Glee Shocker: Someone's About to Propose!

GleeSeason4ProposalOne-half of Glee‘s many fan-favorite twosomes is planning to pop the question in the Fox dramedy’s Season 4 finale — and it’s probably not who you think! (Warning: Read on to be spoiled.)

After a year filled with cheating, pining, missing and slight rekindling, Blaine has decided to bring “Klaine” back together by proposing to his longtime love Kurt, TVLine has confirmed.

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As first reported by E! Online, the major romantic gesture will go down in the May 9 season ender, which finds Darren Criss‘ alter ego encountering — and deeply bonding with — a happily committed lesbian couple (played by The Patty Duke Show‘s Patty Duke and Family TiesMeredith Baxter) at the jewelry store.

Duke and Baxter, meanwhile, are already slated to return as recurring players in Glee‘s yet-to-be-greenlit fifth season.

So, Gleeks, what say you? Are you hoping for a Klaine engagement? Would a regular ol’ reunion between the two be just as good? Vote and then hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. EternityIs21 says:

    Hate all you want on the characters but don’t hate on the actors. Do I really need to remind Kadamers of this? Seeing as that was their rallying cry for Oliver. Have some respect.

    • Wow can you stop assuming that we’re all Kadamers.

      • EternityIs21 says:

        I didn’t assume anything. Had I assumed you we’re all Kadamers I would have instead said “Do I really need to remind all you Kadamers of this?” See? major difference. I was simply remarking to any Kadamers that might presently be commenting on this page. Can you stop over-reacting and actually take the time to read someone’s comment?

  2. Erica says:

    Finally some good news!! Thank you RIB!!

  3. Nicole says:

    I can’t believe in all the hate I’m seeing, really, and most of you just hate Klaine because you’re jealous that your ship is not getting anything. Grow up. Klaine(rs) has been through so much and now it’s our time to be happy, why can’t you be happy for us? Well, it doesn’t matter, because you like it or not, Klaine is endgame and I love them.

  4. Dany says:

    I’m a huge Klainer and I can’t wait to watch my lovely boys get married, but I think it’s too soon in their actual storylines to get engaged. They need to have a serious chat about what they are feeling and why they did what they did first. When they finally get to be on the same page, then they will finally be ready for their eternity. ♥

  5. Jen says:

    I hate this idea. Hate it.

  6. ems says:

    I don’t think Blaine would think of proposing and even going to the buy the ring if Kurt told him he was really happy with Adam maybe kurt comes back to ohio and tells Blaine that him and Adam are done

  7. Mary says:

    I don’t think people seem to get that you can be engaged without getting married right away. I love Klaine, and yes, I would prefer them to get back together first, but honestly, anything to bring them back together makes me happy. All the haters really just need to stop with all of their nonsensical excuses for why they hate Kurt/Blaine/Klaine, and stop raining on our parade just because their ship isn’t happening. I hate any other Kurt/Blaine ships, but I don’t go around harrassing the people who ship them. That’s something known as bullying, and it amazes me that people who love Kurt or Blaine separately- or that just watch Glee in general- would still be doing that.

  8. Sam says:

    I can’t believe how immature some of you are. It’s a TV show. The fact that these two characters will get engaged doesn’t affect you, at all. If you’re so full of hate because of two fictional characters …. then you have a problem.

    Klaine <3

  9. Ana says:

    One word: stupid. Just like most of the arcs this season. They are not even together. Kurt doesn’t even trust Blaine enough to want to be in a relationship with him. It would take a special kind of arrogance to propose to someone who you know doesn’t trust you just to force them to make a decision. Besides, I agree that Blaine has been drooling over Sam. So he hasn’t exactly been ‘hopelessly devoted’ to Kurt. I don’t want Blaine in NY. He takes over wherever he is and we have precious little of the NY side to begin with. Funny how committed Ryan is to his favorite couple but Santana has been turned into a little more than a footnote after breaking her and Brittany up and of course Brittany gets involved immediately with a BOY. But Klaine is golden.

    • Kina says:

      Ana I am sorry if my last reply replied to your post I meant for it to post to the one below yours but I guess my browser spazzed out.

