What to Watch Thursday: Vampire Prom, Big Hannibal Twist, a Community Christmas and More

HannibalOn TV this Thursday: The Vampire Diaries goes to the prom, Hannibal lends a not-so-helping hand, a Beauty hears a declaration of love and Community hosts a party yule love. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar.

8 pm The Vampire Diaries (The CW) | Remember when you went to the prom, sipped too often from your pal’s flask and then puked in your date’s lap? That horror will pale in comparison to what happens when new vamp Elena gets dolled up and attends the big dance. (Check out some preview pics.)

8 pm American Idol (Fox) | Idol alumni Fantasia and Clay Aiken perform at this week’s results show.

Community - Season 48 pm Community (NBC) | Annie secretly invites Cornwallis to a holiday party at Jeff’s. When it becomes clear that the professor is planning to give them a bad grade on their joint paper, the members of the study group take swift action.

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9 pm Beauty and the Beast (The CW) | Evan confesses his love to Cat and admits that he led Muirfield to Vincent. (Get scoop on what’s ahead for the rest of the season.)

9 pm Glee (Fox) | Rachel auditions for a Broadway revival of Funny Girl. NeNe Leakes and Idina Menzel return as guest-stars. (See some preview pics.)

9 pm Parks and Recreation (NBC) | Back-to-back episodes: Leslie works to get rid of outdated laws and then tries to figure out the right way to commemorate Jerry’s retirement. (Get a video sneak peek.)

9 pm Anger Management (FX) | Back-to-back episodes: Charlie takes the group on an equine therapy retreat, then must deal with his neighbors who don’t love that he sees angry patients in his home.

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10 pm Hannibal (NBC) | Jack thinks that Abigail may have aided her father’s killing spree; when Hannibal suggests that the girl be escorted back to Minnesota – aka the scene of her dad’s murderous meltdown — things get really interesting.

10 pm The Moment (USA Network) | Gentleman who wants a shot at NASCAR, start your engine!

10 pm Men at Work (TBS) | Peri Gilpin (Frasier) guest-stars as a new editor at Full Steam Magazine, and the guys do their best to impress her. JK Simmons (The Closer) also returns.

Hit the comments with your must-see picks from tonight’s lineup!

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  1. Renee says:

    Beauty and the Beast

    • Dulci says:

      Me too. Add TVD to the list. Glad to have them both back with new episodes. From the trailers, looks like they are coming back with a bang. Interested to see where both the episodes take us. You just never know… I like a little fun surprise in the plot.

  2. Eric says:

    Parks & Rec

  3. Beauty and the Beast for me only!!!!! BeastDay today :) killing me 3 weeks hiatus!!!!!!!

  4. Mel says:

    DVR Project Runway

  5. anik says:

    Community (It’s Christmas Time!), Parks and Recreation & Hannibal. I don’t understand why NBC is always last in ratings. All my favorites shows are on NBC.

    • stang119 says:

      You are correct about NBC having some really good shows. I find myself watching something on NBC every night (except Sunday, and Tuesday now that Parenthood is off and Smash was moved). But being a white male, age 61, I (and all my friends) are invisible to the networks. I hate demographics. I have money to spend too (actually more than the average “affluent” 18-34 year old)!

      • Eric says:

        I am an 18 year-old male, so the networks love me. Other than a few series, the majority of what I watch is on NBC. Still, the ratings suck. All of my peers are too busy watching MTV. It’s truly a shame.

      • Shaun says:

        Don’t worry,everyone without Neilson boxes are pretty irrelevant to them too.

    • Sara says:

      I’m an ABC gal (the past two weeks were boring lol), only watch Parenthood & Community on NBC

    • Faster says:

      I agree, and I was just wondering this the other day. I don’t watch a lot of network TV, but when I do it is always NBC, even late shows. The only thing I watch on another network channel is HIMYM on CBS. And I am in the target demographic as well.

  6. stang119 says:

    Parks & Rec
    Community (although if NBC had premiered the series in October as originally planned, the Christmas episode would have actually aired during the holidays!)
    And to Anik: I also watch a lot of NBC (not the reality stuff)

  7. livvy says:

    American Idol

    • Unkystan says:

      Idol and Glee? Really? What ate you? 12?

      • lll says:

        Don’t critcize livvy’s choices. It’s television. There’s a lot of choices and livvy can watch what she wants. Nobody’s criticizing your choices. Oh that’s right you didn’t state what you’re watching tonight because you can’t spell the word ‘are.’

