Glee Recap: Fear and Bonding at McKinley High

Glee-Season-4-Sue-Sylvester-LeavingWarning: If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode of Glee, you might want to stop reading now. Everyone else, carry on.

Okay, deep breaths. Has everyone recovered enough from tonight’s gut-wrenching Glee that we can get around to the business of discussing it?

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For starters, I know a lot of folks will probably ask if it was “too soon” for Ryan Murphy & Co. to tackle a story arc about gunshots ringing out in the hallways of McKinley High a mere four months after the real and unspeakable shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary. I understand that question, but the sad fact is Sandy Hook wasn’t the first tragedy of its kind, nor will it be the last. So perhaps it’s folly to debate the timing of such an episode: You’re either going to go there, or you’re not. You’re either going to use the real-life dread we experienced as a nation for dramatic purposes — and, yeah, to possibly make a political statement — or you’re not.

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From a purely artistic standpoint, though, “Shooting Star” — especially in those scenes where the members of New Directions huddled in the choir room, trying to remain silent, fearing every creaking door and bit of atmospheric noise might signal the end of their lives — was horribly compelling. It wasn’t easy to watch by any means. And man, did that gunfire come suddenly and dreadfully. (I felt my entire body tense up as that “pop!” “pop!” shifted the tone of a scene where Mr. Schue was threatening to rap again.)

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What’s interesting is that the hour didn’t profess to hold any Big Answers about how to solve or prevent gun crimes in our schools. But it did give us an unflinching, teenager’s-eye-view of what it’s like to have your youthful innocence shattered by violence (or the very close threat of it, anyway). It also, from a purely artistic standpoint, showcased some amazing acting from the McKinley High cast — in particular Heather Morris, Becca Tobin, Melissa Benoist and Trisha Rae Stahl.

Anyhow, with that said, let’s recap the action.

CAT 22 | Things kick off with Brittany warning the kids of New Directions that the announcement of their Regionals competitors — the Hoosier Daddies and the Nun-Touchables — is moot, since a comet or asteroid or meteorite (aka Tubbington-Bop) is about to wipe them out. Goofy as her theory may be, Will decides to use it as a jumping off point for a “Last Chance” lesson about expressing your feelings to the people around you. As we’ll soon learn though, the kids won’t need such an artificial inspiration by episode’s end. Somehow, the asteroid chat leads to Sam and Brittany singing “More Than Words” to Lord Tubbington while their glee-club compadres light candles and march around like members of some cat-crazed cult. Eventually, though, Ms. Pierce realizes a meteorite isn’t zooming toward her telescope; it’s just a dead ladybug at the bottom of her Pringles can. Alrighty then!

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SECRET LOVERS | Ryder spots his online paramour “Katie” in the halls of McKinley — wait, how big is this school that he wasn’t aware of a stunner like this in his midst? — tracks her down, brings her to the choir room and performs an enthusiastic rendition of “Your Song” that, along with his “hunky” arms, has her swooning. There’s just one problem: Her name is Marissa, not Katie, and she’s not the person who’s been communicating with him online for the past few weeks. It’s been somebody else, using her photo. “Someone’s been catfishing you,” Marissa says, not that she’s ruling out a relationship with the chiseled athlete. Ryder blows up at Jake and Marley — assuming one of them is avenging his planting a kiss on Marls, and then wanders away in tears. The Manti Te’o situation has him messed up and angry — but not so much so that he won’t give “Katie” another chance when she agrees to meet him at 3:30 that afternoon. In the midst of the shooting incident, though, Ryder unexpectedly stumbles upon a clue: He dials Katie’s number to find out where she is and if she’s okay, and a phone begins to ring — right there in the choir room. His secret online love is in — or very close to — New Directions. When danger passes, Kitty assures him she’s not the culprit: “I’m not into guys that look like life-sized cartoon weiners,” she huffs. “The thought of dating you makes me dryer than the cast of Hot in Cleveland.” (Yikes!) Maybe it’s the bass player with the bowl cut or Brad the Piano Player, the kids wonder. But come on, it’s got to be Unique, right?

MORE FUN WITH ONLINE LOVE | In a turn of events I’m not really buying, Beiste sets up a Lady and the Tramp style pasta dinner — in the boys’ locker room (gag) — to confess to Will that she’d like him to be the man in her life. But wait, isn’t Shannon a true friend of Will and Emma? Would she ever really swoop in so quickly after their failed wedding ceremony? No way! Whatevs. Will breaks it to Shannon gently that he and Emma are back together — then sets up an online dating profile that quickly yields a response — from Beiste’s predecessor Ken Tanaka!

