Supernatural Surprise: Taylor Cole Returns -- And She's Not the Only One Coming Back

Supernatural Season 8 Spoilers Taylor ColeSupernatural is getting a visit from an old love.

Taylor Cole (The Glades) will reprise her role as Sarah Blake, the art gallery owner Sam clicked with in Season 1 (!) — and she’s “not going to be the only blast from the past” as the CW series wraps up Season 8, executive producer Jeremy Carver tells TVLine.

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“The reappearance of old friends is somewhat related to the trials, and not in a very good way,” teases the EP.

Cole — who tweeted the below photo from set this past Saturday — will guest star in Episode 22 (airing May 8), which is tellingly titled “Clip Show.”

“It’s an episode of nothing but flashback moments to our favorite hugs and kisses,” jokes Carver.

Supernatural Season 8 Spoilers Taylor Cole

Supernatural fans, who else would you like to see reappear? Hit the comments with your picks!

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  1. Cherry says:

    Adrianne Palicki as Jessica of course! Lauren Cohen as Bela and Nicki Aycox as Meg!

    • 2d32 says:

      Does Lauren Cohen even have the time to come back? and would she even come back to the CW which has bad ratings compared to AMC The Walking Dead? and didn’t her character die? or are all of the characters that you mention dead? lol

      • Stuntdemon#3 says:

        Walking Dead is on hiatus at the moment so Lauren Cohen could guest star. Bella didn’t die she was dragged to hell. The other two did die. Jess should be in heaven. Meg Masters was the college student the demon daughter of Azazel possessed. Her body died when the demon was exorcised by the Winchesters at Bobby’s house. The demon just kept the name of Meg Masters after she possessed another girl.

        • Ray says:

          Bella should of stayed as a semi-regular, I loved her and loved her chemistry with the guys plus she was a great actress. So I’d love it if she was one of the guest stars.

        • Brett says:

          Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the last finale of The Walking Dead. Warned you. After the episode where the actress who played Andrea was killed off, she said she was forbidden to seek other work until the Monday after that episode aired and she would become a free agent. I imagine Lauren Cohen is under the same type of contract and is not legally allowed to return to Supernatural.

          • lrdslvrhnd says:

            She was probably barred from seeking long-term work so as not to start rumors… but a one-shot guest spot is another story entirely.

            As for who I want back… if death isn’t a barrier, I want Alona Tal as Jo & Samantha Ferris as Ellen.

          • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

            Besides, most cable shows allow their actors to work on network shows as well, because their production schedules are drastically different. For example, look at Sasha (Tyrese’s sister, Walking Dead) who is also currently on Once Upon a Time as Tamara. She’s been bumped up to regular for next season of Walking Dead, and is supposed to still be recurring on Once Upon a Time next season.

      • Bo says:

        she would come back if she had the time
        she came back to TVD in season 3
        so l doubt the network matters
        Cw has really bad ratings for a lot of their shows
        but their shows are just as popular world wide as the bigger rating shows
        even something like Gossip girl was mad popular in Asia ,Europe and Africa.

        Plus being an actor is a job you get paid for your work so who knows its up to Lauren

      • Chris says:

        Amazing actress. Didn’t even realize she was Supernatural’s Bela until I saw her all cleaned up and speaking with her English accent on the Talking Dead aftershow.

    • Shannon says:

      That would be awesome. I love all the girls from the past better than current ones and I was not a fan of Ruby 2.0.

  2. 2d32 says:

    wow, me and a friend were just talking about her not being a recurring character on Supernatural and I see this all of the sudden, fun to have some old cast members come back! :D

  3. Anon says:

    So whats wrong with Sam is spun off again into whats wrong with Sam. Good to know I can skip this one.

    • Alan says:

      would you rather they suddenly kill all the momentum they have built up, forget all the storylines they have ongoing and completely kill any sense of cohesiveness they have just so this can fit in with what you want?

      • Anon says:

        Not sure how a clip show can move things forward. Sounds like this all takes place in Sam’s head.

