Glee Shocker: Someone's About to Propose!

GleeSeason4ProposalOne-half of Glee‘s many fan-favorite twosomes is planning to pop the question in the Fox dramedy’s Season 4 finale — and it’s probably not who you think! (Warning: Read on to be spoiled.)

After a year filled with cheating, pining, missing and slight rekindling, Blaine has decided to bring “Klaine” back together by proposing to his longtime love Kurt, TVLine has confirmed.

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As first reported by E! Online, the major romantic gesture will go down in the May 9 season ender, which finds Darren Criss‘ alter ego encountering — and deeply bonding with — a happily committed lesbian couple (played by The Patty Duke Show‘s Patty Duke and Family TiesMeredith Baxter) at the jewelry store.

Duke and Baxter, meanwhile, are already slated to return as recurring players in Glee‘s yet-to-be-greenlit fifth season.

So, Gleeks, what say you? Are you hoping for a Klaine engagement? Would a regular ol’ reunion between the two be just as good? Vote and then hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. shut up haters says:

    I bet all the people leaving hateful comments on here are pressed Finchel/Brittana/Kadam shippers. Don’t be mad at us just because our OTP are soulmates and will be together soon and yours isn’t.

    • Lena says:

      Add the whole audience who is not a blainer. Of course, the delusional ones are the others. Sure. Yep.

    • Just Say No to Hairgel says:

      Or, you know, I/they could be KURT fans. And we’re sick of seeing Kurt chained to Blaine. We sick of seeing Kurt treated as the lesser/unattractive half of Klaine. We’re sick of seeing Kurt sitting on a stool in Blaine’s shadow as Blaine’s taking the spotlight, again, with another solo, again. We’re sick of seeing Kurt in a relationship where he puts in all the work, effort, compromises, and sacrifices and gets little to nothing in return.

      And maybe we want to see Kurt have a chance at something and/or someone better. Maybe that someone’s Adam, or maybe it can be some else new (although Adam was a damn good start to Kurt finally getting a real, healthy, and equal relationship.) Maybe Kurt can enjoy whatever NY has to offer as a confident, independent, single young man.

      Whichever. It’s not about ships. It’s about Kurt. And not seeing Kurt lost in a relationship where Kurt doesn’t matter. It’s about wanting to see Kurt return to being the strong independent character that was an icon and inspiration to so many.

      Kurt never ever getting back together with Blaine would be one of the best developments to happen on Glee and to Kurt in a long long time.

      • j says:

        I get the first part of your post completely, but where does Kurt put all the work, effort, compromises and sacrifices? I feel it’s pretty even there, but I dunno, I may be seeing it differently.

        • Elie says:

          Blaine believes Kurt stands out to much, tells him to blend better. Blaine wants sex, ok, let’s wait for him to be sober and then let’s give in. Poor Kurt never knew he was used as much as Rachel wanted to use Finn to “act better”. Blaine wants to sing, let him, he is far away from his school. Sit back on a stool and listen to him sing everything. Kurt needs a role at the school play for an specific character for his college application. Blaine auditions with said character’s song and ultimately accepts the role. Blaine publicly humiliated Kurt for exchanging flirty texts. Kurt cut communication with said guy. Blaine didn’t cut communication with Sebastian even after seeing how badly Sebastian treated Kurt and that Kurt was uncomfortable with Sebastian’s presence. Where is not the work, effort, compromise and sacrifice.

      • shanazzz says:

        I totally agree with you!! I want kurt to be happy and that handsome, blonde brit might just be the answer. I really wanna see kurt as kurt and not as blaine’s boyfriend.

  2. KLEin5eavahOMG!!!! says:

    I DONT CARE abOUT YOU all HAtTers!!!! KLEIN MUst MArried cos i WANTT tehm!!!! OMG!!!! THEIR sOOOO HOTT TOGETher!!! POOORe BLAne ALL ALONNE in LIMA!!!! TEh crush on SAM is iNNocent, OKAY?!! HIs parents dONr LOve him!!! KLAINE’s ednGAme, YOur ALL only gelose becos you’r in Mature!!!!

