Idology: A Hollow Win for the Season 12 Women? Plus: Candice & The Holy Spirit, Kree's Best Week

It’s no secret that American Idol‘s Season 12 men weren’t the strongest group in show history, but does that make the all-female Top 5 any less worthy of their successes?

On this week’s installment of Idology, my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I refute what we think is a flawed line of logic that’s undermining a spectacular, highly creative group of contestants — and we’ve got plenty of evidence to back it up.

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Plus, we break down a transcendent Top 6 performance night for Candice Glover and Kree Harrison, debate which of the remaining ladies is best poised to break up the current Top 2, and bid an overdue goodbye to Lazaro Arbos.

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  1. Adam Fachry says:

    I don’t think I’m a first

    • marie says:

      Yeah, you were. I’m not. Phooey.

    • deedee says:

      Great Idology episode! Not sure I agree that stacking the deck was a good thing, but, oh well, here we are with a strong top 5, and Candice and Kree – two of the best singers we’ve had in a long time! They are the natural and obvious top 2, and if they end up in the finale, then I don’t care who wins, really.

      Quick shout out to Melinda – mmm-hmm, long standing crush on Seacrest here, too!

      • deedee says:

        oops, didn’t mean to post here and interrupt the thread. Got distracted and somehow ended up hitting “reply” to the wrong post. Apologies!

      • My Alter Ego says:

        And if they actually are the top 2, I’m not sure what I’ll do, besides be astonished and happy!

      • the real wendy says:

        I need more up to dat music! I love The Voice because I am hearing current mostly current music with some classics mixed in instead of vice versa. I also think the coaches are instrumental in making the classics more current.

        • TiaGata says:

          Once they finish with the battle rounds the songs on the Voice will be boring as H E L L!!! This is the best part of the Voice right now.

          At least with AI I now know the songs the contestants sing since they’ve been done to death.

          Again, even if the Voice is using current music, not everyone (ME), listens to pop or country music – IJS.

          • teatime says:

            Sad but true. Last season The Voice was really strong until about 1/2 way thru. Then it started to flatline. For the last few weeks Cassadee was the only one singing anything more current than 1989 except for 1 Melanie song.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        It would the best and most equally-matched Top 2 evah! Oh, I want that bad…

      • marie says:

        That would be the best Top 2 in a long time – since Carrie vs. Bo, just in my opinion.

        • Kiwi says:

          Bo was amazing. I remember being really disappointed when Carrie won, though since then she’s proved herself to me. But Bo…! Why didn’t he become more popular?

          • Joy says:

            Major health issues were a big part of it — he basically had to record and promote his first album in between surgeries. (I also think he got steered in an unideal direction by his label on that album, which may not have helped; they kind of muted the southern rock thing that made him distinctive on Idol, and tried to turn him into more of a generic pop-rock guy, which alienated some fans and probably didn’t really win him many new ones.) But he is still out there performing and recording — I really like both his second and third albums. Just wish they’d gotten more attention…

          • Danny says:

            @Kiwi- I agree that I thought Bo should have won that year. I thought both were great. In looking back it’s easy to say Carrie should have won, but back at the time they were ThisClose. Carrie has come a long way. Her performance on the Country Music Award show was miles ahead of where she was on AI.
            For that matter, pretty much every artist who comes back & does a results show performance has improved quite a bit since just a year or 2 before when they were on Idol.
            Idol is more of a rookie of the year award rather than a lifetime achievement award.

          • the real wendy says:

            Bo’s acapella performance (what was that song?) is still my favorite IDOL performance ever!

          • marie says:

            The song Bo performed a capella was called “In a Dream.”

      • MB says:

        I don’t agree that the manipulation was a good thing. I think it hurt the credibility of the show. Yes the girls are talented but on a whole last year the talent and personalities of the contestants far out weighed the top 10 this year. Yes Candice did an amazing job last week but don’t be blinded by that and forget about the whole season. Last year I wanted to go and watch them on tour so bad. This year I have absolutely no desire to go. Everyone of my friends stopped watching this year they couldn’t take it. I hung in because I am a die heart fan. And please Nigel is not God, he brought you your top 5.

        • Dawn says:

          Thanks for bringing up the tour MB. I had forgotten about that. My family went to last years concert and it was amazing. Variety, diversity, whatever, it was a great show. We won’t be attending this year, I’m sorry to say. Borrrrinnnnggggg

        • Lee says:

          I’m with you, MB. I strongly disagree with both Michael and Melinda. This is NOT one of the best Top 5 in Idol history. To me, the only standout is probably Candice. But, I can’t say the same thing for the others. Kree–lacks emotional intensity (e.g. Pieces of My Heart). Amber–also lacks emotional intensity (e.g., She’s Leaving Home). Angie–inconsistent. Janelle–technically not that great. IMO, last year had a far better group of singers who made the Top 5. Jessica and Joshua are better than any of the Top 5 contestants this season–including Candice. And the proof is in the pudding. I’m willing to bet that less people will go to see the Idols in concert this season than last season. And I’m also willing to bet that less people will buy tunes/CDs this season than last season. As far as I’m concerned, this season may wind up being the same season that had Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox in the Final 2. And that’s not saying much since both of them lost their contract after one year.

        • Idolhead Ed says:

          Strongly disagree with you. I have been writing about Idol for 10 years and always go to the concerts and do a piece on them along with a little about each Idol as I usually get meet and greets and talk directly to the contestants. Last year was the first one I didn’t go to an I had 3rd row floor seats. For me the only two worth seeing were Elise and Jessica. That wasn’t enough to get me there last year. I still don’t get the Josh,Phillip,and Skylar love. Josh over sings everything. While Phillip is enjoying incredible success to this point I did not really care for him. Skylar to me was a high school talent contestant.

          Other than Jessica, and I do not care for her style of music, I would take any of these five girls over anyone last season. I could say the same for the last five seasons with the exception of Allison, Siobhan, and Haley. Sorry Adam and Kris and Bowersox fans.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            I agree with most of that, although I liked Josh more (not that it is really my style of music, but he was good). My other difference, and it is important, though is that even though we have relatively few names on the previous season lists, the ones that are there like Elise and Haley etc. got me more excited than any from this season and I’d rather have one that does that than five who are really solid but don’t. It’s not a bad top five though. I do miss anyone with even a hint of rock style.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I agree with deedee – I didn’t care for the manipulation and let’s face it – if Lazaro had not gone home it would have been a travesty. However, here we are, we have five great finalists, so let’s just enjoy the ride.

        • Chris says:

          Do we really know that there was manipulation? Since this season didn’t get tagged the year of the girls until after the auditions, maybe the top 20 were just a reflection of who tried out. The producers noted that there were a lot of strong women singers and started to advertise this season that way. Idol has always struggled to come up with 10 or 12 very good singers. There’s always a handful of singers that are clearly going to go home first. Sometimes, like this year, one of those lasts longer than their talent merits but that’s America’s fault, not the judges or the producers.

      • Devil's Advocate says:

        “Oh, well?” I wonder how well a top six guy roster would go over with people on this board who think the manipulation is no big deal….

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          I would probably feel the same way, Devil’s Advocate. Unlike a lot of people I haven’t been screaming for a female winner. During his “Idology” interview Curtis remarked to Mr. Slezak that Idol is a “reality show”. It’s not a singing competition.
          When Casey James was on the program it reminded me how much I missed the likes of him and David Cook. I’m a sucker for a guy with a guitar but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love Melinda Doolittle! And I’m still trying to figure out how Lee Dewyze beat Crystal Bowersox. I understand how Scotty beat Haley Reinhart but wow, did I love her. Still do.
          And that’s not to say I’m not enjoying the female finalists. I am. Like some other people I’m more upset Lazaro outlasted the other men and WTH were the judges thinking advancing him past Hollywood week,anyway? Oh yea – they were casting a reality show.
          I have said this before – it’s the “Gilligan’s Island” of singing competitions. Think about it.

          • Hmr says:

            I am with you DET. I get upset when average singers, male or female, win. Is P2 a great singer? In my opinion no, but he is likable. I quit watching season 12 after all the boys were eliminated. I want variety.

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          What are you complaining about you had your guy run away with the win for like a decade sometimes when other contestants were vastly better and more interesting.
          It does stink that it has come down to the need to manipulate to give even the greatest girl a prayer at this, but it has, and in part because of all the crap they pulled getting your favorite guy in the last however long.

        • Name That Tune says:

          If it was 5 great singers, I would not have a problem with it. But think back over the last 6 seasons. When has the show ever found 5 great male singers in one season.
          We forgot that season 10 brought us the elimination of 5 straight females before a single guy left. And the guys weren’t that great. Nobody has complained that Scotty’s win was “hollow”, yet it amounts to the same thing. Except these 5 girls are great singers. Better than Stefano, Paul McDonald and Jscob Lusk.
          I think season’ s top 4 would hold up well against any top 4 in the past 12 years. They actually just happen to be women.

          • deedee says:

            That’s the point – season 10 wasn’t stacked in favour of the male contestants, so if a man won (Scotty), then it was not a hollow victory. It’s only hollow when you leave the voters no choice but to vote for who is obviously better – in the case of season 12, it’s the girls. That’s why a victory for a girl is hollow – because Nigel made sure it was nearly impossible for a guy to win.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            When the show and the judges do everything in their power to hold down the best contestant of the season how is that less hollow?