GUNSHOTS RING OUT | At the start of glee-club practice, the sound of a gun being fired not once, but twice, sends everyone reeling. Brittany and Tina’s absence is noted by the rest of the kids in the room, as Schue and Beiste shut out the lights, find hiding places for everyone and manage to silence their terrified students. The panic and terror is palpable. Kitty confesses to Marley that she’s the one who took in her Grease costumes to make her think she was gaining weight. Sam freaks out and tries to go track down Brittany in the ladies room, only to be held back by Will and Beiste. Artie begins recording messages from his friends to their loved ones, just in case the worst happens and they don’t have a chance to say goodbye. (Those grainy cameraphone shots got me choked up most of all.) And then there’s Marley, horrified knowing her mother is somewhere in the school cafeteria, probably all by herself. (Mrs. Rose is seen wordlessly crouched in the kitchen, tears streaming down her face, as pots boil and the sound of footsteps fills her with fear. Wrenching stuff.) “Everybody really likes her,” Kitty tells Marley, in one of the strangely sweetest lines of the episode.

We learn lovely little details about the kids during the crisis. Marely’s got a false-bottom drawer that hides the songs she’s been writing, little gems that make her proud — even if they’ve never seen the light of day. Brittany, meanwhile, is stuck standing on a toilet in a ladies’ room stall, her tears plinking into the water and her occasional sniffles the only sounds in the room. (Later, when Schue comes to her rescue, we discover that each and every stall is occupied by a terrified teen.) Tina and Blaine share a tender BFF moment in the aftermath. (She didn’t want her last words to her friends to be another snarky comment about not getting solos.) And Sam presents Brittany with a gift he’d only planned to keep in his locker for a short time: A cat named Lady Tubbington, the better to complete their “fake family.” Um, not so sure about that last detail, but the rest of the interactions were handled with care and good taste. Later, the kids join up to sing John Mayer’s “Say” in the round. The little New Directions family all have one another — even if no one knows who the shooter was. Yep, thankfully, no one was killed or hurt in the melee — and the police can’t even figure out which room in the school was Ground Zero.

THE SHOOTER REVEALED | Early in the episode, we see seet Becky pleading with Brittany not to graduate. “Let’s stay in high school forever!” says the girl with Down Syndrome, who’s not sure if she’s ready for life outside the hallways of her school. “If you really prepare yourself, the world is not so scary,” Brittany replies.

And thus, when Sue shows up at school the next week with an air of nonchalance — “I haven’t seen this level of overreaction since Janet Jackson showed her saggy funbag at the Super Bowl” — it’s abundantly clear that she’s setting herself up to take the fall for Becky. Sure enough, Sue confesses to Principal Figgins that she’d been keeping a handgun in her office — “the safety net of the public mental health system is gone” and keeps her feeling safe, she says — and it accidentally went off while she was cleaning it. She’s coached Cheerios to become CEOs, Ivy League grads, Olympic gold medalists, Grammy winners and even a lesbian secretary of state, but she knows this incident will be the first line of her obit, she says sadly as she leaves the school in shame. A flashback, however, reveals it was Becky who misguidedly brought the firearm to McKinley — she wanted to be prepared! — and Sue just can’t let her unintended crime be exposed, can’t let the kid face expulsion. “Keep an eye on Becky, will you?” she asks Schue. Honestly, that can’t be the end of the story. That said, I give credit to the Glee writers for offering a plausible escape clause to this story arc that didn’t involve a death or an injury to a student. It’s a high-school musical dramedy that appeals to a lot of actual high schoolers, not Law & Order: Lima, after all. The Becky subplot allows them to navigate through the arc without bloodshed, but while maintaining some actual teeth.

And with that, I turn it over to you. What did you think of “Shooting Star”? Was it an effective hour of drama? Did you shed tears during the kids’ confessionals? Did you have any problems with the tone or timing? And how about Becky’s role in the gunfire? Were you impressed by the peformances? Is this the end of Sue’s coaching career? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lea says:

    I work in a school and I wasn’t sure I was going to watch this episode, but I wanted to see how it was handled. I thought the choir room scenes were very emotional and I teared up watching them. I thought that Chord, Melissa and Heather did an amazing job. I am not so sure about the Sue covering for Becky or Becky bringing a gun to school. I hope that it is brought up again in future episodes, but knowing Glee probably not.

  2. JoAnne says:

    You know, Glee tackles at least one ‘real hard subject’ a season, usually a few and in the context of ‘the world of Glee,’ and how this show comments on these subjects, I think they did it well.

    Subject matter aside, I enjoyed not being bombarded by too many songs. It was refreshing for the stories of the episode dictate the songs and not vice versa.

  3. Chris says:

    Just as an update as this was totally out of line. My Mom works at a elementary school in Newtown and we had some thunder and lightning last night. Some of the kids that survived were yelling and crying in there own homes because it sounded like gun shots. Now they made this…Come on really…Got an email from the superintendent not to watch this, or watch with caution. Should have planned to just scrap this episode. So rude.

