Did Vampire Diaries Crown Wrong Queen? Did Dallas Dis Us? A Good Wife Gaffe? And More Qs!

Popular TV Shows 2013 Orphan BlackWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Game of Thrones, Bates Motel, Dallas and The Vampire Diaries!

1 | Anyone else getting an Alyssa Milano vibe from Orphan Black‘s soccer mom clone?

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2 | Did you Google “Meereenese knot” after Game of Thrones‘ Tyrion mentioned it was one of the prostitute’s talents? And what, exactly, does Pod know about ladies that Tyrion doesn’t?

3 | So many Mad Men questions: Is Joan moonlighting as a flight attendant? (If so, does she get to speak more in that other job?) Can someone explain to us why all these women want to shtup swarmy Pete? (And how much did you cheer when Trudy gave him the heave-ho?) Are Peggy and Stan quickly becoming your favorite couple? (That said, shouldn’t Peggy have known that telling her boss about the Heinz ketchup account was going to make him want to go after it?!)

Popular TV Shows 2013 Good Wife4 | Did The Good Wife — which is set in Chicago but shoots in New York City — make a massive continuity error, or did Fox News relocate their headquarters (trademark news ticker and all, see photo) to the Windy City?

5 | Could the director of the MTV Movie Awards have possibly done a worse job of establishing the Pitch Perfect cast reunion during the opening medley?

6 | Were you as shocked as we were that The Following‘s FBI team finally got a win in the form of rescuing Joey? (But wasn’t their failure to immediately cuff the follower who “turned herself in” a huge, unforgivable mistake? Also, are they allergic to back-up?) And are you bummed that Roderick won’t be around to antagonize both Joe and Emma?

7 | Was there any doubt that Bones‘ Brennan would catch the bouquet at the wedding of Booth’s mom?

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8 | As wonderful as The Voice has been this season, wouldn’t it be even better if there was a little less “here’s what happened before the break” recapping and “here’s what’s coming up” previewing — especially since some of the Battle Rounds (including the terrific Grace Askew’s) were edited back to mere snippets?

9 | Did Dallas taunt us as much as Christopher with the promise of seeing Pam again, played by… whomever? Was anyone expecting the very final scene to be a reveal that she is in fact alive, instead of an overreacting Elena impulsively aligning herself with some unseen Mexican warlord?

Popular TV Shows 2013 Bates Motel10 | Can the Bates Motel producers please slap name tags on Norma’s older son Dylan and her cop boyfriend Zack? It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell them apart. And sure, she’s bats–t crazy, but Norma’s unflagging commitment to the lie that she had nothing to do with the murder of Keith Summers was truly impressive, no?

11 | Biggest shocker in Awkward‘s very packed premiere: Jenna’s pregnancy scare or the death of Ricky Schwartz? And be honest: Aren’t you a little thrilled to be rid of Ricky?

12 | Better season-finale “canine conversation”: Bobby and Dog Travis’ heart-to-heart on Cougar Town or George and the non-female stray on Suburgatory? Speaking of the latter series, how brilliant was Ana Gasteyer’s vomit-take when Lisa revealed to her mom that she and Malik hadn’t had sex but had indeed been “making love” — thereby disqualifying her from contention for Purity Ball queen?

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popular-tv-shows-2013-the-americans13 | How much do you hate The Americans‘ Keri Russell for being able to pull off all those crazy wigs? Not fair! And is there anything more entertaining than when Elizabeth talks smack to Granny aka “old lady”?

14 | Who’s ready to set their DVR for Fox’s new sitcom starring Nicki Minaj and her pink pill-shaped speaker? “A man cannot just be friends with a girl named Khadija!” Wait, what? That was just an ad for her new Beats speaker system? Ohhh.

15 | On Glee, did you melt a little during Rachel’s pre-audition phone call to Finn? And on a scale of 1 to 10, how funny was Finn’s observation about his fight with Brody that “his face has sharp edges”?

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16 | How did Vampire Diaries‘ Bonnie get named Prom Queen?Vampire Diaries Season 4 Recap Prom Matt as King we “get,” since he’s the all-around good guy/jock. But Bonnie? Really?

17 | In a world where anyone out there cares about Community‘s Changnesia storyline: Any theories on who “Kevin” has been covertly communicating with? And does any couple on TV that’s sleeping together act less like they’re sleeping together than Britta/Troy?

18 | On an otherwise well-crafted show, where is Hannibal newshound Freddie Lounds currently ranking amongst TV’s most annoying characters?

