Glee Recap: Hold on to That Feelin' [Updated]

Glee Season 4 Rachel Broadway Audition Amber RileyOn this week’s Glee, Rachel looked to her New Directions past to help her move toward a Broadway future, Finn stuggled to find a balance between his responsibility to study and his right to party and Marley unveiled a secret weapon that might be the key to winning Regionals.

It wasn’t the funniest episode of Season 4 — and it wasn’t as harrowingly intense as last week’s “Shooting Star” — but “Sweet Dreams” captured the innocence and hopefulness of young kids with big aspirations as well as any hour of the show this season.

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And while I’m sure some folks will say it’s too much of a stretch to think a team of high-powered producers would consider hiring a college freshman with absolutely no theater experience to headline a big-budget Broadway revival of Funny Girl, all I can say is that Rachel’s rafter-rattling rendition of “Don’t Stop Believin'” quashed any skepticism in my heart.

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If you were too busy making grilled cheese sandwiches with your toaster, here’s what you missed on Glee:

Rachel Puts the “Oh!” in Open Call | Rachel started the week thinking she needed to channel her idol Barbra Streisand to win the lead role in Funny Girl, but birth mom Shelby stopped by for a pow-wow and convinced her that a “fresh interpretation” was needed. Rachel then chose the Season 1 number that started it all — “Don’t Stop Believin'” — and as she performed it for a trio of cranky producers, she began to envision the old New Directions gang (Tina, Mercedes, Artie, Kurt and Finn) backing her up. This may have been the most joyous moment of Season 4 — and made me wish there’d been a little more NYC focus this week (but yeah, I always wish that). At the close of the show, Ms. Berry’s phone finally rang: She got a callback! Cue Rachel/Kurt happy dance! Yay!

Marley Proves She’s an Original | Marley decided to free her original songs from the false-bottomed drawer in her bedroom — at the exact moment Mr. Schue settled on a completely literal interpretation of Regionals’ “Dreams” theme: “Dream Weaver,” “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),” and “You Make My Dreams.” When Blaine & Co. challenged the set list, Schue got more dictatorial than Mussolini, but later, after hearing Marley (with Unique, Blaine and Sam) singing her self-penned ballad “You Have More Friends Than You Know,” his heart grew two sizes bigger. Grinch-Schue invited Finn back as co-coach, threw out his janky set list, and reopened the discussion about the possibility of original songs at Regionals. (I’m casting an early vote for Mercedes’ “Hell to the No.”)

Finn Reaches a Crossroads | When Puck took over as his roomie at Lima State, Finn descended into a party-all-the-time mode (that clown in the fountain was the creeeeepiest), culminating in a Beastie Boys cover that was almost too painfully real in light of Cory Monteith’s recent struggles with addiction and relapse. After slapping down an olive branch from Schue and missing another test, Finn got a stern talking-to from Puck, who demanded the two of ’em become more than what was expected by their naysayers. Finn decided to refocus on becoming a teacher — and even got the school to give him actual credits for his new role as New Directions co-adviser.

In Other News… | New Cheerios coach Roz Washington made Becky and Blaine take oaths not to put a hex on her like she suspected they’d done to Sue, but Becky’s skittish behavior made Blaine wonder if she knew more about the school gunfire incident than she’d revealed. Finn and Puck got invited to join a frat. We found out Shelby had opened a Broadway daycare (aka “Fame for toddlers,” as Rachel put it). And Rachel called Finn for a sweet chat before she went to her audition. (Even their phone convos percolate with chemistry, no?)

Grades for This Week’s Performances
Rachel & Shelby: “Next to Me” | These two always sound great together, no? Grade: A-

Finn & Puck: “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party!)” | Grade: N/A

Marley, Sam, Unique and Blaine: “You Have More Friends Than You Know” | A little “That’s What Friends Are For”-sy, yeah, but a pretty melody and some genuine chemistry among the performers. Grade: B+

Rachel: “Don’t Stop Believin'” | Oh em gee, give her the part already! This was almost too good. Grade: A+

Marley & New Directions: “Outcast” | This one just didn’t move me in any way. Maybe New Directions’ status as defending national champs took a little sizzle off this anthem for the put-down and put-upon? Grade: C+

With that, I turn it to you. What did you think of “Sweet Dreams”? Hit the comments with your thoughts, then vote in our poll for your favorite musical number.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. karenb says:

    Love this show. Great episode. Sam is so freaking funny.

  2. RUCookie says:

    I just love rachael and Shelby together… Their voices blend so well. Just wow! This was a fun episode…while we never had slip and slide parties at school, I have to say that it looks like it was ridiculous fun…and finally, I absolutely loved Rachel’s audition (with the original New Directions).

    • We had slip and slides at school. Only it was February and the slip and slide was snow outside. Afterwhich, climbing the the stairs into the boys dorms (I went to an all girls Catholic College the was partnered with an all boys University) I drunkenly broke my toe in my bearfoot climbing the concrete and metal stairs. Ouch!

