NBC Reschedules Preempted Revolution Episode, Delays Season Finale to June

Revolution Finale DateNBC has rescheduled the Revolution episode that was bumped on Monday night by news coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings — and in doing has pushed the show’s season finale to June.

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“The original episode of Revolution that was scheduled to air last night will air next week (4/22) at 10/9c and all subsequent episodes will ripple accordingly,” says an NBC spokesperson. “Viewers will not miss anything in the ongoing storylines. The new season finale will now [air] one week later on Monday, June 3 at 10/9c.”

As originally scheduled, Revolution‘s season ender was to air May 27, already five days after the May Sweeps ratings period ends.

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  1. Joshua says:

    Still pissed it got pre-empted

    • madhatter360 says:

      It’s understandable though. One of the main characters (Nora) was initially described as “good at blowing things up” and the last episode to air featured a character getting his hands on a bomb, a development that’s sure to be discussed in the next episode. I’m not at all surprised that NBC would delay the episode a week.

    • A says:

      You realize it was for an important reason, right. Not just because NBC decided run some random programming.

    • Boston Native says:

      Really Joshua? People died including an 8 year old boy and over a hundred injured and you only care that you missed Revolution? There are really more important things going on than a preempted TV show, which is going to air next week.

      • Sue says:

        Well said.

      • Mike says:

        Yes, people did die and that is a great tragedy. People die horrible deaths everyday on this planet yet there is no sympathy or compassion for them, no overwhelming outcry to change the world. The major networks just look over them. How has that hour long special changed anything other than the ratings for NBC? If a person wants to be truly informed on what is happening you go to places like reddit, a site with a wealth of unfiltered knowledge on what is currently happening all over. Don’t fool yourself into thinking they did it for anything other than ratings. There are more important things than a T.V. show yes, but it isn’t another primetime special exploiting the tragedy of others.

        • nick1372 says:

          Um, if it aired without commercials, like 99% of news specials, ratings aren’t worth a rat’s *ss. In fact, they would lose money from doing that. What’s your point again?

          • Mike says:

            Lol. Ads are paid for in advance. They would simple move them around and still have the money from them. Do you really think they give the money back to the companies that paid for air time during Revolution? The specials bring in views. They get in first to get people following their reports. My point is whether it’s a tv show like Revolution or News special. The reason they show them is for money, tragedy brings ratings. Don’t trick yourself into believing they do it to keep you informed.

          • Paul says:

            His point was quite clear but let me help you out. Over 300 people died in accidents in the US yesterday, 3 of them died at the Boston Marathon. Where was the news special for the other 297? While I offer my sincerest condolences to those killed and injured in this sick tragedy, I fail to see how it warrants an hour news special to make the announcement. During the “News Special” the statement “There was two explosions, 3 confirmed deaths and many more injuries” was said over and over. There won’t be any reliable facts for days, weeks or even months but it makes for a great sensational media frenzy. This wasn’t news it was pure sensationalism at it’s finest, I’ve given up on the mainstream media for anything resembling actual news but now it seems that they have resorted to preempting my entertainment to get my attention when there is something THEY feel it’s important for me to hear.

          • Kate M. says:

            Hey, Paul? The three people who died in Boston didn’t die in an accident. They were murdered by bombs that also injured 176 other people. Not the same as an accident.

          • ddd says:

            I don’t care about this argument but Mike’s point about ads “being paid for in advance” is hilarious… They might pay for ads in advance, but every single block of programming goes for a sepcific rate, and if you switch or pre-empt or delay ANYTHING that causes an ad to go into a different time period or a different show, you bet your ASS whoever paid for that ad is getting a refund. Do you think if someone pays to air a commercial in the 9PM block of sunday night and due to Football that commercial doesn’t air until 10:30, that it’s the same rate?

            Networks don’t just air commercials whenever they want, dumb ass…. Just sayin!

          • Mike says:

            Sorry ddd, you are wrong, mostly. There would most likely be no refund. They would just move the ad to the following week or a similar block. Television ads are usually purchased in monthly, if not more, blocks of time. Only in extreme cases such as The Super Bowl would a refund be offered. I highly doubt they would for Revolution. Also, no need for name calling, let your argument do your talking. Name calling just makes you look overly emotional and desperate.

        • Cathy says:

          Well said!

      • brutony says:

        And a 29 yr old woman, too?

        • Boston Native says:

          They had only released the name of the 8 year old here at the time I replied. They have updated it with the young woman as well.

          The only thing the channels are showing here is coverage of what happened. There is nothing else on the major stations. I understand that many people die everyday and it is a terrible thing. This is a major thing in Boston since the marathon is a huge event here every year and people from all over the world come here to either watch the race or take part in it.

          • brutony says:

            I know it is, and Im not complaining-its others that are! If it happened in their city, theyd want wall-to-wall coverage!