        • Alan says:

          sounds like its a clip show in name only from what i can tell. they wouldnt be filming new footage of someone who appeared in one episode 8 years ago for a clip show when they could just use old footage and save on the logistical issues of getting someone in.

        • Anon says:

          It still sounds like its hallucinations and flashbacks. Its it related the trials I’m guessing its all about Sam. Dean can scramble eggs. I’m sure Sam will need a hardy breakfast when he gets back from saving the world.

        • maro says:

          which part of “related to the trials” don’t you get? Closing the gates of hell is the main storyline this season, if you haven’t noticed.

  4. Alan says:

    well thats unexpected but not unappreciated. she still stands, to me, as one of the best female characters the show has ever seen and im really surprised that we hadnt seen her since.

  5. ollie says:

    jo, ellen,nash and of course BOBBY again even though that probable wont happen.

    • All I want is Bobby back. This show is remarkably poorer for his absense.

      • Jane says:

        Totally agree. Bobby was the heart of the show and as much as I will always love the show, it just isn’t same without him. His appearance the other week just emphasized that even more. His brief appearance, really made me miss him even more.

        • He was their drinking, swearing Jiminy Cricket/father figure. When John went off the mental reservation when they were kids Bobby was the one to try and let them be boys sometimes. Bobby loves them and he KNOWS them and when they forget that they are people and brothers and family, Bobby is the one to remind them. Sometimes Dean and Sam get caught up in their own mythology. They are vessels, test takers, seal breakers…etc. Bobby is the one to remind them that they are human brothers and takes them off that mental pedestal. Some times by force. I miss him constantly. Particularly during the fight over Benny and Amelia.

      • If you think about it, the door is totally open for him to show up later. It was NAOMI who allegedly sent him to Heaven. That means he could easily be a pawn to blackmail the boys into trying to give her the angel tablet in Season 9, provided that’s still an issue then. If not, they might find out later he’s not where he’s supposed to be and have to go save him. Surely there are ways that he could become earthbound again.

        • mommyyidol says:

          Very good synopsis, and now after watching the season 8 finale, and looking back to the episode where Sammy had to save Bobby from Hell, and get him into Heaven where he most definitely always belonged, the things that Bobby was saying to Sam in purgatory, about how, “we’re seeing eachother again, so no way I’m settling for this to be the “last” time either”… “Ill go to Heaven, cause lets face it, with Heaven and Hell being my only two options.. atm… Heaven seems like the winning choice, but if they give me a damn rocking chair up there, I’m raising “Hell”.!” LOL and now seeing the finale and the way it ended, who do you think, just “might” be one of them Angels falling to Earth.?! It seems to me that episode about saving Bobby from Hell and sending him to heaven, mind you with Naomi making it be known that is where he belonged from the jump, just adds to suspicions that our beloved Bobby didn’t just get sent to where he belonged from the beginning, but quite possibly also being turned into an Angel.!! It seemed quite the set up and perfect opportunity for Bobby to be one of them Fallin Angels and returning to Season 9.! P.S. And just in case I’m wrong about Bobby becoming an Angel, just remember John and how he hitched a ride out of the pit, like Dean and Sam both said if anyone could do that, it would be their father, and the same thing falls for Bobby… If anyone can hitch a ride out of Heaven, it would be Bobby.! Lets hope I’m right, for my own expectations of Bobby returning to the show, and everyone else who would live to see him back.! ;) All I know is season 9 can not get here fast enough for me.!! Come on Bobby, do whatever you Gotta do to get your butt back to us, we are all waiting.. Very impatiently I might add… LOL. =)

  6. Linda says:

    Please just don’t let Amelia be back. I really want Missouri to come around again once more.

    • dee says:

      Can’t agree more: If we never see Amelia again it’ll be too soon! Nothing against the actress, just the character. Loved Sarah though. It’ll be nice to see her again. Hope they don’t kill her off.