          • deedee says:

            Are you talking about Haley?
            It’s less hollow because once a contestant is actually in the competition, it’s up to the voters, no matter how much the show tries to bury them. Look at the opposite: Joshua received 18 standing ovations and was told he was the best thing since prehistoric man invented the wheel — and he came in 3rd just like Haley. So, it’s one thing to manipulate once the kids make the voting rounds, it’s a whole ‘nother ballgame to not let the good ones get through.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Jessica had been having as many moments as Joshua though so it wasn’t quite the same.

        • deedee says:

          Oh, come on, Devil’s Advocate. It’s not about a Top 5 girl roster! Or a Top 5 guy roster, or a Top 5 red- haired, 6 ft., leprous, country-pop, hermaphrodite roster! I never could care less if a girl won. I, personally, always wanted the best contestant to win. The manipulation would still be a big deal to me if we were left with a Top 5 all-male roster … if it involved stacking the deck so blatantly in favour of the guys, like they did this year with the girls. My “oh well” comment was about resigning to the idea that this is what we’ve been given, and rolling with the punches of season 12. But I do hope this level of tampering doesn’t happen again, regardless of which gender/age-group/genre/etc benefits from it.

  2. marie says:

    LOL, I’m like a little kid, delighted to be first! Now to watch…glad it’s finally here!

  3. bo says:

    Melinda praising Nigel and the females left rather than address the terrible males and inherent flaws in the voting system? Hmmm.. Someone must really want their spot in the Vegas Idol revue to suddenly develop such a blind eye.

    • noa says:

      what Vegas Idol revue?

    • Lunakit says:

      No, no… I thought that came from a genuine place. Melinda doesn’t have an agenda.
      I think they both spent extra time on the idea of not ‘looking a gift horse in the mouth’ because it is a different way of looking at how we got to where we are this season. It was a good conversation and I was glad it wasn’t over edited. There are times that I feel (often) that we are missing a lot of what they talked about simply because they needed to cut everything into a 10 minute show…such a shame.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Nah. I just think she’s happy about the outcome. It’s a perfectly valid opinion, btw.

      • MC says:

        Exactly. I happen to share that opinion. There’s been a huge amount of manipulation over the last several seasons. All of it was designed to make the guys look good and simultaneously make the girls seem like they were constantly lagging behind in terms of creativity and dynamism. The fact that the top five has not consisted entirely of five guys is irrelevant because supporting any of the girls (during those years) was such a hopeless and frustrating endeavor. The show was not passionately promoting any of them, with the exception of Crystal. The tables are turned for one season and it is an enjoyable one for anyone who appreciates great music.

        • teatime says:

          The show passionately supported Jessica, Lauren, Pia, and, Crystal.

        • MB says:

          I totally disagree. The girls have been pimped for the last few seasons not the guys. Lauren was the chosen one of season 10 and season 11 it was Jessica. They didn’t win because the public didn’t buy into it. This year was just so over the top with the manipulation that they 5 boys chosen was so sub par we knew from top 40 what was happening and o did the guys. This is by far the worse season ever with the manipulation. They actually discounted a whole gender not just pimp a chosen one.

  4. bloop says:

    Yay to a Kree – Candice finale!

  5. karenb says:

    As a woman myself, I can’t disagree more with Slezak and Melinda. I do think that the win will be a hollow one for the girl. It’s kind of like giving out a trophy just because you played the game in my opinion. The manipulation this year has been ridiculous. Don’t even tell me that out of the thousands and thousands of male auditioners that there wasn’t ONE half-ways decent guy contestant. I don’t care if he plays a guitar or not. It’s what you call variety, Uncle Nigel. The men that they put up there this year were a joke.

    And besides all of that-the girls this year sing like they are professionals. Where is the UNDERDOG this year? The suspense and excitement of who goes home now is just like another day at the office. I loved Haley and Alison. So it’s not a girl thing its a suspense and cheering for your horse thing.

    I think the drop in the ratings may indicate that I’m not the only person who feels this way.

    That is all. I will get off my I will get off my soap box now. And yeah, I feel better from venting! :)

    • karenb says:

      Don’t get me wrong-Candice is my favorite contestant this year, with Kree close behind. I’m just so over the manipulation by TPTB. I guess Mariah is too.

      • Sherian says:

        Agree. When five men are sent home in a row, you know something is up. How predictable.

        • Terry says:

          That’s how I feel too. And it’s really a shame they put such lame guys in the top ten because I think it does taint the victory of whoever wins this season. We’ll never know if one of these girls could have beaten an equally strong guy contestant because TPTB never gave them that chance. Anyways, I don’t really care cuz none of these girls do anything for me so I’m not sticking it out to the end of this season. I may return next season if Nicki is gone and they have a better top 10 group of contestants. Until then, cheers!

          • marie says:

            Gee whiz, is the POINT of the contest for one gender to beat the other? I think we DO know if some of these ladies could have beat some stronger male contestants: they’re so good, OF COURSE they could!

          • smh says:

            Well Marie, that’s what I thought about Crystal vs Lee, Haley vs Scotty, Jessica vs Phillip. So I don’t think there’s any reason to be yelling “OF COURSE” at anyone here. smh

          • marie says:

            Unfortunately we can’t use italics here, so I use capital letters as a substitute. I’m not shouting, I’m emphasizing.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I’M SHOUTING – LOL, not really. Honestly, I posted this before – yes there was manipulation but here we are, the top five are great – Kree is amazing and Candice is sublime. I’m just going to enjoy the ride. I got really annoyed during the season with Lauren Alaina – THAT was manipulation and had she been better trained as a vocalist and not lost her voice she might have won the whole enchilada. Probably not – but maybe!
            I think if we don’t want manipulation we are watching the wrong program.

          • Leah Hoffman says:

            When I want to emphasis a point and can’t do italics, I break out the old HTML. That way you really know when I want to make a point!

          • Lee says:

            @darcyseviltwin: Do you really think this season’s Top 5 is great? With the exception of Canidce, I find them all boring! Last year I was replaying all kinds of songs, such as Home, Volcano, And I’m Telling You, It’s A Man Man’s World, etc. This season I have not replayed any song. And I could replay them as I have stop watching the show on TV and instead watch it on the internet. But I still have no inclination to replay any of them.

          • marie says:

            Well, Leah Hoffman, I guess I’m just not as web-savvy as you are. I use capitals – and usually sparingly, I might add – for emphasis.

        • My Alter Ego says:

          Well, in past seasons, the women have disappeared quickly, so this was simply a turnaround. For me, that Paul, Devin, and Burnell – even Curtis – all far better singers than Lazaro, yet voted out prior to Lazaro, is what burns my craw.

          • Lunakit says:

            good point!

          • Danny says:

            @Darcy’s Evil Twin- That season was manipulated w/ more than Lauren. Uggh. I didn’t watch the final. The best 2 that year came in 3rd & 4th. I can see where 1 country person would be ahead of James. The country market is so much bigger than the heavy metal market. But for both of them to be ahead of Haley? Get real.
            Then the next year, Skylar was every bit as good as anyone in the top 7. I’m not saying she was better, but they were all pretty close. So if the “country vote” (not capitalizing at the expense of coming off as Randy Jackson) could propel 2 inferior talents over 2 better ones, then it should have propelled an equal talent to the top also.

        • Scarlet says:

          All I know is-I don’t think that it’s even worth voting this year because the whole thing is set up.

          Just curious, though-how many people here do vote? I’ve always wondered.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            I’ve voted ever since I first got a cell phone. I’ve voted this year, but ever since the finals began I’ve voted for all 5 women and none of the men. This outcome is exactly what I wanted, though I would have taken Burnell, Devin, or even Paul as the last man standing instead of Lazaro.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I’ve always voted!

          • Danny says:

            I don’t vote. Occasionally over the years I had. But I’d only vote 1 time. Once I realized people were voting 980 times for a contestant I figured what’s the use? Then in season 10 I tried to vote for Haley in the top 3. I called in & voted. She was contestant 3 I think it was. The recording said something like “thank you for voting for contestant 1.” I haven’t voted since.

          • candicegloverfan says:

            i vote every week. this year i was initially splitting my vote between candice and one or two other girls who i liked that week. after the week candice was not in three of four judges’ top three, i threw all my votes to candice (hundreds via phone and all 50 of my online votes). i’ll probably continue to do that, although i very much want it to be a candice-kree finale.

          • marie says:

            This season, I’ve voted every week. That hasn’t always been the case in past seasons, but I find this year I’m really invested.

        • Name That Tune says:

          Did we complain about manipulation in season 10 when the same thing happened to 5 females back to back to back? By this logic, Scotty’s win must be tainted. And we all know there was a lot of manipulation that season.

          • MC says:

            Exactly. ITA.

          • Lee says:

            I wouldn’t say that Scotty was one of the strongest winners in Idol history. So yeah–his win was tainted. IMO Haley should’ve won. And I thought we did complain that Season 10 was manipulated. With the exception of Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez did everything they could to turn the public against Haley thereby manipulating it.

    • Nat says:

      I think it will be interesting to see what happens in the ratings – I actually think there might be a little bit of a lift because of the 5 strong women left.
      It’s the first I’m hearing of the ‘hollow victory’ theory, but to be honest, I don’t care. There is a great top 5, and whoever wins out of them will be a worthy winner to stand alongside the previous 11. The deck may have been stacked in favour of the girls, but looked at from another perspective, the competition between the female contestants in the Quarter and Semi-finals was fierce, and the ladies that made it through really proved themselves.