  3. Cici says:

    Guys, listen. This hate or whatever is getting way too far. We all have our own different opinions, but some can be more hurtful to others. Please stop with all the negativity. Glee fans talk about being open-minded, but I don’t see that in any of the comments that are here. What does all this negativity do to help? Nothing. Just stop with all the bashing and hate. It’s not necessary and it’s not going to help anyone. If I come off as rude, I’m sorry, but I just hate seeing people get hurt over some comment that someone couldn’t just keep to themselves.

    • Courtney says:

      I so agree. The amount of hate in the comments based around a show that purports acceptance really shocked me too.

    • Angela says:

      The sanest post in this entire comment section. Thank you. I fear you’re talking to a brick wall, mind, but still, if this message gets through to SOME people out there, it’s worth it.

    • Eddy says:

      Thank you so much for your sanity over this. I understand that some people feel strongly about this topic but honestly? People are getting way too upset over this.

  4. Courtney says:

    So, do I think they should get engaged/married? No. I love Klaine though. I think it is a sincere gesture from Blaine, though ill advised, to propose. I don’t want Kurt to say yes, but I want him to understand where the feelings behind the gesture are coming from, and take this as an opportunity to actually sit down and have a conversation about what happened and what they each feel. I do believe Kurt and Blaine are endgame. Blaine’s cheating was on par with fanfiction for being out of character, given Blaine’s reaction to Kurt’s text flirting the previous year. That said I’m totally on board for the writers to fix where the Klaine train went off the rails, and Blaine is a naive romantic at heart. Hoping a surprise engagement will fix things is less out of character than the cheating in the first place ever was.
    As for boo-hoo Santana didn’t get any positive lesbian role models…welcome to life. Role models don’t pop out of the sky when we need them. It was far more realistic for her to struggle with limited support. I think her storylines dealing with it were written well.

  5. Lizz says:

    I think this is going to be the greatest, most monumental thing Glee will ever do. Kurt and Blaine deserve this, deserve each other. They’ve both been through hell and back, only to meet by fate on a staircase that day. Kurt has been through so much, the loss of his mother, slushies, locker-shoves, coming out, changing himself for his dad, not getting into NYADA, losing Blaine. Blaine has been through abuse, his parent’s not accepting him, severe bullying, adjusting to school transers, deprssion… It’s about time they both get to see their happy ending, marrying their soulmate, the love of their lives. They deserve this, the promise of forever with each other. Sure, Blaine cheated, that sucked. Sure, Kurt ignored Blaine, that sucked. They’ve both made mistakes but as apparent in the storyline, they’ve been learning to forgive and fall back into love. I think it’s about time they get their moment of unbridled love. They make each other so happy, and I can’t wait to see them revel in their forever.

    • Sab says:

      Another “It’s Kurt’s fault for daring to not breathe for Blaine”. Lost all credibility there.

      • Courtney says:

        Um, no. That is not what they were saying. Both guys made mistakes, both have culpability. Blaine might’ve commited a worse offence, but being dismissive and uncaring and uninvolved in the life of the person you profess to love is Kurt’s crime. Blaine didn’t have to leap to cheating, but don’t diminish the fact that Kurt was being a horribly selfish person and a pretty awful boyfriend.

        • Elie says:

          I don’t see it like you say either. Kurt was busy in the adult world, Blaine is still a child and hasn’t grown since. He thought Kurt having a job, living in strange busy city would mean he would still get all his attention or the attention he was used to receive? It’s unrealistic.
          If Kurt and Blaine get back together are you expecting different? Remains the same situation, even worse, now Kurt is at NYADA and I’ll hate it for Kurt to leave everything behind just for Blaine specially after Blaine cheated. It is wrong for Rachel to leave everything behind for Finn it is the same for Kurt. A relationship does not negate your personal growth.