      • gina says:

        I thought Amelia was boring as all get out….. i hope we never see her again. Sarah on the other hand was one of my favorite female characters. I hope we get to see more of her and hopefully with Sam…after all she did get Deans seal of approval :)

        • mommyyidol says:

          Amelia was horrid in Supernatural, she was plain, utterly boring, and quite annoying.. In my opinion.! And yes about Sarah, if she got deans seal of approval, she must be pretty darn cool… LOL. Also I personally hope out of all the woman who had left the show, Meg will be the one to return, I’d love to see where her and her “special unicorn” (Cass) end up. ;)

  7. Paulette says:

    More fun for Sam and no story line for Dean this season…brilliant. Even Purgatory was handed off to Sam. Amelia didn’t work but as the focus is all about Sam and SPN is Sam, why not….can’t wait.

    • what? says:

      You are ridiculous. The next episode is all about Dean playing dress up with Charlie while Sam sits in bed. In fact the main storyline isn’t even about the trials, it actually seems to be taking a backburner to the Cas and angels/demons plot to keep Sam relevant while Dean gets all the action. What show are you watching?

      • KM says:

        omg thank you. i am tired of all the sam hate going around. he has and will always be my favorite. And don’t get me wrong, I LOOOOVE dean too.
        but the show is about the brothers, as its been from episode one.
        i don’t talk crap about cas, and i’m not a fan of him. but i don’t talk badly about him or the show because i still love the show and respect everything the writers come up with.

        I have been dying to have Gabriel and Chuck back!

        • roxi says:

          It’s not hating Sam to simply want equal importance and focus for Dean. It’s fairness.

        • mommyyidol says:

          I agree 100% kinda getting sick of every one bashing any of the characters, if you don’t like one that is your opinion, and lets face it, noone is ever going to like EVERYONE, but we all love the show, and each character had his/her part in it (for the most part) to make it what we love. ;) When it comes between Sam and Dean, to me there is no comparison, I absolutely love Dean, but I also live Sammy too, and as for Cass.. Well he is my favorite from the first time I saw him in ep 1 Season 4, and he always will be, amd I realize that many others do not feel the same way, but that is what we call “free will” ;) and I’m not gonna let it bother me, just because other people don’t feel the same way I do about Cass, and I’m most definitely not going to sit here and down other characters just because someone doesn’t like Cass, that is plain silly.! We all watch the show, and pretty much think, for the most part, we all love it, amd that is all that should matter.! =)

      • roxi says:

        Dean gets all the action? You’ve got to be kidding me!
        Sam had the Amelia story, is more connected to the MOLs, gets the trials, the chronic illness, and now he even gets yet another love story! What the heck does Dean get? He gets to pray for Sam, worry about Sam, abandon and kill a good friend for Sam, and live and breath for Sam. So he gets to play support to a guest star once in a while, big deal. SPN gives him NOTHING else while they give Sam EVERYTHING. And just because Sam is sitting out the hunt here doesn’t mean he’s not in the episode And even when Carver was specifically asked about Dean in his latest interview, all he would talk about was Sam. He couldn’t even be bothered to mention Dean by name. So I’ll ask you the same question: What show are YOU watching?.

        • kate says:

          You really don’t know that Sam is now getting “a love story.” You have no clear idea at this point what capacity Sarah will be back in. If it’s related to the trials, it’s probably nothing GOOD for Sarah or Sam. As for Benny, Dean “abandoned” him when Sam also equally “abandoned” Amelia. Dean told Benny that Sam would bring him back from purgatory, and Sam was ready to bring him back, but Benny didn’t want to come. Dean didn’t just pointlessly slaughter Benny as if Benny’s death would bring back Sam and that was the end of it.
          Honestly, do anyone who hates that Dean worries constantly about Sam even recognize that “look after Sam” is basically a defining characteristic of who Dean is and has been since the beginning? Dean has always been the “good soldier.” His father gave him an order: take care of your brother. He’s been following that order ever since, and he’s not going to stop, whether Sam shows him the same dedication or not. It hurts his feelings, obviously, to find out that Sam didn’t even look for him, but it’s not going to keep Dean from following that order.