    • anonomous says:

      are you stupid or just heartless?!! seriously a lot of ppl were seriously injured and a few died during the BOMBING and that takes precedence over tv shows so they didn’t air it this week so what u can wait until next week to see it jeez have some compassion and be glad that u are alive and have all ur limbs unlike some of the victims i bet if that happened to u or someone u know u wouldn’t care about a tv show so next time think before u speak k thanks

    • Ed Clearwater says:

      Why is it the news media thinks they have to continuously show the same news within the bombing at us. It was constantly repeated in various ways but still the same stuff. I like to hear what is going on but I only need to hear it once unless something significant has happened. What we got is a lot of incorrect information because of over zealous reporters. The news media should do their homework before opening their mouths versus rush to make the story first before other news media just for the ratings… shame on you for not respecting those murdered and injured due to so far two bothers with mental issues.

  2. meme says:

    The Following got preempted for me (in CT), but not for everyone, so I have to find it elsewhere. At least everyone missed your show, and it will air next week.

  3. Julie says:

    The preemption was completely justified. I’m happy NBC is showing the episode next week in the same time slot instead of showing the episode at some random hour in the a.m.

    • Larc says:

      Did they present any new information everybody hadn’t already heard 100 times?

      • PBB says:

        They don’t have to. But what they did is still public service. And Revolution s only going to be back in the same slot next week so it’s not too much of a big deal.

  4. Cassandra says:

    I completely understand the reasoning but I have to say I am really glad they didn’t just “skip” this episode and continue on. I hate when shows do that, leaving me to scour the web in search of the episode I missed!

  5. michael ormes says:

    I know it was a bad thing that happend Ans all but they could run the episode tonight and be out nothing whatsoever.
    More people were killed in accidents that very night than were killed in the explosions that day and they have no special coverage for them.
    We focus to much fear towards these types of things which in turn only emboldens people to do more things of this nature.
    If we treated it as what it really is which is another psycho committing murder . There is to much fear taught in America now.

    • michael ormes says:

      Fox didn’t skip their episode of the following.

    • michael ormes says:

      The act of terrorism on U.S. soil is considered an act of treason and is an automatic death by execution upon conviction.
      I want those types of executions broadcast to the American people so that the terrorist may be humiliated in front of the world.
      The thing is that the government doesn’t follow this Constitutional law and instead wastes millions of tax dollars keeping up prisons for and feeding and clothing them.
      Terrorist need to be shot in public in the street on live t.v. starting at their feet and slowly working upward to their eye sockets.
      If someone is convicted of committing terrorism they do not deserve to live any longer than the day they are convicted.

      • Im Awesome.. Forgive Me. says:

        The moment that happens.. public execution, is the exact moment this world descends into chaos. not just Syria.. not just Pakistan.. not just africa… the entire world. do you want to be viewed as we view these countries now? barbaric, sick, poverty stricken hell holes? because that’s what will happen large numbers will overthrow government.. your church going citizens will picket your average good citizen will picket. they will fight a war if they have to as a last resort and they out number heavily the people who would vote public execution in. it would be a massacre and upon this happening other nations will get involved to prevent which will in turn resemble another massacre and so on and so forth.. until all thats left is people killing people in the street over a loaf of bread.

        really? public executions? you have to weigh things up and judge your own discarded intelligence before you post such idiotic comments like that.

        • brutony says:

          No, not public executions for any crime-just to the islamic murderous scum who set off two bombs during the Boston Marathon! For THAT. U could pre-emp Revolution!

        • J.L. says:

          Public executions would cause the overthrow of the US government?? The US would become a third world hellhole?? Churches would picket your average good citizen?? They will fight a war?? There will be massacres world wide?? If this is truly believe, GET HELP NOW! YOU ARE DELUSIONAL! You could even be a danger to yourself or others.

  6. Bill Pfeiffer says:

    I agree with a LOT of the posts on here, it was media sensationalism. Our news agencies report WHAT they want, not the entire story. It is not like other professions that are bound by an ethical code of conduct. There were no real FACTS available so there was no need for a news SPECIAL REPORT. They just kept saying the same thing that they had said ALL afternoon, which was nothing of import other then the fact that 3 had been killed and many had been injured. Where are the SPECIAL REPORTS about some elected official driving drunk? Or how about a SPECIAL REPORT on how the elected officials get paid off by major corporations like Monsanto? Pre empting ONE show was well thought out, as it is a highly watched show despite what the RATINGS say. Look at how past Presidents have addressed the nation after a major tragedy and you will see that this administration ONLY addresses the media.

  7. Christy says:

    I know people died and stuff but I am sad, Jason and Charlie were going to KISS.

  8. chad says:

    All the major networks now have more than the one channel since they went digital so they could have still aired revolution and covered the Boston bombing for anyone who wanted to sit through an hour of the same thing being said my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected

    • Mike says:

      Sorry, you are wrong, mostly. There would most likely be no refund. They would just move the ad to the following week or a similar block. Television ads are usually purchased in monthly, if not more, blocks of time. Only in extreme cases such as The Super Bowl would a refund be offered. I highly doubt they would for Revolution. Also, no need for name calling, let your argument do your talking. Name calling just makes you look overly emotional and desperate.