  10. You mad? says:

    Seriously. People need to calm down and stfu. If you don’t like it, find another show. It’s Glee! Let’s have a little fun! I for one am super excited. I hope next year we get to see them planning their wedding! Burt will walk Kurt down the aisle… Sam, Cooper and Mike will fight to see who gets to be the best man (*cough* Cooper *cough*)… Kurt will become a little bit of a groomzilla (he’s had a wedding scrapbook going since he first met Blaine on the staircase at Dalton, which he keeps tucked in a chest with Bruce, just to be safe)… and then bachelor/bachelorette parties, and oh god, the wedding. They’ll say their vows and remind one another how perfectly imperfect they are and then they’ll dance to CWM (the reprise)… then Mr. and Mr. Hummel-Anderson (or Anderson-Hummel, surname yet tbd) will take on the world! :)

    • Kina says:

      you know, Blaine could’ve easily went to see Kurt instead of cheating. He proved that when he went to Kurt TWO WEEKS EARLY. Why not go and see Kurt instead of screwing some random guy who may or may not have a disease?

      • You mad? says:

        It wasn’t about needing to have sex, and not being able to wait and so he screwed the first random he found. It was about him thinking that Kurt was moving on and was going to leave him behind, and it was everything he feared was going to happen in S3. It was self-sabotage more than anything else. Is Blaine perfect? Nope. But, you know what? People mess up. Terribly, and sometimes irrevocably. And sometimes they make it work. I get that people are upset about the cheating, but man, do I not understand the viciousness with which people have latched on to this hate. I ship Klaine because they make me happy, and bring me some measure of joy. I suggest you find something that does that for you, rather than spreading your hate. Take a breath. Go outside. Spread love. Life’s a lot more enjoyable that way, promise.

        • Sab says:

          Why the dislike? Because there’s no consequence? Just him not having Kurt for a while like a deprived little boy from his favorite toy and the being giving it back. Your argument about him “feeling left behind”, how does that even makes Blaine now mature enough to be in a marriage?

      • EternityIs21 says:

        I’m not. Oh goodness. I just don’t understand why you all hate Kurt so much. I can see the justification that you have for Blaine (even if I don’t agree at all) but seriously? Kurt is a strong character and the way you guys go on and on about how much you hate Klaine…Blaine isn’t forcing Kurt to love him, and I honestly believe that Kurt wouldn’t even bother if he felt that he wasn’t being treated fairly. I just don’t get it.

    • SayNoKurt says:

      Seriously. People need to calm down and stfu. If you don’t like it, find another show.

      Lol you sound like the ignorant people who tell others to leave the US if they don’t support the war. People are allowed to have differing opinions, and I am allowed to hate this storyline and Klaine all I want. Because it’s a mockery of actual healthy gay relationships. Klaine does not represent me, as a bisexual woman. It is embarrassing, as one character (Blaine) is completely favored over the other (Kurt) by the writers and treated like a damn king.

  11. ffic4life says:

    Klaine is a boring couple that doesn’t belong together. They are way too much alike. Furthermore to all you people who think the sun shines out of Kurt’s @ss, you are so wrong. He struts around like hes perfect, but fact is he is just as low down as everyone else. Blaine deserves someone that will actually remember he exists and acknowledge his feelings respectfully. Kurt wants the world to revolve around him, and always has. Blaine and Sam. Now that’s a good match!

  12. martha says:

    I don’t really care if it’s realistic or not, is that really what we expect from glee? Realism?

    I like klaine, this gives me a warm feeling. If I wanted realism I wouldn’t bother with television I’d sit around in the real world being miserable. I like this storyline, it makes me happy <3

  13. Christina says:

    lol what I see here are 20 haters making 50 accounts to post hate. However, the poll (where you can only vote once) shows that more than 50% of the voters are happy with the storyline. And that’s the reality.

  14. Kina says:

    oh yes this is just perfect. Let’s bring the abusive gay couple back together! That is such a good idea and shows the LGBT community in SUCH a good light!
    It’s disgusting how Ryan Murphy thinks this can save his show. It’s going to lose him his show faster.

  15. Happy Camper says:

    Yay! Best news I’ve heard all week! <3

  16. Andy says:

    some of you need to go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air. It’s a TV show. They’re fictional characters. How can you be so full of hate because of something like this?
    Don’t waste your energy on the things you hate.
    Go enjoy the things you love and let others enjoy the things they love.

  17. Blaine says:

    I’m genuinely curious as to what the monster problem is about two boys [who are obviously still ridiculously head-over-heels in love with each other] getting married. Yeah, breaks happen. Yeah, they aren’t necessarily together in the immediate span of the show, but the writers know what they’re doing. And honestly, it’s their show? Who cares if they want Klaine back together and who cares if they don’t? Nothing that WE are squawking about like immature fools as to how it’s stupid and they’re too young and such isn’t going to change their mind.
    Don’t like the couple, ship your own and move on.
    Life happens.
    And honestly, it’s a TV show.
    If you don’t like Glee, just don’t watch it.
    If you don’t like Klaine, that’s cool, you obviously have your own ship and I mean come on, you don’t just insult someone’s ship. So move on.