  3. A says:

    Will was absolutely insufferable this episode. He was such a GIGANTIC douche. Your job is to teach and guide these kids and help them follow their dreams whether they come true or not. Your job is not to shoot them down, lower their self-esteem, and act like a dictator. He needs to let them sing what they want to sing! Douche!! (I’m sorry, It needed to be said a second time).
    Also, I have to say, I am usually okay with Glee’s absurd storylines and lack of consistency as there is nothing I can do about it and I’ve learned to accept it, but the fact that Finn can decide to go to college and then a week later he’s ACTUALLY IN college is so ridiculous and frustrating. How can he just get into college a week later and have finals, etc. It just pisses me off. I would have been fine if they had given a reason or even a ridiculous excuse like he applied months ago and deferred his acceptance or something but there was no mention of how he just ended up in a college where a dean lets him get credit by coaching Glee club. This whole storyline is dumb and unrealistic.
    I really loved Rachel’s Don’t Stop Believing performance. This was the first episode in so long that I actually felt like I was watching the old Rachel. The song brought back so many memories of the old Glee.
    Idina Menzel is always a welcome guest on Glee. I really wish she was a recurring character in the NYC storyline.
    The Outcast song seemed a little weird to me as these kids don’t always seem like outcasts (yes some are but not all…Sam? Jake? Ryder? Kitty? Brittany? none of these seem like outcasts). Also, it’s not like the first few seasons where we actually saw the Glee kids being bullied and put down by other students in the school. The newbies and even some of the original kids are rarely shown interacting with kids outside of the Glee club or being bullied nowadays.

    • Para says:

      If you think Finn going to college is crazy.. I wonder how you gonna watch great shows like friends——–“six people sitting in a coffee house all day! come on!” Just enjoy the show, it’s about the character not the plot :)

      • A says:

        I do enjoy the show still despite all of its flaws, but as a college student myself, Finn’s college story line was so stupid and unrealistic and particularly annoyed me. The way they handled Rachel’s NYADA application process was real and I appreciated seeing that process. It was realistic and a lot like many of us real college students go through. We don’t get to have acceptances handed to us like Santana or get to go to college any time we just feel like it. I know with Glee there needs some sort of acceptance of a lack of consistency but this storyline really annoyed me personally.
        Plot is very important to a show in my opinion as is character development. It’s not just about the character. Every show needs a plot or else all you will have is characters just sitting around talking and doing nothing. There needs to be something going on to allow for their character development like preparing for Glee competitions or “planning to go to college and become a teacher”.

        • KayT says:

          “Plot is very important to a show in my opinion as is character development.” – I have to say you’re watching the wrong show. Glee is a show that throws character development out the window for the chance to showcase the PSA of the month or to have one of their characters sing a certain song. Character Inconsistency has been the only continuity Glee has had since…the Back 9 of Season One. It’s only the talent of the Original cast that has made Glee what it is now. And fans are still watching the show because of them.

        • Trouty Mouth says:

          “We don’t get to have acceptances handed to us like Santana” – that’s called an athletic scholarship, sweetie.

          • A says:

            Yeah, a scholarship she had shown no interest in trying to get with no mention of scouts coming to check out her athletic ability out. Her cheerleading coach just happens to have one for her at the end of the year and voila she’s in college. Please. At least when Finn wanted a football scholarship we actually heard him discuss about how much he wanted it and we actually saw a scout come to check him out and we saw him fail. And with Kurt, we saw him work so hard to get into NYADA and how upsetting it was when he ended up not getting in. Santana had no plans at all and it was just convenient when it was just handed to her at the end of last season like that as a way to just let her have something to do in the beginning of the season.

          • Me says:

            @A it was established in season 1 that the cheerios get scholarships, plus she was captain and led them to two victories. However out of the blue it may have seemed to you, it made sense.

        • O-town says:

          There’s a show on MTV called True Life. They have real stories about real people. They may have done an episode about real students trying to get into real colleges and allowing people like yourself who prefer their “dramedies” to be real life-like so that there’s no confusion to anyone watching what the real world is really about. There’s also that show on MTV, The Real World it’s called, where 7 strangers are picked to live in a house and shows us when they start being real. You might like that show too because it’s really real and the people are real and not like some stupid actors who pretend to be experiencing a real life-like experience that you’re going through because it feels like they’re not focused enough on the real aspects of real life stuff like the real things you’re going through in your real life. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. Yes, I think your unreal expectations of the show is preventing you from actually enjoying it for what it is. Entertainment. If you really don’t like how unreal it is, feel free to walk outside and watch the very realness of grass growing.

          • A says:

            Your rudeness and sarcasm is unnecessary. I do enjoy the show. I’ve watched it since the very beginning and I usually let all the ridiculous things that make no sense pass by me and let myself enjoy it for what it is. Forgive me, for bringing up something that I found to be particularly annoying. The whole point of this comment section is to post our own thoughts and I am far from the last person to take issue with something on this show and way less obsessive (see shippers).

      • Natty B says:

        I agree with you! I wish people would just enjoy shows or just stop watching. I mean there are aspects of Glee I don’t like right now but damn all people wanna do is complain.
        And about the song Outcast and how the kids don’t seem like outcasts…let’s just face it if they were getting slushed and picked on like the seasons before people would complain that it has already been shown Glee club members are outcast so get on with it.
        There are so many different perspectives that people should be watching a show like Glee from. It requires an open mind that is able to adapt to change, which saddly a lot of folks aren’t capable of.

