Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Bones, NCIS, Arrow, Smash, CSI, Mentalist, Defiance, Once and More!

InsideLine_0418_DWWho on Bones has a bad bug? What truth is Arrow‘s Tommy going to share? What is NCIS agent Ziva’s tie to the new Mossad boss? Will a secret Smash relationship be outed? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Bones | “The stakes are incredibly high” in this Monday’s episode, Emily Deschanel shared with TVLine this week, when a viral outbreak jolts the Jeffersonian. “One of our own” — Arastoo — “is affected and faces possible death,” the actress previews. “And since Cam, who we are so close to, loves him and is facing losing him, it’s incredibly terrible to think about.” As Brennan and her team race to crack the case at hand (as a means to developing an antidote that will squash the bug), Booth struggles with being shut out of the process. “We kind of go into lockdown mode, so even though he is very concerned and is threatening to show up, he’s not going to be let in.” Instead, the G-man does anything he can “from outside the Jeffersonian,” Deschanel says, “because we won’t be able to solve the case without him.”

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Smash | With only six episodes left in Season 2, expect to see a number of story arcs crescendo toward their inevitable conclusions. Bombshell, for starters, has its official Broadway bow in this Saturday’s episode (now airing at 8/7c), and showrunner Josh Safran says that the musical’s “critical fate will be revealed” by the end of the hour. Meanwhile, you can expect to see more of Jimmy’s erstwhile drug dealer Adam skulking around the Hit List stage door — but maybe not for the reasons you’d expect. “The relationship between Jimmy and Adam is more complicated than has been revealed,” adds Safran, who teases that the connection between these characters will be clarified in this weekend’s ep. Oh, and if Jaime Cepero’s one-time-only, “gah!”-worthy cameo as the nefarious (and naked!) Ellis wasn’t enough Season 1 nostalgia for you, the executive producer promises that another former cast member will show his or her face in Episode 12.

Arrow | An Angel (alum) will descend upon Starling City next week, Home Invasionin the form of J. August Richards playing a hit man dubbed Mr. Blank. Per showrunner Andrew Kreisberg, “He’s a very cool new villain to add to our rogues gallery” — and one that almost was lifted from DC lore. “Originally, we were going to try to do Onomatopoeia, a villain from Kevin Smith’s run [of New Earth comics], but Kevin apparently said in an interview that there was no way to bring that character to television and film — and after a while we agreed with him!” (Ono’s shtick was the ability to mimic sounds.) Instead, with Mr. Blank, Arrow gets a tantalizingly “innocuous assassin, somebody who has strength and power but is just sort of there in the background. That’s how we came up with the name, because he’s not really anything or anyone.”

And now, even more Arrow scoop, plus many other reader questions answered….

Do you have any scoop on Arrow and the remaining episodes this season? What will happen between Laurel and Tommy? –Karen
Did you hear that in the May 1 episode, “Tommy stuns Laurel with a truth”? Because I did, so I promptly invited EP Andrew Kreisberg to elaborate. “People should be wondering what that truth is…,” he answered, before adding: “Not every truth is about the plot; sometimes these truths are emotional, and they can be just as powerful as the mechanics of what’s happening in the episode.”

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Anything you can tease about Defiance‘s Nolan and Amanda? Their scenes during the pilot were so cute and hilarious. –Angel
Agreed, there’s a bit of a Han-and-Leia vibe there. In Episode 2, though Amanda is still recuperating from injuries suffered during the Volge battle (“Battle of the Volge”?), she joins Nolan on a trip to the bowels of what used to be St. Louis. Alas, by episode’s end, a bold if well-meaning act by Nolan’s wild-child ward Irisa will force madam mayor to make a call that agitates not just Datak Tarr but perhaps the entire Castithan race.

Matt, please, you’re our last hope. We’re dying to know a spoiler for this year’s season finale of The Mentalist. –Danny
When I spoke to executive producer Daniel Cerone about the April 28 episode (that he wrote and reveals the contents of LaRoche’s Tupperware), I also coaxed this finale tidbit out of him: “Put it this way: By the end of the season and into next season, the hunt for Red John becomes real. And names will be named.”

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On CSI, Morgan has a thing for Hodges, yet he’s marrying Elisabetta — but Greg has a thing for Morgan. What is going to come out of that storyline? –Danny
I ran your query by executive producer Don McGill, and he had this response: “We’re excited at the interest sparked by the heat between Hodges and Elisabetta. Fans can expect more intrigue between our unlikely couple when a surprise visitor from Italy and a surprising revelation about Elisabetta’s past surface at a day spa where Elisabetta finds herself a witness in a murder investigation.”