    • Mike says:

      Sorry. Chad. The reply wasn’t meant for you. Must have misclicked on my phone. It was meant for ddd

  9. Gordon says:

    honestly, the news media has gone nuts. They over sensationalize, over dramatize and over report everything that happens. NBC for some reason, unlike FOX, ABC or CBS, chose to preempt their normal TV programming to do just that. Isn’t that why they have the 24×7 cablenews network that used be called MSNBC? Still this doesn’t prevent the likes of CNN, MSNBC or FOXnews to do the same, with a stream of “anybody they can still find on the street” to comment, all while continuing to show the same chilling footage of the carnage.

    To those that thought NBC did right, who did they honor by these actions? Who did they help? Who didn’t already know about it? I watched CBS, who did the right thing by having a commercial saying to “stay tuned for the 11pm news to catch up”

    News organizations are so afraid and blinded that you might change the channel and they would miss giving you something new, they would rather have you sit watch hours of re-runs of the same information rather than just move on. I’m not in any way saying to forget or not to pray for those injured, but if you were one of those family members who happened to have someone injured, would you want to see that again, and again, and again?

    Worse, when the finally find this $%$#@!! and I’m hoping its soon, they will plaster that face all over and do it time and time again. That is so totally the wrong message. Find this creep and put him away. Never show his face to give any other creep the thought that somehow this is a way to get your face in the news.

    Pray for the injured. Pray for Boston. Pray for the USA. Honor those that in their hour of need who likely need their space and their quiet. Sometimes silence is the best thing unless there is something NEW to say. If you want to do something, and NBC should get at the head of the line, donate money to the correct funds for the injured, but just do it and don’t tell the world what you did. Just be careful in doing that, there are scammers.

  10. Usually I don’t read article on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to take a look at and do so! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thanks, quite nice article.

  11. Shannie says:

    I don’t think I care if postponed. I was off the air for so long I can’t get back into it again. I didn’t know if I would continue to watch or not.

  12. Jordan says:

    I say I heard enough about the tragedy all day long and we alllll know they’ll be plenty of news continuing to cover it, let the show air thats supposed to ppl waited to watch, something that keeps people happy. We were very aware something horrible happened, and we all know it was about ratings..if you think otherwise your sadly naive.

  13. Asashii Fustazi says:

    they reported the same BS that was covered 8 hours before, nothing new at ALL, and just beating a dead horse!!!!!

  14. laura says:

    The tragedy in Boston is still in my prayers. On a side note though, it clearly wasnt important enough to not interfere with the voice….so why did they decide to interfere with Revolution?? Lol because of RATINGSSS. The voice has more ratings then revolution. So yes…it is about ratings :). Tv is heartless, so for you guys defending nbc is kind of ridiculous…

  15. Christie says:

    Crap….. I fell asleep and missed it, is there a way I can still watch it?!

  16. brutony says:

    Sure, I would-was that supposed to be addressed to me?

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  18. paul says:

    I’m done watching this piece of S$%t show after last week. I have had it with watching Neville cancel this show! It is horrible. How does an african american man and a white women have an argentine kid do you think we are stupid? Rachels kid almost dies every week danny even did but Neville Keeps on living! Stop picking up actors from the SyFy channel and get a better storyline! Again please cancel this show it is a waste of an hour.

  19. Dorothy Mannefeld says:

    I love the show but the girl who plays the daughter and is one of the main characters had only one expression on her face. It always looks like she’s smiling or trying to just show off her big eyes. There’s no true Emotion in either her facial features or the inflection in her words. Always the same…. Really boring and not believable as an actress. I think NBC should have taken a bit longer to find an actual actress and not a unidimensional model (or whatever she clad to be) for this role.

    • brutony says:

      Hey, Dot, take it easy-shes not bad, but sexy little Tracy was thrust into a STARRING role, as opposed to blending in the crowd as a supportung player. But I have noticed, since the return, that her part has been severely reduced, mostly in favor of Elizabeth “Rachel” Mitchell, right?

    • ShellyLe says:

      The reason she has a passive face and limited expressions is that the actress who plays her is 30 or over 30 and she’s portraying someone much much younger. So if she has a very expressive face, it would quickly become clear she is much older than that person she is playing. A bland , passive face looks much younger.

  20. patricia says:

    Revolution, while entertaining needs to end at some point soon or it will get boring. Quit while you are on top, frankly I can’t believe how violent it is and the characters just seem to get right up and going afterward. In reality, these people wouldn’t have teeth left or any bones that weren’t broken. Getting phony don’t you think?

    • JimC says:

      It’s a TV show, genious. How much reality you looking for on a show where one woman can turn the power worldwide on and off basically by herself?