TVLine Items: TNT Apologizes for Castle Bomb Rerun, FX Lands George Lopez Sitcom and More

Castle Bomb Episode TNTIn a case of truly unfortunate timing, TNT on Thursday aired a syndicated installment of Castle that featured a bomb storyline.

The network quickly apologized for the error and released the following statement to TV Guide Magazine: “We deeply regret any distress that Thursday night’s episode may have caused.”

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This is not the first controversy surrounding Castle in the wake of this week’s Boston Marathon bombing: ABC on Wednesday delayed another bomb-centric episode of the dramedy, pushing it back to April 29.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• FX has acquired a new sitcom starring George Lopez. Co-created by and starring the comedian, Saint George centers on the chaotic life of a working-class Mexican-American who becomes a successful entrepreneur.

• Amazon Studios is doing something rare: publicly unveiling all 14 pilots on its inaugural programming slate. The projects have been made available for free on Amazon Instant Video, with viewers invited to review each of them.

• The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences on Thursday voted to reverse its previous decision to consolidate the Outstanding Lead and Supporting Actor/Actress in a Miniseries/Movie Emmy awards into just two categories. Moving forward, the long-form acting slots will remain four separate honors.

• Kris Jenner’s new talk show, Kris, will enjoy a six-week test run on select Fox stations beginning July 15.

Which TVLine Items have you talking today?

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  1. Lindsey says:

    its strange i actually thought about the Castle Bomb episode from last season when i first heard about the bombing.

    • Sg. Grant says:

      I’m hijacking the top comment, so people will see this. You all need to check out the Amazon pilots for Betas, Alpha House, and Browsers. They are quite funny, and have a lot of promise. I’d like to see a full write-up of this foray into the future of television.

      • cuius says:

        Seen Alpha House and Betas, and agree with your comments. Certainly more promising than some of the rapidly-terminated “comedies” that were aired this past winter, e.g., Made in Jersey, Partners, Ben & Kate

  2. Becca says:

    I kind of never realized how many bomb related episodes Castle has done…the ep airing the 29th is like their fourth one.

  3. Steven says:

    This is making me realize just how many shows have bomb storylines.

  4. leigh says:

    Poor Castle. The sad thing is their bond episodes are usually very strong episodes. I hate that the TNT ep was aired this close to the Boston attack. I don’t think TNT realized it.

  5. SJ says:

    Oh for pete’s sake… the BS PC crap just never ends, does it?!

    • Really says:

      What you decry as political correctness others call civility. We all know violence exists.

      • J.L. Jones says:

        How is not airing “47 Seconds” an act civility. It’s called censorship when networks remove something because it it might “offend people” and to people going “to soon” When is too soon?

        • scooby says:

          Yeah, as if a week later is suddenly okay for everybody’s sensibilities. I bet they’re not likely watching primetime drama if they’re really anxious about things still. At most the news, but maybe avoiding all of it. “Still” can air a week later and that be magically okay, the rerun can’t air after they got both suspects? I think most Castle fans thought of ’47 seconds’ well before it occurred to TNT. The crazy thing is it happened to air this week. What are the odds? We all assumed they’d pull it, they didn’t. I’d love to know who complained and whether they were even from Boston or getting the vapors on Boston’s behalf.

  6. Andy says:

    I’m just going to not comment on all this Castle business, because to do so would just add more fuel to the drama either way, but I am happy that George is going to have a new shoe. His sitcom and Lopez Tonight were both a lot of fun. That is good news.

  7. King says:

    Even TNT doesn’t watch Castle!

  8. Ettie says:

    You guys accidentally referred to George Lopez as a comedian.

  9. Ettie says:

    One more thought: shouldn’t TNT apologize for their network name and remove themselves from the schedule entirely? And why are they issuing statements on castle reruns instead of renewing Dallas?

  10. Brooke says:

    I don’t think TNT needs to beat itself up for it. It’s curious to me how many television episodes/shows revolve around murders and shootings and rapes and bombings and other violent things. Some of the biggest shows on TV – CSI, NCIS, L&O, even medical dramas, are all about people being violent or harmed by violence. I can understand wanting to be respectful as everyone is still reeling from a real-life attack, but our entertainment is ALL ABOUT violence!