Where is Dracula on NBC’s summer schedule? –Bender
Rest assured, production is underway on the Jonathan Rhys Meyers-fronted series — Episode 2 is filming as we speak, I hear – but any details on where/when it will “stake” a claim on NBC’s schedule won’t be revealed until the network’s May 13 Upfront presentation.

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Please tell me the names of the guest stars on the April 17 show on NCSI. –Suzan
If by “the April 17 show on NCSI” you mean “the April 30 episode of NCIS,” which has yet to release a guest cast list, I can confirm that that hour marks Oded Fehr’s first episode back as the elusive Ilan Bodnar.

Is it too late to ask for more NCIS scoop? That promo for next week’s episode has me very excited to see the finale arc kick off. –Cheryl
Ever since I broke the news of Marina Sirtis’ casting as new Mossad director Orli Elbaz, several have wondered if Eli David’s successor is familiar with his feisty daughter. “There is a lot of history between Ziva and Orli,” show boss Gary Glasberg confirms. “We discover something at the end of the [April 23] episode, a nice little twist and a surprise that absolutely will inform us moving forward about the two characters. There is more to [their relationship] than meets the eye.”

More scoop on Once Upon a Time! Thank you! –Laurel
No, thank you for this generic request that allows me to plop in whatever nuggets I wish. “We said at the beginning of this season, ‘Magic is coming and it always has a price’ — and we’re going to see that at the end of this season,” series cocreator Eddy Kitsis told me. Leading up to that in these final four episodes, “We’re going to see a new chapter in the Rumple/Belle story that we’ve never seen… we’re going to see an Evil Queen and Snow White story that we’re excited about… and we’re going to get some backstory on Baelfire and Captain Hook. You’re going to see all the core characters front and center.” And just to be crystal clear about Tamara/what I shared in last week’s Spoiler Alert! webisode, here are Eddy’s actual comments on the matter: “She is a person from this world. She is from America. She is not going to be revealed to be someone else,” he attested. “For us what was interesting was, with the curse gone, what happens when the outside world comes? Who has been looking for this place?”

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  1. Dani says:

    As long as the New Mossad Director doesn’t end up being Ziva’s “Sugar Momma” or something…I’ll be ok. The viewers don’t need to know all about Eli’s former “conquests”. Please NCIS writers, don’t drum up something stupid. Simple is best. I will say I’m glad that there’s still an Israeli connection; that’s always been an important angle for the series. It’s a great way to keep storylines coming, too :)

  2. Ang says:

    She is either Ziva’s mother or long lost sister…seems the position may be a birth right

    • Wendy says:

      Hi Ang – Nope; Ziva’s mother was named Rivka, and she passed away sometime ago (her death is actually mentioned in S3). But I do know that Rivka will be appearing in one of the final episodes of this season – most likely in a flashback scene! Personally, I think it would be kind of odd for this new lady to suddenly be related to Ziva out of the blue like that, and for Ziva to not know about it until now.

    • Shaun says:

      My guess is she dated her father at some point.

  3. Ninaaaa says:

    So excited for Once Upon A Time finale!

  4. marta says:

    excited for SMASH

  5. Paige says:

    I can’t wait for The Mentalist.

  6. Kwapple says:

    Brennan in a hazmat suit makes me all sorts of giddy

  7. kath says:

    Glad to see J. August Richards on Arrow will be. Gunn, I’ve missed you.
    On the other hand, if the truth that Tommy tells Lauren is that she’s still in love with Oliver, then count me out. I know Oliver/Laurel is what happened in the comic books but when something isn’t working on screen, it’s time to re-jig the storyline. I find Laurel more likable when she’s with Tommy and away from Oliver.

    I’m excited for Marina Sirtis’ appearance on NCIS. NCIS does strong over-the-top women well, and I’m glad they’re finally letting Ziva off the leash she’s been on for the past few seasons.

    Rumple/Belle, Regina/Snow, Hook/Baelfire….. that seems to be what this season has been about. When are we going to get something for Emma again? All season, it seems like Emma been the guest in everyone else’s (less interesting) story.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      OFF HER LEASH?….she is a DANGER to everyone…..she has gotten away with her LIES to the agency….that has put her team mates in DANGER, cost her her father…..and director vance HIS WIFE….and she thought, she should NOT have to go through the normal “probie” period….because of ALL the time she’d already been on TEAM GIBBS…..she’s too full of herself….too bad being held against her WILL didn’t knock the chip off her shoulder…..i would BET, when gibbs TOLD her to take tony with her….she was thinking, “oh great, i have to DRAG the dead weight with me YET AGAIN.”….she doesn’t know HOW to follow orders, and by doing so…she puts people in danger.