    Just because they’re getting engaged doesn’t mean that they’re getting married right off the bat.
    Like someone else said [“Emma”] you can be engaged for quite some time before even getting married and there could be thousands of sparks to why Blaine wants to do it.
    Shooting Star was a traumatic episode [viewers and characters alike] and really, he’s just keeping his promise, hence the promise ring from Season 3.

    So just support the boys and the show and be happy with it.

    • Sab says:

      I find that head over heels thing very debatable. Blaine went to “suffering” the loss of his friendship to crushing on another gut. You klainers just like to use the “it’s just a TV show” when things are going your way. Let’s remember how ok you were with it after TBU. Yeah.

  18. Tessa says:

    You guys need to all calm down. Blaine wants to buy a ring for his soulmate, but he doesn’t necessarily do it. Both he and Kurt have been pretty depressed after their breakup and they had a good thing going. They supported each other and then, through faults of them both, fell apart. I think Blaine is just having a tough time coping at this point. I don’t doubt that they could make it if Blaine DID propose (because statistics are wrong sometimes wow shocker they could have a happy relationship after being high school sweethearts the timing makes no difference and honestly they’ve changed each other just by being together and I think the changes from here on out will be similar), but don’t count on it happening. (a 19 year old can have the maturity of a 70 year old and vice versa so don’t judge a person’s decisions by their age)

  19. Jasper says:

    This news totally made my day. I am SO excited and I really hope there’s some kind of Klaine engagement storyline next season. Klaine needs to get back together.

  20. Ana says:

    i’m happy. they belong together.

  21. Ann says:

    I can’t wait to see Kurt and Blaine getting married! They’re such an amazing couple!

  22. SAFFM says:

    Glee never fails to fail, it just shocks me that they can go even lower than they already have. I don’t care about Darren or Blaine, they are both so mediocre they fit right into this show and what it’s become, but Chris Colfer deserves better than this crap. I hope this is just a lame attempt to fake out the Klainers yet again, and Kurt gives Blaine one of his patented bitch faces if Blaine even brings up the word “marriage”.

    Why hasn’t Glee been cancelled yet?

  23. RachelA says:

    Worst. Glee. Idea. Ever. And that is saying a LOT!

  24. Ruby says:

    Everyone who’s saying Klaine is an abusive relationship needs to stop. Seriously. There are tons of gifs of both Kurt AND Blaine smiling at each other…their faces just completely light up when they’re around each other. So obviously they make each other happy. And yeah, they’ve both made mistakes and they’re not perfect. So what? Klaine is an abusive relationship……why? Because you don’t think Blaine compliments him enough? 1. Blaine supports him plenty and if you’d stop being so bitter for five minutes and rewatch their scenes without your Blaine hater-glasses on, you’d see that. 2. It’s not Blaine’s job to constantly be fluffing his ego. A relationship is between equals and constantly placing your partner on a pedestal does NOT make for a healthy relationship, despite what you seem to think. Kurt is a grown man who can handle himself and make his own decisions regarding who he dates. Klaine is not abusive or poisonous just because you don’t like them together. Take your bitterness elsewhere and stop whining, jfc.

    • Blaine attempted to rape him. Blaine flirted with Sebastian and didn’t even take into account Kurt’s feelings. When Kurt swapped innocent texts with a friend Blaine accused him of cheating when he did FAR worse and then proceeded to slut shame him in front of his friends and teacher. Blaine urged Kurt to go to NY and then cheated AND THEN HAD THE NERVE TO BLAME KURT FOR THE WHOLE THING.


      • SayNoKurt says:

        PREACH. The constant blaming that Blaine does for his own mistakes makes me sick. I can’t like a character that can’t admit when he’s wrong and try to improve. Even Rachel is able to admit when she’s wrong, and tries to make up for it.

        • EternityIs21 says:

          Are we just going to ignore the majority of the rest of the season after 4×4? Where Blaine is miserable and hates himself and is constantly apologizing, and sending gifts, and kurt and blaine talk on the phone, and blaine says he’s sorry for the billionth time and Kurt says he knows how sorry he is…because honestly the amount of revisionist history that Blaine-haters can come up with is astounding.