19 | With this week’s terrible news out of Boston, didn’t Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert nail the appropriate mix of humor, sympathy, anger and thirst for revenge with their episode-openers on the subject?

20 | Between the behind-the-scenes legal fireworks and the cheeseball-looking early trailers, anyone else sensing Prospect Park’s All My Children/One Life to Live revivals will last about as long as one of Erica Kane’s marriages?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Smigglesby says:

    You guys are f’n crazy. Freddie Lounds is awesome. Lara Jean Whatevski is great and Fuller makes the most of those huge gorgeous peepers of hers. If anything’s annoying is the plot gaps that befall her character; like how the hell she gets around to such heavily guarded places….

  2. Autumn says:

    My own question is why kill Evan off on BATB and then say it was his fault when it was Vincent’s and Catherine’s fault? They could have told him the truth and prevented this whole thing. A big BOO from me. And also, did any else think it was so lame when at the Muirfield lab, the guy at the front suddenly announced to Evan that he had to go the bathroom? I hope it just means he was helping him because otherwise that was a bit of an embarrassing contrivance to allow Evan to sneak in.

    • ZmaX says:

      Well, i think he said that on purpose to show that he had “power” and could do anything he wants, and didn’t have to “ask to go to the bathroom” like Evan suggested he had to.

      But I was expecting him to return and see Evan was gone and turn on an alarm or something but he never did…either he was having some issues in the bathroom the whole time or he realized what an idiot he was for leaving Evan alone and kept quite.

    • ZmaX says:

      Well, i think he said that on purpose to show that he had “power” and could do anything he wants, and didn’t have to “ask to go to the bathroom” like Evan suggested he had to.

      But I was expecting him to return and see Evan was gone and turn on an alarm or something but he never did…either he was having some issues in the bathroom the whole time or he realized what an idiot he was for leaving Evan alone and kept quite.

    • Tarc says:

      If they killed Evan off in BATB, I’ll be relieved. They’d pretty much painted him into a corner plot-wise, and set him up with a personality that couldn’t bend enough to get out of his plotline without breaking. Hopefully, with Cat’s partner being at least partly on board and Evan’s loss, it will allow the show to move on a bit and expand in a different direction.

    • likestrek says:

      I wondered about the bathroom thing as well. I understand why there wouldn’t be cameras in a black ops facility but did anyone else think using a voice mail message to trick the voice activated lock was way too easy? Evan was analogous to Edward Albert’s character in the original show (love triangle) but way less interesting so the outcome pleased me…

  3. nikki says:

    I hate Bonnie. Matt and Caroline should’ve been Prom King and Queen.

    The Good Wife makes HUGE errors and the writers think we don’t notice.

    • Autumn says:

      I was glad Bonnie was made prom queen. She deserved it more. Maybe people wanted to vote for someone nice. By the way, love the whole development with Silas.

      • Josh says:

        Given that Caroline tended to be a mean girl for three years(she only just started being a good person when she became a vampire) and the best anyone can say about Elena is, “Wait, which guy is she dating?”…It really only leaves room for Bonnie. She’s nice, she’s hot and she’s popular. That’s really all it takes to win.

      • Bellaz says:

        Me too. Why should Caroline & Elena be in the spotlight all the time. Loved Matt & Bonnie.

      • Cort says:

        I was happy to see the unexpected King and Queen, too. When you think about it it makes sense. Those two are probably the only ones who actually go to school on the regular.

    • Bonnie and Matt are the only two who go to school anymore, the classmates can’t vote for someone they hardly ever see.

    • Christian says:

      Name a few, please.

    • Blah says:

      Aw, how can you hate Bonnie?? She’s the most selfless character on the show! And her friends treat her terribly, always using her for her magic to fix everything. All the times she’s almost died for someone, she deserves something nice! Just my two cents

  4. JTP says:

    17: Yes, Castle and Beckett.

  5. Michael says:

    # 9 tops my list.

    The old prime time soap cliffhangers of the ’80s would have given us a last shot of Pam watching all the action (maybe on the same network that broadast GH’s nurses’ ball); seriously, it would have been great to see her alive and make everyone count the days till next summer or whenever Dallas comes back.

    I don’t think Elena’s a strong enough character to base the next feud on… Bobby and company sending Cliff to jail for something they KNOW he didn’t do is just wrong and somewhat out of character.

    It’d be nice if VP changed her mind about reprising Pam, came back, sprung Cliff from jail and gave Bobby a hard time — before they reunite, of course.

