Exclusive: Nikita's Dearly Departed on That Shocking Death: [Spoiler] 'Had a Really Nice Run'

Nikita Sean Pierce DeathWarning: This story contains major spoilers from Friday’s Nikita. Avert your eyes now if you’ve yet to watch. Everyone else, read on…

As solemnly promised, a beloved Division vet did not make it out of this week’s unrelenting Nikita alive.

Determined, strong-willed and stalwart-to-a-fault Navy SEAL Sean Pierce died a sudden and tragic death in the final moments of the CW spy thriller’s latest installment. (Let’s pour one out for him, shall we?)

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In an episode composed of explosive fights and fiery battles, Sean’s passing marked one of the hour’s more subtle and poignant moments; the fan fave — who was suffering internal bleeding from a gunshot wound — slipped away during one last kiss with his girlfriend Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca).

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Here, Sean’s portrayer (and number one fan) Dillon Casey discusses exclusively with TVLine his reaction to learning about the hero’s death, his final moments on set and whether we’ll see the character again before Season 3 signs off.

TVLINE | Not many people get to die twice in one season — but you did!
Yeah, I did! [Laughs]

TVLINE | When did you learn about this death, and that it would stick?
I was told about two episodes before, so not a huge amount of notice — but these things are secretive. That’s the nature of the show. So, I wasn’t too shocked… I’ve learned in this business that you shouldn’t plan for much. [Laughs] After you sign a contract, there’s not much that you can rely on. I joined a show about assassins and spies and killers — we all have a [gun] to our head! I wasn’t too shocked by it, because I knew somebody had to go. I just embraced it. Sean had a really nice run and was able to die a hero’s death. It was good for the character and good for the show.

TVLINE | How do you feel about the way Sean went out?
Oh, it’s so sad. It was so sad. Of course, I was personally sad that I was leaving the show because I’ve made so many friends and it was a lot of fun. But when I read that script, I almost cried — I didn’t quite cry, but I almost did. [Laughs] I teared up a little bit because Sean is such a good guy; the best person that I’ve ever played. He’s so honorable and he’s so selfless. Even when he’s [dying], he accepts and knows that it goes with the territory. It’s a shame because he really doesn’t deserve it — if there’s anybody on the show that doesn’t deserve to die, it’s Sean! [Laughs] I don’t know if that’s going to come across the right way. [Laughs] …There’s no moral gray area for him. It was sad because this guy was just the victim of statistics, almost; he puts himself in these dangerous situations, and eventually he’s going to get hit.

TVLINE | Were there any discussions between you and Lyndsy about how you’d play that final scene?
No, I don’t like to make deals on how to play the scene because it can take away the spontaneity. I just like to play it in the moment and see whatever happens. Lyndsy was amazing to work with in the scene. And we were lucky enough to get John Badham — who directed Saturday Night Fever — directing us, so what else can you ask for? It was amazing. It happened very naturally and organically. The whole set was very somber.

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TVLINE | Death aside, it seems like a fun episode to go out on. There were tons of action for Sean with both Alex and the guys in his final hours.
Yeah, it’s nice because Sean has been a bit of an isolated character. A lot of what he does is with Alex… So, it was nice to have this episode when he’s joining up with everybody. He teamed up with Michael and with Birkhoff — it was almost like a goodbye, and it was really nice to get to do that.

TVLINE | Looking back, do you have a favorite Sean moment?
I loved when Nikita shot Sean and then when he ran after her, she was taking off in the helicopter and he shot at her… It was so surreal. It was about five episodes in and I’d never been on a show like this before. You see it on TV and in the movies, and all of a sudden I was doing it. Amazing. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Will we see Sean again before the season ends?
In just the way that I had to let go of Sean, I think the audience has to say goodbye, too. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Did you stick around town for Nikita‘s final few episodes to see how the season wrapped?
Nope, I had to get back to my life. I stuck around town because I have friends and family in Toronto, but I didn’t stick around the set. You’ve got to rip it off like a Band-Aid; it’s part of the job… But you’ve also got to be careful, because these fans are like detectives! They noticed that I hadn’t tweeted about Nikita for awhile, so they figured Sean was dead! [Laughs] I felt bad and wondered how I could fix it and make it more of a surprise for these people… They know more than I do! [Laughs]

TVLINE | Do you have any parting words for fans sad to see Sean go?
I want to tell the fans thank you so much for supporting the character and accepting him so quickly as part of the cast. This character was brought on initially for just a couple episodes, but fans connected with him and really liked him. So, I owe the last two years to them. Thank you very much.