  6. JJ says:

    Klaine shouldn’t get back together because Blaine has done nothing to earn Kurt’s trust back. Blaine only cares about Kurt when Kurt is nearby. Blaine destroyed the relationship, and since that time, he has spent his time crushing on a straight guy for four months, and leading on a straight girl for a couple of months. If Kurt was truly the love of Blaine’s life, he wouldn’t have cheated after just a few weeks apart (a seperation that Blaine encouraged). It’s really ashame that Glee is ruining the best and most rounded character on the show for one of the weakest one dimensiona characters on the show who is really nothing more than a jukebox simply to please the fangirls. Everything that Chris worked so hard in developing Kurt in the first two seasons of Glee has been destroyed by having Kurt saddled down to Blaine.

  7. What?!?!?! says:

    This is such a stupid idea. They already had one unnecessarily young couple get engaged last season for stupid and selfish reasons, do they really have to do it again just to pander to obsessive fans? Kurt and Blaine aren’t even together and aside from their wedding hookup they’ve barely mentioned each other. Plus, you would think that the more successful, motivated to gain stardom characters on this show would be less stupid, yet they’re the ones jumping into these dumb plans.

  8. dude says:

    Can we please hope he says no? Considering his intense opposition to Rachel/Finn’s engagement this would make him a royal hypocrite.

  9. Kacky says:

    Let’s see – Blaine crushed on Jeremy, then Rachel, then Sebby, f**ked Eli, then crushed on and sang a love song to Sam – so I would say he is NOT ready to propose to anyone. He seems to settle his emotions on whomever is handy. Kurt is out of sight, out of mind. Run Kurt Run!!

  10. Just saying says:

    I don’t get why people are pointing out the fact that Kurt was against Finchel getting married and thus should/would not accept Blaine’s proposal. It’s already been established that Kurt is hypocritical.

  11. karin says:

    NOO, klaine again ? finchel to klaine , bad to awful. I neeed santanaaaaaa

  12. malika says:

    This is the WORST spoiler i’ve seen in a while and every week glee find a way to disappoint me. Blaine is in love with sam, he doesn’t care about Kurt and now suddenly he’s back in Kurt’s life imposing on Burt & kurt like at christmas. It’s disgusting and make me want to scream each time i see how they’re using burt to worship blaine even more. “Kurt never ever getting back together with Blaine would be one of the best developments to happen on Glee and to Kurt in a long long time.” i couldn’t agree more

  13. j says:

    im a huge klainer and i think its too soon

  14. Sarah says:

    Way too soon. I like them together, but realistically, both are flawed characters, there are trust issues on both ends, they’re very young. I think they ought to get in the same city first (as Blaine plans to head to New York), then get back together, date for awhile/repair the relationship, and THEN consider a next step.

  15. Jasmine says:

    I like both Kurt and Blaine separately but I’ve never really cared for them much as a couple for some reason.

  16. Sam says:

    Klaine is the best. I love them, their relationship is so loving and special. Blaine made a few mistakes along the way, but he’s trying to make up for them. I can’t wait to see Kurt say yes! (because we all know he will ;])

  17. Call me a hater says:

    Just tell us what is so great about klaine? Aside polls no media, no critics, no nominations not even the GA (most of them left) has something consistently good to say about klaine since season 3. Noone but blarren’s stans.
    Klaine wins polls sometimes because many people who are fed up decided to stop watching and move to other things. Glee lost half of his viewers and btw the songs don’t reach the top 100 like they used to in season 1 and 2. The GA is fed up, only blarren stans can’t see it. Sadly, it’s leaves Kurt being used to showcase how great blarren is. We are allowed to be disappointed when a relevant character like Kurt and an amazing actor like Chris (statements proven by countless nominations and nods by critics and the GA and GLAAD awards) are slightly downgraded and desecrated by klaine since season 3.
    I won’t go into why this relationship doesn’t work and why they broke up, so many people have said it so much better in countless comments here. Also, I think conversation on this subject is impossible, blarren stans don’t want to look at the facts, at the actions of the characters, whether it is pressuring Kurt into having sex or simply cheating on him because he didn’t have much time for his boyfriend with his new job. How about getting t fly to NY instead of cheating like he did after? Klainers don’t really take the fact or Kurt’ POV into account. The show did a good job helping them in that sense though, with having blarren cry and sing over and over.
    Call me a hater, I don’t mind, I am allowed to voice my opinion here and I want blarren as far as Kurt as possible. It’s just terribly sad to see the characters I love, Kurt and Burt be dumbed down and tainted in order to give blarren’ stans what they want.