  6. Becca says:

    7. As soon as Booth walked in with the bouquet I knew Brennan was going to catch it.

  7. Gilded Lady says:

    Bonnie made zero sense! Also: did no one other than Caroline and her cadre attend High school? If they did they certainly weren’t on those screens.

  8. funsized says:

    What do you have against Bonnie? She deserves some screen time & a moment to shine. I really hope she gets a bigger storyline & love interest in season 5. & friends that actually care about her. Where as April is the most useless thing bout this season. Like why is she even around?

    • dude says:

      She deserves Prom Queen possibly because she’s the prettiest but I would have loved to see Rebekah get it and kind of feel appreciated by her peers. I just think it would have meant more to her. I haven’t seen the episode yet though so I don’t really know what happens.

      • Alice says:

        Matt made the case for why Rebecca should not have gotten it. She’s been mean, all the time. You don’t just decide, I’ll be good today, and get prom queen like that.

      • hi says:

        Rebekah hasn’t been at that school very long in comparison to the other girls, which their classmates have known for forever. Her classmates don’t know her like that. She’s virtually a stranger. You can really get prom queen popular after one house party, you know?

  9. Beth says:

    I think Chang is on the phone with Duncan. Does anyone recall the randomly placed sentence during the puppet episode: “Anyone notice that Professor Duncan hasn’t been around in a long time?”

    • Tay says:

      Alison Brie mentioned on an episode of the Daily Show that John Oliver wasn’t going to appear in season 4 and since they’re always on the cusp of being cancelled, I doubt they’d extend the storyline past season 4.

    • Sarah says:

      He’s on the phone with the Dean of City College. In the montage at the end of season 3 it looked like Chang was in the ducts at City College watching the other Dean plan to take over Greendale.

  10. dude says:

    5. THANK YOU! Glad someone said it. There was practically no point to it at all. The camera only focused on Rebel and the guys to the point where Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, Alexis Knapp and the others might as well have not showed up. None of them got face time on camera at all.

  11. Clare says:

    Bonnie has no love interests. (Besides a ghost and a creepy beast.)
    -No real friends.
    -Not much screen time. (Unless she is called to do something for NOTHING in return)
    And is screwed with every episode.
    She can’t be prom queen? Which was ruined because she was attacked TWICE by her so called best friend.
    If you think Bonnie didn’t deserve to be queen, take a seat. Your basicness is making you dizzy.

  12. mm says:

    #4: Was it a “massive continuity error” or just poor camera angles? I never caught the Fox News logo in any of those shots, just the news ticker. However, as someone who works in that part of NYC, I knew where they were immediately. Also interesting was the somewhat lingering shot of 30 Rock’s 6th Avenue entrance. That was almost more recognizable than the Fox News HQ!

    • Lisa says:

      Agreed, more like shoddy camera work. Good Wife has made that mistake before too. There was a scene back in Season One that was shot on Broadway around 121st and 122nd Streets and you could see the 1 train coming above ground behind Eli and Peter. Definitely not Chicago!

    • J says:

      My family and I were in NY a few weeks ago and visited a coffee shop with a very recognizable logo that showed up in this week’s episode. I guess it makes sense, since they film there.

  13. wrstlgirl says:

    So far The Following has killed off three of my favorite characters, first Troy Riley (Billy Brown), then Paul (Adan Canto) and now Roderick (Warren Cole). At least I still have Weston, love him.

  14. Rrrrrr says:

    Isn’t it kinda obvious that Chang is working for City College? That is the last place we saw him last year, after all.

    • gdv says:

      I was thinking City College too. On a different note, I want to add a question! What’s with Project Runway this season and their love for Patricia? Her clothes are AWFUL, she never won a challenge, AND Nina hates her, yet she made top 3 over Daniel? Seriously? Am I missing something?

  15. Leah says:

    Stewart and Colbert knocked it out of the park this week. Ferguson was also excellent Monday night.

  16. Luke says:

    I keep hoping that Hannibal offs Freddie Lounds.. Every time I see her on the screen, that is my first thought.

    • Marco says:

      Her (male) book and big screen (twice) counterparts don’t go out in a blaze of glory (pun fully intended) until the Tooth Fairy case, so we’ll have to suffer her until he comes around.

  17. Molly says:

    20. Agreed. The only reason Prospect Park is suing ABC for $25 million (c’mon, $25M?) is because they’re realizing that the numbers don’t add up, and they’re hoping to recoup some of their investment.