    • So don’t watch. Should the Law and Order shows not be allowed to depict crimes because of the real-life victims of those crimes? I’m not saying that everyone should watch these shows, nor am I trying to minimize the real trauma the children of Newtown went through. But art shouldn’t be about timing and whether or not something is too soon. Fox handled this well, putting a warning up before the episode started. It sounds like the school superintendent acted responsibly too, putting a warning out to (I’m assuming) the community in case some people would be affected by this.

      • karenb says:

        You make so much sense that I think I will follow you around the board and give you high-fives haha

        • Haha, thank you. I certainly understand how a person could be uncomfortable watching an episode like this. But I don’t think it’s fair to say that something shouldn’t have been created because some people may be made uncomfortable by it. Honestly, I think that art SHOULD make us uncomfortable, it should challenge us. We shouldn’t be forced to look at it if we don’t want to, certainly, but it shouldn’t be silenced out of fear that it may upset some people.

          • BGM says:

            Since when is Glee art? It barely qualifies as entertainment.

          • karenb says:

            See! There you go again. Up top lol

          • Do you watch the show, BGM? If so, I’d suggest finding something to do with your time that you enjoy more. Regardless of anything else though, I don’t think it’s arguable that Glee IS art. All scripted television is art. We can argue as to whether or not it’s any good, sure, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t art. And, if you’ve seen tonight’s episode, I think you’d have a hard time arguing that at least some of the performances weren’t very well-acted art.

    • O-town says:

      No one knew you guys would have lightning and thunder. I assure you Hollywood doesn’t film tv episodes the day before they air. This episode was probably filmed and scripted weeks ago. If you want to avoid this from happening again, feel free to send over your weather reports in your area daily, so that Mr. Murphy and company can take this into consideration. The tragedy in Newtown is nothing to smirk and laugh about. I don’t believe for a second that was Glee’s intention.

  4. Amy says:

    I thought it was well done. And I applaud Chord and Heather. However, Sue will be back because unless Becky’s dad is a criminal, that gun will have a serial number and will most likely be registered to him (unless it was a family hand me down from grandpa or something). And once Becky’s mom or dad discovers the gun missing (Sue told Figgins the cops would find “her” gun, so cops have it?) they should confess. Or Becky will.

  5. Marianne says:

    I think the shooting portion of this episode was poorly done. The problem for me is if they were going to do that, then the other stuff should have been left out. It was too much and all over the place. It wasn’t even that intense, in my opinion. Other shows have done a much better job at that on the same topic.

  6. david says:

    I didnt like the episode but I hated that you wrote “and it wont be the last” i think you should find a way to rephrase that Michael

    • It’s true, unfortunately. There’s no reason to hide from that.

      • Brian says:

        After the shootings at Columbine, VT, Aurora, and Sandy Hook, it would be naive to assume there will NEVER be another shooting. You shouldn’t attack the author of the article for stating something that (regrettably) is true.

  7. Tom says:

    I’m going with Katie being the girl in the band that they quickly panned to when the topic of Catfishing came up. Too obvious?

  8. Wtf Ryan Murphy? says:

    Seriously? What exactly were they trying to accomplish or show with this episode? Does anyone have an idea. ’cause I can’t come up with a single one.

    • Lily says:

      haven’t you noticed that Blaine said that he hugged with his parents ? and I thought that his father rejected him being gay.

    • O-town says:

      It was to simulate what the actors would think and feel if this were to happen to their characters at their school, as it did in all the other tragic instances throughout our country. I figured reading comprehension was taught in public schools. I think that’s a tragedy in and of itself that you didn’t understand what you were watching. I feel bad. To go through life, angry that you don’t understand what’s going on with what you’re watching. =(

  9. surpriselover says:

    You forgot to mention the incredible emotional depth of Chord Overstreet trying to leave the chorus room.

    • Penelope says:

      Manufactured urgency doesn’t register as depth for me. Unfortunately, I see him as one of those young actors who just tries way, way, way too hard for the little bit that leaks out of him. His better performances were earlier during his tenure on the show dealing with poverty and homelessness. I could see what he was trying to do, and I get it. That’s the problem for me: I could see what he was trying to do.

    • Lois says:

      That was one of the most heart-wrenching moments for me. This glee club are family, and to have ones of their family out their possibly getting hurt and they can’t do anything about it was awful. I thought Chord did a great job.

    • Libby says:

      10-4 Roger That Coach

  10. Dustin says:

    For all of you who are so offended by the accidental shooter being Becky – where have you been with her other ” offensive” storylines? Plus, you’re also implying that the actress playing her didn’t understand the role she was playing – and you think the Glee producers should be more sensitive? So hypocritical…
    Also, how is this “too soon”? These shootings have been happening since the 90’s and yet it’s too soon? Where is the logic in your thinking?
    So it may not have been perfect but it at least was an effort to impact it’s audience – teenagers. And not to show them that bringing a gun to school won’t have consequence like in Becky’s case – but to show how these situations can affect our youth. Well done Ryan Murphy & Co! Well done!

