    • Alex says:

      Not just you. I’m kinda disappointed with the way the show went for a while. I mean, they hardly did anything after those first couple of episodes and now when I see them I cringe. It doesn’t feel natural to me. I’m watching out of loyalty and because I like Stana and Seamus but I might tune out soon if this keep weirding me out.

    • Shawn says:

      I found it funny and Castle have looked like a couple since day one and especially this season. I think they’re the best couple on tv. I disagree with those who think differently. Lol!

  11. Greg Eckes says:

    I will tell you why I really hate this idea and concept. I am a broadcasting major and I have seen a lot of trends in television.

    For a long time the trend has been that men are ignorant, foolish, and stupid and always in
    the wrong. The above clip demonstrates it. And it’s ludicrous. Absolutely ludicrous.

    Men and Women are both humans so they both should have the capacity to make mistakes. But 9 times out of 10, the men are being shown making the mistake and having to grovel.

    Just angers me that television can’t find something else or another focus to create conflict.

    • april-ann says:

      I see what you are saying and you make good points. But in last season’s finale she sure had some serious grovelling to do.

    • Shawn says:

      Wow, Greg.

      Do you watch Castle?

      Beckett has made her share of mistakes, too. She had some groveling to do last season and I find it unfair to categorize every tv show in the manner you did. Perhaps you need to broaden your tv viewing. I see women screwing up and having to apologize and make it up to their men, too.

  12. Mari says:


  13. Don says:

    This is how we know its fiction, no man would ignore that in real life.

  14. James says:

    conflicted as a dude i understand the power video games have over us week-minded man-childs, but as a Dude hot damn i would toss that controller so fast and so hard at the tv. Not fair she is so unbelievably gorgous.

  15. Gillix says:

    I want to see what really happens because I didn’t like the promos at all and now these sneak peeks… Castle is always telling her how remarkable she is!! if Kate really feels under appreciated then she should talk to her boyfriend instead of letting a guy she just met kiss her.

    • Kim says:

      Thank you! I agree completely! I get having doubts, but she needs to have that conversation with Castle not get all flattered/flustered by whateverhisnameis. For the first time ever, I’m really not looking forward to this episode at all.

      • Shawn says:

        I love how Kim already knows how Beckett will behave before viewing the episode. HaHa! How do you know she and Castle won’t have a conversation about how she’s feeling? Castle has also held back how he feels about her treatment of him in the past until they finally let it out in Knockout and Always. I have no doubts that Marlowe will have them discuss their relationship and where they are headed and what they want from each other by the end of the season.

        I love this show and Marloee usually delivers the goods.

        Keep the faith.

        It is not unusual for guys to get caught up in their video games and ignore their women. HaHa! It happens.

        • Kim says:

          I don’t know what will happen, Shawn. My apologies if I came across as “all knowing”. I was just going by the promos and clips. It looks like she lets Mr. Fantastic kiss her or get close enough to kiss her. And that bothers me. I’m ok with the angst as long as it leads somewhere good in the end. Kate having doubts is normal. But, in my opinion, it’s just not in her character to let something like that happen, doubts or not. That’s what I’m having a problem with. And you’re right, they did let it all out in Knockout and Always. As much as they’ve revealed things about themselves to each other this season, not a lot of it had to do with their relationship (i.e. “Where are we going?”). Unless I’ve missed something, which is more than possible.They may talk it out tonight, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t considering what’s been hinted at for the next few episodes. I’ll gladly eat crow if I’m wrong, or something less gross. To be honest, I hope I am wrong.

    • Don says:

      Does he kiss her? Or does she move away?

    • april-ann says:

      That’s true. I love how Castle is always telling her how remarkable she is. But Ioan Gruffudd is incredibly hot…

  16. Shawn says:

    I cracked up! Trust mex Kate. I’ve been there, too. Men can be fools at times and us women have to add the spice in the bedroom! If it were up to some men all we’d have to do is get naked and let them do their thing and be done in a few minutes. Lmao!

    You whiners and complainers need to lighten up. Couples go through things like this all the time. I’ve no doubt when Mr. Fantastic starts sniffing around his territory he’ll step up and handle all that hotness called Beckett!

    Castle playing a video game while Kate’s strip teasing him is in character, imo, and Marlowe did say he still had some maturing to do.

    This clip kind of makes seeing the almost kiss, which I.doubt she falls for, easier to handle.

    I am loving Castle and Caskett this season so I don’t agree with the whiners above who can’t take a light and fun episode that creates some conflict for Caskett to overcome.

    Sit back and enjoy or turn the channel.

  17. Georgia Madman says:

    After Hugh Grant cheated on Elizabeth Hurley, I couldn’t understand why. And a wise man imparted a truth on me. he said “No matter how hot she is, some guy somewhere is tired of putting up with her sh*t.” The truth of that statement has been demonstrated over and over again.

  18. omabin says:

    stana katic is one of the most gorgeous women alive

  19. trendyhammer says:

    He would rather play a Video Game, than watch his Lady perform a STRIPTEASE for him???,

    Is he GAY or something???.

  20. dontfreakppl says:

    I think this is just hype. remember, that this was originally next weeks episode. the ONLY way they could pull it forward was if it stands alone. That means the effects of this episode don’t carry over.

    Settle down Caskett fans! (this worked for me :))

    • Mary says:

      I think Stana said there would be issues, continuity related, due to the change of order…I just watched the episode and believe me, its effects will carry on:)

  21. Becca says:

    Agreed Matt, #Facepalm

  22. Fran says:

    No worries about this, although I knew people would freak out. I can understand some Caskett fans frustrations at the beginning of the season, but I thought that their relationship has been really great this last half. What I love about this show is its portrayal of Castle and Beckett’s relationship. It’s REALISTIC. It’s not all romance and kisses, just like in real life. So many shows have such unrealistic portrayals of couples that it’s refreshing to see these kinds of moments.

  23. gabr923 says:

    there was much more chemistry between Kate and Erik (the billionaire) than between Kate and Castle.

  24. David4 says:

    The ending was lame, even more lame being we won’t have the right follow up for two weeks.

  25. Malachi says:

    *SPOILERS* This was about the most hamfisted writing we have seen all season, all done purely in the interest of adding angst before the season finale. What happened to, “there is one unexplained mystery I believe in… us”? That was last week, right? Suddenly, there is a big enough rift that she allows some guy she just met to (all in the space of 15 minutes) ply her with champagne, discuss personal hopes and fears, tell her essentially that her relationship is failing, invade her personal space, and THEN try to close the deal by kissing her. She’s not an idiot — she had to know what was going on, as it was happening. And she still allowed it, the last minute push-away notwithstanding. The Beckett from season 1 was a stronger character than this.

    Not only was Beckett poorly characterized, Castle was way, way too oblivious, from beginning to end. I don’t care how much of a gamer you are — when sexytimes are in the offing with a hot girlfriend, HALO has the night off. And at the end, when Beckett asked “where are we going?” the meaning was pretty clear that she was referring to their relationship. Answering “the bedroom” was overly shallow and simplistic for someone who is supposed to be a writer versed in the subtleties of language.

    Finally, could we please get away from the lazy trope that all Americans automatically swoon whenever they hear a British accent? It’s overused to the point of showing no imagination, made even worse because this show has already used it (“The Limey,” last season).

  26. TinaF says:

    Have been very disappointed in seasons 4 & 5. There are only a few episodes that I like.