    • Ian says:

      You hit the nail on the head. Agreed with everything you said. It’s episodes like this that actually make you feel stupid and guilty for watching the show.

    • JLK says:

      I hope season 5 has more focus on NY.

    • Shannon says:

      I was pretty much going to say the exact same thing here. Will in the 1st 3 seasons was a mentor and a friend etc to the glee kids, this season he was gone for most of the 1st half and now they have his character acting like a real ass. The older kids get few story lines and are once again put in the background for Jake, Marley, and Ryder. Seriously the younger kids should be looking up to the older kids. The newbies are not really outcasts and have not really experienced what the originals went through with bullying, experiences outside glee club etcc. They do not have a Rachel who is constantly rehearsing songs and was confident in glee club, but not outside. I thought Marley was going to gain more confidence, but she seems to be retreating even more and still letting others dictate things for her. Rachel would whine, pout etc to get her way in Glee club and would put on a performance to back up her tantrums. Seasons past it has been all about the competitions and rehearsals with the outside glee world intermixed. Now it is all about the outside world and glimpses of glee and the competitions. I could open up to the split parallels if they allowed the older originals the limelight and place the newbies to the background and give them places to grow. NYC needs to stop being all about the apartment and more on NYADA and their classes and what they do with clubs. I hated that they made Glee Club the loser club at NYADA when it should be the best. I am glad Kurt joined and was sad that Rachel thought it was uncool. I hated that they changed Rachel as Glee club made Rachel. The 1st half of the season was fine, but the 2nd half is just a big mess. Where is Emma? Seriously, Will being a jerk to Finn was unnecessary a few episodes back. Glee would not have made it w/o Finn and he wouldn’t have joined if Will did not blackmail him by planting the evidence. What happened to the funny stories like Sandy? What happened to investigating their competition and actually having rivals like Vocal Adrenline and The Warblers? What happened to Joe Hart and Sugar don’t they need 13 people in Glee? The newbies do not bring anything new and different to the table like the originals did/do.

  4. Matt says:

    Songs were great! Episode was great! I wish episodes of GLEE were hours longer!

  5. Aria says:

    Thought it was kind of a weak episode all around, especially compared to the last few weeks, but I won’t go on a rant. Instead, I’ll focus on how much I’ve grown to like Sam Evans over the course of the last few seasons. Although I have to wonder why money-strapped Finn and Puck are paying to live in a college dorm when their parents probably live about eleven feet away (is the “college experience” really worth the ridiculous living expenses?).

    • Jillian says:

      To answer your question, absolutely YES. Part of the joy of college is having freedom from your parents for the first time. Both of them have been living on their own (Puck in LA and Finn in the army briefly) so why would they wan’t to revert back to their high school ways and live with their parent? I would imagine at least Finn is living on student loans which cover the cost of dorm rooms.

    • money says:

      Finn’s stepfather makes over $150k a year.

  6. steve says:

    I thought this was one of Glee’s worst episodes. Hopefully next week is good. Hated that they wrote ANOTHER original song about how hard it is to be in Glee club.

    • Russ says:

      Actually Marley’s original song “You Have More Friends Than You Know” was written for the It Gets Better campaign and some of the money from the iTunes download is going to the Trevo Project.

      • rehash says:

        Nice and I hope they get money but that doesn’t mean it is a good idea to rehash orignal songs. Out cast doesn’t ring true since the school hasn’t really bother these kids i fact they kind of run the place.

  7. Ian says:

    I was nauseatingly bored. Oh and Mr. Shue has manic depressive disorder, clearly. And did you know that Coach Roz couldn’t go to sleep in the ghetto until she heard two gunshots! You know because she’s black? Get it? Glee is sooooooo funny and clever!…………oh yeah and remember when they wanted us to take a shooting episode really seriously last week?…This show is honestly the worst.

  8. Magma says:

    who were the actors playing the producers at Rachel’s audtion???

    • TT says:

      I know Michael Lerner played the male producer. And the one in the middle was also in the final scene of Working Girl as Tess’ (Melanie Griffith) secretary.

  9. Lorena says:

    I miss Glee season 1 or 2 or 3, when we didnt have sweet Marley ( she will make get diabetes) and puckerman 2 and kitty, i dont like them, i wish we got Lindsay from the season 1 of Glee project she really could be the new Rachel, this guys dont even stand a chance in National..

    • dan says:

      I’m getting used to the newbies, but I wish they would have brought Lindsay in. I had read something that made it sound like she had conflicted with someone in the cast, which is too bad.

    • Johnny says:

      They’re going to lose at Regionala, I think. And especially if they use one of Marley’s completely awful originals.

      • dan says:

        They haven’t gone to Regionals and there are only a few episodes left. Either they don’t make Nationals or that will be the season finale. I guess graduation is an after-thought this season.

    • true says:

      Ryan never wanted Lindsey so it wasn’t going to happen.

  10. Robert says:

    Only parts of the episode I enjoyed was Finn and Rachel’s storylines. Never thought I would say that I am bored with the glee club storylines.