  18. L says:

    This was a bad idea when Rachel and Finn wanted to get married. It is the same bad idea when it comes to Kurt and Blaine. Specially about them where they are at such different places in their lives and growth.

  19. MrMank says:

    Wow…only 8% don’t care?? That in-and-of-itself is staggering!

  20. Matt B. says:

    I have to admit, this made me smile. I’ve been rooting for them to get back together all season.

    That said, yes–Blaine’s proposal IS a rash move. It’s SUPPOSED to be a rash move; I’m fairly certain that’s how it will appear on the show, too. It’s not like people don’t make those kinds of decisions in real life.

    Now, regardless of Kurt’s response, I think it’s been established that these two boys are supposed to end up together. They clearly love each other, and despite all their flaws and mistakes, I still think are a good couple–or have the capacity to be one, at least. That’s why I don’t really see age as a problem here; I mean, once you know you’re going to spend your life with someone, you just know, whether you’re 20 or 40. As corny and idealistic as it sounds, I truly believe that 20 or 21 is not too early to be certain someone is your soulmate, should you have found them by that point.

    In that sense, I see this proposal as more of a promise–a promise that, no matter what happens in the future, they won’t let it fall apart again. Call me a hopeless romantic, but that’s what true love is. As far as the outcome of this proposal goes, I don’t really concern myself with that, because I believe that in the right kind of relationship–which Klaine most likely is–marriage itself should merely be a formality, and the kind of love one expects in a married couple should already be there before you formally tie the knot.

    • Sarah says:

      I completely agree with your last statement. I believe that Blaine just wants to show his love for Kurt and how much he cares about him. I’m sure the engagement and marriage are important to him, too, but before any of that, he wants to show Kurt that he truly acknowledges his screw up and that he promises to never do it again.

  21. Em86 says:

    Omg lol. The delusional Blaine hating comments on here are hilarious. I can’t imagine being so consumed with hate about a fictional character.

    It sounds like from the article that the point of this storyline is to be topical and comment on the current marriage equality Supreme Court stuff that’s been going down. It’s not about the characters at all, everyone complaining about how unrealistic it is is fighting a losing battle with this show.

    I hope this at least brings an end to them being broken up because I’m so bored by the pining melodrama that’s been dragging on and on all season.

  22. Lea H. says:

    I think what the writers should do is first, allow Blaine to graduate high school and move to NYC, so they’re both in the same place. Then, have them slowly work on their relationship. Have them deal with Blaine’s infidelity. Have Kurt come to terms with it and try to move on, and gradually, work on trusting Blaine again. Hopefully, Blaine is just contemplating a proposal, but doesn’t go through with it, because it takes time to get over the hurt and betrayal of being cheated on, and they need to do that to work their way back to each other.

  23. Jess says:

    You guys are saying ‘let Kurt be single for a while’.. Excuse me? Klaine have been a part for nearly a whole season now

  24. Nick says:

    I have nothing against people getting engaged/married at a young age. However, I don’t really like Kurt and Blaine together anymore. I used to be obsessed with them back in season 2/early season 3, but the way their relationship has played out has really turned me off from them as a couple.

  25. Shawn says:

    The writers on this show hate marriage. So this may not be a good thing for the couple. No ones engagement or marriage has ever worked out on this show.

  26. July says:

    If Kurt say no, I’m so gonna enjoy that. lol

  27. Jane says:

    They are too young to get married, still kids. Why does Glee feel the need to push their characters into adult rolls when they are not yet adults? Just saying!

  28. ryanwhisperer says:

    It’s funny listening to us grown ups try to force supposed adult behavior on the lovestruck teenagers portrayed on Glee. The raging hormones of sex and love, the crushing crushy feelings of angst and isolation which result in major jags of self pitying, boyfriend pillows, tears and whining and overall confusion and fear of the unknown … and we wonder why Blaine wants to get married? It won’t be easy but what part of love ever is? There are no guarantees. It’s romance! It’s crazy! It’s Glee! I’m a believer !! 21. #Klaine

  29. Kristina says:

    Not in favor of 18/19 year-olds making decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. Not a big fan of the engagement idea.