    • brandy says:

      No storyline for Dean? Are you serious? Aside from Benny, and Cas, and the ways he’s changed from Purgatory? Just because he’s not the one doing the trials doesn’t mean he hasn’t gotten any attention this season – I think he’s gotten way more character development than Sam. Okay, so Sam realized he wants a normal life, that’s great, but it’s not exactly as complicated and nuanced as what’s happened to Dean.

  8. JC says:

    I liked her. I always kind of wished she’d come back in a recurring role of some sort, but maybe it’s a good thing she didn’t, because that way the show didn’t get to kill her off in some horrific way. :(

    • Joey says:

      Agreed. Even though Provenance was more of a filler episode than anything else, Sarah was definitely one of the better one-shot characters the show has introduced. Still surprised as heck to see her coming back.

  9. lorna says:

    Jdm! He has always said he is game.

    • Spencer says:

      Seriously. I need Jeffrey Dean Morgan to come back. It’s been too long since we’ve last seen John, and it’s killing me. He, Jensen, and Jared have always been great onscreen together.

      • krda says:

        true true trueee dat…. he brought so much emotions to the show!

        • Shannon says:

          Totally agree. SPN gave Jeffery Dean Morgan a great start and became very popular hence became very busy and unable to come back to SPN, but everyone always states he is always welcome and want him back.

  10. Dilys says:

    I just want to see good things happen for Dean and Cas. Cas has suffered so much this year. And I long to see Cas have some happiness. I also really, really hope he falls. I like Sarah Blake, so I’m happy to see her return.

  11. Sue says:

    It seems Dean is allowed characters and dijn episodes and WISANSB’s Sam is seems cant have one character returning without it becoming a issue. As for Dean not having a sl this season the first half of the season tells a different story and the pov and emotional heart of the show with two characters to his name will never be sidelined but ok this argument and issue of what Sam can have on the show will go on and on.

    • maro says:

      I totally agree with you. The amount of whining in the comments is funny. Dean gets to bond with Cas, Charlie, Krissy and basically every other guest character out there but Sarah comes back and suddenly everyone goes ‘it’s all about Sam’? It sucks that Dean doesn’t have a storyline of his own but for the first half of the season Sam’s story sucked too. The whole thing with Amelia was the worst.

      • f_m says:

        I see Dean continues to remain a non-entity in Carver’s mind. I haven’t watched any episodes since Dean dumped Benny for Sam and I see there is no reason to check in for the last few episodes.

      • roxi says:

        Sam has had interactions with guest stars too. Colt, the kid from bugs, Gordon, Amy, the Andy, Jesse, Fred, etc. It’s not like he never does. But of course we forget that.
        Again, if Dean does have any little bit more time with guest stars, so what? It’s the ONLY thing he gets! And here even after Sam already had a love interest this season, he gets another one while Dean’s been back from Purgatory for almost two years now and hasn’t even gotten laid or had a date.
        I really get offended by the ‘Sam hate’ accusation. Those of us who just happen to see how unfairly biased Carver and his writers are to Sam don’t hate him, we just want Carver to give a damn about Dean and his fans too, and it’s been proven time and time again that he doesn’t.

        • audrey says:

          Funny that all the characters you mentionned are from old seasons. Besides Amelia, Sam didn’t interact with anyone this season, last season ever by the way. and even Amelia storyline was horrible, boring and a very small part. At vancon, last august, Jensen mentionned that so far, Jared didn’t worked much in 2 months, and it didn’t change much after that.
          If Sam was up front in 20 épisodes this season like Dean is, I would think only fair that Dean gets the trials but it’s the other way around.
          But i agree that this season is very bad in a all, because it is to much about the guest stars.. I like both brother and what i would like to watch is both brothers interact with the others characters and that they do the trials together but I guess we can’t all have what we want.

    • kate says:

      Sam’s got a death dick. he’s lucky Amelia hasn’t been beheaded or something.

    • Benny says:

      If everything single thing wasn’t related to Sam maybe I’d find this exciting because I liked Sarah but I want to see Dean be able to do more than make burgers for Mr. Sam or ask for help for Mr. Sam.