    • same old same old says:

      The competition stuff is so boring and the new cast while nice but the choir room has not real good cahracter any more. Hello you did new songs come up with something new.

  11. TB says:

    Marley needs to just go. She is not the new Rachel. She even had an owl sweater on lol. This entire season has been such a waste. Story lines dragged out, bad casting decisions and the misuse of their strongest actors. I hope season 5 somehow fixes the mess that is now Glee

    • Co-sign! says:

      Lima holds not appeal for me whatsover. Too many characters, recylced stories and underwhelming actors, all while sidelining your strongest actors! Nice to see Finn and Rachel being featured and for them to interact however briefly. And I would gladly have given up every moment of LIma to see Santana and Kurt.

  12. Kay says:

    I’m just sad they finally had some plot for Finn outside McKinley and now Cory won’t be able to film further this season. But I’m not going to dwell on it. Cory’s health and well-being is much more important than anything else and I’m praying hard that Finn returns with a bang in Season 5. Get well and see you soon, Cory!!!

  13. LilAngel says:

    enough with McKinley, Glee just need to focus on the original characters

    • glee in NY says:

      I am hoping they have decided to make season 5 its last and will go back and give the originals the time they deserve. Keep Rachel, Finn as you lead, Kurt and Santana strong second leads who have season long arcs and then let Mercedes, Mike etc come in for short episode arcs to tell their stories. Love to see Mercedes visit the loft. Mercedes could be recording back up for some one in NY, Mike could come to do a workshop at a NU school, etc.

      • dan says:

        I’ve been saying this all season. They need to get the core group back: Tina and Artie can each graduate and go to New York-based schools (doesn’t have to be the fake NYADA), Mercedes can move to NY for singing work or school, Mike can get a job dancing on Broadway. I don’t hate the newbies, but I have nothing vested in them and I could care less about their lives (especially since they are all clones or the original group).

    • anne says:

      I agree. So unbeleivably bland and boring.Sam? Zzzzzz

  14. Lisa says:

    Hate Roz Washington, don’t care about Marley or Regionals! Rachel was incredible and it was great to see Shelby! We need more Rachel, Finn, Puck, Kurt and Santana and less newbies! The newbies aren’t worth watching!

    • Omar says:

      More Rachel? Yes! More Santana, Kurt, Puck, Finn? No thanks! Okay, maybe more Santana, she’s hot and talented

      • saw says:

        Yes more Rachel her part has been diminished too. Cut the new id and you can keep Rachel and the others as they have been in the past. Rachel is the lead and the other get main story lines.

        • Lily says:

          Remember Smash ? That Tv serie is dying… and it is considered as the adult version of Glee… Face it.. without the highschool aspect, Glee will be dying as well…

          • LilAngel says:

            The original cast is in College, there is nothing to compare to Smash (which is really boring btw). Glee covers songs, the Gleeks are attached to the original and the ships. Meanwhile, Smash has never found a real fanbase (what are the names of the fans of Smash???)

    • Lily says:

      Roz was so funny picking on Blaine.

  15. Nicole says:

    Sam is officially the most annoying character in Glee. Chord has no redeeming qualities but good abs and now we get two personalities of him, awful. His dependence on woman make him so needy its embarrassing to watch.

    • Trouty Mouth says:

      THANK YOU!!! There’s really nothing appealing about him at all. He’s an average actor and his voice is so/so. I’m bored. I’m not a Finn fan at all, but Finn + Puck > Slime + Blecch any day.

      (Slime and Blecch = Sam and Blaine)

    • Lily says:

      This two-personality-plot was an idea that was brewing in Chris Colfer’s mind for a while… but he wanted to have it for Kurt… He mentioned it in an interview that he held together with Lea (Rachel).

  16. Ace says:

    Good for Dianna for getting out while she still could… this show is tanking and fast.

    • please says:

      Ha the producers didn’t want her any more, if they had she was under contract and would have had to do what they wanted.

      • Ace says:

        Ha! Yes, they dislikes her so much that they vehemently denied any rumors that she was never coming back at the beginning of the season. They couldn’t stand her so they took every opportunity in the press and on twitter to reassure fans that she wasnt part of the cast picture because she was filming overseas and that she would be back or a few episodes. Yeah, sounds like it. AND they couldn’t stand her so much that they brought her back for three episodes as a guest star…then proceeded to praise her and a few of the other kids (and the fact that their appearance helped boost their dismal ratings didn’t hurt either. So you’re right, they hated her so much that they took their time to praise her and write her character into the script several times this year. thats more than you can say about the people who play Sugar, Unique, and Joe… Plus, that’s not exactly how contract law works either. Most of the graduates were still under contract for year four, she was the one to ask to get out of hers. If the studio bounced her and reneged on her contract, they’d have had to pay damages for terminating it early, but when it’s voluntary on the part of the actor, especially when their story line is coming to an end, they allow them to walk away… Which, good for her, considering she’s the one in better position for movie deals right now. I don’t see many of the other cast members acting in movies with the likes of Tommy Lee Jones, Michelle Pfeifer, or Robert De Niro, do you?