    • mia says:

      While I somewhat agree that the Oliver/Laurel plotline isn’t working – I’m SO DESPERATELY bored with the Tommy/Laurel storyline. I think the main problem is that Laurel isn’t being given anything to do – she’s passionate and smart and she’s being relegated into boring plot lines. Its a shame.

      • K says:

        How can she appear to be passionate and smart when the actress doesnt know how to play passionate and smart.

        The actress suck, her acting ability, onscreen presence and chemistry is just not there, thats why they dont give her much to do. Its better this way because she is cringeworthy in every minute she is onscreen. This has turned off many viewers, its better she is kept to a minimum.

      • Katherine215 says:

        I agree that Tommy and Laurel are extremely boring. I don’t see any chemistry between them at all. I’m not convinced that Laurel and Oliver isn’t working because they’ve had about 5 minutes together since the first couple episodes of the season. I thought the scene of them talking about getting dinner had some potential.

        • kath says:

          The scene where Oliver reaches out to Laurel and tells her he doesn’t want to be on an island any more because of Diggle’s prompting was bizarre if they are trying to show that Oliver and Laurel are OTP. He reaches out, and she turns around and heads off to Tommy, so Oliver heads back into the cave and connects with Felicity. (It would be great structure if they were building to Oliver/Felicity but a huge misstep if they want Oliver/Laurel.) Oliver’s scenes with Team Arrow and with Slade on the island are much more interesting to me than his scenes with Laurel. At least with Tommy there is the conflict of trust, not to mention Colin Donnell is a good actor.

          If Tommy and Laurel are boring I think it’s because Laurel is boring whether she’s with Tommy, Theo or Oliver. When she and her mother hugged good-bye, I could see a dozen emotions cross Alex Kingston’s face while Laurel’s was blank yet again. The scenes with Blackthorne are better but I don’t know whether it’s his acting or the fact that her emotions are more overt so it’s easier to play them.

    • Loke says:

      Its not working because you say so, so what it then?. Wait dont answer that I think I already know the silly answer to that. Its a small romance plot, why are some people so bothered by Laurel/Oliver, the show has lots of things going on, big things that you could care for. She is likable when she is with Tommy??? when their relationship is so one sided, its all about Tommy appearing happy, whether Laurel love him or not the way he deserves. She has to do all the giving, and Tommy has to do all the taking and be insecure and selfish as he wants, no its all about Tommy and his man pain being cured. Oh boy you are some of the same people who complain Laurel is not treating Tommy right rolleyes and call her names, so how come you still want them to lutch on each other then. Unless, this isnt really about them but you are just using them conveniently as a decoy to what you really want.

    • brb123 says:

      I think there’s real chemistry between Oliver and Laurel in the flashbacks to before the island. Laurel actually seems happy, more happy than she is today with either Tommy or Oliver.

  8. Saint Alicia says:

    Re: The Mentalist, “Put it this way: By the end of the season and into next season, the hunt for Red John becomes real. And names will be named.”
    LMAO, this is the broken record they’ve been playing for last 2 seasons. I really hope season 6 is the last so they’re actually forced to end the Red John plot. It seems like that’s they only yarn they can spin anyway; time to wrap things up.

    • Fyrkat says:

      I so agree with you. It’s time for this show to end.

      • tlh45 says:

        I quit watching because of the drawn out Red John story line. It got old real quick and besides, it’s a bit hypocritical for Jane to break the law when it suits his needs with no repercussions for doing so.

  9. Lydia says:

    I’m trying, I’m really, really trying, but just don’t care. I would be more concerned or invested in this case of the week, if Michelle was threatened by the virus than Arastoo.

    • Sam says:

      Yes. I do not care about Cam and Arastoo. They had no build up. Nothing. They have been a couple in just two eps and last time Arastoo lost his temper and had to be calmed down by Cam like a baby… So no. I won’t get concerned or upset that he gets sick, he won’t die anyway and will be back in S9 to annoy me even more.

    • Mia says:

      UGH!!!!!!!! If I was actually shown the build up to Cam and Arastoo relationship then I may give a rats ass over their drama, as is I am not invested over a couple who we have just seen together in TWO eps, have zero chemistry and I still have no idea why they are together . therefore I not give a hoot if he gets sick and Cam has heartache over it. Add in that Arastoo is my least favorite intern so color me not caring. Angela or Hodgins would of made a more interesting victim….At least I have a Booth subplot to keep my attention to watch. Small favors.

      • Lois says:

        Cam and Aristoo are beyond boring. Honestly, I couldn’t care if he lives or dies. I guess I want Brennan and Booth to be successful so for that reason only I hope they find the cure. I certainly don’t want Brennan to feel guilty about him dying.

        • Smiletime says:

          Watching Cam face losing the person she loves could have a big effect on Brennan. Hope we see that aspect of the story.