      • tewence says:

        this top 5 reminds me of previous seasons. i can remember watching and feeling the tension of the top 5 on…not sure if that makes sense, but it hasn’t felt like the stakes are high in several seasons now. i am excited for the finale! …as long as janelle doesn’t get there. or amber. there. i said it.

      • AlyB says:

        Same here. The final 5 is outstanding and I can’t wait to hear them sing again. I do think ratings will see an increase now that we’ve jettisoned the guys. Every week it was like you had to endure them to get to the good stuff. I’m already sick to death of the “hollow victory” meme. Those girls are amazing and a Candice Kree finale would be epic. Count me on the “I don’t care how we got here” train. I’m loving this final 5.

      • Libby says:

        Idol had their biggest drop in ratings in the history of the show on March 9. Not sure how it’s doing now.

    • dude says:

      It’s a hollow win for the girls but I disagree a bit with your analogy. I don’t think they’re as much saying “here girls, we’ll make it easy for you, you can have this one” as they’re making it right after years of holding the girls back.

    • Joy says:

      I expect that there are always tons of talented contestants who get cut, sometimes early in the audition rounds, for highly arbitrary reasons — not pretty enough, too similar to another recent contestant, not a genre the producers are interested in that year, too “ethnic” in a year they’re courting middle America, too generically middle American in a “diversity” season, too old in the “year of the 15-year-old”… Every season gets cast with a certain vision of what the producers want that season to be, and we’re always seeing the best of what fits that vision, rather than simply the best of the best — but there’s still tons of talent and plenty of stiff competition among contestants who fit the casting profile, so it’s hard to see any of the resulting victories as hollow. Every contestant who wins manages to spark the enthusiasm of millions of viewers — which, no matter who they’re up against, is no small task. This season, the theme has been “year of the woman,” and so the competitive field has been skewed accordingly, but these are nonetheless amazing women who’ve beat out tons of competition to get this far. I definitely have my favorites with whom I’m just as smitten as I’ve been in many past seasons…and beyond even those, I honestly think any of them that wins will be just as deserving as any other Idol winner has been.

      • Father Time says:


        • Joy says:

          Mmhmm. And am I also sexist for thinking George Washington was a deserving president, even though only men were eligible for the job at the time he got it? I’m not saying I’m in favor of biased systems; far from it — but recognizing the existence of biased systems doesn’t automatically negate the genuine accomplishments of some of the individuals within them. What’s sexist is ignoring all the other bias that consistently pervades the system, but then, when *men* become the disadvantaged group one year, suddenly deciding that this particular competition is uniquely illegitimate and this particular winner is uniquely undeserving.
          (Sorry for feeding the troll, y’all, but that wanted off my chest.)

          • Nat says:

            Fab comeback! (I think your original post was wholly anti-sexist, for the record :P)

          • marie says:

            And I agree with Joy again.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            So do I, marie, because quite frankly, as I said before, if we want a program with no manipulation we are watching the wrong program. Other than season 1, if I can remember back that far, hasn’t there always been manipulation in some form or another? Granted, it is more obvious at times, but it’s always there. We have five great finalists. This is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it. We can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube now.

      • marie says:

        Agree with Joy.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        Joy, you’ve just outlined an extraordinary picture of what likely happens throughout the AI process. Good for you for seeing it for what it is!

        I’ve said it before, I think here on this blog, and I know elsewhere, I now understand why Candice was cut last year during Vegas week, and, in many ways, it may have been a blessing for her. While vocally excellent, she didn’t have the confidence to push her through.


        On the other hand, last year I suspect ( I could be wrong), Candice may not have been ready to deliver to us the renditions we’ve heard this year.


        Candice is the Queen – I’m in complete awe,,,,,

    • Mark says:

      I don’t know what’s more disappointing to me–the downward spiral of this show as it swirls around the bowl, or the fact that Michael and Melinda have become apologists for Nigel and the show. The sudden reversal of these two on the matter of the historically weak cast of male singers in the top ten made my head spin. And no, I do not need a white male with a guitar to provide eye candy–the five girls fill that role for me. What I do need is more creative rearrangements of these ancient song relics the contestants are forced to sing each week. Candice came through last week, but that was the first “Idol moment” of the season. Everything else has been bland, boring, and disappointing. I almost feel as though Michael was trying to lecture me with his comments, but he is missing the point completely. None of these singers sounds in any way current, and it’s not entirely their fault. Much of it has to do with with the insipid themes, but it is also due in part to a lack of imagination with these contestants. They all have great voices, but they don’t do much with them. Kree has tremendous control, but the next time she lets herself go will be the first time. Sometimes a song needs to go up to 11, but she never gets past 8–even though she has the power to do it. Amber is a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice, but I swear I can’t remember any of her performances other than the train wreck during Beatles week. Angie–her song choices put me to sleep. Candice is the only performer who shows any potential to be an artist. I just hope the voters keep supporting her.

      • jaded says:

        Mark-I completely agree with you. I felt like I was being lectured, too. I think Michael and Melinda may be trying to convince themselves that this is a legit competition this season.

        • Mark says:

          Was it just two weeks ago Michael penned a column about how to fix season 12? And now that Lazaro is gone it’s suddenly fixed? We’re supposed to believe that’s the only problem? Candice was great last week, but one song isn’t enough to save an entire season.

      • BuceWee says:

        Well said Mark. I was really disappointed to hear them throw out all criticism of this awful season because Candice & Kree sang the right notes. Lazaro was in the top 3 two weeks ago, that’s the rotten heart of the show. That a bad karaoke sob story with doe eyes can be in the top 3 of the last 7 contestants!

        This season’s winner does get an asterisk beside their name. It was a victory through manipulation, no matter how good the winner sounds.

        • deedee says:

          That’s how I see this season – a victory through manipulation. I love Candice and Kree and believe they are good enough to deserve a win – even with male competition. But I would have preferred to see how they fared in an evenly matched field rather than in this forced situation. Maybe if the winner goes on to be the next Kelly or Carrie, then we’ll forget the too-in-your-face-even-for-Idol machinations it took to get her there.

          • marie says:

            dee dee, I still don’t understand: how would having some male contestants remaining at this point make it an “evenly matched field,” while the contestants who are still here are presumably NOT playing on an “evenly matched field”?
            After all, as others have said too, the casting of an Idol season has just about always involved producer manipulation of one sort or another, and I just don’t see how this year’s variety of manipulation is worse than that of any past year.
            Also, I just don’t agree with anything that would suggest that the remaining contestants are anything less than worthy of victory on their own merits (granting that I think some more talented than others), regardless of whether there are only ladies left, or ladies and guys, or ladies, guys, Chihuauas, and Martians…whatever!
            I guess I just don’t agree that it’s necessary to have a mix of genders to have an enjoyable show; it makes no difference to me. I’m just glad that from here on out, we can be reasonably sure there will be no out-and-out vocal horrors to sit through because all these ladies can sing at least reasonably well.

        • Nat says:

          Every year is a victory through manipulation of some kind…

          • deedee says:

            Not quite like this year of sledgehammering us over the head with the obvious bias.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            S10 had at least as much! Other seasons have had plenty too. I don’t particularly like any of it, although at least this season it hasn’t been as in bad in what it has led too (at least all of the best singers of the live rounds made top 5 and the best 4 have generally been the top 4) and it’s been countering bad voting patterns to an extent.

      • John says:

        I hate to agree with you as well. Seriously Michael and Melinda, How can you keep defending Nigel after the ratings tumble this season?? The ratings have dropped so poorly that TvLine and EW, as well as Mj’sBigBlog have picked up on the slide.

        Honestly, no one is saying that the women aren’t creative, but with such restrictive, crippling song lists and themes, How is there room for some genuine creativity. Is it any wonder that the second half was so much better?? Of course not because it was a broad theme that allowed the contestants to pick good songs.

        Everyone backstage needs to go IMO. That’s the only way they’ll be able to reinvent Idol, and make it competitive with brilliant producers like Mark Burnette.

      • syb says:

        You can legitimately choose to be annoyed at so called “manipulation.” Or you could just enjoy a season that for a change features 5 really interesting, diverse, creative singers all of whom really can sing. I think that’s the point. However it happened, if you really watch the show for talent, you’ve got as much talent in this top 5 as there ever has been. You might find individuals from other seasons who could outsing or out perform any of the 5, but as a group, I think most would be hard pressed to find a better top 5. And for those complaining about gender manipulation, if you’re so gender blind, why does it matter that all five happen to be female?

        This isn’t the first season the field wasn’t manipulated. In fact, if it wasn’t manipulated it would be a first.

        • LeahKittyS says:

          Thank you! We’ve got a strong crop, let’s enjoy it for just that. It’s just a TV show in the end.

        • Mark says:

          Here’s my real issue: The perceived problem with the show was that tweenies were power voting for the cutest WGWG over more talented singers. So how did they choose to fix the problem? They went to the root of the problem and eliminated power voting. Of course, that put the lie to their claims of “..viewers cast a record number of votes last night–over forty jazillion in in a single night…”

          Oh, wait a minute. They didn’t do that. Instead they put out a bulletin advising that no WGWG would be allowed through, and then hyped this season as the most talented crop of female singers in the history of music. WGWG problem cured!

