Supernatural Surprise: Taylor Cole Returns -- And She's Not the Only One Coming Back

Supernatural Season 8 Spoilers Taylor ColeSupernatural is getting a visit from an old love.

Taylor Cole (The Glades) will reprise her role as Sarah Blake, the art gallery owner Sam clicked with in Season 1 (!) — and she’s “not going to be the only blast from the past” as the CW series wraps up Season 8, executive producer Jeremy Carver tells TVLine.

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“The reappearance of old friends is somewhat related to the trials, and not in a very good way,” teases the EP.

Cole — who tweeted the below photo from set this past Saturday — will guest star in Episode 22 (airing May 8), which is tellingly titled “Clip Show.”

“It’s an episode of nothing but flashback moments to our favorite hugs and kisses,” jokes Carver.

Supernatural Season 8 Spoilers Taylor Cole

Supernatural fans, who else would you like to see reappear? Hit the comments with your picks!

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  1. Callie says:

    Alina Tal as Jo Harvelle….
    I really loved how dean behaved when he was with her and well they seemed to be truely in love <3

    • Avery Holmes says:

      AGREED! Sometimes I feel like the only one in the fandom who doesn’t ship Dean and Cas, but Dean and Jo. I loved them together. Although, bringing her back again would lessen the impact of the sadness of that episode. I guess it’s pretty much win-win.

      • Shannon2 says:

        Agreed. Do not worry you are not the only ones who dislike the Dean/Cas stuff. I really hate they have to point it out like we are idiots. We know Dean does not go that way and what happened to Dean eating all the time, cracking jokes, watching porn? you know his usual self even when hunting etc..

  2. Duder says:

    Its probably going to be somebody that is connected to Sam, being that he is the person that is doing the trials, someone that he probably had an emotional connection with, so I saw we will be seeing Amelia again, maybe that chick that Sam kissed from the Scarecrow episode, Mommy Winchester, Becky (dear god I hope not), Ruby, maybe Bella and maybe Jessica.

    • Shannon2 says:

      I do not think Becky he had nothing emotional with her just the magic she used on him. Plus I thought she and Garth had a thing..

  3. Cazz says:

    Bring back Meg, She is one of my fav’s. i want a romance with her and Cass

    • Lauren Kirsch says:

      Agreed! I was screaming at the TV when they killed Meg. My heart just sank when she told him to go “save her unicorn”. That could have been such a great story.

  4. spnfan says:

    I liked Sarah/Sambut I also would like to see Madison/Sam again.

  5. Marilyn says:

    Carver, keep your canon violating mits off of season 1-3. You and your lousy writers aren’t worthy of it.

    • Shannon2 says:

      Agree, but it is still nice to see some characters from these seasons. It is funny he is starting to bring back some thing Kripke destroyed on purpose because Kripke hated them. That is why he blew up Ellen’s bar because he did not like the Hunter bar thing or so he said in the commentary on DVDs and Hence the reason why he blew it up and also why he guy rid of the guy with the Mullet which was the original Garth, but at least the mullet guy had talent and was not annoying. I wish he hadn’t killed off Ellen or Jo. They could have done so much with their characters and they were good and could handle themselves.

  6. Hannah says:

    I’m pretty convinced Gabriel will be coming back (delusions? What delusions!?)… And Adam as well, though not just in a one-off way. If he gets out of the pit, it needs to be an arc, because I can imagine he’d be pretty pissed with Sam and Dean (I’m holding out for him as a S9 big bad, but I dunno…)

  7. Please not Amelia! She and Sam were so boring. I really miss Bobby and I wish they would have continued the Ellen/Jo storyline. I hated that they killed them off. Chuck was funny!

  8. greensalt says:

    I freaking love Sarah Blake! she’s like smoking hot and she’s tall. Better than Amelia for Sam .Writers don’t you dare ruin her character! this better be good. ..and I really miss Jessica.`

  9. Enzonia says:

    I just want to see Adam again! JUST FOR ONE SMALL EPISODE!

    • Shannon says:

      Please No Adam. I couldn’t stand that story arc when it first approached and still can not. It took a lot away from the premise of the show and who their Father was and why he became a hunter and in earlier seasons he was obsessed with finding the demon that killed her and only had eyes on vengeance. I know others may have a different view, but for me the character should remain gone.