    • Callie says:

      Absolutely agree. And, PP is hoping to stake claim to GH characters like Stephen Clay/Caleb from the now defunct Port Charles.Totally ridiculious lawsuit. Do they really have such little faith in their resurrected series? Doesn’t bode well. Feel sorry for the cast & crew involved for getting caught in this disaster.

      • Fyrkat says:

        Speaking of Erica Kane’s marriages…Erica Kane won’t be in Pive Valley at all.
        I too feel incredibly sorry for the casts of both shows. None of them should have re-signed for the web series.

  18. Marco says:

    15. I’m sorry, but nothing about Finn’s beatdown of Brody was funny, apart from maybe his Wiseau-esque definition of Rachel as ‘his future wife’.
    18. At least she’s meant to be annoying, and I’m afraid we’re going to be stuck with her for a long while until she, ahem, burns out.

  19. Sharon says:

    Why shouldn’t Bonnie be prom queen?
    Have you watched the vampire diaries?

  20. Amy says:

    No love for SouthLAnd in your Qs?

  21. sladewilson says:

    12 – As much as I truly love “Suburgatory” – that was the most depressing season ender for a dramedy ever!!!! That ending was definitely in the “are you kidding me?” catagory. Esp. George’s Mom and Daughter whatever that was in his head vision? Ugh. And how do you redeem Dallas now? You got the man living in a leather living room house? Really? Pack up and go back to NYC, George – Chatswin ain’t got nuttin’ for ya, bro…

  22. Why wouldn’t Bonnie be Prom Queen? Considering her other “friends” are hardly ever in school anymore, why would anyone vote for anyone else? Bonnie and Matt have gotten closer since they keep losing people they care about while the others just hop in and out of each others beds. Bonnie was the only one deserving of Prom Queen. No one hardly knows Rebekah so her winning wouldn’t have made any sense.

  23. Kim R says:

    #21. How much better was Live with Kelly & Michael this week without having to endure the Michael part?? (Okay…I just needed to get it off my chest) I was so happy to watch again and see Kelly able to be funny and quick and not have to carry the whole show. In my opinion (and I’m sure he is a nice guy) Michael is such a dud when it comes to interviewing and wit. :)

    • TV Gord says:

      I think Michael’s great! She doesn’t have to carry the whole show on her own. The week when she was off, he was just fine with his stream of guest co-hosts. I guess you can’t please everyone.

  24. dan says:

    9) Loved the Dallas finale until the last few minutes. Don’t care about Elena finding some long-lost childhood friend who is now a druglord. Seriously? I also thought we deserved a scene of a mystery woman somewhere in the world looking at a newspaper headline about JR’s death and Cliff Barnes being arrested. Didn’t have to be Pam, but could’ve left us wondering until next season (if there is a next season).

    20) Looking forward to AMC online reboot. I agree that the sets looked kinda cheesy in the preview that was released, but I’m still hoping to like this new version. As for the litigation between PP and ABC? Even bad publicity can be good if they spell everybody’s name right (and that’s why PP filed the case just 10 days before the online shows begin).

  25. The Beach says:

    13. I really enjoy The Americans and the interaction between Keri Russell and Margo Martingale is one of my favorite parts of the show.

  26. linda says:

    Should Bonnie Be QUEEN ???? HELL YES She belongs as QUEEN . Seeing How only She and Matt are the Only ones who go to School anyway so she would be Known more by her Classmates . DO you Watch TVD ? Bonnie is The Only Rightful Queen on that show . Bonnie Haters can Suck it

  27. Irena says:

    I don’t get the tone of this article referring to Bonnie Bennett? “Really?” ??? What hell are you implying?

  28. Sam S. says:

    Thank you! I thought I was the only one going is that the brother or the cop? Loving Bates Motel!!

  29. Emily says:

    20. Ha! Hope you guys are prepared for the wrath of overinvested soap fans to rain down on the comment section!

  30. Melissa Cica says:

    Yeah Bonnie get named Prom Queen, deal with it. who should have been? Elena is a lunatic bitch, Caroline acts like a dictator and bosses people around , rebakah is the new girl no one knows her well. Why would people vote for them? No one likes obnoxious brats, of course Sweet and kind Bonnie got the votes. So shut up TVLine, your stupidy is showing

  31. Sara says:

    Haven’t seen this weeks TVD but seriously? Bonnie? I would have rather she died in place of Jeremy. Or Alaric. Or Aunt Jenna. Or…anybody. I love Kat Graham but Bonnie as a character is awful. Or maybe the writers could stop making her useless and annoying. Blegh.

    • Sharon says:

      what show have you been watching?