          I wasn’t happy when Kris Allen or Lee Dwyze beat far more talented rivals, and in both cases I believe their wins can be traced to unlimited voting. I think the manipulation began in earnest two years ago, when the producers decided it was time to have a country bear jamboree for the finale and went to absurd lengths to make it happen.

          But this season’s shenanigans top even that sham.

          Don’t get me wrong. They are all nice singers. But the overriding sameness from week to week is boring me to drink. I can’t get through a show without downing a bottle of scotch. Of course, I’m drinking alone because everyone else in my house–all of whom used to watch the show–is doing something else.

          • Libby says:

            LOL Mark, LOL. The voting system does need to be changed in a bad way. Isn’t facebook limited to 20 votes or something? I think there are some limits, just not with the phones and texting.

            “Country bear jamboree,” “bottle of scotch,” “drinking alone.” HAHAHA!

            You made me laugh so I won’t hack on you for hacking on my boy Kris Allen :)

          • JB says:

            Nobody votes more than the glamberts ,so limiting votes probably would have kept him out of the finals.His fans are very loyal but they were not large enough to overcome casual voters.The author of the book about Idol from the LA Times journalist debunked the Ar votes.He said Adam would have lost even if they were not counted.Musical taste is subjective.For,me Kris is incredibly talented and the most creative,musically knowledgable idol ever.

          • hmr says:

            I agree with you. The sameness is driving me nuts too and that’s why I am not really watching the show anymore, with or without cocktails. Had there been all male top 5 Slezak et al would have been totally outraged.

        • Mary says:

          I disagree, I think season 7 and season 8 had a great top five heck even season 5. Yes there always have been manipulations but not to this degree. Maybe Nigel should of just put females in the top ten. I don’t care if it is a male or female who wins, I want the one who I enjoy and will purchase music from even if they do not win. This has been a lack luster season to say the least
          and you know there is no guarantee the winner will be successful. This is a stepping stone not the end all.

          • teatime says:

            I agree. Seasons 5, 7, and 8 all had a very strong top 5. So did season 11.

          • karenb says:

            S7 & S8 will always be my favorite seasons. They were so much fun! Loved the top 10/12 in both of those seasons.

        • marie says:

          Great points, syb! Thank you!

    • deedee says:

      We all love a good underdog and dark horse, but that’s not something that can be scripted. That’s something that just emerges out of the dynamics of the competition.

    • dj says:

      For Michael and Melinda to sit there and say the manipulation is ok because it got the result they wanted and for them to tell us all to shut up is not what I expect of them. The end justifies the means, does it? Thank you Uncle Nigel? Seriously? Yes, I like the top 5, but the whole season has left kind of a sour taste in my mouth, and now this particular episode of Idology has done the same.

      • Libby. says:


        New flash, everyone. The save will be used this week. That’s right-you heard it here first. That’s about how surprising this season has been, where it’s so obvious what will happen next.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Eh. To equate Candace and Kree “to giving out a trophy just for playing” is woefully overstated. It implies that their obvious talent and technical ability is somehow fabricated. And this is simply incorrect. Now, Lazaro getting to the Top 20 “just because of” his sob story – disregarding his obvious lack of technical aptitude and competition readiness – is “giving a trophy just for playing.” See the difference? Nigel has always manipulated this show – are you also leveling this allegation at past seasons? Why is it suddenly unfair – and special treatment – when women are the focus of the praise, etc.? The lack of excitement may do to the clear divide between the leaders of the pack and “the rest.” There were plenty of underdogs – most of them had penises – and let’s not forget Janelle and Amber.

      • Name That Tune says:

        If the goal was to get a female winner at any cost, then they could have chosen any mediocre 5 girls. This only works if they choose 5 very talented females. Otherwise we would all be laughing at them.
        Instead they chose 5 great singers who happen in be females. Otherwise, we would not be having this discussion.

    • Mary says:

      I agree 100%. Yes all five of the girls are good but there is no variety, suspense. The show this year has been painful to watch, and the viewers have dropped. Personally I don’t think it was worth it. I think variety would of been interesting.

    • Danny says:

      @Karen- You did well on your soap box. Take your bows.
      I also loved Haley and Allison. 2 of the 3 best Idols ever IMO. (Siobhan would be in there too, another one who got shafted and muted praise). I agree on your drop in ratings comments too. A lot of people who agree w/ you aren’t around to say they agree. They’ve simply quit watching the show.
      I think the elephant in the room that so many are missing is the terrible judging. Everyone is aware that the judges blow chunks. I mean it was in their missing how the judging is affecting the singers.
      I personally think this is the worst season of em all. There’s been just ONE live performance all year that had me replaying it over & over. Then I started thinking about it. After every perfromance, we’ve got to sit through 3 brutal judges yammering about god only knows what. Sometimes they yap for a combined 5+ minutes over a 1.5 minute song.
      So there’s never any flow to the show. It’s irritating. It’s not the contestants fault. They’re handcuffed w/ terrible judges. Plus, they never get to sing over 1.5 minutes. Contestants in previous seasons sometimes got around 2.5. That’s a big difference to get in a better performance.

      • Ciara says:

        Absolutely agree with you Danny. The whole judging thing is a huge waste of time. I often think AI is more about promoting the judges rather than promoting the contestants.

  6. QueenJ says:

    I’ll disagree on the point that we’ve seen a lot of creativity this season. I’ll give you one song each from Janelle and Candice but otherwise just picking an obscure song or having Bandzilla tweak something doesn’t count. I agree you don’t need to be a white dude with guitar to be creative so that’s why I’m not holding these ladies to a lower standard. Hopefully Nigel lets them off their leash a bit more and they start to take risks. I’m not excited about the inevitable Celine-Whitney-Mariah selections should this divas theme come to fruition.

  7. Jessica says:

    That was hysterical! now I can have a good day! Thank you!

  8. noa says:

    one of the better episodes of Idology this season!! so many laughs! Kree-Candice finale would be my all-time fave. yes indeed.

  9. tewence says:

    manipulated or not, at least 4 out of the 5 remaining contestants are solid. sorry, janelle.

    • kat says:

      Yeah, but “here’s the thing” (Kara shout out lol)-everyone has a problem with the manipulation on this show-until it’s manipulated to have a girl win.

      • noa says:

        Jason addressed it- at least they’re using their powers for good and not evil. ;)

        • John says:

          No. Manipulation under any pretences is just wrong and it angers me. With the remarkably undiverse talent – genre wise – and the poor casting of male talent, is it any wonder that this season has been almost universally panned, as well as tumble in the ratings.

          The key to a good season is casting a balanced, diverse, group of contestants both male and female. That makes an exciting competition, not one where half the contestants are seriously flawed.

          • TB says:

            You must be completely blind to think that past seasons haven’t operated with the exact same level of manipulation. Think of season 8, widely considered one of the all time bests. That season was stacked with total losers too. Megan Joy, Scott Macintyre, Michael Sarver, Lil Rounds, Matt Girard? The show stacked the deck that season too. You might think back to season 10, where the show seemed stacked in favor of the marketable country kids after the commercial embarrassment of Lee DeWyze. Or even Melinda’s season, where the contestants all had pop, R&B leanings to follow up the easy listening disappointment of Taylor Hicks. Even last season the show stacked the deck, this time for young contestants, as The Voice threatened to be the hot new commodity in reality competition. Idol doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It has always been trying to push you in one direction or another based on whatever it thinks is profitable for that moment in time. It’s just that it’s never been focused on a trait as obvious as gender.

      • Mary says:

        I don’t think that is true. Sorry there is only one maybe two girls I would purchase music from. What really irks me is that everyone feels this manipulation is justify because the last 5 winners were wgwg. I wasn’t happy with a couple of them but I think they were deserving of the win. I totally disagree with Michael and Melinda the end does not justify the means.

      • tewence says:

        it did, however, bother me that they didn’t put the strongest guys through. but at this point in the competition, manipulate away, because all the sucktastic performances were getting old.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      LOL, tewence. I thought you were going to say – sorry, Amber. At least Janelle tries to re-arrange a song every now and then…

    • Danny says:

      I actually have Janelle #1 right now. There’s not a big gap between her & 5. She’s been as low as 5, right now she’s at 1 IMO. She’s not quite as good a singer as some of the others, but she’s the only one who doesn’t always have the ensemble. I think Candice & Kree are good, but nowhere near the best of all time Idols. Janelle also isn’t near the best of all time Idols. Heck, if she was on the Voice I’d have her at about #9.
      I just think who ever wins this year will be one of those solid, but not great contestants. As long as WayTooMuchLipstickOnAPig Nicki is on here + RamblingOn&On&On&On&On&On&On Mariah + RandyYoDogPitchyInSpotsINITTOWINIT!!! Jackson are on the panel, this is going to be the worst season ever, no matter how good/bad the contestants are.
      I get that people who are still watching might not agree. Most of the people who agree with me are no longer watching the show.

      • tewence says:

        there is an electricity that is missing from janelle. also, for a singing competition, i feel like a good voice should be the first qualifier, right? this was my main problem with peepee.

  10. ktbanks says:

    A+ episode! The Pride and Prejudice clips were perfection. (As was the reference to Keith Urban fanfic. Hilarious.)