      Sam said it himself, he has to do the trials solo. Dean gets to wait in the car.

      As for the first half of the season, Amelia got more focus than purgatory ever did. So it wasn’t like Sam wasn’t left out in the cold and his only purpose was to cook for his brother.

  12. Carrie says:

    I’ve actually been wanting her to return since that very first appearance, but didn’t think it would actually happen, so I’m very excited about this. I wish it weren’t just in a ‘flashback’, though. Aside from Jessica, Sarah was my favorite of all of Sam’s love interests by far. Cute picture. She’s so gorgeous.

  13. kate says:

    I just really hope that this is more myth-arc related than tortured-personal-life related. I like some personal stuff, but at the end of the day I mostly want to see monsters. Carver sounds like it is, but still, I don’t need to see Sam & Dean struggle with people who die/died/going to die soon as part of the trials just to feel more guilt about them.

  14. Ray says:

    My dream would be John returning or even Mary. This season is very family orientated with alot of Winchester history and Campbell history in the past. I would love to see the three guys together again. Plus Jim. I just hope 40 mins is enough time, SPN has been known to try to fit in too much in one episode. This sounds like an epic Supernatural episode.

  15. Rebecca says:

    Chuck the prophet.

  16. Sarah says:

    Dean has Cas, stop complaining! Why can’t sam have Sarah, even for just one episode? I’m excited and I cant wait to see team free will again.

    • Although I feel like it is kind of kicking Amelia to the curb, I would like to see both of them have a romantic interest so they can learn to let go of each other and hold onto to someone else and I think Cas and Sarah can fill those space perfectly :)

      • Ashley says:

        let go of each other and hold onto to someone else

        Why do you even bother watching a show starring two brothers who hunt monsters? Can’t you go back to tumblr and write fanfic to fulfill your delusions that way?

        • Sky says:

          excuse me? If I’m not mistaken, this is a show about two brothers who hunt monsters AND THEIR FRIENDS. Cas and Sarah count as friends. Romantic interests would help them have a reason to come back from a hunt ALIVE, and would most likely curb Dean’s suicidal tendencies. Sure, everyone has wishes and things they want to see on this show, and so what if someone wants to see the brothers with people they can love? You’re not delusional for wanting Sam and Dean to have reasons to wake up in the morning, you’re just expressing your wish. There’s no need to be rude about it. Personally, I think Cas would be great for Dean, regardless of Cas’ gender. Sarah and Sam obviously hit it off, so I think Sarah would be great for Sam, too. I just want to see the boys happy. I’m not delusional if I want to see them happy, am I?

          • Audrey says:

            “Supernatural will always be about the 2 brothers, everyone else will come and go”
            Eric Kripke
            I am very happy to see Sarah back, she had great chemistry with Sam but don’t wish her to stay long, same for Cas. To imagine a life with the 4 of them in the MOL bunkers is delusional. They are bas fics for that. Sorry.
            I am also very tired to read people complain about Sam doing the trials while Dean is left out. Dean is very much involved in the mytharc. In 3 episodes on 23, Sam doesn’t stay in the back while Dean interacts with all the characters and it´s a drama.
            Come on!!!
            Imagine how, Deans fans you would feel if Sam was the one who was interacting with Cas, Benny, Charlie, kristie, Henry… , gets all the actions While Dean was having a picnic with Amelia and a dog or tied to a chair, asleep in a bed ??
            So Dean is bringing food in two epidodes. Right, Sam Never did it !!! ( are you there god…, the girl Next door…)

            I am sorry, I am not attacking anyone but I am very tired to read all that.

        • Lou says:

          The brothers are getting a little long in the tooth for the you and me against the world mentality. I think a Sarah/Sam/Dean/Cas Team Free Will 2.0 would be kinda cool.

    • Dilys says:

      I have read do many fic with Dean and Cas together and Sam and Sarah together that this feels like my dream come true.