        • Tess says:

          the best part about season 4 was not having the mediocre acting and horrid singing of Dianna Agron on Glee. silver lining of Dianna not being important anymore is her ignorant annoying stans moved on too. well, aside from those obsessed ones who bitch and maon 24/7 and send the other actors thier BS hate on twitter. LOL at her movie, her so called acting should never be anywhere near those real actors. Deniro is banking on her little band of stans from Glee watching the movie, not on her ” talent”

  17. rowan says:

    It was a “meh” episode for me. I am and always will be more compelled by Rachel, Kurt and Santana. I have given the new kids a chance, it’s been 19 episodes and I still do not find myself caring about a single one of them.

    The old New Directions had chemistry. They had choreography that was not glorified walking-in-time. I feel like the new New Directions literally just walk, skip and jump around stage. I understand having fun and looking like a real life glee club, but I miss performances like “Keep Holding On” or “Singing In The Rain/Umbrella.”

    More NYC, please. More Kurt and Santana.

  18. Lorena says:

    I love Rachel but I would have much rather her have sung a broadway-esque song for her BROADWAY audition. I didn’t care for DSB at all.

    • Snaps says:

      A Broadway song is not at all a requirement for a Broadway audition I will say that, but yeah even though I understood her choice and it was quite sweet, I wish they’d done something new. I hate how much recycling of story lines and songs they’ve been doing all season.

      • Lorena says:

        While I understand that it’s just that not everyone has a voice that carries on the stage theatrically. Pop songs just don’t cut it in my mind. And Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) has that voice, you can feel it when she sung songs like Don’t Rain On My Parade or My Man. Which of course she should’t sing those songs again, DSB just didn’t feel right other than trying to get some nostalgia feelings.

      • A says:

        I think Shelby’s advice about not doing a Barbara song was great. The reason DSB was a great choice IMO, aside from the nostalgic feelings it brought back to viewers, was that it actually made her stand out from other people auditioning (who most likely performed Broadway or Funny Girl songs) and like the judges said “that was different”. It was something they weren’t expecting and served the purpose of intriguing them and having them want to see more and it worked because she got a callback.

  19. Omar says:

    This was the first episode in so long that I actually felt like I was watching the old Rachel. It’s the fisrt time that I liked the NY storyline. Did I miss Santana? No. Did I get bored with Puck and Finn storylines? Yes! Did I hate Mr. S? Yes. Did I miss Coach Roz Washington? Hell yes! (She was so funny).
    Sorry but I like the new glee club. I’m startin’ to like Wade/Unique :S

  20. jmette says:

    I’m a huge fan of TVLine, but these ads for Netflix’s “The Monster Within” are so bloody and gruesome that I won’t be able to visit this site again until they are gone.

  21. Kappy says:

    Rachel’s story was quite sweet and I actually found myself tense and rooting for her by the time she gave up on getting that phone call. Shelby wasn’t actually the worst this time around and I like that it appears she and Rachel have managed to develop a stable friendship. She’s Shelby, not Mom and I liked that distinction that Rachel made.

    Finn’s entire story was stupid. He has a lot of nerve demanding to be treated as an equal after costing ND Sectionals in that awful performance he threw together and squandering his college acceptance by not even freaking going to class and acting like a twit with his mentor’s fiance. None of Schue’s actions make sense. Everything about McKinley is such a snooze now, and I started out really rooting for the new class. They don’t cut it at all.

  22. Ian says:

    Yeah, you really would think they’d have taken advantage of splitting Klaine up to actually give Kurt some self-discovery storylines this year. Why isn’t he doing anything at all? Too too much troopleader!Blaine and McKinley dreck. And this show is crazy for not giving Santana regular appearances. Put the characters at the forefront that people actually want to watch! This season has been almost a complete waste, trying to keep the high school club aspect alive when the show could have evolved past it.

    • Lily says:

      If you want to see what Glee will be like when they drop the high school aspect, I would suggest you to see “Smash”.. lastest I know, that TV serie is dying in its second season.

  23. enough of Blam says:

    Why is it ok that Blaine jsut took the Cherrio’s captain-ship from Brittany isn’t it enough that he is like the most popular kid in school? Each week I try to figure out who I am more annoyed by Blaine or Sam.

  24. GGG says:

    I can’t really connect with newbies and it’s not even the actors fault. It’s the terrible writing that is ruining them! They’re just recycling the same storylines and making them similar to the graduates (or “Originals”). Melissa, Becca, Jacob, Blake and Alex are VERY talented and many people can’t really appreciate it cuz the writing made them annoying and boring characters.

    Don’t Stop Believin’ was AMAZING and was the only good thing in this episode!

  25. Babygate says:

    It’s easy, don’t watch live. DVR the episode and fast forward through all the boring parts. I watched tonight’s episode in about 5 minutes. At the rate this is going, even my love of the NY plot is not going to be enough to make me come back next season. Wade is the WORST character EVER. I just can’t look away fast enough whenever he’s on the screen. Thankfully it goes by in a flash as I’m fast forwarding… Why am I still watching? Because I love the Rachel/Kurt/Santana dynamic and I’m hoping they will take that somewhere. But this season has been pretty much the Lima show…

    • pete says:

      glee is about a GLEE CLUB in LIMA.. where everything started.. The Lima side will stay whether we like it or not.. we are just gonna have to deal with it.