  10. Guest21 says:

    I am so tired of CSI that I now watch it because “nothing else on”–I don’t even care about Hodges. Could care less about the two blondes.

    Stopped watching The Mentalist because of this wacky Red John story.

    And have found NCIS increasingly boring this season.

    Not sure I’ll watch much of the big 3 network tv for season finales or for summer reruns. So much more out there!

    • Ro says:

      “Stopped watching The Mentalist because of this wacky Red John story”
      Word! times 10. So, so sick of it. redjohnredjohnredjohnredjohnredjohnredjohnredjohn.
      When Good Wife inevitably runs over because of not-so-amazin race and sports events, DVR is set for Mentalist but just to catch TGW overruns, not because I actually care anymore. No loss. Able, charming actors, handcuffed by the RJ bullpoo-poo.

      • lyn says:

        ITA. Somewhere The Mentalist lost it’s way. Rigsby is inept. Cho thinks he’s Joe Friday [Dragnet]. Red John is stale beyond believability. Lisbon is humorless. And Jane is borderline smug. Van Pelt is just boring. I’ll take Castle, thank you.

        • JoyAnne says:

          we are all enntitled to our own opinions thank goodness. I enjoy The Mentalist. I love the cast as it is. Ditto for Castle. I’ll watch these two shows as long as they are available and I hope that will be for quite a long time. :-)

    • Mary Morris says:

      Wow! Have you been taking your meds? I get it that sometimes we OD on certain shows, let the summer season be a time of rest for you. Try some good books

    • Dawn says:

      On CSI: I hope it’s something that puts and end to Hodges/Elisabetta. I love Hodges, but Elisabetta bores me to tears. Put her out of my misery and put Hodges with Morgan. Find someone else for Greg!

  11. What has happened to Grey’s anatomy? It is boring! Can’t something be done with Meredith’s hair. I don’t think Drs. wear earrings while operating.

  12. Natalie says:

    The Mentalist is finally getting real with the RJ search. Yes! I can’t wait till Daniel Cerone’s episode. He’s such a fantastic writer. From what I’ve heard we get seven names, one of whom is Red John. I hope we get something good with Jane and Lisbon in the finale too. That and concrete Red John stuff are what I want most from the finale.
    Also, thanks for the NCIS information. I’m so happy that they cast Marina Sirtis for the role of Mossad director. NCIS is having an excellent season. Looking forward to the rest of it. Thanks for the scoops, Matt.

  13. jonathon says:

    i think that would be too obvious that its Kevin Corrigan, but i have loved that they kept this storyline open this long, i know most people lose patience with long storylines like this but a mystery like Red John is worth the wait and is one of the reasons i caught on to this show in the first place, without it this show would be another csi, bones, criminal minds etc. mind you i watch and enjoy all these shows but its nice to have the every week “routine murder, catch the bad guy” but its nice to have a long storyline with an ending that’s worth the wait on the side. so if we are actually narrowing the list to 7 possible people i can’t wait to see this finale and next season cause things are heating up!

  14. Daniel says:

    Oded Fehr will also return on the NCIS episode airing 23rd April (“Berlin”). He is listed in the guest cast for that episode and you can also see him in the promo. So the April 30th episode (“Revenge”) would mark Fehr’s second return.
    (And yes, CBS is getting very sloppy with their press releases for NCIS by not listing the guest stars. “Revenge” misses out on them and “Double Blind” only lists guest star Colin Hanks. Someone should tell CBS to release the guest stars too!!)

  15. Gina says:

    thank u for the ncis spoilers love Mossad storyline.

  16. Cheryl says:

    Maybe she is Ari’s wife?

  17. Mary Morris says:

    Come on, Cote. Sign and don’t disappoint.you are great and deserve everything you can get from the powers that be

  18. bill says:

    the mentalist has been the most boreing overrated worst acted show on tv since it came on just cancel it

  19. Ben says:

    Wait, WAIT – we could have had Onomatopoeia in Arrow? Aw bloody hell, I wish they had, I’m so sick of explaining to people who he is, dammit.

    However, huge YAY for the tupperware box.

  20. monieet says:

    She is Ziva’s step-mother

  21. TVDIVA says:

    ARROW – Glad to see “Gunn” back on screen and as a villain! Could care less about Laurel/Tommy or Laurel/Oliver. Felicity seems to be the only actress on the show with great chemistry with everyone. THE GOOD WIFE – I want to see a new firm with Cary, Kalinda, Alicia and Elsbeth. They would be awesome. NCIS – Cote de Pablo may think she is can do more outside the NCIS show. But as we all know, many people leave a hit series and are never heard from again. If she leaves, someone knew will get a chance to shine.

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