  17. Jen says:

    I loved Sarah! She’s the only one that I would want to see with Sam. I will be incredibly angry if they bring her back as only a memory or to have something bad happen to her. I also would hate to have her dangled in front of us again only to have Sam end up with boring Amelia.

  18. Kyle says:

    I hope Carver doesn’t bring Sarah back, to instantly kill her off, cause that is what he is being doing this season. First, Martin Creaser, then Meg. If he kills Sarah, I will be pissed off!!!!!! Carver, don’t you dare!!

  19. ggny says:

    Never bringing back Sarah Blake i thought was one of the show biggest mistake

    • kate says:

      agree. Sarah was one of the very few women on this program who seemed to be able to hold her own if she was going to make a run with Sam and Dean.

  20. Sarah Jane says:


  21. Autumn says:

    I would love to see Jo and Ellen return. Favorite female characters of the show.

  22. MythAl says:

    Missouri came to my mind.

  23. SMS says:

    Hard to believe that no one wants Lisa and Ben back. I loved that part of Dean.

    • Lou says:

      He tried but his heart wasn’t in it. I think as much as he cared about them, he was also with them to fulfill a promise to Sam.

      • Drew says:

        I don’t believe that. I think that Sam made him promise something that he knew Dean wanted, but would never allow himself to have. Dean went back to Lisa before the promise. Dean kept Lisa in his head for years, as the image of the life he wanted. I think that Dean could have been happy and made that work, but he didn’t want to blend his worlds. He tried keeping them apart, which was dangerous. And the final solution, in my opinion, was just wrong. To violate someone like that and take their memories, no matter how bad those memories are, is wrong.

        • debra says:

          i totally agree with all you ve said lisa and ben should be brought back and yes i think dean would be happy with them now sam s alive he was to upset bout sam to let himself be truly happy with them before but now things are diffrent defo bring them back i say.

          • audrey says:

            please no, Lisa and ben were as boring as Amelia was. There was no chemistry between any of them.
            Anymay spn is not a love show but an horror and road trip show, , long term Relationship will never work and I trully hope they learn their lessons and will never try again.

      • S says:

        I’ve always felt like the problem was that Dean wanted Ben more than Lisa. I think he wanted the father role more than he actually wanted to be with Lisa.

    • Cynthia says:

      right on !!!!!!! Ben and Lisa

      • S says:

        She did not bother me as much as pretty much everyone Sam has hooked up with. Yet, it would have been better if the kid was his especially when they had such a “hot” weekend and the timing was write. That introduction was better done than Amelia.

  24. Loli("v") says:

    Sam having sarah back is not an issue, and no one is saying that takes away from Dean. The issue us not having a solid storyline for Dean that lasts throughout most of the season and that relates to the mytharc. Purgatory wasn’t done justice since not only it was dropped, but the effect & character growth it had on Dean disappeared too. that’s a problem! Also, Dean going back to worry every minute of the day & sacrifice the NEW people he meets for Sam isn’t good for story telling neither does it make him look like he cared in the first place. I’m not against Sam doing the trials, I’m against having Dean cook, grocery shop & play video games & LARP with Charlie while Sam is saving the world..

  25. What a cute picture!! I’m still in shock that the writers brought her back. When’s the last time they brought anyone back from more than 1 season ago? That said, it would have been neat to see a past monster of the week while the bros were in purgatory. What a missed opportunity!

  26. helala says:


  27. I cant rember Sarah i have to go back and watch that episode she was in before i can comment on her return to the show.But if past charactors are returning living or dead then i would like to see Rufus again i really liked him and i felt he was under used as a charactor .

  28. ryan says:

    Richard Speight Jr. returns at Gabriel. Adrianne Palicki as Jess, John Winchester, young or old. Im glad Sarah is back! I was wondering when Sam would see her again:) He did promise he would…

  29. Drew says:

    I thought I was the only one who always wanted to see her return. This is awesome! Let her recur in season 9!

  30. Dee says:

    I LOVE that picture!

    Can’t wait to see what happens in this episode.

  31. Lou says:

    John John John. And Gabriel. And Bobby.