  11. karenb says:

    Loved this episode. Chord, Blake, Heather FTW with the acting. They were great. And I don’t think the timing was off at all. Glee has always brought currents topics to light. It’s a scary world out there and yes I loved Sue’s comments about the kooks who think Obama’s coming for their guns.

  12. Antwon says:

    I actually liked the episode mostly due to the wonderful acting job done by the cast. The fear, the tears and the panic were all very believable. I think “One Tree Hill” did it better but this wasn’t as horrible as people are making it out to be. I was entertained by the episode. I cried foul when it seemed that it was Sue. I was like like, well that’s boring and anti-climatic. I liked the twist of it being Becky and Sue taking the fall.

    I totally agree that it’s Unique that is catfishing Ryder. That makes the most sense.

    • sadie j says:

      see i am a huge OTH fan. (even met Tyler Hilton) but I don’t think the Jimmy shooting episode was nearly as heart wrenching and terrifying as Glee was tonight.

      • Antwon says:

        Really? The OTH episode was devoted entirely to it. The cast and writers did a wonderful job. There was so much emotion in that classroom and everything was amped up when it was revealed the shooter was among them. The way the writers were able to make Jimmy sympathetic to me. I do not condone the violence but I understood Jimmy’s motive. He was bullied and pushed to his breaking point.

        I did like how Jimmy didn’t think anyone knew his name and I think Mouth and Haley did. And of course the shocking ending with the two deaths. I’d give the OTH episode an A- and the Glee episode a B

      • sa says:

        I respect your opinion but am surprised by it. The conversations in the tutor room between Jimmy and the hostages on OTH will haunt me to this day. Him talking about being invisible, them talking about it just being high school, the students being forced on the buses, the empty hallways when lucas and mouth enter, and the haunting scene with Jimmy and Keith. Gosh, I am teary just thinking about it. While I enjoyed Glee tonight (at least the second half since I thought the first half was stupid) I don’t think they even scratched the surface of what OTH did.

    • Duane says:

      I was trying to figure it out. The phone rang in the bag but I could swear Unique had her phone in her hand when the lights came back on…

  13. surpriselover says:

    The cast of Glee should overall be rewarded with performer of the week

  14. Allyson says:

    I was a bit surprised that Glee went into this direction. It certaintly reminds you that life is short and things can change in seconds. I hate guns, always have. I never suspected that Becky would bring one to school and for Sue to set herself up to take the fall. I have seen One Tree Hill when they did this storyline and I didn’t want Glee to go down that path. Luckily no one was hurt.

  15. Tru says:

    I haven’t seen the episode yet but I had heard Becky was the shooter. I don’t think they set it up just because Becky has down syndrome. They set it to show just about anyone can get to hands on a gun. Which is true and real life FACT! But I agree with you I don’t think it should have been handle by Glee so soon after the shooting at Newtown. In advocacy group actually sent at a press release for people not to watch or watch with someone

    • O-town says:

      I never get it’s too soon reasoning. After the Newtown incident, should we have waited to try to change law because it was too soon? Should we have waited for another incident to try to bring attention to this problem? The answer is no.

  16. Brianna says:

    I thought and episode was good and quite a few characters had standout performances.To all the people complaining that it’s too soon for an episode like this…..when is a good time for an episode like this? We can’t spend our lives tip-toeing around everything all the time because someone might be offended.

  17. Bob says:

    A lot of you mentioned the choice of Becky was tasteless, and they shouldn’t have used the character with a disability. But Becky has always been more than her disability. The writers always wrote against her disability, not typically putting her in the same situations characters with downs syndrome are usually in. So why not her. They shouldn’t have not chosen her because of her disability. And everyone keeps calling her a shooter. She brought the gun in not to kill anyone, but because she was scared. The reasoning was a bit hard to understand, but it was an overwhelmed teen doing something drastic, not a political stance people with disabilities and gun control.

    I think it did its best. seeing the Glee kids extra dramatic is always hit or miss, but the acting was great. And I do agree other shows have done the topic better, but those shows also had a real shooter pushing the drama.

    • kavyn says:

      I think it’s a matter of not developing Becky’s character enough to make the scenario realistic. She seemed to genuinely enjoy herself right until today’s episode, where suddenly she’s moody about graduation. And then ending the episode with Sue taking the blame instead of the girl that clearly needs help was another issue that didn’t sit right with me.