      • Amy says:

        Wanting to have sex with your boyfriend who was just talking about wanting to have sex like less than a day ago, and then STOPPING when you realize he doesn’t want to have sex is NOT ATTEMPTED RAPE. Also slut shaming is not the same thing as being upset because your partner was flirting with someone else, wow. Okay and where was all this anger when Rachel sang Gives You Hell to Finn in front of everyone when he went out with Santana and Brittany behind her back? Inappropriately singing about your personal problems in front of the whole Glee club is kind of a recurring theme on this show, yet somehow BLAINE is the only one who ever gets hate for it??

    • SayNoKurt says:

      You realize that Blaine cheated on Kurt because Kurt wasn’t there to fluff BLAINE’S ego 24/7 right? And you’re completely missing the point about the emotionally abusive relationship. Blaine BLAMES Kurt for things that are BLAINE’S fault. That is emotionally abusive. Blaine manipulated Kurt into having sex in “I Do” (Bros helping Bros, then telling Kurt AFTER the sex that it didn’t matter what Kurt thought, they were going to be together). Blaine doesn’t take Kurt’s point of view into consideration. (Whitney ep, the Sebastian storyline, The First Time car scene, the scenes leading up to the break up). Additionally, Blaine is controlling. Go through Kurt’s phone in the Whitney ep was WRONG. Continuing to flirt with Sebastian for MONTHS regardless of what Kurt thought about it. He blatantly IGNORED Kurt when he showed discomfort with the situation, because he wanted Sebastian’s attention. And let’s not forget the car scene in The First Time. Blaine continued to touch and try to kiss Kurt AFTER Kurt said “no”. Kurt had to fight him off. That is sexual assualt, plain and simple.

      All of these examples are emotionally abusive, and it makes me sad and slightly scared for this generation that people cannot see this.

      Also for the record, Blaine has complimented Kurt TWICE the entire time they’ve been together. He only got together with Kurt AFTER Kurt was starting to get over him, and stopped hero worshiping him. Blaine has shown time and time again that he is not committed to Kurt or their relationship, and is entirely self serving. He’s been more committed to Sam and their friendship (and his crush) than he has in his entire relationship with Kurt.

      There are reasons that people don’t like Blaine, and many are those that I have listed above. I used to be a Klainer, until I realized how unhealthy the relationship was becoming for Kurt. He’s a shadow of his former self, Pre-Blaine. It’s disheartening and disgusting, frankly.

      • EternityIs21 says:

        His former self that was thrown in a dumpster everyday, given slushie facials, and constantly pushed into lockers? Not to mention lonely, and depressed? Depressed enough that when he met another gay boy in Ohio and realized he wasn’t completely alone he cried. Yeah. Blaine has been nothing but trouble for him since day one. You are sooo right.

        • SayNoKurt says:

          Lol Kurt meeting Blaine has/had no effect on Kurt being bullied, so please, stfd. Kurt was still a confident, inspiring individual when going through all of those things. He’s not a doormat who doesn’t respect himself because Blaine doesn’t respect him. Blaine met Kurt when he was vulnerable and not himself. And he’s been unable to be himself again, to get that confidence back BECAUSE he’s been with Blaine, and has been too worried about losing him to Sebastian, worried about constantly being seen as the lesser/untalented/unattractive individual in the relationship. That’s not healthy and it’s not equal. Kurt and Blaine would have been good if they’d stayed friends. But they are not good together as boyfriends because Blaine loves attention over all else.

          • SayNoKurt says:

            *He’s now a doormat

          • EternityIs21 says:

            I think you need to go re-watch the Christmas episode from this season. We actually having a canon moment from the show showing how Kurt would be if he hadn’t met Blaine. He wouldn’t even be in New York following his dreams. I’ll take that as truth way more than a Blaine-hater’s spec on how Kurt would be “better off”

          • Just Say No to Hairgel says:

            *headdesk* Kurt was miserable in Artie’s dream sequence because there was no GLEE CLUB for Kurt, NOT because there was no Blaine.

            Burt had even thanked Will last season for GLEE CLUB saving his son’s life.

            Not everything’s about Blaine.

      • JJ says:

        Well sad. Bravo.

      • Ruby says:

        Have you ever considered that maybe the reason Kurt sometimes has confidence issues is because of the environment at Mckinley rather than Blaine? Blaine is constantly complimenting him and trying to support him. A lot more than twice, actually. “As long as its opposite your Tony” and “You’re the single most interesting kid in Ohio!” and the way he cheered when Kurt was practicing Music of the Night in front if him. And how he wore Kurt’s president button proudly on his jacket during Kurt’s speech? And that’s just four examples of many. Where as the rest of Mckinley and glee club in general are always either shooting effemaphobic remarks at him or ignoring him completely. Schue was the one who told him he had to attend booty boot camp for his dancing because all he could do was shimmy and never ONCE gave him a solo for a competition. Bieste said he was too much of a lady to play Tony. Artie, Bieste, Emma, and Rachel were the ones who laughed him off the stage during his Romeo and Juliet audition. Or being voted Prom Queen as a joke by the other students? As a matter of fact, I didn’t see anyone else stepping up to show support for him when Dave ditched him on the dance floor in front of everyone during Prom Queen. Or losing the class president vote to Brittany? Plenty of people have put Kurt down, and I’m sorry to burst your bubble but Blaine is not one of them.