  30. Sliz says:

    Um, in order to propose marriage, wouldn’t you have to be in the relationship with that person? Kurt and Blaine broke up because of communication issues, and Blaine’s infidelity (not being able to wait two weeks to see his boyfriend before effing a facebook lighthouse dude). They’re not even IN a relationship a this point with Kurt dating other people and Blaine serenading Sam with love songs. If Ryan Murphy wants to do another lame PSA storyline, with respects to gay marriage equality, it would’ve been better serve to do it with Rachel’s dads since I would imagine they’ve struggled to have their relationship being recognized legally and financially.

    This is yet another ridiculous storyline idea from Glee since it doesn’t even follow what they SHOWN us about Klaine this season. Poor Chris Colfer, his character was *the* break-out and critical darling, with Kurt being able to stand on his own with so much heart, pathos, and flaws. Now, Kurt’s role has been reduced to being a trophy for Blaine, so that his fans (along with Ryan Murphy) could go on a drooling fest over Blaine/Darren, and cash in on the latest iTunes all in the name of gay marriage. What a joke!


  32. BymagaJones says:

    Where’s the option for “I hope they never, ever, ever get back together?

  33. Joanne says:

    I’m really not fussed about Klaine even less so about Brittana. I’d rather see a QUINNTANA storyline develop ( doesn’t run but ducks all the same )

  34. Eddy says:

    People seem to think that an engagement means they have to get married right away. People can be engaged for years before they even think about making plans for a wedding. I think they should get engaged, because both Kurt and Blaine know that one day they will get married, even if today is not that day.

  35. I don’t think it’s too soon for them to get engaged. But, married? They don’t have to get married right away. They can wait a few years.

  36. Jard says:

    Jesus, you haters are probably all jealous so you cant be happy for us, when Ryan blew up your ships?! We would be happy for you, so be nice. No one likes an asshole.

  37. Jason Dragon says:

    How about an option to slap Ryan Murphy for being stupid? Blaine is an attention starved, childish, inappropriate, cheating jerk (I’m being kind). Kurt has suffered everything from open hostility at home from friends and family (Finn and the basement), assault, sexual assault and harassment (Karofsky) and death threats, only to be told to blend in and stop being himself by the smarmy hobbit. Karofsky would be a better choice. Also, what is wrong with Kurt having a boyfriend a few (3 or 4) years older? Kurt is 19, Adam is 21 or 22. If Michael Douglas can wed a woman several decades his junior, then what is the issue?

    I’m voting for Kurt to say no to Blaine, while he gives Adam a HUGE smooch and proposes to the Brit.

    • shanazzz says:

      OMG YES YOU PERFECTLY DESCRIBED WHAT WAS ON MY MIND. I wanna see a storyline develop between Adam and kurt and yes, he should totally kiss adam upon rejecting blaine (who is getting super annoying).

  38. Call me a hater says:

    Please blarren’s stans don’t complain about the hate a “fictional character” receive, when you were the one sending disgustingly rude tweets to force Chris to wish happy birthday to darren criss, just because most of you can’t separate fiction from reality, hence me calling Blaine, blarren.
    People only state that they don’t want klaine or dislike blaine. Yes, many people are fed with him. Plus, they are fictional characters most people love (the original cast), some we “love to hate” (Sue sylverster, Jesse st James) maybe because they are called out for their behavior and remain funny while being obnoxious. And they are fictional characters people happen to dislike, Terry Shuester (nasty b***) and Blaine Anderson (an overused whiny self-centered attention seeker who couldn’t keep it in his pants for two weeks and blamed his boyfriend). Also, “no means no” btw. But, I mean, I enjoyed jessalyn’s acting in both Glee and Nip Tuck, but we are allowed to hate Terry Shuester.
    So, when a character many likes might be paired again (and forever) with one some dislike, you get the kind of reaction you have here, people don’t want that and look for the “Hell no!” button.