      • MusicalSoul says:

        We have to consider that we’re watching a show about teenagers. I have a 15 year old and his thoughts and feelings about everything change as if they are controlled by a light switch. One minute, he could be ecstatic about getting a new video game; then, the next minute, you ask him to take out the trash and you’d think that his life was over. I don’t think it’s off-base to believe that a teenager, regardless of whether or not he/she might have any kind of mental disabilities, could feel comfortable in school one day and uncomfortable the next. Character development aside, she was a teenager who suddenly realized a fear of the unknown and acted upon it. Unfortunately, teenagers are also notorious for acting without thinking. Even if unintentional, I think the writers kept a sense of realism with their explanation of her actions as far as teenage tendencies are concerned.

  18. Chris says:

    There are school shooting TV episodes all the and order anyone? Cut the fake outrage. It was heart wrenching well acted TV.

  19. sadie j says:

    well you can all winge all you like but i thought it was the best made tv episode in the history of television. i was blown away by the acting chops on show. it was simply incredible. imo

    • Caro says:

      Sorry Sadie but I don’t think this ep should be considered anywhere near the category of best ep in the history of television.

  20. Natalie says:

    The episode was good, the acting was good especially compared to usual, and all that. But, I really don’t think Glee should have gone there. Just no. Bad idea. At least they put a warning at the beginning, no matter how inadequate it was.

    • O-town says:

      Inadequate? The point and purpose is to have people watch your show. Did they need to tell you not to watch it?

  21. J says:

    As we teachers always tell our students, its not how you mean something, it’s how the other person perceived it and this is where I think Glee misjudged. Maybe it wasn’t meant as a political statement on control and mental illness, but it sure seemed like it to me. Maybe it wasn’t an opportunistic ploy on people’s emotions about the shooting in Newtown, but it felt like that to me.

    • J says:

      *gun control

    • Lily says:

      Why is everybody talking about Newton ? Glee is situated in Ohio and last year there was a shooting in a highschool in Ohio…

      • Angela says:

        Particularly high body count and the fact that twenty of the dead were small children.
        Though your point is valid-we have a disturbingly large number of towns/states to pick from for school shooting references.

  22. C says:

    As someone who’s survived a school shooting, I understand the want and desire to shine a spot light on it a scary scary phenomena that has popped up in the last 15 or so years in our country. But the problem is that it is rarely handled with care and consideration to every nuance you HAVE to bring to such a story based in reality and played out in fiction. It took me three years to watch the OTH episode and that aired 5 years after my school’s incident. I doubt I’ll be watching this episode of Glee anytime soon.

  23. Lois says:

    I feel like the point of the beginning of the episode was ‘Oh here we go it’s joke Glee, Brittany’s got another silly idea’, and everyone is like usual Glee. Until it isn’t. Which is how real life goes, something startling and shocking comes out of the blue when you least expect it. Being from England means I’m probably less affected by this episode than a lot of Americans, because sadly these tragedies are more frequent over there, but it was really heart-wrenching to watch. Everyone did a fantastic acting job in this episode. And people can slate Glee all they went but I’m proud of them for the way they tackled this subject. I could feel like terror through my screen from Heather Morris, being alone (or what she thought was alone) in a bathroom with no one to rely on at a moment like that would be terrifying, not to mention she had no means of escape. The video messages were spectacular, I think all of them made me tear up.

    • kbro says:

      oh, that’s such a good point! part of me feels like there should have been more attention to the shooting in this episode because it’s such an important issue in our country (unfortunately), but I agree with you that it follows the general rhythm of life at McKinley pretty well: all school shootings have started out as normal days…until they weren’t.

  24. Tonight’s Glee was interesting. When I was in high school we always had lockdown drills. Once we had a bomb threat. But to have Glee not touch upon really high school life felt boring to me. Yes I agree with everyone about Sue and Becky. But at least no one was hurt or killed (even though for a while there I thought something happened to Tina) well done Glee

  25. Momzilla says:

    I was okay with the timing of the episode. But I thought it was a little weak emotionally. It was practically an afterthought in the episode, balanced by Ryder’s mystery woman and Britney’s strange cat obsession. I think if they had flushed out the story line more, it might have worked a little better for me. I just wonder what’s going to happen to Sue. She’s clearly the most dynamic character on the show, and I’m not sure Glee can stand to lose another key character because the current cast is only so-so for me. The original cast was far better and I miss the cast dynamic.

  26. jennyquack says:

    I am more a fan of the music/productions than the story lines because they feel recycled and unoriginal to me and most weeks I spend most of the episode rolling my eyes. When they did ‘More Than Words’ tonight I thought they have officially run out of music to do. I really didn’t know what to expect about the shooting, because I somehow remained unspoiled. It was tense in the choir room, hearing the shots… and as a parent, thinking of my kid having to go through that makes me want to throw up. The videos of the kids talking to their parents really got to me like a punch in the gut.

    Glad no one was injured/killed. Not sure how I feel about Becky bringing the gun but I totally get Sue protecting her, even though somehow it feels like a cop-out.