  32. Kim says:

    I would love to see John Wincester, Cassie, Rufus and Jo/Ellen return. I do know that JDM is busy with Magic City right now. So maybe sometime in season 9 for JW.

  33. wednesday says:

    I always loved Sarah & hoped we’d get to see her again someday. If they are bringing back the dead & this being SPN thank goodness they can do that, I have a few I’d love to see. Bobby will always be at the top. I would love for Jo & Ellen to be back for more than one episode. Young Mary Winchester. Loved her chemistry with her sons. Young & old John. Gabriel & Balthazar because they were the best angels. Nash & Pamela would be great too.

  34. Becca says:

    Gabriel would be great! I’m thinking maybe someone out of left field.. like what about Gordon! If death isn’t too big of a hurdle.

  35. Jenny says:

    maybe the blonde who played the originial Ruby or Sams real wife… Jo/Ellen… the girl from the hookman episode S1… Jess… Mary… or any other lover Sam has had would be nice to see return. Even Sam’s ex wife Becky lol the one who tricked Sam into marring her in S7

    • Justin says:

      The blonde Ruby was Katie Cassidy and she still works at The CW on Arrow. I would love to see both versions of Ruby together in one scene to torment Sam and Dean. Also Jo, Ellen, Jessica and Bela back just for a scene.

  36. Ella says:

    Yes yes YES!!! I have been waiting for this since season 1!!! Taylor got on famously with the boys and is easily, TO DATE, my favourite love interest for Sam. I hope he takes Dean’s advice and marries that girl… ;)

  37. Joanna says:

    Balthazar, Gabriel and Chuck and I’d be over the moon!

  38. Dave says:

    I’d like to see Brit Sheridan come back from “Bitten.” She stole that whole episode, plus her character is ripe for a come back. First good werewolf, anyone?

    • Alan says:

      as long as she is never shown onscreen as a werewolf thats no problem by me, i never want to see werewolves onscreen on this show again, they look terrible.

  39. RedRoseSPN says:

    I want to Lisa and Ben were back! I wish they would be together with Dean eventually in the finale of Supernatural!

  40. RedRoseSPN says:

    …and since season 2 finale I’m desperately want to see John Winchester!

  41. Samantha says:

    Who else would I like to see again on SPN??? ADAM. Adam Milligan.
    Glad to see she’s back though, I liked her character.

  42. pehCHING says:

    John is my number one choice , Sammy definitely needs closure with his dad

  43. RichieS says:

    Definitely Alona Tal / Jo. Bobby would be the obvious choice but he’s been written into heaven and why spoil that? Jo and Dean kinda acknowledged their mutual feelings just before the explosion took her out. Time to re-explore that.

    • kate says:

      they kind of did that when she came back for Dean’s guilt trip last season. plus, she’s dead already. when we last saw Sarah, she was still alive. I’m hoping they’re bringing back some living people we didn’t see much.

  44. Garance says:

    AHH! They should realy bring back Bela/Lauren Cohan! Really loved her character on Supernatural, think it would be nice to have that kind of bantter between her and the boys back! Also, Sam and Dean could actually find out the real reason as to why she went to hell!

  45. Me says:

    Of course I’m in a miniority here but thats no shock but I will always, always want to see Cassie Robinson to come back again for Dean and seeing Missouri couldn’t hurt either.

  46. Taco Lover says:

    God, I could go for a Doritos Locos Supreme right now.

  47. Di says:

    Bring Bobby Back Bring Bobby Back Bring Bobby Back Bring Bobby Back Bring Bobby Back

  48. Cynthia Pierce says:

    I would love to see a conclusion to the story of Dean’s first love, Cassie. What has she been doing? Are there any rugrats from their last visit together? Is she married? I would love to see Ellen and Jo back. Maybe the Heaven storyline could have us revisit some favorite “dead” characters, like Ash, Rufus, and Agent Hendrickson.

  49. Tiff says:

    I would like John Winchester, Gabriel, Missouri, or Chuck back. Sarah was one of the only girls I didn’t dislike . She was also pretty cute.