    • Lena says:

      What show are you watching? The Salvatore brothers call on Bonnie constantly when they need her to do a spell or to protect poor Elena. She is their “go to” girl. Hell, that is the only time they even think about her. Bonnie helps her friends and in return, they screw her over.

    • Susan says:

      I didn’t realize saving everyone’s lives on a regular basis and actually being of the few characters competent enough to get things done equated uselessness?

    • kray says:

      You can’t be serious. Useless though? How is she useless? She saves everyone’s ass on the regular. Whenever anyone needs anything they call on Bonnie. Get a grip.

    • ChrisGa says:

      I wouldn’t say she’s useless but she’s pretty much functioned as a neverending plot device/deux ex machina for several seasons now–she’s trotted out every time the boys need a witch or when the world’s seemingly about to end(so to speak)and magic is needed to save the day. This is hardly TVD’s best season but I will say I’ve enjoyed Bonnie more this year than in previous ones(and I was more than happy to see someone finally put the brakes on Elena’s soulless, psychotic bitch routine).

  32. Daniela says:

    #20 Absolutely agree. It’s gonna fail. Hard. And in the end, Prospect Park will blame ABC. That’s what this ridiculous 25 Million Dollar lawsuit is for, right!?!?!?

  33. Caro says:

    OLTL will crash and burn! I used to watch the show but I hate how sleazy and unreasonable PP has been so I won’t be watching it. Plus, people don’t want to watch online only shows. They don’t want to pay for Hulu and for cable – especially when Hulu doesn’t stream everything. People don’t want to work all day in front of the computer and then sit it in front of it all night to watch TV.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I think Arrested Development fans might disagree with this. :) Though you’re right, I don’t think the online soaps are going to do well.

  34. Whatever says:

    3.The only question I have about Mad Men is, should I keep watching ?
    The 2nd episode is on my DVR but didn’t bother after the abysmal premier
    6.Really bummed that Roderick won’t be around to get under Emma’s skin .
    However the FBI not handcuffing the follower may of gotten rid of the annoying new boss always getting in Hardys way.
    16.Bonnie did seem the odd choice for prom queen but Elena is a Biatch who doesn’t go to school anymore and Caroline’s been a mean girl most of high school pre vamp .

    • Lena says:

      Why does it seem odd that Bonnie would be Prom Queen? She is beautiful…just like Elena and Caroline and she doesn’t act like she is the center of the universe.

      • Whatever says:

        Bonnie seems to be very quiet , wasn’t a cheer leader and she just didn’t seem popular to me.
        Most prom queens are popular among peers. IMHO
        Her appearance & personality had nothing to do with my comment.

        • Lena says:

          Actually, in Season 1, Bonnie was a cheerleader, just like Elena and Caroline. Also, I did not see her as just the quiet type when the series started and there is no suggestion that she wasn’t popular like Caroline and Elena on the series anywhere. The character Bonnie just doesn’t get as much screen time.

        • J says:

          I mean her classmates voted for her, so that probably means she’s popular? She’s a nice girl, she’s probably well liked.

        • kray says:

          Obviously you don’t watch the show! Bonnie was a cheerleader as well. She is just as popular as the rest.

    • TV Gord says:

      A lot more happens in the second episode, so you should enjoy it. (I loved the season premiere, though!)

  35. V says:

    Can’t believe there were no psych commenters! That entire episode was so well executed all the way down to the title.

  36. Britta Unfiltered says:

    2. Any ladies want to suddenly get to know Pod a little better?
    3. Peggy and Stan shipper right here. I also cannot believe we’ve been three hours of the season with so little Joan. They really only let her have one or two episodes a year of her own, don’t they?
    17. I am surprised how little we see of Britta and Troy’s relationship. And for Chang, I just assumed he’s been communicating with the dean of City College. I don’t think it could be anyone else.
    19. They always do well with these things, don’t they?

  37. Ben says:

    I think that “Kevin” Chang, is communicating with the guy who runs City College, since Chang was in the City College vents at the end of season 3.

  38. BamonBonnieFan says:

    So glad Bonnie was Prom Queen. Her and Matt looked pretty cute together up there.

    Team Bamon Forever!