  11. lenna says:

    my new theory: nigel deliberately didnt put candice in everyone’ top 3 (or deliberately used the fact that she was not in the audience’ top 3 — to give her a fake transformative moment. Idol viewers Love contestants who grow and develop in the course of the season and early front runners almost never win. By not putting candice in the top 3, she got an edit of a dark horse finally transforming into a potential runner.

    • deedee says:

      I thought the point of the judge’s top 3 picks was to contrast it with Lazaro being in the voters’ top 3, but you make an interesting point. Thing is, if Candice didn’t have such a brilliant “moment” last week, this plan would not have worked. The way things fell into place was pretty perfect, though!

    • teatime says:

      I have considered this too. My other thought was that they were all prompted to put Amber in the top 3. They all also wanted Kree in the top 3. So then they had to pick who to put in as the third/last spot. But maybe after Nigel saw how it shook out, he decided it might shake things up to broadcast the results and show Candice (of all people) as an underdog.

    • Name That Tune says:

      But that includes assuming that Candice would deliver those 2 stellar performances. If she didn’t, all that effort would be meaningless. We might be more focused on Amber or Angie.
      The reality is that Candice had to get through Rock week and Beatles week. There was nothing bad about those performances, but they don’t match IWHN or Ordinary people. She’s an R&B girl with a jazzy flavor and her strength is singing love songs. This was the first time in a month that she got to do what she is good at. She blew the roof off the place.
      Nigel can only spin so much. The rest is up to the singers.

  12. what the heck says:

    Syesha? Seriously?

  13. Adam Fachry says:

    I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say this is the best top 5 ever. Only Candice and Kree who I thought were the real strong contenders. Angie’s performances prior to the Kari Jobe song have been either bad or overrated, Janelle, imo, only has 3 good ones (The Dance, You Keep Me Hangin’ On, and I Will), Amber is a bit of a one trick pony, even though her comfort zone proves to be effective (I don’t think Love on Top was nowhere near as good as some people thought it was). But then again, there aren’t many seasons whose top 5 I found really strong either. In my mind right now, I could only think of Season 5, 8, and 11.

    • noa says:

      interesting discussion! S5 was fantastic- really strong contestants in the top 5. i’d say that was def the strongest top5 IMO.

      in S8 you had Danny who i think is worse than any woman in the top 5 this year. the others were fantastic. although Matt had off-weeks for sure, but he’s probably on the same level as Janelle or Amber.

      as for S11… can’t think of a Elise-less top 5 as being that great. especially since that was around the time when i was really annoyed with P2 being there (loved him at the beginning of the season and in the end). but S11 had probably the strongest top 10 overall and those top 5 were really strong. better than this year i guess. so here’s my finale ranking: S5, S11, S12, S8. and i’ll add that Kree&Candice > any top5 contestant in S11.

      other top 5s weren’t as good for sure (i’m looking at you- Jacob Lusk and Aaron Kelly)…

  14. tewence says:

    i’m glad that they finally acknowledged the fact that holding a guitar doesn’t = creativity. i’m glad janelle changed up “keep me hanging on” but that concept is as old as the hills…i mean go to any local bar and you’ll hear some wannabe changing a pop song into an acoustic minor-key ballad. in my opinion, candice has had the most success into using creativity to change something to fit her style. it doesn’t take much to show creativity when changing/adding to an original, and candice has a really good ability to pick up on what should and shouldn’t be done.

    • Adam Fachry says:

      This. It annoys the hell out of me when people are giving credits to Cook or Allen (I like them both, don’t get me wrong) but overlooking Candice just because she still does the Adele arrangement. Being able to re-arrange some songs doesn’t mean you’re automatically a singer-songwriter. There are lots of real singer-songwriters out there who have done covers that don’t just rely on minor-key acoustic tune: PJ Harvey, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, St. Vincent.

      • tewence says:

        i can remember david cook’s version of “always be my baby” and how much they raved over it. i’m thinking “it’s mariah carey week and this guy’s a rocker, what do you think he’s gonna do?” that performance, in my opinion, was predictable because that’s his style. i’m still amazed at candice’s ability to use her voice (and brain [for arrangement ideas], since i don’t think she plays any instruments) to really color and “change” a song. all these dudes that play guitar (nothing against singers of those styles/singer-songwriters [some of my favorite music]) become predictable because they pigeon-hole themselves to that vibe.

        • teatime says:

          Just for the record, David Cook’s version of Always Be My Baby was neither predictable nor anyone else’s version. He also had several other rearrangements which were his rearrangement and not someone else’s, even if his earlier performances were variations of someone else’s rearrangement. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate Candice’s artistry. I do. It is just not correct to suggest all Cook’s rearrangements were not his or were somehow predictable.

          • tewence says:

            i didn’t say he did other people’s arrangements. in my opinion (there is no “record” for opinions, btw), he was predictable, because he never changed up the way he rearranged songs.

          • teatime says:

            Cook did change the way he rearranged songs. Dream Big, Always Be My Baby, Little Sparrow, and Billie Jean, for example, are not at all alike.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Tewence, You are dead on about Candace’s creativity!

  15. Name That Tune says:

    Yes to a Kree – Candice finale. It’s what I am looking forward to. Can’t wait.

    • NJ idoloonie says:

      Just imagine what stars they would be paired with in the finale! It could be amazing!

      • Adam Fachry says:

        Merle Haggard hs been praising Kree on twitter lately. I hope he’s being asked to do a duet with her because that would be epic. Candice and Adele? That would totally be the one to watch.

  16. LeahKittyS says:

    There was so much right about this week’s Idology:
    – The Muppets clips. Keep ’em coming.
    – The acknowledgment of the five incredibly talented leading ladies. I’ll repeat what I said on the Top 10 Reveal night: This is gonna be good! Oh yeah!
    – The reference to Keith Urban’s Ad

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Argh! It cut me off before I was done! Now, as I was saying:
      -Keith Urban’s Adonis complex. Nice.
      -Negating the “hollow victory” hypothesis. The guys knew all along they were the butt of this season’s joke, and the girls are still giving it their all. Whoever wins will deserve it (especially if it’s Angie, Candice, or Kree).
      -Letting Lazaro off easy in his final week and not using him as a punching bag. The guy’s been through enough and said so himself he was on this ride longer than he should have been. So let’s lay him to rest with his brothers and move on.

      • Tellsc says:

        “Negating the “hollow victory” hypothesis”
        But they didn’t negate anything. They just said “the remaining girls are talented so it does not matter”. They essentially are in agreement with the showrunners and dont want to bother their joy-spree to acknowledge that it was a C-team of odds and sods on the male side.

        The males were garbage this year, and that was deliberate. Putting your head in the sand does not change reality, only your perception.
        The real problem is that females are back to having no chance at winning as soon a diverse (diverse as in white and hetero) and talented group of males are let back in and its still unlimited text voting, not itunes sales. This season fixed nothing, its a huge and obvious band-aid & confetti shower clumsily applied over travesties like DeWyze beating Bowersox.
        I’m actually quite disappointed in Slesak and Melinda (and you), but they are entitled to their short-sighted opinions.

        • Name That Tune says:

          Not if they include singers like Candice. Sorry but no WGWG in the past 5 seasons has produced anything like Lovesong.

          • Father Time says:

            And thank you for missing the point.

          • white lancer says:

            I’d argue that “Billie Jean” was better than “Lovesong.” But not by much.

          • Name That Tune says:

            White Lancer, Billie Jean was good. Not great, not transcendent but good. I actually loved David Cook but that was the season that also gave us Jason Castro who was best known for his beautiful blue eyes.
            Again if you are Fox and the major advertisers for Idol, the trend for the show since season 7 has been downward. All seasons that produced one type of winner. They made a decision to change the show. Generally people don’t like change. There will always be naysayers.Some people will stop watching. But that was happening anyway. If I had to watch one more year of the WGWG contest I would have quit watching in January.
            So you take a risk. The buzz from Candice performance will create a lot of interest in the show. And bring in viewers who had given up hope the old war horse.

          • EliteHalien says:

            “No WGWG in the past 5 seasons has produced anything like Lovesong”
            You state that as if its a fact. Music and singing is subjective. People are entitled to support who they want. Just because YOU may not like WGWG, doesn’t mean other fans don’t. I personally found P2’s Volcano very compelling and just as worthy of praise as “Lovesong”

            (For the record, I say this as a Candice fan)

        • karenb says:

          Agree with you. TPTB did band-aid this season. Look people, the contestants aren’t the only people in a competition, All of the singing shows are and Idol is trying to create any buzz that it can. Having the first female winner in years will create buzz.

          Personally, I don’t think Idol is adding many viewers. I think the viewers are dedicated to the shows from way back. And now they’re losing them since the ratings have tanked.

          • Viola says:

            Despite all the gripe about American Idol and the other singing shows, AI is the only show in recent hisdtory that has created bonafide stars…

  17. Evan says:

    Every week, we’re praising one of Randy’s comments. Who’d’ve thunk it?

  18. Nicole says:

    I will agree that the five women (or at least four of them) are phenomenal and would have had a shot at winning any season, not just this stacked season. However, obviously TPTB didn’t have too much faith, thus the crop of guys we got in season 12. So, no, not necessarily a ‘hollow’ victory for a woman, but one with an asterisk beside it nonetheless. Put it this way – if Candice or Kree faced off against Phillip Phillips in the finale, I’m not 100% confidant a woman would still win this year, even if they are deserving based on vocals.