    Not agreeing or disagreeing with airing or yanking episodes, just musing about this topic.

  11. Chacha says:

    I don’t watch castle but I do commend TNT for coming out and apologizing for their mistake.

    When is George Lopez going to realize his 15 minutes of fame are up?

    It’s a bit embarassing that he’s still attempting to convince himself and us that he’s a comedian.

    I expect this show to be cancelled abruptly like the others were.

    Fox cancels House and 24 but can give Kris Jenner a show? Excuse me, but an idiot is clearly running that network…right into the ground.

    It shouldn’t be a talk show as she’s not in a position to give smart advice to anyone.

    Money Grubbing Leech.

    • Jimmy says:

      What mistake? It’s a fictional series. It doesn’t cause terrorism, it doesn’t create terrorists. It’s not like people are forced to watch.

      • Chacha says:

        Are you aware that the president was sent a letter filled with Rat Poison?

        Are you aware that a member of the senate was sent a letter filled with Rat Poison?

        Are you aware that there is a woman in Critical condition, who has no idea that one of her kids is dead and the other lost a limb?

        I’m not a fan of castle, so it doesn’t really matter to me.

        But I am aware of the fact that our nation is hurting right now and we need to be more sympathetic towards everyone that was either hurt or killed during the boston marathon.

        That includes not showing episodes of tv shows that include bombings or murders or anything stupid.

        TNT came out and acknowleged their mistake and apologized for it.

        Bottom Line: Episode shouldn’t have been shown.

        • J.L. Jones says:

          Why? When is too soon, too soon? Next week? Are you really that naive to think that? Seriously? Does two weeks make it any better than one week? How about not showing it ever again? Would that suffice? Should just toss it aside? No. That would mean that we have altered our habits. And that’s the goal of any terrorist–to make us ‘afraid.’

          • Mel says:

            There are pros and cons to each argument, and most people are on the fence. But my guess is that those affected by the tragedy are probably not watching Castle, so is the point moot? Frankly, I don’t think the victims and families will ever get over this traumatic incident, no matter how much time goes by. Is being sensitive for a short period of time really censorship? I just don’t know.

          • j.l. jones says:

            It is censorship when some one decides something is inappropriate and removes it from the public. If people are that sensitive to the media, then perhaps they shouldn’t be watching TV. If there was a chance for that episode to air, then people should make that decision to watch it or not. I should not have that decision made for me. Not by you, Mel, or anyone else. There comes a time when we have to ask ourselves when will we stop letting tragic events alter our lives. More importantly, where was the outrage when the networks went wall-to-wall with the coverage? What is more cruel? Watching an episode of a TV show? Or seeing the real death? What is more offensive?

          • Mel says:

            I believe I did say the victims are probably not watching anyway. And no, I would never want to be the person making the decision to censor something for you or anyone else. But I think your use of the word censorship is in the wrong context. The word “censorship” in the dictionary means “an official who examines material that is to be published and suppresses parts considered offensive or a threat to security.” You think not airing Castle is suppression. If it was then we would never see the “offensive content” again. It’s just postponing for compassionate reasons. Completely different. But potato/potatho.

  12. arial2 says:

    The most shocking part was that I wasn’t in the least traumatized by the episode! In fact, I hardly noticed the topic. Given all the murder and mayhem on tv dramas and movies showing right now, it seems a little hypocritical. Perhaps I’d be more convinced if all the networks refused to show anything containing violence. Does anyone really believe that a new or rerun episode of Castle is in any way less violent than Hannibal or Criminal Minds? The worst, IMO, is the way ALL the news shows keep rerunning the REAL bomb explosions in Boston and Texas, then insist that thought a new Castle episode with a bomb in it will be too traumatizing. Say WHAT??? Reality check, folks.

  13. Molly says:

    Oh please. Bombs don’t suddenly cease to exist just because of the situation this week.