    Disappointed in the whole catfish storyline…it would have been MUCH more effective if it would have been a child enticement warning/message. That happens so often and if we have to watch an afterschool special (sorry, dating myself here, but some of them were good!), why not have it be an actual useful topic?

  27. Jay says:

    I heard 3 gunshots but hey only explained 2. I’m lost.

    • Nikki says:

      We noticed the same thing. Even went back and watched it. The third gun shot when someone was running around trying to get into the choir room was never explained.

    • Brian says:

      Same here. I would have sworn there was a third gun shot…that was never referenced or explained.

    • O-town says:

      That was a door closing shut, after what sounded like someone in heels tried to get into the choir room.

  28. Caro says:

    This whole ep was a disaster that didn’t make sense! I’m sorry but someone should have died…or at least been seriously injured. People don’t bring guns to school to shoot at the wall and those scenarios involving violence at schools don’t have a happy ending so I think it was insulting of RM to try and keep such a serious incident light. I hate the idea of Becky being the shooter…she’s always been so empowered and so real…acting out is one thing but a gun? No, it’s totally out of character. Sue loves Becky but she has a child now and she wouldn’t sacrifice her career and ability to care for her special needs child for Becky. Plus, Sue can be crass but she isn’t an idiot and she would want to get help for Becky – bringing a gun to school is a cry for help. This episode was badly done and offensive. I am very disappointed in Glee.

  29. kavyn says:

    Anyone else find it ironic that Glee will probably be nominated for some comedy awards after giving us an episode like this?

    The shooting was handled better than I expected (with a really great performance from Heather), but aside from Ryder’s stuff the writing was just horrible. “Oh, an asteroid’s coming, and Lord Tubbington hates me, let’s bring him to school and serenade him.” “Oh Britney, I love you so much I bought a cat that looks just like yours and stuffed him in my sports bag.” – I mean, really? Sam and Brittany have no chemistry together and I didn’t feel anything for Sam when he was yelling in the choir room for her. Don’t get this confused with Brittana support either, because those two also didn’t have very much romantic chemistry together (it always felt like Brittany did it just to make Santana happy).

    I’m also not buying Becky’s dilemma at all. They could have made Tina the shooter and spoken about how “if I can’t have Blaine, no one can!” and I would have believed it just as much as I did Becky. And even if I had believed Becky – There is NO way Sue should have taken the fall like that, regardless of their relationship. This is actually more a testament to Sue’s character than it is Becky’s; if I were a teacher and a student I’ve grown close to decided to bring a gun to school, I would be looking to get the student some psychological help, not just let them move on as if nothing happened while getting myself fired in the process.

    And just to lighten the mood – what ungodly volume did the kids have their phones on? I’m pretty sure the entire neighbourhood could hear those kids texting what was going on.

    • O-town says:

      So now we’re venturing into “Asian girls go crazy over white guys, that they’d go off and get a gun” territory. Ooo, so racist. Lol.

  30. Robin (a teacher) says:

    Add me to the “this was too soon” bunch.

  31. Amy says:

    Once again TVline you let Glee get away scott free. The fact of the matter is this episode was WRITTEN to capitalization on the Sandy shooting.

    • Brian says:

      That’s right, we shouldn’t talk about school shootings, even though kids are dealing with it themselves. While we’re at it, let’s drop the storylines about teen pregnancy, learning disabilities, gay and lesbian issues, religion, death, cancer and texting while driving. Oh wait, Glee’s already done all of these, too.

      Maybe we should just cancel the show and start showing reruns of “Leave It to Beaver”.

      Life is tough for kids these days, and all Ryan and co. are doing is reflecting what issues today’s teens are dealing with on a daily basis. And less we forget, it’s a tv show, it’s entertainment, and you all have the great American right to change the channel. I have NO issue with the topics and storylines they’re addressing.

      • O-town says:

        Thank you, Brian! Some semblance that we’re actually in 2013 and not 1953. Get a grip, people. Change the dang channel already. Go watch Masterpiece Theatre already, or is that too gruesome for you people too?

    • Lily says:

      no this episode is to capitalize on a highschool shooting in Ohio last year.

  32. megs says:

    The Lord Tubbington s/l was pretty dumb, I’m not really caring about the whole Ryder/catfish situation(although now I’m curious as to who it is)….but the minutes during the lockdown I was glued to the television. So intense and emotional and scary. I don’t think it brought anything to the gun/mental health discussion, but the depiction of a classroom full of students and teachers after hearing gunshots somewhere in the school had the biggest impact on me.

    • Lily says:

      Funny it was exactly the other way around for me… I once met a woman who loved her dog more than her husband (they got divorced later) , so this Lord Tubbington situation was interesting to me… and I like the catfish situation. Ryder being so dumb and clueless…. Maybe the catfish is Sam ?

  33. Jude says:

    Exploited a real life tragedy to emotionally manipulate the audience into liking the new kids and the most hated couple on the show. Glee is terrible.