    • noa says:

      case in point- Jessica Sanchez…

      • MB says:

        Jessica Sanchez may have a good singing voice but she is in no way better than Phillip and should have won. Case in point. How many records is she selling? Even Melanie from x-factor charted on the dance chart when her single came out. Jessica went no where. Her idol highlight CD did not do well at all. I can’t say why but she is not setting the world on fire. Phillip on the other hand is doing awesome. His single is the best seller of any idol ever including Carrie and Kelly. His album is close to be platinum and he has been selling out concerts all over the country.

        • Adam Fachry says:

          This. I’m not necessarily a fan of WGWG, but of all the 5 winners, I think Philip is among the most deserved ones after David Cook.

          • Nicole says:

            Phillip has charisma, and like it or not, that’s a factor on these reality-competition shows. Jessica Sanchez was maybe on par with Amber from Season 12. Great vocals, but I’m not sure the “x” factor is there. That may end up being Candice or Kree’s stumbling point (post-Idol) as well.

        • Bonnie A. says:

          Couldn’t agree more!

        • Razz says:

          I’ve seen Phllip twice in concert and he put on a great show. Such a rocker !

        • noa says:

          well, i think Jessica is the same level as Kree and Candice in many aspects, and i think she has more than just a great singing voice. so this shows that Phillip still would have won against them. look, i liked P2 and Jessica a lot, except for the times i didn’t, of course, and i think they’re both doing extremely well. i’m not worried about Jessica. even if the first single isn’t doing that well. i think they’re taking a different marketing strategy with her and it will all be ok in the end. i do think P2 won for a reason and we all knew he would win back in January. and if P2 could win S11, he can probably win any season. good for him.

  19. Mike says:

    Does anyone here really think the women in the final 5 care if we think it’s a hollow victory or not? They’re getting crazy exposure and I wouldn’t be surprised if all 5 of them end up with a record deal in the end.

    Why are we even talking gender anyway. If the top 10 had been all women would it have been a tragedy? If they were the 10 best out there…I just don’t see the need to separate by gender. If the 10 best singers were men…who cares. I just don’t see why this is even a topic.

  20. cj bacci says:

    I Want to buy a Candice Glover cd, NOW.

    • marie says:

      So do I! (Or at least the digital form.) I am already accumulating quite a nice Candice collection via the iTunes studio recordings and audio pulled off YouTube, though. Let’s hope that when she does release an album post-Idol, it’s good material – more like Phillip Phillips did rather than Adam Lambert (which is not, of course, to say Candice’s material should be anything like that of those two guys – it shouldn’t, naturally).

  21. jaded says:

    I will say this. Slezak-you can’t say that Keith “had” to say those things about Candice two weeks ago but came to his senses this week. I’m pretty sure he “had” to say those nice things this week, too.

    • lemon says:

      This is so common on the internet in general, lol. If the judges say something you don’t like, it was “SCRIPTED by the producers!” If the judges say something you do like, it was “from the heart!” ;-)

    • marie says:

      Nonsense. The man has ears, regretted his parrot-talk, and spoke sincerely on the last show.

      • deedee says:

        That’s exactly how it played, Marie. Makes no sense for Keith to be singing the praises of Candice for weeks and weeks, telling her things like “you’re just so freaking good” … and then suddenly put singers he’s been LESS enthusiastic about in his personal Top 3. It totally smacked of boardroom shenanigans. Keith looked so relieved to finally be able to come clean the following week.

        • TB says:

          I like to think he had a nice long talk with Nicole Kidman about it, and she sent him in the right direction.

        • marie says:

          Actually, I’m saying the exact same thing as you, deedee; what I meant by “parrot-talk” was that he was parroting the words of TBTB.

        • marie says:

          @ deedee, just as an observation, this is why sometimes I actually pick up a phone and call my friends instead of emailing them: sometimes it’s just easier to convey your meaning by good old-fashioned talking rather than by writing!

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Whatever. I wasn’t enough. When he kisses her feet, it will be enough… Next.

  22. Jess says:

    Did you even listen to what Mariah told Kree? She told her that she likes what she’s been doing and to not listen to people who tell her to ham it up. Seriously, do you even pay attention?

    • EliteHalien says:

      Agreed. They completely misinterpreted what Mariah was trying to say (which is understandable, but still…)

    • deedee says:

      Well, Mariah got it wrong, then. Nobody was telling Kree to ham it up. They were telling her to put some emotional depth into her delivery. Genuine emotion, not Angie regional theater emotion (sorry Angie fans, but what’s a thread without at least one dig from me? ;) )

  23. Matt says:

    Why haven’t you ever mentioned Mariah throwing glitter on Candice? Great moment. You clearly have a bias against Mariah.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      I know, right? That was priceless.
      Another thing they didn’t touch upon: Ryan Seacrest’s joke about the boys. Nicki mentioned Amber’s “boyfriend” (who we all know is Burnell) and Ryan asked if it was Paul or Devin (Amber humorously answered that it was Curtis). Someone suggested that could have been a gay joke. Thoughts?

  24. RTW says:

    I adore Idology, you guys put so much work into it! Hey Melinda, just want to say I’m looking forward to your Stageit performance tonight. I haven’t seen you perform live since the 2006 AI tour so I’m really excited! Sing Heffa!

  25. WL says:

    Michael and Melinda – I’m as baffled as Jimmy and the rest of the judges – Near the beginning of this Idology you went through the strengths of all the girls – oh wait, no you didn’t – you left out Amber – so clear you don’t think she has enough strength to include her as viable – You talked about her a little later…. but You didn’t even talk about the great duet Amber and Candice did – Here’s the thing – The problem I hear folks say about Kree’s not connecting sometimes is, to me, similar to Amber not connecting – but I think Amber’s potential is just as strong as Kree’s – Amber has less stage experience than any of these girls – If she can do better with that – I think what she can do with a song is up there with any of them. But the judges aren’t giving her the right feedback so I worry she won’t try to change anything. Oh and listen to the studio versions – I think Amber is the second best voice in this competition and her album is one I would buy. My dream final is Amber and Candice.

    • lemon says:

      Michael wants Amber out, and will not complement her. Vote splitting. She didn’t need the save, and Candice fans are nervous. Yes, Candice had a good week, but a not so good one the week before. Things can change, and now Amber has a lot of Lazaro fans on her side.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I agree. The judges are giving Amber useless feedback. But they really haven’t said the contestants have to re-arrange songs, and all of them have – except Amber. Maybe she doesn’t have the technical background to do this yet, but it just comes off [to me] that she has no creative voice and just sings the notes, but really has no creative vision or desire to do more than what is given. It’s just not that impressive at this point to be a great singer – when the rest have brought creativity to the table AND are great singers as well.

  26. Robin says:

    So we got our weekly fix of Idology, tomorrow is Wednesday and Lazaro went home last week. All is right in the Idol universe. Two songs from each of the girls. Divas and the year they were born. I expect to be pleasantly surprised.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Well, you heard that Candice is singing, right? Check out Nigel’s Twitter. I am so psyched!

      • marie says:

        I don’t “tweet” (life is too short, and I don’t have time for that time-sink), so, since Nigel has apparently made it public, would you consider sharing the scoop?

        • LeahKittyS says:

          “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul.

          • marie says:

            Hmmm…interesting. I don’t think she’s going to do an acoustic, slowed-down version, like that guy did a few years ago (his name escapes me). Thanks!

          • Tahoe Mike says:

            Please don’t post spoilers here. If you want to provide a link to the info for those who want to know; cool.

          • marie says:

            @ Tahoe Mike, sorry, I asked for the info. I thought it would be ok because apparently Nigel has made it public. Don’t think there’s an actual “link” LeahKittyS could have posted because, as she mentions, he made the announcement in a “tweet.”

  27. Mika02 says:

    Top 3 for me and I’m not watching I only watch Idology and recaps: Candice Kree Angie If Kree wins this I’m good with that because regardless I think Candice will do big things. I can see here as the next Jill Scott. Also I agree with Melinda on Syesha Mercado because that was the last time I watch Idol it has sucked since then.

  28. bamabunny says:

    So, wait…all we had to do to avoid this string of WGWG winners was have a WGWG JUDGE this whole time?

    • BuceWee says:

      No, the way to avoid WGWG was to only put a hungover-looking Johnny Keyser through into Hollywood as the token WG (I never saw him WG though).

      This season ran screaming from any straight white male that wasnt an obese fuzzy-haired rock-shouter or a flake like Charlie.

      Nigel gets gets his female victory. At&T and Idol dont have to address the destrucitve effect that mass text powervoting with distribution lists and automated dialer & programs has on the quality of the competition.

      And worst of all, my spirit animal since I started watching again in Season 8, Michael Slezak, has suddenly gone over to the dark side because he wants to cliap and spill his glass of wine over Nigel’s “A League Of Their Own” lineup of contestants.

    • EliteHalien says:

      No, it was to sabotage the male vocal pool, with mediocre male talent, which has had the resulting effect of leading to a crash in Idol’s ratings, such that it’s reign as the Top singing competition will likely be coming to an end by next year.

      Furthermore, the general public is not concerned with producing a superstar winner – they want to be entertained, and Idol hasn’t been entertaining for seasons, between the poor themes, terrible arrangements, short songlists, and backstage machinations.