  39. I just can’t. It’s too much for my heart.

  40. Thejesscen says:

    I just hope Kurt is mature enough to realize how ridiculous and immature a proposal is and tell him that not everyone who’s a high school couple end up together. Both characters are smarter than this. Blaine just needs to get over Kurt and Kurt needs to stop being so nice to people who have broken his heart. He needs to tell Blaine that it is over between the two of them and they can be friends but that is all they can be.

  41. whoviangirl101 says:

    Well its kind of little obvious that Kurt‘s probably going to say yes. I mean, Russel has alreay said that Kurt‘s going to get married when he‘s 21. And this could be Blaine‘s chance to show Kurt that he loves him and that he‘s in it for the long hall. They are soulmates, they belong together, and I am soo glad that Blaine is proposing (they have time to get married) :D

  42. Taryn says:

    Okay, I have to say this because I see it everywhere and it really pisses me off. I understand that everyone has an opinion but please, if have no polite and constructive way to express it, you’re better off keeping it to yourself. I’ve see people countless times sit there and bash someone or something other people actually enjoy, only to turn and bitch at them for bashing something they enjoy back, like saying they can bash them all they want but they’re not allowed to bash them back. Please, it really does offend and hurt people.

    That being said, I am a Klainer and I am looking forward to a Klaine reunion, though not necessarily engagement. Ryan has pretty much confirmed that Klaine is endgame and we just have to be patient because it will be more worth the wait in the end. And it has been said Blaine WANTS to propose. It says nothing about him actually going through with it yet. I love Klaine as Kurt and Blaine are two of my favorite characters, with Kurt taking the top spot and I wish all the best for them.

    I know is long, but I just wanted to address Brittana too. I love Brittana because they’re awesome together but I don’t think it’s necessary to get so upset about Brittany moving on. It’s true that she is bisexual but also, and this has come from a lot of Brittana shippers too, it’s been pointed out that Heather does not seem to be completely comfortable in the Brittana ship. What happened with Brittana, may have been done to ease her comfort level because an actor should never feel uncomfortable in a role.

  43. shanazzz says:

    This is ridiculous! Adam was just introduced as kurt’s boyfriend and they barely have a storyline together yet. Plus they make such a cute couple. Kurt, please say no. Blaine’s getting way too much attention on the show and it’s getting annoying.

  44. charleigh says:

    Get a grip ppl! Its juss a TV show! I know it means a lot to glee fans. As a gleek and klainer it means a lot to me too! There is nothing wrong with voicing ur opinion, but if u have nothing nice to say, don’t comment at all. It not nice to bring others down bcuz ur not in favor of the idea of Blaine proposing! There’s no reason to start a war over other comments! And if someone says something u don’t like, juss let it go. There not worth ur anger or ur time. Like I said, if ur not in favor of the topic, don’t be rude, for klainers’ sake, juss don’t watch the episode.
    That’s all. That’s all u gotta do.
    And I luv how u guys say that the Klaine fandom is disgusting and rude but all of you guys bashing Klaine are also disgusting and rude. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Its not like the Klaine fandom is the only fandom to say mean and hurtful things. Beliebers r pretty vicious too! Every fandom gets upset and says things they’re not proud of.
    Just calm down everyone. No one is perfect. Don’t stoop down to other ppls levels by replying to every comment u don’t like. Or even juss one.
    Come on ppl! Us gleeks are better than that!

  45. Mikey72 says:

    So the real deal is the Blaine character is proposing to stay on Glee

  46. SiriD says:

    So ridiculous. Blaine is a self-centered twat who can’t keep it in his pants, and Kurt is always shown as being inferior to him. Blaine is also hypocrite who blames Kurt for his own mistakes. Their relationship certainly is unhealthy. The only part of the Blaine hating that I don’t agree with is the sexual assault claims. He did not try to rape Kurt, that’s taking it too far. Though he was a twat about the whole business.

  47. Bre says:

    No because I think Kurt should be with Adam. They make such a cute couple.

  48. Austin says:

    It just brakes my hart to see them sad

  49. Lo says:

    I think this could be Blaine’s last chance to bring them back together. And hey I’m all for them to get married but I’m not sure how Kurt will take it…