    • Lily says:

      Glee plays with out emotions the whole time, Blaine cheating, Kurt not successful during an entire season, Artie treating his then girlfriend Brittany like dirt.

      • O-town says:

        He said one line that offended her while the entire time they were dating, he was pretty great to her. What show were you watching?

  34. Jen says:

    Matt Hodgson shouldn’t be a writer. Coffee boy needs to leave. There it is.

  35. hannah says:

    I think the main point about Becky was missed. Brittney told her she just needed to be prepared and the world wouldn’t be as scary. Becky took it as literal as she possibly could… hense bringing the gun to school, instead of preparing mentally and emotionally. She did not bring it with the intention of causing hurt to anyone.

    Overall a good episode.. brought me to tears numerous times.

  36. LC says:

    Typical plot stunt to draw in ratings..which yeah right. The whole episode was too rushed, the payoff in the end was completely bologna. Having Becky be the shooter and then disguise it just cause she has downs was so unnecessary. Actually the whole episode was unnecessary. Glee, you need to stop calling yourself a comedy!

    • Lily says:

      Agree that Glee is more drama than comedy but I think the episode is necessary… Time is too short just to fuss about comets that wont fall and cats that wont respond and people who don’t like Glee.. just log out your computer and hug your love ones and tell them that you love them.

    • O-town says:

      They didn’t disguise it because Becky has Down Syndrome. Sue has always loved Becky like a daughter, so that’s why she covered it. Glee won’t just leave this storyline hanging. It will obviously come up. Sue can’t just drop off like that without a storyline. There’s conflict in there, if she tells the truth, Becky will need to go through more things she’s unprepared to go through. If Sue doesn’t say anything, she’ll never be a teacher again. It’s storylines. Dismissing it as “typical plot stunt” shows how little work you think goes into scripting a show. Please don’t act like you know anything about putting on a show when you’ve never done it. If you hated the episode, say you hated it. Don’t pretend that you know something about the work and blame it on a typical plot stunt. EVERY SHOW HAS AMPED UP STORYLINES TO MAKE IT DRAW PEOPLE IN TO WATCH IT. Glee isn’t the only show guilty of this.

  37. yo says:

    Obviously Sandy hook isn’t the only tragedy of this kind BUT it doesn’t mean that glee should use it for a ratings stunt either. Especially a show like glee which has proved in the past to NOT be successful at all with serious issues and often times brush it under the rug quickly (ie Suicide, Eating disorders, pregnancy, etc). The writing was awful as usual (we can thank @mhodgson207 for that) and the actors did what they could. The only standouts for me were becky, brittany & kitty. The catfishing story is so awful. Sam is once again portrayed as a ‘hero’ even though he is worthless. no one buys him and brittany as a couple. They need to break up immediately because whatever the writers were trying to prove failed miserably. Overall, just another blah ep in an awful season. if this show isn’t cancelled, once can only hope s5 is strictly glee vets and new writing staff.

  38. Cara says:

    I’m so tired of glee, it should’ve ended last season. I don’t get why people still watch this Show, it’s so full of meta jokes, I thought it was meant to be a show about equality, but hey, if they can’t even respect lesbians, why would the respect people with down syndrome? They made joke of lesbians, people with eating disorders, etc.
    I loved RIB’s writing, every character had the same screen time, but now it’s all about golden boys Darren and that Chad Oberstreet guy.
    W.e. I hope glee gets canceled.

  39. goofoffgoose says:

    I thought the episode was excellent. the point i got from it was the fear of not knowing whats happening. Marley worried about her mom, Sam wanting to find Brittney and Tina about everyone else. I think they did well to finish the story like they did. Because it was Becky, no one got hurt. She didn’t want to hurt anyone, just protect herself. I work with adults with disabilities and it is not far fetched for them to come to simple solutions for real problems. She wanted to be prepared, she was scared, her dad had a gun. Simple as that. i don’t think the writters want you to blame Becky, but it being her brought the whole story together in a way where nobody dies, Sue gets to rant her politics, we all experience the fear of being in the situation and our show is left untouched by evil. Nobody wants Becky to be a bad guy. As far as too soon, come on, really?

  40. LC says:

    One Tree Hill and Degrassi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> mess >>>> Glee

  41. Zoe says:

    …Jeez! I’m so glad I don’t watch this show anymore. This is what, the 50th shark-jumping?

  42. IMHO says:

    Wow. I hope my kids would do better at keeping hidden and silent in such a situation. Their teachers had better have more control and common sense too. As for searching the school for themselves before the police had declared it clear? Either stick to music and humour or go for proper realism. This episode was totally unnecessary.

  43. Ruby says:

    The thing I liked best about this episode is that it allowed some of the actors to show that they have some real chops. Unfortunately all of that will be ignored in favor of complaining, complaining and more complaining. Sigh.