      • LilAngel says:

        nope Glee is about the original character and mainly Rachel (The Lima side has to be written off)

        • rae says:

          They should keep the Lima side. It’s not really glee without the glee club.

        • Jillian says:

          Are you kidding? I get that Rachel was the strong lead from the beginning, but have you not watched the past 2 seasons? Glee was gearing away from the Rachel Berry show to focus on its other OUTSTANDING actors like Chris Colfer and Naya Rivera. It also focused on Darren Criss a whole lot (its actually been overkill since the 3rd episode of season 3). Glee is called Glee because its about a GLEE CLUB. Not RACHEL. If it was solely about Rachel then it would be called “Rachel Berry”. They should have just done the spin off with Rachel/Kurt/Santana and kept Glee in McKinley but because of all of the internet trolls getting on Ryan about it and the cast’s off answers in interviews, Ryan pulled the plug on that. Seriously, congratulations for being the reason that spin off got axed. All the whining, threats, and nasty tweets that Glee fans send Ryan Murphy pissed him off enough to completely ruin the show and ax a potential spin off that would have been better than the original.

      • anne says:

        But there are no new stories to tell about the glee club, just tired retreads with inferior actors. Glee needs to evolve or it will become extinct.

      • Babygate says:

        This show from the get go was character-based and that character was not WMHS. The characters were the losers and geeks and weirdos that we came to love and root for. The school and even the teachers were the supporting cast, not intended to be the focus. With the graduation, they attempted to keep the franchise going by creating an entire new sets of newbies and relegating the originals to B storylines or getting rid of them altogether which, of course, can only backfire. People are not going to love new characters if the characters they love are being mishandled. And this season, they have been, badly… IMO.

    • Lily says:

      If Lima is going to be written off, then Glee becomes like Smash… and we all know what is happening to Smash.

  26. fred says:

    This is the worst way to end the story of Finn that I could possible think of. The pilot of glee introduced a guys guy who through the course of three seasons learned and honed his love of performing and to have ryan murphy totally destroy him and write him as a clipboard holder and teacher the only character on glee to be douchbaged like that is a slap in the face to a large majority of people who maybe did not get the acting bug till later in life. People like hugh jackman and even johnny deep I just cannot understand how this show thinks this was a good idea. Neil Patrick Harris loved Finn and understood the powerful message a guy like this succeeding meant and also Stevie Nicks praised Cory as the reason she started to watch glee in the first place. All I got to say is the haters won I hope tvline is happy and the bloggers than pander to these haters like sheep to little charlie manson style idiots and online zealots. This show has lost its heart and soul.

    • xxxx says:

      I agree with you, I was hoping for a twist in Finn´s storyline but I could see this happening in season 5. For much I love Cory Monteith I can watch this ridiculous show I´m done with Glee

    • SCN - Once watched Glee for Finn's storylines, know better now... says:

      Finn has certainly been put in his place, hasn’t he?

  27. Trouty Mouth says:

    This episode just felt like an hour of nothing. I wasn’t really expecting much, considering that it was an episode without Naya and Jane. Amber was in it, as was Chris, but Chris had about three lines at the end, and Amber was only there to provide background oohs and aahs in Rachel’s fantasy. Plus the fact that Naya isn’t singing in the last few episodes (and not in the Stevie Wonder episode, whereas Darren and Melissa are singing in it, and there is no way in hell that either of them could pull off Stevie Wonder better than she could), and we’re not going to get another Sancedes duet at all, and we haven’t had one all season, albeit two lines in the Homeward Bound/Home mashup.

    Maybe the Lima side would be more interesting if there was more focus on Artie, Brittany and Tina, rather than Blaine, Sam and the newbies. I strongly dislike Blaine, and Sam really started to grate on my nerves this season. I liked Sam in seasons 2 and 3 (except when he told Quinn that she had “rich white girl problems”), but this pathetic, male-Taylor-Swift, “I-have-an-annoying-alter-ego” shadow of his former self we have now is detestable. Chord and Darren do not have the charisma or the talent to carry the Lima side. Chord’s schtick got old a while ago, and Darren is grossly overrated for his mediocre-at-best talent.

    I’m glad Brittany is finally graduating (if they made her stay another year at that school, I would have been really annoyed), but she needs to dump Sam (and while I love Brittana, I wouldn’t even mind if they both stayed single for a while…in fact I would have preferred that over the Bram disaster), and I have a feeling that the Bram break-up is coming – good riddance, I guess.

    • Anna says:

      Such comments made by the raging haters/Brittana shippers are much more overrated than Darren and Chord will ever be – even if the show lasts 10 seasons.
      Chris is a great actor, but Amber is one of the worst (together with Kevin, Heather, Jenna and Harry), so if you suggest that she can carry any plot on her own…….
      Darren and Chord have been carrying the Lima side together with the new characters quite fine this season, Lima centric episodes have had better ratings than the ones featuring the graduates – and it is all that means to FOX.
      However I agree with you on one point: Bram have to break-up. Sam is too good for Bittany ( and so is Santana BTW), so I hope that she leaves and stays away from him forever.