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  1. Paula says:

    Seriously who cares about Sonya or Ryan? They should have died instead of Sean. He deserved a better storyline..No wonder the ratings suck this season. I’m so done with this show.

  2. James says:

    This show is amazing.Full season 4 renewal!

  3. SciFi says:

    A fourth season? Sure. Team up Alex and Owen. That’s a sure way of killing off Owen.

    • Paula says:

      Alex & Owen? ewwwwwwwwww he’s too old for Alex and they’d be extremely forced. This show is ruined IMO.

      • LizMG says:

        Yeah, I love Owen/Sam but it would be creepy to hook them up. Plus, why does Alex have to end up with someone?
        She just lost Sean, she needs time to recover from that, the guilt for the lives lost because of the rebellion she started, her betrayal to Nikita, the brainwashing … she has more than enough on her plate to think about another love interest.
        Can’t wait for next episode! Hope there is a Nikita & Alex fight, like on Game Change Season 2 Ep1, but that they end up being friends again and helping each other, they both need each other now ….

        • Scoobydoo says:

          I think birkhoff and alex could be an interesting new couple. (Sonya is boring:P) What do you guys think?

    • Scoobydoo says:

      I think birkhoff and alex could be an interesting new couple. (Sonya is boring:P) What do you guys think?

  4. Scoobydoo says:

    I think birkhoff and alex could be an interesting new couple. (Sonya is boring:P) What do you guys think?

  5. Ashly says:

    I am actually really upset he died. I was so happy when he and Alex finally got it together! After all the tension and then his adorable drugged up confession to Alex about his feelings when he was shot. They made sense. I was waiting and anything for more time with them together in scenes after the hot make it session in the closet and never got it, and new never will. He shouldn’t have died. Anyone else I could have coped with, they ready could have made him and Alex stronger this c season by playing into the chemistry that became love, and had him being Alex out of her troubles right now. He grounded her and made her better. With all show’s, I’ve usually understood the story leading to a death of an important character. This over I don’t, especially not yet. The fans barely got to enjoy it. 2 seconds of finally getting it, just to have it taken away. When they could have continued it with a great storyline and a solid fish for a show that doesn’t seem to have much time left. I’m really saddened and disappointed with this decision. With writing like that it’s not a huge surprise it’ll be a short 6 episode, or so, if any season 4. They should just cancel it now. Nikita and Michael are boring now, and got pretty boring after Michael lost his hand. Hell even Sonja and Birkoff were more exciting when Sonja had the kill chip scare! Alex and Sean were all that was left in the romance sector of the show that held any interest. The spy stuff on this c season has even been disappointingly slow.

    • LizMG says:

      Sorry, but although I understand you are grieving for Sean’s death, can’t see how you would think he grounded Alex … like how? Yeah, nice chemistry between them, no doubt, but we ran out the door after his “ultimatum”, Sean said “I love you (1st time he ever said it) but if that is not enough reason for you to leave, I got no reason to stay” … what the what? He should have never done that, ok, he came back, forgiven, but he was leaving with the Seals in 2 weeks anyway, he didn’t because Amanda framed him and then turned himself in, wrong again!
      Then he was pissed because of his fake death as a traitor, then jealous of Owen … not the sweetest guy “again”, but he came around because of Alex. So who grounded who? Anyway, he had to go, it’s an assassins show, and his death had to mean something.
      Agree Michael became boring his hand drama … and didn’t like the quick fix, but hi is going t pay a price, might be the one that dies on the last episode, then I would be grieving …. Or if Alex, Birkoff or Sonya die … I can’t take it.
      Ryan was a poor leader and bad friend, and has nothing left in or out of Division, so he will probably die too, that brings new characters next season 4 that real fans so want.

      Again, sorry about Sean, hope you see his death was meaningful not just for Alex.