    • Timmah says:

      People do love to complain about this show don’t they? It’s art, folks, it’s not going to be exactly what you want it to be, and thank God for that.

  44. STW says:

    I thought it was a great episode — it got to a lot of the real issues and feelings without, as you say, pretending that there are easy answers. I liked that Glee came back full circle by having Becky turn to Brittany with her plea to stay in school forever, because when we first met Becky back in Season 1’s “Wheels” she was introduced to us as Brittany’s friend. Jane Lynch’s acting was stellar. And the very final moment, when Arty spoke about the best moments of his life taking place in that choir room with the people who’ve occupied it, made me cry. Glee did a fantastic job of taking part in a vital national debate, doing so in a way that was totally organic to the format of the show and that should spark further discussion of and awareness about issues. Bravo to all involved.

  45. Carmen says:

    I found the gun story in this episode very compelling, very well acted and very real. I thought that the portrayal of fear and all that comes with the possibilty of suddenly losing one’s life, the possibility of loved ones meeting the same fate in a violent scenario, was especially powerful. I’m very glad that Glee “went there”. As someone who has been touched by violence despite having a loving, supportive and protective family and living a responsible life, I appreciated the effort to make this experience relatable in the very sensitive and uplifting way it was presented. Even tragic news stories fade from our memories pretty quickly unless of course, they are our own stories or the stories of those close to us. They need to be heard, discussed and understood . About the plot: it was the gun, the accessibility of the gun that resulted in the loss of innocence and possibly the end of a career. Becky was just afraid, the firing of the gun evidenlly an accident. But everything changed. Well done, i tbought. I hope that upcoming episodes at least reference the incident . This is not the kind of experience one gets over in a week (if one ever really gets over it). It was only a small detail, perhaps, but I wondered if Blaine thought of Kurt. It bothered me that there was no mention of it, considering how much Blaine has loved him and how unresolved their relationship still is.

  46. Ross says:

    It was emotionally taxing, in a good way, but the payoff wasn’t there. They basically rushed through the storyline in 20 minutes and this probably won’t have an affect on the characters in the long-term. Solid acting, though.

  47. Duane says:

    I thought the episode was great and I cried. Only thing I don’t like is that Sue taking the fall for Becky isn’t cool because if Becky can do something like bring a gun to school while Sue was always the ONLY person who related to her, Becky’s the dangerous one.

    On another note, imagine this episode with the Helen Mirren voice HAHAHAHA

  48. Angel says:

    I honestly fast forwarded Ryder’s story line tonight, because it’s stupid, I am sorry but it is. I thought the lock down scenes where great. The only thing that puzzled me was where was Emma?! She is the guidance counselor for pete’s sake, she should have had some role in helping the students after the event. Will should’ve had freak out moment wondering if she was safe, like Sam did over Brittney. They were sweet tonight, and the moment between Tina and Blaine after it happened got me. Reminded me of my bff and how we are. The taped messages that played during the closing number got me choked up. I thought it was an ok episode overall, though I think it would’ve been more emotional if they would’ve done this episode last year with seniors they had last year. The acting was pretty strong here, but I think Chris, Lea, and Diana would’ve been more dramatic if this story happened last season. Heather really stretched herself, and she did well. She and Chord nailed the emotions of their characters, and I think the story helped in developing and solidifying their character’s relationship. I didn’t care for Sue taking the rap, but I understand why she did it, and even though I feel it was wrong of her, I think it showed she has real heart, and that she can care about someone other than herself. Sue tends to be a very self center character, so it was nice to see her doing something, even though it was not the right choice, for someone else. I hope Mr. Shue gets her hint and he can find Becky some help for her anxiety, because that is clearly what I saw her struggling with. She is scared and anxious about what the world has for her. I am curious to know where the writers will take her story.

  49. Stephanie says:

    I am so tired of people saying it’s not the right time to talk about school shootings. It’s not the right time to have tv episodes of school shootings. It is NEVER going to be the right time. Not ever. I remember Colombine. I was in middle school and the weeks following that tragedy were terrifying. We had lockdowns and days where they would march the entire student body to soccer fields a mile away from the school so bomb dogs could search the place. When I heard about the shooting at Sandy Hook I broke down and cried. It will NEVER be the right time. So the time to talk about it is now. Right now, does it hurt? Yes. Does it make us want to cry? Yes. Does it make us look at those scary places deep down in the human condition that no one likes to talk about? Yes. But if we don’t raise awareness about this issue of violence in our schools we’ll just let one tragedy after another happen and then just be forgotten. It’s only been four months since Sandy Hook but people stopped talking about it just weeks after it happened. So you may not think that Glee episode was the best one you’ve ever seen or that the acting was great or that it fully addressed the issue. But don’t you dare say they shouldn’t be talking about this.