        And Kurt’s not nearly as damaged as you seem to think. Kurt is strong and considering all the crap he’s been through, I’d say he’s still pretty confident. He didn’t just give up when NYADA rejected him. He went to New York anyways (at BLAINE’S encouragement, I might add), got himself an awesome internship at Vogue, and as soon as he could reapply at NYADA, he DID. And he nailed his audition for the second time and got accepted. Kurt is not some damaged little fragile bird, and he is most certainly NOT a doormat. It’s actually kind of insulting to Kurt’s character that you think so little of him.

        And Blaine is too selfish to care about their relationship? Blaine transferred schools to be with him. Blaine left Dalton, left his friends. For Mckinley, where he knew bullying is a major problem. Where it’s taken him until this season to truly make new friends outside of Kurt and the Warblers. For no other reason than that Kurt asked him to. This boy uprooted his entire life (and ended up losing nearly all of his Warbler friends because if it) simply because Kurt wanted them to be together for his senior year.

        Also. I would love to hear why you think selfish, abusive Blaine threw himself in front of a slushie and nearly went blind to protect Kurt?

  25. Laura says:

    I’m thrilled! Can’t wait! :D

  26. michygeary says:

    I’m kind of alarmed at this “Have an opinion on stuff before it even airs” madness. I can’t possibly vote on this until I see it. Then I’ll let you know what I think about it.

  27. Princess Adora says:

    They’re so young! Kurt didn’t approve of Finn and Rachel getting married out of high school (rightly so!), so I don’t see him changing his mind for Blaine.

  28. SayNoKurt says:

    Seriously, how do Klainers have the time to sit around all day and spam poll? An online poll isn’t going to do anything. At this point, the amount of people who feel Klaine is unhealthy is equal to if not greater than those who support Klaine. Those individuals aren’t going to sit around spamming a poll all day though. Some of us have better things to do.

    Blaine is still a cheater, and he’s done nothing to earn Kurt’s trust back. Those of you who are saying Kurt’s been unbearable this season for not taking Blaine back have clearly never been cheated on, or had such a betrayal of trust. It’s completely DESTROYS one’s self confidence, self worth, and view on relationships in general. The fact that you can’t have empathy for that, just because your special little puppy cupcake was the perpetrator (and 100% IN THE WRONG), is really freaking sad. I hope nothing like cheating happens in your relationships, because it is truly devastating and no one deserves to feel such betrayal. This also helps support the rest of the fandom’s opinion that the individuals who like Klaine, are really just Blainers, and don’t give a crap about Kurt, his opinions or feelings. It makes sense, since Blaine doesn’t either.

    • Amy says:

      “At this point, the amount of people who feel Klaine is unhealthy is equal to if not greater than those who support Klaine.”

      lol Oh really? Is that why Klaine won that EW Greatest Couple poll with over 80,000 votes?

      • unbelievable says:

        No, it’s because nobody else but the most fanatic shippers is stupid enough to waste their time participating in those pointless polls.

        • SayNoKurt says:


        • paigeturner says:

          You certainly seem to have enough time on your hands to write out delusional paragraphs on internet polls about a couple you dislike. I have never seen a group of people so completely out of touch before, and so completely obsessed with spreading their vitriol. The problem is, you guys surround yourself with people who think the same way that you do in your little bubble on the internet and so you have convinced yourself that you speak for the majority. Not even the Klaine fandom can vote 80,000 times on one poll. We had the support of GLAAD, and the official Glee social media, as well as a couple of other high profile people. Just accept the fact that the majority (not all, certainly) enjoy Klaine. And JFC, get a hobby, or something!

          • Sara says:

            ^ Exactly. And you can bet the Doctor Who fans were spamming the hell out of THEIR couple, and we still won. And I’d rather waste my time supporting something I love than waste my time writing out delusional rants about something I hate in an attempt to make other people feel bad for liking things.

          • L says:

            Someone does not like that different to spamming polls, Klainer’s forte is not giving good arguments other than “endgame” “they look cute” “they are the love of their lives” and being apologetic of Blaine’s actions in the most incredible ways. Points for creativity in such excuses, tho.