      And we need to move on, last night episode was great! And there are only 3 more this season, damn I can’t get enough.

    • Paula says:


  6. Shannon says:

    I thought I would give this show a shot, but found myself comparing it way to much to the 90s tv show La Femme Nikita. While this version is lighter and has Nikita on the outskirts trying to take down the organization everything is almost the same. I also like Peta Wilson and Rupert Dupois as Nikita and Michael. Shane west is doing a anokay job of Michael, but I am not sold on Maggie Q as Nikita. In the 1st episode I really wish they would have shown how Nikita was first indoctrinated and a little bit of how she escaped to place it down the line and not really have a feel for her character etc.. The Alex is indotrinated the same way Nikita was in the 90s TV Series. I felt they should have done it slightly differently because it gave me the feel of Alex as Nikita and not Nikita Nikita. I like the actress who plays Amanda, but I think Madeline was better. I will give the show a chance, but may ot stay because it is too closely similar to the 90s TV Series and I really liked that show and this remake so far has not hit its mark for me.

    • Alan says:

      if you give it more than the first episode then you will realise it goes off in completely different directions, the show isnt retreading anything and covers everything you want them to cover in the course of the first few episodes.

  7. Teresa says:

    I’m so done with show, Bring Sean BACK, you gave Michael his hand back so bring Sean BACK. You should have killed Ryan OFF or Amanda, I’m sick of her, get a new villian, once again a tv show that lets me down. Well my group of friends who gather at my house every week for the show have decided not to watch anymore.

    • Ryan Fletcher says:

      I agree, the Sean character deserved better. I understand why writers kill off characters…it’s for the shock factor and using it to further something in the plot…like furthering Alex’s storyline. However, it would have been more effective if Sean had been given more character development. It was disappointing to see him absent for some episodes this season… And when he did appear, it was not for long. I also didn’t like how he was downgraded to mostly “Alex’s boyfriend.” He had much more potential in season 2… he even confronted Nikita face to face and tried to kill her in that season.

      I really believe that the writers have treated Sean horribly. The right way to do it would be to give the Sean character more development before killing him off. It’s wrong to have him “die” and saved in the episode “Black Badge,” forced to never go back to the Navy Seals, and then actually dying some episodes later. Sean has been screwed over and over and over. I am jealous at how much more story they give the Owen character than Sean.

      If the writers do decide to bring back Sean due to a lot of fans complaining… we don’t need a crazy sci-fi reason to explain Sean’s return. I know in the episode that he died, he was laying on the ground… The writers can make a new explanation that he was unconscious. As long as they don’t show a funeral or his life-less body, the writers can just make a Division doctor or some medical character explain that he was able to treat Sean’s wound… Meanwhile Team Nikita still thinks Sean is dead and then he surprises everyone by helping them when they are in trouble!

      • NokaLover says:

        I couldn’t have written it better. Up to the next episode i was hoping that he’s not really dead since they did not show him in a coffin or part of the other agents’ bodies in a bag. I was hopong they would just teach Alex a lesson when there is this life threatening situation, he’d once again apear and save Alex. That would be totally cool. But i lost hope when the other characters talked of him as a goner. So sad. :(. Sorry to say this but Nikita’s appeal to me is not that impactful as it was when Sean was around. And yes, Dillon Casey was shortchanged as he was given a serires regular yet he rarely appeared on the show. I still love Alex’s character though, she’s my fave female character.

  8. Robb says:

    I don’t think I’ll watch it anymore after this season. Amanda’s character is becoming increasing annoying. How many times can that woman get away with murder. And now they killed off Sean character ? they could have killed off so many character. Why Him ?
    The story is getting ridiculous. I’m done. I think the show probably have one more season left anyway.

  9. Keith Emmanuel says:

    I think nikita lost bein nikita when Percy died
    am among those who really love villains in a movie or a show so when alex became a rebel with….. it really turned to ALEX instead of nikita I loved bt I cant blieve Sean died so soon RIP character Sean

  10. justmai says:

    their love story makes nikita more yhan just killings!! Hey!! Bring him back!!!!!!!

  11. nasim says:

    watched this show only for sean and now i will stop watching it