  39. Angela says:

    10: Wow, yeah, they DO look rather similar, don’t they? And Norma is easily one of the most, if not the most, fascinating characters on that show right now.
    17: Lord, I can’t even begin to speculate on that. It’s Chang, who the hell knows? As for Britta and Troy…eh, I dunno, I don’t totally get that vibe. I think their relationship seems pretty casual at this point on all levels, sure, but I think they’ve had their moments, too.
    19: Jon and Stephen were in top form this week, as they tend to be :) (and on a non-Boston related note, Stephen’s “Oopsie Daisy Homophobe” song had me rolling). Craig Ferguson should also be commended for his show Monday night, too-his opening monologue of sorts was fantastic. All three men reminded me just why I love watching their shows.
    20: Yeah, I’m honestly not sure how long this will last. I know my mom’ll be curious to check it out, but she’s not one for watching things online, and she’s been an “All My Children” fan since the very beginning! Eh, if it works, great, if it doesn’t, well, it was a nice try.

  40. Donyell says:

    What is the problem with Bonnie being prom queen? She is pretty, her dress was amazing, she at least appeared to go with Matt and she saves lives on a daily basis. So what are you trying to say about Bonnie? Why would you insinuate that she was not good enough to be prom queen?

  41. Kate says:

    Really TVLine? Bonnie is not believable as ‘your’ option as a prom queen? Really?
    She’s probably the only girl in the gang going to school on regular, Caroline is always part of huge events and that scores her out of the equation for a prom queen and Elena pfft…let’s not talk about that. Bonnie IS the only option for a prom queen: she’s sweet, she must get along with everybody otherwise ppl wouldn’t vote for her, she’s always helpful, she saves the people from MF, amazing friend.
    I’m sensing that your biased, judgemental opinion of this character (for whatever it is that you have against her) is stopping you from accepting the truth. Bonnie Bennett is the only one who could have been crowned prom queen.

  42. kw says:

    I need to know why you guys don’t think Bonnie Bennett doesn’t deserve to be prom queen. Should it have been Miss Mystic Falls, Caroline Forbes, or the center of everyone’s (including Bonnie’s) universe, Elena Gilbert? From where I’m standing Bonnie deserved to bask in the spotlight, since she spends most of her time saving everyone.

  43. kirads09 says:

    #18 In Red Dragon Lounds is a male tabloid reporter killed in most gruesome fashion by Dolarhyde – after being used as a pawn by Will to draw the killer out.
    Clever way to still have the character, but with an interesting twist. Don’t find her annoying – but she will make things more complicated (if that is possible).

  44. Ruby says:

    #8 – I have to watch The Voice on DVR now because of all the recapping. I can’t take it. I don’t have that kind of time in my life to waste on that crap. I’ve started forwarding through all of the sob stories, too. I just want to see them sing. Is that too much to ask? Idol’s format is way better, I just wish the judges didn’t suck so much.

    Bates Motel is basically my favorite thing on TV right now. It’s everything I ever wanted in a story. And all of the actors are tremendous, especially Freddie. I know Vera will get all the accolades, but Freddie is AMAZING.

    • Tarc says:

      Eaxctly. I only watch the recorded version – I can watch all the music and comments in 30 minutes of the 120 minute show. The one Voice we need less of is Carson Daly… much, much less.

  45. kray says:

    What do you have against Bonnie though. What are you implying? Why is she not good enough to be prom queen? TVLine your bias is showing.

  46. Jules says:

    2- yes I did, and I still have no idea what the heck it is
    7- no doubt at all, as soon as I saw Booth holding the bouquet and being in the church, I knew that Bones would later catch it.
    11- I vote Ricky, and as happy as I am that he’s gone, I mean, come on seriously the guy was creepy and annoying, I was still really shocked that they killed him.
    15- That call was really sweet. And I’d give the comment a 7 or 8.
    16- What the Hell, TVLine, who else should they have voted for? I’m not the biggest Bonnie fan, but I liked that they make Matt and Bonnie Prom King and Queen.

  47. kirads09 says:

    #1 – No, not at all. Tatiana outshines Alyssa any day. Sorry.

  48. Patrick Maloney says:

    Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert should just run all night time talk shows and news shows

  49. Azerty says:

    11: I can’t say the pregnancy scare was poorly done but there was no built up and in 5 minutes it was over so I wasn’t really shocked. Ricky’s death however is the real surprise, I have nothing against the character and I’m sure they could have been funny stories with him, Clark and Sadie. But Tamara and Sadie’s reactions in episode 2 were great, I think the actresses did a very good job.

  50. Jane says:

    Why NOT Bonnie? It has been the Elena/Caroline hour for how long now? Those two get all the guys chasing after them, huge storylines while Bonnie acts as their trusty sidekick. Let her get SOMETHING already! Great question for you to ask Julie Plec.