      • Sab says:

        Yes. You spammed it.

    • unbelievable says:


  29. They don’t have to get married right after the proposal (Kurt still needs to turn 21 so calm down), they’ve been broken up for more than 7 months and still love each other and haven’t moved on even though they have tried, why don’t get back together and take a step a little further? This storyline sounds lovely, even if Blaine doesn’t get to actually propose during the finale and just thinks about it or if it ends up in a cliffhanger. They love each other and that’s all that I care about.

  30. Millie says:

    First off, both Blaine and Kurt have done things wrong! A relationship is TWO people! Blaine cheated and that was not okay, but how many couples you know in real life that this happens to and they stay together and the person keeps on cheating! Blaine is and has been remorseful and has purely suffered about it and he told Kurt instantly. If Kurt chooses to forgive him and get back with him, that is his choice. Before anyone says that I am just a crazy teenager that just wants them together, let me stop you no! I am a middle aged fan of Glee and Klaine. No ONE can say whether a couple is too young to get engaged or married.Everyone’s maturity level is different. There are people late into adulthood that are immature. I know couples who have been together since their teens and got engaged or married right out of high school and a few while in high school, where in my time was more frowned upon than today, and they are still happily married. I won’t deny that there has been a couple that have did not survive bu again it was the maturity level they were on. My mom’s best friend growing up was married at 15 and was happily married for 40+ years until her husband died. So even though this is just a tv show, this is what happens in reality. So, I am ok with them getting engaged, because I know that it will play into the arc and they will not get married that soon, Klaine is endgame as well as Finchel and hopefully Brittana. In all honesty, I am respectful of people’s opinion, but I really feel that if you really do not like how the show is going or how it is written then just don’t watch it. Chris and Darren are phenomenal actors and have portrayed the characters of Kurt and Blaine amazingly…..

    • SayNoKurt says:

      how many couples you know in real life that this happens to and they stay together and the person keeps on cheating!

      Um, in the real world, this happens often. Because until the cheater can understand why and how it’s wrong, and NOT blame their cheating on others (which Blaine did), then they will be unable to break the cycle. Blaine has done nothing to better himself, and his wandering eye is completely IN CHARACTER for him (Sebastian, Sam, even the flirtation with Tina). He will never be able to stay faithful to Kurt until he grows up and betters himself. First he needs to actually apologize to Kurt, without hidden agenda and take FULL responsibility for his cheating.

      And no, Kurt is not to blame in ANY way for the break up. Thi was all Blaine. And for the record, the majority of “real life” couples I know who have cheated do not last much longer because the trust in the relationship is completely broken, and without hard work, that trust will not be restored. Blaine clearly isn’t interested in working for Kurt’s trust, as he’s already moved onto Sam.

  31. Demi says:

    I love it says plan to propose and everyone thinks he’s going to do it within the same minute of buying a ring. Shows how old most of you are. Most couples buy the ring and take forever (and I mean like 6 months at least if they’re together for awhile) to propose. I had a friend that bought the ring and didn’t propose till a year later to my best friend. Also saying that the lesbian couple will continue to be on for next season he’s probably going to buy the ring, keep it, and then wait till like the january episode airs to do it. Or they might just be engaged for forever, people do that a lot too. RM has already said that Kurt is getting married at 21 and lets not forget that Kurt is basically a representation of Ryan and Blaine Ryan’s husband (along with Bryan and David from the new normal. This is starting to get to the point where I need to ask Ryan if his husband, David, is a tiny adorable nerdy kid or something), of course they were going to get back together. Not sure why everyone is surprised.

  32. Deanth says:



    1. The majority of people DO NOT marry their high school sweehearts.
    2. Kurt should marry a boy who: sexually assaulted him, cheated on him blamed Kurt for both of those “You don’t want to have fun” and “You weren’t there Kurt” (for two weeks mind, he wasn’t there, two weeks and Blaine could not be faithful for that amount of time?)
    3. Blaine drooling over Sam (can we say hypocrite when he slut shamed Kurt for just texting with Chandler, and Blaine actually slept with another guy), not 1 week after telling Kurt they were meant to be together. Can we say FICKLE? I think we can.
    4. Blaine does not listen to Kurt. See “just friends’ and many more examples where Kurt says something and Blaine either discounts it or ignores it, because (of course) Kurt should only say or think what suits Blaine.

    For the record, I would rather not Finn/Rachel or Brittany/Sam wind up together either, for reason nunber 1 as well.