  29. One of my favourite Idology episodes! I’m so happy with this All Girls Top 5! To me, it’s not a hollow victory, but a victory in honour of all of the fallen female contestants for seasons’ past. A Kree vs. Candice finale would just be the icing on the cake. :)

  30. Joe says:

    To me, a hollow victory is a bunch of all ages hormonally fueled deaf people voting excessively for someone who can’t sing because they want to dress him up and go to their imaginary proms with him and introduce him to all their friends and family as their boyfriend. A hollow victory is won with the volume down.

    This season requires actually listening. Some of you didn’t get your Tiger Beat fix? Tough. It’s a singing competition. Not Playgirl.

  31. Name That Tune says:

    One thought about this season. No 15/16 year olds. Compare Candice version of Natural Woman to Lauren Alaina. That’s what happens when you let a girl grow up first.

    • marie says:

      Amen, amen, amen, brother! (Or “sister” – I don’t know why, but I think you’re a guy; if I’m wrong, apologies!)

    • LeahKittyS says:

      I noticed that, too, early on. The age range among the finalists is particularly small. The oldest was Curtis, at just 25, and the youngest was Devin, who will be 19 on April 22. Even extending into the live semifinals, the youngest was Charlie and he was the only legal “child” at 17. Has the phase of the youngsters faded out after two seasons of an age minimum at 15?

      • marie says:

        I certainly hope it has faded out. With the exception of Alison Iraheta, I’ve NEVER enjoyed the young teens on this show; their voices have not matured, forget about life experience or making an emotional connection: in short, they’re kids, and are outmatched when competing with adults.

  32. CJS says:

    It’s obvious (or at least it should be obvious) that TPTB manipulated the top 10 to ensure that a girl would win. It’s really sad that they resorted to this tactic because otherwise, whoever ends up winning would have earned it. Now it really is going to be a hollow victory (unless it’s Janelle or Amber, the 2 underdogs left who would get all my votes if I lived in the USA). Also, despite what Melinda says, this isn’t the best top 5 ever because (and don’t hate me) there isn’t a guy in it. This top 5 is the result of extreme manipulation, not of actual talent.
    At this point, the only way this season can be salvaged is if either Janelle or Amber wins it all. If they end up being the top 2 (as unlikely as it is) then maybe the manipulation will have been worth it just to see the reactions of all the “Candice-Kree final 2” supporters ;)

  33. marie says:

    Anyone who says “hollow victory” is truly dumping garbage all over the extraordinary talents of the amazing contestants left in the competition at this point: what you’re actually saying by “hollow victory” is that had the producers cast stronger male vocalists, the current finalists would not have had a legitimate chance against them – based on their own talents and skills – to win. Right? Think about it.
    Also: All these women did was audition for Idol. They are not responsible for whatever manipulation TPTB decided to bring into play. All they’ve done since is try to win, fair and square. So don’t lay any blame on them, and for heaven’s sake, don’t belittle them, denigrate their talent, or even get close to suggesting that these women are not legitimate contestants for the Idol win.

    • Name That Tune says:

      And we’re looking at the most interesting top 3 in years. It’s a very close race. At least 3 of them are bona fide stars. One is headed for the CMA, the other the Grammys. And Angie will top the charts in the Christian market. That doesn’t sound hollow to me.

      • BuceWee says:

        “Name That Tune” You’ve proven a few times that you dont understand what a “hollow victory” actually implies. I’m glad you like the remaining contestants, I like them too, but that is not what we are talking about.

        • Name That Tune says:

          Actually it’s just a difference of opinion. I thought the last 4 seasons produced “hollow” victories. Last year the winner was obvious in January. How much more hollow can you get?

    • CJS says:

      I’ll answer your question this way; if Jessica, Skylar, Elise, or Hollie had won last season instead of P2, then none of this discussion would even be taking place because not only would a girl have won, but they would have truly earned the victory by beating 2 talented males (P2 and Joshua) But that didn’t happen & for the most part, nobody complained… except TPTB that organized this farce of a season
      To be perfectly honest, I would much rather have someone like Candice lose in a season like season 11 than win the manipulation games of season 12 because TPTB are obviously desperate & the real problem lies with the voting system, not the talent.

      • marie says:

        Well, for me, it’s not a “farce of a season” if I get to hear the likes of Candice, Kree, and Amber sing (and even Janelle and Angie, on occasion). And as Idol history has proven, who actually WINS is not the most important outcome; who gets enough exposure, win or lose, to fuel a successful career is much more signficant.

        • EliteHalien says:

          Actually it is. As someone has pointed out, in the past 5 years the runner-up has only outsold the winner twice – Adam/Kris and Crystal/Lee.
          Statistically, the winner gets much more press coverage, and label support than the winner gets. As much as I loved here, Haley would’ve been much more successful if she’d won Idol. Contestants have been spoiled by the success of J-Hud, and Daughtry. The reality is winners far outrank the success of lower placed finalists.

          • marie says:

            “The reality is winners far outrank the success of lower placed finalists” – except when they don’t, I guess (J-Hud, Daughtry, Crystal, Adam…).

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        A lot of people WERE complaining though, everywhere.

  34. I’m all for it and agree completely that the deck has been stacked against women for the last few seasons, despite women arguably delivering some of the best performances in the last few seasons.

  35. CJS says:

    Also, I want to ask this as a standalone question:
    If any girl from last season (Jessica, Hollie, Skylar, Elise, etc.) had won last season instead of P2 or any guy:
    a.) Would TPTB be doing this sort of manipulation this season? ( I say clearly no.)
    b.) Would the top 10 have had actually talented guys? ( I say clearly yes.)
    c.) Would the top 5 females be any different than what we have right now? ( I honestly don’t know, but I want to say yes.)

    • Name That Tune says:

      Different set of judges. How did they pass on Candice? Got to think the musician in Keith Urban and Mariah Carey had an influence on the choices.

      • BuceWee says:

        I strongly believe that the judges only “judge” they do not actually pick the contestants beyond the audition. They may get thrown a bone and have 2 or 3 each go one round up in Hollywood Week. But the Top 40 to Top 20 casting of this show for diversity, audience appeal, sponsor appeal and demographic appleal is done by Fox, Coke, At&T and Fremantle Media/19 Entertainment.

        There is too much money in ad sales and contractual commitments to leave such an important decision in the hands of judging journeymen, has been and disinterested/irrelevant celebs in search of a career boost.

        The judges only real role is to spike advertising buys when they are announced well in advance of the season so that timeslots can be bought up based on the buzz their name value generates.

        • Name That Tune says:

          So Hollywood week was a farce? And whose decision was it to put Lazaro through? And Charlie in the top 20? Because if you’re casting the show, that is not what you would pick. Especially if you are looking for a “star”.

          • EliteHalien says:

            Wow, you’re clearly deluded about the fact that this remains a [b]reality show[/b].

            The producers put through these contestants in order to generate drama/stakes. Not everyone who watches Idol is an idoloonie. Believe it or not, but there are people who enjoy watching the Hollywood drama.
            BruceWee is completely correct. Demographics, and Advertisers place a huge role in the casting of the competition. The judges obviously have a limited role in the actual casting of the season.

          • tara d says:

            I wouldn’t say Hollywood week was a complete farce, but we know for a fact (based on previous interviews) that Nigel basically got final say when the judges were choosing or having trouble making decisions. He pretty much said it would be based on stories for some. so yeah to think that there isn’t a level of “casting” beyond just the judges choosing their favorites is pretty naïve. this is something that happens every year (im looking at you danny gokey). Also the manipulation may just be more obvious this year because we were able to see the top 40 become the top 20, and that is usually not so. so we were able to see, for example, the train wreck that was Lazaro’s Keith Urban cover in full and then see him still get picked to continue on in the competition. We also got to see plenty of better people not go through. normally we wouldn’t even see their performance, or at least not more than 10 seconds of them.
            As others have pointed out, there is always manipulation/casting going on, it is just more obvious this year because it is more painfully clear. These girls are amazing, ofcourse, but they certainly didn’t have very worthy competition.
            we all know the real problem, the real reason they have to worry about making sure there are viable females, the real reason the wrong person often goes home…that is the voting system. the unlimited texting, unlimited calls, its the true culprit. until that is fixed, we are going to be talking in circles.

        • deedee says:

          I fully agree, BruceWee.

  36. JJ says:

    haha Michael, at the beginning of the video you state that people should stop complain about a lack of creativity…and then at the end you do just that

    • lemon says:

      I noticed that too, in reference to Amber. Sorry folks, but she’s probably going to be pulling out the Whitney for Diva week, and while the same 239 internet posters complain about it, her fans will love it, and dial like crazy.

      • Joy says:

        If that’s the case, then I just hope those speed-dialing fans will show the same zeal in funding her Kickstarter after she goes home in 5th place. She’s the only contestant left who’s already been in the bottom twice, which rather strongly suggests that the Whitney-imitation enthusiasts haven’t exactly been numerous enough to risk jamming the lines.

    • Noa says:

      Yeah, and the only one he didn’t say showed creativity was Amber. And then he said that that is exactly what’s missing for her to c

      • Noa says:

        Damn, got cut off…
        Anyway, Slezak said that she needs to be more creative in order to really compete with the others that have been more creative, like he said in the beginning. So no contradiction…

  37. marie says:

    Yes, Melinda, I agree: the yummy Mr. Urban is all the WGWG I’ll ever need on my television screen! (Then again, at my age, cute twentysomethings leave me unmoved, so I’m by nature not susceptible to the usual comely Idol boy contestant, except to admire his singing if he’s good at it.)