    • Gem says:

      The guy who plays Adam is wayyyy too busy filming the Percy Jackson movies as Luke to ever come back, I feel like.

  10. Kendra Ravizza says:

    Belly was my favorite BITCH on Supernatural! She was badass as a theif and they should bring her back as a demon, to torment Sam and Dean just a little, like she used to love doing so much! Lol!

  11. Kendra Ravizza says:


  12. Shannon says:

    Whoever stated the writers should keep their mits off of seasons 1-3 I agree with you. If they can bring back the trickster I would accept that because the actor who played him was hilarious same with the character and Ben Edlund I love almost all the episodes he writes he usually gives everybody something to enjoy.

  13. Avery Holmes says:

    I want Cassie back! Given that Dean’s last words to her were, “I’ll see ya, Cassie, I will.” it isn’t totally impossible. Then again, I wouldn’t be heartbroken if she wasn’t to re-appear.

    • Shannon2 says:

      They need to bring back women who know they are hunters and such and do not care because these women they had chemistry with and liked. Plus, they knew what the brothers did and shocked at first, but got over it. At least they would not have to lie to the women. I say bring back Bella, and Ruby 1.0 and Meg 1.0

  14. Jane Smith says:

    BELA TALBOT BELA TALBOT BELA TALBOT. PLEASE! It was never actually shown that she was killed. And even if she was, when has that ever stopped Supernatural from bringing back a character?

    • Gem says:

      Totally agree! The writers never did Bela justice. She had so much potential. And it KILLS me that to this day, Sam and Dean probably still think she was a horrible con artist bitch who killed her parents—when in fact, she was ABUSED AND MOLESTED as a child! Unfortunately, Lauren is really busy with The Walking Dead, which is filming season 4 right now, so I don’t think poor Bela Talbot will ever be making a reappearance.

  15. Stephanie says:

    And they kill her…what a shocker…..they have been doing it all season…kinda sad, I liked her, now I am fearing the life of the good Sheriff!!!

  16. Gem says:

    I would love to see a lot of characters back. Bela, Meg, Sarah, Balthazar, Lisa, Gabriel, Garth, and lots of extras from the earlier seasons. Of course, a lot of these actors are now busy with other things, so some of them would be impossible. And some–like Bobby–shouldn’t come back because I feel like their storylines got closure. But honestly, I just want Sam and Dean to get back to hunting. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cas, but this Heaven/Hell, angels/demons story arc has been dragged on far too long. 5 seasons now. And it was okay and fresh and thrilling in seasons 4 and 5 but they really should have ENDED it in season 5. I mean, Cas could have still joined them as an angel friend WITHOUT all this Naomi/Crowley/tablet/angel wars crap. I just miss the routine monster-of-the-week epiaodes! I feel like Sam and Dean have lost sight of what they were truly meant to do. The writers occasionally throw in a monster-of-the-week episode but it’s not enough. I miss the feeling I used to get when I watched, the Criminal Minds-like feeling where I thought, “Oooh what’s gonna happen THIS WEEK?!” and got all thrilled and spooked and excited. Now I watch with a sense of dread because I know it’s just going to be more depressing angels vs. demons stuff.

  17. Emily says:

    I love sarah! So sad with what happened to her! Please, don’t bash my sammy! He didn’t do anything wrong! I love dean, sam and bobby but please stop hatin’ on sammy. And i like bobby,gabriel,balthazar and bella to come back

  18. Mommi Poppins says:

    I think Taylor Cole is getting married this New Years. I am also getting married this New Years. Me and François Sagat are getting married at the volcano. It will take me a day to shave him. Mike C from Philadelphia is also getting married this New Years. Wow, what a year for weddings! Taylor Cole wants the margaritaville mixed drink maker and the Fendi Baguette Striped Mink Fur Bag, Multicolor. Francois and Mike want the same items also. Mike C small penis crabs Bravo. By the way the Tfal bread machine makes french bread baguettes. Cliff will not be attending the EvEnT! Big Tony may marry little Tony.

  19. Charlotte says:

    Bela needs to come back! It was a cruel way to ‘kill off’ the character and I thought she would’ve been an interesting ally or antagonist through the seasons.