    • SayNoKurt says:

      I agree with everything you said. I think this will be the final push for a lot of people to stop watching (though many Kurtsies already have). Then this show can sink into oblivion where it belongs.

      • seriouslygointotheether says:

        lololololololol. can all you delusional blaine-haters get off this poll? why are you even here? It’s doing nothing but letting others see how ridiculous you guys are.

        • JJ says:

          At seriouslygotintotheether people aren’t here posting because they hate Blaine. People are posting because they support Kurt, and want what’s best for him. For Blaine to be even considering a proposal to Kurt when they are broken up because of Blaine’s cheating shows me that he has a lot of self-esteem issues, and he has no clue what it takes to make an adult relationship work. Blaine needs to work on himself, figure out what exactly lead to his actions, and he needs to work towards earning Kurt’s trust again. And neither Kurt nor Blaine should be thinking of marriage without couples therapy. As it stands now, Kurt should not get back together with Blaine because Blaine has done nothing to make amends for his actions.

    • Demi says:

      Wow really? A crush? People aren’t allowed to have crushes? omg I did not know that?

      • SayNoKurt says:

        They shouldn’t be crushing on someone else when they’re claiming to be “hopelessly devoted” to someone else. Just like they shouldn’t CHEAT on the “love of their life”. Please.

        • Caitie says:

          Actually, I am currently with the ” love of my life,” and I haven’t been a teenager for a long time but I still crush on people. My boyfriend makes fun of me all the time for having a crush on a now mutual friend. I have had a crush on said friend since I was sixteen and I am pretty sure my boyfriend has a little but of a crush on him. Am I going to act on said old crush? No. Does it mean that I am a bad person for looking at another person and thinking, huh, maybe in a different lifetime we could have worked out? No. So yes you can still have an innocent crush on someone, a crush that you know won’t work because of varying circumstances, while still loving someone. I think it is totally unfair to demand for Blaine to be emotionally celibate while Kurt is off deciding what he wants. He is not going to act on his crush, like Tina did, but he does need a place to put his need for a connection with someone.

          • L says:

            You also sing love songs to your crush and forget about the love of your life constantly? If not, I’m glad to tell you, you are better than Blaine.

          • Caitie says:

            So there was a reason why the song was included in an episode entitled “Guilty Pleasure.” His crush on Sam is just that, a Guilty Pleasure, which he admitted to in the song. At that point in time, Sam was the only one who really understood Blaine and what he was feeling (self-hatred and guilt, et cetera) since the break up. He knows the crush is just a crush on someone who has helped him deal with a lot of crap. Kurt also had crushes on Blaine’s older brother (Kurt pretty much drooled over him for the first half of the season and on the teacher) when they were in an actual relationship. This is really no different. Crushes happen. They do not mean you do not love the actual person who you are seeing.

  33. Cheryl says:

    If you hate Klaine and Glee so much, why don’t you *gasp* stop watching it!?!? I know it’s a far out there idea, but instead of blatantly spewing out your hatred for both the show and the actors, you could maybe go watch a show that you do like! Because unlike some of you, I happen to love Klaine and Glee and I actually wait until an episode airs to make a snap judgement about it. I happen to be quite excited for whatever this story line may bring.

    • SayNoKurt says:

      Who is spewing hate to actors? Because the last time I saw that happen it was Klainers/Blainers CRUCIFYING Oliver and Chris for speaking positively about Kadam. And thanks to that, Chris barely posts about Glee anymore, ever.

      • Demi says:

        Um I’m sure Chris never really did. He’s a big boy. And don’t let the actions of a bunch of immature 12 year olds tell you how the rest of us act. Also Chris doesn’t post about Glee? have you seen his Instagram account? That dude is just busy as hell. Ya know having a second book coming out and everything and making another movie…

  34. kay h says:

    Just because he proposes in the finale does not mean Kurt will give his answer at the same time. We will have to wait until the fall – if it gets renewed- to get his answer. We all know how these shows are. I would like to see them back together but I do not think they are ready for marriage yet. They can have a long engagement – it is not like they have to get married right away. I do not think Kurt has ever gotten over Blaine. I feel these two are meant to be together.

  35. Adam Fachry says:

    LMAO that’s not the RIGHT way to bring up gay marriage on glee, Ryan Murphy! They’re still too young!

  36. CR says:

    Stick a fork in Klaine. They’re done. The Glee writers need to let these two stay apart for the good of both characters. Kurt has grown and needs someone to love him and who won’t make him feel inferior (Adam was a good choice, so I hope that relationship continues). Blaine is still immature (shown most recently by his cheating and his crush on Sam) and needs to move on to someone who will take care of him and deal with his neediness. These characters were good together for a while, but they just don’t match up anymore. Both should move on, but remain friends if they wish to.