    • marie says:

      Whoa, and I call MYSELF out on using the word “boy” when I won’t use “girl”! My VERY bad – I’ll change that to “young man”!

  38. Viola says:

    I like Kree. I have from the beginning but she is disappearing before my eyes. She is very boring. I see no star quality at all. This is like the “emperor’s new clothes”. Why is noone stating the obvious that she needs to up her game. It is sooooo evident. I do not understand.

    • Vice says:

      I dislike Candice. I have from the beginning but she is disappearing before my eyes. She is very boring. I see no star quality at all. This is like the “emperor’s new clothes”. Why is noone stating the obvious that she needs to up her game. It is sooooo evident. I do not understand.


    • Nicole says:

      I kind of know what you mean about Kree. Killer voice, but not a lot of style. During the semi finals, I kept thinking how I can’t wait til that girl gets a stylist, but even with one…I don’t know.

  39. Name That Tune says:

    Okay Michael. I am waiting for that revised list of the best Idol performances ever.

  40. Jenny says:

    This win for a girl will be hollow. None of these male performers we had in the top 5 would have even made it to the top 20 where America gets to vote in other seasons. Maybe Curtis but not the other four. So instead of addressing the real problem which is the voting system, Uncle Nigel rigid it so we end up with five fantastic against five okay. We could have elimated the past five weeks because you knew it was going to be a guy going home.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Curtis? Really? I enjoyed Burnell, Devin, and even Paul more as singers. I would also include Lazaro, but his “Feeling Good” was a major fluke. I voted for him that week thinking he would continue to improve, and he never did. But other than that, I like this year’s men. Still looking forward to the tour.

  41. jane says:

    I do see this as being a hollow victory, but Candice should win. She’s the most talented. I know last year seemed like a just another WGWG win, but P2 was more deserving of his win than the last 3 idols. Sure he had off nights, but he was a talented kid and I liked that idol actually spotlighted a “jamband folk” artist which just happens to be what I like too. Philip was unique and not just because he performed with an acoustic guitar. However, had he been on this year, his March towards victory wouldn’t have been a forgone conclusion. This years girls are better. I was a big Elise fan, but she didn’t have the vocal range of Candice or Kree or the likability of Angie and Janelle. This year should be an example to the judges (and show) to pick the best girls and guys so we end up with a truly equal top 10 and stop putting people like Lazaro, Zoanette, Charlie, etc through, and cutting really talented people because they’d already filled the country artist or R&B artist spot. Or, better, go back to how they use to arrive at the top ten where every week the bottom 2 guys/ girls would go home until they reach the top 10. It would allow all of the contestants to develop a fan base before they hit the top ten and not just the 2 or 3 that were highlighted during Hollywood week.

    • BuceWee says:

      If you think phillip was unique you might want to invest in some Dave Matthews CD’s because apparently you’ve never heard of him. Phillip even copied Dave’s dance moves on non-Dave songs. The only thing he spotlighted was his ability to clone a style and play it off without a shred of guilt.

  42. Viola says:

    That performance of Candice (Love Song) was striaght out of Adele’s play book. She did a great job but I do not understand the “wonderment” of everyone. She is a great vocalist. If she wins, she will make a record ot two but t
    hat is as far as it goes. She will never be a Kelly or Carrie (I say that because they are American Idol success stories); not even a Jordin Sparks or a Fantasia. She (Candice) just doesn’t shine. Her luster is lacking. And that is my SUBJECTIVE opinion. Everybody has theirs..

    • Timmah says:

      Ha ha, I like that. Her luster is lacking. It’s exactly on point too.

    • Adam Fachry says:

      And I have my SUBJECTIVE opinion as well. People have been saying it’s so Adele, blah blah blah BS. Did you actually listen to the Adele’s version? yes, on the surface, it is heavily inspired, but arrangement-wise, emphasis on arrangement, it is hardly similar. Adele has more of a bossa vibe to it, while Candice’s shows some r&b twist, and stripped-down piano. Adele’s main instrument on her rendition is clearly guitar. Listen carefully, I’d suggest. Or if you don’t know the difference between the sound of guitar and piano, please do ask someone who does.

      • Timmah says:

        The main difference is that Adele has a ton of unique character to her voice. Candace sounds generic.

        • Adam Fachry says:

          How is it unique that Adele’s voice and music in general is influenced by black soul singers. It’s not necessarily unique, imo. I like Adele, but her overwhelming accolades irritate the hell out of me. The-Dream and Estelle have criticized how the media loves white girls who sing black soul better than the black girls themselves. Sad to say, it did happen. Beyonce’s 4 album is arguably her best yet, with her reaching out to artistic integrity. But she didn’t have much recognition when it was released because people thought the rest of her album was gonna sound exactly like Run The World (Girls). Listen to tracks such as 1+1, I Care, Schoolin’ Life, I Miss You, End of Time. They’re boundaries-pushing r&b music. And also, they’re too in love with Adele’s 21, the album that’s inspired by old-school soul greats, the ones that people like you would find generic.

          • Timmah says:

            I would have no problem picking out Adele’s or Beyonce’s voice on the radio in about two seconds. Their voices are colorful, unique and interesting and convey the emotion of what they’re singing. I can’t say the same about Candice, that’s all. YMMV.

  43. Tahoe Mike says:

    @Michael Slezak~ Thanks for putting this up today, I needed the distraction this morning.

  44. jwjohnsoniii says:

    I would argue that if they put through women as strong as they have this season consistently they wouldn’t need to have a season with such weak male contestants.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      They have put some very strong ones through before.
      I do think that if they hadn’t then bashed any down who weren’t main picks and fiddled and manipulated so much, not fixed voting, for so long that perhaps we would not be in this scenario. So I do agree that they probably brought these desperate times all upon themselves. I think they drove away a lot of voters and get left with an ever more cookie cutter voting set too. Maybe they needed to all this this season to slowly rebuild it, but yeah it sure would’ve been better to never have gotten into this state in the first place and done all the tragic manipulation, against all reason, of some recent seasons (with 10 being the worst of the worst in that regard).

  45. Nicola says:

    All I know is-I haven’t cast one vote this season. Not for a guy, not for a girl. The season seems just so rigged. I feel like each week is rigged and I’m sure the finale will be rigged in some manner.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      And the other seasons were not rigged?? Did you even see S10????

      At least this one is somewhat rigged to counter all the rigging and wack voting of the last however many seasons.

  46. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    Lots of great points. Really can’t disagree with anything!

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Although I’m not QUITE so ultra beyond anything in the history of the universe mega-sold on Candice and Kree. And I do miss those who can do some other styles like Elise or Haley and such. Not contestant really truly fully brought it on rock week this season for one.

  47. syb says:

    Agree with M&M. I personally don’t care how they got there. It’s a great top 5, and I’m enjoying the heck out of the season at this point.

    • marie says:

      I am, too. Not a truly bad one left in the bunch. Very much looking forward to tomorrow’s show – and that’s all it is, a reality singing competition TV show, not the presidential election, so all I’m ever looking for is entertainment when I watch, and this group of ladies is certainly providing that.

  48. Paul says:

    It must be said — the Idology inserts from TV shows and movies are annoying. Not funny. Not clever. Just unnecessary filler. Please stop it.

  49. lynnyloo says:

    Boo hoo! So much whining on here! I loves this episode of Idology and I don’t for a second think the victory will be hollow. If you don’t watch the show and don’t vote, why are you wasting your time spreading negativity on this site?! A Kree/Candice finale is the best case scenario. I do think Amber is talented but I think her or Janelle should go home this week. Amber is way too arrogant for her own good and I fear that with Lazaro encouraging his fans to vote for her, she’ll make it farther than she deserves.

    • Bella says:

      Speaking of negativity…

      • MB says:

        The name of the show is American Idol not The Voice. Just having a good voice does not make an American Idol. It is the whole package. PP has the package more than anyone in his season. His music is terrific and far from boring. I have my iPod filled with music but when I am driving I always seem to put his music on. He is the first to say he does not have the best voice but I love his voice and his tone. Plus the fact he is genuinely a nice guy and remains humble and true to himself. I can’t think of a better American Idol in this day of so much negative music and drugs. He is a breath of fresh air.

        • MB says:

          This post went in the wrong place. It was in response to someone who was criticizing Phillip’s voice. Sorry I don’t know how this happened.

          • MB says:

            there is an electricity that is missing from janelle. also, for a singing competition, i feel like a good voice should be the first qualifier, right? this was my main problem with peepee………..

            Okay this is the post I was replying to.

  50. Lark says:

    The deal is, Michael, that this would be fine if the premise of the show was just laid out there, that the producers will choose contestants and then we will vote. But they say they are the BEST talent they can find, and no way were those guys anything close to the best. So it is not truthful and leaves one feeling flat.

    Glad you guys are all right with it, but I don’t care anymore because of the manipulation and falsehood. It makes me disengaged, well, except for Candice’s performances which I loved. But largely I am just over American Idol. I hate the manipulation.

    • Ro says:

      I know. You woulda thought that Idol would have thrown in at least one worthy guy just so they could say that the season wasn’t manipulated. They really can’t justify that it was just a fluke this season, that there were no worthy guys. No, huh-uh, not in the entire country. For shame.