      • Tess says:

        actually Blaine and Sam Haven’t been doing a good job. niether of them are lead quality actors. and it shows. Blaine is one of the weakest.

      • Rob says:

        Darren is one of the worst actors on the show, and way worse than most on your list. Hell, has anyone ever had TV reviewers tweet about their acting being “the worst acting on television” or “the worst acting on Glee” other than Darren?

  28. ny front says:

    Indina and lea are perfect together I wish they would have more storyline together. Ny part this week was amazing, felt like old glee

  29. anne says:

    Chris Colfer won the Peoples Choice award right? Not Chord Overstreet, Darren Criss or any freaking newbie. I guess Glee doesn’t care what the people want.

  30. Frank says:

    Last night’s episode was a throwback to what made Glee such a great show. I have zero interest in the newbies. More story lines with the old gang

  31. fred says:

    I would like to amend my comments again in light of the behind the scenes video of the interview Cory did with Lea Michele. He admitted to being nervous when he met Lea Michele this is just another example of how much he cared about what this show was about he did not want to just mail it in and let the camera do its trick. This guy not only has a great natural voice but he worked hard at developing this voice to its full potential as a Canadian he never would consider himself a dancer and finally admitted he has the ability to sing only in the third season of glee not because he does not have the talent but because he did not want to sound arrogant. People just are not use to guy’s this honest being on tv and the online haters and juveniles mistook this Canadian trait as weakness and that is far from the truth. Cory has developed a character people identify with in spite of the writing he received this year it is a minor miracle. My question is why has his voice been muted this year no solo no nothing. Eight to nine million people and vast critical praise was heaped on the first season of Glee and you cannot tell me that this is not greatly because of the fan response to this guy and his character. Is this what Ryan Murphy had in mind all along an autobiography of himself through the eyes of Rachel Berry and tack on the gay guy as her high five buddy. Finn clapping in the audience maybe if he can afford a ticket to go see her dream big and come true wow just wow. Finchel worked becuase of the stark contrast in styles the two characters showed but both wanting to show their love of performing that was the bind that tied and made them so good sadly this was abandoned and the best actor on glee relegated to a damn teacher clipboard holder what a lousy way for Mr nip tuck edgy to wrap up the premise of the show introduced in the pilot in season one. The show must go on here comes the stunt casting to save the day and the hypocrites that slammed the finchel proposal get to eat crow.

  32. Phil says:

    There’s no denying that Lea is talented, but was anyone else thinking that it’s really time for Rachel to exit the show? Was SOOOO bored by her two songs, and couldn’t care less about Funny Girl / NYADA storyline. Really enjoyed the original compositions performed by the Lima crew, and thought they got stronger this week. And before all the verbal bashing by the devotees start, please know that I am a HUGE Glee fan, having watched from the very beginning, and I’ve loved Rachel throughout the entire series, but there was something that really grated on me with this episode.

    • ano says:

      no, judging by the polling above, maybe it’s really just you. almost all of us like two rachel’s song and was so bored by lima storylines.

  33. Joe says:

    When do we find out who is catfishing Ryder? “Katie” has to be revealed! It’s the only thing I like about the Lima part of the show!!!!!!!!

  34. Carmen says:

    Loved Rachel’s audition. Glad to see Finn but who starts college mid-April? The school year is almost over! Too much of that story and not enough of what is going on with Rachel,Kurt and Santana in NYC. Really,really missed Kurt. Have missed him the entire season. I hope at least Blaine gets to graduate and move to New York to start school there before the season is over or by the beginning of season 5. Couldn’t imagine the present school year at the high school stretching into season 5. Really awful thought. Would also love to know more about Artie’s plans and see him get into a good school and follow his dream to become a director. i think Tina should go into fashion. We haven’t seen enough of her as a performer who could do a solo audition and get into a performing arts program, but who knows. i wouldn’t like her to disappear. Would like to see more of Mercedes. Maybe Puck snd Quinn in season 5. Everyone else,not so much.

    • Roddy says:

      The timeline of the show is changing. They are planning to do several cliffhangers and with that it means the show, when it returns in the fall will be still in the middle of the same school year. Remember, Nationals comes at the end of the school year and we are only at Regionals. If they plan to take the cast to Nationals, the timeline of next year will run completely different than in past seasons. They may just take all of next season to cover over a few months. There are no rules in the TV world that you have to follow the seasons.

  35. Fan says:

    Finn is attending University of Lima, not Lima State. And they were making grilled cheese sandwiches with irons, not toasters.

  36. ino says:

    Maybe this week is one in a long time that I’ve been so excited in watching glee again, but honestly I ended up having a mixed feelings about it. Rachel storylines is great from the very beginning till the end I enjoyed it very much. I initially hope I would like finn storylines but I feel weird watching his scenes maybe because of cory monteith’s condition now but I like when towards the end of the episode he and puck had a nice talk and of course finchel phone was heartwarming even more than phonecall in episode nine this season. About mckinley, I really do want to care about them but as of now I don’t find myself enjoying lima’s storyline. Maybe because it’s another marley/blaine/sam centric while tina and artie didn’t get any signifance screentime lately. I hope lima don’t just focus on marley and blaine and give artie and tina the same proportion not just one episode and then they back in the background, they are seniors afterall.