  37. SayNoKurt says:

    Why isn’t there a HELL NO category? Because “too soon” implies that we want a wedding some day, and I can tell you that many of us DO NOT want that. Many of us want Blaine as far away from Kurt as possible.

  38. Sab says:

    I know glee writers are allergic to logic and continuity but just to put this out there:

    They decided to cut out that horrible box scene, hence, as much as klainers take is as canon, it is not. It didn’t air with the episode and was never addressed later. IT DOESN’T EXIST. Not other like a footage piece that got discarded.

    Kurt was one of the most convinced people that Rachel was making a mistake.

    Blaine is going to propose around the same time and age Finn did. Let alone he is Blaine, he is a teenager.

    Blaine cheated on Kurt and then blamed Kurt for it.

    Blaine played victim of his own actions. Somehow he got pitied by everyone else and Kurt had very little time to express what he felt, let alone sing about it. That’s Blaine’s thing.

    Kurt surprisingly, ha, didn’t want to talk to Blaine after that “apology”. Sometimes he thought he could but the pain was too great. Blaine understood and backed of to think about he had done…by crushing on Sam. He also sang a love song to him. He kind of led Tina on too. But since this is glee, he can suddenly recall Kurt exists and propose to him.

  39. Demi says:

    Oh yeah I also forgot who’s website this is. Of course tvline doesn’t like Klaine so this is where all the haters go to. Its like a Liberal debating on a Conservative web site.

  40. toxic, unequal, plain BAD says:

    The “NEVER!” option is missing.
    This insanity has to end.
    I guess Glee is unleashing this onto us now to distract from possibly uncomfortable “Shooting Star” discussions?

  41. Therealmarajade says:

    HOW ABOUT NO? Can’t that be a poll option?

  42. Sab says:

    And yeah, we need that “No, NEVER!” option. Too soon just reflect you want them together later. Like when Blaine has matured. And that’s not going to ever happen.

  43. melissa says:

    I am so over Klaine. I loved them in season 2 and part of season 3 but now I’m just over them.

  44. Tori says:

    No matter what anyone’s opinion is, Kurt and Blaine’s relationship is one of the most talked about and loved. They’ve opened doors for so many young people and provided inspiration in this day and age. They’re adorable and frankly, a relationship like theirs is definitely needed in modern society, especially in light of recent events involving gay marriage. While I’m excited for them to get back together, proposal or no proposal, I don’t think the relationship warrants hate. We all have differing opinions, so let’s accept it and move on!

  45. Megan says:

    Kurt and Blaine are really sweet together and I’m excited for them. However everyone readying this recycled news should know that it hasn’t actually been confirmed that Blaine WILL propose just that he wants to and he goes to get the ring. Which I’m fine with. He nearly died last episode and he’s young, so it makes sense for him to have a moment where he realizes his feelings and wants to not waste any time. I fully expect some adult to intervene however and slow his horses. It will be interesting to see what happens.

    • EternityIs21 says:

      I think that’s what the old lesbian couple is for. It’s going to be really sweet, and I’m sure that Blaine will buy the ring, but just not propose for a while.

  46. Rebecca says:

    I would love these two back together but what is up with these High School kids thinking that marriage is the answer. I’m not anti marriage just anti kids getting married.

  47. ... says:

    Love Kurt. Meh on Blaine. Sick of Klaine.

  48. Zushu says:

    I´m so excited! I just want them back together, I miss Klaine so much and I don’t care if you guys hate it, I’m happy for them, I love them both and this is TV, it’s not real so go throw your hate in another place please

  49. cinematt01 says:

    No one is saying they’re getting married tomorrow. People are acting like Glee is going to be around forever. It won’t. Season 5 is likely it’s last. So, if you want to see them married in the SERIES finale, they need to start that storyline NOW. We’ll get all of season 5 to see them preparing for it. There is no “later”. This is at its core a fairy tale type love story – not a gritty portrayal of real life struggles of gay men. Take a leap of faith. It’s important for the gay community to have these type of “fairy tale” endings. Heterosexuals have MILLIONS of these. We have next to none.

  50. Sue B says:

    Klaine is an extremely dysfunctional relationship. Blaine has cheated, has blamed it on Kurt, and is currently crushing on Sam. Meanwhile, Kurt found someone (Adam) who loves him unconditionally. Kurt is too young to get engaged (and is Blaine even 18 yet?). Give them time to find themselves. This is a huge mistake.