    Also, “syndicated” doesn’t really apply to a TNT rerun. Syndication, by its very definition, it the process of selling content on an entity-by-entity basis and bypassing a single organization. The term applies to broadcast syndication, because producers sell the shows on a market-by-market basis rather than a network. But selling the content to a single cable network doesn’t truly qualify as syndication.

  14. Irena Gallo says:

    Are you kidding me? People are upset about a Castle episode with a bomb? Do folks forget about the horrific and violent (not to mention disgusting) shows that are on TV every day in first and reruns (Yes, I’m talking Dexter,Breaking Bad, True Blood, and lots of network shoes as well).

    People get upset about a bomb and watch stuff ilke Hannibal (I can’t even stomach that it’s on tv let alone people watch it! Disgusting.) Some of the most popular shows regularly feature extreme violence, gore, etc. People don’t seem to get upset about that but then you have a bomb episode and it’s insensitive to air? Seriously?

    All you have to do is CHANGE the channel. That simple. Just like some of us do not watch sickening TV shows. Ya wanna watch? You’re an adult? It’s your business.

    The news this week, with its almost constant rerunning of those who were hurt and injured from the Boston bombings…that is what you should be upset about.

    • J.L. Jones says:

      People feel they are entitled of be the babysitters of the rest of us when bad things happen. They can’t just change the channel, they have to pull everything because it might offend a handful of people. You only get offended if you actually let yourself get offended in situations like this. In other words, if you don’t like episodes that might offend you, then don’t watch it. Simple.

  15. Nancey says:

    Probably someone very low on the food chain at TNT was watching and probably had to call 20 people before this could be pulled and by then the episode was over. They stepped up and apologized. I can forgive insensitivity and unawareness. Perhaps in the future, when an event happens, all reruns should be screened in full before airing for a while? I am disturbed by the violence after any drama on any network airs, and reel life becomes real life. People do get ideas from media including television on how to create chaos and become a terrorist.

  16. J.L. Jones says:

    You know, TNT didn’t have to apologize. I think the people that are complaining that the aired the episode should apologize for taking to the ‘net to voice their displeasure. Who made you the decider of my viewing habits? More importantly, how many of you chained yourselves to your flat screens and iPhones for ’round the clock news coverage of the Boston Bombings and are now complaining about TNT’s airing of “47 seconds”? More importantly, if you watched “47 Seconds” and felt offended — then SHAME ON YOU. You shouldn’t have watched it.

  17. Sean says:

    Why do TV execs keep giving George Lopez chances? He is one of the least funny and talented people I have ever seen.

  18. femmefan1946 says:

    Still was an entirely different type of bomb than those used in the Boston attack. It was more like a landmine. A storyline used, by the way, in an episode of “Hamish MacBeth” starring Robert Carlyle and Phyllida Law, many years ago.
    The Castle episode that was most like the Boston situation aired in March 2012 “Sinning by Silence” when a bomb in a backpack exploded at an “Occupy””-like protest.
    Shall we return to a discussion of Nathan Fillion’s weight?

    • jess k says:

      You’re thinking of “47 seconds”, which is what aired. “Sinning by Silence” is the title of the recap here on TV Line. Quite an unfortunate episode to have aired this week…

    • Caley says:

      Why don’t we start with discussing YOUR weight. How rude. And while we’re at it, can we discuss parents who raise their children (femmefan1946) in a barn and have no respect for others?

  19. iampeniel says:

    The fact that one day has not past without the major networks rerunning the explostions, morning ,noon and night tells me that the major networks hype up this kind of trageties more then any TV show could. We are not idiots we know it is fiction when it is a show. The real bombing is more horrific because we are aware that this is real we don’t see any cameras saying cut no movie star saying lines. This was a tragic day and my thoughts are with the injuried and the 4 fallen, and yet in Texas the explostion which so far is an accident has claimed 14 lives. This is media’s dirty laundry.

  20. forwarddad says:

    Oh please let Kris Jenner fail miserably. The world doesn’t need Another talk show especially one hosted by momager.

  21. cuius says:

    Calling a network “TNT” wasn’t exactly helpful in this context