  37. dude says:

    Outcast is basically the less-dance/pop version of Loser Like Me

  38. Boiler says:

    All of you people who want more NY stuff obviously don’t realize that many of these people have other things going on. Chris writes and directs, Naya and Lea are doing albums, Dianna has other projects and has always had them.

    All of you that pick on the new kids need to give them a chance. Musically the only 2 old people better than any of them are Lea and Naya IMO.

    I do agree that somehow things need to be cleaned up a little..more or longer new episodes would be helpful. Unfortunately Mr Murphy has never seemed to be capable of that

  39. Ruby says:

    I have no problem believing they’d hire Rachel immediately. Two notes out of that girls mouth and that’s it. I think it would be way more realistic if they DIDN’T hire her.
    Marley’s voice has really grown on me as well. At first I was just like, “Well, she’s no Rachel” but she really has turned that attitude on its ear for me. Her voice is beautiful. And I really loved the “You have more friends than you know” performance…it reminded me of why I love this show much, and that’s the joy of the music.
    Darren was HYSTERICAL during the Coach Roz scene. I will never understand why he has so many haters, because he’s wonderful every time he’s on screen, and he deserves all the extra screen time he gets.

  40. James says:

    Shelby is Rachel’s mother. The GLEE CAST sang DONT STOP BELIEVING. It felt like the show was heading toward the way things should be. Rachel needs her friends a little while longer and if they couldn’t be there physically, they were in her heart and soul forever. That moment really got to me. To make it perfect, I’m convinced that Rachel and Finn and Kurt and Blaine will be back together soon and somehow everyone will find their way to be together again for just a little while longer so we, as the audience, do not have to let go yet. I’m not ready to DONT STOP BELEVING.

  41. Coolio Rhys-Jackson says:

    As much as I liked Rachel’s audition, the inclusion of the “originals” really made it so much more obvious what is wrong with the show. The newbies can’t hold a candle to the originals. Some of them can sing but they are bland. Time to close up Lima and follow all the originals to NYC.

  42. Juan says:

    First of all, Rachel’s audition with DONT STOP BELIEVING was magical and the best thing by far of this season, seriously.
    And enjoy both Lima and NYC storylines. This feels like when the band that you’ve been listening from the first album start doing something different 2/3 years laters. I got news for you guys: things (music, tv shows, actors, etc) change! If we were having the same silly plots of season 1 we’d be complaining too, dont u think?
    The newbies, the got talent. Marley is very sweet (maybe too much sometimes), little Puckerman is talented too, that version of Let me love, top 3/5 of songs in Glee this 4 years.

  43. Linds says:

    Anyone else get the Pacey Witter vibe from Finn at the slip n’ slide party? Hawaiian shirt, lots of flirting and cooking-very Pacey. Also the total lack of interest in class.

  44. Janice says:

    This is driving me crazy..who was the lady producer that Rachel sang Don’t Stop Believing to when she auditioned for Funny Girl. I’ve seen that actress in other shows but I can’t place someone!!!!!

  45. Vanessa says:


  46. Shannon says:

    Where is the Glee club helping each out exploring their talents? They can help Marley with her self esteem issues, can explore choreography/dance etc.. so much can be done on both ends to satisfy everyone and have a better balance between Lima/NYC. I am willing to accept both stories NYC and Lima if they balance and intertwine it better, put the older kids in the spotlight more and less about the Jake/Marley/Ryder show. If you are going to have Kitty as the villain at least give her some accomplices like Quinn had Brittany and Santana.

  47. Shannon says:

    Seriously they need to do something about Marley’s self confidence issues. Rachel was self conscious in a lot of ways, but in Glee club she was overly confident and she had almost all the songs she ever did mesmerize. i would like Marley’s character better if they gave her a confidence boost or had a real confidence in one area. If she truly loves music and writing well showcase it by having her at the piano rehearsing and writing songs, have her learn an instrument something outside of being Jake’s puppy dog. That is what makes her unlikable is the fact that she has such little self confidence and always in the shadow of Jake and being led around by him.

  48. Shannon says:

    outcasts is too similar to Loser Like Me.

  49. Shannon2 says:

    I also want to see more Mike Chang. i like his character as he was a jock/ glee club member, smart, dancer/actor a great combination. Plus he was hot!!! Why did Dianna (Aka Quinn want out of her contract?) I did not mind any of the originals. I wish the newbies they gave Kitty some friends like Santana and Brittany who helped with her antics although I am not condoning her bullying it was just be nice to see Kitty as another besides a one note villain. I also want the newbies to be less boring and explore things that intertwine with Glee. Seriously they need to have Marley not rely on Jake so much for identification and work on her self confidence because the low self esteem is really hurting her character. Rachel was overly confident in Glee, but less so socially because she grew. I do not see any of this in Marley except maybe in the 1st episode. Both NYC and Lima can work if they balance it more and intertwine things better. Lima Glee are the reigning National Champs and I have seen very little in the practicing and rehearsing this season to defend that title.

  50. Shannon2 says:

    What happened to the parents of the Glee members? Marley’s mom can be an inspiration like Kurt’s Dad.