        • Unkystan says:

          Actually I did say I’d be watching Parks and Rec, Community and Hannibal. And later tonight Craig Ferguson. I was being sarcastic with the opinion that the writer was 12. It’s just that there is much well written scripted stuff that it kinda annoys me that its blown off for reality. I watch the news for reality. Oh and this is not a crossword puzzle. Spelling doesn’t count.

          • Jay says:

            Spelling may not count, but you should still make an effort. These posts will be around for a while.

      • Devon says:

        And are you 10?

    • Unkystan says:

      I was kinda harsh. Sorry.

  8. Brett says:

    I really hope Hannibal gains a following and keeps it. Brian Fuller eventually plans on getting into the stories from the books down the road, specifically Red Dragon, and I think that that would be really cool! If only NBC could figure out how to maintain an audience.

    • Mikael says:

      I like Hannibal. It’s kind of like CSI meets Dexter, but for network tv (though they show alot for network tv.) I really hope the show goes on because that would be great to see some Red Dragon stuff.

  9. DL says:

    The link for TVD preview pics goes to the Idol recap instead.

  10. lyn says:

    Yowza! Crappola night for TV. Time to catch up on recorded stuff.

  11. SusieQ says:


  12. Community. Person of Interest & Elementary will be back next Thursday for the last string of fresh episodes for their respective seasons.

  13. Jared says:

    I’m sorry, but, you did not seriously put MEN AT WORK, on the Must Watch list?!?!

    I’m gonna pretend like that was a belated April Fool’s joke…

  14. Babybop says:

    TVD, Community and Parks and Rec (2 episodes, yay!).

  15. Brandy says:


  16. Jared says:

    Beauty & the Beast! That hiatus was rough!..lol

  17. Danae says:


  18. Danae says:


    Sad there is no new elementary!

  19. Aprilcot says:

    Idol’s last 5 minutes
    P&R (2x!)
    Glee on the DVR when I get around to it…

    I really love Hannibal; I hope it garners a following.

  20. Georgia Madman says:

    BEAST!! Bummed that POI isn’t on.

  21. Dulci says:

    TVD and Beauty and the Beast. I need a break from reality. I will take my fantasy, romance and action fix with these two tonight. Gonna grab a glass of wine, snacks and the hubby and have a relaxing stress-free date night! After all the news this week, I need a few sci-fi moments.

  22. wrstlgirl says:

    BATB and Hannibal :-)

  23. Justin says:

    Just Parks and Rec (x2!!) tonight for me.

  24. Elsie says:

    Beauty and the Beast! New episode tonight after a three week hiatus. I’m so excited! This show just gets better and better!

  25. Andy says:

    Community, Glee, and Hannibal

  26. bobbie says:

    Community, Parks & Rec, Parks & Rec, Hannibal. I’m still trying to watch Hannibal. I’m not finding it amusing. Am I missing something?

    • wrstlgirl says:

      That’s a joke, right? If someone found Hannibal amusing I’d be concerned for those around them :-)

      • bobbie says:

        no, I was really hoping to find something amusing there. It’s Bryan Fuller, right? You might want to be concerned about my people, though, because I can really imagine it being amusing. Oh, wait! Dexter! right?

      • Mischa Lecter;D says:

        HANNIBAL. And the show IS very amusing. The guy is having a blast manipulating some of the smartest ppl, idk how u can’t find it funny(especially last night’s episode).
        And in case some people haven’t noticed already from my dreadful “texting shortcut writing” I am also a part of this demographic they have with young adults.
        Most of what I watch is NBC(&HBO), FOX shows these days suck and CBS only has HIMYM really so I get really annoyed looking at ratings and seeing my shows in danger.
        I hope that they don’t cancel Hannibal, intellectual shows are so rare. I don’t think that I have ever been so hooked on a show this early. I really NEED this to continue for at least 5 seasons for me to renew my hope for tv shows

  27. Shaun says:

    Fantasia and Clay are horrible singers for a results show.

  28. Sarah says:

    Parks & Rec (two episodes..yes!!!)
    American Idol

  29. Christian says:

    Vampire Diaries – Glee – Hannibal.

    BTW: Was I the only one who got a chuckle out of Kimberly’s Vampire Diaries description?

  30. Boone says:

    Hannibal !

  31. Maria Saldana says:

    I don’t understand why people have to put other peoples shows down. Ive never see Men at Work and probably never will, but why should someone be put down just because you don’t like that show. It would have been more reasonable if you just mentioned why you didn’t like it instead of just acting above it. It’s just tv.

  32. brianc2012 says:

    Beauty and the Beast for me as well!

  33. Katie_Mead says:

    Beauty and the Beast followed by Hannibal. Hmm … strange viewing bedfellows, but then I watch them for different reasons.

  34. Jan says:

    Magnum, P.I. on COZI